The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 30, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1894
Page 1
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VOL XVIIL NO, 82. CAHKOIA IOWA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30. 1894, WHOLE NO. 920 WHOLESALE PRICES Goods and Gloaks. W E have on hand a large stock of Dress Goods, altogether too large to carry forward to the time of our annual invoice, and we must reduce this stock. In order to do so we will, during the month^of December, we will close out • ALL DRESS GOODS AND CLOAKS Fordoes. WE MEAN Id itt we say JBh JL i************************^******^**^*^^**, PRICES GUARANTEED AS LOW AS ANY HOUSE IN THE CITY. A confidence exists between the people and this store, born of an acpuaintance and experience of many years of mutual service. We do not intend at this late day to forfeit the confidence the people have that LUDWIG BKOTHERS always protect their customers and will see that they have the best goods on the market at the least possible prices. i is Our Great Annual Clearing Sale >And We Are Clearing Up Our Entire Stock; That we have a Pull Stock of MUFFS, also Underwear, Blankets and General Merchandise BOOTS AND SHOES We carry a complete stock and this line being a side issue with us we make PRICES that can't be beat. We have a line of Carpets, Rugs and Oil Cloths that we take especial pride in showing, as it is very lull and complete OALL AND LOOK AT THEM. Everything is included in this / » Marked-Down Sale. LUDWIG BROS IV' OHOBOH DtBBCTOBT ?HMBTMBIA1I. MORNrNG BorvloeB, 11 a. :•.; STaolo HI 7p. m ; Y. P. 8. C. E. Benloo, 6 p. m.; Son 3sy school, 12:15 p. m.; Prayer Msttlnf, rounds •wnlng, 7:30 p. m, RBV, OKO. FOLSOII. Pastor. BAPTIST. M OBNIN6 lervloe, U », m.; etenlng ««rrlee 7p. in.:T. P, 6. C. E. servlMfi p. m.;Sun toyoAobl. 13:1B p. m,; Prayer Meeting, Tbnridn TOnlng. 740 p. m. W. B. Comir, Snperlntetidsnt mraooiiT. per vice, 11». m,; •Tentng.Mrrlee .; Junior Ipworth League, 8 . m. . n, I Meeting, Thurwlay Kvenl v. a. BIT. W B. TBOMFSOII, !>». WM. . Superintendent. Uarroll fost-OIBo*. Office open on Sunday from • to 10a.m. and from8:80to4:80 p.m. Mall* at the oifloa close at (olowt; folng «s»t: 2:10 and 730 o'clock p. m. 8olBgWest: 1140 a.ui.and7:80o'clock p.m. * STAB ROUTES. Mt. Ctrrnel nud Kentner, dally. Depart* at IS m..'*BrMv8a at * 181 p. in. !• IB.. •rnlrWi Ili ^ IO < II. IU* ' • Ronelle, Wllley and Oarrollton, dally. Departs ' •» m., arrlveafi:30 p. m. O. « N. W. Tim* UMO. •s, 1 OvecUodlimited.. loans, m, t arrtvoM 07 s, — ••• o DenverLooai*........ i|0avss6!7A* ho. 1 pMlAe KIVIOM 141 p. mi Wo. 18 Carroll Exprtai 906 p. m. No. 1C Van Mali:. W» p. m, »•, W »rel*ht ,,818 p. in. I TIUIBS BAST. No, 8 Overland limited 905 p. m Ma • Atlanta boreai i urrlven i<lo p. I MO. • Aiianiie ciproas.-., j [„,,,, A ,, 8 p _, ' Ho. 16 »*• Molneg Panenger .......8 00 a. freight, Weit aids to BOOM.. 0 U s. i MODI am AUK MOVIUB BBAHIWM. lOltf Xxpreu,.... 765 p. n 0 25s. m ,*.,,.,..vjBp.m V15p.m «#e.» 70«a M AOUDMON MBAMOM. AstommodtUon ,,,,iaopM JSpp.«a freoranodatlon IWt m 715*. m .,4* „ Ji K. OBgAQKB, Agent o. M. * at. P. *'jr. J-mWrtUKH THiIM» AT MAKIUBQ I PMUwngef ....,...,..., ......... . 2:64 tf.m, n>SM»i>aM Flag... .............. f M Freight. ................... . ..... lio p. m. 72 Freight .......................... 8$) p m. MJfreiSut ........... . ........ , ..... liOCa. m. 1 tttiint MU* *M| ........... ... SOT p.m. , ........ 7:io «, in ............. ,..„... 10:10 a, m Mo. UVrnmt.... ........... ........ lOilo p. m. If ilw«e Ticket* for «al« at tin* off**, *tio >i <NK« Bsggam book*. ~ m farther infoswation MtiMw. T*»* pupils at the higb«r roams of lb» «oboo|i |)«TB org«nie«a two litwry f, J. E. amlth as prwtieut, sod tbe IU»Orlmits wltU Prof, day Libk as aflrfl ol t|)» «wl*s ot wasglvan last «WM>i«f My »be Qooiiltttlf. M7 roow of the blgb MUwJ biu to W88l lhi« *XJI«DW J) «4(ulisiou fee of IQ oeuto 10 «b«rged. prooesdu ham (be Qrat wiu 814.56. Tl» room i» wt«ll for e» eu»ert»iuwBO» pjt e, the ou\ us being uotsuffioient for the audience. Tbi program wss a very interesting one, am for tbe first was all tbat oould be ex peoted. Tbe masioal section was itself a treat and proved tbat, while no special training is given in tbe schools tbe pupils are by no means deficient in this brunch of education. Tbe vooa soloes by Missus Bangs and Florence Bo wen were well received and greotec with a geDerotis applause, as were tbo instrumental duets by Amy Hodge anc I»i> Kuepper oh tbe piauo, aud by Minnie Anderson on the guitar anc Amanda Hoed on tbe mandolin. Tbe violin dust by the Egermayer brothers WHS very flo'e. President Smith made a strong plsa for the Occident society, giving many reasons why tbe Orients should follow in tbsir wake and predicted a bright future for the organization ol which he had the honor of acting us its president. At the Conclusion of bis remarks tbs applause was enthusiastic, especially by (boas who wore tbs badge of Ibis society. Prof. Ament stated the advantages to be gained by these societies, as they would develop Ibat power of expression so important to an education. His theory is tbat a> person does pot'know a thing until be is able to tell it, and no such argument on the part of the pupil as "I know it but cannot explain it? finds union favor with him. We think in aoguage, the proffessor Buys, und the highest psrt of an education cuuuisla in be development of expression. Prof. Ameut's critic report was keen and clear and it continued will exert a wouder- til influence for good upon the character of tlv eulertt»inm«ulfl given by these iioletiss. Mias Beryl Hoj t pleased the with a tfoitatiou in wbiob ebe ehuned ;rtot ability, She bad selected for bar eoltotlou HU extract from Hiwutba— I'lie Pdiulue"—ond delirared it very leverly indeed. Tbesupposetl epeeou f Joho Adams by Mlb-e Wilrnors, WUB ou^ riginal parody. 8bn bnd eeJuoted tlie Jooident eroiety as ber subjsct «ud must be ooygtatulftUd ou tbe ubl« tuauusr iu wbloh «be bttudled it. Ml«d BlauoUe 'ro«bridg» rend uu orlgiool story lotaMiug tlie liHtJsblj) nud ploaiarcs of u oTerlttnd trip tu Okboji (eke, lilies luucljB bus o ebofp oleur voliw eud «x- roeslvo way of rtetnlllng evaute that lad^lwr slpry vsry lut«re«tlug. Miss UIJlvs aberuuiu uud Miss Helen lisiter )olb did nicely in tbeir reoitatloue aud won fuvor with the largo uudieuoe, \vbivb ;reatej them wUb approval. Mine ilauobs Pattorsou trs«ted (be o pus pf ber ilus lu*truia»utttl wblob plp&fed, w Miiw BluuobB'a ss|«ot- ou« Hlwaye do, Tbt> tabJtjuu, '»f b'e live " ««• vwy bsAuUfullv r»preeeu»sd A18TON O. DATTOIT. JAMES A. CONNBtLT. THEY DEFEATED FAMOUS CONGRESSMEN. ^ w ? v^,^ 0 drfe » t « d CougreMman WUllom L. Wilson in tUo nuoond JUtriot of West Virginia wsi AUtou Grbayton. Jamw A. Connelly, wlio rutirod William I', bpnngor, of plinoui, U a veteran witli a good war record and u uromiueut lawyer. J?he most Isnghable and embarrassing feature of tbe program ooonrrad in tbs oreseutation of this. The young men who drew the curtains apparently "lost heir beoJe" in ndmiriog tbe array of beauty before them and forgot to close lie curtains otter n proper time h«<l given for the sxposare. There (hs poor girls stood iu unnatural poiltious, etoio- lly faoiog the s nil fence aud wondering why the boys did not "pull down the bliuda" until tho situation bsouine otdeclly 'eiubarrassiug, Taking tbe eatertainmeut as a whole it waa good and the Orients will have some littls k work to o if they are not relsgntad to tbe rear, where their uanio iu-lioatea that (bey rightfully baloug. ROLL or QONOU, Ths following pupils of tho aoath aide were perfect in spoiling last week: Rs>Ander«oa • Klile Ctin»Wpher KlHnafitu Ale* Nrlor Wilbur Day Patrick Oouelou IVurl Duutloff . OoriUtt Kurtzlisls \Vluuto O'Srlea Vrt>a Elliott Uuttlo King Jv«it« Usltoy Uuittt VUvlisr uurtiu grantor Mrtjr Kurt*UitU Victor H, BtsppuhOi o«r w«ll known sttlaou wso, was worried Tussdav to Mitts Mttfie Ahrliug bjr B*v. FatUwr Naoka, Tbe young Jadjr bus \mv for tbrea y»«rs a laitbfuj «mploy« in tbe of J. M. Pi«n, aud Mr, Steppubn finds in ber a model wife and B kiud mother to his children, who were •o unfortunate oa to lose tbeir own. The newly married couple partook of a wed • ding breakfast at J. A, Robuer'e reel- deuuw, uud are going at QDOS to bouse* keeping on the B0«»b aide. Pllns I Pileul Itching- Piles. ByinplouiH umiatiir«; inli-nsu lUihlim ami ttlui; Ing, in 'at m nl^lit; woi>» by nurutuhliiK. If a" lowed to i-.outlMiio tumors form, wliluh o(t«u bl««(liiuaulv«rate, IwiioinliiK very sure, tiwiiy- iio'noliitiuennnoim ilio ItohliiK anil blrtxllin!, lifiiln ulofmtlon anil In inoit ouniw reuiovei the inuiorn. At (irugulnli. or by nmll, lor W eonla Pr. bwnyim & Hon. l'lilliiil«l|ihlH. 6'lttS I'llOOHAM. Auunul meeting at tbs Woman's Horns MiBsiouiiry suuiety, ut tbe Methodist obnrcli, Hauduf, Deo. 2, at 11 a. m.: Singing, I'r.-iynr. Sorlplute Lewou. l'«iwr: TUu wurk of ilia Woman 1 * Homo Mloloiuiry Bwuluty-Wrii, W. t. Uoff. AUilruai by tbo Futtor. little Ljunrtutte. nil I'oeui-iir*. 3. It, Atkinson. -ilra, W. U. II«r Ulftprlug, bj Uri. J. B. (JOllt'CtlOU, "How to Cure all Skin Plseases." blimiiy «pp|v tiwiiynu'* oluuuunt. No lul«tu«l fdioiim required, cuwn U'Uwr, «o»»uia. (toll, ull uruptlaiu uu tuo fuw. hituil«, nous, «tu., l«uviiiK U>» skin ul»«r. wUUo uudUtwllUy. Iu urvut UwultuK Hud ourodyo puxvorn urti pou«ii»ua by uu otueir ruuwUy. Auk your dtugil»t for Uvvayiio'K ulotmuut. _ . 0 1-H6 Winter Tourat Bit tea Oa Tbe Northwestern Mne. Thu NorUHPustwru iJiia IN now uui\slou lloketa, ut «rtutly roduont to thu UuaUb, ftud pl««»uro rutsorts uf Cull- fornia, Florida, Texi.s, Mexico, New Mexico, Louisiani', Mississippi, Georgia South Caroliua, Tennessee and Alabama, For tickets and full information apply to Ag ents Chicago and Northwestern Kail- way. Reduced Rates to Dee Moinee Ouacdiunt of the Annual Meeting of the Iowa Sute Teachers' Association, at Des Moinc.", December 20th to 28th, the NorthwpMim Liuu will sull. t.ckets at reduced rates For full Information apply to Agents of the Chicago & Northwestern Kuihvny. f niliimn 9» Ilaru. CHICAGO, Nov. t«.—Tho pattern shops of the Pullman P.ilnce Our company at Fourteenth street and Emccson c.v -ine were destroyed by tiro. Loss, §2o,ut)U. Some of tho minor ofik-iuls of the company aro inclined to consider tbe tire us incendiary. Tbreat«u«il K»t« War Arnrted. PORTLAND, Or., Nov. 2H.—It i^ under stood that all railroad lines entering this city have signed an agreement to maintain passenger rates, thus averting what ft few days ago threatened <to bo- come u serious rate war, Another New York Uriuada, NEW YOHK, Nov. 8».—A crusade for reforming the Music Hull and other stages of this city is, it ia allege 1, to bd imuiKiirittedliimuediately by Miss Frances Willard and the ladios of tho.W. C, T. C. TELEGRAPH NEWS BOILED DOWN. Water has become very source at Van- dalln, Ills., no rain huvlug fallen Iu two montliH. WttjjeH will Iw cut 0}f per oi-nt Deo. 1 by tlie Cuntou-MniMiillou Kloctrio lliiilwtty company. Opponents of Sonator Waahhurn iu Minnesota olaiiu thuy have scoured votex to i>revuuchiBrvuoniiu»tion. "What R Pieco of Work is Maul" And to llubln to got out of order. )ll« food iiu)- tint ftKre« with him. bli HVIT limy t>e oiplil, or liUliMirt bnve I>OHU< fuiioilunul dviuiint-uiHiit. UU blood can bvoonit) tni|iuvi<rl*beil, mid br*uk out lulu tiolla nud viirUunulfit. lilt lit'tfd IIIHJ iH'lio, aiiu tilt H'hiu'n umy un» mid nil refiiM to ii'l.or bu linilw touuey hit volition, tin limy lo»» I\U will pmvur, Ills mliKl, bla iiK'inoiy. ||« im) go Into qu'uk .•oMauiniillun, ur u« limy llvu Itmrj. it muvliiK UIUBS ur wioluloiu vurruFitlon. All tlild m |)o«aiblt> tu H niiiu, Had yul u nil may HI avoided by tb« Umtily uuu of Dr. Heroc'ii ialdt'ii Mudlval Dlstovori. ilio xrunt blood purl- l««i iniil tliH only one no iioilllvviy wrimu In Uu uriUlvu nallon Hint It HHII b« Hold undrr u misr- iutt'0 to. ur". tit'u prlutud KUuruiiluc uu wruii- ptti around uurb boi|i e . Dtial^M overywlicrv. 'V Mi«u"aml lili~ooin|wiilon, <lown tbt Colorado rlvf*, iver« killed Uy Imliuns. Gtiuvral Tbotims fl. Ru«or ban nrrlvt-tl n Ulilcii«i> to uke ooumuiud of %he l)o- mrlmriit of thu Mlwourl. Tli<t Uenioi-ratio proiu of 'IViinivsafu uon- ctulr* ttii) lUiffiit. of J'utur Turuuy for gtiv- und a<tviioa{t>Hjuir jilay. The Dlsoovory Stived His Life. Mr. U.Cui'iuuatl*, aruggUI. lienviTivlllo, HI. nays i "To l)r, KlL'g'n Now DUgovvry I own my l(«. "Wiiii tukcu vvltli u tirlnpoHiiiHtluUlltlio ih)«lul«n< for lul'uK ubuul, but of uo nvull and up mid told I could not llvo. Uvtlng )r. Kiug'd New Dlaoovery In my »to(01 <tint for \ bott!o und bcjuu lit u»u Hud from tliu f\r«t doau bujj.iu to net buttur, »(idnl(ur u»liiii thtr* K)itU'* u» U|> uud Hbout uiidln. 11 la wortu IU voJglit In uohl Wo won't ki\op vturo of liouso vltliuut it" tint a lrv« Irlal tulllo at J. \v. Ullou'* ilruy more. 3 w "Sowiii CAKROia, Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. MBS. M. SHADLK, Fashionable Millinery. MISS ELLA TODD, Ullllnery and Kanoy Goods FINANCIAL. FIRST NATIONAL BANK. Cor. Main and FUtu SUeetl. NORTHWESTERN BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Firth street PEED MILLS. I. J. J. R. MATI.OCK, Klttli Street. H RNESS. ETC. L, T. ANDERSON, Harness and Howe Clotnlni. (Trunks, Vtilisea und Sewing Jtuclilne*. PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. 8BEFKIELD & PATTERSON. Wind Mills, Tanks and Punps. JOB PRINTING. DAILY SKNTINKL. Adtunt Strut. Be*t Kqulppod Printing ufflce In Western lowm. Professional Cards, JAS. L. MAKTIX. u. K. MARTIN. MARTIN & MARTIN, LAWYERS »' mate court*. •T-I'roiiipt attention given to oalioulloni. Notary In otllvo. OffiMi In Mcl.ncan Blook BEAOH A HOYT LAWYERS. ?r«tloe lo iiiitv mid fwliirnl wui-(». OUu* «j Hale Mreel. over NUmoaipr'* On *• '»!« nor* ATTORNEY Ai'LAW, omoa. GEO. W. KOHTE, LAWYER. Onion on Ant lloor Uiruinn lui.K building. Will proi'llna In eutu and [ttOotnl ivuru. CW^Hpei'lMl ati«mion givon to tort .vimuifi una •UlUtUlltMU of l-HlHU'll. F. M. DAVF.NPORi, «> TFOUNB AT 1.4 W. l.f *ttl hiiiUuK r\ Hoiud In boUi iitaU and itKlornl vcx uvtr Mark'v <l"i/utioJ,v*u>ct,<'(<mill

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