The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 11
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' WEDNESDAY, JTJ1Y T, 1348 ' OUT OUR WAY ~By J. R. Williams Our Boording House with Moj. BU'THEVIU.E '(ARKT COURIER goVS tfdovi A SPOT vJHeeie *Jt MIGHT EfWOYA R6STFOL AWMML/-— ME, Ht'U. 0& A.LI OWTH& GRUB , to Re-Open Camps In Four States to Meet Needs Brought by Draft WASHINGTON. July 7. (UP) — The Army announced yesterday it will rr-opcn four training camps to meet the needs of (he draft-expanded military eslabli.=hnicii!. II also wilt set up a signal ami engineer unit training center at Fort Jackson, s. c. The 5th Infantry Training riivi- *ion, now located at Fort Jackson will be moved this fall to Camp Oor- i Dr. W. F. BREWER ij DENTIST Jl OFJ1CE 208 V, W. MAIN ST. • PHONE 2112 I Blytheville. Ark. i.... Remember Rolhrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 THE CURTAIN SHOP Mrs. N. J. Humphrey Phone 815 308 So. First Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Political Announcements The courier News has been authorized to announce the lollow- ing candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July n and August 10 COUNTY TREASURER Frank Whitworlh COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blylhe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippcn STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jlmmie Edwards L, H. Autry H. E. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Specie »i For Count; Judje ~ ".oland Green Fielder Peery Fur Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABI t. (ChisXasawiba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Lindsey Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! You Are Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shop Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie Srll« Hotel Noble Bldg. Blythcville, Ark. MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 1ESS1CA had never known death. Her mother had died when she wns too young to remember. Now Genevieve Miles and her mother arrived lo hike charge of thu house and to treat her as v hough she were an interloper. To Jessica's surpuse, Lucy seemed shocked out of her trance which had kept her hidden behind her own door. Stic .seemed indifferent to the curious glances of her former friends. She was thin and pale but strong enough lo do various simple tasks Jand appeared eager to be helpful. j The days following the funeral • F.ucy took an interest in every- j thing about the house. She told Jessica that there was a small 1 amount of insurance and thai she ' and Tom had made some plan: regarding Ihe money. She would do typing at home as soon as she was stronger, Tom wanted to take -. a course in drafting at the nighl ' class offered by (he university. He : was ambitious to become some- r ihing more than a plodding la, borer. Lucy told this innocently with no thought that Jessica mighi resent the confidence Tom gave his sister. Then, the day before Christmas Tom said to her, "Lucy says she 1 can take care of the hous* now ; Jess." "You mean—" "You may feel free to go when ever you wish." He turned on hi heel and lelt her. That evening Tom brought in the Christmas tree and the, trimmed it. Lucy had strung pop corn and cranberries. There wa the usual anxiety about whethe the lights would work, and whei they did, they sat together in th dark and regarded the little ire wan pride. How delighted Betsy would be when she saw it! How happy this evening, anticipatin. the morning—Christmas. don, Augusta. Ga. Camp Gordon has been inactive except, for a disciplinary barracks. Other camps to be reactivated arc: Fort Devpns, Ayer. Mass., sehed- ilcd lor reopening late thi.s Sum- The clock struck twelve. Tom niil. "Coolly, it's Christmas al- eady." Jessica's heart was so li«ht il hreatcned to fly away, until she emembered—a few days and she would leave Tom. She rose hastily and said, "I'm ircd. J'm going to bed." She ushcd past Tom and up the stiiirs nd into her own room. With tjie loor closed she drew » deep breath. Did Tom suspect her impulse to fling heiself into his arms ind beg him to let her slay, on own terms? * * * E did not hear the door open. She started as Tom spoke her name. She sat up in bed. She saw Tom's tall figure dark against the ,nicker darkness in the hall. "I want lo talk to you," he said He was silent a moment as he snt down beside her. Then he said "1 planned lo lot you jjo a way without telling yon this. Tonight—" He brushed his hanc across his eyes and was silent foi another moment. Did he (hink of the happiness they had shared as they workec together for Betsy's pleasure? He went on, "Tonight 1 decide< I must tell you. 1 w t as n selfish guy when I married you. I wanted you Jess, wanted you so desperatel> that I refused to face the fac that 1 could never make yo happy. 1 know now that I wa wrong and 1 know the moliv which prompted you lo marry me Jess. I understand exactly wh you did." "You know?" She kept he voice steady with an eflort. lie nodded. "You pitied me." "Pitied you?" "You have a tender heart. I'v watched you since I came back Jn spite of your desire to go awa_ you've stayed, helping me, he [pin Lucy." "I feel responsible for what hap petied to Lucy." "Why should yon?" *I)cciins« I influenced tier to inufie. Because I set her > h.iil sample when I Irenlerl my own iirriage vows so lightly." "You don't need lo tell me about ml," said Tom roughly. "1 want lo loll you! Please, Tom, usten this once. 1 Iho'.ixlK I was In love with nothcr man. 1 tlioiiKhl myself heated 1 had lo endure lew pelly huidships here which never knew at homo. I was self- ih. opinionated. The mnn I met altered me and made me think was abused, lie (old me that iobody loved forever and so 1 houlil feel no Riiilt when 1 ceased 0 love the man I bad married. 1 as unhappy and lonely. 1 lis- ened." • • « POM 10*0. He mossed the room and Mood beside Betsy's crib or a moment. Then he came tint-kind stood beside the bed. He s;iid n a low, impersonal lone, "1 think know what you're trying to sny, less—(hat you've felt a strong ob- igalion to< stay here with me. I'GU'VO stayed because you felt it •our duty to stay." "You think—" Her voice broke. "I don't want your pity." She gave a little cry and slipped on! of bed and stood beside him, Is that what you renlly believe, Tom—that I pily you?" What else.?", he asked, and made no move toward her. "This," she said brokenly. "I went away with you that June niRht because 1 loved you— Wait, 1 want lo tell you—try lo mnkc you understand. 1 want everything dear between its, now arid always. I never loved David Gregory. 1 never loved any man but the man 1 married—you, Tom." He caught her hnnds and drew her to him. He said, "Jess, rny home wi!l be an empty place without you. You must know thai. But I have so little lo oiler. 1 didn't come here lo beg. 1 ' "To bee?" Jessica laughed softly. She felt Tom's arms tighten about her. She lifted her f;ice. She said, "You don't have to bee for what belongs to you. Do you, Tom?" THE END FRECKLES * Hlg FRIEND* By MERRILL Organized mcr to accommodate the 7th Regimental Combat Team and R cavalry regiment flight armored). Camp Atterbury, Columbus, Tuci , fluted to bo reactivated in the first, quarter of 19in a.s a center for a division to be designated later. Camp Cooke, Tangjiir, Oal., whirh .soon will Accommodate an anti-aircraft nrtiltery training center. The Army said it coulti nol e.sti- rnate at this time the number of troops to be sUttoned nt con- Ins. Two years ago a photographer won a contest with a picture of him. and he's been leaning picturesquely <m that mnilbox ever since!'* AWWH.WHO WAMTS „ l r!^. N ^..Ay?_coo««?.t PBISCILLA'S I'OP" Or \'ice Versa k'e/l, iveW If ic Isn't Me jndtlri, and the M>a/en f Say f / think "V she's going ro fave] cur/y half! / By AL VERMEER vie FLINT" drxf t/u'y reft/y quite a ~omp/<m«nt-bfcause I seldom tey any thirty good about anybody. Oop Loses Face ICT PAUIA^F AND HAVE HER ITOADCA3T GO. 5IIK. • TO IWfNIY MULIO!! fiGiOCI'S PIEASE/ ft\tW WHOLE 5TORY AKOUT HOV/ hWMORE \/ I KILLED KILLING.' J\ SPENDER? By MICIIAHL O'MALLEY ind RALPH LANB HOT Mf.' I GH HSR mtT! 1 If N I'll ATIf NO TO WO, J DOUBlf-CBOSSIMG • UTTtE SISTER/"^ Jvous«B P R LW^f iffi WASH TUUUS JuslinTime? BOV*... GKAMPDP 15 "X/AmR. WHAT NOD TAKIN8 Us FOR A NICE '( DID TO HIS HOUSE LITTLE 1RIP. 1 HOPE SOU I WITH IT, I'M SUR6 '"/A WOULD KJ,"i By LESLIE TURNEB .TILE PASCALS ..THEV PROBA6LV IDHTWHEM I Hopt ra P1CK " up ™ WST^KEI {• AU[) «M R IL I f«TKO"MMWT«m«ii- luJpACKlUG 1 » 0(t OO» FOR IT...RND1D BETTER SEE • » ,7iSl,Sf ft HTM SET STWH> HIT* I START*"HE V^!! 00 " 1 ms TOSMWK lTft> okl ^J I wuH^Si" E.TRUNK IM PiSciTOP * CHEMI5TRV SfT SIT^ WS.HIII 1 r~BftB^FdflM^!!^T 9 ^V-imjMBtK^je/jjW- v 11 PROFIT UKD RYDER By Readinff tbt> Classified Ads Every Day! Self, Says .Iak« PROFIT >/ C • |i I • s » !!' J in • i Ky Advertising In The Classified Columns When You Want To Buy or Sell Ads Placed Before 9 a.m. Will Appear Samt Day All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 4461 ! :? il By FRED BARMAN 1 DAUBED TH£ BULLET HOLt WITH IODIDE--- tHEW HE. TRIED TO Df^AW A GUN TO ROB ME A^D I SOT HIM WrfH , MV POCKET PEHRlNGERW IF THE CORPUS DELICTI WAS OWE OF THE STAGE BANDITS, I-CrtLL THE KILLIN' SELF- DEFEN'SE AND GOOD RIDDANCE.' 1KS NE\r DAY P/Wr TAKES We. iVgli'S fa THc HIDEOUT... 'l DONT LIKE"N7^'EITHER 00^ ir. BOvs/no i t,PINKY/ \'t\ WAS OUR PAL' /. GOIKJS TO -, ,—uij^/SiMRocK WITH ^^25 II I YOU AND HAVE ALLEY OOl> Yon Noxl, -Samlrii Blytheville Courier News s*«>:>2ififXK^*>!*>jo:*>^^>;»;>;>;sisx^>;**>;s**iiiK****>i>;!«:»:>:ji»;>!sw^. 1 f<XJ SAT THE E<3YPTIW<! PUT YOUR FACE ON THE SPHINX BECAUSE Of A LITTUE IMA«E THEV CALLED "HU".' By V. T. HAMI.IN YEH.' WH>; SURE. ,, ,, TH'JPHINX... BUT H WMATV THI5.W THJkT AINTT, MY FACE/ I!(X)TS AM) HEK BUDDIES Ain't Life (;ran<!7 By EDGAR MARTIN KJ- ~v

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