The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 1948 )id Fever Case Reported Health Authorities Ur$« Immuniiations A« Safeguard 'ernitd^'.'h-^M 131 )JWlllh ufficials lioin" "'-""'y unsanitary conrti- of li,- i U; "S »' various sections i he. ar " *'"* MissiM 'PP' County, comim a family physician or 'tin M,ssi.«,pp, county Health Unit for Jmiiiunizatioiis in order that a-i epidemic may be averted. The case, which was leportcd 'iiaay, is sa irl to be quite severe. The victim i* 3 nine-ycnr old airl I'm lives in Pride Addition. Mrs. Am:ab-l Pill, Mi^I^inr,! County Health Nin-te expri concern over a po,iibie epidemic' »nd stated lhat the disease was mi. necc.«ary since it could be prevented oy in:mun<za:ion. She announced lhat ihc Jiralth Unit would sive immuniza'.ions daily between 9 a m i "ixi 3 p.m. untrl danger of an epidemic is tivarteil. She pointer! mil even llum-li more than 15 (; ij n ii. s j, a <l bpp|1 ,,„,,_ ducted this year and more than n.- wo inoculations given, only a li'i'.f rnorf ihpn in percent of n-.e iiopu- ' •anon ot Mi.yii.:s;ppi Count)- list,- i had ilie inoculation, even thou<>h Ine Heal;!i TJ,,H i, o i ds clinic;: e.vM Monday and Saturday in addmo.i to the 15 .special citnic". Persons who have had typhoitl .'hols IKI vcar rill only need oi-'i booster shot. Mr.s. Till f aid. How- l ever, she pointed run, ihose wlio i have not had inoculations duri'-.i; i !he past year will need the series , ol ihrcp inr>culaiions. • Doctors examining ihe one victim are joining ths health worker.* lor ihe roniny H urging thai every jirp- eaution be taken to prevent an epidemic. Allhongh the mnleria control division or the Slate Hoard o( Heulih ha.s oflcrcd the DDT spray program to those living in Pride Addition, they hnve renorlpd that not one home in. 10 had been sprayed and W. O. SlinneU, supervisor'[or the Mississippi County malerin control office, said lhat little good could be done when so few made use o! Jroubfe Bubbles Behind the Iron Curtain _ B H- TH £^id'.^J ARK '>' COURIER NEWS ipa'lcd by C cnunciotion „ Titarrlorlcdbitttrlyand Yujo-Buljailnn-Albanio Fed.rotipn—o unio^ »ki rejected Bujgoria'i Omitrov oll«r«dil in Jonuoc>. Yu60.«unio«i iplir moy bcMlit Yugoilaria, under Moicow direction. recru'itt. oruu and trains Ktd quf nilli. In ligM in C,,ecc:r Yuqo Ptunio. n ii etsPMiaf ro sny tutrai*«d by GreeV Red It.cei. ders on I ol ,hc party. Children in Funds , m n A ' ri "' Rio Ornndr In Hi. " "" k "". "MCUI1.V lho« tolu, S( .|,, t wll , ^ i"<>ii«y m th* lm,, k .s .VI,,Hip bank.M. TUf yoiinn.,10,, ,,t . rb»H Vf („ show u,rl, ..luff , ( , hf v«)], y |i v<! ; Mock show earl, j. fsi . A/t, *liow llirli 1,011,. S | Por , »,, rt en* «rf aurllojlfrf oil lhal> wl, f ,f (l,, b«iik«r, s """" el "-«' <!>• *mlr-n Pul II,, 'hi, ,-„,. lilf llM, mn , ,, f l.« «'••>». hemlfrt by bink.,-,. ,,[,,,1,™ I" Kill' «,i nxtra llft.Ooo premfiinn on siock thai oilitr woiilrt Irnvr bvoiulii the «- H i-i niltl r-r-A boys nhrt ||rl« $35,000 Hie bii.';inc« ,„,,„ ,,., ;onnc,l 11110 unique "be«l »ynd|(,«iM" In IS valley lown , , nrl cnnimunitiw u ]« » blind ,o their contrlbu- lion., pninieM. K» ch -^yn.!^,,,.. te. m-,, „, !t)rM mfh ir. . I. f i v « n ^(h .(.((o, „»„,. • hown tor «p.ndln f port.. O ( the 20 r,opene,t »?,' M.l.or Miliford* liliod. T«i. p r c.ll for ,. .• e ,. 1 , J"' , ' * Army ' 1 " ew ' lr '"« lh •« '" *"""" «• Wllli Ihe mniiey lh«l I, rul.ert <f ^vndlcate ieatu "Imyers" to UK- livrsiock S!K,\V 10 bid on calves iii|>. OKckens srown by the 4-H »i"<| sile mission Is to spend the moi'icv -and in .do n vvlseh bv inaklnj ' oilier bldil-rj, 30 lil^hi-Y. ' I SKA'I'n.K. July 7. (UPi-Flrc- llnld Rirhe<-iir» men serched through rtebrln lodnv Afln ihe show i, ovei, euch *vil- I , ,"" , |MX1) ' "' * ">«n :eixii-| c( l inke.--. nnf ol IM .<leer< «.i I I ',,, * * violent enplosloii H'hlofo Pllclie, tisell , b n ,-hec,,e. Ol'ien • • M ooi W "fuT'""n '"" tl * lnoll «"«t • i-» Yrt »,. . .. i f-»*w,wu ii^n on priK?fAAlnit "i...i if Proc«i<in 9 V o ( fxplodtt Killing Two; Third Man it Mittiny ' font or five bar. j Band Leader Looks Twice Before Deciding What to Play in Trieste .who know only („„ wo ), ,, le ,,,,„. Ijiesinous Jinlure o( Trlestinns, | i 'IVieste. or Is run bv an : B .UPi-This probably Is culture-* Trieste has I , rf'' 0 " Wl "^''" '^""'(Sl" 1 nemrnl" ^ n ^r rt v^.M ir ; - ---'-— 1 ---%:rs c ,^^ «is l --vru^ : . r Kr^^.ss-u^ ie?rr^-" y ^- k - will In the ft -S 1 PIM ' "' "' *- I ".-THIIIIH« 'Hie other :immnls me resold -- orcS^"!.."™^.'" h °"" U " |r ' ) l".. bl " l)c<M "' '"'' '"" five in icn ! """' < " "i..^ r * n<t *[<}' P»rl 0 ,.,. tt '«* burned cilll- "!«llj- In the cxplosloji y«Mrrrl»F Fir. Chief William riuoern'ti IIIB fish oil exploded. The blM crinnplerl the t«-o-.story 5tefl unr! cnnorelc building Inlo • nil, „, rubble. ,nd ..nallere.l hundreds of windows in the »,,,. " It Happmtd in Danvillt But H't an Intuit, .1 , , Playmates Report Brutal Slaying of Girl Cyclist BALTIMORE. July ^ iUPl_ Marsha Brill, 11, was stabbed 10 deaih yesterday as she rode he- bicycle on x suburban streei. Police, ssid two or the child's playmates reported that the killer was a tall Negro M-eariiif. i The heat that Is on Trieste is more painfully evident in ihe hot spots than anywhere eke. Although It ts on the edge of the sombre "Iron -curtain," and a( lh e traditional cross-roads of western and Slavic . snd rttinazrrcs. Thev (old no- they saw the killer run from » nlun-e a Irnlt in. , ld nee Most ban<| leader,, win plav J10 tl,- liB else Some even deny that ,hev know of. n,- |, avT llcll ,. (i Mm . »oit of music and only the most courteous wi], ,,, av , he hamll nostnlsjir snnas of Dalnutta or Trieste's own -naBazw ri e Trlmtc " IteliiiKl Clnsed lliuirs ' Slavic and Rn,wij,,, numbers, ox- cepl from , CHru-ist-vhuase. lune^ learrt milj- by priv;-- behind rlnsr-n doors which are BunrrlrH fj.v ncrrous milp.i net^mi'ic'lmcj,""'' * l '"'' e " "'' clly OOP -''"'''''I! '"o/imi'lte"' fr loort or drink'" i'" ,.,, A( 1 " ol " ) |! to Wlnft him failed •oiminie u 'niK hr under pai HanirjiUj v tulei. "'u:.,'^",!' '" a "'" r " ""« «•" Ice e«d Cornier News Wnnt AiU. money «oe« Ic II, r kids ,s > reward loc raisin* a o, H ( livenock. [| en- TOllrases them in mn e aroxvim i:«tllc knii hoRs—whlch Ivs «li»i »- c need lie.rt." FM Insfalled in Any Electric Radio, Complete with FM Dipole & Trans- Mission Line From $44.95 in City (Out of town ilighMy high.r) Blyfheville Sales Co. F«(ix Carney, Mgr. 138 C. Main Phone 3616 What's In a Name? -'Continuous Quality' OLDS •• \t -**>'<*>*' -~?T^t9 ** m • » § pty ICff; UPS I\'OT Ol\ OUR I'AYROU- but we couldn't do business ivithout him! jfii it fiihcr Kay . . . ^^ tratfe-warks mean lhc same th'hii. COC'A-COKA BOTTLING CO. of BI.YTHKVII.U \\ l.n, >,„, l,kr >,!,„ <-ar U, ;,„ Ksso IValn- ,,,,! oil, ,|,os* I,K,,| !„,«,„.,., , Wll ) 1)ie t .,, (lw „ Slalinn for ^«*. motor nil. o, aTompl,,, K ^o proclnHs. V M , ah>,- VM r. t h,, 1, " liibricadon jnli - yrni rp not really "(Ininjr firsl-hand ev' 1 Id' •{ l),, 5 ine.«" HirPrtly with K.wo Sl»mUr<l Oil 1,,,'vc,'.!,«( E^"\^ .ILn.l.s'for""" '" ^ (,nn,panv, rvon ,),o,, g l, we inale ,, le „ A , , , • >„«»,«,'„,,.„ | la Tirrxlncls von <»(.| .1 , , ""*'"'" "'Cn have, i i' i "" """ 1(v ' 1 i«K'', IIKIK r<l K>M) niixliu-u In,1^,'Ml lfu ,sr. avofKI Isssn IValers from 12 year, racli. ' Many have I.on,.],! f,,,,n ,,s f,, r ;« to -(() VPai s. Mnine to,, ; ,,,- ] oc . ; ,| indcprmlrnt business men. Von with thr OWIIPM Ihcm- solv-os - men who tmr. invostrd |/,nV money and liirir inilintivp in l)iiildin s tlirir own fii- tnif'S on srrviog von. Kiom many nnnprling hrands of gasoline Ssso Mirsf men. And nalmally we're i>ron<l of thorn -jnsl ax PI-OIK) of Ilioin as \vc are of thr 28,(XK) «o,k<-is who ,i,f [)n our foinpany [uvroll. Bolli xri)iij).\-onr m\n einp]oyees antl lliose l );ut ' s " '" 'In'"' in<lc]>(-ml('nt bnsinosrs - PV|iross Iliis K'liip.tny'.s basic lu-liof that imli- vidna! piitcrinivr, ;jiv on its lair i-liancc to <-ani fsir r<>»vai-(ls - is Ihe ln-\t way ,uul the Ampri- cut! way tn uiakr pvogrrss with antl for all lhc ppoplc of tliis i-ountrv. E i \S O STANDARD OIL CO U P A N Y

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