Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 18, 1966 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1966
Page 11
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THE REGISTER-NEWS DAILY llONDIt tv CHIC VOUNO Ll-l AINH MAGAZINE PAGE Hados They'll Do It Every Time I BE, :FORE THE TRIP UOAmO POP V/ARNEDTHE KIPS THEY VOULDN'T STAND FOR ANY ARGUING, BICKERIN& OR , WE'LL BE REAL600D, AA<5THER.' VDU'D BETTER BE OR WETURM RIGHT AROUND AND CQV\E HOAEj a. > As You Were • Glance Through the Files of Th« RegHtf and Th« N«w« 70 YEARS AGO TODAT Editor W.T. Sumner of The News, laid aside his trenchant pen this morning and after oiling up his trus^ Parlter, arraying himself in his hunting suit more than a week ego, will go up against famous Dwight Eddie- man and the Centralia Redbirds in the annual Thanksgiving football classic here tomorrow. The possibility that some Jef- and calling the dogs left for a I joriginally two or three weeks hunting m] turned dow. In the draft will the wilds of Horse Creek. fj„aUy be sent Into the U.S. The families of inovers cn^ Army was revealed today. Mt route home to eastern Ohio Vemon's two draft boards an- from Dent County. Mo., passed^ „ou^ed that registrants in Class through here in the conventonall j.g and 4.F will be re-examined, covered wagons this afternoon. TMI BOIIN lOSH 9^ M IMMI CAffAIN I. JT •t niRNti TW* OPTIC^l GUIDWNCB sy^TEM W MARTINJ \ OfPnMPO, I& A NEW MlSSItB WmUB . f PBVIC6 THAT I'M gflSEK 10 SHi IKSTgP, ' THpy HAVt A CLEVBTS TCST1H6\ LOOKIT THflfT IM WHERE A BOMS RUN (m'PAPBlAlVt& GAt., BE &1M01.ATEP—JHT TOO BUSV VAKKIN' TOSEB W0T5He!? HANS IT AU,1KIS'.TH» 1& SURE TO A TTRACT -niEiR UMWELCOME ATTEMTlONSj THE WIUCTS WE^HORE HAVE EN1JOVEDTHI6 LITTLE VI6IT, DAU6HTER,8UTY0U KK1OWI40W WOM- •v W«h W»ttrbtrg KJONETHEUESS A BATTLE DID .BREAK OUT- BUT BETWEEN GUESS WHO-.? /o/$ lepno sr., Slot '«IANCES ^^C?OKfT VOU REFER '^'^TO.^/^ERLIXE THAT.'/ THE THINGS I'VE PUT UP WITH IN VOUR FAMILY-OF ALLTHE •* OAltRAItH I- Ui. hi. Olt. /hia "Since you advised u$ to let i^p on Jimmy ha isn't nearly ad .. . oops! . . . frustrated!" PRISCIUA'S The Pentagon near Washington, D.C, is the world's largest office building. It covers 34 acres and has 3.7 million square feet of air-conditioned floor space. The building cost $83 million to construct in 1941-42. It has work space for 30,000 persons, military as wrell as civilian. ® Encyclopaedia Britonnlca 55 FEARS AGO TODAY Taz Weatherford, who is known as one of the best, all around imitators, is making with his act Calif. » YEARS ACM> T(H>AY Aubrey Chiwder of Mt Veiv. non was elected presidtnt of the ,. I.- ' Southern Illinois Ti^pographlcal •"^^^ Cbunca at a meeting of union in San Francisco, j ^^^^^ the Uttle Egypt area held last night In Herrin. Miss Eleanor ratcb, dauRhter of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kitch, 1616 Oakland avenue, i> a member of the Bloomington-Nonnal symphony orchestra which will present its first concert November 12. 45 YEARS AGO TODAY TTie total amount of rainfall here in the last two days was 4 .72 Indies. Ed Dufer, who returned from, Manila, Mississippi county, Ark.! about two years ago, will dispose of hia personal property and farm and return to that place. 10 YEARS AGO TODAY Morris Enunerson and L.L. Emmereon had a most unusual not to say remarkable experience _ „ ...^.^..^^ uw mmy nurse yesterday, attending three fun- Corps, she will leave for duty erals the same day, M.M. Good- 1 overseas. She Is a veteran of ale and G.F.M. Ward of this city World War II, and has been and William H. Curdling of A1-' spending the past several days hint! ' . - 15 YEARS AGO TODAY Capt. Helen Lovin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Lovin of Bluford left this morning for Camp Stoneman, Calif., where as a member of the Army Nurse bion. I George W. Threlkeld has ar-' parents, ranged to handle Nason coal in Mt. Vernon under exclusive dea- ^ ^ lership arrangements with the ^ ^^^^ ^, her father." Dr. Illinois Coal Corporatiwi whichl^,-- p^j^^ ig remaining for « this week resumed the operation! ^ ^jgi^, of its big Jefferson coimty mine.' visiting in the home of her Mrs. George Minard of BiU- ings, Mont, who was called here 35 YEARS AGO TODAY Miss Martha DeWitt has been elected seci-etary-treasurer of the Illinois dub of Christian College, Columbia, Mo. Mrs. Martha Hay, Miss Pauline McTaggart, and Mrs. Dexter, —- • Kelley will attend the meeting' have Warren Engle, Jimmy Adams and Hany Lasater have retumedi from Columbus, Ohio, where tt» attended Ohio State's Homecom* ing game with the Illinois UnW versity team, Mrs. Ferrell Packet, WBss Le« one Taylor and Mrs. Helen Hurst returned from Chicago of the Illinois Bell Telephone where they attended s provhite Pioneers being held at the Strat-' convention of Delta Thet» Xau ford Hotel in Alton this evening, soroity. W YEARS AGO TODAY Doxie Moore 's Mt. Vernon Rams, who handed southern Illinois its most stunning sports UD '^'^V^^'" ^^t'*** set of the vpnr »w .1^.?"^^? ; speak Monday night at the OMet^ U YEARS AGO TODAY Mrs. Carl Tubbesing of th!« city, director of district M. will set of the year when they troun- ed Salem's big Woldcats little TlUAl'S A^MVINCIN6 AR6UMEKT / EN F0LK6l6-YERM(af&6ETTlN'FRET6Y-5WE NOW.YOU LOOK HERE.'.' VOU DON'T 1»iETIMETi3LEA/EI6WHILER)LK5 VINT HEARD A COYOTE TOR THREE WEEHS/. ..?f4E'5 SEE 06 OFTEN AND WE DO WISH 1$ STILL WI6HI Ni'YOU'D SrAT" J4CKTHEREINTHEBEDRO0M$AODUM'tJPRI6HrNnwi YOUWOUJ.DSlAYAWHlLE .'l'y/// A UTTLE LOtJfiER i ,. : 1 FPKCKIES AND HiS fRIENM ty UOfSEI PULLOPPTMETARP AM- TAKE A ixOK/ SH0R1 RIBS •y Ht>?<K CNEAI I 'M CURE SLAP THIS IS OVER.' \'VE MADE ONE BAD \ DECISION I2I6HT AFTER ANOTrifP. '-Too BiP. WHAT VcSU I THINK m^EPEP IT iM-L?! 11 GETTING OUT Of BED THIS MpRNWA' BUGS BUNNT ALL FULL VOU'LL HAVE TO TAKE THE NEXT CAR! AND IF ^bU THINk BIS THOUGHTS YOU C^N BE ^NE FEET TALL/^ ALUY OOP OKAV, P0C.„O0P JUSn- CUT LOOSE FROM THE DINOSAUR? SOOPJ tVL HAVE HIM HERE IN A MINUTE.' WINTHROiP OOP.' MVGOSH, , ARE WE EVER / YEH? SLAP TO GET ( WHAT'S \OU BACK HERE,' B/ V. T. HAMIIN MY GOSH, r CAN'T SEEANVi THING.' oKk c«v«n iiig of the FairfleW P.TjL' Mt Vernon friends who tear* ed that Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lcit- zell might have been delayed in the Suez Canal by the Middle East war on theh- trip around the world, are glad to her that a change of plans la taking them around Africa instead of thi'ough the Suez. 8 YEARS AGO TODAY Mrs. Dexter Kelley of 1313 Jones street, who for the past 35 years has served as local and long distance telephone operator in this city. New York City, and in Florida, Is rethrint from ser. vice with the Mt Vernon office^ Construction of a new Mt Veri non post office at 13th and Broadway is expected to begin in early December. Acting Postmaster WllUani BI. Lee is urging early mailing o( Christmas packages. HBJEPeOi^ I A ANVTHING// / M DIFFBBBNCB5 IN A ^ aSfifSCNABLE WAV, Lll^ 0ENTLEMEN-? 60 MLCH FOZ THS eWSFT votes OF SS^SON, HUMOR UBEBAL LEAF The city slicker, arrested on a charge of spedhig, vehemently denied his guilt while the rural Justice of the peace absently thumbed through a large vohun* on his desk. 'Guilty!" the offidal sudden, ly interrupted, slamming th« book dosed. "An $18.90 fine!" While the accused wa« paying his fbie he got a good look at the book the Judge had been consulting. Itw •• a mail-order catalogi "So that's the way yaa de< dde your fhies!" he angrily exclaimed. "From a n»all-order catalog!" "Yep," confinned th« court clerk, "and you're mighty lucky he had it open at wheelbarrows. Yesterday he waa looking at automobiles!" OUR BOA'KDING HOUSI WITK MAJOl N30PU OUT OUR WAY ly WIIUAMI MOWIt SCHNHDR I'M WOT GOWA CHASE mh )lQU^- AWYMORe/ FROM UOVU OM SHE'LL HAVE TO ODME TO ME AUD I UJDfJT \ I'LL QMe HeR. AUOTHEft VeARi A Qo-eo*^ -YWO.HE <SOTH»SAMSWER— - ) THAT WAS A TRUA/»PEP-t)P ' aUBSriOH JUST TO FJNP OUT WHAT kl MP OF A MODD THE BULL'S IW.' HE WAKJTSAPER- SOMAL FAVOR FBOMTHE OLP A^AK), BUT HE'S RDUKJDOUT THIS AlW'T THE TIME AKJD PLACE TO 60 INTO rr/

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