The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 28, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1933
Page 6
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I ™*"'" 1 " 1 ^^!!'^^''' 1 ^?^^ 1 ^?^?^*? 1 ™^*'??™" 1 ""* 1 *?"** 1 *"" 1 ^ NGS C E» Peace Died Sunday Mof nittg in Co. Bluffo Hospital in M. E. Af Charles SS. Peace Wa* taken much worse tie latter part of last wee* and was taken to Council Bluffs to the Edranndsoft hospital where he died Sunday matting following an attack of pneumonia. tie was brought to Hastings and funeral services held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Methodist church, Rev. L. B. tup- le?, the pastor, conducted the *e*vtees. Mrs/ Fred Lookabill, fe gal, and Regiha sang. : Burial was In the Hastings cemetery. The pall bearers were Will Conrtief, Rea Shepard, t». R. Kldweil, Charles Hall, Cliff Par* ket, and Fretf Lookabill. Obituary in nett week's issue. Mr. and Mrs. Semon Cot visited Sunday ,and Monday With their dattghtfof, Mrs. R. B. Polti- dexter, and 'family at Lenox, ;,4lr.. attd, ill*. A. H. Crawford afiil daug'hieW, Bthelyn and Har.* rlSl, ahd Mrt. Jack Nlday and ' bwy son, Jokn Clayton, visited Stmday In the ii. P, Rea home »lma and Nedra Jfted Miss Mamie __„__. -4,i i Matvern Saturday. ;&raipi'ay«.'Blunt and family vtailed Sunday evening and Mon- dji* in the borne of her father, iif* Flckel, r " |Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker daughter, Marjorle Jean, . have beea visiting in the E. H. Ord honir returned to their borne in Nebraska Saturday. Mr. aiid Mrs. Wendell Ord accompanied them there. ' R. L. Christie and family were dinner guests Christmas day 'in th'e J$e Haden home. < Mrs. Wm, Clark entertained children at a Christmas din-, _ Sunday afternoon. Counting indchildren and all there were 3} present. A very delicious din- ifer was served and. all reported %i$lce time and wished everyone nerry Christmas. 1. A. Woods and family were ner guests Monday in the Oeo. i-k home;"..' F. Crawford Jiaa been 111 It few';dayi. / Margaret Qulmby visited „ aabellft-Varley at Stewart few days last week. ", Millie; Gale visited Sun- and Christmas with her par* i at Sidney. lax, QulnVby ;wbo is employed "aha ntont Christmaa with _.»• tolka:?-.' . ,, : i|ftr. and Mrs. Carl Mellernp of '*-aha visited Sunday and Mon- ,^o»r with, Mr. afld Mrs. Ben Sfiaw, '*,' • x Miss Mildred Ord of Omaha visited a few days last week with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. B, H. Ord. ,' J. C. Rector of Council Bluffs visited Sunday in the D, D. Fellows home. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Fellows of near Tabor visited Monday in the borne of Mr.'and Mrs, M. B. Fellows. .-Mies Edith DalreU of Kansas City is spending her Christmas Vjscfttfon with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Dalsell. '/Mr, and Mrs. Bob Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Reuel Harman, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron* Grouse, and Mrs. Howard Mickelson were Malvern visitors Saturday, "A. V. elites and family were dinner guests Christmas of Mr a»d Mrs. Clalr Parland of Ran- dolpb. • Ben Haroflr and family of Bee beetowji are spending their Christ wan vacation with Mrs. B. Q. Priest. Vesper servcies were held at the M. B. church Suuday after- The program consisted of tJttas carols, pantomime, i violin solo, three wise men, drills, etc. jt was » good and well worth teeing, crowd attended in spite cold weather, Paris Priest came iu Bat- night from Hammond, 194 «9tt4 her two weeks holiday VicatiQU with ber parents ,Mr Mrs. Fred H. Prlwt. Clark »«4 family , . , in tUe bom« of __„,. Mrs. Qeo. Huat8|H4u near *tt4 Mru. Aftrou Crouse Pfttteraon, aud Tbelnis ftutoad to Owttha last «l HaroM OWver drove fn t*e test Of the weet from Seattle, Wwf. stopping enrente fn Kansas to pick irp nts brother, Keanetn, wfto is working dowfl tfeere atkd tftey arrived fn tiare to tfsft over Strt- day and Cnrtstmas with their parents, Mr. aftd Mrs. Will OTiver, northeast of town. Both yotrng melt are fn U. 8. Geodetic surrey work and both return to Kansas for farther work fn this line. Hat- old is one of the officials in charge of the work. Mr. and Mrs. ft. W. Colling and Mrs. Fern WaHahan and sons, Herbert and Brace, wefe Christmas dinner guests in the home of A. P. Shaw southeast of Hastings, and with Mr. Shaw's family and his father, George B. Shaw, made up a jolly family party for this occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Lonny Oustin were Red Oak visitors Tuesday. Mrs. E. V. McOilvary, nine daughters, one son, and son-in- law and daughter and a friend, Wood Allen, all of Council Bluffs, came down and spent Christmas with her mother, Mrs. J. 3. Starr, and their cousin, Bill Starr. Mr. and Mrs. George Staff and daughter and Mrs. Starr's mother of Creston catne the same day and they enjoyed a very happy Christmas time together. Miss Frieda Fellows visited Wednesday evening and Thursday in the home of her sister, Mrs. Mlllard Curtis, at Strahan. Mr. ahd Mrs. Oeo. Clark, Mrs. Wm. Clark, and Harry Clark an- toed to Council Bluffs Tuesday, Miss Thelma Crawford is visit* ing in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Grouse, this week. Mrs. J. J. Starr, Mrs. Charles Vlner, and Mrs. Roy Vlner were Red Oak visitors Tuesday. Ernest Osborn and family moved from the place formerly vacated by Mrs. Shaw's Gift shop to Council Bluff* last week. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vestal were Omaha visitors Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Vtaer were Shenandoah visitors Monday. Mrs. Herman Bchurr autoed to Red Oak Tuesday, Cecil Woods and family were Malvern visitors Wednesday evening. Merritt Fisher waa a Shenandoah visitor Monday. D. R. Kldwell and family and Mrs. Orpha Bowen were Malvern visitors Saturday. W, D. Lintbicum and son, Jim, and Mrs. R. F. Crawford were Red Oak and Shenandaab visitors Friday. Mrs. Cecil Woods and family, Mrs. McClaln, Misses MIna and Leora Christie and Blanche Woods were Malvern vlsitora Saturday. ; , Mr. and Mrs. Bd. Hathaway were Bhenandoah visitors Friday, Mrs. Faye Blunt' and sons, Robert and Kietb., 1 were Malvern visitors Thursday. Mrs, Harold Scott waa a Red Oak visitor one day last week, Mrs. Emma Parker and son, Jimmy, and Geo. Resh visited in the Qsmer Parker home near Malvern Friday. Cord Qoins and son, Carllss, and Orville Coins of Strahan visited Saturday in the R, F. Crawford home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lookabill were In Red Oak Friday. Mr, and Mrs, Wm. Waterworth were in Malvern Saturday. Loren Nebbltt was a Glenwood visitor Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. R, L. Christie visited Sunday with his brother, Guy Christie, and family in Council Bluffs. W. 0. Resb, and family and Mrs. Adrian Woods and Marie were dinner guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chabot, at Red Oak Christmas day. A. V. elites and family were dinner guests Sunday la the Everett Pqrcell home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vlner and daughter. Edith, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Yiner of Randolph were Council Bluffs visitors Saturday Earl Shook of Malvern visited his daughter, Mrs. Ted Clark, Monday. Cecil Woods and family and Miss Blanche Woods visited friends JR Brooks and Coming Sunday. * Walter Hunt and family risl ed from Saturday Mil Mo^ay {« Oravity with relatives. Mtss Mary Katbryn « of aear R<*} Oak la W>tb Wl M«. H. p Miss Buttt Pierce, Nebraska University. U her Christ was vacation with bar Mr> 'W»lt«f Hwot waj a Qlenwood tltft We are ret? ftat# to electric tight* ttfttaffe* fn onf chwcft. They win make otrr ere- ftSt* frrotmM wore enjoyallrte. The Christmas program was good and enjoyed fcy a fine audience. Next Friday evening tfee Ladles' Aid Society will sponsor a pfograto at the enure*. After tfee program refrBsnraents will t»e served. E+eryorte is invited to come. Come to cfiareh nett Sunday at 10 o'clock. We enall have a New Tear's service. Sermon sobfect, " Tae ffew Tear — W h a 11" Chafch school ftt 11 with a good lesson on "O«r Debt to Paul." .*' s«a DwfgM rf fta, Mr. AM Mrs. ft. A. fiterrftt and Catfcerfae Jan* fre*a n«tf Stiver Cfty, »r. attf ttrfc C. fi. Whftesfdes, Rich*rd, Harry, «wd Fretftffe, and Jafeet m«i«ftfe8 ai home. Gift of Electric Light* t&t £**t Libeftjr Church A gift which will probably be enjoyed and appreciated by the largest number of people in this vicinity is that of electric lights In the East Liberty church. The wiring was done the past Week by Howard Lookabill of Malvern assisted by some of the men of the community, and work completed Saturday in time for lights for the program that Bight As many of our readers know, this work was planned for more than two years ago, then when the financial loss came 0ft account of a Malvern bank closing plans had to be postponed, ft certainly seemed fine to have good lights and when an offering was asked for to complete payment for same the people responded quite generously with an offering of over $8. This was indeed appreciated. The following program under the direction of a committee from the church school, was given: Song, Silent Night, audience. Prayer, Rev. F. G. Barnes. Recitation, "Welcome," Wayne Maddocks. Recitation, Marjle Gray. Recitation, Ruth Hunt. Solo, Bernald Schoenlng. Recitation, Rugglea Sell. Recitation, Margaret Gray. Vocal duet, Mrs. Barnes and Ruth Barnes. Offertory, Mary Henderson. Recitation, Grantollne Rafferty. Tenor and alto duet, M, H. Latchaw and Josle Kerney. Recitation, Betty Henderson. 1 - Chriattnaa Feativitiea Mr. and Mrs, L. G. Adams spent the day with their daughter, Mrs. M. H. Latchaw, and family. Guests of Mrs, Laura Kerney and Josie were Mrs, Winnie Moore, Mr, and Mm. G, ,W. : Brower and Rrneat tf -flW and Frank Rime! of Hou Texas. * ' , . Most of the nearby* schoola gave good' programs which were well attended and much enjoyed by all present, Mr. and Mrs. B, J. Lookabill and Ruth were guests in the home of his parents in Hastings who also celebrated their fifty- second wedding anniversary that day. Joe Matheson was a dinner guest of Percy Atkinson of Mai. vern and then the boys drove to Omaha to visit friends, Quests of. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Haines were; Mr. and Mrs, H. A. McCollister, Norma, Mary, e,nd Albert, of near Strahan, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Haines, and Walter and Walter Howard. Mr. and Mrs. Frank DuVal and Alan enjoyed the day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 8. P. Stranathan near Glenwood. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Nelson and Ethel were among about twenty relatives who gathered at the J, R. Hurst home near Malvern Bunday evening. They enjoyed supper and visiting together for a. few hours. A group of relatives for the day at the home of Mr, and Mrs, Pale Hunt were: Clarence Hunt and family from near silver City, Mrs. | Glen Fitch, of Pacific JuRcttsn, Mr, and Mrs. Joe Mayherry and fo«* ao4w, w. H. Mftddocks ft n4 family and Chaa. wuaeini and family. * More than twenty relatives en« joyed tfee da? together at tbe home of Mr, and Jim, Clyde Bargey, Thwe prewnt were; Ofaaa, Reynold* an4 Ljran, jjr, »a« Jfin. . aiowl §s4 •»», My. §4^4 Wajda Reynolds ^4 thrse |, ftjui Mr*. VM )» H«y. l nj»f Mac§4QBl» 4 Mr, »»4 Mil. ftwftty R*yi»9ite Herman J wnaA 1*4 J«k l*mp«4« fit Rear ai«R»Qfl4, Ml* Mil MM. B, to be gftett at the eMrfe* evefttef of this We**, U«c. Sft, directed by the L*«t«* AM S^ cfety. Fottowteg tft* ptltWrtit *e* freshments win Be Served ftff which & ftnall ttm Mil fee charged, it is to fee a pot ffcct fonen and tfte ladle* Wttl mtten appreciate Wnatevef ftfitowe &Ot fornish tot tfte sato*. the Ladles' Aid Society k td cold aft all day meeting with Mrs. Fred Sell WedMtdat, Jan. 3. AH tfte ladles are invited to attend. A pot lack dlhnef wilt be served at the noon hoflr. Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Henderson and Mafr w«re Omaha visttott Friday, tr_ KW ~K "F '• 'SJJT** f 't± fjfaiii • jiii.Ji ti "iltai fat wwnwuuu ro tnw ^=^^- ^A'tg^k jHltfjl BOO, naipn, wna famfiy *M»* Mb, ^efl*, S*s b«en <iirft« «ck for * f ew Odk 3k soft wHS t*6rrt to Mr. Irad Mrs. C. 1 Snaucott M(w<5ay, »ec. zS> miik&g tfleffl t ftfte CSlHlffiW Cafof Na*7e, da*gftt*r of Mr. afnJ Mrs. W. H. NagteV ta* Wm o^rftft Wet the past we*t wftfe fetef. Hef c»ftiKuot serftms Frldat aM (bet Jbr. Mo*fe dowa f rw« see net. fn« WA iftd we Ifm Wilt «rti- tinue to gfctfj. Mrs. datt «laf1t bt Omaha «»« to h*tp cafiS lot feet. Rntft LWtabfll wft« ittt bee* sfek for lirt past *eW «iet« «d. conftnerf l& net bed m«tfi 6* th* time Bas *een iiowly fttfr^faf tot « few 4atB. Wa ftaf* «n« »»y soon be Well again. ' , *fr«ct*« to tie fro* ttw ^ te» dt,V*M(t ' _ court M !fi* l«th dat of Mat, i«k tft fHW ei 1* A. AftftMwl. Sopt. Rec. o-f !**» State Sa«n*s tif! ttHl iffttttt ^*t»4 Fletefter. et M r ft* t)*f endsnt, tat tne Win Of |l r i8i.ii knd C«ts ( tated at *i iegrllftg eKJ*t«, upon {ftg toltotHng wty , tow* tateH itf tfi« to *»ti«? Fonf- klftas 6f wood a fit tft« construction of warships; namely, fttfte, fif, oak, and teak. ' till fwt 6{ alley 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 d immediately Kbtth of Ma' Tw6-tta*dted (211} Two-H&ndred »Iit) two-tttndfed <S!*y Two - Hundred Setenlteii tSi?) Aed feii (iO) feet of Let Two^Handred Elgh^ teen (8ig) tfi gtrahan's Addi- tiofi td tfte towft of Malvem, *1«Mfe*tt' tftt ftytrwftt are ww BsOTVV 0* tuff «_ r v._ F «. l . -- ~__u, ff*ef ii woft<ilrt*i If ,M*fS readers are thinking toe* ttecttzi hate gone mdr* tffiSst |*W«* f ~ gasoline went SB in f*iee. • " the «4a. Mri, tv toe birth, fl| h W w, * "I wor4 'MI^WRMW^p/ - : " «. Hey Keeds! All of you! Don't forget the big free New Year Show next Saturday, Dec. 30 at 2:30 p. m. The Malvern Leader and the Empress i^ea%^oidially invite you to be their guests at this show. Get your free ticket at'The Leader office on Friday or Saturday. It and ONE POTATO will admit you jbp the show. This for all children 14 years old or younger, ttlyou are older, a dime additional will be needed. Get your free ticket and fce here on time for this great show. We want every boy and girl in Mills county to attend! J? ;.• . Ssa"-- SB- stf^wnW &>\*?EiKi& 3& ;4- *' i - '<iig&*i '&-> ,WM && sv "--P ?<|d :'«pK«fr/^ f^ '/?,#"(> J.m*-\ffA Sj&^y-i&w ^fef--ill sfe*«',''-V.;>^4i EK®9S» : -' ; "W : ^S W?s. Jt-%,-^™ 1 ^•Vai"^- *j>.

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