Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 18, 1966 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1966
Page 3
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1966 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Big Powers Rip Israel On Border Raid UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) — Security Council members conferred privately today on a resolution to censure Israel after the Big Four powers, in a rare display of agreement, Joined in condemning the Israeli raid on Jordan last weekend. Speaking at the start Wednesday of on urgent council debate called at Jordan's request, U.S. Ambassador Arthur J. Goldberg said the "inexcusable" attack violated Israel's armistice agreements. British Ambassador Lord Caradon said the attack increased the rislc of "continued and wider conflict" in the Middle East. Soviet Ambassador Nikolai T. Fedorenko said the American and British statements should be followed by measures to prevent such raids from recurring. French Delegate Roger Seydoux also denounced the Israeli raid but said France took note of the border incidents that had led to It. Goldberg also urged the council to con.sider the "total situation" between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Although he said the Israeli raid far exceeded the "cumulative total" of the preceding acts of Arab terrorism, he said the council should condemn the terrorist activities as well us the Israeli reprisal. It seemed unlikely that such a balanced resolution would get the council's approval. The Ar- «b8 were not expected to accept any resolution censuring Arab terrorism and the Soviet Union presumably wlU use its veto on their behalf as it always does. Israeli air and ground forces invaded Jordan last Sunday and clashed with Jordanian forces during a large-scale attack on three Jordanian border villages. Jordanian delegate Muhammad El-Farra told the council that at least 20 Jordanians, including eight civilians, were killed and many were wounded. A U.N. report said 125 buildings were destroyed. Banker Predicts Farm Business Will Grow CHICAGO (AP) - A Decatur, 111., banker said today the prospects for farm ownership are very bright and present a profitable venture for bank trust departments. J. H. Brooks, vice president of the Citizens National Bank of Decatur, described farming as big business that will continue to "grow larger. Brooks made his remarks in an address prepared for the 35th Mid-Continent Trust Conference, sponsored by the trust division of the American Bankrise Association. Land prices in the 12 months ending last March jumped an average of 8 per cent in the nation. Brooks said, following a 6 per. cent increase the previous year and 7 per cent the year be- for that. What is more, Brooks said, the, increased land values have been supported by comparable advances in farm productivity. In central Illinois, he said, the average com yield per acre has doubled in 10 years — a pattern he described as fairly general throughout the com producing area of the country. _ Marked increases in yield also have been posted for other major crops, Brooks said this record and the prospects for upcoming years should encourage bank trust officers to retain good farm, plantation and ranch real estate in trust. More than 700 representatives from 19 states were expected to attend the two-day trust conference. AGED PEDESTRLIN KILLED VANDALIA, 111. (AP)-,Adolph Winters, 80, of Vandalia, was struck by a car and killed Wednesday night as he crossed a street in front of his home. The car's driver was not charged, police said. CmCAOO SOLDIER KILLED WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagone announced Wednesday that Army Pfc. Edward J. PiantkowsW, the husband of Mrs. Lucille L. PiantkowsM of Chicago, has been killed in the Viet Nam war. TWIN WILLOWS NURSING aNTER ROUTE 37 NORTH SALEM, ILLINOIS There ore still some vacancies ovoiiable in the new, modem nursing center in Salei|i, III. Come in for information ond rates. (NEA Telephoto) VLADIMIR J. KasenKoma- rek, 42, an American travel agent from Cambridge, Maaa., is the subject of au intema- tional incident. Kasen, who fled Czechoslovakia In 1S48, was arrested in Prague when a Russian airliner on which he was traveling from Moscow to Paris made an unscheduled stop in Prague. Storm Delays American Liner Off France LONDON (AP) —Heavy gale- whipped seas pounded the British and Normandy coasts Thurs. and kept the liner United States waiting off Le Havre. But the French oil rig Neptune in the North Sea with 45 men aboard reported she was out of danger. The United States arrived Wednesday off Le Havre from Southampton to take aboard 260 passengers for New York. Six- foot waves and winds up to 70 miles an hour kept the pilot from boarding the liner, and the ship cmised around to wait out the storm. A radio message from Neptune 1, the drilling platform standing on three fixed legs off the Yorkshire Coast, said there was no longer any need for a Royal Air Force helicopter to stand by to lift off the rig's crew. During most of the night the Scarborough lifeboat cruised slowly round Neptune 1. Winds gu sting at times to 100 miles an hour sent waves crashing onto the platform 35 feet above normal sea level. Ships were sheltering all along the coast of eastern England on the third day of the storms. Sea, air and land communications were disrupted from Scotland to the English Channel. A seaman was swept overboard and drowned as the German trawler Rudolph Wendt plowed through heavy, seas off Ireland's southeast coast Wednesday. No other deaths were reported. ^ Jocoby On Bridge An Actual Gain Qy Losinir Mck By Oswald A James Jacoby Newspaper Enterprise Assn. In the game of hearts the aim is not to take tricks and the deuce is the best card. Once in awhile you can gain through the ability to lose a trick in bridge. J South would have been well- advised to let' his partner play three no-trump. He had nine tricks in his own hand and could take a chance that the defense would not commence proceedings Dogpatch Comes Alive On Mt V. High Stage NOKTH U «97«2 «KQ9S WB8T «A«r 4J10S7S ,^ • AK10t4 «10S *JS754a somni <i» «AK43 VAKQJlOa • QS Kast-Wett vtdnenble WMt NacOi iMt Sontk Fan 2N.T. Put 3* Pus 3N.T. Pas* «V Fua Fas Put OpeninclMd-^K by running off diamond tricks. He would have been well-advised but the game was rubber bridge and he was looking at those 150 honors. West cashed the ace and king of diamonds and shifted to the jack of spades. South took East's queen with the ace and looked .at those beautiful, useless clubs in dummy. There was no apparent way to get over to them. South wasn't going to need them if spades broke but East'* queen play had sort of marked West with long spades. South thought awhile and recalled that Blast had played the jade, of diamonds on the first diamond lead. Obviously, East had started with two diamonds only. llien South looked at his deuce of trumps and saw a way to get to dummy's dubs. He played three high trumps. East did the best he could to stay low and dropped the nine, seven and six but the four was still higher than the deuce. South cashed his ace of clubs and led the king of spades just in case East should a second spade. East discarded a club. There was no point in ruffing in. Then South led his deuce of trumps. East was in and had to lead to dummy's good clubs. Deny Nuclear Bomb Dropped By Mistake Daisy May—drawing by Sherry Webb, Mt. Vernon high school senior. HAIMPTON, Va. (AP) -Henry C. Martin, former president of the Virginia (S-ab Packers' Association, says increased purchase of crate by the armed forces li saving his pinched industry. Special Bonus Offer! to our Christmas aul| Members t Thi$ d3!i& RPM reeerding/featuring Lionel Barrymore in his fovorife role | ds Scrooge in Dickens' Christmas Classic, "A Chrisfmas Carol/' ond I the celebrofed Conferbury Choir | singing ten beloved Chrisfmas | Hymns and Caroly. | A $3.95 value — only $1J25 to S Christntos Club members. .The fdeaf record for every farhily*^ eollecHon during the Christmas Season. Order yours when you join our Christmas Chib to be sure of delivery before Christmas. OUR NEW CHMSTMAS CLUB 18 NOW OPEN. JOIN TOBAI! | For The Best In Banking - Look To The Leoder By Bud Farrar To those people in the audience who were accustomed to attending the annual Mt. Vernon high school operetta, last night's first performance of "Li'l Abner" was just what they «<- pected. Those people didn't expect a good hii^ school performance— they looked for outstanding talent, and excellent entertainment —a great performance. That's what they got. The zany characters of Dogpatch, USA come alive on the high school auditorium stage in "Li'l Abner," the hilarious Broadway musical based on Al Capp's famous comic strip. Big, lazy Abner is excellently portrayed by big talented Greg Backes. Abner keeps having to run from Daisy Mae, played by Ginger Coats, but they do stop long enough to combine their beautiful voices in such a delightful tune as "Namely You." Fn»n the moment Mammy Yokum, played by Penny Dycus, first says "Pappy, hesh up!" to the time when pipsqueak Pappy, 4' 2" Steve Brownless, finally replies, "Mammy, you hes up!" the parents of Abner Yokum have control of the whole, situation. These pint-sized Yokums add to the hilarity of tht Dogpatch Bcene. Outstanding is one of the more colorful Dogpatch citizens, Marryin' Sam, played by Mark Wheeler, who delights the audience with the top tune of the show, "Jubilation T. Compone." The story is brought alx>ut when Senator Phogbound (Bill Webb) comes to Dogpatch, a short time before Sadie Hawkins' Day with a message that, by congressional order, an atom bomb will be tested on the most unnecessary location in the country—Dogpatch USA. The Dogpatehers decide they need to find something "necessary" and from then on the plot gets complicated and requires trips to Washington, D.C. by the Smoky Mountain hillbillies to get things straightened out. But in the show's 2 hours and 45 minutes things did get straightened out—thanks to J.T. Compone. The hero was Jubilation T. Compone, a civil war general, commemorated by a statue in Cornpone Square. That statue was played lay Jessie Bee who, in the entire 45 minutes he was before the audience, didn't move a statuary muscle. The musical runs smoothly because the minor characters perform their parts well. With a cast of ever 50, "Li'l Abner" exhibits talents of many students. A team of delightful dancers and the well-costumed Dogpatch citizens who compose the chorus help to "make" the show. The members of the operetta orchestra, under the direction of Tal Smith, master their task of providing the musical backbone of the show. The "hillbilly jazz" scores created for the show by Gene de Paul require especially talented musicians, some who are required to play more than one type of instrument. The stage crew also performs Well, making the scene changes quickly. After the show, their main concern seemed to a split rail fence blown over by a Dogpatch wind. That fence appear ed to be "unnecessary" anyway. Drama coach and director of the show Jim Miller, who suffered a stomach ailment early in the week, was able to leave the hospital to watch last night's performance. The audience was able to hear the lines even from the back tow of the balcony. The house was not full but not many seats were vacant. Doors were open at 7:20 with each door marked for entrance by a certain price ticket holder. Many people were asking, "Where do I go?" But music department director and producer of the show W.H. Beckmeyer was on hand to explain iiis "brainchild" and everydne was seated satisfactorily. "Li'l Abner" will be performed again tonight at the high school auditorium. Doors open at 7:15 and the box office at 7:40. Curtain time is 8:00 p.m. Tickets will be available at the door. "How did you like our Compone opera?" was Beckmeyer's comment after the show. "I liked it. " WASHINGTON (AP) - The Defense Department reported today that a Navy jet plane prematurely dropped a practice weapon into waters off Puerto! Rico during practice maneuvers June 30. The practice weapon did not contain any nuclear material and was recovered by a salvage ship Aug. 20, a statement said. The Defense Department specifically denied a copyright story in the Oakland (Calif.) Tribune that an Air Force bomber accidentally dropped a hydrogen bomb into that area last August. "No such incident as described in the Oakland Tribune has occurred," the Pentagon said. What did happen, a statement added, was that a Navy A4 jet from the aircraft carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt "prematurely dropped a practice weapon short of the target, which was a simulated airfield on the island." The statement continued: "The practice weapon did not contain any nuclear material, but because it. did contain a small charge of conventional explosives and electronic equipment, the Navy conducted a search to recover it. The nonnu- clear practice weapon was recovered from the water by the Navy salvage ship Hoist on Aug. 20." In the Oakland story, Tribune science writer Jim Hazelwood said his sources said the bomber was on a ti-aining mission. The incident occurred off Vieques Island. Staff members of the Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy also denied the Oakland report. ^ Fire Bug Busy In Jacksonville JACKSONVILLE, III. (AP) Four fires broke out in a period of an hour and a half Wednesday night and fh'e officials blamed them on an arsonist. TTie worst blaze destroyed the recently remodeled First Baptist Church. Two firemen were injured there, neither seriously. Fire Chief Dale Bond estimated damage at $500,000. The other three fires caused an estimated total damage of .^5,000. They damaged the William E. Cl>le residence, a storr age building owned by School District 117 and the Washington Elementary School. The entire Jacksonville police and fire departments were on duty fighting the fires and three other fire departments from nearby towns were on standby. State fire marshals were investigating. BarSmokifig In Parliament ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Smoking in the Greek Parliament chamber, was banned today the lawmakers Have been throwing their butts on the new rug. ParJiamenl President Dimi« trios Papaspyrou issued the order after an inspection revealed the rug put down this year was in danger of destruction. The lawmakers can smoke in a nearby lounge and closed circuit television will be installed so they won't miss anything. - REVIVAL - BELLE RIVE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Beginning Nov. 21 7:30 P.M. Evangelist Kenneth Holland John Lee Jr., Paster Everyone Welcome PhormoceuHcal Salesman Large ethical drug manufacturer has an opening In Mt. Vernon area for successful young salesman. Must have college degree with background in biology and chemistry (pre-dentai, pre-medicai, pharmacy) or related fields. Age 23-32, with military obligations satisfied. New automobile, travel expenses, complete insurance and retirement program furnished. Salary plus commission. Complete training program provides opportunity to excel and advance with experiehce and performance. Sales prospects are ait professional people. Interviews will be held in Mt. Vernon. Send your complete sales ancT tehnical background, including cel> lege transcript, to: Sales Manager Box 89, M.P.O., Si. Louis, Missouri — 63166 Dow Chemical Promotes Gill Bobby G. Gill, service sales engineer for Dowell Division of The Dow Chemical Company in Mt. Vernon, has been advanced to sales engineer, it was announced today by R. G. Martin, Evansville district sales manager. Gill began his career with Dowell in 1953 as equipment operator at Flora, Illinois. In 1956 he transferred to Beaumont, Texas and returned to Flora in 1957, where he was advanced to his present position in 1961. He has been stationed in Mt. Vernon for the past two years. The U.S. doUar bill bears a copy of the portrait of Washington by Gilbert Stuart. rTie Firsi NatLoncd Bank nnd Trust co. mt. m. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation tjtmmmmtimmfmm Students Oppose Draft Grades ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — University of Michigan students want the school to stop compiling scliolastic rankings, which draft boards can use to determine who goes into military service. By a 6,389 to 3,518 vote Wednesday, itudents indicated they want the university to drop the class ratings which are burnished to Selective Service officials if requested by a student. If rankings were not compiled, draft twards would have no grounds to regard as uncooperative a student who refuses to disclose his scholastic rating. LUMBER & SIDING PANELING LOW—LOW—PRICES EVERYDAY Yaur ntifhberi havt bMn tnii ttill •» SAVING money tvarydiy en thtir BUILDING I ltEMODElN« NEEDS-whtr*- "HERE" in Dix, III. 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