The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 10, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1933
Page 6
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THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIA^, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1.0, 15)33 In The LOS ANGELES SUNDAY TIMES Next Sunday! "SAN QUENTIN REFORMED ME" ''ire years of monotony— 82(5 days exactly alike— l.'{,82-t hours in which to THINK, THINK, THINK— That's how the "big house" reformed this criminal. His rue storv will amaze vou. TROUSERS O FEMININE —Or vo.neti go masculine. But any v.-uy you look at It this new t,tyie Is something to make the men sit up and take notice. Uead wliut Marlene Dietrich and other champions of tills vogue liavo to say about It and nee the latest stylos In trousers for ladles. EARTHQUAKES' HABITS "Where is (lie .safest place to be when the earth tretnblea? Science say» insldo your house and a lot of other Interesting discoveries about this most feared of natural phe- nomeuons. GANGSTERS RULING HOLLYWOOD? Are movie stars falling prey to racketeers? Who arc the jewel thieves in the film colony? Are gangsters bleeding Hollywood business? Sunday morning you can read the real Inside facts. CULBERTSON SYSTEM OF CHILD RAISING The world's foremost authority on contract fancies himself as a perfect parent also. ExcluBlvely In The Times, Culbertsou will tell his sclen- tlllc rules for bringing up Infants. See for yourselC if tie knows what he la talking about or If he should stick to his last. "OLD IRONSIDES" IS COMING! Full details of how everyone In Southern California may visit this famous battleship, accompanied by historical resume of its spectacular career. WILL YOU BE MURDERED? America has 12.000 killings yearly—and the rate Is rising! Your chances ot being slain are ten times that of an Englishman! A famous student of murder tells in the Sunday Magazine some appalling facts and gives tho causes of wholesale slaughter. THE VERSATILE AIRPLANE Industry has found a number of useful tasks for airplanes and they are told In an article which will opon your eyes to a whole new world of dramatic accomplishment. BILL HENRY'S SPORT COMMENTS Don't fall to read these piercing observations on current sports events . . . One of the exclusive features which makes The Times the most interesting newspaper you have ever read. TIMES AGENT John C. Marvin 2026 Chester Avenue Phone 829 Dancing AmusemenlP Ginem HER EYES TELL YOU SO! i Romance of Flying Fleet Is Depicted; Strong Cast in Action Charles A. Lindbergh, "Cnsej- Jones," Lovt, Dud Ournoy nr« some of ho nation's iivlnllon herocff who grud- mtcil from tho ranks of tho Intrepid government ulr mall sorvloo, whose hrllllng nnd romnntjc story him l>et»n screened by Universal In Its drama, 'Air Mail," opening today at tho Rex theater. Tho curly aces who hla/ed tho way across the continent nnd teHted the air lines ut the risk of their lives are mostly all gone, many of them having crashed In the perilous flights, ivhllo others have retired to less hazardous pursuits. Only a handful remain In ictlve duty, among them Hamilton Lee and "Bud" Williams, Jack Knight and Kay T,lttle. Tho urop of younger pilots who have taken up the trust of putting through the mall fly under loss dangerous ?ondltions than did the pioneers, but !he rigorous mall schedule makes mall flying hazardous fit best. JUilph Jlellamy. Pat O'Krlon, Russell I Hopton, Slim SnmmnrvHle, Gloria Htu- art and Lilian Itond enact the feature roles In "Air Mall," the first screen play to dramatize thl.s little-known nut romantic flying fleet. CONTINUOUS, 2:30 TO 11:00 TODAY and TOMORROW On Our Stage Mickey and Minnie Mouse In Person WITH ALL THEIR GANG On Our Screen ME ROM FOR JUSTICE AND 1 REVENGE! UNE GLORIA STUART, STAR OF "LAUGHTER IN HELL T HAT passion, drama and tragedy enter Into the lives of humble people In Just as real u manner as they do In the lives of ther classes IH said to bo powerfully shown In "Laughter In Hell," which opens tonight at the Nile, tho screen version of Jim Tully'a famous novel of tho same name. Merna Kennedy, Pat O'Brien, Gloria Stuart, Berton Churchill and Tom Brown have the featured roles. NOW! TWO MAJOR FEATURES "THE MASK OF FU MANCHU" With Boris Karloff, Lewi* Stone, Karen Morley, Myrna Loy —A NO- WILLIAM BOYD IN "The Midnight Warning" NEWS—CARTOON 300 GOOD SEATS 15c TONIGHT IS PAY NIGHT ".. . but I'm h«r« to tell, that levin 1 such women makes LAUGHTER IN HELLI" JIM TUUTS UUGHUR MHHl Today and Tomorrow Sensational Drama Brought to Life on the Screen With Pal O'Brien, Menu Ktnntdy, Bert on Churchill, Gloria Stuart, Tom Brown. Also NEWS, CARTOON and TOM HOWARD COMEDY TODAY and TOMORROW A Drama of the Skies "AIR MAIL" With All-Star Cast $ Also Short Subjects SHEET MUSIC 25 MOST NUMBERS PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Corner Twentieth and "Eye" Streets VIRGINIA OPEN 12-11 P. M.—15c ANY TIME LAST TIMES TODAY TWO BIG FEATURES ' Ann Harding Adolph* Menjou, Melvyn Douglas In "PRESTIGE" and a Great Ntwepaper Melodrama "EXPOSURE" Saturday Only—Rex Bell in "Man From Arizona" PET PARADE TOMORROW, 9 A. M. Starting at Truxtun and Chester Avenues Dog Prizes—5 Silver Cups, 1 Dog Harness und 5 Cases Dog Food Cat Prizes—6 Cases Cat Food 1000 Froo Samples Dog and Cat Food to Parade Entrants All children aro Invited to participate—report promptly at starting point at 8:!iO a. m. with your pets. BAKERSFIELD VETERINARIAN HOSPITAL DR. W. J. ROSS DOG FOOD COMPANY CASIJPSON Famous Frolicsome Mice to Entertain on Stage; Other Features Mickey Mouse, animated cartoon churacter, comes to life on tho stage of tho FOK theater today and tomorrow In the new and original act "Tho \Veddlngr of Mickey and Mlnnlo Mouse." , In addition to presenting this hilarious hero of Walt Disney's famous film character, the act will bring to tho stage Mlnnlo Mouse and her animated barnyard gung. This act, direct from the Hollywood studios, will bring to tho stage a refreshing change from tho ordinary run of legitimate offer- Ings. Those who havo seen and think that Mlokey Mouse and his gang aro clever on the talking screen should, by all mans, see them in person. Xano Grey's "The Mysterious Ulder,". currently on display at the Vox will conclude Its showings thcro Saturday. Kent Taylor, Lona Andre, Irving riihel, Call Patrick and Warren lly- mer play the leading roles In the film, which centers around a young rancher who risks his own life to quell the attempt of a crooked lawyer and an unscrupulous financier to seize a broad area of valuable land and evict the ranchers who live upon it. Plchcl, as tho lawyer, discovers that the land, originally granted, by the Spanish king to a noble family, has never legally been transferred to the present occupants. The latter raise a fund to buy up tho old claim, but the lawyer, when he gets a bettor offer from tho financier, decides to keep both sums given him and contrives to throw the blame for tho disappearance of the ranchers' money, which ho. actually has In his possession, on Taylor. Taylor Is thrown in Jail, and tho law Is culled upon to evict (he ranchers. Hut Taylor escapes, nnd, In a thrilling dash across the country, saves his neighbors and clears himself. The picture comes to a dramatic climax when he faces the lawyer for a showdown. The romance between Taylor and Miss Andre runs throughout tho picture. AUTHOR AND HIS CHARACTERS IE DUNNE STARS ON RIAtTO Zane Qrey, center, with Kent Taylor, of Grey's characters to life In "Tho left, and Qall Patrick who bring two Mysterious Rider," at Fox theater. Twelve •women— nnd tho thirteenth: The proverbially unlucky thirteenth Is tho ono who causes all the heartbreak, anguish and soul-senrlng moments In "Thirteen Women," which opens today at the Rlalto theater. The drtlmatlc Btory of how a dozen college girls run afoul of the sinister thirteenth after their school days aro over, features this baffling UKO-Ha- dlo mystery play based upon Tiffany Thayer's best-selling novel. Irene Dunne Is seen In her greatest. characterization since "Clmarron," IIP which she electrified a theater-going public. Playing opposite her la K!c urdo Cortez. Myrna Loy In tho "thirteenth woman," a sinister figure. Others In tho cast aro Jill Esmond, Florence Kldredge, Julio Haydon, Mary Duncan, Harriet Hagman and Peg En- twlstlo. George Archalnbaud directed. MORE GOOD THAN BAD Of the 2000 known kinds of germs and bacteria, only about 100 are believed to bo harmful. The other 1800 varieties are necessary to life In one, manner or another. SIGNERS OF INDEPENDENCE Half of tho B6 signers of the Declaration of Independence were college- bred; 10 had "classical" educations; 2 were Instructed entirely b,y tutors and 16 had vary little learning. DEATH CALLS GEN. COLLINS WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. (A. P.)— Major General 15dgar T. Collins, 00, assistant chief of staff In charge of operations and training at the war department, died today at Walter, Reed Hospital after an illness of several weeks. BE AT FOX SATURDAY TomorroTT will he a blR dny for the kiddies of Bnkersfleld. First of nil is the big pet parade at 9 o'clock. Th.« prizes and trophies will bo awarded from the st.ifje of the Vox theater Im- mpfUutely after the parade, nnd all kiddies will bo eligible to join tho Signal Tarzan Club, the first meeting of which will be held on the stage of the Fox theater at 10 o'clock Saturday morning. See a show fr«c an'l got lined up j for »om« of tho prizes that will be I given away every week. A special ptn- ture for the klda nnd nther entertainment will be on the program. All kids under 15 yearn of age will be admitted free of charge to the first meeting. KERN—1200 K. -<*> 6—Chesterfield program, Tom Howard and George Shelton, l^eonard Hayton's orchestra. 6:1.1—Hakei-Bfleld Ministerial Union 6:30—1'Mwln C. Hill. 7—Columbia llevue. 7:U>—Tar/.un of tho Apes. • 7:30—Street Singer. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—C>lnb« Headlines. 8:15—Nino Martini and the Columbia Symphony. S:30—Abo Jjyman's orchestra. 9—Ruci-aneors. 9:15—Ben Pollack orchestra. 9:30—Clyde McCoy'* orchestra. 9:45—Hal Kemp orchestra. 10:00—All-requi'st hour. 10:40—Ted Fiorlto'.s orchestra. II—Dancing With the Stars. 11:30—Dance orchestra. 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. 0:30—Pasadena Community Players. 6 : 45—Tho Islanders and Bachelors. 7—Columbia. Revue. 7:80—Chmidu, the Magician. 7:45—Myrt find Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—CBS Programs to 8:43. 8:46—The Voice of Romance. 9—Ben Pollock's Orchestra. 9:15—Unknown Hands. 9:30—CBS programs to 10. 10—World-wide news. 10:15—F.I) und 7,ob. 10:30—Tad Fiorlto's Orchestra. 11—-Dancing With the Stars. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organ. Old-Timers Club Dance Tonight La Granada Ballroom Door Prize (Large Cake) Table Queen Bread for Lucky Spot Prizes Membership Fee, $1.00 Includes Four Friday Night Dances and One Saturday Night Dance. RIALTO 5 TO 6 P. M.. lie; AFTER 0. I3c. 35t TODAY AND SATURDAY Continuum, Siturdiy. Sundty, I to II TWO BIG FEATURES Irone Dunne. Rlcirdo Corte*. Myrna Loy In a mybt«ry melodrama "THIRTEEN WOMEN" AND LANE CHANDLER IN "Wyoming Whirlwind" "Lant Frontier"; Episode 12 News and Cartoon "HELLO AMERICA!" VETERANS' RADIO HOUR Eagles Hall, 1714 G Street Saturday Evening, Feb. 11,8 p. m. Veterans of the Following Organizations Are Cordially Invited: Grand Army of the Republic, United Spanish War Veterans and American Legion. ALL EX-SERVICE MEN INVITED TO ATTEND Sponsored by Private Harold Brown Post No. 1468, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States REFRESHMENTS 285.5 M.— KNX—1050 K. 6— 6:10—Billy, Mao and Jimmy. 0:30-.SI und 13lmer. 6:4ti—Currier's Seronaders. 7— Frank \Valnniibe und Archie. 7:10—"Pieces of Bight." 7:80—KNX Ensemble. 7:45—Happy Chapplos. S—"The Hoyal Order of Optimistic Do-Nuts." 9—News. 9:15— ; Crookott Mountaineers. 8:4G—Klghts from Hollywood Stadium. 10:45—Organ nnd Marlon Mnns- fleld, vociillm. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. PLAY GOLF ALTA VISTA PRACTICE COURSE Open Beginning Saturday, February 11, 1933 Phillips Music Co. sin? Sheet Music *r Publishers' Prices C—The First. Nlghter. 0:30—Armour Hour. 7—Al JolHon and orchestra. 7:30—"Tho Seal of tho Don." 7:45—Male Octet. 8—Amos 'u' Andy. 8:15—tillmore Circus. !i:16- Howard Truxtou, magician. B:30— lOno Crimo Club. 10—Itli'hHnld Kcporter. 10;15—T'hll Harris' Oivhwlru. 11:80 to I" inldnlKhl— Una Aru- lioim'a Orchestra. R.&B. CUTRATE DRUG STOtiE We Reserve the Right SATURDAY DULY to Limit Quantities 1415 Nineteenth Street NO SALES TO DEALERS 91.50 FEVER Thermometer 63 c 25c COLGATE'S Tooth Paste 9c $1.50 COD LIVER OIL AND Malt Extract 69c $1.25 BEEF, IRON AND Wine Tonic 25c POND'S Cleansing Tissues 14c 45c Rubber Gloves J9cPr. 750 FRENCH FORMULA Analgesique Balm 34c DENTAL AND SHAVING NEEDS 50c Milk of Magnesia TOOTH PASTE... GOc Forhan's TOOTH PASTE... 35c Colgate's SHAVING CREAM, 50c Swav SHAVING CREAM, 35c Mennen SHAVING CREAM. 35c Mennen SKIN BHACER... 36c 19c 19c 19c TOILET NEEDS oOc Luxor FACE POWDER. 50c Java Rice FACE POWDER. 50c Pond's SKIN FRESHENER. 50c Frostilla SKIN LOTION $1.00 Golden Peacock BLEACH CREAM... 30c ZINC Oxide Ointment 14c $1.50 DOLLY MAE Cleansing Cream 69c • 85c 1-LB. PACKAGE Psyllium Seed 26c 25c N-R Tablets 14c 50c Palmer ADMOMEAL.... 50c Luxor FACE CREAMS. 50c Hind's HONEY-ALMOND LOTION ' 50c Everdry BODY DEODORANT 27c Wildroot WAVE-SET POWDER 60c Mulsified Cocoanut OIL SHAMPOO.. 35c HENNA SAN $1.50 Mary T. Goldman HAIR COLOR RESTORER 50c 4-oz. Fleur la France BUILLIANTINE 27c 28c 29c 26c 59c 29c 28c 28c 28c 16c 29c 21 c $1.03 26c HOUSEHOLD NEEDS 60c AMOLIN Deodorant Powder 36c 50c YEAST AND Iron Tabs 28c 3Dc Vicks Antiseptic Solution 21c 50c Guaranteed NOSE DROPS 75c Tarcomp COUGH MEDICINE GOc O-M TABLETS 75c Imported HARLEM OIL CAPSULES. 65c MISTOL $1.25 CREOMULSION 75c VINCE $1.25 Eno FRUIT SALTS 25c Citrate of MAGNESIA $1.20 Scott's . EMULSION 75c S5-L ANTISEPTIC SOLUTION., $1.00 Lavoris ANTISEPTIC GOc Steam's PINE TAR AND HONEY.., $1.00 McCoy's Cod Liver EXTRACT TABLETS 75c Congress- PLAYING CARDS.;...... 50cl6-oz. MILK OF MAGNESIA 26c 34c 36c 39c 44c 74c 43c 77c 14c 69c 33c 62c 29c 39c 17c 75o PINT AMERICAN Mineral Oil 36c 250 LISTERINE Tooth Pasto 16c $1.00 LUCKY TIGER Nair Tonic 53 c

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