Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on April 24, 1946 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 1046. CAPITOL NEWS LETTER (Weekly news release of the Iowa Press Association. Material contained herein does not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper.) An important conference is scheduled in Dcs Moines April 28 when the stale housing committee will confer with Gov. Robert D. Blue for the first time in several weeks. The meeting will be most important because it is known thnt at least two members on the committee are in favor of a special session of the legislature to knock out state building codes in cities of more than 15,000 population and to pass enabling legislation allowing municipalities to use public funds to finance temporary emergency housing. Other members of the committee are known to be against a special session— at least they have been in past meetings. Several state organizations have urged the governor to call a special session and it is known he has given WM. C. BAKKUM CHIROPRACTOR In Postville Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVTLLE, IOWA. PAGE SEVEN. It considerable thought. Every person who is without a roof In Iowa will be watching the outcome of the April 26 meeting. CONSERVE THE SOIL. Iowa's Future Farmers of America got a bit of sound counsel from Governor Blue at Cedar Rapids the other night when he told them it was their solemn duty "to preserve the soil so dear to this state." Addressing the final session of their eighteenth annual statewide meeting, Governor Blue said that Iowa Is observing the 100th anniversary of Its statehood and in that span of years Iowa soil in some sections has become so unproductive that it is not paying its way in taxes today. He said that should serve as a warning. SOLDIERS' OVERSEAS BALLOTS. Now is the time for Iowa's sons and daughters still in service overseas to apply for their primary election ballots. Not many auditors have had applications yet and Secretary of State Wayne M. Ropes reports that less than 10 applications have been received at his office. If the ballots are to be sent overseas and returned in time to be counted it is essential that the requests for them be filled shortly. JOSEPH B. STEELE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Office Over Abcrncthy's Store Telephone No. 240 DR. H. D. COLE Dentist I Office Over Citizens State Dank JDr. F. W. KIESAU, M.D. Dr. M. F. KIESAU, M. D. Office Over Louis Schutte's { Hours— Daily 9 to 12 and 1 to 5 | Wed. and Sat.— 7 to 8:30 p. in. Dr. C. M. Morgan VETERINARIAN Office Opposite Post Office Telephone No. I46-J MILK STANDARD DOWN. Secretary of Agriculture Harry D. Linn reported last week that approximately half of the milk tested by state inspections of 675 Iowa milk dealers during a 3-months period ended March 1, fell below the federal standards for grade "A" milk. Linn said there "is still room for vast improvement in the quality of Iowa milk," and added that in general producers, distributors and local health authorities throughout the state are cooperative in desiring to raise standards. "Obviously," he said, "some of this milk was hazardous to child health.' ANOTHER IIICKENLOOPER. The name that at first was a cletri ment and later an asset—as a vote-getter—in Iowa political circles, that of Sen. B. B. Hickenlooper, is the same name as that of a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of Minnesota. Onlv his first name is Ed. Financial Report of the Town of Postville, Iowa For Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 1946 (From April 1, 1945 to March 31, 1946) RECEIPTS: I EXPENDITURES: County Tax: General Government $ 2,023.39 Independent Divisions 15,862.02 Total $17,885.41 Office Receipts: Poll Tax $ 96.00 Business Licenses 65.00 Beer Permits 525.00 Cigarette Permits , 487.50 Dog Licenses 20.00 Fines, Fees and Forfeitures.... 190.00 Sale and Rent of Municipal Property 254.00 Refunds 83.71 Miscellaneous 392.37 Total $ 2,113.58 Street Department: Snow Removal $ 80.26 Grand Total of Receipts for Year Ending March 31, 194G $ 20,079.25 General Government: City Officials—Salaries $ 525.34 Legal Publications 294.18 City Hall 683.64 Municipal League 25.00 Extra Help 92.43 Refunds and Licenses 30.00 RESTING UP. We've heard of any number of people having to take a few days o(T to rest up after taking an active part in a political campaign but until now we've never come across anyone who took her rest before starting into the grind. But it seems that's the procedure followed by Mrs. Marie Spencer, Des Moines, who spent a week in a hospital resting before starting to work in Governor Blue's headquarters. Only At THE FARMERS STORE Total $ 1,650.59 | Protection of Life and Property: Police Department $ 1,055.17 I Fire Department 507.03 | Total $ 2,162.20 | Sanitation and Waste Removal: General Expense $ 1,546.911 Sewers 403.11 1 Demand the Best Total $ 1,950.02 | Highway and Streets: General Expense $ 1,908.50 Street Lighting 1,235.44 Labor 202.15 Total $ 3,346.09 | Municipal Enterprises: Library $ 590.961 Hospital 1,181.92 Total $ 1,772.88 I Recreation: Band $ 400.00 | Total $ 400.00 | Debt Service: General Bonds $ 8.417.00 Special Assessments 1,484.00 Total $ 9,901.00 Grand Total of Expenditures for Year Ending March 31, 1946 $ 21,182.781 Report of Utilities RECEIPTS Sale of Water. ..$ 6.995.27 LOUIS SCHUTTE WILLARD SCHUTTE Funeral Directors and Embalmcrs Cut Flowers For All Occasions BURLING & PALAS ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Office Over Postville State Bank J. W. MYERS, M.D.! Office Over Luhman & Sanders Telephones: Office 188-W Residence 188-X PRAISE IOWANS. Three members of Iowa's congressional delegation have been praised for taking leading roles in the psychological warfare program carried out during the war to undermine enemy strength. The program was a part of that carried on by the Office of War Information. The three congressmen are Rep. Thomas E. Martin, Iowa City; Rep. Charles Uneven. Alton, and Rep. Ben F. Jensen, Exira. Martin was instrumental in convincing the German people by short­ wave broadcast, of our invincibility. Uneven, who speaks Dutch, made recordings for broadcast to the Netherlands and since the war has .heard from Dutch citizens who listened to his messages during the German occupation. Jensen knows the Danish language and encouraged Danish patriot resistance. Total Receipts 5 6.995.27 j EXPENDITURES Salaries «d Wages- $ ,,0,2.53, Outlay—New Improvements— Extensions Other Miscellaneous I,KU.JJ| Other Expenditures— ., nRR Power and Light \v}JZ Chemicals 1,549.83 Total Expenditures $ 6,297.43 Dr. R. F. Schneider VETERINARIAN Phone No. 170 Postville, Iowa Day and Night Calls Answered I Office In The Iris Theatre Building HE MKT THE CANDIDATE. They are telling the story over at state Democratic headquarters about how a northern Iowa county official came into the office one day to be greeted by a man there. "Say." the official is reported to have said, "the Democrats up my way are mighty happy about this fellow Frank Miles running for governor. Everybody knows him. Wahdidja say your names was?" "Frank Miles." Cash Statement Balance on Hand—April 1. 1945 $ 15,114.58 Total Receipts for Year Ending March 31, 1946 27,074.52 Total to Account for $ 42,189.10 Total Expenditures for Year Ending March 31, 1946 $ 27,480.21 Balance on Hand March 31, 1946 $ 14,708.89 Report of Municipal Indebtedness—March 31, 1946 General Bonds $ 21,000.00 Special Assessment Bond 1,400.00 Grand Total $ 22,400.00 Valuation of Property Subject to Taxation on Assessment of January 1, 1945 Class of Property— Real Property $685,762.00 Personal Property 87,149.00 Railroad Property 14,366.00 Telephone, Telegraph and Express Companies 30,540.00 Total Except Monies and Credits $817,817.00 Monies and Credits $636,260.00 Total Valuation of All Property $1,454,077.00 | Total Amount of Levies Asked in August, 1945 20.587 Mills A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. Monona and Postville Rendering Service We Tay Up To— $2.50 For Horses and Cowl Permit 45 For Prompt Service Telephone POSTVILLE LOCKER SERVICE Telephone No. 288 Monona Farmen Fhonr No. SOS COLOR SCHEME. It's beginning to look as though the Republicans have almost completed the rainbow in proper names that also are the names of colors, with the recent appointment of N. P. Block, Perry, as state superintendent of banking. In addition to Black, there is Governor Blue, and Highway Commissioner Fred R. White, and any number of Browns and Greens. And to add another hue, the administration has had no difficulty staying out of the Red. Bolson's Champion Chicks- Allamakee Rendering Works Call SSS Postville ALL DEAD ANIMALS LARGE OR SMALL We Pay Cash and Meet All Competition WE WILL PAY FOR THE CALL) SAL53URY5AL 'CecalCoccidiosis is now at its height, A problem nopoul- tryman dares take light, SeuseRtM4SAli[ drinking water, To prevent an attack of ' harrowing slaughter!" DR SAISBUWS RENO-SAL ikttwylo ,,v. dnnU* wli> mtdieme, l«l Y«« 'td„«d iK« lonct liom e.e.l uceidieiit Aouumh of Ibtli U>. .1 <l f..« lymp- torn! in lh« flocL DR. SALSBURY S RCN.O-SAL ALSO STIMULATES GROWTH Four-County Hatchery Phone No. 83* Postville. Iowa We have .several thousand started Chicks in our batteries, all of the finest blood lines; all from blood tested stock. If you are interested in the finest in breeding plus well-started chicks,-drive to our farm and see these chicks. Bolson's Poultry Farms Dccorah, Iowa jo* HERE'S a real opportunity for the young man who wants a good job with a future. An Army job is a steady job offering good pay, the highest security, every opportunity for promotion and a chance to see, the world. You get valuable training in technical skills, good food, clothing, quarters and medical care free. If you go overseas, you get 20% extra pay. You can retire at half pay after 20 years or retire at three- quarters pay after 30 years. And you get a 30-day vacation at full pay every year I Many other advantages not offered elsewhere. If you are 18 to 34 and physically fit (or 17 with parents' consent), you can enlist now and qualify for one of these fine jobs in the peacetime Regular Army. You owe it to yourself to get all the facts NOW I Apply at U. i. ARMY Court House Bldg. Phone 1065 Decorah, Iowa Get the kind of Chicks that will be real money makers for you—Chicks that will develop into top egg producers. Place your orders now at Meyer's Four-County Hatchery for the Highest Quality Baby Chicks. See Us For ELECTRIC BROODER STOVES PEAT LITTER and POULTRY SUPPLIES MEYER'S Four-County Hatchery Telephone No. 234 Postville, Iowa ELEMENTARY, my dear Watson! Here's a problem for you, Watson. What living cost has DECREASED while nearly all other costs have gone right on rising? Are there any clues, Horniest My dear Watson, the answer is at your finger* tip. What else gives you twice as much for your money as it did 20 years ago? What else is ready day or night, winter or summer, to lighten your tasks and make life more comfortable for you? What else gives you so much service for just a few pennies a day? What else, my dear Watson, but Electrio Service? Yes, Holmes-but WHODUNIT? Elementary, my dear Watson. Electrio service —dependable and cheap—is the result of hard work and experience on the part of the men and women of your electric company—under sound business management. • Htar NILSON IDOY In "THE UICTRIC HOOK" wIM Hofc.rt Armbruttn't Orcfttitra. Cvry Sunday, 3:30 p.m. CST, CIS, I i ,i. i , i , , , , / I ut A I i ., ,. < i K( >^-> oil. i (i. t v . - • • I ,. I. . 1 • I i • ' I. W I ' ^ *

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