The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 28, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1933
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r Ktedi f Don't urg&t YotHF Biff Show on Saturday LEADER fMtJRSDAt, t>BCEMfiER 28, 1»*| NO. 14. --&} EHipIlN* ___..«.. {ft fto* fnea tef Party far Childf** keedsf Remember the big fcttfir la Matter* Saturday .At tttat fifl* e?«t? bOt .flrt is Milta connty, 14 tear* eld ttf toangst, t* tattled to be the guest of The Maltftta Leader fthd tit* Bmpres* theater at a big free f Itttaier party at, StSO o'clock, Ad* E ;; Mission i* entirely free and this newspaper and theater want «r* ety boy and girl to attend. While no admission Is charged those attending are asked to feting a potato and every one brought will be given to the Mai* Christmas a, Time of.Festive Pinners i^ fc" I* the Pop WHAT •— Maivem Leader* Umpress Theater Free Show tor children. "Little Orphan Annie" will be shown, starring Mitti Green. WHO — All children 14 year* old or younger. Older persons will be charged lOe admission.) WHEN — Saturday, Dec* 80 at 2:30 p, m. WHERE — Empress Theater In Malvern. HOW- — Children ahould get free tickets at Leader office Friday or Saturday before the show and these tickets and ONE POTATO will admit them to the show. rvern Welfare Board used in relief work. So you can both attend the party and provide food ' needy person* this coming winter..And.the-bigger the bet* | For the big *how Manager L. Henry of the Empress baa ob- *ned the picture, "Little Orphan lie,"-one of the best resent CiHstaat *** obnetved tat* wttS an tfittttaify large ntnnuet of &ofne, eofaing* and tatnily gatherings and the follow* ifig were repotted to us; Mr, and Mrs, Glenn Summer* eftteftained at dinner Christmas flay tot Mf, and Mr*. Grant Sum- ttet* and Itrt. tfiei Smith and wa, Ward, of omaha, Mr, and Mr*. V, A. Summers, and itf, and Mrs. Chas, H. Summers. They bad planned to hate the Christmas dinner at the Grant Summer* home in Omaha this year but held it here to that they might spend a part of the day with the rrank Summers family who were finable to attend because of ill* He** ia the family. Mr. and Mr*, Ben Martin, Miss Lorena Will* and Waiter Henderson were Christmas dinner guest* ia too Wallace Henderson home in Red Oak, Mr. and Mrs. Mar* 'tin wero also guests at an oyster supper Christmas eve in the Roy McClure home. Christmas day wa* a pleasant one for Mr. and Mr*. H. B. Boyer who had all of their family home Including Mr. and Mr*. Billy Christopher who came down from Omaha, Mr. and Mr*. Dale Dyke and two children, Mr. and Mr*. Baton Tennant, and Clifford Boyer. Mr. and Mr*. L. L, Richardson entertained at their home north* west of Malvern with a big, din* ner on Christmas day, Mr, and Mr*. John Wi*e of Shenandoah, Mr. , and Mr*, Lewi* Hart of Humeston, Misses Etta and Pearl Miller, and.Mr. and Mr*. Wallace Horton, Bernlce and Dwight "of Qlenwood, and Mrs. Susan Chamber*, and Mr.* and Mrs, June Wise and -June Louise, of Malvern. : , Mr. and Mrs, Albert Kelson had a* gue*tt Ohrfetma* for a turkey dinner, Mr. and Mr*. Tom,Gros«e — w Sarah Ooy of Tabor] Stout of'Glenwood, Mr, • n*™.^* ; Nelson -,*>-•* _ Mr. and Mft, Fred Newell it their ftoaia touth of Hasting* had M dinner guest* an dfcHstaa* day, Mr, and MM. Fiord Wtd> i«y, Mattel and Jdafi ef Barly, Mr. and Mr*. Clyde Wilson aad Dotis Valttift of Set Moiflw, Mr, and Mr*. W. P. wwtiMB, Jettie tnd Allen ot Mafvewi, and Mr, aad Mr*. W, W, Mohbefty, Keith, Joyce, and Slain* 6f Raadotpa. Mr. aad Mr*. L. W, Boehaet especially enjoyed Christmas this year with a family reunion attd big dinner OB Christmas day. Ail their children aad grandchildren were present with la* exception of Mr*. Ruth McCord who i* still in California. Mr*. Eva DurWn enjoyed Christmas by having ail her fan* ily with her for dinner oa Christ* ma* day, Mr. aad Mr*. Orvllle Durbia and tvaa of Hastings aad Mr, and Mr*. L. 2. Croiler and Frances of Ottumwa, Mr. and Mr*. Leonard William* ot Kearney, Nebr. came ia Sunday to visit over Christmas with their respective parent*, Mr, and Mr*. 0. L. William* and Mr. and Mr*. HT, 0. AHely, They all were entertained at a Christmas dinner in the William* home. (Continued on page 4) Barbecue Attracts Huge Crowds for Christmas Buying More T h an 3,000 ''Sand* wiche* Given to Gue»U| Buainesa Increase* ' Prospect* of a fine* barbecued beef aandwlcb and unusual opportunities to finish Christmas buying brought the largest crowd to 'Malvern Saturday that ha* been seen' here in years. Streets down town were.filled early. Bat. urday morning arid double parking was In evidence from about FUhcr Died at Home Near Ha»tiflgi D«ata follow*! Stfokej Hfttt ttnd in Cowity Mere Jame* Fl*fi*f fof ttote than 66 year* a resident of Mills county pawed away at hi* home north' east of Hatting*, Thursday, Dec. 41. HI* passiftg wtt* great shock to the entire eotnthtinity as he Bad been in hi* ttttai Health ua- til Thursday moraing about f o'clock when ft* was stricken with appoplety. He aetef regained consciousness but- passed away, sleeping quietly to the end which came at 3 o'clock in the after- nooa of the *ame day. The funeral services for James Fisher were held Sunday at 2 p. m. at the home conducted by Rev. L. B. Ripley, A quartet composed of Mr*. Fred Priest, Mrs. Fred Lookablll, Ira Turner, and Edgar Lookablll sang-"Going Down the Valley One by On*/' "Jesus Bav* ior Pilot Me," and "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere. Rev. L. E. Ripley took .a* ,the bails, of his text St. John 14:1*4, The'flowers were tn charge of Mr*,:Walter Fisher and Mr*. Jame* Durbin. The pall bearer* were- Martin Qoehrlng, Walter Fisher, Roscoe Parker Fred Priest, Frank Rommel, and Paul MoMaallt. •} James Fisher the oldest son o. Henry and Susannah Fisher, was born near Agency, jWappelo county, Feb. 14, .1884,5 and departed this life Deo. 21,, 1938 at the age of sixty-nine year*, ten month* and seven day*. , ,; In 1868 he .moved to 'Mill* county with hi* parent* which ha* been hi* home ever since. He ha* lived continuously? on .the home farm for the past sixty-one year*. On Dec. •SS.jiPOft he wa* married to Miss Nellie Van Doren of Greenwood, Nebr, To this union no children came- to bless the home but tbelr Jljre was devoted to raising ,two ^children, a son, i ter,, Frances, tome with the ISermonJPr coAtd. _. Herein 18781 -^ vv-iSS^i. ifflpSw b,^eaeR 0.-»»n" cw« ^W''**^', Jtefc, ^njlju^caai; «• • o* «/ - >8unt'j manetiM^m „._. |ng*, Heiwas a lov» d" a-friend to all. MtmMm&iimte m •the Methodist church ; age. He ^rjw-a man r _,&rsonsr character and Iprigbt industrious life. =P .fe w J»l peoPie -In attendance CTjpffal were! Mr, and Mrs. i^ijiiBjbijr' &n$\, daughter, Jo^^CiJJi.}' Mr. and y, Tobias, i. 0. Conger, a ton of Ret. 0. T. Conger wao lite* la tndian- apolls, lad., recently sent to Rev. L. R, Bobbttt a sermon written by ate lalaef. Tai* *et»oa Wa* preached in Malvern at a communion service ss years ago ea Oct. «, 1818. It is written in pea aad Ink aad 1* very readable. The subject of the sermon was "The Tenderne** of Christ." Matt. 13:90. "A bruised reed shall he not break and a smoking flax shall he hot quench." The sermon is Biblical. It shows careful preparation. There Stephen Rounds Celebrates His 84th Birthday Old Friend* Gather t Honor Him Decent* her 18 Stephen Rounds, well know pioneer resident ot Mills county reached the eighty-fourth milestone ot his journey through lit on Dec. 18. To celebrate th event hi* daughter, Hercella, an hi* niece* planned a big dinne for him. They Intended it a* surprise but it leaked out in *om way so he was looking for it. The guests brought well fllle baskets and at noon the long ta .hie was spread with a banque fit for a ktndg. Plenty ot chick* cooked in tempting ways and a! the necessary viands to go wit! it to make a perfect feast. On feature was a large angel fooc birthday cake, baked and decorated by Mrs. T. E. McClure. A beautiful bouquet of American Beauty roses, sent him by the Mlgses Geneva-and Helen Cllpson of Tabor graced the table. They are great niece* of Mr. Round* After the dinner the afternoon was spent in *• visiting and reminiscing Jot old tiroes. It wa*:a day'^aK are two note* on the front pag, wnlcn ai-e especially interesting Tais *ame sermon was preached tn Lincoln, Nebr., April 6, 18t8 ana the aote «ay«, "A tery bad day, 18 present." The other aote is "This first part of this sermon Binst be shortened aad Improved before It is ever preached again/ The Word must i* underscored This first part of two aad a hal page* is crossed out. Many of the older resident* will remember Rev, Mr. Conge as pastor ot the local Baptis church in 1st8. l, Bluffs; Mti Oha?, Platt host and relatives. csi*y llfc-fr«ft^Ti' l T~' i ^ v rft*-*jT*»' ~i ra»#M5ife»l3rt»' 1 s? i«»^.|ft^ Cflird of Thank* !g$t't9 this way to express heartfelt thanks to our 1 neighbors for their ,._ „„ WBdness t sympathy, belp in pur time of bereave, 'V|0»tt|e death of our beloved "' 1 father, and for the sets sent. . < Flsber ana FftWily, I Chicken Pie Supper *ft ' i j F i A, J&J&9IK »'1W5 •* - . " B pie supper win be Wing at the »y|ps wlU be? vrffittasfci George Howard of'qTenw~ood,^Mr! and Mrs. tGeorse Burger of Glen wood/Mrtriftd, MW, Ty mi McGinn of Malvernj and Mr, and Mrs, Al bert. Addy ofOmogene, Late in the afternoon alt departed for ^tbair. *. homes wishing Mr. Round* many .more bappy birthday*, *, - ,^'.:.^r^. Churches to Jf0l|' V Last of Series of Veipws Sunday Rev, Gugeler to Preach at Union Service at > : 8P.JI. What }s plansed as the last of the aeries of union vesper sery. ice* sponsor^a by the of Malvern wllj be be!4 next Sun* day at § p, jn, B e¥| R py g. $$$*, ler will preach op .tfte subject'of "Radiance," &nd tbQ gervice'will fee feel* $ tbt Mttii94ilt $ " A|tbou»ft';thf fnper -- GOOD BUSKER Donald Vestal, who farms on the Bobbins land northeast of Hastings, is another young Mills county farmer who this year did a good job of corn raising and corn husking, He had in 236 acres in corn and on this he raised 11,600 bushels of corn or a good average of 60 bushels per acre. He and two men husked It all and they got through a week before Christmas so were in good time. Mr. Vestal U no small husker as he husked of this amount over 5,000 bushels himself. This is an unusually good record both as to growing and husking. Meeting to Promote CWA Gravelling of Road to E. Liberty Citizen* Invited to Confer ence at Church-Monday Evening, Jan. 1 Some of the good citizens of the East Liberty neighborhood called at The Leader office Wednesday in the interest* of a pt lie ,road project in that-vio|nL,, Goo* opportunity, they Mfcve, i. j-chool^nd-tb^S * mtyyten^fpvvl iv If sufflQienVYni^reiijto^bown j» the work by the ejitteen* of this part of tbeffounty; they, stated, tbe CWA -will furnish the labor tor the project. To promote this Interest they .have called # meeting for Monday, Jan. I, at 7580 ), m, in the East Liberty church, Tbe general plan will be presented and the details of the project formulated at this meeting, They urged every citizen of the East Liberty neighborhood and all other* interested to attend the meeting and ' help with the project. A, L. A. Meeting The American Legion Auxiliary III hoW their regular meeting Bd annual pot luck luncheon Tlday, Ceo, 88, with the Ju nC h, OR at i o'ciook. Bach member is eq»ested. to bring a, coyered djah or tfee luncbejon, Cpffee aad : w})) be furniBbed by tbe Farm Bureau Will Mold Annual Meet Mere Tomorrow Huntley to CJre Addre** la Afternoon t Plan Year** Work Annually the Mill* County Farm Bureau invites all ot it* members to a county meeting and at that time discusses it* achievements, deplore* it* shortcomings aad plans a new yearly program. This meeting for 1983 will be held tomorrow, Friday, in aa alt* day session. Besides the main work of the day, the members attending will listen to musical and other «B* tertainment and will hear aa ad* drew by C. W. Haatley, director ot the state Farm Bureau Federation. The meeting will be held ia the Community building In Malvern. The program committee has, worked out the following teata* tlve program: Meeting called to order prompt* ly at 10 a. m. by Henry Bach, county Farm Bureau president. Forenoon Sewton Musical numbers: violin, saxophone, and piano. Reading and approval of minutes of last annual meeting, Sec* retary 8. J. Anderson. Treasurer's annual financial report, C. R. Warren. Report* of committee*: 1. Auditing committee, Leonard Seeger. ,8. Resolution* committee, Dallas McGrew. . ' 3. Nominating committee, Shirley Lincoln. Reading ot communication* from R, K. Bliss and Charles B. Hearst, by county agent, Pot luck dinner in the basement. Bach family to bring covered dish and sandwiches. The Farm Bureau will furnish coffee. Afternoon Session Community singing. * -,•, Report ot 4-H boy*' club, Bd- win Leu. ' * ' •Report of 4-H girl*' club, Mr*, Clinton,Parker. ,. .,>%%' v , Reporter home,. b^; Dffiqfe^a-gj Wftminjf ;demon»tratto«*iea*w/ rion Bentpn' and Mary* Bl!r*l Summer*, "- ' ••"••' *>'••$• Reading, Irene Anderson! Address, 0. W. Hunt! Election ' of officers,? outgoing president- president. "^, • Adoption of __ General Farm Program of w*. Adjournment, ^~*, | r , «. Attend your'annual* Fwm % eau meeting, Three H not belieye that they bays guc«ei|fj|j tq justify - wirK"^ Ugion Meet* Tue»d«y Wewbew .of tfte Harry 9m »ona post of the American fce sion met for their regular fiec- ewber Wiwica Tuesday evening fe their r«0« 8 in Jthe Communit buUding, LitUe busings w« s b<* ether tbAn r»pert» • -•-" v -' ' ,, -A., t- te*iT Jfiw Yaw be^yowa wui m§j- you fit ttua ST"> ^J '*:'- Employed at Welfare quarter* in ,tbe ' \ Jj^jgy ' , f Welfare headquarters bs?a^ he Hbr»ry and three womea are employed there tbrougfr tbe CWA remodeling u,ae4 garments anj} making clotfling from materiftl* wbJcb bare been donated, •.-« more mftteriaMi te wor* with, Any one bftyjng 044 clothing from wjjicfe eves a>. tiey Jacket or fowl mlgbt be t» bnng thenj i9 WftftBt fti I09B aj , ' Tfeere Ittl en ft swppl? of garments re»4r * cajj «a» tb«a, rtafttSf far «U member,

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