The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THB BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Tta COURIER NEWS CO. H. W atONKS, PublAher JAMJEB L. VERHOEFT, Editor MDL D HUUXN. AdvertUa, Uu_at*r •ate (Uttoul Advtrttainc R»pr*senUUM«: WkUu» Wttrner Co, N«w York, Chlc*«o, OttnM, A.UUU, Itemphto. PublUbcd Ever} Afternoon except Sunday Entered u Mcoid -cli*» m*tt«r at (at po*t- ofiic* »* Blytherilie, ArluiUM, under »c* at Coo- ftttt, October «, 1817. Servtd by th« United RATES: By carrier In the city ol BlytnevlUe or any auburbtM town where carrier service li m»Jn- tilned. 30o per week, or 85c per month By mill, within a radius or 50 miles, $4.00 per yen, *2.00 (or s»x months, $1.00 lit lhr« monthi; by mtil outside 50 mil* tout. 110.00 p*r jt*r payable In advanc*. Meditation Al w*irn the melting ftre rau&tth the waters tc boil, lo make ihy name known to thine ad- vesaries, that the nations may tremble at thy presence.—Isaiah 64:2. * * • When the Master of the universe has points to carry In His government He impresses His will In the structure of mJnris.—Emerson. . Barbs Only one person in 300,000 is struck by lightning. But there's alill thai soap on the bathroom floor. * * » \Valer shortage m an Ohio town brought a ban on lawn sprinkling. Wilted lettuce m*k» a nice side dish. What Eome ball players say to an umpire may be worth a (itie. • * « It won't be long until restaurants will bc getting three halves out of home-grown cantaloupe. * v * More youths are stepping into father's shoes. Blame the high price oT 'emE AMemorial Is Dedicated On the anniversary of Hie founding of the first democracy among the nations of the world, members of Dud Cason Post of The American Legion dedicated their memorial auditorium in Blytheville to the heroes of World Wars 1 and II. Constructed of concrete and steel, it will stand fhrough the ages as « structure but only constant vigilance on the part of all citizens will make it the living memorial that it WHS intended to be by those active in the Legion who conceived the idea mul saw the project through to completion as a building. But the extent that it will he a memorial is something that calls for more x than concrete and steel. It calls for alertness on the part of the Legionnaires and every citizen in Mississippi County and all the other counties in democracies everywhere. Right here in America, and in nations throughout the world, where civilization has shown the greatest progress, forces behind an iron curtain are at work to undermine democracies und turn them into totalitarian governments where all is lost that is held dear in countries where the people rule. The food on which communism thrives is to be found in this country, and communist leaders ask for nothing better than the complacency so often evident in democratic countries as they set about under the cover of darkness to plant their seeds of discord, hoping they will produce weeds of hatred to choke out the very lifeblood of things democratic. The motives of The American Legion in planning a memorial auditorium were of the highest to be found in a democratic country. The perseverance show by members of Dud Cason Post in seeing the project through to completion deserves the commendation of every citizen in Mississippi County. Blytheville Legionnaires have given this city anil this county a memorial in which we can take great pride. But if we accept the memorial as merely so much concrete and steel and nothing more, there is danger ahead. The memorial should serve a s a re- .minder for every person who enters its doors, for every person who so much as glances at the exterior of a fine build- mg, that it was erected and dedicated to the memory of men who died in the service of their country—men who fought and conquered on the field of battle one of the greatest enemies of democracies. While Hitlerisrn and the war lords of Japan no longer are a threat to the world, it must be remembered that greed and lust for power have not been killed. There is danger today that a. new demon's head will rise to again threaten those things which are dearest in democracies, things which had their origin >n the minds and hearts of Christian men and women. L*t us hop* that the memorial will BLYTHRVTU.B (APK.)' COURIER NEWS encourage people who love their freedom to worship, their freedom of speech, to.remember that it cannot be preserved merely because it was inherited. Let us hop* that this memorial and others throughout the land will give us a new determination to preserve freedoms and strike down all foes of democracies— not on the battle field, but through peaceful means. Alert citizens can prevent World War III. But it is doubtful that we are sufficiently alert when no more than 200 turn out for «n event such as the dcrii- cation on July Fourth, 1048, of Blytlie- ville's Memorial Auditorium. Capable of seating 3,000, it should have been filled with freedom-loving citizens eager to pay tribute to the heroes in whose name it was so fittingly dedicated, and to show appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the men who served in World Wars I and 11, survived and returned home to work ceaselessly to Jiiiike this a better place m which lo live. Temporary Substitute for the Emblem of Liberty tVEDNESDAV. JULY 7, 194S Business Opportunity Tlie .Siamese Ministry of Education lias forbidden schoolboys to wear their hair longer than one centimeter <lcss tlmii four-tenths of an inch. Most of us have encountered barbers whose idea of a "trim" would make tliem ideal caterers lo the student trade in Siam. Perennial Problem The government is going; to issue n special stamp honoring the centennial of America's poultry industry. The problem of the stamp's design will probably revive the old i|uestion: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? VIEWS OF OTHERS Really Playing Ball? "Are you really playing ball with your son?" asks » distiller's full-page advertisement. The appeal goes on: No son on long respecter honor the father who falls to set a worthy pattern ot right living, who (alls to abide by the code ot moderation. And moderation must mean among olhcr things, n-:se and sensible drinking—a realization that overindulgence is a betrayal of one of the most sicred obligations oj fatherhood. We have not the slishlest doubt Dial among- the men who sponsor this ad there are some whcse motives are sincere, who believe Us message is Wholly healpful. To them we can only say: You know not what you HO, There arc others behind it. we are sure, whose sincerity Is compromised with other motives. They well know what they do—and so do we. This «d preaches moderation eloquently, and if that wert all, commenrtably. But, what else does It convey? It assumes that this "risht living" father, ol course, drinks. It assumes Hint this son. ot course, will drink. It assumes that this sou is free from physiological weaknesses on which Hie liquor industry »o engerly blames all alcoholism—that his first drink, taken it Is to bc presumed under fatherly tutelage, will lead surely to gentlemanly "moderation," not to the gutter. it assumes tiiac the American public is too stupid lo know that no dislillcr buys full-page space lo sell \m whisky. To bc sure, the sponsors of tins ad do noi want to sell more whisky to the wrong people-to the excessive drinkers and the alcoholics-lrom motives of both humanity and self-interest. A clond. larger than a man's Hand, is rising above the horizon. It Is labeled Prohibition. But they do very much want to sell more whisky to more people, to extend Ilicir market Into the nondrinkcrs. lo make sure of the voting people who might otherwise remain non-customers and become troublesome. Let no one forget this any time any segment of the liquor Industry [Ills nice white paper with seeming sweetness and light. —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, ' Freight Slippage From U.S. Into Russia Causes Grave Concern for Export Officials in America Government Experts on Worms Help Nichols Into Business THI DOCTOR SAYS i comparatively rare there + By Harman W. Nltholt United Pre*. Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, July 7. <(JP)_The government print'lng office a a • bubbling /oimtaln of informn. lion. !( you are in the market for a horse, there's a booklel that'll lei) you how lo pick a sound one, instead of a. $15 mil); wagon nluc You can loaf through another one and find out -,vhai tt, do about termites, silver-fish or bed bugs One little book tells how to driv. myelitis, even In thai bad year Other Dlicun Woria In 1942 (here were aboul four timec a» many cases of diphtheria Al North Capitol and H Street' you can see for yourself. Evcil. Sovernmer.t depaitmem sends its booklets them to be printed and Pill on display—and also sale for a nickel up. Latest addition In the racks is » document called "propagation of Minnows and Other Bait Species; 11 13 pages; jacket blue-green; prtc« chapter on how lo raise a wlg»lc or earthworm. We u.«d to call : e m fi.ii-.worm b.-ick in Fanner City. in. I've ahvnvs wanted a fishworm faun, so i invested 35 cents and will By Teter Edison there were from polio. Duriii" 19« over Ihe entire United State's there were 561 deaths from poliomyelitis reported. In an avera-e year, about 35.000 people are killed by automobile accidents! These figures do not mean that Infantile paralysis Ls not a \-rry serious d'-ease or one which qit e naturally does and should create concern. Somethimes, however, people seem to become almost In-ster- Ical about poliomyelitis when" thev ought to realize that even In a bad year the chances of bcin» struck down by It. are comparatively sllshk. as the danger fiom • utomobfe accidents and several diseases which are normally con- j manure, screened lop toil, and sldered far less dangerous. ' moss. Or dried colfee. grounds an< Caution without excessive alarm loam, mixed 50-59. Fill the box to should be the watchword when '" depth of eiclit Inches dealing with Infantile paralysis. 1 When you start lo sense the PIFS- inc outlook, even for those who ! eiice of lift on your "farm" von are stricken with this disease. Is have » loocl problem. The woims "cm N-1. b ri. ck ', ., , I bc fcd chicken mash or a mixture Note. Dr. jorday Is unable to an- of colfee "rounds, dried cracked wheat and bread crumbs. Or you can use a pound of lard mixed with now paw r,lons a few trade secret* —for Irce. H says here on page 76: "Earthworms can bt raised in basements, under shade irce s or in cool places." A tub or cos (wo feet across and 10 inches deep is all the "farm" a. man needs. A place that size. It say.-,, should produce several thousand bait-size worms a year. But before you put up any si;i>s "worms for sale" you've got to have the right kind of soil. A n- swer Individual questions fron became skimpy. An export. who ened. Quotas were assigned to in- era ' H °wever. each day he will an- NEA Washington Correspondent "'anted to ship goods abroad merely dividual - , , n s e oassnopww 01T .» M.000.000 ; out of the bladder, inflammation " n(lcr "'« florious I Tighter controls .on exports are system could E .t absolutely essential if the Marshall i didn't notice K until 1 thought I I get out to the and see if I body College, Nashville lo was no port inspection lo make ' '" Pm * nU l ° RUS - ' ™' therefore tight- ° f ""><" <~° «.»«,„ ha£ cashed ,on whl.h Rapee discarded " piece of the Marshall Plan ] ' a ' a lllsl ss. ' was rufied. Then a small heart '•••*••••••*•»•••«I IN HOLLYWOOD BT CRSRINC JOHNSON «A Start CMTttpondcBt ;•• • In a »^v'^°?,^n,~'S E n''~ ™ s ' , T *'° e:;lras who closely resembled Iv-ne nr „ anolu " Hollywood re-I Albert and Elizabeth were hired and issue of a classic. It happened 27 ' rehearsed [or the years ago when Hollywood Hr.Ilywuod still makes an oc- 'J was I their careers. greatest roles of .c «. chartered to thcir "majesties" Irom a' McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Ry William E. McKcnncy Written for NF.A Service At this point he was down to ! the jack. ten. seven and six ol I trump, while West was down to 1 the acf, nine, e'.;ht and thre.-!. | Raswe led the Jack of spades, an-j no matter how West. played, ho could make only two more spado within thirli iiver, Tollver, -lolly here- appear in this coin* days and answer the movioloiui |,.15 f, ct .,, forsnUcn. So tortny i give >•(,;; HuiU: Ksa- near Hollywood. i i Su(J(/CSted Plttl/ Call rr'rT. * U "V?* \Beat This Contract 2-jstcr hired six other extras ti Ion. one of the screen's ereal come- .' P'*y 'he roles of secret service men dtans of nil lime, and Hollywood's to S"ard the "royal" visitors cla-wlc practical joke of all time. ] Meanwhile. Ihe rich man ™ Duster still acts occasionally— he , spcmllnj; a small fortune for Ihe "royal" dinner— a terrific, 15- coursr affair with, naturally, the finest of the finest o( brandies champagnes and other wlne» from his r»rfr\)Uy fuardtd cellar. "King Albert" and "Queen Elizabeth" arrived al the airport on schedule. The ".secret service men' tricks. If h« took: the Jack, he woui.l 1948 have lf> give West another spade trick. If ne ducked, declarer wouirt icad the .seven of spades. The hand was discussed a great rical, as to whether or not any de- | tinue with the nine of spades, fensc would de;cat it. and 1 believe; declarer cannot ruff, a club'or complaint nf [he plaintiff, Maucle Tolivcr, and upon the failure so to do, said complaint "'ill be taken a- confessed. Witnc.-.s my hand Chancery court of the Chickasawba District. Mississippi County. Arkansas, and the seal of ?a:cl court, this the Siii. day or July. >e taken 33 •Icik <il 111* HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Belly ePlcrsoii. D. C. 7-7 ck 7-23 that the following play, which in two chio finesses. However, I do may play a baseball coacli in "Ta'<c t Me Out to the Ball Game'—but liis ' I He a'. M-Q-M now is sag special- i 1st. He sits behind a desk with that sti! frozen pan and writes down little notes which, when (ilmed leave people hysterical. Top Gag Of All Time. Today's hand, which was played ] in the world championship masters ' individual tournament is one of the I .scji.snhonal hands !o come oi.l of a championship tournament. not made by any West player, will ' not think lhat any good player defeat the contract. Lead the king I would suggest thai line of defelis* of spades. «nd when It holds, con- without knowing the hand. SO THEY SAY •lins 60th Consrc.v; has saiti that prices would adjust themselves. Well, the prices have adjusted themselves and i^'c adjusting themselves . . in. favor of the man who controls the goods, and the consumer pays through the nose .-President Truman. * » * There Is no more Irec labor movement in this country. Anti-labor legislation has been enacted lo break organized labor. We're shackled. We're back to the injunction days.—James C. Petrillo, president, American Federation o[ Musicians. • » * We are not earning our own living o r paying our way. nor does the government hold onl'miy prospect of our doing so in the Immediate future. —Winston Cliurchlll. • • « Men bealen back Into the mines as slaves are not, good producers of co*l.-john L. Lewis, president, UMW. Now about Hollywood's all-time [classic practical Joke. Busier ,S(d Chaplin. Fatly Arbuckle and some other fellows ! dreamed it up and spent and spent »•<•«-Its workins It out back In 1921 » «»s Inspired by a very rich man in Hollywood who kept * wcll- stockert cellar of fine brandies, rare and cnimpn_n». but when Duster and Arbiickle slid his other cronies came around he served them only cheap liquors. "We talked for months ahout a w»y to make (hat RUI- crack open his cellar." miMcr said, "and finally a newspaper ,,„,, MV4 „, om , clle Ihc story said Kine Albert and Quern Elizabeth of rvmium would Msit Hollywood lor two davs. TliaL did It—we went to »nrk." " The rich man the well- stocked cellar was notified on "official ' nelfian embassy stationery isiolen for the occasion" that he had been frlccted to fntcrlaln Ihelr iiiajcsttrs ,t i formil Hollywood dinner party. He w.xs told ihal u.c kins »»rt were there lo insure their safety.' The victim svns there, bowing and teaming. They they all drove off to his home .where the dinner guesti, ill in on the gag. soon arrived. "It was one ot the llnest parties I ever attcnrtcd." Buster said. "The extras plsyed |ht role ot king and queen to perfection. They were so good we tipped them tlOO. "The host «as the happiest man I've ever seen. It wa» wrrks before any of us could convince him Ui»l he didn't entertain Al- btrl and F.liuhcth. The |t»lt co»l nt nhout Jl.MK). Rut It w» worth 11. We linallv Rot tli->i (uy to crack open his cellar." Sonja Heine add., warbling lo her talents for 'The Countess of Monte ftance 4 Q J 107S5 V A • A 9 * A Q J « Tournament—Neither vut. So«th H>»t North tas* 1 * F'ass I N.T Pass 4 4> Double Pass Pass Opening—<*. 6 u. s. Senator HORIZONTAL 3 Dcparl l.s Picltir«i U.S. 4 Chop sennlor II I.i'shl boalj 13 Ot Asia is Hail! Ifi Came IB Tilling tool 10 Wheel hub 21 Ho is from (ah.) 22 facts 23 Wind (comb. 5 Sharp point 6 Employer 7 Metal K N'olf of scale 9 Gaseous compound TO licvolcd 11 Waterway 12 Polish river 14 Stop 17 Ancnl 20 Come? forth 22 Softer 24 Willow 2o former T»n?sf,~in rulers 42 Kinj; of Sfi Dazes Ttashan 31 Armadillo* 43Gerr>Mn rivri 32 Mulct -Ifi Ocean 3-1 Hsir binding 17 Ready M Cllimpses M Cadmium SfiSlaRgcrs (symbol) 4f)l.ei it sland !<5 Army order 41 Secrete (ab.) I iwpiicncd to kibitz George naixe. of New York City, when he played the hand. It certainly looked as if We.M wns correct in dou )- Crlsto." She sings the Jack Brooks- sl * lm« Ihc four-spade contract, and Saul Chaplin tune. "Count Vour nine players who held The Norwegian U,->.R was down . •••• • ------ .-.'•• ..... -^ ~«s •>"••:• ouecn would arrive sc.ietly In Hoi- j tarihcr north and south than any >Vr r. v p (r ° m Sa 'Ha Bar- | other Hug on Christmas Day, 19'«. the West hand did double. Al practically every table the bidding went as shown here. Againsl Rapoc the six of clubs w«o opened. F.ISI. did not put up i Ihe kinR. He played Ihc teii-spu'. io South v,r,n the Jack. The qnce.i 27 Scandinavian 28 Rhode Island (ab.) M Any .Wrblform MSiair part .17 Mm-r domoylicaleri M Indians 4f1 Fool covering 44 Heavy cord 4fi Mark of . of spades was led and won by We.5l v,illi the king. West returned tl\3 queen ol hearts, Rapee won, cashed Ihe ace of clubs and ruffed the small club in dummy ivilh the four Hu next pi»y _ diamond lo 4!) Follow Si Shovel* SSSIairl 54 Throw VERTICAL j I Cuban capital JRoujh _

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