Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 18, 1966 · Page 5
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 5

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1966
Page 5
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irv Review Slapstick Surprise On My 3 Sons By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP) "My Three Bons," the CBS series, seems to go on smoothly from year to year specializing in warm family relationships, gentle comedy, a discreet laugh traclt and a very comfortable it not dramatic Nielsen rating. Over the seasons the half-hour Show has survived a change of networi<s, substituted William Dcmarest for tlie late William Frawley as tlie crochety, lovable senior member of the family. It married oft — and out of the show — the oldest son who outgrew his part and replaced him with an appealing little boy who started out as a visiting orphan but now 'is a bona fide offspring. It made all these sliifts witli- out causing so much as a ripple of discomfort for tho program's devotees. But "My Three Sons" went on a wild, tearing Soupy Sales binge Thursday nighl. It was all very unexpected. Robbie, currently the number one son, started a birthday supply operation that became suddenly big business during one of tlie father's absences. In fact, the boys were so busy maldng birthday cakes, they forgot tlieir father's birtliday — very typical of "My Three Sons" style with a nice little moral building up. Then suddenly everybody gathered in the kitchen and started heaving cakes at each other — .37 of them in fact — as the laugh track whooped it up and whipped cream was scattered all over. Friends of the program devoutly hope this was just sometiiing the writers had to get out of their systems. On another fi-ont, NBC's "Daniel Boone" goes its busy way as an early evening program designed to entertain and amuse children in the audience. Although it is set in the Revolutionary War period, it looks like a western and very often it acts like a western. Thursday night's episode featured a shootout between a good Indian named Red Sky and a bad Indian named Tall Deer. For all the presence of Boone's wife and children and occasional lectures on sportsmanship, manners and fair play, it manages to inject plenty of action and — let's face it — violence into most episodes. , TONIOHT 6:00-2 Til«i ef Weill Firgo 3 Cactut Pata N«Wi 8 F(eneh Chaf •I Norvilla Dollar 15-4-5 Waafhar 6:30-2-3 Grean Hornet (color) 4-12 The Wild, Wild Wear (color) 5-6 Tarzan (color) 8 Your Dollar'! Worth 11 World of Lowell Thoma* 7:00-2-3 The Time Tunnel (color) 11 Of Landa and Seat (color) 7:30-4-12 HoB»n'» Heroei (color) 3-6 The Man From UNCLE (color) 8 What's New 8:00-2-3 Mllfon Barle (color) 8 Newt 4-12 Movie; Becaute They're Young. Dick Clark, Michael Callen, Tueiday Weld. 8 Pasiport. Beauties ef Bangkolc. 11 Movie: Dawn Patrol. Errol Flynn, David Nlyen, The conflict of two Brifith daredevil pilofi during wartime. 8:30-5-6 T.H.E. Cat (color) 8 Spectrum 9:00-2-3 12 O'clock High (color) 5-6 Laredo (color) 8 Struggle For Peace 9:30—8 Biography: Joteph Stalin 10;00-2-3-4-5-6.12 Newt 8 N.E.T. Playhooie. Victoria Regina: Fall. 11 Alfred HitchcocV 10:15-5-6 Tonight Show (color) 12 Weather 10:20-2 Sports 3 Movie: Not of Thii larth 4 Weather 10:25-4 Eye-line 10:30-2 Movie: The Outrage. Paul Newman, lauranee Harvey. 4 Movie:* Tribute To A Badmen. Jamei Cagney, Irene Papai. ' 12 Movie: Boy On a Dolphin. Sophia Loran, Alan Lidd. 11:00 -11 Movie: Gueaf In the Hooia. Ralph Bellamy, Anne Baxter. A dramt of inianity and tuipenie when when a younfl «lrl caoiea tutpleloui and dittruit between • hutband and wife. 11:20-3 Sfcgarfoot 12:00-5 Merv Griffin 12:20-4 Movie: Walk Eatf on Beacon. George Murphy, Virginia Gilmore. 12:30-2 Movie: Sainfi Double Trouble. George Sanden. 3-12 Nawm 1:30-5 Weather 2:10-4 Newt " JATURDAY nOCKAM Mernlnfl 5:30-4 Sunrlie Semeatef -WATCHIW; TV. If 8 become the British habit ONYX n >R MEN »BY lENTHlEBIC ONYX FOR MEN...the bracing, buoyant scent that Englishmen created for Englishmen. Onyx has come to belong to the CIty-and-County contingent as unmistakably as the perfectly-pitched bowler. Newly in America, for those immaculate men who will settlB for nolhing less (biB •)) air of tffortltss •teitiKC, CoIogM „ 13, ^ lis Foam Shm $1.75 After Shave leHoR _,.„.. |3, %3 Spray Deodorant - $1.75 Bath Tale • , ,,. $1 .50 After Shave niim I3,0o Bath Soap . r - 1.1II.._ f3.M ROY A JONES R.PH 107 SO. TENTH 5T. A\T. VERMOW ILL. s BURGER BARN 6th and Broadway PHONE 242-0022 SPECIAL Friday-Soturday-Sunday Large Thick SNAKES 19* Chocolate and Vanilla HAMBURGERS 7r„ »1 Every Day 6:00— 4 Town and Country 6:15—12 Sunrlie Semeitar 6:30-4 P.S. Four J Agriculture U.S.A. (eolor) 6:45-12 Newa; Weather 7:00—4-12 Capt. Kangaroo 5 Adventure In Sherwood Forett. 6 RFC TV 7:15—2 Credo; Farm Report; Newa 7:30-2 Public Service 5 Corky's Colorama (color) 6 Atop the Fence Pott 8:00-2 World of Ideat 4-12 Mighty Moute (color) 5-6 Super-Six (color) 11 Modern Almanac 8:3(^2 Tree Houie Time 3 Adventure Club , 4-12 Underdog (color) 6 Atom Ant. (color) 11 Doodle Weaver «:0O-2-3 King Kong (color) 4-12 Frankenttein Jr. (color) 5-6 Secret Squirrel (color) 11 Roger Ramjet »:30-2-3 Thi Beatlei (color) 4-12 The Space Ghott (color) 5-6 Spece Kidettet (color) ' 11 Funny Company 10:00—2-3 Catper Cartoont (color) 4-12 Superman (color) • 5-6 Cool McCool (color) . 11 Sgl. Preiton 10:30—2-3 Magilla Gorilla (color) 4-12 Lone Ranger 5:6 The Jettons (color) 11:00—23 Bugt Bunny (color) 4-12 Road Runner (eolor) 5 Corky't Colorama (color) 6 Top Cat (color) 11 Felix the Cat 11:30—2-3 Milton Moniter (color) 4-12 The Beaglet (color) 6 Marine Boy (color) 11 King and Odie Aflarneon 12:00-2 NCAA Football (color) 3 College Football Today 4-12 Tom and Jerry (color) 5 SI. Louit Hop (color) 6 Animal Secrett (color) 11 Canadian Football (color) Gfey Cup Game. 12:15-3 NCAA Football. Notre Dame vt, Mich. State. 12:30-4 $.S. Popeye (eolof) 6 Charlie Bradthaw Shew 12 Leave It To Beaver 12:45-6 File Six 1:00-4 Eye en St. louit 5-6 The Smlthienifn (color) 12 Bachelor Father 1 :30 -4 Cloia-up 5 Animel Secrete (color) 6 Movie: Uaae ef Ufa. Robert Donat. 12 Saturday Matinee 2:00-4 Challenge 5 Cheyenne II Movie: People Will Talk. Cary Grant, Jeanne Craln, 10:45-3 Saturday Night Movie: Onlenhead, 11:00-11 The Beat ' 11:30-11 The Jazi Scene' 12:15-5 Merv. Griffin 12:30-2-3 Newt 4 Frankly Speaking 1:30-4 Movie: The Young Dont Cry. Sal MIn'eo, Jamei Whitmore. 1:45-5 Weather 3:15-4 Newt Block And Whi»« Or COLOR TV Cemts In Better On CABLE TV Phen* 242.5684 Today MT. VERNON CABLE TV 1306 Braodway 11 Movie: Held Thet Ghoet. Bud Abbott end Lou Cottcllo. 6 Movlei The Pearl 11 Sutpente Movie 2t25-4 Newt 2:30-4 My little Margie 3:00-2 UCLA at USC Football. 3 Pre Game Show 4-12 NFL Countdown to Kickoff (eolor) 5 Gadabout Gaddit (color) 3:15-3 NCAA Football. UCLA vj, USC (color) 3:30-5-6 Viet Nam Seriet (color) 11 Saturday at the Rece* The Queen't County Hendicap. 4:00-4 Movie: The lend Unknown, Jock Mahoney, Shawn Smith. ' 5 NFL Game ef the Week 6 Ernett Tubb 11 Three Stooges 4:30-5 AFL Report (color) I 1 ? Rocky and Hit Friendt 12 Jerry Fetter 5:00-5 Adventure 11 Superman 12 Bobby Lord 5:30-4 Newt 5-6 Scherer and MacNell Report (eolor) •12 NFL Gam* «f the. Week (color) Ivening 6:00-2 Grend Ole Opry 3 ABC Scope 4-12 Newt .6 Death Valley Days (color) 6 Porter Wagoner 11 Polka Varietiet 6:15-2 Grand Ole Opry 3 Port Game Show 6:30-2-3 Shane (color) 4-12 Jackie Gleaion (color) 5-6 Flipper (color) 7:00-5-6 Pleaie Don't Eat the Dalilat. (color) n Route 66 7i30-23 lawtenee Wellt (color) 4-12 PIttela 'N' Pettieoata (color) 5-6 Gat Smart (color) >:00-4-12 Mlition: Impotiibia (color) 5-6 Movie: Come' Septewfcer, Rock Hudion, Cine lole- brigidia (color) 11 Nervllla Dollar 1:30-2-3 Hollywood Palace 11 Wreatling t:0O—4-12 Gunimek* 9:30-2 A*<Wle: Ahitomy of • Murder. Jimmy titrMtrt, Lao Remlck. 3 Fracturet Fllckera 10!00-3.4-5-6.)2 New* 11 Roller Derby )0i15r-3.Gueilward Ho 4 Movlti Operetlen Petticoat. Cery Grant, Tony Curtia, Jean O'Brlon. 6 Crippled Cftildrm Telethon .12 Weather 10:25-12 Sperti Fine! Mi30^ Tonlili* Urmw 4wl*r). SUNDAY PROGMM . Mernliig 6;(X)—12 Chritlopheri. 6:30-12 Big Picture. 6:45-4 Chrittophari 7:(50-4 Big Picture. 6 Faith For Today • 12 The leFevre't 'Show . • • — 7:20-2 Credo; Newt. 7:30—2 Pattern For Living. 5-12 Letter Family 6 Goipel Singing Jubilee 8:00-2 Meitage of the Rabbi. 4 Sunday Morning 5 Gpipel Singings Jubilee 11 Newt 12 Singing Time In Dixie 8:15—2 The Antwer. 11 Songt of Faith ' . J. 8:30-4 Faith Of Our Fathe/i. 6 Paducah Devotion l'l Singing Tfme In'D'ixie " 12 Hereld of Truth 8:45—2 Religioui Reporter. 9:00—2 Sacred Heart. 3 Beany and Cecil (color) 4-12 lamp Unto My Feet 5 Met. Church Federation (color) 11 Big Picture 9:15-2 Catholic Matt. 6. Hamilton Bretheri 9:30—2 Peter Potanwt (color) 5 Thit it the life 6 Hereld of Truth 11 Allen Revival 10:00-2-3 Bullwlnkle Show- (color) 4 Montage 5 Eternal Light 4 ThIt ia the life 11 The Antwer 12 Camere Three 10:30-2-3 Dlaeevery '66 4 Wey of life 5 Atom Ant. (color) 6-12 The Antwer 11:00-2 Beeny end Cecil:(color) S Educational 4 Search 5 Cerky'aCeloreiTM-'(eolor) 6 Popeye n Third Beptitt Church 12 Thit It the Life ^ 11:30—2 Peter Potemui (color) 4-12 Face the Nation 6 File Six 12:00-2 Linui the Lionhearted 3 Direction '66 4 My Little Margie 5-6 Meet the Preit (color) 11 Upbeat , . 12 Singing Timo-In Dixie 12:25-4 Newt 12:30-2 Stingray 3.Oral Roberta 4 Big Red Huddle 5 TBA ' 12:45-4-12 NFL Today. Philadelphie et San Franclice (color) 1:00-2 Movie: Hereulea Unchained 3 Sunday Matinee S Wild Kingdom (color) 11 Greateit Show en Earth 1:30-54 AFL Football. Buffalo et Houtton (color) 2:00-11 Champiohthip Bowlinf 2:00—Teiin. Tuxede (color) 2:45-12 m"T«fay. PWIedetpWa- et San Franeitco (coler) 3:00-2-3 Porky Pig (color) 11 Wrettling 3:30-2 Richard Diamond 3 Tenn. Tuxedo 4.00—2 Movie: Anatomy of a Murder. 3 Allen Revival 4:30—3 Laramie 5-6 College Bowl (color)' 11 Shirley Temple Theatre. Randolph Scott. 5:00-5-6 Frank McGee (color) . . 5:30—3 lawman 5-6 Telephone Hour (color) 12 Newt ivening 6:00-2-3 Voyage to the Bottom el the tea. 4-12 lastie (color) 11 Movie: lovo of Three Queent. Hedy lemarr. Robert Beatty (color) 6:30-4-12 It't About Time (color) 54 World of Color (color) 7:00-2-3 F.B.I. 4-12 Ed Sullivan (color) 7:30—5-6 Hey Landlord (color) II The Deputy 8:00-2-3 Movie: Courtship of Eddies Father (color) 4-12 Garry Moore Show (color) 5-6 BonenzB (color) 11 Focut on St. Louit 9:00-4-12 Candid Camera (color) 5-6 Andy Williams (color) M Movie: His Girl Friday. Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell. A girl reporter, helps e'condemned men escape prison. 9:30-4-12 What's My Line (color) 10:00-2-3-4-5-6-12 News 10:15-2-3 Weekend News 4-12 Sunday Big Newt . S. ban Devina (color) 6 Movie: On Moonlight Bay. Dorit Day, Gordon MacRae. (color) 10:30-2 Movie: Wrong Arm of the Law. Peter Selert, Bernard Jeffriet. 3 Movie: Wind Across the Everglades. 4 Movie: Yankee Bucaneer. Jeff Chandler, Susan Ball, 5 Movie: TBA 12 Merv Griffin Show IO;45-n. Movie: Jail Breakers, Robert Hutton, Mery Castle. Three escaped convictt travel to ghost town. 11:45—2 Scope 12:00—2 Outdoor Living 12:15-2 Newt; Credo 12:20—4 Movie: The Actress. Spencer Tracy, Jean Simmons. 12:30—3 Newt 1:00^5 Newt' 2:00—4 Newi Warns Grange Of Raids On Road Funds MINTSTEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — If a current anti-liighways campaign is successfu, the National Grange'was warned Wednesday, "the taxes we pay for road« ttds nation needs will be used instead to subsidize rapid rail transit or sotne other non- highway purpose." Arthur C. Butler, director of the National Highway Users Conference, said urban interests are seeking to "raid" the federal ))ighway trust fund and could threaten completion of the interstate highway system. He said rail systems for urban commuters would benefit most from a raid on the trust fund. Butler said he doesn't oppose a balanced approach to transit problems "so long as it does not mean using highway money to balance the books of other transportation forms which tend to run in the red." He pointed out that the highway fund resulted from a user tax on such items as gasoline. Butler told the Grange's 100th convention that farm people have M vital interest at stake. I .'.'Your.taxes, levied and dedi- -cated to highways on which your products could ride to market, and on which you could drive to and from the cities, will be used instead for a facility to serve urban ters," he said. commu- Slayer Of Six Gets The Chair NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) Arthur J. Davis, convicted of slaying six persons in a shooting spree, was sentenced Thursday to death in the electric chair The sentence was handed down by three judges who convicted Davis less than 24 hours earlier on six counts of first-degree murder. 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