Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 5, 1955 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1955
Page 5
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD.. MONDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1955 FIVE If «tf ?orlfi V Mft/ Mail Editor's Note: Man. 27. anxious to love and marry, can't get interest- td in Kirls; Why? DEAR MARY HA WORTH: I feel a little foolish writing to you. I am a man 27, and (or the past 10 years I've had the care of my parents and two sisters and am used f.o making my own decisions and giving advice. But now I have a problem that I can't seem to solve, and I am asking advice for myself. Before my youngest sister graduated from school a while hack and out to earn her own way, I was too busy making a living to have time for girls. When I met a girl who might appeal to me seriously, would avoid her to prevent it. Now, however, with only my parents to care for, I feel that 1 can support a wife; But the problem is- that I have so long barred myself from social life with women that 1 can't seem to get interested in any girl. I am beginning to worry 'that I om incapable of Several girls have told-me they are in love with me—which only gives me a trapped feeling, be cause no matter how 1 try, 1 can't be in love with them. I don't drink or smoke, but always have a good time socially, and when I am dating, I 'make certain the girl enjoy herself too. But as soon as I am home I get that same old depressing sense of utter futility. Everything seems so meaningless. I've had men say they'd like to be me 'just for a day. I would-gladly trade places with the ugliest' of them—because they possess something I lack, namely, love for a woman: someone who needs and depends upon them. I would appreciate your comment:-but pl°ase.don't refi. me to a psychiatrist, as I would never go to" one. Perhaps I just haven't met the right girl; but I've been out with a lot of them lately. All kinds. D. L. falling in love—for I have had plenty of chances lately. . . Family Policy plenty He's Expert. In Lovemaking Since I started taking-pains with my appearance, I am often complimented on my looks and physique I am a good skater; and have taken dancing lessons and become a smooth dancer. I have no trouble making conversation and am told I have .an unusually "infectious" laugh. And in recent months of dating I have become practically an expert at making love. • ADVERTISEMENT Good Man to Know at This Season ED BURNS If you don't already know this man, you should. As the friendly, cheerful manager of Aetna Finance Co., he liRes to make folks happy with extra cash when they need it. "I like folks", he said, "and want everyone here and in nearby towns to see me if they could use $50 to $1500 cash." Any steadily employed person may get money from Aetna for shopping, personal expenses, bills or other purpose. The Aetna "Bill-Pay- •sr" plan provides ample cash to consolidate bills and reduce payments. Fast, while- ydu-wait service is another Aetna feature. Those wishing to use this service, phone or see the Aetna office, 48 N. Centre St., Dial PA 4-5800. (Loans over $300 made under Md. Industrial Finance Act.) Too Mechanistic? DEAR D. L.: Perhaps the difficulty is that your whole family's attitude toward living is too mechanistic. Possibly the policy is to try to "control" existence in terms of "a place for everything, and everything in its palce"-~as regards experience. And maybe the family .doesn'l include love as an essential pail of; but thinks of it, rather, as fairly tale stuff! as "ou'l of this world"—or as a luxury that can wait until.all else is met. (according to the family's idea ol "duty done"). In - your case, for example, il seems you've operated on the theory' that you were righteously doing your duty—and properly letting love wait—in taking care ol parents and helping them provide your sisters with schooling. One wonders why your '"parents have let your life take this lopsided turn—of becoming gradually divorced from normal heterfsex- ual feeling.. And the only answer that occurs is—they aren't "alive" to the importance of warmhearted mutual love, as an indispensable factor in healthy human develop-: ment I take it your parents aren't dependent invalids. If they were, I think you would have said so. Hence the question: Why have .hey leaned upon you as their care- laker? Do they • reason that -children "owe everything" to parents and aren't entitled to lives of their own until the parents have ar- #330 Grumbocher Gainsborough Oil Set rived at something approximating Easy'Street? In short, are they anxiously self centered and blindly self-serving r due to being psychologically infai.- tile? Are you the emotional victim .of tint kind of family philosophy and family"atmosphere? Rearing Bereft) Of Hearty Love 1 am struck by your statements, to wit: "I-always have a , good time socially when-dating : . . but as soon'as I am home I get that old depressing sense of utter fu- tlity. Everything seems so meaningless—." This suggests a family situation bereft of the spark of positive love. With time to spare, you are increasingly hungry for significant ties—for true companionship keyed to sympathetic mutual appreciation. But unfortunately your unconscious—from which spontaneity springs—has no idea how to promote, .or how to belong to, that kind'of .alliance. Thus; even when "lovemaking," 'you are emotionally estranged from what 'you are doing. Arid your longtime solitary habits probably were sparked by frigidity of temperament—quite as much as by. "duty to parents." You should, have psychiatric help, to give, you the key to emotional liveness< and integrity.- You wouldn't' know the right girl if you were to meet her, in yoiu present state. Or rather say- there is no "right girl" for the psychologically impotent man. ' ' —M. H. Mary Haworth . counsels through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write her in care at The Evening Times. Copyright, 1955, by The Washington Post Distributed by King Features Syndicate One acre out of every 10 plantec inithe United States still-is lost to insect damage. County Group AtHi-YMeet The innual Hi-Y Conference for Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia over the weekend at Wilmington, Del., was attended by 36 boys and girls from five Alle- George Street Extension Plan Shown-On City Map gany County high schools. Delegates will report to their Hi-Y clubs .and high school homeroom classes. The conference delegation was sponsored through the youth work committee of Central YMCA. of which Lewyn C. Davis is chairman. Lavrence R. Dchn, program -secretary at the "Y," was adviser to The City Engineering Depart mcnt has prepared a map showing proposed plans for extending North George Street to North Centre Street, and it is o>' display in the joffice of Mayoi Hoy W. Eves. The first step of the program- extending George Street to Bedford Street—is estimated to cosl about $90,000. and the complete plan about S2-16.G39. Mayor Eves said the first phase oi the George Street extension and the widening of Franklin Street was to be financed by the $350,000 i, , i i. * ., n »»ci^ lu u*. iuiciu\.tu uv un JU^AJ the delegation and Joseph, SweUz- urban improvenieitl b ' ond issue . e. county Hi-Y Council -president. Action on these - ccls had to was delegation leader be deferred ,, e Sai 5,j ntil the city Attending were Marlene Brings. Kathryn Eiler, Carole Runion. Joe Sweitzer, Thomas Ward, Ronald Sindy, Charles Smith, Jack Doolan and'Warren Dchn of Allegany.High School: Regina' -leeves, Barbara Nealis, Alton Fortne., Jr and Paul Shaffer, Bruce High School. Wcst- ernport; Catherine Smith, Susan Bampton. Barbara Montana. Susie Shuck, , Frances Erode. Sand-a Loan William Schultheis, Robert Holmes and Michael Mc'Luckce of Beall High School. Frostburg: Jo Ann Connor, Sandra Cilldn, Anne Perry Chappell, Bill Moffatt, Cad Donald,,Judy Moffatt, Mary- Duckworth, Ruth Fisher, Francis G-u-- litz and Charles Meese of Valley High School, Lonaconing; Melissa hrst, Phyllis Nickel, Jack Stapleton and Ronald 'Shanholtzer, Fort Hill High School. 'Solid Steam' Boilers gets a final accounting on the cost of the Frederick Street improve ment program. The least expensive way to do the first phase, he said, is to cut North George Street straight through to Bedford. By a more expensive route requiring the acquisition of the Potomac Produce Corporation property, the extension .could follow the B & 0 tracks and give access to Polk Street. The map shows the complete plan would follow the B & 0 railroad tracks in the rear of St. Patrick's Church, cut across Hay Street and go down an alley to Centre Street on the downtown side of the B & 0 viaduct. Mayor Eves said the route would give people an alternate way to get to Route 40 without crossing the railroad tracks and that the America's Laigeit Selling TOILET TANK BALL Noisy running toilets can waste over 1000 gallons of water a day. The amazing patented Water Master tank ball instantly stops the flow of water after each flushing. 75e AT HARDWARE STORES $8.25 .12 long tubes Yz" x 4" in a well-made wooden sketch box 6'/2"x ny 2 "-complete with linseed oil, turpentine, brushes., palette knife, wooden palette, and oil cup. N. Centre at Polk • •( Trouble finding THE MOTORISTS' FRIEND, Inc. 173 Baltimore Street BARGAINS FOR HUNTERS HUNTING COATS PANTS and BREECHES . S 5. $ 4.77 Tex.-Wi— Fellow on Non-Poisonous an oil well drilling rig felt pretty silly. He forgot to close a vital While there are many in the West Indies, no poisonous are found in the larger of Cuba, Jamaica, His- cement down well, he filled two steam boilers paniola, and Puerto Rico. STEAK KNIVES RATIONALLY ADVERTISED $'.6O VALUE Give rhe gift that's tare to please. Start your gift sets of 8 handsomely- encased stealt knives today! With each dry cleaning order we give you a coupon entitling you to o sfeak knife for only 49c ri. ftrfttt I* ttr fa* Jrf DIAL: PA 4-1400 proposal has been under consideration for some time. The necessary step, he said, is to provide a route between Frederick and Bedford streets so people (jiivrv (tiixi LJV.UIIMVI on v^v-io OU ^/wvjjJWivJVii do not have to cross the tracks.ibar. Like Mollier, Like Son RICHMOND. Va. - Ml - Mrs. Helen M. Jeffries and her son. John L. Jeffries. Ill, qualified to practice before the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals on the same day. The mother has been an attorney for some time. The son was recently admitted to the DO FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? FASTEETH. an improved powder to be sprinkled on upper or lower plates. holds raise teeth more llrnily In place, Do not nude, slip or rock. No gummy, FAS- Dots Eooey, pasty taste or frelinS TEETH Is alkalln* (non-adl) not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get PASTEETH at any ''—~ counter. Advertisement Be a Happier Santa... Join Our '56 Christmas Club A generous check to cover Christmas-bills and other year end expenses would make any smart Santa dance for joy. Next year,, it can happen to you! Join our. 1956 Christmas Saving Club now. Deposit a small amount each week. When Santa- time comes, we'll "mail you a check that's sure to smooth the way to a merrier Christmas . . . especially for you. Little-by-little adds up to a lot! • No Charge for Opening Your Christmas Savings Club • Extra Hours for Making Deposits <3 First Federal Savings & Loon Association 141 Baltimore Street Come in this evening i we're open from 7 until 9 P. M. THAT IS EVEll NEW! If the season's the reason you're temporarily out of cash—here's a timely suggestion: At HFC- Household Finance Corporation—you can borrow the money you need with little or no fuss. Your promise to repay—on terms that you select—is all that's usually needed to get the money in your hands. There's an HFC office near you. Why not phone or drop by today. Coth You C.I * $100 200 300 500 1000 MONT •M pavmli S24.62 48.44 HLY PA 20 pjrymtl S 6.72 13.44 20.16 28.88 56.81 VMENT n fftmti S10.05 20.09 30.14 46.09 90.58 PLANS A paymtl S18.46 36.92 55.38 89.34 175.43 i Paytttrnis abnrr include cosis oj thf. loan i/ irtwd on schtdvtf. Charrt.\ on lnanx abort. S300 are made under the lndustr\al Pinanct Law. Life insurance on all HFC loans without extra cost to OUSEHOLD FINANCE .«£**% rf-'.f: .•;.'.-•. :.-i-"- -.Vi-'A*- •. a subscription to the: EVENING TIMES * CUMBERLAND SUNDAY Phone PA 2-4600, Come In or Mail Convenient Form Below It's the one gift that's fresh and new every jay, as it will bring your relatives or friends away from home the news of Cumberland and vicinity daily. You can give the gift for one month to one year . . . -and we'll send a Christmas card for you and the first paper wrapped in colorful Christmas paper. TIMES & ALLEGANIAN CO. SUBSCRIPTION MAIL ORDER FORM Enclosed is $ for which please enter a Chrislmas gift subscription for to be sent to Name Street Town State iSign my Gift Card as 12 South Centra St., S. E. Cor. Baltimore 2nd Floor — Dial PA 2-5200 — Cumberland Loam Made to Residents oj h'catky TowtU MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES Firit, Second, Third and Fourth Postal Zonti Fifth, Sixth, Sovonth and Eighth Poital Zonm News or Timei $1.75 Ptr Month $7.00 Six Month> $14.00 On* Yiar Sunday Only 50c Ptr Month J3.00 Six Monlhi $6.00 On* Y«ar News or Times Jl.JO P«r Month $8.50 Six Monlhi $17.00 On* Ytar Sunday Only oOc Ptr Month $3.60 Six Months $7.20 On* Y«ar

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