Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on April 17, 1946 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 1M8. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAGE SEVEN; NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT AND PETITION FOR DISCHARGE !|N THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, ]N AND FOR ALLAMAKEE COUNTY [in the Mutter of the Eslnto of Fred Gruhn, Deceased. TO Else Gruhn, Mnrthn Csiling, Anna Hartmnnn, Lottie Keen, Edith Gruhn, Pnul Gruhn, Robert Gruhn, Gretchen Gruhn nnd all other interested persons: You nnd each of you are hereby notified that there Is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Iowa, in and for Allmnnkcc County, the Final Report nnd Petition for Discharge of Else Gruhn, Adminis­ tratrix of said estate, alleging that the time for settlement of said estate has expired; claims have been paid, an d no funds remain on hand for distribution to the heirs at law; asking that said Final Report be approved, that said Administratrix be discharged nnd Iter bond be released and exonerated upon filing receipts for all disbursements in said estate. That the Court has set April 30, 1940, at in o'clock A. M. at the Court House in Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa, as the time and place for hearing on said Final Report, and unless you appear thereto and object on or before the time herein stated, said Final Report will be approved and said Ad­ ministratrix released and discharged as pr.ived. BURLING & PALAS, Attorneys for Else Gruhn, Administratrix of said Estate, P. O.: Postville, Iowa. CAPITOL NEWS LETTER (Weekly news release of, the Iowa Press Association. Material contained herein docs not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper.) The campaign is on in earnest now for the Republican nomination for governor. Both Gov. Robert D. Blue tad George Olmsted, the candidates, are hitting the highways as they visit town after town in their quest to make votes for themselves in the Juno 3 primary. Governor Blue formally opened his campaign at Carroll where he talked about taxes nnd how the direct property tax has been replaced by revenues from special taxes. The same night, Olmsted was making his first formal campaign talk at Waterloo. He struck hard at housing and said the administration policy toward housing had been one of "too little and too late." The campaign will develop more heat as it progresses. Olmsted has been systematically covering the state to set up organizations while Blue has been filling engagements made prior to Olmsted's announcement of his candidacy. However, beginning now. the men will select strategic points in which to make their addresses so each word will count from now until the votes arc counted. WM. C. BAKKUM CHIROPRACTOR In Postville Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays school system. Governor Blue emphasized the need for more vocational educational training, and for bettor supervision of youngsters both while at playgrounds and on the streets. He pointed out his administration had appropriated $3,500,000 to state aid for schools. Olmsted said he would favor any legislation necessary to the development of the Iowa school system. He put in a plug for adequate salaries and social security benefits for the teachers. WANT ADS. One candidate for a Republican state office nomination, John Hamilton Cruickshank, Sioux City, who is running for treasurer, is trying ti new method of campaigning. He's using the want ads. However, the ad he's been inserting isn't quite clear. He says he's against a fourth term and signs his name. His opponent, Treasurer John M. Grimes, is running only for his second full term. Quarterly Financial Statement of the INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT OF POSTVILLE, IOWA Boyd B. Turner 161.03 FOR THE QUARTER ENDING MARCH 31, 1946 IIJOSEPH B. STEELE] ATTORNEY-AT-LAW | I Office Over Abcrncthy's Store j Telephone No. 240 j DR. H. D. COLE Dentist Office Over Citizens State Hank Dr. F. W. KIESAU, M.D. I Dr. M. F. KIESAU, M. D. J Office Over Louis Schuttc's I Hours—Daily 9 to 12 and 1 to 5 Wed. and Sat.—7 to 8:30 p. m. PRIMARY LAWS. A number of Iowans are known to be watching the pie-primary law which is operating for the first year in Nebraska, just as they have been watching with interest Nebraska's experiment with tile unicameral legislature. Under the pro-primary convention law, each party holds a convention before the primary and endorses two candidates for each office on the ticket. They are designated the party's No. 1 and No. 2 choice in that order. Recently the new law was tested by a candidate who was not endorsed by liis party for congress. A district court judge dismissed the case, which challenged the constitutionality of the law. It may be carried to the supreme court for a final test. Many Iowans have talked of a new primary systtm. feeling that the direct primary has not answered the purpose ! of selecting candidates satisfactorily i because often poor choices are made, j Neither do these people feel Iowa i should return to the old convention ! system wherein the candidates were hand-picked. They are looking for a compromise such as the Nebraska law. Other states with the direct primary also are ob| serving the workings of the new law the Cornhuskcr state. TULIPS AGAIN. Once again the state is able to buy tulip bulbs direct from Holland. Before the war the state annually bought bulbs from Holland but the conflict stopped that. The bulbs were planted around the state house grounds and were a beautiful sight to behold when the tulips were in season. The executive council authorized the purchase of 10,400 bulbs from the R. E. S. and Company of Sassenheim, Holland for about $300. Before the war the state's annual purchase ran close to 10,000 bulbs for $235. GENERAL FUND: Balance Beginning of Quarter Overdraft $ 4,505.35 Receipts for Quarter— Tuition 1,028.63 State of Iowa 375.00 Miscellaneous 100.00 I, Keith Gray, Secretary of the above named School District, do hereby certify that this report Is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the Board of said District, for the Quarter ending March 31, 1946. KEITH GRAY, Secretary. Balance Overdraft $ 3,001.72 Regular Salaries for Quarter, Teachers, Janitors, etc $12,414.85 List of Warrants Issued 4,650.03 Overdraft for Quarter ending March 31, 1946 $20,067.20 NEW CHIEF NAMED. N. P. Black, 59, cashigr of the Perry State bank at Perry, has been named the new superintendent of banking for Iowa to fill the unexpired term of the late Mclvin Ellis, Charles City, who died March 16. Black is president of the Dallas County Savings bank at Minburn, which he founded in 1914, and since 1027 he has been associated with the Perry bank. Black has been active in state banking circles. He served three terms as president of the Dallas county organization, two years as district representative on the board of the state bankers association, and last year was vice president and treasurer of the state organization. The appointment was effective upon announcement but Black is not scheduled to take office until this week. Dr. C. M. Morgan VETERINARIAN Office Opposite Post Office Telephone No. 146-J LOUIS SCHUTTE WILLARD SCHUTTE Funeral Directors and Embalmcrs Cut Flowers For All Occasions BURLING & PALAS ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Office Over Postville State Bank WAR BALLOTS. Iowans overseas who are eligible to vote may now receive their primary election ballots. Not many have made request for them, according to Secretary of State Wayne M. Ropes. Civilians who will not be in their voting precincts the day of the primary may not begin absentee voting until May 20 but applications can be made beginning May 14 by civilians. All absent voter ballots must be in the hands of county auditors in the county where they are to be cast by June 2. Members of the armed forces have 55 days in which to cast absent voter ballots, civilians only 20 days. PAMPHLET. Anyone who would like to have a list of the primary candidates for state and district offices in Iowa, both Republican and Democratic, may procure one by addressing the_ secretary of state's office in the statehouse at Des Moines. The pamphlet, which is issued by the office under the election laws before each election, has all the candidates listed by offices and is a handy bit of information to have about. List of Warrants Issued For Quarter Ending March 31, 1946: Interstate Power Company $ 238.69 Bureau of Educational Research 22.47 Caxton Printers 3.12 C. F. Cody Company 6.56 Douglass Pharmacy 113.35 Falb Motor Company 35.86 Cadmus Books 14.10 Harper Bros 22.44 Hawkeye School Supply Company 9.18 Hecker Brothers 2.50 Hertzberg Craftsmen 28.75 Louis L. Hill 29.61 Houghton Mifflin Company... 20.30 Fred A. Lange 5.00 R. J. Nystrom & Co 28.59 Phillips "66" Service Station ... 94.67 Postville Herald 42.30 Richards Chemical Co 48.00 Lorence Reinhardt 12.00 W. A. Rowles Co 36.60 Fred A. Schultz 54.42 South - Western Publishing Company 10.20 Ted's Electric Shop 3.50 Warp Publishing Co 5.94 John C. Winston Co 69.55 Victor J. Casten 46.80 Postville Farmers Cooperative Society 137.16 Herman Schutta 21.40 Vern Trudo 50.00 Gustav Dietsch 51.10 Americana Corporation 139.50 Follett Book Co. .35 Gateway Paper and Supply Company 97.35 Ginn & Company 151.50 Higley Chemical Co 4.04 H. & W. Motor Express Co 10.12 Keystone View Co 3.33 Thos. P. Kinnery 10.32 Letter Club 40.00 Maplewood Bookbindery 34.00 Marsh Music Co 107.84 Bill Mason Music Co 4.94 Midland Laboratories 90.53 Missouri - Kansas Chemical Company 149.01 Only At THE FARMERS STORE Demand the Best J. W. MYERS, M.D. Office Over Luhman & Sanders Telephones: Office 188-W Residence 188-X JOINT APPEARANCE. Gov. Robert D. Blue and his primary election opponent. George Olmsted, sat at the same board and made a joint appearance before the Iowa Council for Better Education in Dcs Moines recently. It was not the first time they had faced each other since their candidacies became known but it was the first FAMOUS WOMEN. Because many persons write in to the Iowa Development Commission for materials to make speeches on Iowa women of the past and present, the commission's publicity chief, Jean Stout Brown, has prepared a manuscript on famous women of Iowa that is interesting. The manuscript is yours for the asking. Just address the Iowa Development Commission, Crocker Building, Des Moines. Get the kind of Chicks that will be real money makers for you—Chicks that will develop into top egg producers. Place your orders now at Meyer's Four-County Hatchery for the Highest Quality Baby Chicks. See Us For ELECTRIC BROODER STOVES PEAT LITTER and POULTRY SUPPLIES MEYER'S Four-County Hatchery Telephone No. 234 Postville, Iowa Bolson's Champion Chicks- Parawax Company Matt Parrott & Sons Co Phillips School Service Pratt Sound Film Service.. H. M. Rowe Co W. A. Rowles Co Scott Foresman & Co EVANS. Lt. Gov. K. A. Evans, Emerson, speaking to a traffic safety meeting, recommended recently that everyone in Iowa should be required to take a drivers examination at least every 10 years. He had in mind particularly those drivers who have never had to take an examination since they got their li opportunity they have been given to censes when the law requiring them speak from the same platform. I tint went into effect. Both outlined their views on what should be done to better Iowa's public Present prices are not attractive now h " n for buying feeder cattle to go on grass. Dr.' R. F. Schneider VETERINARIAN Phone No, 170 Postville, Iowa Day and Night Calls Answered Office In The Iris Theatre Building Monona and Postville Rendering Service We Pay Up To— $2.50 For Horses and Cows Permit 49 For Prompt Service Telephone POSTVILLE LOCKER SERVICE Telephone No. 288 Monona Farmers Pnonr No. 208 Allamakee Rendering Works Call 555 Postville ALL DEAD ANIMALS LARGE OR SMALL We Pay Gash and Meet All Competition WE WILL PAY FOR THE CALL! 57.63 I 8.54 25.50 2.00 14.76 54.16 41.45 Activity Fund 207.48 American Crayon Co 1.30 American Library Ass'n 2.00 John Beck's Athletic Co 6.76 Casten Oil Co 9.39 D. H. Ferris' 12.15 Frye Manufacturing Co 14.69 J. D. Holcomb Manufacturing Company 20.60 Klipto Loose Leaf Co 25.54 Iowa State College 18.62 J. S. Latta & Son 59.75 Metropolitan Supply Co 665.66 McMillan Company 43.46 Morris Sanford Co 8.26 Farmers Telephone Co 38.851 Art Ricker Service Station 191.49 Ruckdaschel Motors 128.80 Paul Sonnkalb 12.19 Singer Sewing Machine Co 2.59 Theo. B. Robertson Production Company 21.72 Webster Publishing Co 36.00 Erwin Glock 120.00 Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R. R. Company 341.02 L. O. Beucher, Town Treasurer • 192.25 JALS3URY5AL "Right from the Start, Without Hesitation, I Started On RCH-0-SAl for Crowth Stimulation." Carefully con_ "trolled tests dt D'" Saltbury'i Rcwdich farm and practical poultry farm use show that chick* on Dr Salsburys RENO- SAL 310* (aster, mature ed-lio *.lh earliei e^ production Dr Salsbury'* HN-O-SAL A New Kind Of Drinking Water Medicine Four-County Hatchery Phone No. 234 Postville, Iowa U |,,, 1,,. >lll mi 1/111 L; \ 1 1 .1 • 1. 1 ' 1 ' K< >SS ( >1 ,1 ( 1 1, 1 ; 1 . H ). i.mi.i.'i ,,, 11 1 1 1' •> Di 1 1 .1; \n 1 11 w \ YOUR NEW Telephone Directory Will Go To Press Soon If you desire a change in your listing, or if your name was not spelled correctly in last year's directory, kindly call the Central Office and any employee of the Company will be glad to make the change for you. PLEASE CALL US NOW FOR LISTING Postville Farmers Telephone Company "The Value of the Telephone Is Greater Than The Cost." We have several thousand started Chicks in our batteries, all of the finest blood lines; all from blood tested stock. If you are interested in the finest in breeding plus well-started chicks, drive to our farm and see these chicks. Bolson's Poultry Farms Decorah, Iowa OPENING . . . DANCE at RAINBOW GARDENS WATERVILLE, IOWA TUESDAY, APRIL 23 Music By TOM OWENS and his COWBOYS Coming—Tuesday, April 30—GUS FUHRMAN Tractor Tire Vulcanizing Our new tractor mold cures all sizes. Day and night service. We'll stay with it 'till it's done! TIRE BALANCING Now recapped or vulcanized tires run like new. Our Mobilstatic balancer uses rubber to balance the tires. No wheel weights used. GROSS OIL CO. Distributors of Mobilgas Expert Tire Rebuilders Decorah, Iowa

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