The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on July 26, 1974 · Page 10
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 10

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1974
Page 10
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ytfCTU c*l*brofing 100th They fight smokestacks, sponges, syringes ByLeANNKUNTZ Journal St«« Writer Tbe Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) has been trying to dry out all the sponges that smell like alcohol, snuff out all the smokestacks that manufacture cancer and discourage drugs from dopes since IttO. Nationally, the Union celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year. Locally, Fergus Falls has been with the movement for 94 years. Tbe president of the Fergus Falls chapter and the vice president of the district organization, Mrs. Norman J. Solum, who has never knowingly taken a drink of alcohol, smoked a cigarette or taken drugs, has strong reasons for encouraging abstinence. She says, "For health reasons, because of the expense and the heartbreak to everyone involved people should use temperance. There is so much sorrow because of these things." As Pant Quernemoen, E. Douglas, put it on a poster she drew which has made it to national competition, " Why be aproblera, when you can be a power?" The WCTU, which does not operate like a labor union but more like a highly organised club, was begun by women and is still a women-only volunteer organization with men who help out designated as "honorary members" by paying the dues. Legend has it that back when saloons were in their peak me n were drinking too much while the women would gather to deplore the evil sauce. They decided the most effective way to get men to stop drinking seemed to be through women so although there were men present (some preachers, etc.) only women would be allowed to join. Today there are clubs in 72 countries and camps for educating youngsters on the effects of using tobacco, alcohol and drugs in nearly every state in the union. About 200 youths from 12 years through college age attended the Minnesota camp which was held June 1016. As many are expected to attend the North Dakota camp in Cooperstown from Aug. 4 to 8. Mrs. Solum will be teaching a course on narcotics there for the 16th year and encourages any interested people from here to contact her since there is still room for more. The camps and the national convention which students as well as adults are encouraged to attend are good places for young people to meet other young people who do not drink, smoke or use drugs from all across the state and the nation. Reservations have already been made for six Fergus Falls young people to attend the national convention in Cleveland, Ohio. "We work from the preventive side. Instead of attacking the problem negatively we try to attack it positively though films, speakers and fun activities." says Mrs. Solum. All the teachers at the camps are volunteers. To her camp each year is like being in one big family. One grandson who is 19 has been there 8 summer sessions. At the end of a session, the camper may sign a pledge stating that he will not smoke, drink or take drugs. By paying $1 he becomes a member of the youth temperance organization but only if he wants to be. The W WCTU members (30 active ones) in Fergus Falls spend most of their time on camp concerns. Finding kids for camp, helping them get the money to go to camp, ($31 in Minnesota, $18 in North Dakota), and seeing that the camp is ready for them. The members pay dues of $3.65 a year, sign the temperance pledge, and meet the third Friday of every month. Meetings include singing, devotions, and Bible readings since it is a religiously oriented club. Writing letters and calling legislators to protest laws that the WCTU disagree with are also done. The latest protests have been against the Twins' Beer Night and allowing beer on college campuses. The WCTU supports a lobbyist in Washington, D.C., and a national monthly paper. Minnesota, which has been a very active WCTU state, also has a state paper published once a month. "Of course we are handicapped in so many ways. For one, drinking is legal. Teachers smoke and drink while many churches don't even cooperate with us. They seem to feel if they have saved the soul, that person won't drink or smoke anyway." says Mrs. Solum. "All we can do is try to prevent kids from ever starting. We are trying the preventive way." Mrs. Solum, who has been actively working for the WCTU for 20 years, says the work is very interesting to her. Seeing the heartache and sorrow caused by brothers and friends who drank and smoked is what caused her to start temperance work unofficially on her own f amilv when she was still quite young. "If every grown person could prevent one person from drinking, a lot could be accomplished. I'm sure the 9& million alcoholics and the 9 million problem drinkers in the United States would appreciate it." says Mrs. Solum. Undoubtably so would their families. PLEDGE NAME ADDRESS- Camel races are being scheduled VIRGINIA CITY, Nev. (AP) — Camel races will be run again this year in this famed silver-mining town. But if rowdiness persists, it will be the camels' last dash. Storey County commissioners voted Monday to permit races providing tough police supervision is maintained over thousands of spectators expected to stream into town Sept. 7-8.. The races run since 1960 are part of the community's life blood. A century ago the camels hauled salt to the booming silver mines. Now their sprints down the narrow main street draw tourists. But residents complained that lawlessness by students and youthful casino workers had turned the event into a three-day drunk. Sheriff Bob DelCarlo said that at last year's races 68 arrests were made for drunk- eness, fighting, vandalism and other charges. He said that "if I would have had 100 officers instead of 10 we would have made 680 arrests." "These people look at this as a Wild West town but it wasn't," DelCarlo said in explaining the rowdiness. "This was a mining town. The aspect of a Wild West place has been blown all out of proportion." He said that commissioners approved the races for this year but would halt future events unless strict enforcement of local ordinances effec- Fergus Falls (Mn.) Journal Ffi., July 26,1974 14 lively stops trouble. Roadblocks will be set up at both ends of this legendary Comstock town. Visitors will get brochures listing or- ordinances such as a ban on drinking in the streets. Up to 30 extra lawmen will be hired. "Virginia City is not the place to be rowdy and raise hell," said DclCarlo. <l<l If, llf: fjfjf/,r> *-/ <"•'/ III l T'iy<:in/!;fJil Dr.H.M.Nirschl PODIATRIST Diseases and Surgery of the Foot 120 East Junius Fergus Falls 9-12,1-5 daily Mon.thru Fri. Phone 736-4848 CARPET SERVICE We Sell: • BRAND NAME CARPETING We Do: • CUSTOM INSTALLATION •SHAMPOOING •REPAIRING Phone 736-2984 SOMERS CARPETSERVICES Fergus Fa Us/Minn. SUNDAY SWISS STEAK-ROAST BEEF- BAKED HAM FRIEDCHICKEN Also Your Choice Off The Menu Sundays 7 : 30 to 2 — Dinners 11 to 2 Monday thru Saturday 6:30 to 5:00 HIDE'S CAFE CORNER LINCOLN & MILL KNOWS THE HEARTACHE — Mrs. Norman J. Solum, 219 E. Douglas, has been doing Temperance work ever since she helped pick up the pieces of her brother who died in an accident where drinking may have been involved. Preventing children from ever starting by educating them is what she volunteers her hours to. (Journal photo by Le Ann Konti) DEDICATED WOMEN — Two women from the 40 member Woman's Christian Temperance Union in Fergus Falls sit in a booth at the County Fair so they can discuss smoking, drinking and drugs with anyone who wants to listen. (Journal photo by LeAnn KunU) NOTICE In-town transportation for Junior High and Senior High students is now being furnished by School Board authority for students living more than one mile from school. Consequently, we wilt refund any monies for unused school transportation tickets purchased from us. We will make refunds on the following days — August 5 through 9,8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at... OTTERTAIL COACHES, INC. ENDOF SOMERSET ROAD FERGUS FALLS Disney/and enters info 20th year this week By BOB THOMAS Associated Press Writer ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) Disneyland enters its 20th year this week, having met and passed its greatest crisis—the energy shortage. Walt Disney's pleasure park opened its gates on July 17, 1955, amid cries that it was "Disney's Folly." Members of the outdoor entertainment fraternity considered the movie maker mad for investing $17 million in an amusement park amid the far-off orange groves of Anaheim. •'It'll go broke fast," said the scoffers. The Disney people like to cite figures to the contrary: a million visitors in the first seven weeks, 3.8 million in the first year, 130 million in 19 years; growth from 22 attractions to 54 at a cost of $150 million; rise in Anaheim hotel rooms from 87 to 10,000; expansion of Disneyland staff from 2,500 to 6,500. Disneyland seemed to be an uninterrupted success story — until the Arabs decided to shut off oil last winter to the United States in the wake of the Mideast war. "There is no doubt that the energy crunch hurt us," says E. Cardo'n "Card" Walker, the president of Walt Disney Productions. "We felt it more at Walt Disney World; with 10 to 30 per cent fewer people entering the State of Florida during the height of the crisis, our business was bound to be affected." Management met the problem by trimming personnel, raising prices and adopting a new system of supervision of the various park areas. Business was down during the first three months of the year, Walker said, but it unproved with the easing of the oil crisis. "During this summer we are doing almost as well in attendance as last year," the president said. "In the fiscal year which begins Oct. 1, we had hoped to repeat last year's 11.5 million in Florida; now it looks as though we'll draw 10.5 million. "Disneyland should pull 9.1 million, slightly under last year. Part of the reason is that many people in Northern California are going to the Spokane World's Fair instead." Today in history By The Associated Press Today is Friday, July 26, the 207th day of 1974. There are 158 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1953, Fide) Castro began a revolt in Cuba, attacking an army barracks at Santiago. On this date: In 1759, the French abandoned Fort Ticonderoga to the British in the French and Indian War. In 1775, the Continental Congress established a post office department, with Benjamin Franklin as the first Postmaster General. In 1874, Liberia was declared ;i republic, making it the only sovereign Black nation in Africa. In 1944, in World War II, German V-2 rocket bombs hit targets in England for the first time. In 1952, Argentina's first lady, Eva Peron. died. In 1956, Egyptian crowds hailed President Gamal Abdel Nasser in Alexandria as he issued a decree nationalizing the Suez Canal. Ten years ago: Teamsters Union President James Hoffa was convicted of fraud and conspiracy in the use of union funds. Thought for today: Many toil hard to earn a loaf when a slice is .sufficient - Dutch proverb. BECAUSE, , .EVERybody HAS,; 1 pROtHEMS... Serve, your figuring P'ctlersi wt« lh« Tallym«jl«r Mark V. Fully •licl'ic addition en 3 subtraction with tota'l up to 953.399.59. Cm- *iard*re3 tieel cooiiruc'. on, and a!urdy cycc'i: CM3 in d KarvBil Gold color. Ug irxj porljt!e-rias built-in carrying liindfe. U*H In USA aid guaranteed OR9 Full year-parts and Ubor-by V.cicr, America's Fully Electric SOLD A1 VICTOR LUNDEEN'S Printer! and Stitiontn AMC SLASHES THE LIST PRICE OF FACTORY AIR CONDmONINGL Just Compare: Retail List Price Pinto $ 383 Vega $ 398 Maverick $ 383 Nova $ 421 Duster $ 395 VW $ 370 Toyota (Corolla) $ 370 DatSUn (HL 610 series). . . $ 390 AMC 1 GREMLIN.. *222 AMC has frozen the list price of factory air. During AMC's Super Economy Sale, factory air _ conditioning on Gremlins lists for less ;han any other car. Only S222? Gremlin also has something nobody else has at any price—the AMC Buyer Protection Planf It simply means AMCri Dealers that under normal use and service, if anything AMC did goes wrong with your new 74 inthefirst 12 months or 12,000 miles. except tires —we'll fix or replace it. Free. But hurry. The S222 Gremlin Air Conditioning Special is for a limited time only. Get it while it's hot. The supply is limited. See your AMC Dealer today. WORNER'S AUTO SALES West on Lincoln Avenue Where the 4-Lane Begins Fergus Falls, Minnesota

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