Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 20, 1965 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1965
Page 10
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10 - Thurs, May 20.19(S ftedfands Daily facts Ann Landers answers your problems Dear Ann Landers: We have some close friends who are dog lovers. Last evening. my hus band was telling about our 8 year-old son's unusual interest in science. The dog-lover inter rupted to tell a story about her poodle. Three years ago, she said, the dog began to take on the personality characteristics o£ her husband. When Tom suffered business reversals and became depressed the dog became depressed, too," she said. "He would not eat a thing. Tom had to be hospitalized. That same day the dog had to be hospitalized because he had become so weak from malnutrition he could barely walk." She continued, "Six weeks later Tom returned home feeling much better. When the dog was brought hqme he was still melancholy. Upon seeing his master improved the dog perked right up." i.Iy husband and I believe that pet-lovers who become involved with their animals imagine all sorts of things. We can't buy her story. What do you thmk? —DOUBTERS Dear Doubters: Animals have distinct personalities. It is not uncommon for personalities to be influenced by what happens around them. I do not doubt this story for one moment. Dear Ann Landers: When 1 married my husband five years ago we were both in our middle 40's. Each year our marriage seemed to be rockier than the year before. I begged him to get professional help but his stock reply was, "I am all right. YOU are the one who is nuts." Several mohtlis ago when my husband became abusive I packed up and left him because I feared for my life. I haven't seen him for three weeks, but he telephones every day to say he loves me. He wants a divorce so he can start courting me again and decide if we should be remarried. I'm hoping we can recapture the wonderful joys we knew •when we first met. Is there a chance? — DREAMS OF THE PAST. Dear Past: No — and if you Asks end to marriage LOS ANGELES (UP!) — Actress Corrine Griffith, 65, has asked the Superior Court to end her brief marriage to singer Dan Scholl, 28, on grounds he was not the "loving and affectionate husband" he said he would be. In her suit Tue!;day, Hiss Griffith asked the court to annul the marriage or grant her a divorce on grounds of extreme cruelty. The couple was married last Feb. 14 in Alexandria. Va., and separated six weeks later. Miss Griffith, a silent screen star who became wealthy in real estate dealings, claimed that Scholl threatened to circulate false statements about her to obtain money. Rites for gypsy Icing would stop dreaming long enough to remember what your marriage was really like you'd know better, too. Why do you thmk your husband is going to treat you differently the second time around? Get with it, Sister. Dear Ann Landers: This afternoon I glanced out the window as I was doing my dusting and I just happened to see the woman ne.\t door shaking my four-year-old son by the arm. I dashed out and ordered her to take her hands off my child. She shouted, "Bernard is always hitting my Albert and I'm not going to put up with it any longer." Both children are four years of age, but my Bernard is a little bit larger than her Albert. I lost my temper and slap ped the woman's face. She had metal curlers in her hair which caused a small cut on the side of her cheek. The minute my husband drove into the garage my neighbor's husband was over her. He told ray husband his wife was in bed with an ice pack and under sedation. He said his wife went to pieces after I hit her and they had to call the doctor. The last thing he said was, "There may be a law suit." If a woman can be sued for protecting her child what kind of a country is this anyway? Please comment. — MRS. X. Dear Mrs.: The kids are four years old. What's YOUR excuse? Hitting people is called assault and battery and your lawyer can tell you more about the chances of a suit than I can. But apart from possible court action you owe this woman an apology, plus the price of the doctor's visit. Awkward and self-concious? Unsure of yourself? Write for ANN LANDERS' new booklet, "The Key to Popularity," enclosing with your request 35 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of Redlands Daily Facts, enclos- mg a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright 1965, Publishers Newspaper Syndicate, but very slowly Competing Films Re'enact Jean hiar low's Life siilii Jean Harlow BAHLE OF THE PLATINUM BLONDES - The filming of two movies depicting the life of Jean Harlow (left), the screen's goddess of the 19305, is causing a name-calling rumpus in Hollywood producing circles. Directors still hope for bill LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Directors of the Southern California Rapid Transit District said today they still hoped to reactivate a bill to ftaance rapid transit through an increase in the motor vehicle license fee before the end of the legislative session. The Senate Transportation Committee yesterday failed to approve a measure sponsored by Sen. Thomas Rees, D - Los Angeles. OCCUPIED POOL HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (UPI) — The swimming class at South Broward High School was delayed Monday morning until two four-foot alligators could be removed from the pool. There was no explanation of how they got there. Objects to pigeons KEANSBURG, N.J. (UPI)Mrs. Margaret McCann doesn't mind birds of a feather flocking together, but she would rather they didn't do it in her house. She had just settled down for a cup of coffee Tuesday when 25 pigeons flew through her liv- ingroom window and up the stairs to the second floor. She called police and within minutes officers were in her bedroom routing the birds back outside through a window. Carol Lynley The two films on the late star who died 28 years ago when she was only 26, have the same title — Harlow. The similarity ends there. Producer Joe Levine's super colossal $4 million version based on Irving Shulmon's biography stars 34-year-old Carroll Baker (right). The Two Harlow s result in $6.3 million law suit Carroll Baker second features another blonde bombshell, Corol Lynley, 23 (center). It is a "quickie" made in eight day» by Bill Sargent with a new process called Electronovi- SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-The case of the two Harlows, motion pictures about the late actress Jean Harlow, resulted in the filing of a $6,3 million anti-trust suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court. • The makers of the current "Harlow," starring Carol Lynley, brought the suit against the makers of an upcoming pro- Volcano active CATANIA, Sicily (UPI) Mount Etna's central crater spewed rock and ash several thousand feet into the air Tuesday. Despite repeated explosions, volcanologists said it was too early to assess the eruption threat. NAME CHANGE LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Municipal Judge Nancy Cannon, the only petite blonde on the traffic bench, has changed her name to Noel Cannon without formal legal proceedings. Why? She was asked Tuesday. "1 have no comment to make," replied the 38-year-old judge, "it's a personal thing." CRANSTON, R.L (UPI)-Funeral services were held Wednesday for gypsy king John (Big John) Williams. A funeral mass was held at St. Matthew's (Roman Catholic) Church. Gypsies had conducted a traditional nightlong vigil at the bier of their 69-year-old leader who died Monday. HONOLULU (UPI) —Something besides the Hawaiian sun is slowly sinking in the Pacific, and scientists of the 50th state are trying to determine how fast. That something is the island of Oahu. complete with Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, the Pali and other tourist attractions. A test drilling project now being conducted at Ewa Beach near Honolulu has brought up samples of earth cores from nearly 1,100 feet below sea level — and the cores show that the material was once at the surface. The project, being carried out by the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, is being financed by a $99,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. However, the scientists emphasized that Oahu isn't sinking fast enough to cause any real concern. They said the first test core may have repre sented millions of years of eartli history. 1MTCBMAT10NAL. HIGH VALUE TRUCK BARGAINS 1959 INTERNATIONAL — AC022S fCCAA 21-ft. Flat Bed hay job 1956 INTERNATIONAL 192 $47RA 3-Axle Dump. Gas 1/31/ 1958 INTERNATIONAL Dump fAORA •10-wheel ; 07DU 1964 INTERNATIONAL Travelette S ^CCA V-8, 4-speed transmission fc33w 1962 CHEVROLET Vj-Ton Pickup 3 -speed transmission, 6-cyl. engine $| ^QC wide bed and good rubber 1173 1958 INTERNATIONAL Travel-All flACA 6-eyl., 4-speed transmission IU3w 1961 CHEVROLET Vz-Ton Pickup ^IIOC 3-speed transmission, 6cyl. engine ... • ly«' Plus Many Others Wew Qtti Used In Stock WILSON EQUIPMENT CO. Distributors of INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Hwy. 99 at Hunt's Lane TA 5-5121 Colton - Redlands PY 6.0241 Shop Open 8 A.M. 'til 12:30 A.M. Saturday 'til 4:30 P.M. SCHEDULE of NIGHT OPENINGS for Downtown Redlands OPEN FRIDAY and MONDAY NIGHTS; •TIL :00 Fowler's, Clothing Gair's Good's Apparel Goodie Shop Harris Co. Her Highness Gordon's, Jewelers Jo Nann's Karl's Levine's Louise's Maggi's Norris Yardage Penney's Redlands Toyville Saily Shops Sliger's, Music Smith, Jewelers Western Auto Wilson. Jewelers OPEN MONDAY NIGHTS ONLY 9:00 Colonial Maple House Heiene's Yarn Shop McMahan's Furniture Nelson-Hales Furniture United Beauty Supply duction of the same name, featuring Carroll Baker. The plaintiffs were Magna Pictures Corp. and Magna Pictures Distributing Corp. The defendants were Paramount Pictures Corp., and Embassy Pictures Corp. Magna accused Paramount of conspiring to coerce major exhibitors all over the country to boycott the Lynley "Harlow" in ijiolation of the Sherman and Clayton Acts. It was alleged that Paramount threatened to withhold future money-making films from uncooperative exhibitors. Youths found TROUTDALE, Ore. (UPI) Two Portland youths, missing ui a plane since Tuesday night, were found safe today near Estacada. Ore. Cameroman in mishap LIHUE, Kauai, Hawaii (UPI) —A cameraman shooting a Walt Disney movie on Kauai died Tuesday after he was thrown overboard into heavy surf by a huge wave which hit his 16-foot motor boat. Kauai authorities identified the victim as Robert King Bag' got. 47. who was aboard the boat shoting background shots off Poipu Beach. ' Witnesses said Baggot and special effects man Peter El- lenshaw were knocked overboard and it was several minutes before help came. Ellenshaw and Baggot were working on the movie "Lt. Robin Crusoe," which stars Dick Van Dyke. Akim Tamiroff and i\ancy Kwan. Firemen applied artificial respiration for more than half ani Lung cancer increases BERKELEY (UPI) — Thi death toll from lung cancer has tripled in California in the last 20 years, according to the state Health Department. In a report called "Cancer in California," it said Californians today smoke more and start smoking earlier than most other Americans. "It should be noted that many studies reveal health damage to be greater among persons who start smoking early in life than among persons who start later," the report said. It also stated that persons who smoke less than one - half pack of cigarettes a day are three times more likely to die of lung cancer as non - smokers and those who smoke more than two packs a day are 14 times more likely to die of lung cancer. hour before Baggot was pronounced dead. Finally, After thirty-five years of marriage you've managed to retire. The kids have all flown the nest and it's time to start having a little fun. Just the two of you. Now does that mean taking guitar lessons... or trading in the sedan for a sports car...or doing lots of entertaining? Well, why not... if you can save enough somewhere else. And you can. First thing you do is sell that big house and move into a modern, comfortable apartment. A Balanced Power apartment. The money you can save here on utilities should just about do it. You see, in a Balanced Power apartment you have both gas and j,^^ ^ electricity working for you. Low cost gas doing the big / ' fBlirBd CDUplB jobs—heating, water heating, cooking and clothes dry- f^'^ " f jnd happillBSS ing. Electricity,for the lights, TV and smaller appli- -l .^^^^^^p JH g BalaflCBd ances. That way, with each fuel doing the jobs it docs ^y,, ^ apaitllient? best, bills have got to be lower. Then you throw a house warming par invite everybody you like. Know lots of peopl Don't worry, with forced air gas heat always have fresh air coming into apartment. Need lots of food? A cinch with. that gas range. You can broil burgers | ^vith the door closed and never get a ( wisp of smoke in the room. And auto- ' matic controls plus instant on/off response makes it easy no mat- i ter who's doing the cooking. Got lots of dishes to wash? That fast-recovery gas water heater will give you all the hot Avater you want and then some. Making lots of noise? Relax, Who's going to evict a fun-loving retired couple just for finding happiness in their Balanced Power apartment? Power K ^Southern California Gas Company

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