The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 9
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WRDNESDAY, JULY 7, 10-ig Big Lake Booster Club Organizes Wtit Miuiuippi County Taxpayers Seek Unity at Polls MANILA. July I—More tlmi 100 community leadm )„ » nd » lo umi Manila met »i ihc hleli school auditorium l» s t Friday night at<rt elected w. W. powltr. school »up- enmcndcnl. M permanent, chtlr- man for tin Big L*ke Booster's duo. The Bonsler Club, which was or- ZtutiKA at Friday's meeting, WHS formed to appoint commiite«s Irom the club to contBJi candidate* lor offices to determine (Heir policies in regard to the arcs West ol B!L; Lake. ODitr members o( the executive committee include Joe O.sborne, electeu secrelary-trtasurer; u T. Woodruff, R. j. McKlnnon. w. R. Brown. M. L. Downing, A. A. Tip- Ion, Robert Losva, Leo Dormer, Parker Oiborne, Harry Wright, E;;rl . Wlldy, Rex Cistleberry, Jim David, i Howard Pcrnins. L. V. Waddell. R. I C. Whitney, and Barney Tlirelkelri. | There were 67 members enrolls! ; at the initial meeting of the club, according to Secretary Osbonic, who j also said that meetings would o* conducted e.ich Friday night. Among the issues dls:u5.sed rjy the club members are the Big Lake Bridge, reportedly in need of complete rebuilding; the cut-off road liom Manila to Monette, which « said to need black-topping; and •impassabis Floodway Bridges. R. J. McKlnnon, .speaking for the club member;, iaid that since individuals had sought vainly to get action on these projects through the State Highway Department »nd numerous telegrams to Governor TBeil T. Laney. they must show political leaders illilt, our votes are al- fccied by their policies toward thu section. Among the conimunltleA represented uere Manila, Blackwater, Brown Spin, Milligan Ridge, Skidway. Poplar corner. Lost Cane, Floodway ,and Big Lake. Mental Ills Among Most Neglected Aspects Of American Public Health, Experts Assert RI.VTHKVII.LK (ARK.) COURIER NKWS By l>nuf>l»« SKA SUff CorrMpondrnl WASHINGTON INEA>—p.sycnia. try. the filanioti!- field ot medicine in i lie spotlight of publicity, is actually one of the neglected aspect* of public health In America. TiiBt.'« the dlsmM picture painted by leading psychlalrUls lor in* nation's lop doctors and public health expats. Assembled in Washington by the Federal Security Agency (or a realistic look at Amei- icn's health, they were told thai while 30 to 60 per cent of all persons seeking treatment Irom doctor* today huve menial III ness .'3, there is only one trained psychiatrist available for every 35,000 persons in me U. S. Dr. William C. Mtnninger, :>( Topeka. Kins., one of the country's outstanding psychiatrists, anc. other leaders In the field, lisle.! fads to show how little i.s being done for the mental health ol U. 6. citizens: Close to SO per cent oC all iiw hospital beds, lu the U. S. are occupied by mental patients. Altogether thdre are only 2700 phyrhia- trlsts In public hospitals. This men us that one doctor frequently ha.s to care tor Irom 300 to 530 ho,- pitclized patienta. In sonic ra.;,« each psychiatrist cares for 10:;) to 12CO patients. AS a contrast, in general hospitals one doctor takes care Jl 20 to 25 patients. Only 5C50 mn.srs in the U. S. arc trained to handle mental patients. Head Coiuiei News Want A,ls, Roild Co " r "''' Nev * Wnl " *«»• Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! i ATLACIDE Kills i Johnson Grass PRESCRIPTIONS ! F r D u- Kre.hBI.ek [| E. C. RoblHSOn (iiMi'iiMtvud liesl I'rices jj Lumber Company Kirby Drug StoreS 1 ; 319 Wesl Ash *<• U.S. Opens Anti-Red Defense Alliance Talks WASHINGTON, July 7. lUPj — The United States yesterday open- , ed talks \vi».h five European powers i about the possible role this countiy j will pity in support of their defense alliance against, Communism. Ambassadors from four of the five Western European union nation*— Britain, Franc*,. Belgium and the Netherlands" — conferred with Undersecretary ot State Robert A. Lovett for 75 minutes. Canada's ' ambassador also participated in the j discussion. ' . | The "exploratory" talks represent j the beginning of a new phase in I U.S.-European relations. It repre- ! •cnts an "eiplbrilory" step" down » road that-^-given Congressional approval—may lead to the furnishing of U. S. military aid io Western Europe in the same way we now art furnishing economic aid. Army Protecfs U.S. Way of Life, Eisenhower Says NEW YORK. June 7. lUPI-Gcil Dwiglu D. Eisenhower, president ot Columbia University, told the opening assembly of the Summer session yesterday that the American Army "has existed from the beginning not Just to defend life and properly but to protect a wav o! life." Eisenhower did not mention tin controversy over his relusal to accept the Democratic presidential nomination if it. u offered to him. But lift said some men served their country in one manner, some in another. "Such men as Washington. Jackson. Grant and Perishing diii it in uniform. Jeffer.son. Marshall and Lincoln did it in civilian activity," he .said. Esenhower spoke for live minutes from Hie steps o( the Low Mem- oral Library to 5,000 .Uudenu under a boiling sun. It was his formal address to the Columbia student body. This woman undcrgcmn electric ihock treatment at Pattern State Hospital In California is a mental patient. She luu> n clinnee to be cured, hut exp:m s»y America's mental health program Is so hikdequite most hospitals merely keep ihe mentally sick In custody, rather tdan make any attempt at treatment. Read Courier News Want Ads. Nary Hai A Heart DAHLGREN, V«. (UP) -_A pair of robins made R nest in an ammu- •nition truck" at the Navy ordnance center here. Navy officers ordered the truck left where it was when they discovered several pale-blue eggs. The young robins hatched and showed no fear of heavy guns booming regularly less than 100 yards way. , Dutch Car Runs on Tiets' Power This means that 1 1 per cent of I he nurses must hundle 50 per cent of the patlenls. A recent survey showed one state hospital l,ad no trained nuises for mental cases. Ajiolher had one nurse to more than 1000 patients. In the U. S., more than 625.0CO patients are In mental hospitals. pills »n estimated HO.OOO persons suffering from mental diseases wiio .should be in hospitals, but aren't,. Experts figure that H.OOO.COO Americans now alive will suffer from a mental illness or serious emotional breakdown sometime in their lives. The majority of menUtl hospitals do noi give treatments. They merely keen the mentally sick in custody, apart from normal society. Dr Kenneth E. Apiiel of the University of Pennsylvania, a delegate to the Assembly who has spent many years trying to arouse the puo- ;ic to action over the stale of mental institutions, report: "Existing conditions In public mental hospitals ate a blot on our public conscience, shocking, an ever- present calamity in our midst, an.1 .should not be tolerated. There is overcrowding of 2o per cent to 10 per cent. Auendants who have mos^ inumaie contact with palienU arn underpaid. They live in intolerable conditions. U U no wonder that many persons who are unsuccessful, bitter, often alcoholic and down and out Jill ihese jobs." High prices, the threat of atomic wariarc, poor housing, and increasing racial and religious prejudice SIR some of tJ:e causes given for the increasing deterioration of the mental health of Americans. Many general recommendations were madft for improving the men- tal health o( Americans, but It was just tibout unanimous that tlio sremcil need I.s more Paychlatrlsis afid more nurses trained to handle mental patients. Next to the problem of personnel, It w:i.s a^it'cil by tlie group woiking with Dr. Mcaningcr th'l. more money would have to be spent on new mental hospitals and clink's 11 » satisfactory Marl Is to be made on improving the situation. The doctors also decided that It would be de.slrable If every community hospital would be equipped and stalled to handle nientnl pa- i ilonts on the same ba.sls as all oth- ! er patients. rundnrnental to Ihe problem, however. Dr. Mmninger explain.-,, is Hie education of the public to Hie need for improved public hcaltii facilities for persons suffering from menial ills, and thai most of sucn pMlenu can and must t>« cured. SPECIAL! Five Per Cent Case of 24 Bottles BEER '1.95 ;PHILLIP APPLEBAUM; J Liquor Store j I No Iltposit on Rntlle* i i 110 So. 5lh p hon( . « 20 i Tops all over Town IIP TOP ALE Fred 223 id S. Salibo & Company West Ash St. Phone 437 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Type* Except Cancer) DRS. NIES&NIES CUnle S14 Main, BljthnUlt, Ark., rhcat I»2I In Holland (hey call this gadget a "fictslaxi." If von use Th V. 01 !. K' g ' because lh « "'tile car moves o'n foot po'wpr Simda ft 'A 4™ forbiddci1 ta >' ^ 'o v ^gu!ar a,M OS on nn a vacation Thonia,- X ' E " ^""^ '" ^"^ T "'° G '' S '" Ho " a " d Kough of Altoona, Pa., go^'or a ""neUlali" Vpm'tn "zandvooi? 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