The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on July 27, 1974 · Page 2
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 2

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Saturday, July 27, 1974
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OK companies continue to show forge increases (AT THE MOVIES NEW YORK (AP) - Oil companies continued to posl their quarterly earnings reports this past week, showing substantial gains over their profit perforniances of a year earlier. Gulf Oil Corp. said it made $250 million in the second quarter, a gain of 28 per cent over the same quarter a year before. Mobil Oil Corp. was up 99 per cent at 376.4 million, Texaco Inc. up 72 per cent at 460.4 million and Marathon up 91 per cent a I $50.2 million. Sun Oil Co. more than doubled its quarterly performance to $127.3 million, Indiana Standard listed a 131 per cent rise to $280 million, Shell Oil Co. 39 per cent to $124.5 million and Cities Service 76 per cent to $53.6 million. Continental Oil Co. made $100.4 million, up 94 per cent from a year earlier, Phillips Petroleum Co. was up 167 per cent to $123.8 million, Ashland 45 per cent to $32 million and Commonwealth Oil Refining Co. up 71 per cent at $12 million. The smallest percentage gain among the bigger companies came from Standard Oil of Ohio, up 19 per cent at $50.3 million. million worth of a new type of nole put on the market this past week by Citicorp, parent of New York's First National City Bank, the second biggest in the country. The notes are designed to pay smaller investors better interest rates than they can now get from savings deposits — a rate floating above the interest on U.S.Treasury bills. The Citi- bank issue offered 9.7 per cent through next May and could be bought in $1,000 denominations after an initial $5,000 purchastj. A federal grand jury in San New York City's Consolidated Edison Co., one of the nation's biggest utilities, rocked Wall Street in April when it announced that because of rising fuel prices and other problems, it was skipping its second-quarter dividend of 45 cents a share. This past week, Con Ed said higher earnings now permitted it to declare a 20-cent dividend, payable Sept. 15 to shareholders of record Aug. 7. Investors snapped up all $650 SERVICES MONDAY Funeral services for Mrs. Henry (Delora) Erickson, 69, Amor Township, who died there Thursday, will be held Monday at 10:30 a.m. at the Zion Lutheran Church, Amor Township, with the Rev. Robert Hawkinson officiating. Burial will be in the Amor Township Cemetery. To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson Francisco convicted A&P Stores of fixing beef prices and ordered the company to pay $32.7 million in damages to seven California and Colorado cattle growers. The jury found that A&P had ' violated antitrust laws by conspiring with other chains to charge high prices in stores while paying low prices to feeders and packers from 1964 to 1973. The other chains were named as co-conspirators but not as defendants. A&P said it planned to appeal. Minneapolis man shot MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — A young Minneapolis man was in serious condition at Hennepin County General Hospital today as a result of wounds he suffered when he was shot by an off-duty Minneapolis policeman. Police said Daniel Zgodava, 20, was wounded after he fired at Officer James Dahlin during a robbery attempt. A police spokesman, Capt. Warren Holt, gave this account of what happened: Dahlin had just gotten into his car after cashing his paycheck at the First BloomingtonLake National Bank Friday when Zgodava approached the vehicle, stuck a long-barreled revolver through the passenger window and said, "This is a stickup." "I'm a cop," Dahlin replied, at which point Zgodava fired a shot which went behind the officer's head and through the top of his car. Dahlin reached for his gun, jumped out of the car and said, "I'm a police officer. Zgodava began running and, when he did not obey an order to stop, Dahlin fired twice, hitting Zgodava in the lower abdomen and arm. Holt said charges would be filed against Zgodava Monday. Beatrice Arthur (left) and Lucille Ball, done up fit to kill for a fancy hotel luncheon party, join their silvery throats in one of the dozen Jerry Herman musical numbers in "Mame." It is called, of course, "Bosom Buddies." Miss Ball is starred in the title roll and Miss Arthur as Vera Charles, her actress friend. Showing through Thursday at the Fergus Theatre. Division of state county discussed (First Public»lion July ?/. 1974) INCOUHTYCOUBT PROBATE DIVISION Fil«*lt2S Stale of M -nottoia. Covniy of Otter Tai' » Qi4trlQr Heirkyfl en Ptlition for Admisiiwi ol Writ to Probate In Tre Mailer O1 Tfte Eitale 01 irwjmar M Draxfen, Decedert IT IS ORDERED that the petition (or admission of v»j|i to protwte Mw herein ana any objections MM rrereio be rwaro on A^ustKHti, 1971. a, 10 00o'clock A M by ihls court in tne coixihouse in the City ol Fergus Falls, Minnesota That, "I proper, ai said time <jod p'ace a repctsenfai-ve *iil oe appcimed to ad mini$i*r tre «taie, wno sraii collect ail assets arxi file M inveniorr thereof, pay all itgal d*ots, claim*, and ia*«. and expense* of administration, and sell stKh real and personal property as may be rwcMiary and lor ihe best inierestsoi "he estaie Upon completion of ao miiiistraikyi. iw representative shall Me a final account for allowance arxi shall oisrribvtc the eVate to tne persons 1 hereunto en lit led as orcered c/ ihe cojri and do ail other acis to close the «tate LT IS FURTHER ORDERED, lhat creditors of decedent Me rneir claims in this court within sixiy <60) flays iron the dale hereof arxi that sa-d claims be heara on Sepiember 25lh, 1*74, at 10 00 o'ctock A M by tnis court in the cowtnouw in tne City ol Fwgus Falls. M^inc-sola Oaled July 16th, 1974 Henry PcHkingrwrn Judge Ol County COort [Court Seal) Fietd. Arvesen, Donoho. Lundeen & Holl Fergus Falls, Mirmewia 56S37 Attorneys (F*si Pyt>l'C*tion July W-1974) IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION Counwol Oiler Tail» Of Off (Of MMrinj onPtliliMllor ' General Administration. mlheMatier Ol The Eyaie 01 William J Dwyer, Decedent. IT IS ORDERED lhat the petition lor serwral administration MK) herein and an/ ooiKl.ons filed ihereto M Ma'd on August 13111. W4. at 10 OOo'clocfc A ffi bf this courl in Ihe courthouse in the Citf 01 Ferous Falls. Minnesota. Thai, il proper, al said lime and p'ace a representative will beappointw to administer ihe esiate. •*no shall tolled ail asseis and l.'.e an inventory ihereof, pay an legal debis. and (axes, ana expenses ct ad m'n'.slratijn, and sell sucn real and personal properly as may be necessary and for Ihe best -inleresls of tne estale Upon completion of administration, Ine representative snail fi'e a final account for allowance and shall attribute 'he estale lo tne persons thereunto entitled as ordered b/ tne courl and do ail otner acts lo close ihe esiate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, lhat creditors of cecedent file meir claims .n mis court within S'«ly (40) days Irom tne sale hereof and that said claims be heard on September 18lh, 1974. at 10 00 o'clock A M oythis court in the court ho use in the City of Fergus Falls. Minnesota Dated July istn. 19?«. Henry potkinghorn Judge [Court Seal) Field. Arwesen, Donoho. Lundeen & Hoff Fergus Falls. Minnesota MS37 Attorneys Fergis Falls (Mi.) Jiirul Sat., July 27,1974 2 ;First Publication July?6, Wil CERTIFICATEOF 6USINESSNAMEUNDER MINNESOTA5TATUTES Siateol Minnesota , Cowityoicmw Tailii. The undwsigneO htreov artifiM i»»i it is tne parly whocomwcts and transacts a commercial business at Ihe City of FW«IB Fans and tne Count/ of otter Tail ana S»ate ol M rwiesota urrfw the name and style of Fergus Hardware. That me full and irte ind.vidual name ol each »rK> is any way interested in saiii business under sa : d name, together w'.lh lie posl ollke address ol each of IMm is as follows, to wit. Eisenpeter Hardware, inc. C o Russell A v.cRoberls 115 W«t Lincoln Avenue Fergus Falls, Minnesota ii«7 ELSENPETER HARDWARE. INC. a corporation By Russell A. McHoberls Freshen I Slate of Minnesota County ol Otter Tail S5. The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this 26th day ol June l»7i by Russell A. McRoberts the President of Elsenpoler Hardware, Inc., a Minnesota corporation, on oehall of trie corporation Virginia K. Schul! Notary Public My Commission Expires June 21, 1»0 Mrs. Fosse rites Tuesday LOSES NAIL BECAUSE OF FUNGUS Dear Dr. Thosteson: Would you explain what fungus is? Five years ago my big toenail fell off. It grew in again and fell off again. 1 went to a doctor who gave me a prescription, and 1 am supposed to take these pills for a year and a half so my nail will grow in right. He gave me very little explanation. 1 am 67 and in very good health. I am not a pill- popper. Maybe your advice might ease my mind. — Mrs. R.O. A fungus is a vegetable-type of growth — mushrooms and mold are two types of fungus that you can see. But there are other kinds so small you can't see them. Some of them can thrive on, and to some extent in, human skin. Athlete's foot is a fungus infection. A fungus isn't like a disease germ that penetrates through the body. It exists on or near the surface. But it can be rather difficult to get rid of it. There are medications which will kill fungus, but the difficulty is that, if treatment stops to soon, a few particles of fungus survive and then start to multiply and spread. When a fungus gets into the nails, it is particularly difficult to get rid of it; often the whole nail or part of it has to be removed. But in some cases there is one medication that can be taken by mouth, and it makes the body resistant to fungi of some kinds". The drug is griseofulvin, which is marketed under quite a number of different (but usually similar) names. That's probably what the doctor gave you. U does take a long time to work, but it has succeeded in cases in which years of other efforts have failed. So don't think you are a "pill-popper" Just because you're taking it. Dear Dr. Thosteson: My husband desperately needs dialysis treatment because of failing kidneys. He recently underwent preliminary work at the hospital and was told to report for kidney treatment in a few days. Friends have informed me, however, that if a patient is bedridden (my husband is) the dialysis treatment would not help him. I desperately need some advice. — Mrs. C.K. With "friends" like that, you don't need enemies'. Why do they spout off about things they don't understand? What they told you is wrong. Kidney dialysis can be arranged even in the home if necessary. The National Kidney Foundation, which 1 am sure has a branch in or near your city, should be contacted about that. I'm sure the people at the hospital can help put you in touch - so listen to the advice you get at the hospital and shut your ears to false notions. Dear Dr. Thosteson: I had an awful time with bee stings until I remembered that if you mix a teaspoon of meat tenderizer with two or three drops of water to make a paste and smear it on, it counteracts the sting. No swelling or hurt. — P.J. I've reported this in my column, but it's useful enough to bear repeating once a year. Thanks for reminding. Dear Dr. Thosteson: I have a mole on the side of my face and would like to know how to get rid of it without having to pay a lot of money. — K.A.B. No way for you to do it yourself. But removal of a mole is quite simple for a physicial. Since it is on the face, I would recommend that you have a dermatologist remove it. Or if it is in a particularly prominent spot, you might want a plastic surgeon to do it. It is not, in most cases, an expensive procedure. If afflicted with problem fingernails or toenails, learn the practical, medically correct form of treatment. Write to Dr. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for a copy of his booklet. "Solving Your Nail Problems." enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 2a cents. Funeral services for Mrs. Ronald (Patricia) Fosse, 23, Fargo, who died in a traffic accident Friday, will be Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Hamar Lutheran Church, Rothsay, the Rev. Maynard Stokka officiating. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Mrs. Fosse was born Feb. 9, 1951, in Fergus Falls, the daughter 'of Vernon and lx>rraine Ostlund. She attended Rothsay High School, studied at Moorhead State College for two years and graduated from the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks. She was married to Ronald Fosse in Rothsay, Dec. 27, 1970, and had been employed by National Cash Register, Fargo. She is survived by her husband and parents. Arrangements by Grina Funeral Home, Rothsay. ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - It would be economically feasible to divide St. Louis County into two separate counties, according to a study requested by several Iron Range legislators. _, St. Ixjuis is Minnesota's largest county and is larger than the state of Connecticut. A report released Friday said there would be enough tax revenue in both of the newly created counties—one comprising Duluth and environs and the other for the Iron Range—to finance the full range of county services. The $30,000 study was financed by the Minnesota Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation and conducted over a period of several months by North Star Re r search Institute of Minneapolis. The study concluded it didn't make much difference where the dividing line for the new county was drawn, as long as it was somewhere between the Iron Range and Duluth. Considerable feeling has grown over the years in such range cities as Hibbing, Virginia and Ely that much of the tax money raised in those communities was going to Duluth. Although finding a division of the county feasible, the study did not support the contention that Duluth was getting significantly more than its share of tax money. "There appears to be no overwhelming subsidation of the Duluth area by the range area, or vice versa," the study concluded. It did not, however, that Duluth gets about 10 per cent more in county services than it pays for in taxes and that the city has 76 per cent of the county em- ployes but only 57 per cent of the population. The study placed the increased cost of financing two separate county governments at roughly $460,000. However, it maintains with other economies the result would not increase costs to the taxpayers and, if the populations decreased in the new counties, the per capita cost could go down. Any such partition of St. Ix>uis County would have to be approved by voters. Among legislators who sought the study was Sen. Tony Perpich, Evelcth DFl^er who said he would support a split if it were found feasible. As a precedent for such a split, the study sited the formation of Pennington County from Red Lake County in 1910 and Lake of the Woods County from Beltrami County in 1922. (First Publication JulyM. IW> IN COUNTYCOUBT PROBATE DIVISION FiltNo.41111 stateof Minnesota, CowltyWOltwTailss Ortfcr for Htir'mg on Petition for Gcntral Administration. In Tfie Mailer Of TM Estale Ol Jerome Syrotelien, Decedent. IT IS ORDERED that the petilion lor general administration Me0 herein and any objections lilM thereto be heard on August 131h, 1974,at IO:OOo'CIOCk A.M by this court in th« courthouse in the Cily of Fergus Falls, Mirm«ola. Thai, if proper, at said lime and place a represenlalive will be appointed to ad minister th* estate, vrto shall collect all assets and file an inventory thereof, pay all legal debls, claims, and taxes, and expenses of ad- ministralion, and sell such real and personal property as may be necessary and for the best interests 01 the estate. Upon completion of administration, the representalive shall file a linal account foe allowance and shall distribute the estate to The persons ihereuolo entitled as ordered by the court and do all other acls to close ihe estate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, lhat creditors of decedent file their claims in this court within sixly (40) days Irom ine date hereof and that said claims be heard on September 1!th. 1971. H7a, 10 00 o'clock A.M. by this cowl in the coyr. thouse in the Citv of Fercjvs Falls. Min nesota. Dated July lllh. 197*. Henry Polkinghorn Judge (Court Seal) Nycklemoe, Nycklerr.oe & Nycklemoe Fergus Falls. Minnesota 56537 Attorneys J [First Publication July?7. H7JI IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION FiieKo.nm State ol Minnesota. County of 01 ter Tail ss. Order for Hearing on Petition for General Administration. In The Mailer Of The Eslale Of Maria Overgaard, Decedcnl IT IS ORDERED lhal Ihe pc-tilion for General administration filed herein and any objections lited thereto be heard on Augusl Mlri. 1974. al 10.00 o'clock A M by Ihis courl in 1ne courthouse in tne City ol Fergus Falls. Minnesota Tnal. if proper, al said time and place a representalive will be appointed lo administer the estate, who shall collect all assets and Eile an inventory thereof, pay all legal debts, claims, and taxes, and expenses of ad ministration, and sell such real and personal property as may be necessary and for Ihe best inlerests of Ihe estate. Upon completion ol administration, the representative shall file a tinal account for allowance and shall a.slribute the estate to Ihe persons Ihereunfo entitled as ordered by Ihe court and do all other acls to close the estate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, Itial creditors ol decedent file their claims in Ihis court within sixty (60) days from the date hereof and lhat said claims be heard on September 55lh, 1974, at 10.00 o'clock A M by Ihis court in me courthouse HI Ihe Cily of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Dated July 16th, 1974 Henry Polkinshorn JixJge (COLT! Seal! Field, Arvesen. Donoro, I undeert & VHolf Fergus Falls, Minnesota Attorneys (First PutJlicalion July». 1WJI INCOUNTYCOURT PROBATE DIVISION FMNO. «U1» Slate of Minnesota, County 01 Otter Tailss. Order for Hetrinf on Petition for . Gerunl Administration. In The Mailer Of The Estate Of Resiro M. Houg. Decedent. IT is ORDERED tnat me petition for general administration filed herein and any oblections find thereto be heard on August 13lh, 197*. at »:00 A.M. by this courl in the courthouse in the City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Thai, II proper, at said time and place a representative will be appointed to administer the estate, who shall collect all assets and fife an inventory thereof, pay an legal debts, claims, and taxes, and expenses of administration, and sell such real and personal property as may be necessary and for the best interests of the estate. upon completion ol administration, th« representative shall file a final account for allowance and shall distribute the estate to the persons thereunto entitled as ordered by Ine court and do all other acts to close the estate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that, creditors of decedent file their claims m this court within sixty (M) days from the date hereof and that said claims be heard on September 18th, 1971, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. by this courl in the courthouse in the City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Dated July nth, 1974. Henry Polkinghorn Judge (Court Seal} Nycklemoe, Nycklemoe & Nycklemoe Fergus Falls, Minnesota 54537 Attorneys TELEVISION SCHEDULES KXJB Ch. 4 Saturday Night 6:30 Hee Haw 7:00 All in Family 7:30 M-A-S-H 8:90 M. T. Moore 8:30 Bob Newhart 9:00 Barnaby Jones 9:30 Barnaby Jones 10:00 News 4 Tonight 10:30 Tony Orlando 11:00 & Dawn LTC 11:30 Rock Concert 12:00 Rock Concert Sunday 7:30 Dwayne Friend 8:00 Rex Humbard 8:30 Rex Humbard 9:00 Lamp Unto Feet 9:30 Marshall Efron 10:00 Camera Three 10:30 Insight 11:00 This is Life 11:30 Face the Nation WDAY Ch. 6 Saturday Night 6:30 Sanford & Son 7:00 Emergency 7:30 Emergency 8:00 Movie: 8:30 "Marooned" 9:00 Movie 9:30 Movie 10:00 Movie 10:30 News-wthr-spts. 11:00 Bonanza 11:30 Bonanza- 12:00 Weirdo Theatre- Sunday 7:00 Gerald Derstine 7:30 Gerald Derstine 8:00 Rel. Town Hall 8:30 Oral Roberts 9:00 Chall. of Truth 9:30 Day of Discovery 10:00 Rex Humbard 10:30 Rex Humbard 11:00 Messiah 11:30 Lutheran Church 12100 Music & Spoken VI 12:00 Faith for Today 12:30 Fun 'N Fathams 12:30 Meet the Press 1:00 Celebrity Tennis 1:30 Tennis 2:00 Classic 2:30 CBS 3:00 Sports 3:30 Spectacular 4:00 Spectacular 4:30 Little Rascals 1:00 Name of Game 1:30 Jeanm'e 2:00 Tennis with 2:30 Billy Jean King 3:00 Big Play 3:30 Front Row Center 4:00 "Ride to 4:30 Hangman's Tree" Castro discusses role of the CIA MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro says CIA-trained agents have been more effective in jeopardizing the President of the United States than in overthrowing his regime in Cuba. The Communist leader, in a nationwide radio and television broadcast on Friday commemorating the start of his revolution in 1953, said: "Mercenaries trained by the CIA in espionage, sabotage and subversion were employed to spy and rob documents at the headquarters of the Democratic party of the United States.... "This action, and the scandal it has occasioned, the complications which it originated, demonstrate that the CIA and its mercenaries were much more capable of mining the presidency of the United States than defeating the Cuban revolution." NOTICE In-town transportation for Junior High and Senior High students is now being furnished by School Board authority for students living more than one mile from school. Consequently, we will refund any monies for unused school transportation tickets purchased from us. We will make refunds on the following days — August 5 through 1, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at... OTTERTAIL COACHES, INC. ENDOF SOMERSET ROAD FERGUS FALLS *Vote Continued from page 1 on's impeachment, at least two more are to be offered after the obstruction of justice article. One will charge Nixon with violating his oath of office and his constitutional duty to see that the laws are faithfully executed. It will enumerate several charges, including interference with the Internal Revenue Service and creation of the special investigating unit that broke into the office of Daniel F.llsberg's psychiatrist. The other, to be offered by Rep. Robert McClory, R-I1L, will charge Nixon with contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with committee subpoenas for White House tapes. Several former CIA agents were involved in the 1972 Watergate breakin. The CIA also sponsored the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, which the Castro regime turned into a rout. Castro announced that a nationwide secret-ballot election will be held in 1976 to form a national governing council as a last step in establishing a true socialist state. Along with a new constitution and the "institutionalization" of the Communist Party, the election will allow the revolution begun 21 years ago lo enter "a new phase of legality," Castro declared in his address as monitored in Miami. Conviction of Nixon is predicted WASHINGTON i AP) - Kep. Albert Quie. R-Minn.. says he believes the U. S. House of Representatives will vote to impeach President Nixon and thai the Senate may remove him from office. Quie. Minnesota's senior GOP representative, with his statement Friday became one of the first Republicans in Congress to suggest that Nixon may become the first American president to be removed from office. Quie emphasized that he still has not decided how he will vote on impeachment, but said there is little doubt the House Judiciary Committee will vote to impeach Ihe President and thai the House will follow suit. 5:00 News 5:30 Retrospective 6:00 News 4 Tonight Sunday Night 6:30 Apple's Way 7:00 Apple's Way 7:30 Mannix 8:00 Mannix 8:30 60 Minutes 9:00 60 Minutes 9:30 Maude 10:00 News 4 Tonight 10:30 Movie: 11:00 "Angel in 11:30 My Pocket" 12:00 Movie 5:00 Championship 5:30 NBC News 6:00 Wild Kingdom Sunday Night 6:30 W. Disney 7:00 W. Disney 7:30 Mystery Movie: 8:00 "Dead Heat" 8:30 Hec Ramsey 9:00 Mystery Movie 9:30 Hogan's Heros 10:00 News-wthr-spts KCMT Ch. 7 Saturday Night 6:30 News-wthr-spts. 7:00 Emergency 7:30 Emergency 8:00 Movie: 8:30 "Marooned" 9:00 Movie 9:30 Movie 10:00 Movie 10:30 News-wthr-spts. 11:00 Rod 'n Reel 41:20 Vacationland ' 12:00 'Tribes" •• Sunday 7:00 Ag. Ext. Service 7:30 Old Time 8:00 Gospel Hour 8:30 Homestead U.S.A. 9:00 Chall. of Truth 9:30 Messiah 10:00 Lutheran Hour 10:30 Day of Discovery 11:00 Insight 11:30 Meet the Press 12:00 Untamed World 12:30 Country Jubilee 1:00 Car Sf Track 1:30 Children's Special 2:00 "Pinocchio" 2:30 NFL Action '74 3:00 'Canadian Open 3:30 Canadian Open 4:00 Canadian Open 4:30 Canadian Open 1 5:00 Champ. Fishing 5:30 NBC News 6:00 Wild Kingdom Sunday Night 6:30 W. Disney 7:00 W. Disney 7:30 Mystery Movie: 8:00 "Dead Heat" V 8:30 Hec Ramsey 9:00 Mystery Movie 9:30 Police Surgeon 10:00 News-wthr-spts. KTHI Ch. 11 Saturday Night 6:30 Buck Owens 7:00 Part. Family 7:30 Movie: 8:30 "Thunder 8:30 Alley" 9:00 Owen Marshall 9:30 Owen Marshall 10:00 Movie: 10:30 "Charge at 11:00 Feather River" 11:30 Movie . 12:00 Night Owl Theatre Sunday 7:30 Hour of Hope 8:00 Old Time 8:30 Gospel Hour 9:00 Voice of Church 9:30 Osmonds 10:00 Pufnstuf 10:30 Make a Wish 11:00 Kid Power 11:30 Wrestling 12:00 Wrestling 12:30 Issues & Answers 1:00 The Saint 1:30 The Saint 2:00 The Saint 2:30 NFL Championshi 3:00 Lets Talk Racing 3:30 Canadian Open 4:00 Canadian Open 4:30 Canadian Open 5:00 Award Theatre: 5:30 "I'd Climb the 6:00 Highest Mountain' Sunday Night 6:30 F.B.I. 7:00 F.B.I. 7:30 Movie: 8:00 "Fireball 8:30 Forward" 9:00 Movie 9:30 Weekend Report 10:00 Movie: KFME Ch. 13 Saturday Night No Schedule Sunday 6:00 ZOOM Sunday Night 6:30 Journey to Japan 7:00 Evening 7:30 At Pops 8:00 Masterpiece Thea 8:30 The Edwardians 9:00 Firing Line 10:30 Red River Theatrf 10:30 Masterpiece Theal io : 30 "Geisha 11:00 "Winchester 11:30 For Hire" 12:00 Movie 11:00 "Crystal n-oo Boy" 11:30 Ball" H:3fl Movie 12:00 Death Valley Day: 12-90 Movie Monday 7:00 CBS Morn. News 7:30 CBS Morn. News 8:00 Captain • 8:30 Kangaroo 9:00 Joker's Wild 9:30 Gambit 10:00 Now You See It 10:30 lave of Life 11-00 Young & Restless 11:00 Jackpot 11:30 Search for Tomorrll:3o Baffle Monday 7:00 Today Show 7:30 Today Show 8:00 Today Show 8:30 Today Show 9:00 Name That Tune 9:30 Winning Streak 10:00 High Rollers 12:00 News 4 Today 12:30 As World Turns 1:00 Guiding Light 1:30 Edge of Night 2:00 Price is Right 2:30 Match Game 3:00 Tattletales 3:30 Coffee Time 4:00 Coffee Time 4:30 Beat the Clock 5:00 Tell the Truth 5:30 CBS News 6:00 News 4 Tonight Monday Night 6:30 Green Acres 7:00 Gunsrrtoke 7:30 Gunsmoke 8:00 Here's I«cy 8:30 Dick Van Dyke 9:00 Medical 9:30 Center 10:00 News 4 Tonight 10:30 Movie: 11:00 "Home Before 11:30 Dark" 12:00 Final Edition Monday 7:00 Today Show 7:30 Today Show 8:00 Today Show 8:30 Today Show 9:00 Name That Tune 9:30 Winning Streak 10:00 High Rollers 10:30 Hollywood Square; 10:30 Hollywood Squares 10:30 Brady Bunch ' 11:00 Jackpot . 11:00 Password 11:30 Celebrity Sweep 11:30 Split Second Monday 7:30 Farm Report 8:00 New Zoo Revue 8:00 Living Easy 8:30 Good Morning 9:00 Good Morning 9:30 Mike Douglas 10:00 Mike Douglas Monday 12:00 Noonday 12:00 Farm Today 12:30 Jeopardy 12:30 Jeopardy 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:30 The Doctors 1:30 The Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:00 Another World 2:30 Survive a Marriag 2:30 Survive a Marriag 3:00 Partyline 3:30 Partyline 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Addams Family 5:00 Hogan's Heros 5:30 NBC News 6:00 News-wthr-spts. Monday Night 6:30 Chmielewski Bros. 7:00 Baseball 7:30 Baseball 8:00 Baseball 8:30 Baseball 9:00 Baseball 9:30 Baseball 10:00 News-wlhr-spts. 10:30 Tonight Show 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow 3:00 Somerset 3:30 Welcome Inn 4:00 Brady Kids 4:30 Mission Magic 5:00 Brady Bunch 5:30 NBC News 6:00 6 PM Report Monday Night 6:30 Bobby Goldsborou 7:00 Baseball 7:30 Baseball 8:00 Baseball 8:30 Baseball 9:00 Baseball 9:30 Baseball 10:00 10 PM Report 10:30 Tonight Show 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow 12:00 Dialing Dollars 12:30 Make a Deal 1:00 Newly wed Game 1:30 Girl in my Life 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 One Life to Live 3:00 $10,000 Pyramid 3:30 Movie: 4:00 "It's Only 4:30 Money" 5:00 Scene Tonight 5:30 ABC News fi:f» At Issue Monday Night 6:30 Hollywood Square: 7:00 Rookies | 7:30 Rookies 8:00 Movie: 8:30 "Hellow 9:00 Down There" 9:30 Movie 10:00 Movie 10:30 Mod Squad 11:00 Mod Squad 11:30 Scene Tonight 12:00 W. W. Entertain 4:00 Mistcrogers 4:30 Sesame Street 5:00 5:30 Electric Co. 6:00 A Grain of Salt Monday Night 6:30 Electric Co. 7:00 Special of Week 7:30 "Particular 8:00 Men" 8:30 Movie 9:00 Behind the Lines Can't find a good TV program? Try this! The very finest in Stereo & Quadraphonic Components! PHOTO We sdund better INTER' 216 WEST LINCOLN - FERGUS FALLS

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