The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 4, 1934 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1934
Page 2
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THE MALVEItN LEADER tH£ MALVER* LfcAbfeft, MAL^ atjgjiij*i*f*g0*^jMj^ajaf a i l *ag—guilg^tietlllia^BilmmmM^^*£^^^Ma&MaiaM Stti* When Yonr fitae ti Oat W. P, WORTMAN, Entered m the Port otic* at Halvem, -ML**.. ** ._ ftfteopdclass.... mall matter. Term, of Subtcription: Payable hi Advance o , v — One copy »li months - - One c0 ** « Single copy to at NAftOKAL EDitORlAt ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL cotrirrlr PAPEB : —AH the ott'.etai proceedings of w^««dof SBpervlsors are printed In full la this paper. Advertising Rates DISPLAY, 16 cents a column Inch; 6 cents an inch additional fo? t^t*,, composition. Ettra for guaranteed position. LOCALS, Classified - - - g c a line LOCALS, among reading •END CHANGES Of ADDRESS PROMPTLY LEADER sutwcribers are aaked to notify tb« subseHptlon department promptly of,any changes In their uldreMcs. Un«r the new pMUl laws, newspapers and perl' odtou* muit par pottate doe for notion of any chang-eiln addrera fnrntahed by the post office. In addition, there IB also tbe prob- lam of delay In delivery or failure to cct the pap«t. The best plan U U> send the chjinge of addrera In advaae*. EDITORIAL At the present rate of growth, it will take the reputation of the liquor Industry approximately two years to convince the people that another change is needed. President Roosevelt's peace, appeal was especially diplomatic. Both France and Germany saw in It support for their opposite contentions. Unless some immediate action is taken to relieve tbe wide differential between meat and corn prices, livestock raisers will be disastrously affected. It can probably be held generally that artificial support of the price of one commodity will react unfavorably upon another, unless It too is given similar support. and advertising campaign. With the start of the new year, business people of the county should renew their efforts In this direction. t)7 the eoiWefotrsneiw of seettl fcsspoiafMBty. This golden era is dependent npoa but one thing — the aWIfty of mankind to regulate Its social relations go that nn- wtee selfishness and greed are •ttbttmated by fnteflfgent selfishness and a tfndly, cooperative regard for the activities and rights of one's fellowaien. In many places during the past few years there has been a decline of one very desirable characteristic of labor and that Is the developeraent of craftsmanship. More necessary In trades, perhaps, than In commercial occupations, craftsmanship nevertheless developes psychological attitudes which were and are decidedly healthy. True craftsmanship, the ability and willingness to do the work at hand as finely as is humanly possible, furnished a reward for effort which money or wages alone could not equal. It developed a Joy In good and conscientious effort which the highest salaries ever paid could not buy. It made artists of the practitioners of the trades and In early times it produced furniture and paintings and print- Ing and Iron working of a degree of perfection never since excelled. of ipteaen, — „— ._ .„ tight detiserts (ted lust), prefer* beef stea* to turkey erottfets. insist* oa,.i per eent more **tt fa her food than the coed* of iff and isn't BO prone to take advantage of her opportunity when fa- vffed to dinner as was th* practice fa 3925. -f-t-l- . fo popular feeftet ii P** cent im*re ebftege cf 19*4 «* «wd Marriage to it cam* tro* tfc« <*** fa iftti. t a ey«e, toUmtta* i* tec*** H-» m darn e*ftfe* to get * htt»h*Md thwi * Job /tut now. -f-t-1- On the other hand, she no longer Insist* on hating a man who earns (hag an income) 110- with any who will keep her .« chewing gum, dgareta, cocktails, lipstick and new combinations. ta spite of farther stadlea | a mathematics, the college gJHs of ifJS4 (reports the Corporal) have act qoMe imeh good fl^ are*. He *t*ffb«t«a this to «i ^ > «*k»it a ttiHxre effort to help 1 Wallace get Hd of *gt*raitar*l «f tomato fait*, trap* ant* ftirtl and Swift , Helhn*n one of the best »f the street and inevitably efeoe«es "N »le* Sfrl S*«mr to "Anthon Adverse," -t-t-1- ^—u^^^^JI iwu*en the ofte* Urn* «r*fl*Me, fig* *1- **f* henere fa Life, *«d, mi- I&e h^ fntmeditte prederestt* *» eolteirbrte tt&lt* (who afrmW to UOk of Any 8wt>Je*« it ««MOIR taOced of aaythtaf rf*e) hei- rCTtverwthm I* mffieleMl tetaed to be t«*- -f-t-l- But on the whole the college girl of 1984 i t a rather enjoyable _ jpetsoa with whom to spend the evealag (gars the Corporal) aad very probably would mat* a fairly good wife as soon is she forgets most of the stuff earned in school. Aad she really leeatS to be a distinct improve^ a^t ever la« rear's g^ wf ,, cll CWA gets the support of Malvern school children for it is Indirectly responsible for tbe extra week of vacation recently announced by the Board of Education. One of the anomalies of the depression Is that the private debt of the country has decreased in spite of the reduced national Income. And in every period of prosperity the Indebtedness Increases. Stated in a more digestible form, We have prosperity when we spend more than we earn and a depression when we earn more than we spend. Plenty of variety are Mills oountlans getting in their ' weather recently. Two warm Saturdays have been enjoyed with sub-zero weather iu between. Just now It enables us to have winter sports and summer weather to enjoy them In. More necessary now than ever before Is an aggressive, consistent trade promotion on the part of country communities such as exist In Mills county. Only by efficient, modern merchandising and vigorous selling can small-town stores hope to compete with the continuously active city stores and get their just share in the prosperity which will come with the restoration of the farm market. Country stores enjoy some very sound advantages,. They can operate at a lower overhead and they enjoy the personal friendly contact impossible in larger cities. They should push these advantages by keeping alert with their merchandising policies, by keep- Ing fresh, varied, up-to-date stocks and by making it easy and profitable for the people in the areas they serve to buy pleasantly and profitably from them. They should then follow up this policy with an equally sound and efficient promotion Your Car Won't 'Run Without the Carburetor You probably never see the thing but your ear won't run without it. Nor IB your ulumblng system safe and efficient without the proper traps and vents. Licensed plumbers, with years of practical experience au4 apprenticeship be* bind them, Uamv how to «|ve you tbe most for your plUUibiuK dollaj' by iilnclug traps a«a veuU wh,w« they are needed, U Ufcea expert, eaoe guU study to do tbi» tar, iu»r* fw tb* bum, The promise of the possibility of the abundant life again looms like a bright star in the heavens. For throughout the mess of our financial chaos of the past few years, the producers in every industry have kept steadily at their tasks of bringing out new and better labor saving machines and more enjoyable and profitable means of enjoying the increased leisure provided. Gone will be almost all of tbe old drudgeries. Eliminated will be the old problems of fundamental existence. Cut will be the bonds which held us, like some national Prometheus, from living the full abundant life which Is our heritage. New standards of speed and comfort in transportation are set dally. New fabrications are developed to make life in every way higher, broader and more absorbing. The physical progress alone amazes any with imagination. No dream of useless idleness Is held out by the promise of the life abundant. No soothing elmination of all problems can be detected. For the new era will be more than ever the heritage of the alert and energetic but their activities will be tem- Code fof Mothers What if a code should be fixed for mother? Suppose she were allowed to work but forty hours a week. She rises with the mocking birds In the morning, wakes the family, gets father off to work washes six or eight necks and twice as many ears and starts the youngsters off to school. After the breakfast dishes are polished, she gathers up the fam ily linen — or cotton — for the wash. She indulges in both suds and song and soon the line o) garments Is bulging In the breeze. Before she knows it, a hurricane of children bursts Into the bouse for lunch at noon. Then she straightens up the house, looks after several thou sand odds and ends until It is time to go to market for meat and vegetables for dinner. She is chief chef, dishwasher and nurse girl for the evening. Along about midnight Billy wakes up with the croup or something and mother gets the cold compress, the camphor and vaseline. Father saws wood all night without thought of a code! Next day Is ironing day — and the next is mending day — then comes cleaning day — and Satur day she has to, get ready for Sun day. And so on and on and on an! on. Mother puts In sixteen to eighteen hours a day and uses up her code in a trifle over two days — with five more to go. What to do! Father roars around about the NRA and wants his competitor yanked up for not Then, too, those ae* mea and whAtrhamaraJlems that are rappowxf to foot the p*blic hare « tewieiiejr to tie down OB the Job and some ae* curves creep In* *~ *f-t-l- The college girl of 19J4 prefers George Gershwin to Deboa* Grew A new angle "to the Leader's treea paper issue haa appeared, aecordlag to Mrs, Collias. Mr. Collins tailed to bring the paper borne aad When Questioned mid didn't come. Mrs. ColUs>s> History oftiu. Wuk Aft Jtit<H*JiW&l»« s v% nfrWS SttBSlS^irj WE lire Iffip^tsirt vW&mm Hi the past weet. By OTewdon WtfffsnM * representation by less sincere While (he R*t> tM for (told remained at $34.08 per ounce another week had passed without the definition of gold policy which had been supposed to be Imminent. Neither was there any announcement of an international gold agreement. The treasury, however, issued a new can for privately held gold, exempting no one. large or small, and closing the loophole which had been exposed when a federal judge ruled that the previous order by the president was ineffective. The new call for gold was widely interpreted as a step preparatory to definite devaluation of tbe dollar, ft was pointed out that the gold oil hand in the treasury plus gold delivered to the treasury by the federal reserve system would enable the treasury to real- Ice a profit of some four billions of dollars In case of devaluation! • **•»• iMDwuttMb**'** tff avciD a*«««*G* o VV* Htfcal leaders and diplomats the president outlined a proposal for real disarmament. The necessary points he advocated were abofi^ tton of offensive weapons. International Inspection oi border defenses, an effective antiwar agreement, and * rigid definition . . > promptly borrowed a espy fr«m « neighbor and when Mr, Collins aaw It, he admitted that hit copy had came to the *ter* h«t that they had thrown n la the wwte- H^^r ^^F&rs, /orreanoiMtMtt tsi.*.t.t.~. «___*?. r, •»«** * *fm. vJo putting on more workers and giving shorter hours. But how in heck could we put more mothers on tbe job? Lo 8 Angeles Times. England and Italy are going to send us token payments on the war debts but France will be content with shipping us a lot of sour wine, c. o. d. 'Here's your hat; sorry you have to go so soon," or words to that effect, were spoken into tbe ears of numerous leaders of House and Senate here Thursday by Governor Herring. The governor called them down stairs and gave them to understand that the session should come to a close and only the emergency business called for should be attended to. In other words, It Is a darned sight easier for a governor to call slon tp Iowa than it is to get rid of It, But the members will go right on. doing as they please and pass ng such bills as they want to, uolesa the governor tells them at current gold rates. Such a profit Would clarify the difficult Inancial program for the admin- stratlon recovery plans. There was a treasury deficit to date ot close to one billion dollars, and Indications were that administration plans would vastly Increase this deficit in the months of aggression. » » * * where It may appear they want such a thing. Iowa haa had experience la every direction on this liquor question. Those old enough to remember all about It will have a time telling the younger members what it was. because they themselves differ la their prejudices. But, there will he a liquor bill and It will pass both the House and Senate withla twenty days. - sial." hlch were "non-controver- Many an innocent Hetty Cowl, 1034 What with all the ladles, bless 'em, home from college for th holidays, Corporal Heezalyre ha an excellent opportunity to chec up on his latest sociological study the college girl of 1934 •.f-t-1- •VII fluii'iu'lerlsUcH described, of court.?, arc pmlli'tcd on the wu&iiii t>f t j^o m_*t &uil ttMtt & imil Corporal iu luaa. Hi" Ohln't iuuk(> Alib lIU'Mtb, JOU ju»t t'duugU !u lw »'4«j-t<Uu of the Arcurwy of «U MAICJUMJU, -f-t-l. The college girl of 1834 (flu4 tbe Corporal) U 8ty per BTO f Wore lutpllliseut thau tbe collet «Url ot 1933. This u not tl»Uery 9f $A88 in c«robrttl ««•«•••«• >•••• [ it *klow» bun*) *f»t-|- Ml OARB W I r 'fc ~ . " •' U""'*PU kflttlk MJU! ?•*"•*" *^f sugsesta an uuthropolotflCttl evolutlojj iu tUe direction of the horse, -M-l- Betty Coed for 1934 u 5 pounds, 7 ounces heavier than was her mother of the class of 1910. This increase falls to appreciably raise tbe carrying tonnage as she wears 8* pounds fewer clothes except when uhe uses her hair coat. Nonetheless it la a bopeful sign for agriculture. itruuud th« rail, *«x>uu4 the Wua f«r *lu» hum, yj 414 tarfa* iuvlww ua he but little bill gets by under that disguise because nobody takes its bat off. County Agent* BUI Up Not so "non-troverslal" is the H. F. 180, by Malone and Maniece, which would abolish the present system of county agents, which has been In-Iowa for many years. The bill has its friends In numbers, and becomes sort of a test of the Farm Bureau system in this state. When the bill got into the agricultural committee It was considered not among enough friends. Now the bill is called out ! and on the calendar. There will be a nice fight on it — shelalas and a'. A terrible thing happened In the Senate one day last week. Politics was suspected of raising its hoary head. A page slipped about the Senate seats asking tbe clerks and other employees what their political affiliations might be. The proceeding was raysteri' OUB and unusual to such a degree that some Senators wished to know what it meant. Everybody, including the Weutenajit gowr? nor, denied knowledge oj tbe ta- sidious thing. So, a committee , ^appointed to Investigate, and, is that the rjefflwcratjc state organization wanteft., tfee iaforna* tlon to reply to critics who were asserting that petUQcratii in legislature were employing m«ny Republicans, Uuck to tbe ta* revision. aaiiejjT tne purpose of way to pet fall wanted out l« P > tMbfw "k 7'" -" Lr±5.4!*s*feii?f^ ow to do this is different. The .te still has the big tax bill, . No. l, before It and will get ork on It again Immediately * - New Year holiday, in of the whole the up- house has indicated acceptance of a modified Income tax feature, either a retail sales tax or a gross sales tax, and a corporation or franchise tax. Per- h,T I" three wjn »»»»«» 'n the bill when they pass the buck to the House with the thought that the differences may tben be bet- . Two Milllona for Belief ? Administration officials have ndlcated a desire or need for at IS^, tW f ^ UHon dollar8 m ^e for reiier of the unemployed. Doubtless there are ojeatw O f getting it rrpm the government. Prohibition of "marathons or v. thons " ia *WW«« for 1ft a that has passed both whjlcb, People sought to come. • • » * Atthovgh the president did not announce any policy In connection with monetary matters dur Ing the week he did make on speech and In that speech he out lined the foreign policy of the ad ministration more concretely than had been heretofore apparent. By far the moat concrete and new policy aaaounced by thi president was the declaration tha the United States shall not exer else armed intervention in the at fairs of any nation for any rea eon. As a corollary to this declaration the president stated that tbe United States wonld not assume or accept sole responsibility for peace or civil security in any other nation, although U was willing to participate In joint efforts with other countries. This policy, referring particularly to relations in tbe two Americas, •was the policy promulgated by Secretary of State Hull at the recent Pan-American conference. The president expressed willingness to cooperate with the league of nations, but not to tbe extent of formal adherence or of participation In purely political affairs of the league or In purely European" interest*. This policy i» nominally the same as has prevailed during the last few years. While exprewing the belief th*t a majority of the people of all nations sincerely desired peace, non-aggression, and genuine disarmament In spite of mis- 1 th* recently more o* less U«H obtrusive General .fohnson came elightty more In the limelight as quick orders suspended the operation of the new bankers' code shortly after It Was announced to have been accepted by the NftA. the code, which prescribed higher and uniform charges on checking service at bat»fcs, had been supposed to have beefc approved by General Johnson, although he had not seen it, and had been forwarded to the clearing house associations of the nation as so approved. The blame was attached to a deputy administrator, who was summarily dismissed by the general. Though codes of fair competition are ho longer so much in the public consciousness the grocers' code was Saturday the 182nd code to have been signed by President Roosevelt. Nearly 60 more await proper study by tbe President, and many more are in the process of completion. Generally the new code is the same as the code for retail stores, including the prohibition of the use of 'loss leaders' for advertising. • * * • numanin has martial law and complete newspaper censorship, as the latest country in which the fascist movement has brought a crisis of civil strife and violence. The Immediate excitement was tbe assassination of the liberal Premier Duca by a sympathizer ot the Iron Ouard-^the Rumanian equivalent of Hitler's brown shirts and Mussolini's black shirts. Martial law was used to prevent violent demonstrations by the Iron Guard, and reprisals by anti-Iron Guard factions. Guards were posted over King Carol, the cabinet, and even over tbe amorous king's sweetheart, Mme. Lupescu, whose Jewish ancestry might excite the antl-semitlo Iron Guards. * * » • Captured aad probably fatally wounded, Wilbur Underbill -was .he tenth ot eleven convicts who escaped from tbe Kansas, state prison who 1"" ~" ~ " H. leadi •^TB 'v»w »•••', -^-ji-, ^- -T-j^(5-^rjr»j«i»rfwvgri[^fl ««•*• •' ey of tbe break from-nrlwn OB, 'I Memorial Day. is also Jnnder 'In-" dlctment for ,tbe Kansas City Un. on Station massacre. He Is also he tenth of eleven under indictment for that crime to have been captured or killed. .i-y WITH;tH| NEW »ftW systfJM Mil 'X'liS.'M® 5 * > Dt the afternoon to _,,_^ 0** by ib*^ 1 ******* TIP. *tif Jfc „ WplJp-|^:

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