The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ,!: CARK.)' COURIER WEDNESDAY; JULY 7, Athletics Trim Senators 5 to 3 Gam* is Called in . ftth to Enable Team T« Catch Train Crackers Break' Seven-Game Losing Streak By Kdwln Pupr ATLANTA. Gil., July 7. fUI»>— * For vrrtrs Southern Asocial ion loams !i:ivo looked forward to rending "the decline und full of the Atlanta CiiK-kers." The volume is almost Is In the printers' hands now bin the Georgians iminngcd to liall production al least, t* tnpmiu llv last nichl by joltiiiR Himiinghani, 6-t<j-:'. 'Die fiftlt-pLiu-p crni-kers. who Lest They Forget By Carl I.undqulst (United PrrM Sports U'ritrrl NEW YORK, July 1. <UP> —1 he possible pitfalls of a day coach journey between Washington and Boston were at least one of the reasons today why lhe Philadelphia Athletics were only 10 peiTrntapp pointsj liavi * wmi niol( * IH-nnanLs lhan atiy out of first place in the Americ-un '[ '^un in league history. WILVHK"' League rivce. \ frftismeni of their shredded prc? There were other reasons, too suih I'V ,*' stte|l ^ ln *» f-ail I.mckji; UK the fact that Die Athletics have I [l ^;. lu !, te .L V!l^ ll '!.?!L,. bll)k< been (he most consistent tt-srii in the race shire the very .start of Ihf season. But since nobody UK- orrd on Ihe A's beintf up (here rtt rhts stage of the }i;\ii^e, the export .s were looking lor an easy way out. And that Irnin nip from Washington io Boston i. 1 ; as Rood ft w»y ns Tom N'eill's ninth limner lu-lpcd minp in the lhu'<i wilh otle a- oRid Ailiinlii baltcj-s Ijincked 10 ii> n(f Ah'x .Honrav. scor ll-.r ..rcujul. tliiid and \mitn nn>. In a game they prubably would have won any\\ ay. ilie At hie tics lopped the Senator. 1 -'. 5 lo 3 Ht Washington last night, called fltifM- eipht innings to neimil Wa'-hin^ton to ratch a (rain for ;i Kiuije at BoMoa Tonight'—a jump i lie players could have made in time by <i;iy I'oach, Prairie Schooner or pnfio Mii'k. Rookie Lou Bri^-ie won his eighth victory. Striking out nine, though he yielded 11 hits. Tlie Senators, who hari llrisMe on the ropes with t*vo ninis in the eiclith. might have won ii in the ninth had ihcy gotten another rhflnce. Eddie Jo^.st got a Philly homer. Timers Trim (1rrcJ:imI Tlie Tigers cut Cleveland's place lead lo less than half a game by winning a 9 to 0 decision ni Bui Mobile, confronte'il i exrelh-sii rhiuH-i' of tlnoMii into Hie N:i*.hville n'vivs. is determined 'o i oiuinne 1 IIP edition in- nii;ht. The Crmliers j-'und Mnirnrly ni the prirJi of a Hrtini rhiimpinn- ! sldp bid, >iru'<- Mobile ti;iils the Vols by only i uo-n nd-:i-half R;irm-s. j MubiEp's chntnrs ;u<- drfinilflv 1 enhsinreil l.v thr Na^luiHi- nppnsiv- | inn. Tin- Vols Hike on ihe nunbnn- | ciioiis Memphis Chick:i>a\v.s. And Jtu-k Oil slow's C'hii-ks have inrKip Ii:ii5 out of prp-sr'flvjin jiickors who put ilie [nitfcr oil Mrmphis for thn leiu-ue c i oH;ir. The third plare Mrmphian*; are ridiup surprise a JUT Miiprlsp nn the .sireiiRlh of Cuu-hi-i ,N,<> Asiioth's S:/:'.UMK .3M hitting pan-, nnd on I \ fietdrr GJOV<T OowfjV \W2 niftrk, first! plus il '"""-^wd sprinkling of pii- chliiK nnd iilI-nrmuHl ctcfensivt! play. w Orleans, a stone's throw iniliur No, ^ Ii fame. C;i:vt;'!;n K: n while ;< group of l iuhlful IV :l l.;iiui;;in pl;icf-s iho uniform in ;i : uLinjjiU'ib look on al Coopcvblown, N.Y. Top Slugqers to Mainstay Ail-Star Nines in Inter-Loop TiSt, Votes Show CHICAGO. July 7. .sln{;<.'fHR imni bo'h ami Niiliunnl I_<"'H'.;'i'' ll-.-slnr iiiin.s in (ln v hual iutcr-h-ii^'-U' flu. 1 -' a- - July !3, linal Tlie Tigers trul Cleveland's fir^l r ". il '";'»;^«'« MirniKiitiK of pu- i llu-ir :.!l-Mar nni..s in i!ir l;,ih an- place lead lo less than hair a game C 'V! 1K ll '«i »H-n>-mui<l defensive play, nual inti-r-ls-i^-.ip rl^h ;.t Kt. Ix.'.j.s bv winning a 9 to 0 decision ni . , Orleans, a stone\ throw a- = July 13. linal t;ibnl;<t ions ,.: il: • Cleveland as Dfv,/y Trout pitched \ ° M ' vl '"D]-plnt-e Clniilanooua , popular YOU- a, pick ihr .suitmr: sjx-hit ball for his eighth triumph " lnvps ™ t>k lnl ,° ilc ' l!on llt «lnn1n B - lineup., ^hov.erl u^lay. and conlribuied a houier. Vic \Vt.-- I"?', /. V; ^^ oul ' s viwt ™:k-b,>t- Tcd v/illUun.s, !hr H l( ,i<m R.-d ti also got a Detroit homer will; ' " 0<h - , ,w ox oiiilirlder svho is iui:s in Uu: teams failed lo place al on-? mini on the suirlin:; 18. They ueie' Pit's'.jnrftli and Cincinnati in ill.- National League and Wa.shin£u,n and St. l.'iiu.s in tin 1 American. Luxora Methodist Nine Defeats Yarbro 4 to 2 Phillips Batsmen Humble Jaycees Sullivan-Nelson Hint Wins Decision Over Blytheville Motors ScorinR 19 runs on 13 hii.s. the Phillips Motor soliball team tooled 0 IT Ihc J a y cco.s ho t si rca k wilh a 19 lo 6 vicloj-y at Walker Park last] night, while Sullivan-Nelson took j advanliw of the breaks to score I an 8 io 3 decision over the FJlylhe- ] villc Motor Co, ealry. i I Phillips Motors (allied throe in! Ihe open in? inning and added to this i lead with two in the second but the < Jaycce.s took a load in the second I with a .six-nuJ rnlly, ihrir only (allies of the conies t. Five .straiuht on bulls was ihc important factor in the Jnycoes scoring nnd Ind Kf pitcher Donnor's downfall and his replacejnonl by Tom Dorlis in tl^is inning. The Moiuj'nien j'eally went to work In the fourth and fifth with 6 and H runs, respectively. The SP< find game wa.s fast and t tcht, with t he exception of t he - Wlh when the niythcvlllo Motor' c tr-w blew up. Pitcher Ted richer not. himself in trouble by walking I Ptitton. 'he first Chc'Violet batU-rJ LnclbrMter (ionljled and t'd Duncti's t lotiR fly wns (Efoppcd by the left- i iV'lilr-i before Hicks popped 10 the . shorislop. Iliii'ntinjn's I riplc cleared ' thr- |i3Sf-5 ^nd was followed by a ' walk i" Day and Hrnfon'.s triple. \ Oorris and H ui then went out. in ; , . ,. ( . ; oi<ir*r >n:i the datuam* hsul been <lonr. A i i-U 1 time. IJlyihovillo Motor 1 was leading 3 lo I and had Riven no him of whni was to come as Fisher had struck out five and .sc;U- icLfd live hits evenly through four innings. A fast Chevrolfl dotiblc play In the third, when Little lined hm'd lo Hon ni short, who rioubhd Olympic Pin-Up Gir! Couch Jean Caza scolds Maily Moroni] at Pans pool for an mipcr- Tcction in her diving U'clinuiue. The 20-yc.u- old f>irl rose inelr- orienUy to the top, winning the European women's I'lumipionsliip after only three months of training. She has been selected as the pin-tip girl of the French Olympic team. Chicks Seek Lift To Fourth Place In Missco League Tlir Blylheviile Chicks win m»t the Victoria nine here tonielu in an attempt to pull themselves fart- j her off the floor of the Mississippi Comity Semi-Pro League cellar. A win over the third-place Victoria sriuad would nssvirc the Chicks a boost to the fourth-place spoi and sucii a victory would be a promotion even if Dogu-ood should , c core an upsel over the league- leaclinp o.^ceola Inctian-s when they tangle toni?hl at Osceola. The Chicks were better! from Ihe cellar -spot Friday hy a 10-5 win over DoBWOod. They are now in iifth i>lacc with a .364 average. O.iceola capped iis July Fourth holiday by moving to the top of Die heap Sunday nBri is expected io .stay there regnrdless of the outcome of the tilt tonight with Dogwood. A los* t>\ Victoria dub, however. \voulri tlirnw il into a third plate ;ie vi'iUi Number Nine, one of the learns idle tonight. A Dogwood lois will keep that clnb in the cellar, The Chicks have won four and lo.'t se»'cn cu date. Vi-toria has won loin" and last live. O.sceola's rccoril shov,.s eight, wins and two losses while Dof;,vood hns won three and o'topjW?cl -six. I ifhe tonight are tlie seconii- f place Lutes Bulldogs. The Bulldogs ! mc^t fouj'th-place Number Ni:ie Kuminy afternoon oti the Nincrs' cii.unor.d. liit^hliyhts rtf the eanie- !:Mlp had on a hit. lor The circuit in his lirst ap- ycnrs peai'ance al bat. College Students Build Their Own Dormitory WILMINGTON, O. .UCi The liOO students of lillle \\ r ilnntiKtoti Kishor otT second was one of the Collese will be able to InoV: T5-nian doj'initory !n the to rorne and s- 1 ;.' "I helped '• build that." The students, men and women alike, have turned out to do the actual building work on the new project. Tlie seir-buildim; program, srow- inp, out of the lilsh cost of build- ins materials and a shortage funds was suggested by the Tammany Up to Date NEW YORK' lUPt — The New York County Democratic Organ:- z.uion. Tammany Hall, will sponsor a series of television broadcasts showing the operations of the various city departments. of dents They are pledged to do fl certain amount of^the labor on tha dormitory during the next five months. Skilled work will be done s[n-by regular craftsmen. t>o in en on base as the Timers took the series, two games to one. i The on-coming KetJ Kox won their third straight one-run decision from the Yankees. -2 lo 1 as Joe Dobsois cwilpiU-heci Frank Hitler In a duel M Boston. Birdie Tebbetls dropped a perfect squeeze bunt to score Bill Goodman from third with the marginal run In the second. Oobson's victory, bis 10th. would have been & shutout had not YOB! Herra doubled home a tally In the eighth. NationalSoftballTourney, Sponsored by VFW, Plan For Little Rock in August LI'ITI.K ROCK. Ark , Ju'ly 7 ; IUP>—Tennis | mm n[ least 13 ' slates KIC rxprcifd to pluy in Hie Vcli-rniw ol ForciKii Wars national .soliljiill loinTianleiM liorc Aus. 1-1. In iuUlition to Arkansus. tliev Include New York.>. Missouri. North and South Dakota. Wiscnn- The Browns withstood the chal- .si,,. California Michi-nti lenge of the eighth place White So.x | ana. Texas. Tcniuj Rt least temporarily, by topping them 7 to 6 as Pat Seerey dropped I and «, fly ball to let hi the lying Vim und a walk and singles by At Zar- 11U »nd Whitey Plntt, provided tlie ginning tally. .Four hit pitching by Rookie Vcr- lijon Bickford. In which he marie only one mistake, seiving up a thrce- rjm homer to Johnny Mizc in Hie! Memphis third, enabled the Braves to trip' xBirming the GlanLs. A to 3 ami increase their Rational I.enKue lead to three games A two-runner by Frank McCormick put Boston ahead to slay in the fjfth. and luv.a. mu-bteakjni: tula! of -I.1C7.HI:! lin.s ;M.SI ballcjl.-i throush llicir IOIM! Williams p.illi'd l.Mfi7St vnt.-. jns{ ecijint: on: .Stan Mnsiii!, 'fi' .St. l.t.ins Caic'iiii'ls 1 lu-a\'y hitt.'r. Musial, uoiv hiltint 1 an a^lrnno- inical .-tlli. tini.Ou'ii .S^KIIU) m The slartci.s, itccut riiiu: to tin- rules o! the game, must remain on Ihe Held [nr Ihe Ihivi' innings j Each slnte will send its chainpion Then Hie rnrina^'is. tins Hucky nner-up teams. Baseball Standino Nnshville Mobile xAllama Nr« p Orlc-ans Cliattnnoa:;n Li:Hn Rr:k x -NiBllt name. w. L. I.KAtiMK . ... 51 30 .... « (12 is :is -i:i ^8 •n .. ,:i7 46 •19 47 NATIONAL :The Cub! won » horrendous l'2 lo v <0 decision from ibe Cardinals at St. Louis In a game called after eight j "nslon innings by Agreement. Bill Nichol- i *£< Ixiuis son hit it homer in Chicago's fin- ! Pittsburgh M two-run rally. The Cubs took 'New York » 5 to 0 lead in the first Inning and • Philadelphia »t one time had a 10 to 3 lead l Braoklj n »-hlch they blew. Stan Musial hit Cincinnati a homer and two single* to boost ! *Chteaco his major league leading average i x Night game. to .416 in a losing cause. ! The Reds put over three runs in aMI.RICAN the ninth Inning on the Pirates fur ' the second straight time to win a Clevcliind 6 to < decision at PittsburK. doubles; Philadelphia by Bobby Adams and Ted Klnsw- New v °rk wslcl being the key blows. Frankie Boston Gustine hit a homer for Piltsburg "etroit in a losing cause. Washington .The r>odgers won their fifth straight game. 5 to 0 from the Phils »t Philadelphia as pitcher Hank Bern-man, recalled reluctantly from ' the Montreal farm club, pitched an I eight-hitler and Gene Hermanski \ got himself involved in a fist ficht with,Catcher Andy Semtnick of the Phils. Hermamki's double was the key blow in a three-run Dodger first inning and the rhubarb stan- I ed when he collided with Herman- i ski at the plate. Both were banished | from Ihe game. Rookie Oenr°e' iShotgun'i Shuba.. who has been ! hitting sensaiionally since being j brought np from Mobile, hit a two- rim Dodger homer in tlie ninth ..38 ..37 . 34 ..35 .-32 . 33 ..30 I.. Pi 30 .5 32 .5 32 .,= 38 35 3!) 41 .IKfi -ns A~t\ .1:3 I:.U;UF W. L. 4S 29 41 30 . ...3G 3'J 37 .COB .577 34 32 xEl. Louis ...3(1 .xChii'ago 23 X—is'ight game. 31 Major League Scout It Visitor in Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark.. .;.,!, 7 .... HM Morse, ba.stball scout altachrri to Hie Philcdff'.pina Phillies. ;e: ( hrn- yesterday after spendms ..e\ci,;! dty? watching lhe jijavit-.g fif : .vn inl'.eld'.T.s lor the Osceola Indian.; :n the; Couiily Srmi-P- > League. .Morse came h-ie troin Djll?i TIXI.S. to_w:.tch lhe diamond IIIIIK o! Jerry \Vi=cman. fir.-! ba.-eman, I f-pd Pete Bennett. s!-.o:i .-top. ' ! 'Morse 1,^:1 yc.-5eir.ay !or Caniriin. I F|e al-o plan.- lo atie:;d the ;-'.T rseet ?.t Fo: i Snn;!: ceola. he W.LS Hie mi plebautn 31:0 J. U'. Ycster-'av'j Rcsi'Ms SOUTH EKN I.K.VGUE Atlanta 6. nil mitighain 2. NATIONAL I.J.ACUK Boston 4. New York 3. Brooklyn 5. Philadelphia I) Cincinnati f,. Pittsburgh 4. Chicago 12. St. Lotils 10. AMHIJICAN I.r.ACiUE St. Louis 7: f;hu:auo 6. Uelioit 9, Cicvel.-.r.d C. Phil--.df!p!-m 5. W?.,lnn ; ;on 3 Boston 2. New York 1. Today's Gamps SOliTIIKKN I.KAIJVB •All nichl gamrsi. N.ishvillr n: Mi-inph:.'-. Niob:!e at Atlanla N-'W Oiie.inv at Flirmitu.l.iin. Ciijll.inoo^a a: Little K,vk. NAIIONAI. l.i:..\(;| 1: Boston ,,t Brooklyn imtli; .. Ne,< Voik ai Philadelphia 'niche Cincinnati al Ciiicaco. Put.-buith at Harris of New Ym k ioi ihc AIIICIL- i-nn. unti Li[lpy Leo nurorhrt of Elrooklyti fot lhe National, riiii make wh,never suUs'JIut ions tluy wish. Ollifr rr,:tricl mils provide tlialltie pitcher.s c r n uoil; no iimie th-m three innings Hov.'-vcr pitchers were nol s"lecled by tin- Ian.-,. Tliey \\ili be [linked by the managers. "Hie slnrtinti lineups !:u r [;re;t b,' the hui.s ;ind the pli.ycrs' batting a\-eiajes. were: Amriii-aii I.'.MIJUC lit Ci. MrQninn. Ni'v.- V v:< T,[\ 2U .1. c;orilou. Cleveland .24:; 3ii fi.-nr-te Ki'll. Pcli-r,:t :i.3 SS Lan liotioi-eau. Clrveland .3^4 I 1.F Ted Williams. Boston .3 G ! CF Joe DiMr.;?;io. N'ow York -I'.O nF P::t Mullin, Detroit .311.1 C B. R.-MI-. Pjll.'riclp'iia .210 1H Johniiv Mi/-'. Ni-.v Y^rli 2T6 2i) Kil Slanky. Hpslon .313 311 Andy Paiko. Cliiciigo ,;i32 •S3 ilarolc 1 Ivei'.-i; 1 , Blookiyn 2:'4 I.K Sum Mu.-ial. St. Louis .41fl C.F R. AKbllr:i. Plnliulr-lphia 3jl RF MUDS Si:ui;:hii'l". Si. L'liu.s -M C Walker Couper. New Yoik ':<i() Ainci iciin Lr;i ,lte fans wrre lat^i.-- h satisl'eri unii the club whiui oriiuitllt the junior circuit a 'J m i vu'iorv o\ i r ilin Naiionr.l l.e; '..i.-l \i-ar. Only one chilllge ».^: ru.ule !r<nn the 19-17 Amciuirl U'.tmir .i'nrtc'is. Mtiliin repl;u-liv! ilu- retired Buddy Lewis in rignt fii-lil. I he N'.u onnl League revampr 1 rlir st.iitm" lineup with fi\'e <itaJi4- r.s. Tin- nr-.v laces wnc Slaniiv. Paiko. Reese. A-libiirn. a i«olc:e, and Mnsi.i!. O.ily lour ol the 16 inajur leawif The Luxora Methodist nine in Ihe Legion's Kilty League confin- (n-(J its Manning: sfreak here yestrr- cliiy by defeating Ihe Yarbro Methodist club -1 to 1 In one of the (op tilts of the session. A third Inning ttf had luck set the Yarbro nine ji nd gave tlie Lux- nra lads three nf their runs. Sparking his leatn's field activities. R. Tale of the Luxora club rohhed Yarbro of several hits by his work al short slop. C. Bennett went the route for I.usora and gave up only one hit. supported by the bchind-the-plate workwork of \Y. Lemon. 1 Wli— 'er Gracy started nn Ihe mound for Ymlno lint was relieved in Ihe third by Hobby Hniiih. who held lhe Liixorii bailers to one hit and one run. Ci. L. Ingram grit lhe Yarbro hit while Lemon and Bennett collected tlie Lnxora. Inls. i The .Catholic Fighting Irish will meet the First Methodist mine in a league tilt Thursday. Drunk or Not Drunk, j Cr'iy Pays for Injuries , BUFFALO. N. Y. < UP '-Police ici'tnrl Edward Bender, fil. stretched out on the sidewalk. They took him lo the station house. j The incident wound up costing 1 the city 53.00(1 Uming ils trip to the • st -110:1. t'-e p'-ti-f) wrcrni with am.ther \-ehicle and ! .Miffered a head concus.-ion. fracture and other ininrif-s. Bender was convicted of a into:\ii ation rhaiire. .He g t a b?'m for tl^r 1 .'.. tho'J^h when a Sinironie C^lurt .v.iry decided lie was entitled to s:',.000 for his injuiies. 7>olice mlli^e'l Bender a nose Later public RITZ ; THEATRE ! Manila, Ark. Shci« Sliii-ls Weekdays 7:tm [i.m. Siitnril.iy 1:00 11.111.: Similny 2 p.ii! Wednesday M . G . M - S \\'otlnos(ia\ & Thursday "STELLA DALLAS" Stanu * A Short i ~~—. — i than jusl a slogan H ,«eoni thol fin« Glenmo.!, v,!ii^i c , are bl«ndtd wilh tholcejt jioin neutral t piiii t b»l in^i^od ol being bof.'lerf imrn»diol c ly, "lliom|ivofi" ii p u | back into bmtelj la mok« it imoother, toiler. mor^ ntfl. t«* r crflin nculral ^yjrils. New Theatre Manila's finest Slums i:vi,IH .lint ( IVi-rk Diiys 7:110 M.ilinrr Salurday t i. 1 p.m. fonL "WEB OF DANGER' v<itli Hill Kriinrilx ami .\ilr-lo .Mara Also Short Tlinrscln Kiitlav "DAISY KENYON" "illi .In,in ( Liulnril ami IlniM Anilrrn-i rridiiy "BELLE STAR" Will! i;rnr Tirrney and l!,,iul,,li»li Sro'lt j f^^FORI) yU/BUlR gsr VC'c want you to sec for yourself tliat ilie "|cep" is an all-purpose vcliicle that may fit your needs to a T. Come in and drive a "Jeep." See how easily it handles! Feel the mighty s»ri;c of power from its Willys-Overland "Jeep" Engine and the sure-looted pull of "Jeep" 4-wheel traction' You'll see why rhe "jeep" can spread its cost over many incfrisiriiil nnd farm uses... the day around ... ihe year around! You'll know why llic "Jeep" can do anything a liglu tractor can do. You'll recognise its handiness as a 5,500-lb.-pull low t ruck... an XOO-lh. -capacity pick-up (ruck .. .n passenger runabout. You'll realise the "Jeep's" ability to carry men and tools to jobs on or off th« road and furnish power to machine* on location. \Ve invite you to corn* in now and drive » "Jeep." 4, sior EASIEST TERMS PLUS HIGHEST TRADE-IN Allowance On Your Old Car SEE THESE FEATURES THAT MAKE THE 'JEEP' A 4-FUHCTION VEHICLE POWEH UKJ.QFF delivers up to 30-h.p. to shofl ond bell- driven equiprt^enl. HE»VY DRAW RAR for pulling form! ond Ircilcrs. Heavily braced (fame. SEIECTWI 4-WHEtl DRIVE gives wfde Iroclor anrf highv/ay operaling ranges. LOAD SPACC of 10-sq. ff. in slurdy steel bed. Con olio hold seats lor passengers. POOLEMO OMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator > South Hiehway ei.if-Si^ele. MO. Phone S J

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