Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 11, 1890 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1890
Page 1
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_ T n K 4 [•Dispatch- Democrat —HAS— THE LAMEST CIRCULATION *ln Mendocino County VOLUME XXI. URIAH CITY, MENDOCINO COUNTY, CAL., FRIDAY MORNING. JULY II, 1890. NUMBER 41 DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. PUBLISHED EVERY TBIDAY, VK1A11. • • • ilKSDOCISO CO., CAL. By JNO. BUCKINGHAM, SiwmmoK R ATES One Year Six Months Three Months .*2 SO AT A »V£I'.TIH:NU KATKB: BpniiP. Monthly. Yiiirly. 1 Inch |!H |fjtw i Inches :t 7"> IS oo S Inches 6 00 'JJ 00 4 Inches « ss 30 00 a inches 7 as ;w oo r inches s no as oo 3 InchcR 8 7.". 4 2 00 5 Inches «i r.o 4S 00 9 Inches 10 25 M 00 IP Inches 11 00 M) on one-half column 11 .M) GO 00 Ouo column 15 DO ia> 00 Three months snme rate as for one year. Two months lti times one month. I.esg than one month |1 per Inch for first Insertion, ;iO cents Tier Inch for each subsequent Insertion 1« CKB 1 advertisements fl per inch for each Insertion. Specified position i'] pe cent, extra. The above are net figures. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. J. Q. WUITE, lllslrlet Attorney mid Attorney nt I.RW, Vklali City, Mendocino Co., Cal. OrncB—In Court TTonse. Mill practice In all State and federal Courts. 1-1 ltf BRUNNER'S Well stocked HARDWARE ESTABLISHMENT J.R.MATHEWS' CITY PHARMACY! North Bide of Court IFonsn, Standley St., Ukiah, Cal. Ml DRU&tS AND MEDICINES. -VOU PINT)— The Largest Assortment of Buililer's Hiirdwnre, Mechanic'a Too J a, Mnnu's, Hunt's nnd Hunl'n A XON, Jliir.'vy fence f.tuid nnd X Saws, l'i'UiiliiK 1'aoltj. The huperinl Plow, {Bent flew in the World.) —.1 LSO— The Hiifkeve Combined Hnnow tuid Seeder, The Buckeye Tump, The Hucke-ye Wind Motor. The Hridcro, Bench Co. Superior Stores find llHiiironi Tin; Aftauift «t Weitl-ike Monarch Una- ollne Hnugcs, mul a hHii «lr<Ml HU U uue IbliiKM oruHiueutHl nuU iinefiil* AT LOWEST RATES. THE! flS J. M. MA.VNOX, Attorney niKl Counselor nt law. Wis!], Mnudoclno Comity, Cal. Will practice In all Courts of this Ktate. O FFICE —In Masonic Hall hulUlluir, corner of School and Perkins Streets. 1-ltf. .7. A. COO HEK, Attorney rtinf Counselor nl l.nw. t'kiah Clly, Cal. Ovficr.—In Oild Fellows' llull'Hu.v, Will promptly attend lo oil business Inlrtlstrd ', to his eare In any oftheCourtsofthUStiite. I l-K.! LIVERY&FEED [ «ljiiw«ite tlieUrnntl Hotel, State Street, - • Ukiah, Cal. SMITH & HILL, Proprietor. Jflfil^* Good Turuovus for hire—Double and Phiirli'teiuny, »t!-.l Sii'ldlc Horses. The best of i-ip-e Klvei' io IrmiHlciit stuck. TenniH fiunisbed w.l 1 ' williout driver*. Your p tit routine is so- I'elted, nud <mii.sftu'tiou KUtirnuted. 9*7tf. 1>. K. SANFOK1). J. M. SANKOKD. YELL * .SK .-l WELL. Atlorueyn 'nutl 4 'fMiiiiictorM nt I*nw. Ukiah City, Mendocino Co., On]. In New Law Butld.nic, west of Cuurt j — 9~ (l-7tf. NEW SHOP Omen jICillwC. Will practice In all Courts of this Ptntc, NEW PRICES T. L. CAKOTlir.KS, Attorney mid Counselor nl l.nw, Ukiah City, California. In New Law IluildliiK, west of Court WE WILL HQ? SS UNDERSOLD. omc. House, Practice.!! In atl State and Federal Courts. 1 4-lti *. f>. I'OAtlE, Attorney Hl"l»« Ukiah Clly, Cal. Hnorlal attention pal Win practice In all the Courts. /(. a. TVBXEli, Attorney null t'onuwlnr nl l .nw. Point Arena, f"nl. Will practice In all the Couits of the Slato. '.'•'.'ltf For Best Meats and at Lowest Prices don't fail to call on SANFORD & SON, Opposite the Post-Office. Probate bualucsa. I Stale Street, • • Ukiah City. I Choice Perfumeries. Fine - Toilet - Articles! Pure Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Preparation*. Patent Medicines, Cigars, Etc. -) ICE-COLD SODA WATER.C— -A.. BASCH, MERCHANT TAILOR, STATE STREET, UKIAH, CAL. ItiF- Large Stock of finest and best qunlity of DoHieMtlc mid lui |M >rtf ><i OoiidA, suitnble for Fall aud Winter wear, which will be mndo up promptly, and perfect fltxffuarHnteed. Prices Reasonal)le. The Donahue Railway. ARE \0I UOli For Health and Pleasure THIS mmm Call mid examine (Wiod«, and leave your or der for a full anil or any purl <if utw. lQ-4\t Hew Goods! Finest Quality! Low Fhcesl JACOB xxiEiG -xam, MERCHANT TAILOR School Street, Ukiah. The irren! mass of snow in the Nlcrrn this year will K»ve Ihe wiiterfalls of the Y OHCIII I IU U splrmlur never equaled b'.fure. 'l 'tle lllifel « I< T 1 Monte, l'nirest spot in Calf- foriiia, invites you. It is not expensive. Kver t .'Di :i |ieii in the Muitn t'rus Aliiimt- iiiiiK? li not, you have never lived. If you v.-iim to n-o nuture's n(,l.le^t hiindlwork, visit Kranii <i[il Siioit .cs'oH 'iieil isltiiisfn. And tli'.'ii are l.itkeN,— i'uhoe, Iti.uner, Iu'le- pendenee' Weljli.-r tunl (fillers,—where there are the j.uri'fci air tiu f l the heSL tithing mid bonlin;i in the world. Of eoiusi-. you rooiemher s-'miiik Monism, l^lliU' lleni'Si iill.l Naiiin slurl»nn«. I .ookiiiL' tor Snvi OIM '." There are the Oeyser;', Niipn Hne .u. White Sulphur. Ijiirttett, ll'yrou, -•Ktna, Highland, Klamath, Congress, "Pusa Itobles, Gilroy, I'.t Mii .^o, fc-liasta Soda and otberu. S. F. Ubvonlcie. Thn necnlinlionR in New York between the exe«mnrn o( the Iitmnliue estntc and the NeltgmanB linvo rcsuHed in a hiUh. It is Btnted by pprsons in n poBilion to know BOtnethinjr of the proBretw of nlfnirB that the oxecnturH found themnelveB unable to ui.ike the pnyiucnt of ^182,000 required to reiiefiis' the hypothettnted stock due July 1 , nnd that s conHidera- Judsre R. J. Hudson. Lower Luke Mnlletin. The liciniinntinn of this dmlitiguiBlied yotmy Hon nf Lake county to represent, the FiiHt Congressional ]>intriet in the next CongresH of tlie United states by the lieiiiot-ratin party, is now almost nn assured fart. It is most gratifying to the Bulletin to bo able to tnnke this statement when we come to reflect that it was in its columns that Judge Hudson was first tion of two weeks was granted by the I mentioned and prominently brought lor- Seligmans in consideration of some im- w " r '' for tlint Position. He is one of the portant confessions regarding the man- m0Ht fascinating speakers in the. State agetnontof the road. What these con- m "' ln evor >' wa >' " e " a n""gnetic gen- cessione are is not known. j t-leman. He is the ideal man among his The $182.00(1 constituted two loans of! '-onstituentB and liis phenomenal popu- H AK A I.A1KIE AND SKI.ECT STOCK OF Till! j ilne^t t;ood>., both foreign and domestic, which he will make up at bedrock prices. A Uoop K IT C CARANTKEP . (.live him an eariyenll, make your selections, and secure a perfect tit, whereb) you v.iil be presentable at all times.. 9-2 .il f. lit I.. KI1W.U1D: JA.VK8 K. PEHIIMUVX, Attorney and louii.elor n( I,nif. Lansing St., Mendocino City. Will practice in all the Courts of this Stale. i-7i r. J. k: CUA3tllEllS, Attorney nntl foun.rlor nt taw, Covelo, Mendocino Co., Cal. Practices In all the Cowls of this State. b. EDWARDS. EDWARDS BROS'. Meat Market, XTKIAH, GAL. n: A". MOOKK, .V. I)., Physician and Surgeon, Ukiah City, Cal. £S^*0!nco In Old Law Building, comer of School and Perkins streets. J. L. BOXD, if. D., PfayslelHii iriid HurK^ou, Ukiah City, Cal. O FFICK —On wost side of Court IIouso, in Hetroi's building. am. IP. STOUT, n. D., PIljruiclHU H >id HiiiKCOii, Ukiah Clly.Oal. OFFioR-At Ukiah Hotel. l'2-2ltf. /. II'. Ill)DUOS, M. li. Physioian and Surgeon, L'kltth, Cal. Oinco: Northwest cor. standley and Sehofil 81*. Hooma at A. O. Carpenter's, State st. 4-12 ' 2tf 0. T, MA&OX, X. 1). Pnynlolaiii Kuixeon mull Wyne«olot(lHt, Bau Francisco, Onl. Tolephouc No. 341a. r.10 ilayea Street. Makes a specialty o( Diseases of Fomales nnd all diseases of the Stomach and DlKCniiw Organs We wish to inform the public that we have opened a meat market In the building recently occupied by B. Marks & Co, where we will continually keep on hand the very ehoieewt meats to be found in the market. Meat delivered free to all parts of the city, iiemembcr wo are here to slay. EDWARDS BROS, HlHIv Ktrcrt, Ckl/ili, Have Ihe largest and best stock $172,000 and $10,000 respectively, made to Mervyn Donahue hist year after the blanket • mortgage of $4,000,000 was placed. The money was secured to complete the Ukiah extension, broaden the gauge of the Sonoma branch and build the new ferry steamer, imtv nearly completed. To secure the payment of this loan by July 1 of this year and to guarantee the settlement of a number of lssns and damage claims against the rond, 20,000 sliarea, or one-third the entire capital Btock was hypothecated and deposited with the Mercantile Trust Cnmpanv of New York. The executors made every effort to raise the monev due to redeem the stock, and when Messrs. Burgin and McOlynn and (heir attorney, C. F. Hanlon, started Kast about two weeks ago they thought that the money was all at iheir command. It is understood that when they arrived they found certain expected payments had not been made, and en extension was asked for and granted. It is said that the entire amount has since been raised, and that the demands will be met within Ihe two weeks. The fate of this hypothecated 20,000 shares of stock belonging to the estate is very important, as it involves the control of the road. When the debt mentioned is paid, the main possibility of its forfeiture will he removed, but it is said that other features of the contract, to secure which the stock was pledged, hava not been carried out, and that this may lead to further complications. The Seligmans and their associates in the financial affairs of the mail, Landonberg,Thalhnan & Co., bankers of New-York, own 18,000 sharps and have three of the seven directors. It is saiil that owing to the nature of the contract covering the loan at issue, they cannot themselves gain ownership of this stock, but if sold to satisfy their demands they mL'ht see that it passed into hani's friendly to themselves, and they would thus control Ihe road. There are differences between the Steligmuns and the executors regarding the management of the ruuii, me legal construction ut cuiaraus involved and the equities of the two sides, and one of the differences is known to be in the opinion given by tlio legal advisers of both Bides as to the rights of the estate regarding this hypothecated stock. Although the visit of the executors was largely to adjust theBO differences On Five Years Time. | amicably if possible, there is a possibility fortheiull amount of the purchase, requirini! ; thilt litigation between the two interests I larity nt home will prove a contagion throughout this Congressional District, and his election by the greatest Democratic majority obtained for many years is a certain result of his Candida.'!}'. He is quite a young man, but possesses a inind stored with the richest intellectual treasures which cannot fail to distinguish him even among great mon, and he will bring fame upou himself and the place from which he hails a) well. ASIC FOK THE SOUT1IBRN 1'ACIFU: Co.v.l'ANY'H P AMCULKT, " C ALIFORNIA'S H ESOKT-S," Everything in Citliiornia worth seeing is on the lines of the SOUTHERN PACIFIC COMPANY UU'H'tt tlHAY, T. II. OOOHMAN, lira. /'ni(/ie Mttnayr.r. <ie». l'(tns, Ayt. SAN rilANCISt'O, CAT.. RAILROAD LANDS! For Sole on Keiiaomible Trrnn. For Lands In Central and Northern California. Oregon. Nevada and Utah, apply to or address W. II. Mll.Lti, land Agt, O. P. II. K. San Frane .lBCo. For Lands ln Southern Ca 'ii .'ornla, apply to or address J KHO.M E MA BDR.V, Land Apt, S. P. it. it •lis huii 1'i.iiieisco. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! THE CAP AY VALLEY LAND COMPANY IS BF.LUKO 'llie Beat, Mont Fertile nud £»rlie-l FRUIT LAND IN CALIFORNIA SAT. EL SNELL., Real ^ Estate Agent, Oltlce opposite tusfiTCH office, Ukiah, Furniture and Carpets EVER liKOUOllf TO MEXDOCINO CO. Lands Sold on Commission. Business attended to strictly on bnsl- ness principles. Iii-8tf II. II. SMITH. U. K. DONOIIOE. Smith & Donohoe ;succi'nsorr! to Dunciiu & Smith.) larchers of Records, 0 gCOiUHGIO Ul HbbUIUdj O ill on with Comity Assessor, IJKUH CITV, • - CALIFORNIA OFFICII' lstared. W. tl. HOOMJiAD, D. I). S. Il K SiT 1ST. Ukla'i City, Mendocino Co., Cal •Went of Ex press Olilcc Abstracts made and Couveyauclng Done. Agents for Fire Association of Philadelphia. Itefer by permission to: Ilobt. McGarvcy, Superior Judge; S. I). Pnxton, Coutily Clerk; Thos. h. Carothers, Esi|,; II. A. Peabody, Editor of illHl'A 'rcll. 12-711. Everthing appertaining to a first- class furniture establishment constant ly on hand. Buying for cash direct from tho manufacturer we are enabled to sell at San Francisco prices. Call and be convinced. ! the payment oi annual interest only, thus en. Abliaff the pnrobaBOX* to produoe a bearing orchard, before requiring Payment on any par: of the pavonaie money, and iurther enabling the purchaser to PAY FOR HIS LAND OUT OF THE PRODUCT. The terms herein announced are offered on condition of improvement, and will notheaccorded to those who purchase with speculative Intent; thus, the best located, most fertile aud earliest fruit lAud ln California, Is Offornd at R«»l« Rates "ud on the iun»t Favorable Terms. For particulars, address or applv lo W. H. MILL8, Agent C ATAY V AIXEY L AND C OMPANY , Fourth aud Townseud streets, San Francisco. Terms Strictly Cash. «g^"0ur undertaking department is thoroughly equipped, Orders in this line promptly attended, may result. It is probable, however, that all the differences will be adjusted, as both sides are anxious to avoid recourse to the courts. Uaes for Coffefl. Those British Paupers. Humboldt Standard. Several days ago we printed a dispatch stating that the working men in Great Britain own two thousand million dollars' worth of stock in co -operative associations in the country, which had in the past ten years divided to them over $200,000,000 in profits. The lateBt report of our Treasury Department sbows that last year we sold abroad $25,073,306 of American cattle, of which Oreat Britain took $24,612,513, and all the rest of the world took $1,060,853. Of canned beef we sold abroad $6,020,070, of which Great Britain took all but $1,239,207; of fresh beei we exported $13,002,713, of which the British took all but $1,054,423; of salted beef we exported $3,699,735, of which they took all but $1,109,454,; of pork products we sold to foreigners $77,744,331, of which Great Birtain took $48,360 ,41 )8. All of which goes to show that, these same British, of whom we have heard so much talk, are rather good, customers of ourB ; pretty good feeders, and have a tolerable amount of capita! invested for "free trade paupers." A Republican Opinion. The Great Wall of China. Do lot Smoke Cliinese or Tenement House Made Cigars. LANE'S SPRINGS, Hi W Vallii, Ueioas My, Cal FOUUTRKS MILKS NORTH OF UKIAH. son A, Gas Kclmltl- 10-lilt f. ii. I'KKur, Real Eatate Agent, Conveyancer and Searcher of Reeorde, Ukiah, Cal. Oltlcc with County Clerk. , All business cnlrusted to my cara ntieiided to promptly, \-'Ai. Q. A. OVKKMKYEH, 4'cuMnblf. HIIS I C«||tH'(ur UUInh City, (Jul, -Opposite D ISI'AT it olllce. Pnjtupt attention Ixttatotl to aiy imrc. given to, all buslueiis en- MendocinoConnty Abstract •:• Bureau! Ami Land Title OlhVr. Brihool si., adj. christian church, UKIAH, CAL. _ Sole proprietors ot Durfee's Self-Correcting t*vslem of deducing Laud Titles. Only cou; plute ubstraets of .Mundouiuo County. Searchers of Records, Insurance and Loan Agents. AMU OIIIKit WATERS. THE UKIAH igar Factory! MAKES THE FINEST GRADES OF CICARS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE. Only the choicest material used and White Labor exclusively employed. 4-'il!W. RICE * SALTZELl., Proprietor*. F. M. UAXO.s; Arohlteot and Builder, UklaU City, (Jul, w la»!s, »|w>c |floaUoii8 and Estimates made to order. Will contract (or all klnda of buildings. U> (ttrululi mawclal, or otherwise. Hmlafaeituu auarauteed. iMistf. f v\!)iiiii:n, NMT Uooa TO KXrBBH Oi : rU 'K, Oallf«r«tt». A WEAK MAN Can now cure himself nf the duplurahlo results nf cnrljr nbilko, and iivrltovlly rroiui v bl» vlcur nml vlmilly by ihe flreat Australian Hemeuy. Th« rvinnrlcnMr turn) of hopeless eases of Kxi'imia ntiDHity nnd frivrtlii «oiuulniulM ara everywliero siampluu out quackery. I'he .Mmlieine, s plij'nieliB'B gift !o sui„.r |iin liiimanlty, will I M »«ul frm; to those AUllotcd. Address, Dr . tn.B. TAYLOR, 3,1 •»* Markptittivi'l.'Sai! Frnnuliiao BIIDCPDIDC 'or(ho "MexooctNo D» aUOduliiOC I 'Arcu AND U KMUCKAT,' •,boit£BT LOCAL PAFBB published | n Uenda I io Counly All Uio local,(reiiHral,and luarke jiewt ffivMI euct »'v«ek. kSauil rors*ufula nor » Uest Cainplnit Grounds in tho County. Water, wood nud grounds free, (iood paaturafe j r<- „„ ,7„„i„. i . e . for horses at moderate rates. Olgai' Uealei'S, do llOt full to a7 -4iii T. A. LANE, Pi-op. C. E. TRYON, General Blacksmith! Corner of Suite :mil ftevriuon Streeti), ailjo/n- ing Kentucky MuMa, Ukiah City, Cut. 49Rr*Carrlaire and wagnu iniikipr shoelni; and general hlneksmlthliiR done. Asent for the. DevrlUK Mower.Solf DuinpiiiKiiakes. Mitchell Wa«-oti, and other farm machinery. MUtf. Washing and Ironing! Ah Pooh's Washoiise, t'ar. Cliiirch autl Nie%<'ii»on (•!«., IlklHli. __ ifavlnor purchased KInif Lee's wn'h-houne I respectfully solicit the patronasenftliopublic «ashiux. Imnlnu, and itutlnx done with neat missanrt dlspnlcli. Ilut.n.l h'l I'OOH. give our cigars atrial. Your patrons will 1)3 delighted with them. Ukiah Cigar Factory, PAUL BAITER, Prop. The Epicure. It is asserted by men of high prcfes sionat ability that when the system needs a stimiilent nothing equals a cup of fresh cofle*. J Those who desire to rescue the drundard from his cups will find no better substitute for spirits than strong new-made coffee, without milk or sn^ar. Two ounces of coffee, or one eighth 6f a pound, to one pintof boiling water makes a first-class beverage, but the water must be boiling, not merely hot. Bitterness comes from boiling too long. If the coffee required for hreakfust be put in a grauitized kettle over night, and a pint of cold water poured over it, it can b« heated to just the boiling point, and then set. back to prevent from further ebullition, when it will be found that while tho strength is extracted, its deiicnte aroma is preserved. As our country consumes nearly ton pounds ot coffee per capita, it is a pity not to have it made in the best manner. It is asserteil by those who have tried It that malaria and epidemics are avoided by those who drink a cup of hot coll'ee before venturing into the morning air. Burned on hot coa's it is a disinfectant for a sick room. By some of our best physicians it is considered a specific in typhoid fevor. The Areata Union (Rep) relieves its I 'eelingB on tho subject of the llepublican party and silver as follows: When the silver bill went into Senate that body stripped ofTthe I louse riders and sent it back a free clean coinage bill. It now lies in the hands of a House Committee unfriendly to free coinage, where Speaker Weed,who is likewise opposed to ...i.;<n ,„o,,ov. KtrRlnfti! n oomt to send it. It is not likely that the bill as it left the Senate will become a law, for if the House should pass it the President would prob ably rnfuee to sign it, as it Is well known that both he and Secretary Windom are opposed to free coinage. The Pacific const if) as much of a unit in favor of free coinage of silver as it I N on the Chinese question. The Republican party indorsed free coinage in its platform and if the measure is defeated by a Republican Congress or vetoed by a Republican President the party will be badly left in the next election, as it would deserve to be, and don't you forget it, Mr. Humboldt Timet. The SweedUh Cure for DrunkennftM. It may be a sntjiriso to many to learn that statistics prove the sea lo be Biifer to live on than the land. The late Thomtis Gray, of the Board of Trade, Murine Do partment, London, said: "I have always The Rev. Win. P. Spragne of Kalgan, North China, writes as fullows to the Missionary Herald: If any one doubts the existence of China's great wall, let him come with me to Kalgan, and see for himself the identical wall built by the first Emperor Chin, in 200 B. C. Take n steamer across the Pacific to Tientsen, then a native boat up the Pei Ho River three days, then pack saddle or mule litter five days more, through mountains and plains to Kalgan. Before you reach the city you see a dark line along tho hilltops just beyond the town, and by the time you enter our compound you see the wall stretching away over the mountains as for as the eye can reach, both "art and west, with towers on all the prominent elevations. As we pay it a visit for closer inspection, you find it a windrow or ridge of reddish- brown porphry rock broken, not cut, into irregular blocks. These are so well fitted to each other that the outer surface is tolerably smooth, and has somewhat the appearance of craary patchwork. It is about ten feet broad at the base and fifteen feet high, the sides sloping to n sharp ridge like a steep house roof. You may follow this wall eastward to the sea, and westward to Kansuh, tho northwestern province; and so doing you will have traversed the entire northern frontier of China, fifteen hundred mileB. Though you find several hundred miles of adobe sun-dried mud wall, yet other hundreds of miles are good brick and higher than at Kalgan. By the time you have traced its length you will be willing to concede not only that China had a great wall, but also that the ruler who could conquer so vast a country, drive out the invading Tartars, »nri build a fortification fifteen hundred miles long to and keep them, w«i« worthy to be called the first empe.":r, aud to give his name (Chinal to the country. If any one laughs at the folly of spending BO lunch labor on such a useless defense, let him remember that it was a defense only against horseback riders, armed with nothing but bows and arrows. A few guards on the wafchto 'vers could, with their signal fires on the mountain tops, easily rouse the villagers, far and near, to the defense of their homes. And this wall accomplished its purpose for over a thousand years, when the great Ghenghis K.'han with his bruve Mongol followers broke their way through. TI UB section of the great wall becomes for a half mile the city wall of Kalgan. A beautiful temple in built on this wall to celebrate Ghenghis victorious passage. Thin two thousand year old wall ia little kliumi Uj III© -world, at ttirirn. becullHO • We is another wall much oftener visited and described by visitors from the western world. It is near Peking and a far more imposing struct ure. This is .only mi inner arm of the great wall, but five hundred miles long, itiiil not so old by seven hundred years It is built of cut granite and good brick, and is thirty feet wide at tho base, twenty-five feet wide at the top, and thirty feet high. It is a line sight as it winde over the highest mountain tops. A STHANGE TRUE STORY. The habitual drundard in Norway and Sweden renders himself liable to imprisonment lor his love of utrong drink, and during his incarceration he is required to submit lo u plan of treatment for the cute of his failing which is said to produce marvelous results. The plan consists in making the delinquent subsist entirely on bread and wine. Tho bread is steeped in a bowl of wine for an hour or more hefore the meal is served. The first day the habitual toper takes his fo-,d in this way without repugnance; the second day he finds it less agreeable to the palate; f:u&Hy he positively loathes the sight of it. Kxporience S I IOWB that a period of from eight to ten days of this regimen is generally mora than surflceint to mako u man evince the greatest aversion to anything in the shape of wine. Mai.y men after their incarceration become total abstainers. 4 Tfntindet! PanpMr III** In a ffnepttat and Prore* tn 1)c> a Millionaire. The keeper of the lodging room for vagrants in the Fourth Precinct station house reported it the hospital late one bleak night In winter that one of their lodgers, a new comer, was very ill. The man was brought to the hcxpltal in an ambulance, and the following history of his case was placed UQpn our records: "Thomas ITunn, aged 47, residence Yonkarx. Widower. Born In Ireland. Had lived ill the United States thlrty -uine years. Painter. No friends. Complains of pain in left hypochondria and In umbilical regions. Says he was kicked in the abdomen at 10 a. in. the day before by an unknown man on Coerry street. He Is of medium height and weight and dark complexion. Dressed in dork blue sack coat and trousers, with blue flaunel shirt, heavy shoes and woolen socks. Clothing evidently new and of quality worn by laboring men for holiday drees. No external sign of injury. Pulse and temperature normal." I had the uiun put to bed and ordered an opiate for hiuj, under which his pain disappeared and he fell asleep. The following morning his general condition was good, and, as our beds were in demand, I decided to hove him transferred to another hospital. He wished to drees himself for the ride, and, as he sat up in bed to don some nf his clothing, he suddenly expired. I rushed to bis side, but before I could reach him the spark of life had gone out. Ha died without a groan. The autopsy held by the coroner revealed an injury to the internal organs sufilnient to cause death. He had doubtless been kicked some days previous to his death, and had ,tot realized the eerious nature ot the blow. As we had no addresses by which we could find his relatives or acquaintances, we were obliged to give a minute description of him. to the newBi>apers. Xo news resulting from tins advertisement, his body was sent to the morgue. A few days later a man called at the hospital and asked to see the house surgeon. I was busy at the time, and be amused himself meanwhile in looking ever our '/Reporters' Book," a volume kept for the benefit nf newspaper men. When I came to him he had the book open at the entry relating to Thonia* Hunn. I at once recognized him as & private detective. "What do you know about Thomas Humii" he asked. "Very little. What you read there Is the extent of my information regarding him." "I am looking for a gentleman who disappeared recently from an uptown hotel. His case is mysterious. When I read in the newspapers about Hunn I became curious regarding him. - ' "But Hunn was a workingrnan. He hail nothing of the gentleman about him." "Come with me to the morgue," said the detective; "you m&y be right, but I want to satisfy myself." As soon as he bad looked at thn body of the man I had known as Thomas Hunn, he took eomo photographs from his pocket. They were pictures of the dead "painter." Sending for the brother and son of the missing mau, the detective minted to me a strange fttory. "The vagrant who died ucder the name ot Thomas Hunn was, up to ten days ago, a hospitable, genial man, living in liiit.i y at a hotel on Fifth avenue. He was worth millions, wbic-h be had made in the west. His dinners and suppers were considered triumphs of epicurean skill by the bon vivmits of the city. •Suddenly he disappeared. Nothing has been heard of him until this moment." The deed man's relatives bad arrived and (nWoetefltrM 1 * 41 tl,e " ] entiacatinn made by It was not until some months later that. I learned the details of the case. I met the detective one evening, and he said: "The Thomas Huiin affair will never he wholly cleared up. It seems that the millionaire left his hotel one day ill company with a workingmau. When the westerner's money gave out lie pawned his clothes and jewelry and continued until he was again 'broke.' But there is no doubt that be was murdered. Sun.d day a clue may be found to the mystery. At present all is dark concerning it." "How about the workingman who accompanied him on his debauch*'' "He left the millionaire at least two days before the death blow was struck." "Aud who is Thomas Hiiuni" I asked. "That is a curious feature of the affair. Thomas Hunn WHS a poor liouae painter in the west who bad been wrouged financially by the millionaire who died Dealing the name of his victim. Human nature is a queer thing."—Cor. Philadelphia Press. How to Cure Ctum Disease. raelllc lttiral. J. R. .Senrs recently informed theVona- ville Reporter how ho cured the gum dis- ouse on his , i>nch and cherry trees. He said: "About Bix years ago, when I first took charge ot my ranch, a number of my peach nnd cherry trees were badlv troubled with gum. I treated it by cutting away the gum and scraping the tree. One of the trees wus so bud that when I finished decorating il it was almost girdled, for t.hero was only two inches of skin remaining. Now those trw :lr<" in contended, and tint more than ever con tinned in it. that a man is safer at sea j ll3 c, ne condition as any in the valley,'the thanaiiy where else, In a lalily good ship, j m)reH having |, C en tilled out with ..i' new properly manned and carefully'riiiivignf'('<). j'growtji'.' When you buy a Piano or Organ of j -phe death rale of saiion: is under twelve per thousand; the I OHSOI life by shipwreck is about a quarter of this; in fact there are rnura lives lost among miners by accident than umong Bailors, and many morn among railroad employes." K M, Gar, I/JUI; opiumtuw, nuiuiiug, siaris, tin FKli, FWtiUTbwIiiiare e*s .7 curciilt no |i »loor, «l»t Dr. AUilalsreiiii!ar,solntlll«,sUllnil ;eanii >i)tlihiicu spuiRlMSesbeKinroil e >w»»»*rmt«»jiit| bnanl. olo. a traveling agent, you not only pay his expenses and wages, but a big profit on it besides. Save thsse expense* by buying- your instruments of Sam L. Moore, Ukiah, who is agent for the leading makes and who, owing to his speoial advantages, is enabled to sell them at a small advance on wholesale prices. FOB SALE! | A AN"" *tfllK TIUUTrt OF RICH HOT- i V luhi I,'iii.i fur sulo In Little Luke Valley. Subdivisions of tho ii, U. Norton HOME RANCH. Knsy terms, Apply lo II. U ..-MPIH. WMllln, or b. JSOIlW$', »«•!. *. V., 0 *1. " I notice ono Ihlng." I 'nyn an observant manufacturer, "a! 1 .'.! (hat Is that hard wood logs, especially rmk, that.have been placed in the water imuiedi.'itoly after flitting and allowed to thoroughly soak, make brighter lumber with less tendency to sap slain, than Unit, from logs that uro loft on the ground for w»v« i «l inonlhH. I i ih<. fiud, also, that in green logs, If sawed Immediately after cuWIng, and the lumber Is thoroughly steamed preparatory to pltb'ing it In the dry kiln, the name result will be obtained, groat I y enhancing the value of the lumber .'or flno finishing pn>T>osen" "Thank Heaven, the House is not a deliberative body," BnyMTImttinH B. Reed, of Maine, in Juno, 1S!;0, when boasting of the speed with which his House is doing business. "We haven't IJO or -it) members each with n six oraevcti hours' speech in his belly." Thin is tho name Thomas II. Reed, of Maine, who in February, In lfiWi, declared that "the normal condition of n deliberative assembly Is Wo are accustomed to he told that the most impure water will lie rendered pure by boiling, and that in this we have an absolute safeguard against the danger of water containing disease germs. Now whtie it is true that boiling will kill tin 3 germs oi disease, vet the fact has been brought to our notice, says Annals nf Hygiene, by so high an authority as Dr. Chas. M. Cresson, that while boiling kills the germs of a parttYulnr disease, in reality, rendors the water more impure than it WOB before, because by the very death of these germs, dead organic matter ia allowed to remain in tho water, which is polluted by putrefaction. Hence, while boiling is n most excellent precaution against the occurrence of typhoid fever or similar diseases, when we have occasion to think that the genua of these diseases exist in the water that we drink, yet we must remember that this boiling does not purify the water; it simply removes from it the specific power to produce a special disease. One of the gentlemen now spoken of for Governor, as a Democrat, is tho Hon. Thos. Ii. Thompson. A B a newspaper publisher and editor, in which he has been engaged since 1R35 in this state, no one has n better record; as .Secretary of State, which position lie filled during Gov. Stoneman's administration, he made a grand record for efficiency nnd honesty, and as Congressman, representing tho Fisrt District two years, lie served his ccnstitiieiiev, and the whole State, with unusual energy, nnd met with far greater success than don large majority of those elected to Congress, taking us he did, II prominent stand in all legislative action from the very first entranco upon I his urdimiiM duties. The Domra'rni.h j It may be InUrMtuiff to many de ^oa ^DM- wonltf be enabled io make a valiant flgi t P'« •"^"g***? 1 • p, ^Sn*s^i^li* l «^' for tho mastery in the coming campaign , "ff nf" '^^'^rV^m\ fftHnt with such A leader.— Santa Ana Hlaiie. j Now uvuij'bodj 13 —tlnjr cstrntal.STOrUS)' 1 ' i like tlw majority at (asbUaw, tats liecimLto-''. Bilrliera' Influence at th« C»lillal. A great ileal depends on the cut of a etatw man's hair. The reputation of lome Is based on it. The barber bus much more to do with the making of some statesinnu than any pedagogue or philosopher ever hid. There is Mr. Blank, who dreams in his iieat all day, with his white hair brushed bac< from an intellectual brow, his white mustache drooping, aud a little tuft on the tipper Up nf his chin, and U ivgu'ded as a man of great prolunriity; while Mr. , from Virginia, gets no credit for his ability because he don't, oomb his whiskers right. The barber cai make a statesman, even if the tuiior is slovenly. Mr. Eva::!% u? T «iun *<*e*, iix.,k't» hYrce because he twists his goalee to si point a^id curls his mini- niche, up at the endi, Hut bo is a moat mild and gentle mannered nian. Ctibsou, of Maryland, bus got the reputation of being a Uidy's man and vain becaiihe his hair is parted in the luiddlo,—WiMiiiuuiCiii C.i. in i'lillaUel- phia Telegraph. Suuie Old New Englum! Oaks. There are few people in Boston who ara aware that at Belmont, but a few mile* nut In the suburbs, there stands a group of oak trees, beneath which, without a doubt, the red men of the forest once pitched their wigwams. Aboriginal forest trees in New England are exceedingly rare, and where, here and there,. tbsiii ctcuds a single specimen, as the great Avery oak at Dedham, it becomes celebrated in local history aud sometimes in song aud story. It is, then, somewhat strange that Mr, Emerson, who wrote of the trees of Maasachu- setts, should have entirely overlooked the W'*» verlyoiiksof Belmont. It has been claimed by some that they are at. least 1,000 year* oM; but of this, of course, there Is doubt... "Bs~ largest tree in the group has • girth of IT fail ;i Inches at a point three and a half feat from the ground,— Boston Advertiser, Tba oatmeal Onsssv: "•mm •••as ^.iiwi if one tvi'i gel (hero who will be a* Mr ! v!cfibl« to Hum bold t a« was Tfeos. i one of free and nntrauimeled debate," ! Thompson. Tnoiigli not a man of t,'|a»| ! be ouo which rrerj on* stoulojft twpsig ; ta;.'^i Thos. L. Thompson, nl* Santa Rosa. | follow. Oue firm, manufafitartag a^hrassj-T'-is ex-Cougressiiisn from this district, inutit|kuowu to •Mmpuptt a>tdfH~W 's ^'utte&>*' :v with a letter disclaiming nuv intention ol; United fjtotes, u atiui tuX&ii feftr again being a candidate for the I'enio-1 culty lr» supplying taedsnAiMT ~A| •'rntic nomination.—Pmra'rcli-l>i'.HocH.vr., ot the arm eeta w otJwi^syithrt.-jtl^s^ie*^ If a Democrat (selected to fill ihe aeat i •« ,#&jft!^ , Sfflffi now occttnied bv MI**, it i* donb.mi, '^\^^^^^^ of urnittlag thrt'ia^4W} : i«N <UM aMei'dttriog ta -as $^e!>r< , jj There never wan a more effective animal j from Philip delink to Philip fobor, nays New York Fon, Gnvfcqnr Wnl-jniisft has Issued a proc- tarnation making Kept; 8th; in adil'.t««n k> Kept. Dili it legal holiday, for the «'elebra- Hon by tlie Native,Sons aud ;|i !oneera of thefori let li aualvoraaryoftheadwitiiop 1 of CalilowuK in the Culoji. f^^S^^^^SS^m^Lmmmm^m^ cal education or marked ability ); '!Pi »oinr!. son was an honest, iwraevcring unci a hunt j .Wwkittg iriehibw.'.f^ife^^ihftil-to^iie' Interests nf his constituents, and Huml «i )dt owes to him the. !crge« spproprlH- tlon for barliorlinpr'oveirientii ever yet obtained. -H* waa l;i>ndlttan|ieil h»re by "bekwitln*; to afanilUihat-la made up' o{ i 1! * - A» MWtaT' fa Nrw Yorh t«sra v o>r pood*, asm - tiss.a^.aad.-' Ir^ijwfvak.

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