The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 23, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1894
Page 12
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L 1 •ft kartell DAILY AMI WEKKtY. ALL HOME PRTNT. SKNtiNttL Is the only newspaper In Cat(Ml county that Is printed all at horns and Itoon- otni more local and county news tban any other two papers in this ootmty. POWERS * Coixjtx), Props. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1894. SPECIAL To all Whom it may Concern: THESte GRBJKTIKGs THEIR MA JKSTIES: QtTKKK TlTA^TIAs QUMBN TjADY-BiBD: - - QUEEN MABt of Fairy-land will, by special car attend^ ed by Uioir beantiful Fays, Sprites and Gnomes arrive nnd bold tbeir Fwiry Court at the GERMANIA OPERA HOUSE, Carroll , Iowa, THURSDAY FRIDAY 6 7 Beautiful Young Ladies. ** Handsome, Young Gentlemen. Pretty Children. Elegant Costumes. Uowitching Music, Reserved seats at Hatton's. Dr. Lowry, dlrootor. Mrs. E. S. Lowry, (iirectrees. Admission 25o. Reserved Beats 35 & 50o. PEOPLE AND EVENT Visit Moore'e shoe store. E.'M. Parsons was at Perry for a few days, Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Boos & Langblin, funeral directors • and embalmers. > Skating is aaid to be quite good now above ilie dum. F. Florencourt was doing ' business yesterday at Br6dn. Paints, Oils and Brushes at JT. W. Hatton's. Skating Is one of* tbe fashionable amusements these daya. C. H. Post of Churdan is in the ci(,y visiting his brother J. H. The Ft. Dodge Weekly Messenger ha* been changed to a semi-weekly. Diseases of the eye, eur, throat and noae. Dr. O. L. Wright. Carroll. Mrs. M. SJmon will speud the next week at DCS MofnoB with friends. Mrs. 0. H. Westbrook left for a short •visit with friends at Vail Wednesday. M. M. Vonsleiu, Gudden B Nasby, was in the city Wednesday fora short time. Diseases of women and children a specialty. DB. B. C. KKLLKY, Carroll, la. Mies Violet Quint ciime down from We§t Side to spend Sunday with relatives. Insurance, and monay to lonn on real' estate at 6 per cent. MAIWIN & MARTIN. Furnished room and unfurnished room for rent down town. Inquire at SBNTI- WBI office. ROOM and blankets are, cheaper than aver. Do not fail to get prices of L. T. Anderson. Miss Nano Behan, of Carroll, is visiting MUB Nellie Uaugherty, of this city,— Boone News, J, 0. Scott, of Gtidden, and his broth- «r from Ida Grove; were in tho city yyedaesday. O. 0. Johnston, of Nebruska, was in tbe city the gueHt of bis Bistar, Mrs. W. li, Oulbortsou. Wanted at once, two apprentice girls. Call at the dress making parlors of Mrs. Maggie Brown. The book and ladder company will give 6 grand ball at Musio hall Thanksgiving e»e; ( Nov. 38. P, McMillan of Waterloo was in tho city Wednesday and v?Bitnd briefly •with nil sinter, Mr». W. H. Burwell. 8. T. Boyiiton, Weet Side, lowu, breeder of registered Polfluti Obina pigs, has pigs of both sexes tor sale. Do not forget that you can get needles and repairs for any dewing inaobin'e made at L. T, Aucbreon'B store. Mrs. K. Y. Culberlsoii and daugl - u, kavu returned from u two months witU rohvtivos In (Jhiuago. will be u grand bull at the opera in Gliddeii TbaukHeriviug night, 'JPhoriday, Nov, 29. Good music. Mfaari' WliHlon, Alkineon uud Doming, o{ tUe Normol school, upimt Monday forenoon viaUlug tbe liigk Bchuol. Th,o baye who atteiidua tic funeral of A- M. 'flead flt Jefferson Sunday suy tbat it woe A cold apd dlsagreuBblo trip. BOOB & l4MB8l»!i« ba*e juet received Ilieir li»o of holiday fnrujtura uud it in ftha floeet ever exhibited iu Carroll. The Y. M. 0. A, bath rapmv will be open duripg the wloler moutUi, only ou W«da«8duy and Buturdsy oveuluji*. . Uuutor left for Uarnurvoo yen- lo bo aUeut u vliort time vliit- btathjr uud family At that place. P. fc.-Pl.lUon, of MaunlcK, auddauKb- BUC.VUUIU, were iu tUo city oJU gopds belong- ing to Mrs. Bucknam whom we understand Will »»ke her home at Manttine for some time With her parents. Oar prices on flottt are right, Bflits everybody, give it a trial nnd you will Come back to the Yellow front, for Wore. The Occident society is making a great effort to present a program at the high school room tomorrow evening that will pleago. The county clerk issued licenses Satur day to James Cromwell and Mrs. Cora B. Kennedy and to W. E. Hested nmi Pearl Perkins. If you have not been rending our continued story, "The Lone Inn," you ore missing one of the best that has appeared in this paper, Rev. Father O'Brien is nursing a brok on finger which he sustained by being thrown out of a buggy at Carroll lua week,—Dunlap Reporter. The board of supervisors adjourned Saturday until the 37th, when it will meet to hear the 'petitions for the rebate- men t of the Mulct tax. Visit the city's beautiful high school room next Saturday evening and heixr the Occidents in their first program. It will cost you but ten cents. Lounges 83,20, mattresses, $2.50, bedroom suits $15, parlor suits $30, in fact we have rock bottom prices on oil our goods. Boos & Langblin. Chas. McAllister has been confined to tbe house for a few days. We understand he is improving and his friends hope to 'see him out again before long. Oh say 1 Are yon going to give ui send any Christmas presents? It so call ind get BOOB & Langhlin's prices on oraches, rockers and lounges. The ladies of the Presbvterian society are making arrangements to give an evening's amusement in the near future for the benefit of their society, Rev. Robt. Nouise will deliver -.the first of F series of lectures arranged by the Y. M. 0. A. at tbe Baptist church Wednesday evening, Nov. 28. Wm. Boell, of Grant township, was a caller Saturday. He will read THE SENTINEL during 1895 and keep posted on events transpiring in this vicinity. Chase & Sauborn teas and coffees were need exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Sold only by Merchant. Schumacher & Mitts have plenty of their Salt Lake potatoes on band. All parties ordering now will be furnished from the car at wholesale prices. Reverend Miner, of Titusyille, Pa., brother of our townsman, occupied the pulpit at the M. E. church Sunday morn ing and delivered a very able sermon. Hopkins' Merry Makers concluded a week's engagement at Music hall Saturday evening. The company played to good houses and gave good satisfaction. Schumacher '& Mitts, dealers in flour, feed and produce are prepared to furnish goods cheaper than ever before. Call on them when in want of anything in tbeir ine. The Germama society will give a grand ball at their new opera house Thanksgiving evening, Thursday, Nov. 20. A rood time assured. A cordial invitation Is extended to all. , Merchant wants yon to call at his store and see how few goods yon cao juy for five dollars. Leave your Backs and jaekets at home, bnt put a double box on your sled or wagon. From tbe number of wagon* wo see going to the country every day loaded with coal we are inclined to think that ;he farmers must be pretty well supplied for the w/inter, \ Those who know, aay th» Five Senses," by five beautifully costumed young ladies of the Occident society next Saturday evening is alone worth double the admission—ten cents. Every one who reads the Occident prp- gram for Saturday evening will attend. The school children should be eu- couruged in tbeir efforts by liberal patronage. The price of admission is but ten cents. W. H. Parker, formerly connected with the boot and shoo factory of this city, but now of Des Moiues, waslbero culling on a few of his old friends Sunday oven, having come up from Jefferson on ,lut special. . liobt. Nourse will deliver one of jis popular lectures at the Baptist church Wednesday oycning, Nov. 88. Mr. Noursc s one of tho leading public speakers of tho day uud you will find Lin lecturu pleuBiug and ea|prtaining. We have made arrangements'by which we OHU furnish this paper and tbe twioe- o- week New York World all for only $2 a year. Here is the opportunity lo get pour own local paper and the New York World twice every week at extraordinarily low rates, Address TUB .-WTI- n, Carroll, la. The county clerk's pfflco has been 0- armngcd. The counter moved out into tlm IOQIU and tho sheriff now has his clonk comfortably locurcil behind it, The clmugo WUB a good ona and hai greatly improved tho ofllco, besides giving the hliuiitt « place where uu can properly transmit the dutius of his oftlce. MJU Quogel, the target of Alex's uu i-rrlDK aim, is said to bo slowly recovering from her'wountl, guv I* vow able to walk from 0110 room to another and will iu the courvu ofaji few woeki wore bo HiifUuIeotly roBtored to health, to b« iukcu from the hospital. Tlio tuuowent house aorow U»e corner from the I'rcabytorUn oinirpU. U about ' uud niiuly fpr occupancy. THE COTTON STATES AND INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION. The structure at the top is the proposed Government building at the Cotton States and International Exposition,which opens In Atlanta, Ga., f leptember 18, 1895. Uncle Sam has appropriated $300,000 for his building and exhibit. At the bottom is the Fine Arts ouilding. The rooms are first class and will furnish comfortable homes for those who secure them. The building as remodeled great ly improves the appearance of that part of the city. Our stock is complete, goods first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill cuts no figure with ns. Don't think because we don't button hole yon on the street and beg yon to trade with ns, we don't want your trade. Wedo, nnt think yon are wise enough* to ehoise the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MBBOHAKT. L. J. Miner and wife returned from Marshnlltown last Friday where they were called to attend the funeral of Mrs. Wilbur, a sister of Mr. Miner. They were accompanied by four brothers of Mr. Miner it being the first • time in twenty-five years that they have all been together. The last meeting of this kind was when their sister was married. Judge Paine passed sentence on the two burglars who were indicted for burglarizing Miller & Riemer's store at Manning. Polk Ricbmann was given six months and Frank Lovelette nine months at Anamosa. Sheriff Jeffrey and County Attorney Eorte left >Monday evening with the prisoners. Court will be in session again Saturday to finish up the work of the session. The Chicago Times in the Sunday issue had a very complimentary: review of the life of.Joseph Medill, editor of tho Chicago Tribune. Something rather uncommon for an editor of a partisan paper to extol the virtues and good qualities of the editor of an opposition paper. They are surely on more friendly terms than the editors of our city. A special train was run from this city Sunday to Jefferson to taKe the members of the Masonic, I. O. O. F. and K. !>. lodges to the funeral of Aaron Head, which was held in tbe afternoon. About one bundled visiting brethren accompanied by the band represented tho orders from this city. The funeral procession is said to have been one of tbe largest ever held in thin part ol «i. state. Over 1000 men on'jfoot, headed by the Carroll Union band, accompanied tho remains from the residence to the cemetery. The Olio club will meet at the home of Urn. Marv Russell Saturday, November . Every lady who expects to attend the meetings o tbe club is earnestly requested to boCpreeent, as all remaining topics for the club calendar will be assigned at that time. Topics for that date areas follows: Games and festival!, Mies Nance; Banquets, Mrs. Smith; A Uotu&u Home, Mrs, Miner; Baths, Mrs. Simon; Roads, Mrs. Colclo. A, U.'Quint and family will move to Scranton in a few days. Mr. Quint finds it impossible for him to .look after the interest of the bank of that city of which ho is vice president and perform the duties ol' rresident and live hero Ho has concluded to make the change, He and his wife are old settlers here and dislike very much lowing our ci bul buoinoBS relations demand tho change. The Puriutou book bindery, of Boono, Usued a trust deed Monday for $3,000 to secure homo creditors, J, llornstein, IruHteo. Mr. Purinton did a nourishing business until about a year ngo when hard times got in. The office was a very expensive one to run and as money has come in slowly for tbe pasty oar he found It impouBiblo lo moot his obligations, so bo determined to protect bis homo creditors and for tbat roaioii tbo trust deed was given. Mr. and Mrs.' Rou Moore cclobrated their "Golden Weddlou Anmveriary" Friday the tOth In tbl> city. Mr. and Mrs. Mooro have loveu children born to them of whom all were present occept th«ir oldest daughter, Mrs. D. M. Smith, of Mississippi, and Ilieir youuKest top; nt! Mooro Jr. They alio him tweuty- eoven grand children of whom one wttro present. An old u couple Mr. and M».,Moore are seldom meu having all their children living, A very enjoyable time wa» reported by UiOM presoul. County Attorney K° rl « accompanied Sheriff Jeffrey to tho state priioi) al Anumoit in charge of a ooijple of prltOAf or* tUe f rat of th* week. Mr. Korte tajrf U It veil worth, ant't Uuie to visit that JB' who is serving out a three years'sentence from this county and says he is cnpt»in of a squad of stone breakers. A. C. Steele, of Coon Rapids, our Republican supervisor, came to the city Tuesdsy, secured a marriage license and was united in marriage to Mrs. Anna Price by Rev. Dr. . Folsont, at Burke's hotel. Everything appears to be coming hie way just now,as he is getting more of the good things of this world than usually falls to the lot of the avera'ge mortal in so short a time. The electric light company is planning to run tbe lights in the morning during the winter months, which will be a great accommodation to those who are now compelled to use Inmps in the early morning, as it u about as much trouble to keep lamps in order for use a short time in the morning as for use sll the time. It would seem, however, as if they should be started up pretty soon as. commencing yesterday, the next two mouths haye the shortest days of the year. Frank Leibfreid, our old townsman, writes us from . Tacoma, Washington, that he was caught in tbe late political landslide like a great maav other good Democrats all over the country, Mr, Leibfried has filled the responsible position of deputy county auditor for Pierce county, of which Tacoma is the county seat, for the past four years. The auditor was a^candidate for re-election and net- withstanding ihe ran some 1,100 votes ahead 'of his ticket he was buried under the avalanche of Republican? ballots. Frank says -that he will IJP looking for a new job after the first of next January. The Herald says, "THE SENTINEL does Sheriff Jeffrey a serious wrong in saying that the grand jury complained of the condition in which the county jail is kept." This leaves n wrong impression, for we did not say anything of the kind. In fact we called attention to the careless way tbe grand-jury did its work and exonerated Sheriff Jeffrey from any blame. It was the grand jury we were after and not the sheriff. We are sorry to see such a f alto statement made by a paper which is getting so near the throne that it heari angelic voices and at night it lulled to deep "by tbe rustle of a wing." At a meeting of the directors of thn Northwestern Building and Loan association of 'this city Tuesday it was decided to change tho home office from where it has been located for some time to Mincben's store room. Mr. Minchen will be in charge of tbe home office. Mr. Quint will still retain his connection with the association and will me his ability in tbe future as in the past for iti interests. The treaiurer't office will bo moved to tbe Slate Bank of Scranton and will be under his immediate supervision where all securities will bo kept. The above change was made solely to curtail tho expenses of conducting the business of the association. Tbo Art Amateur probably has never given two more attractive color platen thun "The Boot-black," by J. Q. Brown, and "The Old Home by tbo Roadside," by D. F. Hasbrouck, which Appear in tho£Novembor issue. Looking .at those highly artistic fac-slmiles of oil paint, ings, It ia easy to understand why a metlul was awarded at tho World's fair to tbo Art Amateur, and why the Chicago board of education lately introduced into the high schools «of that city tho Art Arnatour'B color studies us painting model*—they have long boon BO lised In tho boat art schools and academies. But these, charming pictures are equally valuable for framing, and, Indeed, they are so used in thouiands of American homos, Thin vory practical art ainKanmw, however, by no mutkuk depends on its rolor platen alone for IU popularity, What most conduce* to. it* extraordinary success is that by giving a profuilou of working desluni, with easily understood directions for carrying tboni out, it enable* *o many young people, of both wx- ««, to ourn a living by painting, carving, designing attd Illustrating. No poraou of •rllvtlo lattes, who wishes to turn Iheuj to profit, caa afford to be without this •uiuptuoui periodical. Price, as cant*. Montague Marks, publisher, 38 Union Square, New York. VJOWWTMT Tiueday altar noon fcaibajr Connor, of Uttk>n tofnabjD, IMp MM!/, VW FORTY MILLION CAKES YEARLY. THE PROCTER A GAMBLE CO., OIN'TI. brought to the city Bud taken before the insane commissioners which passed on him and this morning Uheriff Jeffrey left with him for the insane hospital at Olnrinda. Snndny Mr, Connor was at home, surrounded by his family when all at ouoe he became violently ineane. His wife ran to the neighbors, who cap- tared him BB he was tunuing away horn home. So violent were bia ravings that it requited the assistance of several of his neighbors to control him. In order to bring him to the city it was necessary to bind him securely. When he was taken to the train he was bonnd to a cot and this was placed in the bnggage car. This case is a very sad affair, for Mr. Connor was one of the most highly re- eppofpd and worthy young wen of that community, fie has a wife and four email children, the youngest being but two years old. Something over a year ago ha was overcome with heat and it ie thought that his present affliction is dut to that. ' Program of the Occident society, high school building, 8 p. m., Sat. Nov. 24: Opening address .................... Supt. Ament Song ..................... . .. Bertha Mnrlo Bangs Recitation ............................. Beryl Hoyt Minnie Anderson imanda Hoett Parody ....................... BOBBmond Winners Recitation ...... ................ .....Helen Belter Duet ...... (LeoKnepper • * .............................. I Amy Hodge INTKllllIBSION. Instrumental Solo ......... M. Blanche Patterson A Story ...................... Blanche Troworldge Recitation ................ .... JJljlva V. Sherman 3ong ......... , ................. „ Florence Bowen Tableau— "The Five Senses." Recitation. . ; ........ . ....... ..... .Frank O'Brien BUSINESS. Critic's Report ...................... .Supt Ament J. EVERETT SMITH, ROSAMOND WILMBHS, President. Secretary. RAIIBOAD BUSINESS. BOOBO News. Owing to general slacking np of railroad business the North western management is reducing expenses wherever possible. Among other things they' lave laid off one of three pay-maatera of the road and thie has given rise to rumors (bat the pay-oar wonld be late or might come only once in two months. The News is glad to state that there is no troth in these rumors. The pay-oar •would be late or might come only once [a two months. Tne News is glad to atate that there is no truth in these rnmois The pay-ear will be here on 'Thursday morning and will oome regularly every mouth. Some of the branch lines will probably be pnid by oheoka and in this way the main lines will receive the visile of the pa> -oar t no same as ever. Then is a general fear of alack of railroad business which ia unwarranted by facts. Of course the orop failure will make business comparatively light until another orop is grown but the merchandise business and local shipments iv» stock, etc., ehow no signs of diminution. Indeed, the crews now working have been rushed out at a lively rate for the past few days, the shipments of w<tat bonnd freight being especially heavy. Railroad earning* will not be as large as usual for some months but there will be lots of trains running and no schema of retrenchment is thought of like some of the wild rumors which have been given currency lately, ^ Pile* I Pilttsi Itching piles, Symptoms roolnturo; Inttmno (tolling and sting Ing, most at olgnt; worse by lurutuhlng. If «T owed to continue tumors form, wUlou ofMu Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled* for at the uostiiiUco, Nov. 19, 189*. Unless delivered within thirty days from/ datethey will be forwfirdod to the dead letter office »t Wiwhlujiiuu, I). C.: T/. A. Leach, Frnak Kroophe Geo. B. Druskenbrah ulss Jennie Bell Tho law provides that one cent shall be paid-•for all letters advertised. When calling for same please Btato date of advertisement. JNO. L. Powrcus, P.M. O0RN FOB SALE. Any amount. Fitly oeute on track. * F. L. Etitjs, Fonda, Iowa. WANTBD. An actiye agent iu ouch county in. the United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-a-Week Republic, A liberal commission will be paid to hustlers, Address, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louis, Mo.* S BND twelve cents in postage stamps to 86 Corcoran Building, Wnsiilnuton, D. C.. and your will receive four copies of KATE FIKLD'S WAgp- INQTON, containing matter of special Interest. Uive name and address, nnd sa where yon saw this advertisement; iilaed and ulcerkte, Moomlnk very sore, away- ne's ointment stops the lluliuig «uii bleeding, lieals uluerutlon and In raoit owes remove* the IUUIOM. At druggUU, or by mall, (or Ml cants Or. SWttjrne ft Bon, I'UlludulplilH, NOT so BAD AD THAT, Oeolson Bulletin. The Carroll county board of supervisors have purchased 'a monster screw door automatic sate for tbe treasurer 1 )) offloe, It is said to be one of ^ue fluest oow built, and as near fire And burglarproof as it it possible to make them, Ottrroll elected some Republican, oflloere, uud |( the experience of the people under Republican odi&toiatratlou iu any criterion, their safe will not beneedad— they will empty the treasury BOOB enough without galling burglars. ALMOST A NKW YORK DAILY. That Democratic wonder, the York Weekly World, hue junt changed, its weekly into a twioe-a-week paper, and you can now get tbe two papers a week- for the same old price—81 u year. Think of it! Thn niwH from New York right at your door fresh every three" days— 104 papers n yt>«r, PEAT,^ OF ANTON RUBENSTEIN. Celebrated Ruimlnn Pjnnlst and Compoier Sucttuiubtt to Hettrt Ulfleme. ST. PETEBSBURQ, Nov. 31.—Anton Rubinstein, the celebrated Russian pianist and composer, died today of heart disease at Peterhof, near this city. Rubinstein was born at Weichwotynetz, on the frontier of Roumania, Nov. W), itttO. As a child be was taken to Moscow and studied the piano under Alexis Villerng. His first appear- I' ance in public was .made when he was only 8 years of "age. At 10 yean Hu, benstein went with ANTON E0BINSTEIN. his teacher to Paris, where he remained for two yean, bit performance at several concerts winning, for him the advice and encouragement', of LisEt. Rubinstein next visited England, Sweden and Germany, and in Berlin he studied composition nnder Debn. Having completed his course it] instruction, Rubinstein devoted himself for Borne time to teaching in Berlin* • later to teaching in Vienna. He returned to Russia later on and was appointed pianist to the Grand Duchess Helena. Subsequently he became director of the musical concerts of the Russian Musical society. Rubinstein visited tha United States in 1873-78, Two Hundrud OarpiM at Kan Prowplo. ROME, Nov. 81.—The earthquake shocks continue at Milezzo, on the north coast of the island .of Sicily. Report* from the province of Reggio de Calabria atate 300 corpses havt» been extricated from the ruins of house* nt San Prooo- pio. At Palmy over 800 people were in* jured. Eight persons perished at Semi- • nara and 800 people were injured. The Tillages of Borapier and Santa were destroyed, OaatamjUiMU BeaomlDg OAXAOA, Hex., Nov. 21.— Tne situation in the Guatemalan and Mexican borders is very threatening and it is believed that the Guatemalan troops are preparing to wake an aggrobsivo move against Mexico within the next tew daya as the different regiments are being drawn close together as if an invasion of Mexican territory was the object. Hunt Tuke ArutoiilK From Turkey. BEKLIN, Nov. 31.— The VosslsoUe Zei. tang declares that if the Porte is unable to stop the oppression in Armenia the powers must, stop in, when it inmost likely that Armenia will bo separated from Turkey. _ ^ Vrofost to Cuutral » &t>g Ulfttuv*. TAOOMA, Wiwh., Nov. 3V,— The Auner* lean Protective association of this state profess to huva u sufficient following to control tUo next legislature,, which meet* in January, and elect or dictate the election of u Unitod States senator to»uo- coed John B. Allow, ll«rk««|>«r« Nut . NKW OBMSANS, Nov, 99.— The general awomuly of the Knights of Labor di». posed of the vtixtitiou* question* of ad< witting lawyers and barjcuepura toU»« order. Tlw quration was fuvokibly *e- ported by lUo coiuiniUoo, but was VQt«4 clown. ' Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. ^PRICE'S i 7 ^ '.^ & Tbe only Pnw Cwiuj of Tartar Powder.—Ho ArnuiouU; No Alum ttod in MtlMftm/.ffiHtancJ—4? Yew* tbe

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