Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 5, 1955 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1955
Page 7
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Dia! PA-2-4600 for a WANT 'AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND BID* MONDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1955 ing Metei Report Issued The annual report o£ the City Police Department lists $30,589.3' collected in parking meters during the fiscal year. However all this was not clear profit, since a . total of $16,856.35 was paid out, leaving a balance o. $13,732.99. A breakdown of the . total paid out" is as follows: Salaries, $5,207.40; 'repairs anc maintenance. $3.85; and paymen: on Duncan and Martin Red Bal imeters, $11,645.10. " Police Chief R. Emmett Flynn said that at; present there are a total of 404 parking meters in operation including 230 Ducan Automoton, 48 Martin Red Ball end 126 Rhodes Perfection. During the fiscal year ending June 30 of this year ten additional Automoton meters were installed and the allowance on old meters Was $150. • •,.. The total number of enforcement days of the-parking meter operation during the year was 300, Chief Flynn pointed out, and the total citations issued (courtesy meter) was 4,716. •• The average number.of citations per day was'38'with an' average of eight service- calls a day. 'And the average daily-collections from the meters-_-was L S101.96:- . .-... The belief that a mentally deficient girl- can be cured by marriage is tragically false, experts say. .;•. _'- Jacobfj On Bridge Psychology Times This Hand Play By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service The bidding of today's hand is short and snappy. South opens ,he bidding with one no-trump, and s'orth. promptly raises to six no- ump. NORTH S 4Q65 VKQ7 *AJ10 '*KQ104 WEST EAST A 10 7 3 '*' J 9 8 4 VJ1096 ' ,*842 ' • 762 > 8 5 3 *J93 . +A62 SOUTH (D) * A K 2 . ¥ A 5 3 ' .• KQ94 *87.5 . North-South vul. South West North East 1N.T.' Pass 6N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V J The opening bid of one no-trump hews balanced distribution and count of 16 to 18 points. North dds his own count, 17 points, and Graduate of Confluence High School Student of Catherman's Business School Employed by Selective Service System Somerset, Pa. DAY, JAN. 3 NIGHT, JAN. t Approved tor Veterans' Training Hot an unemployed gradual* ior twenty-one years. HEW CLASS Eleanor Keslar CATHERMAN'S Business School Phone PA 4-0966 Cumberland, Md. SM PICT roar Own Paptms I IS Mo. Pla '100 '300 *600 $ 8.38 25.13 44.68 '? 6.72 20.16 34.44 Above . payment! cover everything I team $300 and lets made under the Maryland Small Loan Act. (Md.) Bwe/idal Buy Now- Pay Later! LIFE INSURANCE AT NO EXTRA COST ON LOANS $3^0 OR LESS *• Meet last-minute expenses fast —pay later when expenses are normal. Your life insured—no extra cost on loans $300 or less! Phone for 1-visit loan or come in. Loans up to $1000 f FINANCE CO. l/FIN4NCf Co) / ' of Cumberland * ' ' ENTRANCE SO. CENTRE ST. (Take elevator to 2nd Fl.) CUMBERLAND 2nd FL, Rooms 202-204 • LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLDG. Phone: .PA 2-0721 • Ask for the YES MANoger OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT —PHONE FOR EVENING HOURS loam modt to residents of all surrounding (owns OPEN SATURDAYS 9 A. M. 'TIL 1 P. M.. THRU DEC. UTH realizes .that the combined' count must be 33 to 35. points. There ii usually good. play for a small slam . when tjie- combined, count is 33 points, but it usually takes about 37 points' co provide a good play for-a grand slam. Hence North knows that the 'combined hands'ought to be good-enough for a .small slam but not good enough, for a grand, slam, Since there .can be no advantage in beating about the bush, North bids the small slam at once.' The fate of the a matter of psychology. South . .wins the first trick with the ace of .hearts and leads a club. When declarer; plays the king of .clubs.from the dummy,'':everything- •-depends on how good a practical psychologist th East -player is.. ..-.- - ..•'• If East wins the-club trick immediately with the ace. South will surely take his ten-tricks in the other suits and finally finesse the ten of .'clubs'in-the-attempt to make two club tricks.- Since the finesse succeeds, South makes his slam contract: • •".-. .... •• Soutlj cannot be.prevented from making', the slam if lie finesses the ten of clubs. The whole art of defending this;-hand is to dissuade South frorii taking this finesse. EastCshbuld hot play the ace of fclubs. at : the second trick." Instead he should play the deuce of'clubs as. though he had nothing to think about. -.-•:'.'. . .-'' '.•.:'. This, play may give South the man. mpression thct the ace of clubs is n the 'West hand rather than in .he East hand. South.must -eturn :o his hand to lead another club :owafd.the dummy, and-this time South will-not know whether to play the queen • or the ten from the dummy. If South puts up dummy's queen of clubs, the defenders can take two club tricks to defeat the slam. .. Q—the bidding has been: Soiitlf* West North East 1 Diamond Pass 1 Heart Pass ••> • You, South, hold:. . AAKQ73 ¥5 4AKQ632 *< What do you do? A—Bid two spades. You can practically, guarantee a same with almost any dummy. The chief reason you didn't open with a two-bid is that you wanted to avoid getting to a bad slam. „ TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as : ln the question just answered;'You, South, hold:- " 4A J 7 3 VK 8 5 2 #K Q 10 6 4*4 What do you do? Answer Tomorrow Pastors Name Group Heads New .committee assignments, foi the Cumberland Ministerial Association for 1953-5(5 have been announced by Rev. Frederick •'.). Eckert, pastor 'of St. John's Lutheran Church; who is the new asso cialion president.' , ' ' ••••' The new' president will serve as chairman of .the executive committee. Serving on that committee with him -will be Rev. -Raymond Faulds, Rev. Ellwood Carey, Rev. Kenneth Grove .and Winfield H. Adam. : Other committees: ,••••• Library: Crates Johnson, Carl Clapp and William Snyder. . '• • Christian Leadership, school: Adam Grim. William Snyder; Carl Clapp and W. Randolph Keefe. . ' Public Relations: Raymond F a u Ld s, Morris Cook," Kenneth Grove, W. Randolph. Keef<?, Wil liarh Yinglirig and David C. Stre'e'tt II. • .-.••.•-•.-. ,- SEVEN- Civil Defense: Howard -A'moss, William Yingling and H.- Mi Richardson. ' • ' .. •" •Program and Devotions: Maurice Robertson, Ellwood'' Carey and Louis'Chastain. •'•. , " .Brotherhood:.;!Geprge 3V C. Bell, Adam Grim and, Daniel Lowey. Membership: ' Jacob Snyder. Sunrise Service: . Carl : Johnson, H.-E. Heckert,-Everett-.Gulp, B. F. Hartman and David C. Stre'e'tt."ll. Family Relations .Committee: Kenneth Grove, H. W. Peters and C. F. Frith. •"' ••• ' .-,-'• .' , Radio: Arthur 'Scrogurn, ; Raymond Faulds and J. 'F-.-'-Zitnmer- No Fan Mail SIDNEY, Neb. - t/n.- Chief of Police Sol Willis got a fan letter of a sort. It was a postcard, mailed from Grand Island,. Neb., with this ' unsigned cryptic message: "Drop Dead." IF EVERYTHING YOU EAT TURNS TO GAS • You don't have to suffer from Kris pains and heartburn due to acid indigestion after every meal! Thousands have found relief through the effective stomachic tonic action of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, taken regularly. No marc RHS, heartburn, blpatinKl Get Dr.^Picrcc's Golden. Medical Discovery, liquid or tablets, at your druRcist. • Advertisement SIEGLER'S GAS AND OIL HEATERS WARM MORNING COAL HEATERS FOR CASH THE CHEAPEST FOR CREDIT'THE EASIEST PEOPLES FURNfTURE STORE RE/NH ART'S 17 BALTIMORE ST.' Southern Stales Plan Open House The new Southern States Cun berland Cooperative, 811 Nor. Mechanic Street, will have house-warming Friday, Deccmbi 1G, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. accor ing to Grayson D. Solomon, ma: ager. Displays will be erected in tl agency, prizes will be awardt and refreshments served. Greeting the guests during th housewarming will be a committe headed by R. W. Ferguson. Cumberland, and including Floy Buser and Roy Shryock, both Oldtown; Carroll Anderson, Bed ford, Pa.. Wilbur Perrin, Flin stone: William Shumaker, Keyser and J. S. Teter, of Cumberland. Miss Donna Eror, of Cumbei land, has been appointed chair man of the registration committe and will be assisted by Mrs. Mai tin Gordon and Mrs. 'Willis Rice both of Flintstone: Mrs. R. L Cross, Mrs. John Hardinger, an Mrs. Earl Simpson, all of Cumbei land. Mrs. A. F. Blubaugh, of Oldtowr is chairman of the refreshment committee and will be assisted b. Mrs. Carroll Anderson, Bedford Mrs. Floyd Buser, Oldtown; Mrs Clair Raines, Ridgeley; Mrs. Gray son Solomon and Grayson Solomon both of Cumberland. . Astronomers of three observa tories in California have reporte a new age for the expanding uni verse—5.4 billion years, give o take a billion. Mary's Cleanen ii now Equipped lo HandU nil your Cltonin B N.idll We've installed new Equipment !• Cor* for— . . White Clothes Ask About Our SCHOOL SPECIAL CASH and CARRY . w. Alia De- Custom Cleaning and Hand Finishing SPECIAL 1 HOUR Dry Cleaning SERVICE Call For and Deliver At NO EXTRA Cost Mary's Cleaners 157 N. Mechanic St. PHONE PA 2-2040 Colorado Bear Goes Hunting For Hunter \VALSENBURG. Colo. I.T) There's one bear in mountainous southern Colorado who hasn't quite learned his place in UK world. He went hunting for £ hunter. John L. Palmer of Trinidad Colo., camped in the mountains was'awakened when the bear took a bite at his head. He suffered deep cuts, but scared off the big animal before it could do further damage. Palmer was treated at a hospital here, then returned to the mountains to hunt the bear that hunted him. Metered Theft Reported GREENVILLE. Mich. -MV- Pa- rolman Jerry Sage doesn't have any idea what the thief would do li the tiling. But among other stolen items for which he is look- ng is a parking meter—post and all—taken from a street overnight. Ministers See Haitian Slides Slides of Haiti were shown at recent meeting of the Cumbcrlan Sub-District Methodist preacher at the Paw Paw Methodist Churc by Rev. Everett Gulp, pastor o First Methodist Church of Cum berland. It was announced that churche and organizations desiring to slio\ the film ".Martin Luther," owncc by the ministers, should contnc Rev. Adam E. Grim. Following a chicken dinner serv ed by the ladies of the church and girls of the MYF, Rev. Mereditl Haines. a returned missionary from Korea talked on the need o missionaries in Korea. Ostrich Crop Ostrich feathers are taken everj 10 months. Each plucking yields several ounces of feathers, The )est plumes are obtained from the wings and tail of the male. Jane Parker FRUIT CAKE 3-lb. $ Cake 2.69 Ghed-O-Bil CHEESE FOOD N.AIN or PIMENTO 2 lb 71c Box I IV Diamond Brand ENGLISH WALNUT LARGE SIZE ' 1.09 Jane Parker CHERRY PIES 39c each Warwick ASSORTED CHOCOLATES 5-lb. $ Box 2.69 Ecuador 's '»•» • ..]rj> s i ea( jj n g. producer of bananas. GUUMBAQIER GAINSBOROUGH OIL COLORS 12 size H tubes (J4"x2") •" .' of GAINSBOROUGH OIL COLORS; in4W" x 7M"card- board box with '/4 oz. linseed oil; \i oz. turpentine; and brushes. North Centre at Polk PRESCRIPTIONS DELIVERED FREE • Four Registered •'-; ' Pharmacists • All Prescriptions "" Triple \* \^ v* •.. Checked ' ... : • >.t Prescription* OrTfi/e horn JS9I v *' Walsh SMcCagh PHARMACY 101 N. Centre Sr. Maryland' '* Leading ; -;, Pretcription Store Phone me Dec. 9th" 5:15 to 8:00 W HO! HO! HA! HA! What a merry time I had #! talking with hundreds of children last Friday night. I didn't get around to talking with EVERY boy and girl - because I had to stop and pack a bag of toys and give my reindeer some hay. But, I will be back again on my private phone in Cumberland (PArkview 2-6000) so if you didn't get to phone me last time ... be sure to call again. PHONE ME FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9th at PArkview 2-6000 5:15to 8:00 pm Open Tonight 'Till 9 City DOES IT AGAIN! SPECIAL SAVINGS- ALL-STEEL WARDROBES EXTRA WIDE ( AND ROOMY! (Aj It's the lowest price in years! 64 inches high; 24 inches wide, equipped with full width clothes rod and tie rack! Heavy gauge steel finished in wrinkle- finished brown enamel! #!• •(* KING-SIZE WITH MIRROR! (B) It's 24 inches W-I-D-E and 64 inches high— a deluxe style with full width clothes rod, hat shelf, tie rack, door mirror and one lock with 2 keys! Brown wrinkle-finished baked enamel! *1 DELIVERS YOUR CHOICE OPEN MONDAY 9 to 91 (B) 38 N. Mechanic St. l»dSfc3h3fefc^^

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