The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 28, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1933
Page 4
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L^Wiiiyi t*- i- gag I,, 11 eoiamjue. FBont P. L. Qtrfmby of Ltncoln, Net* came ra test Thursday caned by the fttddea illness and death o his brother-in-law, Barnes Ptsfcer ntfrtheftst of Hatting*. Mr. by Was visfttog In Matvefa Friday. Mrs. Hotter Faiel and Mrs Rot Hetriek, Pattfcy aad Vcmeta left Friday for Aneftoa to tisft otef Christmas with borne folks Mia« Jessie Woftmaa came in Friday etealag from Wa«sa« Wit. to visit otef the holiday* with home folk* and friends. tt> 6. Bramraelef of Emerson Was in town Saturday attending the sale aad greeting old friends and called to order The Leader •eat to him for another year. Mr. and Mr*. L. 2. Crocier aad daughter Prance* returned yesterday to their home ia Ottumwa after an over Christmas visit with their mother, Mrs. eta Durbin. James Durbin from southwest of Emerson Was ia town Saturday aad we enjoyed a brief visit with him. Mr, Dufbia said they had not sealed up a great deal of cora ia his neighborhood, bat thought a number of them would. Hie tanas are mostly in Indian Creek township, I* B, Brammeter, Mills coua* ift biggest swine grower, whose flae hog plant i* located five talles north of Emerson, was in town Saturday and attended the sale. Mr. Brammeier was not so much interested in the corn loan - i n.-i—jg Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Rockaf rt low cam* in from Chicago Bitftt day morning to spend Caffttm** wftft his parents, Mr. and Mrs PftOk Reekafeitow, aefthweit « gastfngs atd other relative* they were fn towa Sataf day aft- etaooa aad Oofdon made as an appreciated can. He fs gefiefal atrdftof for the ctmee Press, one of the largest printing eoftetfni in the World, aad his work takes hint otef a good deal of th* country as they hate plants In an the largest eastern tad middle western cities. ffe* feti Parade of Oman* — Bigger, Better aad more comics In the Sunday Bee-News starting January 7. 1« pages of comics instead of 12. THB SUNDAY BBB- NSWS. proposition at he usually buys corn more oftea thaa he has any to jell. He raited over 1800 pigs . this year. George, Harvey, and Tom $4-1. J. P. Wearin wat ap to Council Bluffs Friday visiting Joe Wearin ia the hospital. He con tlanes to Improve aad hopes to be able to come home by New Years. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fletcher came down from Omaha Saturday evening to visit over Sunday and Christmas with Mr. and Mrs fohn Fletcher. All drove to Shea- andoah Sunday and were dinner guests ia the Seth Byers home. Miss Vivian Priest came in rom Kearaey, Nebr. Priday eve- ling to spend the holidays with ler parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. S, Priest, and friends. Mrs. Wallace Henderson and daughter, Norma, of Red Oak visited from Thursday evening until Sunday in the Ben Martin home. Ye*r»End Sale of Coat*. Beau- Mf flail ibfcii.*. —-lus***** JwTR XUtfata frwwM Ma Sir. ted *m. Pat Sheridan of Crtlfofi drove down Strttday |g*ifaf STVd spent rtre tttf wfth m. **a »rt. t .ft. am Mrt. Rayftoftd Hal! «ognttf, Jo*n, frete down mm Wrateftef attff tftfted ot« Sftnday wfth their parents, Hf and Mrs. I. It. Halt. Jfontfa they an drove bat* t l *ad ate theff mm* ditrtef there. Pred Hall and family spent Strnday and Cnffstaw* ete fa Omaha with Ms sfstef, Mrs. Hftd Wenant, aad famfly. From t&er Mr. Hail went the following day to Yankton, So. Dak. to help OS car Man get located. Mr. aad Mrs. Ralph Hossle attended a f euftioa of the John Hossle famines ia Emerson Sunday Mf. and Mfg. John Hossle who recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary have spent the greater part of their life in Emerson and Vicinity, honored and respected by all who know them. Miss Rath Walker came home From Cbarttofi Friday where she attends high school, to spend the holiday vacation with her parent*, Mf. afld Mrs. Homer Walker. /. *». Wearta Jr. arrived home tt*..»t*r.« «n * . * u ™i xear»isaci sale or Coats. Beau MuS?*1«S« IF" I ? tflw 5 tlful •"«"•«• »»deb/«Red 5"5™ r * t "««>0ing the sale and f e rn" and other fine coatVita** barbecue, 'Mayor W. H. Cramer of Emerson was in town Saturday greeting old friends and viewing the crowds at the sale and barbecue. Mr. Cramer says their CWA work In Emerson is progressing nicely aid they are getting their streets rapidly this nice Superintendent Amy of Oleawood epeat gravelled wpather. iOounty Hammers Sunday and ; Christmas visiting her sitter and other Malvern rela- tiyet and friends. John Dilts, the veteran anc- Uoawr of Randolph, was in town Sa,tttrdar attending the sale and greeting old time friends of whom , here, iM a large number, around • . Otoanuioe, Sale of , , Trimmed t Coats, wool dresses, .pecial groups of silk dresses M«. 0,' 0. 'accessories. "%]« * __i.-2;^» »dr. ,,..._ RESO CHEATER 0 MAUV1HN,^ IOWA |FilMY.»TIIHY • I^IMWmHIMM^ IIUjIBM^p^^l^ '* m END OF THE TRAIL .Comedy, *8 of Operation* lOo and s0e SUNDAY • MONDAY Joan POOTLliNT PARADE WEDNESDAY ONLY „,. NIGHT Ryan*! Alice Brady BEAUTY FOR SALE ^ j?y ****** The Empress m - v " yq» all a osperoua and other fine coat makers. Sites 13 to 60. — Mrs. C. 0. Nickols Apparel Shop, Shenaadoah, adv. Misses Etta and Pearl Miller from over Olenwood way were in town Saturday and called to enroll upon our subscription list for the coming year. They are Ion time readers of The Leader anu we appreciate the nice things they said of our paper. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wilson an little daughter, Doris Valeria came down frOm Des Moines Frl day evealag for aa over Cnrta! ma* visit in the Jesse Wilson aa Fred Newell homes and give th little' miss a chance to becom better acquainted with her quartet of grandpareats. Wood Vestal from down below Strahaa was In Saturday and called to advance his subscription. Wood *aid that It would'he a quiet Christmas at hi* boo** a* most of their children were cotag elsewhere, for celebrations > bu J»at they were all coming horn-,, for New Year* and then the; would, *how them a good'time. He aa* the turkey all ready aad W. E. Kera* left Saturday night for Trenton, Mo, to spend Christinas with hi* mother. It is the first Christmas he had spent with her for eleven years. Mrs, Kem* spent Christmas with her parent*. Mr. and Mrs. Joh^Imel, in Hastings. Mr. and Mrs, Mayo Bass arove to Red Oak Christmas mprnlag to eat their Christmas dlaaer w«a their daughter. Mrs. B. M, Throckmorton. Mr, aad Mrs. Throckmorton have but recently moved to Red Oak from Lenox, - 1 —- he WM engaged. J B the bak - —— --TW^W—*» 9«9 ***V f/f|J^T ery bmlness and consolidated hi* bakery with the NeU W » B rter y in Red Oak. They heia their for« m»l opening last Saturday. Mayo Baas Jr., a student in college at the holidays. Alva Q, Davi» and family drove to Henaerson and ipeat Ohrtst- m»8 wjth Mrs. Davis'* parents, east of that place. J. H. Shore spent Saturday ana Sunday out at the home of his ^ u « hte j. Mn. R. J, Rwe, S Ton Monday went to Council Blu 7«h the Ruses io tlTeh Q »ni i. if. Bacon, to an^'h' ^.° y v S ' Gu «I«r'8 *i*|er anq nar busbandj Rev, a^a MI», ssySHllS" Wednesday evening of last week froai Chicago where he attends Chicago University. He will spend the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. j. P. Wearin. Mr. aad Mrs. 0. P. Fryer aad daughter, Doris, of Cedar Rapids drove to Malvern last Friday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Mary Roth, and her sister, Mrs. J. o. Laird, and Dr. Laird. They returned home Tuesday. R. K. Piper aad soa, Edward, drove to Omaha Wednesday night where they attended the big meeting of Dodge dealers and the >anquet at the Pontenelle hotel. They report a large aad eathusl- astie meeting. Prank Hilton from down near Randolph was ia towa Saturday. Miss Marjorle Pratt returned to her home in Omaha Sunday after a several days vi*it with Miss Oretchen Oidley. The girls are fellow student* ia Lindenwood college. Dr. Thos. W. Oidley left yesterday moralng for Des Moines to attend a meeting of the State Vet- *»* #*» * j6ffi&jfr jfc^dc 5^*"* WBJT »• w ••* •«»*•» ••••* •••» eiflfci to of*** *»S Leader ftgafn. Wfoj AtatftiL ^jdUgibSSk fiSrata/a- 14. AJS0 JEvQCu {pOuliVUu uiftiiiv TIT list We**, from fttfiffersoft, 8. ft, where ate ft teechftg tit* yeaf, w tftf&DQ Elmsr fret unmamy TVCBUDB ), Mr. taf Mr». She wat *ceom- m wu**av*** Muv n no •v%*vur- , ay Pred PTckef aM Mfst May Picker who at* tftftfa* ft Harry Nelson a«d Alfred B*fr com drote the K&nte it Nelson tfack to tankton. So. Oak. Hot- day battling the honsehoid gewds of Mf. add Mrt. Oscaf Haft who ftr6 ffiOTIfilf tftfrrfe f trio ^FNHSk, TBffty retftfned the same etening. drove to Winner, So. Ue l»rt of tht w^tet to vilft w »tt «telt» . kaytot, Mrt. ifeti* of Red 6*1 wef* maa CaaTOuflffi of CrlSBwOWfl oforo etef Chrfstrtas d*t to eat tfeelr I CMIstfirt* iffiatf wftft tfcetf i«r- ' I ftntfft *JH[r. ftuflt Ufa* ** W* mwrnffy. I Mr. and Mrs. R, W, Safyftrt efr. tertifned at fffAaef 0% Chftstfta* tat, «f. and Mrs. George P. 8*1- yett, Mf. aftet Mrs. f. L. Satyif*, Joe and tommy, W. D. Kattda; and Mf. a«d Mrs. Howafd Ifeat- m. Mrs. 1. «. Kayton, Miss §i> f f Balrers. 8, M. Cfimtl, 1M feiA-4 H^MauiL-H "BH! urisweil* r Mr. sttd Mrs. j. M, ^s*s to ted* to spend Cnttstifils retfctfvef of Mrs ail gfandmottreV, Fatetef , ateomptnWd ttt» « Biu«Syflit«rday Caftttttct wtla ntt A Quiet wouQllrB uwK pfvCV «* 8 o-eltfck oft C*tWt«4» eve at tie IrotAe of Sr. hitf Mr*. ftain« e«« ' ttrtr ei*«rt d, wltt tfMttd In ttiffl*f<s ford tt. bnienay, sft* «rf Mr. »«d Mrs. 8. 0. tmishfcy of west of ttAlteth. Ofelr It* ItttBwJiirtft njeftb«fl tf the two f*»«!« at&d tft« weddtftl. CaftdlM illtted the fiftttf fttofii tfie feMBMS Wltef* a student State University, was visiting friends in Maltern yes- Christmas Dinners returned B stt» W«B them fof ft weeks titit. Mfc and MM, AfldTf, iiid Mr. and ifr*. td Shttbfc Kebi'. Suft- Chrtitaia* in the hitter home. 8erk (Conlinned front page i) Mr, and Mfs. o, A, etrahaa — •—— — -™w ^»» m»»^ K9veea,Q Y Wfc" erlnary Board of which he is chairman. Miss Phyllis Church of Sioux City and Richie Church of Mar- •halltowa visited Mr. and Mrs. H. J, Bentoa over the Christmas holiday*. Mr*. Sadye Mclntyre and Lucille tpent Christmas in Omaha Tisltlng at the home* of Mr. and Mrs. John Nellea and Mrs. Dorothy Lewi*. Mr. aad Mr*. Frfcncls Haldeman, came in from Lincoln to •pend Chrtetma* with Jd Mw^lQ. A, I»i —,- Helen s;Knlght, weniMto Conndl Bluffs fcttrday to^^ Christmas aad visit a few daya her *oa, Robert, and family. county Farm Bureau agea't, epeat n '" 1 -— at hi* home in Harlaa, H. ' v»~-^ ¥ rs< Albert J»«>ke an4 daughters, Ardlth, Edith, and Aa» ate, of Mansfield, Ohio came last -** ««f ^Jted over ChristauJ. Ith Malvern relatives ana thea "If,?" *?- Holt ' Kan - Tuesday visit other relative*, .nrtL^t.Jf™ 1 CIJffo »'d Alstrope ana two chiiaren were down from )maha for an over Christmas visit n tbe.L. W. Miller home. • •i 60 !!* p *" on « * n * Mis* DWe sp'ent ChHstmas with their daugh< ter, Mrs. John Wright, and family at Oleawood. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Anderson of Imogeae were Christmas guests ia the home of their cousins, Mr, and Mr*. E. fi. Edlund, northwest of Malvera. j Mr. aad Mrs. p. S. Priest drove! . > Hancock to spend Christmas with hit brother, Harry Priest, aad family. The X. A. Imel fam* j lit of Olldden were also guest* there. Mrs. M, Cunningham entertained oa Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. Will!* Reed of Madison, Nebr., Mr. aad Mrs. Ira X!. Frit*, Mr. and Mr*. Marshall Cunningham aad daughter, Mrs. Wlaget, and daughter, Joan, and Mr. aad Mrs. Pred Buttmaaa and Margaret Ann. Mia* Emma DeHart of Platta- mouth came over Saturday for ah over Christmas visit with her sitter, Mrs. B. C. Kayton. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McCaus- ..- desire ia this way to ex press our sincere appreciation to our neighbors and friends for their kindness and sympathy e»* tended at the time of the death of our daughter aad sister, Chas. Walker * aad family. Clarence Nagel and Pauline Pollltt Wed land and Mac Jr. and W, W, ^ nlson drove to Omaha Christmas morning and had dinner with the Williams family. Mrs. William* was formerly Katherlne Tunlson. Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Mulholland entertained at dinner Christmas day;, Mrs. Isaac Mnlholland and daughter. Prances, and Mrs (fraee Worti.and «ons, ; Charles William, and James, and daugh ter, Hope, of Omaha, and Mr. an Mr§. Frank Sharrat of, Dej /; On Christmas . eve v the; - »^57» jT * ^T*' *« T *»w»wwiw. Wtalned at dinner Christinas day, Mr. and Mra^P, R. Chaatry ^Mr, aad Mr*,., Roy ~ daughters. Alice and «»,», w , v Oonacli Bluff* were guMt« chrk- aa* ia the borne,of Mr. aad Mr* Harry Nelson. Omaha n Malvera, Ruth * n ~,.r "~"* W 7" e returned r*r h eml|1K * roro ' B W»» her home there, Rev, and Mr*, p, ad family visits gathering was held at the borne of Mr, and Mr§. Henry Aistrope Chrtstmai when .they had ;wltb , them Mr, and *Xn. Verae McMahlH,. *oV Max, and 4a«gbj ? r, Alice Jane, of Carthage, m., Mrs, Anita\,jon** and daughter, Joavo«,Cregto»,.D. T, McKianonfand fla.nghter. father- Sidney ursoa spent I: w^ Vn xt f •*• fej d^/,. tMwSju V-.-/' '^r^ •*; -T-W^ V ^' • "M •)} r ~ -..-f'. Mrs. Sftnx at ty. •* —*» w«^*»-» ***a* aad]Mr8.5inH v _,, Mr. -.,..., :, Md Mr*, Arthur T M»d Mrs, Will daughter, Vejma, »R4 Mrs. Sdwaru __ MIM Lenore 8t»cy at M »^» A«Be», ftnd G* sc&el, AH did Justice t_ »»a_ turke^' n^^-'|^P- »»« Mr* J«i$ ^LftMii *. ******** L*fc *on of Mr. and Mrs. Bd gel, and Miss Paulina Pollitt, , d . att8b !f r °* Mr - * B(I Mf «- B* *«*• Utt, all of the Straban community, took place Saturday, Deo, S3, ln-8henandoah, R«f. Peter Jftcobs, pastor of the Congregational church, officiating. « TTie happy couple were accompanied by Mrs. Bd Pollltt and Mrs. Ed Nagel and, daughter, Dorothy, and all returned the same evening. The bride and groom are among the most popular of the young people of that community and the congratulations and good ! wishes of all who know them are theirs. They will make their home for the present with his parents. Two Slightly Injured «a Car Overturn* Monday *trahan ™« >Pand 9d the y^4 «_< ^r,' ""••^f*^ vfCapwi'^wwii ffi£S'. bra ^t» d *«»t*«V MISS-'Davis i back wa* illghtly >-_ » -,'^Jy^W' - * ~ •^•y j -'^-'«'|F,-jpry,^»«fn»a i i;»ofiy s^rr-^fep.afejl * Both rowwpaBttf «Mftfr&fc| il» tnltiA** v-.t. * J7i^fr^ i* V**** -.•~« ^-—. _ V .^. WH m, f iHo ROT* £** S* •Utotii&Eifit && fla-Jh 'Artte4tf* MtAJStil' i*&- wHBlHOr Vw Hid COapiO BTOvQ oil* 9or £!i ttrHl llf frm*7 JlwSf ^fl^ill tfhct jiKjyUt^jc LJL Jegfc dtfeuLarv *jatrft , jk$L^^ UBUavTDm vy ffu fl^DoC. *"vv'^ «ff6 Light refreshment* were *ett> ed followlBg the eWemdriy. The offdt wore • white foagh crepe dress with matching far trimmed cape. The bridegroom was attired in A dark hint suit. Both Mr. aad Ufa. Wllehay were graduated from Maltera high school with the class of If W, Mrs. Dillehay attended Nebraska State Normal college at Peru and Mr, Diliehar attended Simpson Conservatory at Music where he was affiliated with the Alpha Delta Alpha fraternal order, He has beea engaged ia fara* tag southwest of Maltern for the past year where they wilt soon I he at hoae to their friends. I Oa Christmas day they were! honored with a « o'clock dianer p. Dillehay. other guest* were Mr. aad Mrs, Fraak Ralnet, Donald and Gladys, Matine .Van On* del, Harold Patterson, and Don- aid aad Ellison Dillehay. . Choral Society Member* Sing ChristmM Carol* A part of the members of the Malvera Choral society met Chrtotma* Ere at the home of Mrs, Zelma Fletcher, aad from there net out oa aa evening's ex* peditioa of carol singing. At many a Malvern home the group j-on**d householder* with lusty refadl- tloa* of the better-known carols. At several place* generous cltiaens invited the alagera la to warm themselves after the chilly tramp, and served them refresh- meat*. After singing at more thaa two doiea home*, the carolitt* wrved themielve* a hot- oyiter the W, P. Wortmaa home, Entertain Onesta at Dinner •> - .' - e»5 tertained at aWeou™ 'dinner " ^CT uf^u •«OT-.»» Tlfelrli wVI It 889J teeVdtnaff 1NMt'*t n vHHk*. V9* „ w«« Austin B«te, Mrt. ft^ttt i?«tf - - * - - JaaSff Jara» M». *r«ovu4 MOB F C «Niv MMl also *a»i i dftet 8*5 L. 8. §«ffi HfB «tJhftstntal feadlnf, * -Js-^V , AtteMfte ptefTMSi fenla CHtrt appeafed and distrttmted tft« fh'i at« fn**tfftg, igaift an aff day meeting, wfli bt h*!-* »— i? it the L««1I* ~ ^MBa Piiny IMP Oladyt OillitaM gate a — i*rtr tt.tfce s. ft *:—* -*-• *% MI !*V Iteaiig fo* her Sunday school ct*»* of glMi. A gift wchange wag * featuw of: the party. QamM were piar^ •?**.?*!?* *^mhft«a» tad t . •» fieaton. m" at th* att«rnOdfl: game* and In the late afternoon delieiom refretnment* contiitlng of lor ereaa, oake, and choeolate Santa Ctattte* were served, v IMOGENE Mr*. £. p. Uuf hlb Break* I»Taken to Ital Mrs. B. p. Laughlih had thet misfortune to fall dowa a few--, •tep« at her home northwest ofe' Imogen* l*st-Thursday, afteraooa aad broke her leg/Her^son, Mathew» war ia the house 1 with heF whea the aecideat occurred. RepV reseatatlve Laaghliafaad daugh- SSLME* J2A .Tt- .«« .»* town. 0t r warin ifturf&SF ««.«»«. v T 9 * *•«.•!?*>*». H»V* position out • contiaued iow«i> ObrMMi ^WSMSK : SSS-*2 r ^ te WrJfW «!«¥? DelOW CerO Mondaw *.»»!,«. TV igtw^^i-jw^immggsjss ^g^^sm^&SmSm •«W* f«^KMWUfl&«Sr^ Molae* were called home at one*.;* Mr*. Laughlin was t§k Mercy, hospital in where *-ray* were broken* bone* *et, At Md.famlly spent » Laug led foyer. Chi rentk, Mr,,»ada»r«. r J > v'^'i^ _ _,-'-*v,->«iM pr';:a>a, Mrs. M*r< ^.^liiiiTr^'«»« iT *Wl^ K: i-.!<... r^J-i^" fl-'^S^l. i " «j \,

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