Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 23, 1970 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1970
Page 8
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-Junior Editor Quiz on- THOMAS EDISON Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics OUT OUR WAY ly NIG COCHRAN OUR IOARDINQ HOUSI . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLt Mondoy, November 23, 1970 Coins Answer to Previous •TTTAI IP) . ACROSS 42 British coins 1 Old European 43 Finial QUESTION: What other things did Thomas Edison invent beside the electric light? ANSWER: It may be that Thomas Alva Edison dii more than any other human being to make possible on modern world of comforts and conveniences. Not onlj did he work out useful ideas of his own, but he im proved discoveries made by others. An example is thi moving picture (upper left). The principle had beei found, but Edison invented projectors and other devices which helped to make the movies what they are today Perhaps his most useful invention was the electric light Nothing but the most patient effort enabled him to fine out how to keep the fragile filament glowing inside sealed glass bulb. Think of what this invention has meant to millions and millions of people. The invention which was Edison's personal favorite was the phonograph (we illustrate a modern machine, which though different in appearance from Edison's original one, use some of the same principlesi. Edison liked the thought of bringing music and fun to many people. In all, he took out patents on 1,100 inventions. Because he in vented the electric light in Menlo Park, N. J., he was often called, "the Wizard of Menlo Park." (Colleen Ryan of Elizabeth, N. J., wins a prize for this question. Youn can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) TIZZY By Kafe Osann ornament 44 Mao -tung. 45 Guide's high note 47 Conclude 49 School subject 52 Fishing pole 54 the Terrible 58 Turkish coin 61 Life principle 62 Run 63 Old German silver coin 64 Slips away to wed 20 Compass point 65 General 22 Newt tendency 25 Obtained 28 Owned 30 Intertwined 34 European land measure 35 Samuel's tutor (Bib.) 36 Greek letter 37 Stealthy person 39 Blemish com 6 Old Greek coin 12 Near East vehicle 13 Timetable item 15 Turkic language 16 Gastropod! mollusks 117 Son of Seth (Bib.) 18 Insurrectionist (coll.) 19 Seine UPS ESKJOflH @iir3 41 Nothing DOWN" 3 Palm fruit 2 Monitor lizard 3 Roman moralist 4 Humiliate 5 Viscous substance 6 Mercantile event 7 Human group 8 Upper limb 9 Point 10 Smooth 11 Chide 14 Landing boat (ab.) 18 Former Spanish silver coin 21 Half-ounce Hebrew coiri 23 English silver coin 24 Scottish cap 25 Catch the breath 26 French river 27 Adolescent year 29 U.S. coin 3.1 Small coin 32 Shield (var.) 33 Early Virginia governor 38 Top flier 40 Mimicked 46 Mountain ridge 48 Moslem gold coin 49 Asunder? (prefix.) 50 Mature 51 Chinese monetary unit 53 Norwegian coins 55 Degrading" 56 Prayer ending 57 Fragrant ointment 59 Box-office abbreviation 60 Faucet 61 Attorney (ab.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Pamela's flunking art and science, but- our class has voted her The Girl Most Likely to Wear Mink!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "Well, well, whaddya know! . . , Lady Nicotine's ex-converts!" BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL LISTEN T J TH/S! HOW MUCH IS TWO PLUS TWO, OSGOOP£ 'I've resigned but they still don't look very friendly. I'll spread the rumor that you're growing a beard after you're appointed university president!" CAPTAIN EASY WELL,, HOW ABOUT IT? HE'S VESTS FER FIFTEEN! HE MAKES ME FEEL By CROOKS & LAWRENCE $.^^A3MSi?'i!!U EsJUrlHSJBaffl LEAVErVOUR «->l KEEP ltd TOUCH BY PHONE; WINPOW OKIE WAV TO FINP OUTj AHH-ATLAST.'I POKTT LIKE V MOTNtK.'cowE UPHERE IF ^ TCi LET A\VHAIR S'^-'tV POWM I VtXI'P LlkE T<^6EE THE PLWWV TO ^^ SHOULDER'S-, BUT HE / FA&T OF THIS Bfcf-'ORE THE PART STARTS.' \VAITIK)>? SO R2R. V<XI TO (TC^^E OUT. .. WHY MOTHERS OET (3R.AY 11-23 ^"',,'Y'"-. 1 ."^.'" N«OPE TMA.M CCPLIAU OPPOPTUMITV TO , MARTMA, MV LOV/E f U1TTL6 MATTT6CZ OF APT, OP HtsroFzy THAT I CTAM HELP X2U WITH •? OR APE BUT IP YOU MU-ST TO ATUP2KEV... FOP. TME MOVEMENT? /Jrs -MAT TIME ASAIM =• SHORT RIBS By PRANK O'NEAL I'VE BEEN TOJJNS JOKES 1D THH KIMS ALL DAY. I DlDNT WEAR. HIM LAUGHING. WMAt PlD VOU EXPECT FOR'A MONPAY? TH£ FLINTSTONES •y HANNA-BARBERA LOOK/...VOU ONLV GAVE. ME TIVO tS fl QUARTERS CAN VOU 61VE ME CHANGE FOR A POLLAR/ PAU / JL_ THAT'S RIGHT/ ...WITH TMIS INFLATION. YOU DON'T GET MUCH FOR A POUUAR/ PO KilSULLA'S POP By AL VERMEER WOW! FIVE DOLLARS// i SWOULD'V&' POUND IT LAST WEEK WNENJ THE CARNIVAL WAS IN TOWN? TALK ABOUT ROTTEN L.LJCK in ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN MV VERY \ THAT'S RIGHT; YOUR ) OH, BOV, WA/T'LL OWN J HIGHNESS/HE'S /I TELL UMPA' ^LLDONT JUST STAMP THERE, V'BIS LUMMOX! COMi ON.' / THATMDOXJLD 1 OSE«3CWENB^ 1 AUTERIAL. J • //»33 FRECKLES ly HENRY FORMHALS He TOLO ME we fARTepwirMA SHOE SB?(Me. p WATTAK AUSMANSMIP WELL W.CUJ A WHO'D eygR eutss THAT. A HOBOV/OULO EARNED HtS HARD WAY.' SOM660D/ srow SHOE-- CAMPUS CLATTER ly LARRY LEWIS 600£> MONDAY J AND HPWWASVOUR WE6KENP?

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