The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 28, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1933
Page 2
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SS PAGEtWO TH! MALVKRN LEADBft 111 <Jfi copy ote y»i»f * t»i copy stt months «0py three months • copy * * * .50 .05 NATIONAL IDtTOIUAt the ott'.dat proceedings o of 8i.pertlior» are printed in full it this paper. OtePHf, tOCALfl, -----. among reading matter **«»»* Obituary poetry . • * Resolutions . * - - , CaN of Thanks . an inch additional fot .or guaranteed pesitioft. 6e a line iOc a tine Be a line 6e a line SOe •END CHANGE. OF ADDRESS PROMPTLY . —,_. ._„ u Mt plan to hs ehanta of address la EDITORIAL After all, it was a great Christmas season while it lasted. Most encouraging sign of the times is the renewed hopefulness with which nearly everyone is facing the new year. Extent of the corn loans in this county is far greater than was expected by the corn-hog committee aad sealer*. It should have a decidedly healthy effect on business conditions generally by greatly increasing the farm buying power and by holding the corn off the market tor the time of the sealing, the market itself should be stabi- lised. ... . *irown decidedly ?;i.,£«ww acute, however, with the betterment ot the price ot corn, Congressman Otha D, Wearin, » |a seeking an Inyestlga- »,JHr.W».#rastifle of direct •vw;-~~--"i- <—•TTS*: will- provide help for the meat producers. It is improbable that; this alow win do- theitrtck. When •tne government" support.. the price of one commodity by ar- •Ufcial .means, other, will suffer unless similarly assisted. Direct buying, while it has un- •, -r-m^.^-.-.-jr •,, w^« m f 444 A19 befortatWiJ)maha pro»frt meeting bet Friday, urged J»i< necessity- s «t the : meetln'i ^9rmnn»Ung aom* eonitractive self aad environment. Few ot us are so low but what we always do so, aad few of us are so nearly perfect but what a change ot plans and renewal of efforts are beneficial. While the government has adopted a definitely paternalistic attitude towards Its citi- tetts, the necessity for private personal action Is infinitely greater than ever before, We cannot depend upon the government to do more than provide opportunity tor our own efforts. We ourselves must pro* vide the initiative and energy to carry out our own programs In business and In self development. It is well at this new year to take stock carefully and eater on some program which will mean a better life, economically a. well as otherwise. Wiser spending, more careful and efficient method, in our daily work, constant effort in the right direction will do more for ua than all the government could possibly do. The personal equation cannot be neglected In any plan or action. And this is the part which each of us must provide. The government, no matter how paternalistic, cannot benefit us" unless we provide the biggest part ot the help. ID TOO THfttXto vOtftntf ofnl ^Sa ftidewaik* (evens sow that «* anythCRg thai conies •fotg.Ja i flECtr I rU^& CDv tt^P tifejttp*i£^| tt*# Ha half to cafe anyone wants another gtartetf. -f-t-1- Man of the reat At the risk of being pefina nentfy ostracised from local an eotinty society I, after serious consultation with Corpora! Heefe- alyre. have decided to nominal a Mills County Man of the Year In case you don't agree, if* the Corporal's choice. If you do agree just send an envelope contalnini 28 l&c postage stamp, to this department and this Will be used as a fund to erect a memorial to the gentleman named. -f-t-1- Mneh thought ha* been gfv» en this selection, There are •* many prominent mum la tti« eotinty. Thefts la that of Ifaak Bttfflngton of ftllladale Who won fatte when he l«d the Lair and Older brigade la the gat* tie of Plattabonth Bridge, (A battle, by the way, fa which the eagle ot victory perched on the toDgate keeper for he chanted pickets two tolls each —one fof the slashing attack and the other for the inglorious retreat), But the Law and Order League row but for a day and pen. Bnffington returned to hit dally routine of farming and singing ban in the Hillsdale quartet. CWWtty «M tee* of tttt, CWtlBMfoJi ttste hM w* mist, wtth Woodford Romaln 6tli ' An interpretative newt sttnttnafy of the Important eteWtt «f _ thefritt week. B> Oiefrfcm WitttMn* *aad while ftfddlewettefa „. «ccwdtt# to the ftptft of the] wire frantically appfafiaf fa* federal reserve board the hide* government a«lon about irveeteek prtc« pries*, Ifet gofetattent iri* at«i from M.f to f«.l in Ifce pe- baytfij hots in large onantlfies betweea the iJfit week la ffo^ tot relteJ pntposes ~ relief «f tfce et aad the week ifldiaf Ue«, fcef raistf afrd fettef wf ttr* det- I. DtiMng this period the Moote- ttt«e. Mot prices, wnfeh had felt plan to raise commodity price I been la a steady decline, showed .*.t. ** ^^,_,,.... .. ...l dm* ~vC Wet yBBr» SI IRttWlb nuw* etef« la* rtti trftt w**k ttt **»! is less ifif I*** ft* year. ftrfctiai t&£ ffmAttitti ' I3&*k i __ WfflW «S9 v 9(101 *Vf < XtflnfTYfi < BO*fJ ^mjteHrlf the f*« ft TorVU§ v ffvfil nfstie. th* repWl . ' , "* ' IB nftfii moelF. etsSSuteif wofJd ^ ^§Wvf etels by manipulation of fold price was ia operation. of coasid- «>* collecting town •iaty. HYihaTaot b"e "the man! »f-M- ^e^ a«» other, te »«*<«y health No category of great names could be complete without that of Leonard W. Boehner, constant guardian of the people's rights, able student of economics, philosophy and the science ot money. Mr. Boehner is always ready, like Don Quixote, to battle for any public good. His most memorable actions of l»33 have been the Campaign Against the Town Council and the asking of resignation, from that body and from Secretary Wallace and President Roosevelt. But Mr. Boehner's name, unlike Ben Ahdam's, cannot lead all the rest and we must pass him by for the Man of the -f-t-1- Rlstog to national proml- neace with meteoric flash, AT. thnr George Cole of Emerson the Hopb, the „__ the Le» •y j>»««.o mm <u uyciauuu. j the government was la the flrikr^ ItfBt following a report by the ket aad partly be&rate the p*ek- Jrookinfcs institute, that no basis I efs were anilous to build tip hid been fonad fof a belief that stocks before an additional 60c *°" W** 1 ** would bring Jtreeesstag ttt becomes etectlte about either a rise In prices of a Jan. j. managed eurtene? the Rf*c bid » » • » ttootetelt aftneuftcetl i!2S* - * * - S 1 tfc?** fwt »** tt>M ttis M "**» ***** *'£?* ei * *?*!•* slightly. I pioymeat agreette&ti, whieh ™* 1 *f°*«»««*e<s» *» ln»ea*e would expire Bee. 81, will the ailotment <rf aiftfleyfof the tended another four attli6tt PBlftting out th»t already 10 of th * e. ment. In Frtftc*, h*Wftvef,T£e We- tuf e is f«f mot* dfeafy, with aft aftbtlanttid btdlet and fttckly shifting; cabinets coraWning with unsettled d«inest!<j eft*41«on* to pretent ant Vfttf&i toward i * d »U- ««feffwcy agreement had come ai !. d ** l he i««««c««fl of specific , | wd«i the Pre*idenl eipre«sed the Of fotaerticaily belief that Anting the £t«»ion used foreign markets. the Gleftwood Bobbltt, the artist! "I* 0 ** »« 1WW» Brace Kllpat- ««*, the county agent. . . . of the workew purchases m would be under codes. • * » » an. A* 1088 waa ° Ud ht* . . t a basis of return to the producers ott otld * 1 . , Aad 10 the list runs —and few 80, at the suggestion Corporal Heezalyre and after long thought and consideration, 1 must aame Congressman Otha Doaner Weartn as this depart""• *.'election for Mills County of the Year. Rising from the handicap of breaking Into Contres. as an opportunist, he has measured well up to Congressional stature. He has been an ardent advocate ot his President', poll- cie. but has seen fit to vote !*•?,*' A<ln>| Blstration measures !S* £ e b « u «*d twwise. He ha. his con stintenoy in fulfilling speaking repre- * per ounce, about aOc. „,. --- -Jarrent market rate, well While this action was in line with putting into effect for the United States the terms of the Londo agreement for the rehabilitation of silver the action wat interpreted as an important extension o the managed currency program Particularly with it. Implication, of possible manipulation of gold silver ratios. Because of these Implications rather than because of increase In the volume of circulating medium, which would be alight, price, ot stock., of grains and of other commodities and .11- Its final iS aad Indicated an eft- of gradual ver rose spectacularly. C0ttnt5r were - offered and overwhelmingly voted down, Thi. bill will limit, the, num ber of patient, that may ' What a Great Feller Am I For some months this depart ment has been planning a sort o all^lme review of its records aad accomplishments to spring on its thousands (If any) of readers as a New Year's surprise. After day, and .days of concentration t seem, that it will be impossible o wak* this record as it is neo. 7 Iii t ?r lwTe wmetblng whjch fill 16 or SO inches of .pace. •»« —... admitted prevented! itself 'tlm«, Ualeaa< —. ... r , 'Other i the producer to remsdled, 'ot (unenainiBg'- go-t jui«-.*: f 1 *^ ww IB *»*» "WwvUWayi'ior th» tr*» barbecue- ^Rpnomotioa. r *• t*: b« . more tham oae of colwnn. H tlw grm( good do»e to the moMttd* ^Tffer. have * And then, to conMsfije, it has beet my privilege to put In A few ward, for that fine ol« of keeping opem home on ear» Day.'Aft* sln«e «e Mm* l» 'fcgate with «s,> It-mighl of Yes, or no, the above question, are «p before the House ot Representative, at tbls time for consideration in the form ot a Honor control bill by the House committee, Taking up this major proposition for the first time last Friday forenoon, tne discussion got away }°. f tt»W «t«rt. It took three trial, for, the iponior of the — . •-•'.-»• -- -^ «»« WW9r%WHV knows aaytblng about the allege* irregularities. ' , to get » rise out of the member. - — - ~r T ~r^f tv Tf9W fMVMAI^I^f C| tnen the firework, began, A long amendment was offered prescribing local option by towns Seven club, were burled at It it cam* to, and « doien ran interference tor it. OBly fedy Ho»» « 1 »v commute* should fnrthep investigate the purchase, of a g r » T e PU In Quthrle ^unty, ment trust, »*bate OR SMC wu You can get a lot of eyen ?£A*.£»*W'«' »« *•» of the world al ne woria ** trade report declared the M retail bu.ineu to have been ot nearly record proportion., far exceeding previous expectation.. The United State. Chamber of Commerce reported further la- crease, in export, aad signs of a gradual but genutae revival of foreign trade. The Department of Commerce enthu.Ia.tlcally told of Increase* «*• ««\&»i _-.,. A _.• _ . "-^^••^ electric power n •** . r production, automobile production, and freight ear loadings. While i n all case, except automobile production the figures share in world r«e«tefy * * • * The latest chapter of tfce n* Ing of the building &t the Oer= man feichtUf latt Pelf, f ? wu the coatlction of a ywfig thttch- laaB, in e»*cd»annlsi, and tne acquittal of a Gefaan tsbttttuftltt fthd three Bulgarians, Alt on trial befote the Sspf eme Court for the * act. The Dutch vfttt der tubbe wu sentenced td be hanged. ¥hi decision took tpwlaf piifig td combat the charges made by O p* pOsitioaisU in Oerttaay and in other eonntriet that the Are wat set by the Kails themselves and that the trial WM to shift th* blame and make public examples ot communists.' The ambassador from Holland WM making protests to save the convicted man's life, OB the grounds that the law prescribing the death sentence for arson wat passed after the relchstag had been burned, The * • • * Christmas nteseage of Pope Plus Xt declared the most important need aad the constant need for the conduct of affair* for the peace and welfare ot Christendom was prayer. The, distance separating the church aad the Bitter government ia spite of the 3oncordat was indicated by the Fact that the German sterilisa- tion program waa the only specific point with which .the m«e> nnmlstakeablo dp with It. The Teraor BU>UV«t|(, -.W, * 14- , t", < > f- , ' ' r • V.i ISIf^Hij >L r ' i? -:$?j week, of «lmp«t steady consideration pf the '' ' , No. l, tn e Sen»te chair to referee t h» de tor. are known income t»x ta this first hour of MU waiMwtton the _»*« '„ »"»»«* « «»» which makes a nice big commit* 198 aeaej t» try SS eomw House for r«l action. J M i4e Of talf like deaj about the 4ay ¥il»ero, 1= ^ ll ** < * *nfpmop||is«j* _ ^"^WH^^w Pr* w.Wi«ijB|P» MM «f«T«n lar pt*A^ |*"nj |r*v:cr t-A?|a

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