Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on July 1, 1974 · Page 1
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 1

Panama City, Florida
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Monday, July 1, 1974
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Good Morning! Today Is Monday July 1,1974 HERALD A Florido FrMdom Newspaper "A happy life mint to a great extent be a quiet life. For it is only In an atmosphere of quiet that true Joy can live." Bertrand Russell. Volumes No. 62 The Woi^ld^s Most Beautiful Beaches Panama City, Florida Telephone 763-7621 Two Sections 20 Pages Price 10 Cents King's Mother Slain, Shooting Suspect Held MOTHER KILLED - Mrs. Alberta King (left) was shot and killed Sunday morning while seated at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. This family photo shows her with her son, slain civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. King's wife, Coretta. (UPI) Dance Club Fire Claims 24 Lives PORT CHESTER, N.Y. (UPI) — A fire and clouds of choking smoke swept through a jammed discotheque early Sunday, killing 24 young men and women and injuring 30 more. The fire flared up in the basement of an adjoining building and spread through to Gulliver's club on the New York-Connecticut border. The Westchester County Medical Examiner's office said that 13 of the \'ictims were men and 11 women. Authorities said some of them may have been carrying false Identification because they were under the legal drinking age of 18 years and positive Identification of the bodies could take several days. John Henderson, whose "Creation" rock group was a weekend attraction at Gulliver's, silenced his fellow musicians and announced: "There's been a small fire. Please leave." According to survivors, dancers were heading for the club's exits when the lights suddenly went out. The crowd panicked when thick black smoke belched Into the club. Many couples on the dance floor said the smoke was so heavy that they could not find the club's four exits and had to grope their way to freedom. Several persons apparently were trampled In the melee, and others said clothes were torn from them as they fought to escape. Some of the victims may have been crushed to death when the club's alr-condltloning system crashed to the dance floor before they could escape, fire officials said. The bodies of the victims were taken to Grasslands Hospital in nearby Valhalla, N.Y., but identification was hampered by the fact that many of the patrons of G u 111 v e r's apparently were under the local legal drinking age of 18 years and had forged Identification cards to admit them to the club. ATLANTA (UPI) - The mother of martyred civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was slain Sunday as she played the organ at Ebenezer Baptist Church by a 21-year-old black man with a gun in each hand and "orders from God" to kill. The man, identified as Marcus Wayne Chenault of-Day ton, Ohio, also killed a deacon of the famed red brick church and wounded a woman parishioner. Police said Chenault told them he came to Atlanta with orders from God to kill Martin Luther King Sr., pastor of the church, but killed the pastor's 70-year-old wife "because she was nearest to him." Chenault leaped to his feet as the choir and congregation were singing the Lord's Prayer, whipped out two revolvers and opened fire, screaming and cursing. He shot Mrs. King, then leaped Into the choir stall and began firing wildly. Churchgoers dived under the pews until they heard the revolver clicking on empty shells, then pursued the gunman to the back of the church, wrestled him to the floor and subdued him. One of the first to reach Chenault was Derek King, one of the slain woman's grandsons. Both of Mrs. King's sons died violently —Martin Luther Jr. by an assassin's bullet In Memphis and A.D. King by drowning. She died of a bullet wound In the right side of the head at Grady Hospital, half an hour after the shooting. Edward Boykln, 69, a deacon of the church, was also pronounced dead at the hospital. Mrs. Jimmy Mitchell, 65, was in satisfactory condition. Assistant Chief of Police J.L. Mulllfis told-nevysmen Sunday, the ignitionAvas turned on. Mulllns said Chenault, a Guards were set up around slight, bespactacled man, told the police station—some armed him "he had orders from God to with riot guns —to check the perform the killing and no other Identification of everyone enter- human was Involved. At this ing the building. A police point, however, police are deter-spokesman said, "The guard mining If any other persons was put there because some were involved.'' persons In the black community and others might want to shoot Chenault came to Atlanta the guy that shot Mrs. King." from Dayton Saturday by bus, Mulllns said, and checked Into a motel near the church. Chenault attended a Sunday school class at Ebenezer Baptist Church before the regular worship service. Mulllns said Chenault "appeared to be very calm and aware of what was going on" and I '.ad signed a statement about the killings. The elder King was under sedation at his home Sunday afternoon. After seeing his wife shot and finding at the hospital that she was dead, he went to the police station to see Chenault, according to Mayor Maynard Jackson. "She went home while serving the Lord," the sobbing King said. Coretta King, widow of Martin Luther King Jr., arrived at her father-ln-law's home several hours after the shooting. Police guards were sent to the homes of both Martin Luther Sr. and Coretta King. Five Injured In Boat Blast Five persons were Injured, none seriously, by an explosion on a cabin cruiser docked at a Grand Lagoon pier Sunday at 8:45 a.m. Florida Marine Patrol Officer Paul Whitley, who investigated, said an explosion occurred after The entire congregation at Ebenezer, where funeral services for Martin Luther King Jr. were held In 1968, was praying with bowed heads when the first gunshots erupted. The Rev. Calvin Morris, who was leading the service at the time, said the Lord's prayer was being sung and "we were at the part, where It says 'forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me,' when this young man hollered out and stood up." He said 'I'm tired of this damn' something or other and 'I'm gonna tear this —place up.' "He had two revolvers, one In each hand, and he began to shoot them." (See KINO, Page 2A) Nixon-Brezhnev Talks Shifted To Black Sea Ethiopian Coup Leaders Rounding Up Opposition afternoon that "Chenault told police he received orders from his God to come to Atlanta and kill the Rev. Martin Luther King Sr. Chenault told investigators the reason he shot Mrs. King was because they were worshiping a false Idol. "Chenault has been charged with two counts of murder, carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a concealed weapon without a license and one count of aggravated assault." Mrs. Wally J. Nail, Sr.. and Donald W^rd, Sr.. who were seated on the engine cover, were thrown to the dock, Donald Ward, Jr., and Mrs. Donald Ward, Sr.. suffered burns and Mrs. Wally Nail, Jr., suffered a head laceration. AH were taken to Bay Memorial Hospital by ABC Ambulance. Wally J. Nail, Sr., and Wally, Jr., and two children were unhurt. All are Panama Cltlans. ADDIS ABABA (UPI) - The army Sunday began arresting Emperor Halle Selassie's closest advisers to eliminate the last possible opposition to what appeared to be a complete takeover of the country. An army radio broadcast said the military had started to arrest members of th(j emperor's 12-man Crown Council —his Inner cabinet —which includes some of the richest and most powerful men In Ethiopia. It" added that It will also detain all members of the extensive Ethiopian aristocracy and at least eight members of parliament who triggered the latest crisis by demanding that the military set free some former government officials they had' already arrested. The new wave of arrests followed a night of intensive Demo Telethon Raises Funds LOS ANGELES (UPI)' Democrats asked for money by telephone and mall Sunday as they conducted their longest-ever network telethon with skits, songs, speeches and solicitations. Party officials said $3.5 million had been collected by 3 WEATHER CLOUDY Forecast-Partly cloudy through Tuesday. Winds Southerly, 8 to 14 miles an hour. Lows today in the upper 60s, high near 90. TIDES Panama City high 8:24 a.m., low 7:38 p.m.; Port St. Joe high 8:01 a.m., low 6:53 p.m.; Apalachicola high 12:10 p.m., low 9:20 p.m.; sunrise 5:43 a.m., sunset 7:44 nm. RIVER READINGS Jim Woodruff Dam, 44.5. Blountstown River Landing, 5.0. p.m. EDT Sunday. The Democrats paid $2.5 million to CBS for the TV time starting at 10 p.m. EDT Saturday and running until 7 p.m. EDT Sunday. It originated live from Los Angeles, hometown for many of the show business celebrities taking turns hosting hourly segments and entertaining. Susan Saint James, In an appeal to those who did not military activity, sporadic firing and the Imposition of a dawn to dusk curfew by heavily armed troops in the capital. Witnesses said that as darkness fell, hundreds of battle clad troops rumbled through the deserted streets, strengthening their hold on key positions and effectively forming a tight military ring around the capital. The rifle fire, heard In bursts across the city, occurred as some persons apparently resisted arrest, diplomatic sources said. There was no Immediate report of any casualties. Diplomats said the mutinous troops had already taken Into custody Ras Asrate Kassa^the crown council's president and, next to the emperor, the most powerful single man in Ethiopia with a private army of his own. The soldiers appealed to other crown members still at large to surrender and avoid bloodshed. The military announcement said anyone "trying to obstruct our activities will be dealt with severely." It said the army's aim In arresting high officials was "for the benefit of Ethiopia •NEWS ROUNDUP vote, said President Nixon was and Its people." eligible this year but did not vote In the California primary. "You're known by the company you keep, "she said. Among the 100 celebrities booked for this latest one were Paul Newman, Alan Alda, Bette Davis, Jane Fonda 'Groucho' Marx, Dlahnne Carroll, Angela Lansbury, Jason Robards, Delia Reese, Rosle Grler, Colleen Dewhurst, Milton Berle, David Janssen, Jackie Cooper, Cass Elliott, Jack Lemmon, Lorne Green, Carl Reiner, Robert Vaughn, Henny and Jim Backus, Edie Adams, Ed Asner, Leslie Nlelson, Dick Cavett, Jack Klugman, Tony Randall, McLean Stevenson, Lee Grant, Susan Saint James, Will Geer and Warren Beatty. Selassie, who thus far has not intervened In the crisis, would remain as a figurehead emperor with the army running things, the reports said. Local Resident browns Willie Virgil Cox, 64, 1001 Cypress avenue, drowned in Deerpolnt Lake while trying to retrieve his fishing boat, the sheriff's office stated. Cox apparently fell in a hole while wading out to get his boat that had drifted from shore. Sheriff's deputies recovered the body. Forest Fire Fought DUCHESNE, Utah (UPI) - More than 700 firefighters Sunday battled a pair of forest fires In northeastern Utah, which have consumed nearly 5,000 acres of timber In the past week. About 600 federal and state firefighters were slowly bringing a 3,000 acre blaze In the High Unltas Primitive Area under control. Cubans Vote MIAMI (UPI) — Cubans In the northern province of Matanzas Sunday lined up outside voting booths to participate In their nation's first popular elections since 19.58. Peron Support Pledged BUENOS AIRES (UPI) - Argentina's leaders pledged their support Sunday to President Maria Estela Peron but the burdens of Argentina's presidency were overshadowed by the grave Illness of her husband, Juan D.Peron. Wilson Warns Leaders CHEQUERS, England (UPI) — Prime Minister Harold Wilson warned Sunday that countries taking selfish Individual action to meet the world petroleum crisis and soaring oil costs could bring the world to disaster. Train Explosion Releases Gases NACOGDOCHES, Tex. (UPI) ride and anti-knock motor fuel, — Fire and the threat of more apparently blew up first, explosions Sunday kept cleanup causing the 40 cars and three crews from clearing the track engines to jump the track, where a 43-car Southern Pacific YALTA, USSR (UPI) President Nixon and Sovle- leader Leonid I. Brezhnev smiling and chatting, met foi hours beside the Black Sea Sunday, but a spokesman said their discussions on ways to end the nuclear arms race probably would not result in any breakthroughs. The two leaders met both formally and informally for a total of ~ seven hours. "In the time they spent alone together they had time to discuss other questions than SALT relating to general armaments and East-West relations In general," said White House Press Secretary Ronald L. Zlegler. "President Nixon said to me ... that the talks today on strategic arms limitation were very extensive and Intensive. He said various positions were reviewed and discussed In detail." "I would add that nothing I have been told today as a result of the talks would In any way alter what you have been told In briefings before we arrived here." A So>^let spokesman quoted Brezhnev as saying, "There are still questions to be discussed. There are still three days of talks, and further issues will be discussed." Nixon and Brezhnev will not meet Monday. The President is visiting the city of Minsk while the Communist party general secretary is flying back to Moscow. Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger will continue discussions with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko. With light banter and laughter, the two leaders began their day at Brezhnev's seaside resort. They strolled through the lush grounds, stopping to pose for photographers in a variety of settings. Brezhnev then summoned his yacht and the party took a nearly three-hour cruise up and down the coast, passing below a cllfftop 1912 castle known as the Sparrows Nest, where Pat Nixon was sightseeing. With the flags of both countries whipping • In an Increasingly stiff wind that stirred a whltecapped sea, the two men shared a buffet lunch In what was described as a "partly social, partly working session." A dusky haze was settling over the forested seaside bluffs of the Crimean mountain range as, windblown, Nixon and Brezhnev got off the yacht and called It a day. Viets Struggle Over Key Base series of attacks that ended at noon, military sources reported. The sources said the Communist ground troops attacked the ranger position two miles north of Chon Thanh town on Highway 13, under a downpour of 50 roun- SAIGON (UPI) - South Vietnamese troops and Communist forces Sunday entered the 12th day of an "at all costs" struggle for control of a nulltary base 24 miles north of Saigon. A Viet Cong officer In Saigon told UPI that Communist forces had been ordered to "hold the. ds of 82mm mortar fire, base at all costs." Base 82 was When the Communists overrun by North Vietnamese troops six weeks ago. The South Vietnamese commander In the area also told his troops they "must retake base 82 at all costs." During the past five days, government Irtfantrymen and armored units have lost more than 200 killed and wounded and suffered 16 of their armored cars and tanks destroyed or damaged, according to military sources. The last official report, released by the Saigon high command, shows 22 Communists were killed during daylight fighting In the Base 82 area Saturday. CJovemment losses were put at four killed and 38 were driven off, they left the bodies of two of their dead behind, the sources said. The rangers lost one man killed and seven wounded. School Dispute Locked Negotiations for a master contract for Bay County teachers that have been carried on between representatives of the county school board and a team appointed by the wounded. Association of Bay County The command also reported Educators have been broken off that Communist violations na- and the .situation Is at impasse, tlonwlde of the cease-fire drop- Although many points remain ped to a six week low of 69 to be settled, the principal during the 24-hour period stumbling block Is salaries, ending at dawn Sunday. On May It Is understood the teacher 15 Saigon accused the Com- association is insisting on a munlsts of 68 violations. Two starting salary of $10,000, going days later, on May 17, a total of up to $18,500 after 15 years for 175 violations were reported. rank two educators, .that Is, South Vietnamese rangers Sun- those with masters degrees, day fought off repeated Com- The school board represen- munlst assaults 42 miles north tatlves, headed by Luther of Saigon In a mornlnglong (See SCHOOL, Page 2A) Supreme Court Slates Watergate Arguments freight train loaded with chemicals derailed and exploded in flames Saturday night. "The cars are stUI burning and there Is sti: a possibility of another explosion," said a Department of Public Safety dispatcher. "But the train wrecking crews are standing by waiting for Southern Pacific to tell them to clear the track." Two highway patrol officers were treated for inhalation of toxic gas, along with nine others who also suffered nervous symptoms. The train, carrying acid and plastics, Including vinyl chlo- "We don't know exactly what chemical It was," a Southern Pacific spokeswoman said. "All we know Is that we have a lot of nauseated men in Nacogdoches trying to put the fire out." The derailment occurred about eight miles south of Nacogdoches, and more than a mile east of U.S. 59, which was closed for five hours. At least nine explosions were reported during the night, shattering windows and shaking city buildings. Witnesses said a mushroom shaped cloud billowed several hundred feet high. WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Supreme Court receives final briefs from both sides Monday before hearing oral arguments a week later on a constitutional Issue growing from but overshadowing Watergate —the powers of the presidency. The Court delayed the start of Its summer recess in order to rule on whether the President has the right to keep his private conversations secret or whether the courts are entitled to subpoena the President, just as any other citizen, for the evidence they need. The Court also Is scheduled to hear arguments July 8 on whether the Watergate grand jury acted within its bounds In naming President Nixon as an unlndicted co-conspirator in the coverup of the Watergate burglary. Nixon has invoked the doctrine of executive privilege in withholding materials subpoenaed by Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jawoi-skl, who claims he needs them for the Watergate coverup trial due to start Sept. 9. Initial written arguments in the case were filed June 21 by J a w 0 r s k i and James D. St.Clalr. Nixon's special Watergate lawyer. Monday Is the deadline for each to reply in writing to the other. St.Clalr had appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals here after U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica denied his motion to quash the Jaworskl supbpoena for 64 recorded presidential conversations and other material. But Jaworskl went directly to the Supreme Court which (SeeC0URT,Page2A) Rocket Fizzles Color Display WALLOPS ISLAND. Va. tic. • (UPI)—The final results of the Short trails of mostly-blue weekend's weather rocket laun- colored clouds were seen as far ches Into the upper atmosphere north as Connecticut and as far may not be known for 18 months south as Florida, but east coast residents peered There was a brief yellow at the sky In vain when a rocket green flash seen In New York failure prevented a massive but In general the color display aerial display of color. Three of the 53 rockets launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Saturday and Sunday contained chemicals that were designed to light up nighttime skies from Maine to Florida but one of the payloads failed to eject. , The payload, c 0 n t a i n I n g chemicals that were to cause orange and yellow colors In the upper atmosphere, fell Into the Atlan- was a failure. There^s More Abby Business Classified ,Comic8 Crossword Deaths Editorial Society Sports INDEX m n\ 5-8B 8A 5B 2A 4A 5A HB

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