The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 28, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1933
Page 7
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*ns workttt Mfewttfit *ttl t>« the easiest pro*«*trre, AnV •tips « ert&rt "sftppoftlBg «rt- ferlwi Program Complete field ffc* Ktate-wtde otgafttMttlon tor ftettiftf tfei wbeets of the corn- hog $i?(sStM8 1ft tfiotioft is complete afid eettficta are expected te be distributed tfcfdtti&oat Iowa received here la« »6elt bt Bruce rick, cttfifily agent. AnaottftWaisat of 80 field fep- resentatlte* ot the Mate com-hog committee was made by R. M. Evan*, LattWfls, chairman. Meantime B, It Witt, director ot the extension service, announced the appointment of extension specialists to aMtat th« representatives ot the state committee. Four specialists from the extension service have beta aMigned to each district to work with county agents. The district extension agent for Mills county Is Lee T, Nutty, He will be assisted by four other extension specialists, Wm. Warkins, B, L. Cady, H. B. Nichols and Fiord Arnold, The state eorn*hog representative for the district la which Mills county is located Is W. F. Hnbbard ot Neola. Later developments la the program will bet 1> A training schoo conducted tor township leaders to familiarise them with, the details of the ; corn*hog program and the government contract. 8, Township leaden will then hold meetings la their own communities to far* , ther explain, tbe plan to farmers. At these meetings farmers will be given an opportunity to alga the oorn-hog contract, 8. Farmers who 11811 the contract will meet at a later date and organise their • permanent county association and elect officers. . The function of the county association" will be to work with tbe sAAA in Washington aad admlnls- ,ter the local'corn-bog program. fcV%J:t :,'«VIM I*. :„«,'«„; armer* Gather Contract ftfiee Farmers ot the Odtft Belt are gathering the information on their past production wfcieh wni be needed la Ailing oat applications for contracts under the recently announced production control ptograia ot tbe Agrlealturai Adjustment Administration. A brief oatliae ot the corn-hog Plan, together with definite suggestions as to the material which a grower will need when he alls oat his application blank, is given in a printed leaflet prepared by the corn-hog section et the Ad* lustmeat Administration tor distribution to all corn aad hog pro* ducers of the country. The leaflet points oat the gen* era! com aad hog situation and emphasises the fact that the chief goal of the adjustment plan la to raise farm prices to a parity with the prices of oth'er commodi- lea." Among the things farmers are advised to do la order to peed ap the atgaiag aad acceptance ot contracts when the cam- refefefte*. b* these tot f*Mf « et. Marys township Farm Bureau met Saturday eteftftg at the I. X*. Bostedt home id elect a director tot ii84 and to finish up the business concerning the town- shijt booth display at the die** Weed fotltr> and tort ifee*. Plane were also made tot the township booth for another year. Bureau As the last month 6f the old year gee* by it is time to give thought to plans tat the new year, it la a strong county Farm Bureau that is made ftp ot strong township Farm Bureaus. We mast build stronger la ear local communities, The Farm Bureau program means much to you ia roar awa local commncltr. It ,. _.„ M .. m caa weld yon closer together with Farm Bureau ia Iowa PAGE StVEN ******* townships *8kto great** inettlwtsnlp in the e«ttnt1e» ttMf mesas that the AteertakS f%HB Streaa Federa- fl&ft and the low* Farm Bureau l*«4«raHda can ISA will be of g*e»t«f vatte IS afrleahure. Mettfeefttiip ii tfce strength of IBB rartt BtttMf aad greater aft is greater strength. * towetf at organisation, ttifif *i the iftfttttailtles can be Hfhtedi pfsgftti has been made and greater profH*s will come as the Bttfeau becomes If e*cn teembet of the Farm §aftft«,wettla stales a special effort to interest one non-member ih Ua toWasWp ofgantzatlon we are»sttft! that the Farm Bureau wfMt >wiai* • tmter power for good than it has etet been, intlte yd«r fleighbot non-member to a good township meeting toon. talk to him about the Farm BU- roan aad the many worth-while thiags thai it has Accomplished. And by all means ask him to join to* 1»I4. L«i» e tftiia ft greater HENDERSON palgn begins are: MS tWK 6 have been exhibiting * keen interest in the com-bog program ; in V Iowa, particularly |s ftftw tbe aanouncement that co»» [t^ti»e3peJefia;;Ruft<Jre4i of ^_erj0bjkYf'b*e9 pressing afsate by tatter, telephone calls - fyR "' " testator®** 4tr««tor ot the at - Iowa Biate Attend called to Ian. all local discuss the meetinga corn-hog Assemble definite figures on the acreage of various crops on the farm during 1882 and 1083. Asamble definite information on the number of pig litten farrowed in 1»S> and 1981 aad the disposal of hoga from these lit* ten.. Also the number of feeder pigs bought and sold during the same period. Be thinking about the fields to be contracted to the government. The contracted corn acreage is to be not leaa than 20 nor.morc than 30 per cent of the average annual com acreage on the farm during il» and 1»S<. Also determine aa nearly as possible the average cora yield toritUa the past ftfe\>efr| Obtain all possil yields ,*and ktndi H*A_.&_ .* J«-.. V ,L*,_ __*>*».**; f com and boe', pro':. - -** ' ,! r ,r~ AM, |irCi«lli"pieMe4 9Jftfr;4W»8i|$f to !l»4wf«re e*e«Jei,of &8fil$«r down, Assemble ecords o'p < «rt claim* duction, .Obtain this Informatidn fcjir farms op gelds owned or ate4, ,, , . ' farmers are referred to »tbeir county agricultural agents or tbe members of local corn and hog committees' lor further infgrma- tion on tbe' cow-hog ^djustnjent program, •-* J • 7 .>-'* • f?"'' Checking pld records and piling. "•- ---- ' Newt of Henderton Consolidated Schoo Third and Fourth Gradea The following pupils of th third grade have had perfect at tendance for the past tear weeks Batty Jane Allensworth, Ruby Smith, Keith Allenswortb, Regl nald Parker, Kenneth Sowers Doris Walters, and Allen Nesbltt la the fourth 'grade theae had perfect, attendance: Marilyn Con ner, Vivian Core, Yvonne .HoKee Nellie' McOee, Robert, Wight Bruce Wilkinson, Carroll 'Aliens worth, Billy Oox, Louis Farring ton, Jackia Oravett, Norris She- ban, Charles Smith, and George Triplets ', /' ; .Those wbo have an average o {96 per cent or above are la the third grade: Ruby Smith, K«n »*th Sowers, Allen Nesbltt, Keith Allensworth, Betty Jane Allensworth, Betty Jane Brown, Dorothy Kindlg, Pansjr: Nelson, r SlmmondaV, - v C-v^;---v,*,V " ?«TA»fcfc 4V^!j»i«iiV .*— -^ J^i. .*.T_*»*> . Santa: Glaus, Robert Wight. Mm. Santa Clsus, .yirjan Core, , BoWiaw,' flaorge Triplet^ v -^ • ' - - Bbehan, Rpblnspn program given w»«ral Service. Held At for Mrtt Rayrao -^m:^m m m time when the, c*u«4 torn fl ~ Fifth widjwth Grade. * " ' " i<Tbe; tollP*}ii« in miri«i». to 804 Qak, and 654 fieDfiisibeJ' the friends of Grandma Farrington are torry to lear» she suffered another stroke the last ot the week at the home of her daughter rt Canon. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ooss and Mrs. Ella Owens were gtrests Monday in the Clande Owens home in Omaha. Mrs. owens Stayed tot a longer visit. Mrs. Rose Plumb was taken to a hospital in Council Bluffs Friday tot observation and possibly an operation. She has been quite sick for several days. Martin Chrlstofferson returned Wednesday from the hospital in Lincoln where he had been tor treatment. o* his loving wife] At the end of this calendar Phillips who teaches school in Omaha is enjoying a two weeks vacation with her bar* ents. Mn. Dave Jenkins and daughters and Margaret Harbor were in Cai-son Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Williams were guests Sunday tor dinner In the Elmer Dlawlddle home in honor ot Mr. Williams' birthday. Mn. Harry Daugherty and Mrs. Wilburn Houser received a box of prunes from their brother in Callfonta as a Christmas gift. Rock Cruaher at Work in Macedonia The rock crusher recently purchased by Henderson, Macedonia, aad Canon has arrived and is already at work In the state quarry at Macedonia getting out and crushing the rock for the street Work under the OWA, They have began in Macedonia' and on Tuesday already had' some of the streets surfaced. They will soon be at Henderson with their material tor the Henderson streets. It makes an excellent surfacing, Rex Davis and Reva Goodnight Wed Rex Davis and Miss Reva Goodnight announce their, marriage which.took place la September. Their frleads wish them a happy married We; tj They were Place. grown on his own Many Christmas f/; J>|iiii«r. Reported Christmas • din- reported given at Shomes: , Arch >;0. A. Wight mother and and am- and Sowers and family rt |the ,p«Bl»FhlUips bomej Jim- ^WJ}Wnaon and family and Georgia .Wilkinson and fam- t.4he Bd,WUkenso» bomej wartJn Ransen and wife of Omaha and Clyde Orftvitt and family at the Jim Rouser home. Mrs. Blvyn Qalloway pB visited In the borne at College Springs Monday, "vTjwrQlirtetm •s,'ihe if, 6.' church Sunday eve* j W88/a^ a good crowd and w &$ greatly en- bjr everyone, The treats ' cblldreu »t SUB- p and family vJs- ila, in Omaha Mr. and Mrs. Ward Cunningham went to Dakota Sunday to spend Christmas with relatives. Their daughter, Eleanor, stayed with her Grandmother Cunningham. Henry Corey has been visiting relatives In Red Oak several days. A grab bag was enjoyed at the Christian Ladies' Aid meeting Wednesday afternoon. A number of visitors were present. Virginia Harbor, Reign Byers, and Paul Rainbow who attend Simpson college at Indianbla are spending their holiday vacation with their parents. Lee Wittwer received word Saturday of the serious illness of his mother, she is In Missouri. After tbe business session of the Rebekah lodge Tuesday evening a pot luck lunch was enjoyed, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wheeler drove to Council Bluffs Sunday to visit over Christmas and ate their Christmas dinner with Judge and Mn. O. D. Wheeler according to their time' honored custom. The Judge and his wife, also according to said custom, will come to Henderson to eat their New Years dinner with Mr, and Mrs. W. B. Wheeler. • • ; > $£X£$* »*« AUenswprtb day morning. Besides his immediate family, « Mr. HeWser leaves to mourn his passing two sisters, Mrs. Basle Pntlftten of this place, and Mrs. Mattie Tibbies of GIfford, Idaho; two brothers, Chas. Howser and Joe Howser of Fallen, Nevada, and a host of other relatives and friends. on April so, he became a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge ?to. 408 ot Silver City, and remained ever faithful to the principles of Odd Fellowship. He was also a member of Unedla Rebekah Lodge No. 220, There's something In th« adv«* tlwmehU today to interest Von **' ot * 88 8hl «« totalteg 889, t£ms whfetl %n , becOtte oterafe, we can do it and do it right COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF THB COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Glenwood, Iowa, December 6, 1888. On this the 6th day of December, 1933, the Board ot Snpervls* on met pursuant to adjournment ot November 84th, with all mem* berg present and acting. The minutes of the meeting ot November 24th were read aad approved. The following claims were allowed: Ira Arch, court reporter—Court Expense Fund . .....I Haldon C. Altekruse, assisting clerk—Court Expense Fund Mildred Clark, assisting Co. Atty.—Court Expense Fund .. Iowa School for Deaf, care of inmate—Poor Fund -----Dr. F. B. Knight, instructor—Teachers' Institute ....... Ruth Miller, assisting recorder—County Fund .......... W. C. Miller, freight and drayage—County Fund ---._-. Railway Express Agency, express—County Fund ........ R. W. Rhoades, P, M., postage—County Fund ... ..... Carrie Storer, matron old ladies home—Poor Fund ..... Acres Blackmar Co., office supplies—County Fund ...... W. E. Agan, supervisor—County Fund ................ Guy Breeding, supervisor—-County Fund ... .......... Choate Publishing Co., printing—County Fund _._„..... 8. V. Cooney, boarding prisoners—County Fund ........ Citizens Power ft Light Co,, services court house and jail —County Fund .._._...._..._._ ...... .... W. 8. DeMoss, mileage—County Fund ................. Emerson Mutual Telephone Co., services—County Fund . L. B. Edwards, repairs at court house—County Fund .... Emerson Chronicle, printing—County Fund ......... Fidlar & Chambers, office supplies—County Fund ....... Henderson Telephone Co., services—County Fund ...... Houghton Mifflen Co., text books—County Fund ..... O. R. Hyde, supervisor—County Fund ...._..___...._._ Jenkins Fergemann Co., office supplies—County Fund .. 14.80 26.00 100 .10 60.00 18.60 2.18 9.87 16.98 16,00 7.15 64,86 61.80 87.68 83.80 37,80 88.86 1.90 t.OO 79.48 87.79 8,46 82.99 41.10. 8.68 maa lies of v thiB*viBiAiS - v - -' ' Koch Brothers, office supplies—County Fund .. .... 171,88 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., office supplies—County Fund 35,88 Laurel Book Co., text books—County Fund . . ... 0,60 O. W. Myers, coroner's fees—County Fund ............ 6.00* Matt Parrott & Sons Co., office supplies—County Fund .. 4.80 The Macmlllan Co., text books—County Fund... ..... 6,78 Chas. E. Merrill Co., text books—County Fund -..—'i— • 6.16 Malvern Leader, printing—County Fund - ........... • 89.81 NW Bell Telephone Co., services—County Fund _—.... 89,80 Omaha School Supply Co,, office supplies—County Fund „ -' Dr. W. M, Plimpton, medical examinations—County Fund- Peoples Natural Gas Co,, services court house and jail- County Fund .,—......... .........„__._.___ C. W, Storms, Aud. of State, county examinations—County Bert Smith, hauling at jail—County Fund 88.18 • 610.18 number when- -.« ' au time, There were 87 present, f?p Tilrs. Iyp)e Waliep Raymo, mention of fleatb. wfts made |n The fast week, were be}4 last s4ftr 'afternoon, Pec, 20, in be phrlstian church is Render^OT. At A- Wrif W conducted services; ft»(J g, quartet cojnr , A mtle son was born to Mr, and Mrs. Herman Coppopk on Christmas day, but lived only a short time, till death claimed blm, .The sorrowing parents bave the deepest sympathy ot their many friends in their sorrow, The members of the B. T.' K, club enjoyed a Christmas party * witb MR,, R,,W. very pleasant time Paul' I L. W." BpyieT iocsT reWtr«¥^o'unty~F"und" , Wayne P, pboate, local registrar—County Fund .......... get -to- Gladys Gllleland, local registrar—County Fund .„..,„;, - —•• Cora B. Comer, local registrar—County Fund »... M ... W * 0. 0. Cole, local registrar—ounty Fund ..._,........,.i, - E, Goodrich, justice fees—Court Expense Fund --—. j&&$ji '..•41107 7,7*1 8,86: was reported. A delightful time was enjoyed Thursday at tbe M. B. Udjes' Aid meeting, Bach one going took » gift for tbe pastor, Rev, K, B NesbW, and family, A very bappy time was enjoyed an4 a delicious Juncb was served, Mrs, A, J, Rarbop »n4 daughter, Arlene, Mrs, Q, A, Wight and Margaret and A, H. Birbpp were in Red QaJt Tuesday, Haiei Ayep wbo teaches , neap Wheeler's Grove, is spending a week's vacation witb bep p»P» «nts. H. Fred Nix, constable fees—ourt Expense Fund „„„ Birdelle Wilkins, justice fees—Court Expense Fund ..... Jake Frailer, constable fees—Court Expense Fund „.,„«. W, 8. PeMoss, constable fees—Court Expense Fund ..... J. F, Greene Jr., clerk, commissioner fees—Insane Fund J, M. Ponelan, commissioner tea—Insane Fund „.„.._„„,. N, 8. Genung, commissioner fees—Insane Fund ........ E, 0. Walker, Qlenwood Twp. clerk—County Fund ...-.» H. E. Kirk, Glenwood Twp, trustee—County Fund _.i,.^' C. J. Peupree, Glenwood Twp, trustee—County Fund v,,« L. G. Rodman, Glenwoc-d Twp, trustee—County Fund «., University Society Inc., library books—Library Fund ... v •'7^1 "4l J, H. Welch Printing QQ,, office Fund „„ K. A. Baker, provisions old ladles borne — Poor Fund „. r " L< aid— POOP ", < ' ' — OP «s .„„„„.„ — „ Boyle ft Bmpkie, fuel— Poor Fund .......,.,„,.„„«„„ . H^nry Boyer, provisions— Poor Fund — ,..,.„»„,.„, N. W, Colling, provisions— poor Fund . n ^,.j._.,, w . WT C ._.,, wWT Christy, medical aid— Poor Fund „„„•.-,„.. S, 1 .,®' °°I Jey - t«2 old ladies borne— Poor Fund , — w .-,i,« Citlsens Power & Light Co,, services old" Indies boroe— Pwr' 1 12,16 »!lfr l --«• W. Pftvis, provisions— Poor Fund ». w ,^,. w gp. Ward A. D«Y«u»g» medical «id-,poor Fuad, R, R. Pavis, provisions, o!4 todies boj»»™-Poor Full*Ptp»i Lumber Co,, provisions— Poor Fund ,..,,,Z oto % rrt ^ cobs old ladles borne— poor Fund Hines, prpvJslons-rpoor The of was m»4« i» test weed's LjB»4er, was bold la the la twer Wtr 3. jp,«stw 4 »t bissldea *p"«wipw» tt&di Iowa CbiWrena Home Society, cape Chss. Long—PooplpunS 84!t Q, Dp. Arnol4 L, Jensen, medical aid—Poop Fund „„.„«..,„, 86,10. Jeanla Edmuadson hospital, hospital services—-Poor Fund . 117,60 Mabel Kllliaon, ppovislons^-Poor Fund ,„,.;,„ 6,68 2*' °iA MftSsen, medical aid—POOP Fund „..„.,„,„„ 48,76 Geo, B, Masters,, pent—POOP Fund ^,,";Z,3,Z" 8 10 Pella Noab, rent—Poor Fu»4 -w-,.1-.,-,,^'-"^"! 640 Joblt Olson, ppovifionsm-paor Fund ,,,.„.,,,..,„„,,_:,,,.;__ a as Omaha Fpuif, & Grocery Co,, provisions old ladies home— Iraa h ietft torn JI8, QbitMipy yag At Beajp be wov^j with bit (»rw - $4 , Ot §ge " „. ,,i -...— _..„ 014 J»4Ies bome^-Poop fund „.„, ghM, ytnep, Qverseep of poop at «»stlBgs—Poor Fua4 ^ g^yw H8j4Tr»re, suppiies, Co. farm—POOP Fu»4 .„„„, K, A, Baker, provisions Co, farm—Poor Fun4 .,.._.„,, Ottijsw POWBP ft Ucbt Oo.» sepvlces. Op. farffl—Paor P»»4 n A« Pa/Uag Oil Co., kerosene Co. fftrjn^-poor Fund ,,_ *Jr. J. lit PoaelftQ, nietilc&l Bid Co, fariB—Poor Fun4 T. Wtft. Rjy, RuppUes Co. ftpm-w-Poop Fund -',..»,.„.„,-.1 Western, Ohewicsl Cp... supplies 39. farm-^poo? Fvn.4 ,., #£*&&&&& & :^Mf&»ii»teiwncrF»B4 6,16 SSrIO *J:fS 8.10 1.60 M48 1I7JS "i! 8047 3H.I7 81.«0 lift »,«a !!!:! »JS* "9 WIMWHW -MM.* M|] I, H4W r . M* Oft'l AM^M !^IWIlPHOM*tftte4U>ft pNM»b|*fajM pl« inn mt tm IflU !<* t.'^ftrf' *??rtH''' 9p4 lit I- iftrjt^; VAT i^'ntl i**$H* S*<^,Vtft1*fi

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