The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 13, 1959 · Page 3
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 3

Austin, Minnesota
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Tuesday, January 13, 1959
Page 3
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Chief Wins by Closest Margin in ISO Years MONTPELIER, vt. (Ap)-it is now official that Republican Robert T. Stafford of Rutland is the governor of Vermont-by the narrowest margin in a Vermont gubernatorial election in 150 years. A SB-member joint committee of the Legislature completed a recount Monday night showing Stafford beaj Democrat Bernard J. Leddy of Burlington by 718 votes, 62,222 to 61,503. Haven't Come Close Vermont has not had a Democratic governor in 105 years/ In that time no Democrat has come as close to the governorship as did Leddy. The small margin in the gubernatorial race was the second phase of a Democratic showing in the state. Democrat William J. Meyer was elected to the U. S. House. The original margin between Stafford and Leddy was 918 votes. Actually, Stafford received only 2P2 votes more than he needed to win the governorship in the recount. The Vermont constitution requires that a governor be elector! with a majority of the ballots cast. Rejects 131 Ballots There were 123,859 general election votes counted. The recount committee rejected 131 ballots. Thus a total of 61,930 was needed for victory. Leddy demanded a legislative recount under a constitutional provision not exercised since 1894. By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News analyst WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Liberals looked amateurish compared with the professionalism of Sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texas who outmaneuvered their efforts to make it much easier to smash a filibuster. To make a long story short: When the showdown came they didn't have the votes. Johnson did. Knowing the thoroughness of Johnson, it seems safe to say he had his votes lined up beforehand and the liberals didn't. AFTER THE VOTE — Three senators after Senate action which changed the rules to make it easi,er to block filibusters. By a roll call vote, the Senate decreed that from now on two-thirds of members present and voting can throttle a filibuster. The old rule required a vote of at least 66 members or two thirds of the total membership. Left to right and the way they voted are: Sen. Clifford Case (R-NJ), for; Sen. Jacob Javits (R-NY), against, and Sen. Paul Douglas (R-lll), against. (AP Photofax). TURMOIL OVER VOTER RECORDS Judge May Get Jail Term CLAYTON, Ala. (AP)—Circuit Judge George Wallace, courting a jail term for contempt, was ex- Dected to hand over voter regis grand jury today. Agents for the U. S. Civil Rights Commission, though armed with a court order, probably will meet r* w.-%.v* fcw *j<^iiv« w»<_4 * wwi i i gia- a *-L/UI i« ui uc* , yi \JUdiJiy will IIlUcl tration records to a second county | the same pattern of defiance in adjoining Bullock County today as confronted them here in Barbour County Monday when Wallace refused to show the records. Discriminated Against Commission agents, arriving for a court-ordered appointment to check the records for evidence that Negroes had been discriminated against, found Wallace was placing the files in custody of a hurriedly assembled Barbour County grand jury. Another grand jury reportedly was ready to be empanelled in Bullock, although the agents have a mandate ordering Wallace to open files of both counties. Wallace left the decision on whether the agents could inspect the records up to the 18 Barbour jurors. The jurors agreed to let the investigators "examine these records jointly with us," but the agents declined the offer. No Authority A commission spokesman said the agents rejected the proposal "because we have no authority to deal with the grand jury. Our authority is to deal with Judge Wallace." The 39-year-old state jurist, who previously had impounded the rec EVANGELIST DECRIBES AILMENT — Evangelist Billy Graham gestured as he explained to Minneapolis airport press conference last night the ailment which has affected his left eye. At left Graham told of first discovering the ailment while playing golf. At right, Graham feels his arm and describes the exercise he has been taking to stay in "shape." He landed here on a flight from Dallas, Tex. He left for Rochester, today for treatment. Aides say Graham has a ruptured blood vessel behind the retina of the left eye. (AP Photofax). (Story on Page 12). SEGREGATED SCHOOL DISTRICT Negro Woman Takes Board Member Office HOUSTON, Tex. (AP)—A Negro i unanimous approval from the woman who campaigned on a plat- board of four women and five form which called for peaceful in- men. Vouchers submitted for ap- tegration of schools took office i proval by the business ofiice, she Monday night as a board member said, should be accompanied by a of the South's largest segregated j terse explanation. Board meetings have been televised locally for several years. ON FILIBUSTER (Tuesday, Jon. 13, J959 Liberals Strictly Amateurs Compared to Pro Johnson happened would indicate time '. — 50 of the 98 members — stop a filibuster. But Johnson, lender of the majority Democrats, grabbed the floor right from the start. This was his right, as leader. And he brat the liberals lo the punch by proposing that Rule No. 22 be changed this way: Be Stopped To let a filibuster be stopped — not by the full two-thirds vote of 06 of the !)« senators or by 50 of the !)B — but by a simple two- thirds vote of just those senators present on the floor at voting one of two things about the fight they made: Overly Optimistic 1. Either they were overly optimistic on the support they'd get from the rest of the Senate and didn't make a nose count, or— 2. They knew their chance was slim but decided to go ahead and fight anyway for the sake of the record and to get at least some concessions. Under the old Senate Rule No. 22 a filibuster could be stopped only by a two-thirds vote of all the senators, or 6(i of the 98 senators. A filibuster is a prolonged talking spree whose sole purpose is to prevent some bill or measure from coming to a vote. Such a two-thirds vote is tremendously difficult to get in the Senate, where so many members traditionally cherish the right — which any one of them might want to use someday — to block a distasteful measure. No Means In addition, the rule provided no means at all — not even that big two-thirds vote — for stopping a filibuster against a motion to change the rule. The liberals set out lo get the rule changed right at the start of this session of Congress last Wednesday. They wanted it changed to let a simple majority This may seem lots easier to get. In actual practice, it. probably wouldn't be, because on anything so important as breaking a filibuster, most of the senators would be present anyway. But it was a concession to the liberals, Southern Democrats, who have used the filibuster to block civil rights legislation, didn't like the concessions. It was more than they wanted to yield. It was less than the liberals wanted. ords in both counties and refused to surrender them to the federal government, will face a hearing in Montgomery Wednesday before U. S. Dist. Judge Frank M. Johnson Jr. Johnson, who set the hearing to see if his order had been obeyed, said he anticipated no action before Wednesday. "I want to give Judge Wallace every opportunity to comply with the order of this court," he said. school district. Dr. John McFarland, superin tendent, administered the oath to j The scho01 district has about 160,- No Room on Floor for Governor to Dance TOPEKA, Kan. (API — Gov. George Docking didn't get to dance at his inaugural ball Monday night. • There wasn't room. More than 2,000 persons jammed \ the ballroom so tightly that only ; part of the 300-member proces-! sional got inside behind the governor and Mrs. Docking. j The Dockings squeezed on j through the crowd and went home. CONFIDENCE Of course you have confidence in your doctor. By following his order* you have the best chance of keeping or regaining good health. You can also place this confidence in your pharmacist. He, too, is a master in his line and works closely with the doctor for your good health. WOLD'S DRUG STORE "Dealers in Fine Drugs Since '866" FREE DELIVERY Main at Bridge Phone HE 3-2326 Mrs. Charles E. White before television cameras. Tipsters warned there would be demonstrations but none mated- j alized. Mrs. White, a former teacher and mother of five, beat two white candidates in school board elections last fall. She drew some 35,000 votes out of about 76,000 cast. Her first official suggestion got 000 students. In October, 1957, U.S. Dist. i Judge Ben C. Connally ordered district to integrate "with all i deliberate speed." Family Gets Lumps, Roy Rogers, Wife Adopt Korea Orphan . . LOS ANGELES (AP)— Westeni! HaS AAlimpSj Movie star Roy Rogers and his' wife, Dale Evans, have adopted YOUNKER "Satisfaction Always STORE HOURS: Noon to 9 Mon. thru Fri. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday annua SALE , DENVER (AP) — Things went Irom bad to worse at the Kenneth Lorenz home when their two chil- Debbie, a 6-year-old Korean orphan. Debbie will be a "twin" to their dren and a nephew caught the adopted American Indian daugh . mumps within a three-week span.] teri ,;. V ear-old Dodie, But it was an impossible situa-j Addition of Debbie, approved in /-" tion when the children's grandfather, John Rath of Cheyenne, Wyo., got them, too. Rath is 81. He's visiting his son- in-law and daughter here. Superior Court Monday, makes eight children for the Rogers —four adopted, one foster daugh- |ter now married, and three born i to the parents. SOCIAL SECURITY LAW > Paymints will he increased about 7%. Increased checks will tie mailed out in February 1959. A aeneficlanf needs lo do nothing to get these Increases. Tbi tew rates will be paid AUTOMATICALLY. * Social security taxes will go up. la January, payroll deductions will be 2'/ 2 % on the lifsl $4,800 0(1959 eamiojt. people will pay 3%%. i service sheer- reinforced sheer - microfilm mesh- stretch sheer - sheer heel demi-toe- Moiry additional people may get tor tk* lint tone Ask your locicil security office (or o copy of LeoHet Number I on rhg 1958 Amendments, seamless stockings save 20% on every box Now thru Saturday 1.15 3 prs. 3.30 1.25 3 P rs. 3.60 1.25 3 P r,3.6Q 1.35 s prs. 3.90 1.35 3 prs. 3.90 • short, medium, long • South Pacific, balirose and shell — Hosiery: First Floor But Johnson, whose job is to try to keep nil the Democratic senators working together during the year on legislation he wants passed, is a master at compromise. What he proposed about the rule change was enough of n compromise to win the votes it needed for adoption. From the time Johnson made his proposal, the liberals had almost impossible going. The reason: Johnson had made a concession that wouldn't antagonize the Southerners too much and would satisfy those other senators who thought Rule No. 22 ought to be softened a bit but. not too much. The result: The liberals were voted down on one attempt after another to get the rules changed to their liking, thus paving the wny for overwhelming adoption of Johnson's proposal, i There's no doubt the liberals |did a lot of homework: Research ion the history of Rule No. 22 and j the filibuster. But in the terribly | important field of practical politics — votes — whatever they did wasn't enough. AUSTIN {Mfrm.} HSRAID- 3 Government Prorntms Belgian Congo Future Independence BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP)—The government today promised the Belgian Congo, scene of recent riots, almost immediate voting rights and future independence. A government statement on the future of the 13 million persons was rend before both chambers of Parliament by Premier Gaston Fieldcrest Durac'ale Sheets 81x108" I 72x108" Plain L, I 9 Fitted &«49 | Plain 1 a99 Fitted Z.29 Cases 2 for 1.18 Thrift-priced percale vhoets, c joy to own, so smooth, w long wearing. Choose from plain or fitted btylt'i. White. | FlfLDCR&T MUbUN SHEtTS plciin or fined, 81x108" ...1.69 i Plain ur fitted, 72x)OS" 1.59. Coses 2 for 78c FIELDCREST PASTFL DURACALf SHEETS, pink, blue, green, lemon, ; beige, aquu. Piair. or fitted, 11x108" ....2.49 Plain or fitted' : 72x103" 2.29, Coses 2 for 1.18. \\ "Crysta" Tablecloths 54x54" 1. 54x70" 2.98 60x90" Man Is Ready, Able, but Girl Keeps Ring PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP)--It was tough enough when his sweetheart jilted him. But when she kept his diamond ring . . . that was the final jolt. So Henry Lee, a young school teacher, filed suit today against Antoinette Bryant for return of the ring.' Either that or pay the cost of the diamond, $130.78. Lee's complaint says he "was ready, willing and able" to marry the said Miss Bryant, but she accepted the ring without him. Eyakgns and Maurice Van Hem- elryck, minister for the Conga, Earlier, King Baudouln ta * broadcast declared "our firm res- • olutlon today is to lead the Congolese population to independence with peace and prosperity, without damaging delays but also without, undue haste." Leopoldsvjlle, capital of the colony, was under tight military rule to prevent a recurrence of riott such as last week's in which 42 Africans were killed and more than 200 injured. The disorders started from an unauthorized meeting of an African independence party. Unemployment was an acknowledged aggravation. Advertisement FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Muny wetiren ot false teeth h»vu suncred real embarrassment because their plate dropped, slipped or wobbled nt just the wrong time. Do not live In fear of this happening to vou. 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