The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on July 27, 1974 · Page 6
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 6

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1974
Page 6
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r Dismal GM report DETROIT (AP) - Blaming inflation which hit hard on the heels of the energy crisis, General Motors reports its profits during the first six months of 1974 nose-dived 73 per cent from a year ago. GM Chairman Richard Gerstenberg said Friday the auto giant was unable to keep prices in line with soaring costs. Profits were 2.8 per cent of sales, compared with 8.4 per cent a year ago, he said. As a result, January-June earnings were $426 million, compared with J1.6 billion during the same period in 1973. It was the lowest profit figure at the halfway mark for GM in 16 years. Second-quarter profits of $306 million were a 13-year low, off 62 per cent from $797 million last spring. "In General Motors, as in the nation, inflation has replaced energy as the major concern," said Gerstenberg in a statement. "Costs of materials, labor and services continued to increase more rapidly than they could be recovered in the selling price of our products," he said. Gerstenberg said the cost of building the average GM ear in 1974 rose about $225, while the price of GM vehicles increased an average $133 during the same six-month period. GM has raised the price of its vehicles TUESDAY SPECIAL! 3 CHEESE BURGERS For 99 < QUIK STOP 419 West Lincoln an average $534 since the end of the 1973-model year. Sales during January-June totaled $15.21 billion, down 21 per cent from $19.18 billion a year earlier. Second-quarter sales of $8.28 billion were off 14 per cent from $9.6 billion in 1973. Despite the dismal performance, Gerslenberg and GM President Edward Cole noted the second-quarter was an improvement over the first, when earnings plummeted 85 per cent to $120 million. Per-share earnings during the second quarter were $1.05, compared with a record $2.78 a year ago. They were up from 41 cents in the first quarter. Six months' per-share earnings were $1.46, down from a record $5.62 during 1973. Small cars, which accounted for about 21 per cent of GM's U.S. car sales in 1973, took 46 per cent of GM's sales during the first six months. Gerstenberg and Cole said sales of large and mid-size autos improved somewhat as the gasoline crisis eased. GM sold 3.5 million cars and trucks worldwide during the first half, a 27 per cent decline from a record volume of 4.8 million in 1973. Second-quarter sales of 1.89 million vehicles were 15 per cent ahead of the first quarter, but down 21 per cent from 2.39 million units sold last year. HE TOOK THE WATER WITH HIM COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) When Franklin County officials failed to pay a water bill, the City of Columbus shut off water to the county Auto Title Building. After employees complained, it was found that the water bill, for $36.84, was among unfinished business on the desk of a worker who had gone on vacation. A flurry of phone calls got the water service restored. Fergus Falls (Mi.) burial Sat.. July 27,1974 6 U.S. • German diplomacy Is moving forward DURING THE DEBATE — Rep. Lawrence J. Hogan, R-Md., left, and Rep. Caldwell Butler, R-Va., listen to the general debate on the question of impeachment during a session of the House Judiciary Committee in Washington. Hogan called for the im- peachment of Nixon. Butler, during an address before the committee, said "There are frightening implications for the future of our country if we do not impeach the president. (AP Wirephoto) WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States and East Germany are expected to establish diplomatic relations early next week. State Department officials said Friday. Formal signing ceremonies will be held in Washington probably on Monday or Tuesday, the officials said. At the same time, the Nixon administration is expected to announce its nominee for the post of U.S. ambassador to the European Communist nation. U.S. sources said the most likely candidate for the post is John Sherman Cooper, a former Kepublican senator from Kentucky. U.S. and East German representatives have been negotiating the diplomatic relations question off and on for several months, with the most serious issues involving claims by the United States against the East Germans. State Department officials said the claims have not been resolved but the two sides have agreed to make their settlement the first order of business after relations are established. Among the claims is the American request for posses- sion of the former U.S. embassy in East Berlin. The United States occupied the building until the outbreak of World War Other claims include payment by the East Germans of compensation for American property destroyed during the war or later confiscated when the Communists occupied the area which became East Germany. There also is a demand for compensation for former German Jews who were forced to leave because of Nazi persecution under the regime of Adolph Hitler. PISCATORY PALACE ' KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -' Fish gotta swim, but nowhere docs it say they gotta swim in luxury. Nevertheless, there are some select goldfish that reside in aquatic splendor. These fish, known as "The 100" of underwater society, dart around in a 50-foot pool off the lobby of the Crown Center Hotel here. The pool, adorned with Egyptian papyrus and water iris, is at the base of a 60- foot-high waterfall that plunges through a tropical garden. —THE WEATHER July Weather 1973-74 VALUABLE PHOTOFINISHING COUPON Coupon Must Accompany Order COUPON EXPIRES AUG. 31, 1974 Polaroid Copies j M e i Ea. | Add'l Prints Tt Ea. | From same original color print I I I I I I I 8x10 or 5x7 Color J Enlargements-3 or More; From same original negative or slide 3-8x10's $ 2.92 Ea 3-5x7's $ 1.07 Ea — 1973 — «x 90 82 86 86 90 92 91 90 86 85 89 85 83 75 79 94 89 84 78 78 80 68 79 84 78 78 win 56 58 64 55 57 69 76 55 64 62 63 63 51 50 50 57 64 59 55 54 55 Gl 57 61 60 GO Pep July 0 1.32 0 0 0 0 0 0 .69 0 .03 0 0 0 0 0 0 .36 0 0 0 .07 1.10 1.04 .06 .15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Max 91 90 77 83 93 95 97 89 93 90 83 91 94 84 84 88 93 90 95 91 88 89 79 85 90 81 -ISM- M'n 55 66 59 55 61 65 70 75 68 68 64 68 63 60 57 66 G9 69 63 62 70 G4 61 65 58 62 Pep .01 .03 1.00 0 0 .07 0 .03 0 0 0 .24 1.01 0 0 0 T 0 0 0 T 0 .19 .01 0 0 VALUABLE PHOTOFINISHING COUPON PAKO PHOTO Not a.-j'idf- •• '•_•'• : '.'•! - '•• '''T Coupon Must Accciipany Order COUPON EXPIRES AUG., 31. 1974 VALUABLE PHOTOFINISHING COUPON Prints from Slides From same original color slide 0 or more^u Does not -r.c.jde 110 Ea. Coupon iVust Accompany Order COUPON EXPIRES AUG. 31, 1974 Jos. Felix Sub-station observer National Weather Service NORTHWEST FORECAST Minnesota: Fair to partly cloudy tonight and Sunday. Slight chance of a few showers or thundershowers in the extreme northeast through Sunday and in the extreme southwest Sunday. High Sunday in the mid to upper 70s northeast to the mid U. upper 80s southwest. lx>ws tonight near 50 northeast to GO south. North Dakota: Fair and cool tonight, lavs in the lower to mid 50s. Partly cloudy Saturday with a slight chance of late afternoon showers or thundershowers in the northcentral and northeast. Highs lower to mid 80s Sunday. South Dakota: Partly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms tonight. Lows tonight in the upper 50s northwest to the mid 60s south. Partly cloudy Sunday with widely scattered afternoon thunderstorms with highs in the low 80s northwest to the mid 90s southeast. WEATHER RANGE High Low Pr. Fergus Falls 81 52 Alex'dia cloudy 80 55 Duluth clear ' 76 52 . Hibbing 74 48 .. Intl. Falls clear 75 54 .. Redw. Falls rain 83 56 Rochester cloudy 87 54 . St. Cloud cloudy" 79 48 . Winds, rain hit parts of nation By The Associated Press Thunderstorms rumbled over widely scattered areas of the nation today, including parts of the Rockies, northern Great I^kes and the Atlantic and Gulf coast states. Almost an inch of hail peppered areas near Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Over 1.5 inches of rain fell at Ft. Belvoir, Va. Fogs settled oer the Appalachians, reducing visibility to less than a mile. Strong winds up to GO miles per hour and heavy blowing' dust buffeted areas between Phoenix andTuscon, Ariz.. Friday night Earlier Friday, a tornado was sighted near Vero Beach, Fla., and hail pounded Iron River, Mich. Temperatures before dawn ranged from 51 at Hibbing, Minn., to 100 at Blythe, Calif. Some other reports: Anchorage 57 clear, Atlanta 70 cloudy, Boston 64 cloudy, Buffalo G2 clear, Chicago 74 haze, Cincinnati 71 haze, Cleveland 65 clear, Dallas 87 clear, Denver 70 clear, Detroit 64 clear, Honolulu 78 clear, Indianapolis 65 haze, Kansas City 78 clear, lx>s Angeles 6G partly cloudy, Uuisville 71 haze, Miami 79 partly cloudy, Minneapolis-St. Paul 62 clear, Nashville 70 clear, New York 67 partly cloudy, Philadelphia 70 cloudy. Extended forecast Minnesota: Fair to partly cloudy Monday through Wednesday, warmer Wednesday . laws from upper 40s and mid 50s northeast to mid 50s and low 60s southwest. Highs from upper 70s northeast to mid and upper 80s southwest. PHOTO 216 WEST LINCOLN — FERGUS FALLS SWEET CORN READY NOW AT FOUR WINDS FARM 10 miles North of Battle Lake on Highway 78 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Retail by the dozen, or pick your own by the bushel. Timely Tips on how to get the most from your FARM AUCTION SALE Select a newspaper that gets to the folks you want to reach. The Daily Journal is welcomed into 6,000 Farm homes six days a week. Make your ad big enough to be appealing. Your auction advertising is not the place to scrimp and save. Good-sized ads usually, draw good- sized crowds . . . and this means more and bigger bids, more money for you! Handbills are important, but not nearly as important as your newspaper ad. Set up your ad or handbill — we can reproduce directly from a sale bill usually. You'll find that you can buy a bigger ad, and have a much more effective auction . . . and usually for less money, too! JOURNAL ADVERTISING PAYS YOU DIVIDENDS] Auction blank forms are free upon request to farmers, auction clerks and auctioneers. They will assist you in making out your auction. If you have had your machinery shedded; if you have high grade or purebred animals — be sure to mention it. If your machinery is new, nearly new or in excellent condition, tell these prospective buyers about It. It will pay you to do it right! PLAN EARLY, ALLOW TIME TO DO IT RIGHT MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET (July 26) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn, i AP)—Wheat receipts 181, year ago 16; Spring wheat cash trading basis unchanged to down 1020; prices unchanged to down 17-27. No. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein 4.63-4.73. Test weight premiums: one cent each pound 58 to 61 Ibs; one cent discount each '- Ib under 58 Ibs. Protein prices: 11 per cent 4.634.73; 12, 4.65-4.75; 13, 4.804.87; 14, 5.18; 15.5.24; 16,52417, 5.24. No. 1 hard Montana winter 4.44-1.50. Minn-S.D. No. 1 hard winter 4.44-5.16. No. 1 hard amber durum, 7.25-7.65; discounts, amber 5075; durum 75-1.35. Corn No. 2 yellow 3.63U. Oats No. 2 extra heavy white 1.83. Barley, cars 196. year ago 96: Urker 2.56-3.70: Blue Malting 3.50-3.55: Dickson '2 56-3 70- Feed 2.25-2.55. Kye No. 1 and 2 3.18-3.22. Flax No. 1 9.50. Soybeans No. 1 yellow 8.25. NEWYORK POULTRY MARKET (July 26 i NEWYOKK^APi- (USD AI — Dressed poultry. North Atlantic carlot and trucklot turkey markets. U.S. grade A, ready-to-cook, frozen^ f.o.b. or equivalent: Demand fair on all weights. Offerings barely adequate. Some shippers on 2'2 to 26 Ibs weights have withdrawn from the market. Undertone fully steady on hens, irregular on toms. latest grain-market information causing as much concern as recent production costs and slaughter cutbacks anticipated on or after Dec 1 1974. Sales of U.S. grade A. frozen; young hens 8-16 Ibs 41 cents: young toms 14-22 Ibs 38, 24-26 Ibs 38-384. 26-28 Ibs 40, 28-30 Ibs 46. 30 Ibs and ui> 47-49. Allow the clerks, auctioneer and the Daily Journal ample time to do the job right. You cannot expect a good job from anyone of them if they get just a moment's notice of your intention to sell. Prepare your listings, have the vet test your cattle, get your ads ready so all of the potential buyers have time to read and remember your auction. The Daily Journal will list your Farm Auction dateand location FREE in its auction listings, if you run your advertising with us. We will also give the general location of your farm so other auctioneers will stay away from your date and your location . . . wherever and whenever possible. It's another service we offer you. SUGGESTIONS FOR YOUR SALE CATTLE AND HORSES . . .Groom and clean every one. Make them look salable. Number and tag each one. Have all the information readily available to auctioneer and buyers. TRACTORS AND MACHINERY . . . Cleaned up,'oiled and greased. Good-looking, well- cared-for machinery brings more money. Know the best selling points of your equipment. CHECK WITH YOUR AUCTIONEER OR BANKER . . .They will both offer you their best advice. After all, their success is based on yours. There are many excellent auctioneers in this immediate area and practically every bank has a clerk who is knowledgable and will do his very best for you. HOGS, SHEEP . . . Keep them in small, graded groups, if possible. Display them in neat, clean surroundings if at all possible. If ungradable, or in different classes, pen them in small groups. MACHINERY, TOOLS, MISCELLANEOUS . . All should be clean and in good repair. Nothing discourages a buyer quicker than to wade through items not fit to be sold. CHECKWITHTHE DAILY JOURNAL.. .We will gladly assist you, your auctioneer or your banker in setting up your auction ads. We will suggest best days to run your ads, proper timing and even the right number of bills to order. This may be your first and only auction. Call upon our experience to help make it a good one! >ver 40,000 People Read The Dally Journal . . This Is the Place for Your Auction Ad * h ^lj)ailiiJournal ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT 914 East Channing — Dial 736-7513 - Fergus Falls

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