Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 2, 1955 · Page 22
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 22

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1955
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker Jacoby On Bridge By OSWALD JACOBY West is still wondering what happened to him in the hand shown today. He expected to collect a small fortune from his vulnerable • opponents, but events turned out quite differently. South used the jump to three clubs to show a strong hand. Many experts~use this kind of jump bid as a sort of .shut-out, but even such players never make a jump overcall on a really bad hand when vulnerable against nonvulnerable opponents. WEST A87 ¥973 494 4 Q 108 6 54 NORTH 4Q106532 ¥Q5 • K852 #3 EAST (D) 4AKJ94 VAJ1062 4QJ10 *(k None SOUTH * None A763 4 A K J 9 7 2 North-South vul. South West North 1 * 3 * Pass Pass Double Pass Pass Pasj Opening lead — 4 8 Eisl #? #! #! East reopened the bidding with double, hoping his partner would be able to bid one of the majors. West was happy to pass and thus convert the double into a penalty double. He expected his partner to take about three defensive tricks, and he expected that his . trump length would provide about jjf; three other tricks. ^.i West opened the eight of spades, and South ruffed at once. Declarer led a heart to dummy's queen, and East won with the ace. When East now returned the queen of diamonds/it was clear that East did not have a trump. South therefore knew the.whole story. South won the diamond 'return with the ace. cashed tha king of hearts, and ruffed his last heart with dummy's only trump. He returned by ruffing a spade, led a diamond to dummy's king, and led another spade from the dummy By this time; as South knew, West was down to his six trumps. South therefore ruffed the spade with the king of trumps. - West helplessly contributed a small club to the trick. South now led a diamond, and West was forced to ruff. West had to lead a trump, giving declarer a free finesse. South now led - his last diamond, forcing West to ruff again. West then had to give declarer the last two tricks with another free trump finesse. -When the smoke had cleared South had made 10 tricks, fulfilling his contract with an overtrick. . Q—The bidding has been: South West North East J Diamond Pass I Heart Pass •> You, South, hold: 4A9873 ¥5 »AK 10631 *•» What do you do? A—Bid one spade. North win think you have only a four-card spade suit but you will reWd spades later to correct this im- npression. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in *he question just answered. You, South, hold: >AQ873 ¥5 4AKQ63I +4 . What do you do? Answer Tomorrow Be a wise Santa . . . gift shop early ... use your 1st National Charge Account! MATOR AND COMMISSIONERS OK - BARTON, A MUNICIPAL COnrOKA- TION OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND CHARTER AMENDMENT RESOLUTION NO. 1, PASSED AT THE TtEC.tJl.AR MEETING OP SAID MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ON NOVEMBER 9. 195;. of The followinc Is a fair summary the above referred \a Resolution: Resolution of the Mayor and Commis- (• sioners of Barton, a municipal corporation of the State of Maryland, adopted I pursuant to (he authority contained '~' ^ ff\ ater yv • • d Commis-1 jW» authorized \ff * coman,~ ind to jflj irKinK fjf • Derate; 1 '' • !# lions." as said Section was »nacted byj Chapter 423 of the Acts of the General 1 Assembly of Maryland. 1S55, providing for the amendment of the Charter of the Mayor and Commissioners of Harton, the same being Sections 3 to 14 inclusive of Article 1 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Maryland, Kverstine's 1955 Edition, by addinc a new section to said Charter, designated as Section 8 A, which will follow immediately after Section 8 and before Section 9 of Article 1, and which shall be subtitled "Water Sys (cm", by which the Mayor and sioners of Barton are to be. ; to purchase from any cxistinR company, or to construct a new water system, for the Municipality of Barton, and to operate and maintain a water system a authorize by ordinance for the cha.,, of water rc'nts and to otherwise operate and maintain efficiently a ..Municipal wa-, ter system, and whereby the Mayor and] Commissioners of Rarlon are authorized i lo enact an ordinance or ordinances iiro-j viding for the issuance of Municipal; Bonds, not to exceed Forty Thousand! Dollars IS40.000.00), for the purchase or construction of a Municipal -water system, which bonds are to hear an interest rate not in excess of 4""i per annum, and the principal and interest of said bonds are to be paid from water revenues, 01 other sources legally available to the Town of Barton, and the full faith and c: tent 37 shall be pledged (or the payment of th. principal and interest of said bonds, the said bonds to be issued also pursuant to Sections 31 to 39 of Chapter -123 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, J3."i5, title "Home Rule", subtitle "Creation of Municipal Debt", provided, however, that no bonds shall be issued without the question of issuing said bonds being first submitted lo a referendum of the qualified voters of the Municipality of Barton and requiring the approval of a majority of those voting upon such referendum before said bonds may be issued, and further providinc that this Chapter Amendment Resolution shall become effective fifty days after November fl, 1955, unless 20 r l- of the qualified voters of the Municipality of Barton file a petition with the Mayor and Commissioners of Barton within forty days after November 9. 1955, requesting a referendum on the subject matter of thl« Charter Amendment. "A complete and exact copy of said resolution containing the proposed amendment has been posled af Ihe Town Hull In Burton, where Ihe same may be Impeded by nil Interested person*. AnTiiun r. HOITA, Mayor of Barlon Adv.—Nov. T-I8-3S D«c, 1-3 i ; - _j» \ff* . yT ', jrtj ftf . j-*^ ' WN, ff * adorable gift idea for the young of heart . . . . .. sweetly ieininiiic "Cradle Snatclicr" pajamas in luxurious Celauese tricot 3.98 and ,98 Cumberland, Cloak and Suit So pretty ... so sweetly feminine . . . she won't be able to thank you enough . . . Adorably styled by Luxite of luxurious Celanese Tricot in Pink, Blue, Aqua, Rose and Moon Beam prints on r^v % white grounds . .. Sizes S, M, L. '***>***~J • the smartest gift blouses by Ship "n Shore Co-ordinated tiwtch-mates Wool Flannel Skirts Orion Sweaters are from 2-98 And we've the pick of Santa's pack when it comes to these famous Blouses . . . Hundreds . . . Scores of styles . . . Solid colors . . . Gay plaids . . . 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