The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 23, 1894 · Page 11
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1894
Page 11
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fott think 1 tfotild have guessed the Identity of the ono with ihoothu*" How could yoti,*' Mid the* dflotof, "when the twins tire dike in every re- >§p»oW And, moreover, you firmly believed Olivia Bellin's lover wafl in JtarriiminsteR 1 ' "But if I go down at onco to Marsh- minster I'll detent the absence of Felix •sjadHdgusss wi.vt h;u!...:.. • , * "tt you go down to JMwhrninster, j .you'll find Felix back ufeam iu iad oiu place." I "Then Paris?" I queried uneasily. 11 Wan beginnJiV?: ro pro T V"1 Vow -tnTvyi ! "You forget Mr. Felix of I'uris hns gone to Italy and left no addross. It's •ll safe there, aud as he said he wtta going to the east for six mouths or so 'there will be plenty of time for the pre- 'tended Francis to mun-y Olivia," "You don't believe that Felix of Paris has gome to Italy or the east?" "Of course Dot. I bs1')*v Vs riT^i^pcl all these mutters to baliio >uur prying •nd then calmly returned to Manmmin- eter." "But the roauager of the hotel?" "tie is in the pay of Felix You'll •get nothing ont of him. Now, I am certain that is the explanation. Are yon -Hot surprised at its simplicity?'' "Yes, lam. It Is astonishing I never thought of it before." "Columbus and his egg once again," •aid Merrick grimly. "Well, what are yon going to do nest?" "To drive to Marahininster and find out the movements of Felix on the night after tho murder." "Quite so, bnt first satisfy yourself on the subject of Francis." "What do you mean?" I asked. "What day of the month were you at •he Fen inn?" continued Merriok. "On the J0th of June." * "Qoodt Francis there told you that he had just arrived from Chile. How find out what boat ho came by, look up his name in the passenger list and ascertain the date ou which the trne frauds arrived in England. That point established, you cau prove 'the false Froaoi* to be an impostor." "An excellent idea," said 1, starting to my feet. "I' 11 see about it at once.'' "And mind," said Morriek, raising his forefinger, "I expect tobo kept fully .advised of the case." « "Never fear, doctor. Yon are excellent at solving puzzles. When I find another nut, I'll bring it to yon to crack." "Dot I take great interest in this sort of cases. I ought to have been a .lawyer instead of a doctor." "I'm thankful for my own sake you .••re the latter," Raid I, shaking his hand. "Ooudby, doctor. I am greatly | obliged for the kind interest you have ; taken in this case." j "Pore selfishness, I assure yon," replied Merriok, and so I took my leave. Before searching the shipping lists I eent two telegrams, one to the manager of the Hotel d«a Etrangers, asking if Mr. Felix Briarfleld was still there; tbe ether to my Aunt Jane, inquiring •whether Mr. Francis Briarfield was in Marshminstor. This busiuess having been dispatched, I took a kausom to the •city aud saw a merchant of , •qnaiutanoe. He was au old friend and willing to oblige me iu every way. ' 'Chambers,'' said I when iu his office. "I want to find out a ship that arrived In London from Chile during the pree- «nt mouth." "During June," aaid Chamber*. "'Come with mo to the Jerusalem," Mid Chambers, picking up his hat "You'll find there her name aud age&ta. • Go to tho agon ts, and they will tra^ply . you with a list of passenger*. What'* M to the movement* of Felix on the nigh* in question, I felt confident that I coald inch a search without hindrance, as he would he quite satisfied that 1 Would now rest after the Paris episode. No man in his settees wonld search for a dead man when that man had been con* clusiroly pf vv "" i| ** >?•» •0*'-" to ^ Tf'"- (loubtle»B thoUtfuii ttuU ityuiueu iu ms cleverness in tuna ];ti!t-at; in end to my iJiqairtes. Un* wnfic bow lro\ilrt«.1 is fate. Felix auviaect mu u> uousuiii a, doctor about my hflllnoinatfon, as he' chose to call it. 1 took Uiac uUvico and . saw Merrick. Merrick had nullified all { his plans by solving the riddle with j Which Felix was trying to baffle me. tt was hard on Felix to thus be th* i means of pointing the way to his own destruction. But then fate ia BO ironical. , That afternoon I received answers to my telegrams. The first, from Purls, I stated that Mr. Felix .LSuarfiold liud started for Italy; the second, from, Marshminster, informed me that Fran-1 cis Briarfleld was staying at Bellin Hall. ' "No," said I, on reading these telegrams, "Felix Briarfleld did not leave Paris for Italy, but for Marshminster, and Francis Briarfield, poor nonl, is not I at Belliu Hall, but lying Iu the Etibex j marshes." That night at 5 o'clock I left for Marshmiuster. [CON'UHl/ED.l CM GRFSSlii ML GOSSIP' frj^.......-..., I Republican Congressmen la Line For Chairmanships. BURBOW8 AFTER A SEHAtOflJffiP, If H» tf»tl» to Muoo0»il Mlutcur W)(U Tout Bend In I lid Sp'.-alror', -':hnli , Metns Cominlttee— D«m»H)t»tlo ttcrtin* te TdlV— WMhlnttnii LOOKS LIKE REVEHGE. Friends of Two Sticks Murdered Red Horse. MOODY MEAV8 TO GET SQUARE. I«w* MM TarmuUd •» HI* W**dln( irifht Seeks the Aid «f th* Orsnd Jury to rnnUh HU rerMontors—Nebruka pMtoSloe, DboontlbueA — New Bloyato r*etorf t* Start kt Kwtm»7. OHADRON, Neb., Nov. l».—It is thought that Fast Thnndor and his son, Plenty Bird, who killed John Red Bone Wednesday at Rushville, Neb., were friends of Two Sticks, who is under sentence of death for the murder of two cowmen a year ago at Humphrey's beef ranch, and that they killed Red Horse, who was an Indian policeman at Pine Ridge, for testifying against Two Sticks. The killing wad very brutal. Plenty Bird got into a dispute with Red Horse, and before the lutter could get away bo knocked him down with a war club. Just then his father, Fast Thunder, came upon the scene and pounded the then prostrate man with his war club until his head was beaten into a pulp beyond recognition. Both Indians are now under arrest. The Indians who did the killing are a bad lot, and are remnants of the Two Sticks band which canted so much tronblem 1800. All the other Indians on tbe reservation denounce the murderers, and say that they should receive the full penalty of the law, MOODY MEANS TO GET SQUARE. "Nothing particular," I answered 'wnitattl?. "I have reason to believe •a friend of mine returned from South .America this mouth, aud I want to make certain," "Well, if he cam* under his own vame, you'll have no difficulty iu doing '•o. Horg's the Jerusalem I" This is, It is well known, * shipping -club for the convenience of merchant* .It tell* them all about ingoing and ont- going vessels, gives information regarding cargoes and in fact supplies all kinds of knowledge u*«(ul to those who have ^jpgoalo* afloat, Chambers was well acquainted with the mode of procedure *a I let him do all the work. It was <MW the 16th of June, aud as Francis had informed me he hod arrived during the month there was not muohdinl- • oolty in finding what I wanted. "Hew you are," said Ohamboim book• eoiug to me. ' 'Only one ship this mouth from Chile—* steamier, the Cfcpiapo, Arrived on the 9th of June. Dane * fJPaxton, 40 Deverenx lane," , I copied thin down in my notebook, refused Chambers' bospitstile invitation to luncheon and went off at onoe to Oevoreux Uwe. Here I h»4 no difficulty te Meiug the passenger lift of the Co- piapo, and one of the Ant names I **t my eyes on we* Francis Briarield "This put* the matter beyond all • eVjnto," said I, makiug a note of Ibis. "If Ftanois Briarfleld did not arrive iit ! London till the ath o* this mouth, to be tho utan maw tMariug bis Tormented on Dl* Wadding Nl«ht •Mks MM Qrand Jury. Sioux CITV, I*., Nov. !».—David Moody of Anthon, Ia., aged 60, recently married a young wife. , On bis nuptial night a charivari party of 100 went to hi* house, and when he refused to appear, forced his door, and with the town ftre engine turned, a flood of water on Uiuxand hk; Ho made a sally with • butcher knife and cut some of his tormentors, but huil Co capitulate at last, and gave the crowd $10. Next day he weut before the grand jury and preferred charges of unlawful assembly, assault with intent to do bodily injury, arson, extortion and riot against Mverel whom ho reooKuiefel, He has plenty of money uud will push thu muuor, RYAN SAYS fhfe CijAHQE IS FALSE. •« ClftloM tb* MHiDMoU »u4 Ontario Lumber Coinp»»v O*M U tu. DDBOQUB, Ia., Nov. 18.—-The statement s(>nt out from St. Paul that 8. D. Ryan of thu city hud appropriated |W),MH) of the Minnesota and Ontario Lumber company's fund* i* deuisd Indignantly by him. H* claims the company i* indebted to him to a larg* amount and that some other Ryan, no relation of his, way have appropriated fMJ.OOXi to his individual use. He (8, O, Ryan) I* now praying fora receiver with a vl*w to winding up the affair* of th* company Md this motion is now pending. 1 was now pwfwtly utlsfled that Mftriok's ide» was oomoi la order to «onfuse aud throw m« off thewwnt, Fe- iix bad followed me to Peri* and ap' d U» ptopria punoHa. Bo> for the r'* vuftfosUoa of the abipping Hs» nbonW uot b»v* baw able » prove fcmt uowl held InooutiwertiWe in wy Uawdn to prove t|mi Fe- Mnuw between his iFnmoi* b»4 vrt lye* »U) of June, .ho lu*4 met. we «* the to death by hU twoftw through m *Mr4 PWty. But I waj MOW on.tUe trill aud hoped to run to earth twtti tiw UOUatural brotUor oud UU vils tool. I ijtjt like the hoj'oof SQWVwlia«u»»uoa, Ou retttruiiig to toy roonw in Duke •tree* I wrote off at ouoo (o Mwriok, iMUag Wiu of inysuooottn iu proving yfee Wwitity of Fi'oupiB with tho mtai fho Uti4 bueu sluiu «t tbe Iww inn. It , ROW reiuiiiued for ine to go dowtt to QRAND ISLIKD, K*b., Nov. lt».—Th* resideno* of F. 0. Hanaferd caught Or* from a coal oil (tore tod both building and oonteate were totally destroyed, Mr*. Hanaford wa* np *tair* with h*r •mall b»by, and being shut of from In* •talrwsy *h« jumped from th* window, hreaking h*r anWf. Th* child e*o*p*d Injury. Tet*l los* on huilding and goods, 18,00(1! inmrance. H.OW. DMMOUDM, It,, Nov.l».-The ul* of the DesUoln**, NortU*n»*»4 W*»ternln Federal Court wUl really U wwrelya raorganUatlon and result In reducing th* interest on tU* bonded tnd«bteln*s*W 4 n*t owtand" freeilng out "lowaorod- itowT Th* MHwmk** wtU probably •oon IMH* bonds, Intt not nnttl after th* interest to Md«o*d to th* Above Unit. Nob'. Nor, l»,-»NegoUa- tioa« have been carried en bAtween Kesr ney clUiww «nd the palmer Wheel com- tmy of Oulcagp for the esUblUnniwt of JTwcyole fttotory in this oily. Details have bjt«n s»tUfactori»y »rr«ug«d and the company will oowwwnce opwattowi not later tu»u Jan. id, with a «*niui QblQ mil'," Colo,, W«N upoiiftPhtti'gtof lyuphiHg « m»u, OvortUry OarlUl« ha* vefused to be Kuw York OtMwber •< Nor. !».— The house oommittees which are expected to be .of the greatest importance 1 in the next congress are thoie on the ways and means, appropriations, rules, banking and currency, coinage, weights and meaaurt-a, livers aud harbors and public buildings and grounds. The first three named al- wuy* head the list in order m' iu.;:or, •Ace. The others are expected to as•nine importance In the next congress because Of thn espncial conditions which will prevail during that congress. The banking committee will certainly be one of the most important committees on tho list, if there should be an effort, as is hinted there may be, to revise the currency laws and change the prewnt system. Tho probability of an effort to secures!! ver legislation, and the probability that the Republican party, when it comes into power in th* house, will want to formulate a policy on this question, will have the effect also of advancing the coinage committee to a position of lint tank. H«w, H«iab«n Will W«m» Appropriation*. The rivers and harbors and publio buildings committee will have the delicate task of providing for public improvement*, so far a* a committee of the house pan accomplish this work. With so many new men as there will be on the Republican side in the congress and all of them feeling it will be necessary for them to make a showing to their constituents, there will naturally be a pretty general clamor for appropriations for poatoffio* buildings, custom houses and river and harbor improvements. While the Republican party has always shown a disposition towards liberality m public improvements, there is a probability of an effort to hold their miscellaneous appropriations as low •• possible. Thi low condition of the treasury and th« fact a presidential tlection will be so neat at baud will prove strong arguments in this direction aj will the DOS- sibility of a presidential veto. The Republicans at present have six of the 17 members of the .rivers and harbors committee, and all their members have beon re-elected except Mr. Henderson (Ills.) With Henderson ont of the way Qormcnu (Or.), takes first place in the Republican membership of the committee, with Stephenson (Mich.), Hooker (N, Y.), Grosvenor (O.), and Reybum (£*.), following in the order named. It cannot, of course, be knew* whetnor the next speaker will follow th* seniority rule. If, he should Mr. Hermann would become chairman. Mr. MllUkeu (Me.), leads the Republican momVvshlp of the committee on public buildings, and the chances are that if Mr. Reed becomes speaker Mr. Milliken will be chairman ot this committee, Mr. Morse (Mass.), is tbe only other Republican member of the committee returned. Only three of the old Republican members of the committee on banking and currency are re-elected. They are Walker (Mass.), Russell (Conn.), and Johnson (Ind.) Mr. Walker is the senior number, and his chances for the chairmanship are tbe best. llurruws After » Bnwtonhlp. Of the six present Republican member* ol tint committee on coinage, weight* aud msagures, five have been re-elected to the Fifty-fourth congrees. They are in the order gamed, B(ene tPa.). John. sou (N. D.), Dingley (Me,), 'Haqer (Ia.) and Aldricb (111*.), Mr. Stone wonld naturally become chairman of the com* mittee It he desired tke place. In tke natural order of evento, Hon. J. 0 Borrow* (Mich.) will become chairman of the ways and means committee, with Mr. Reed in th* sneaker's chair, bnt there to little doubt that he will be given this important post, which carries with it the Republican leadership ou the floor of tbe houM, if h* fail* in his ambition to incceed Senator Patton in the senate. With Mr. Reed in the speaker's chair and Mr. Burrows in tbe senate, there would be only three Republican mem- ben of the pment comuiitteo left to caooM from— Mewr*. Payne (N. Y), Dai. wll (Pa.) and Hopkins (I1U.). V D. R. Henderson (Ia.) i* tne ranking Republican member of the appropriation* committee, with Messn. Cogswell (M*M.), Blgbam (Pa.). Dingley (M*,), Grout (Vt.) and Cannon (Ills.) coming In order named. It i* probable neither Cannon Mr Henderson will get the plaoe, for in tne event of Burrow* becoming chairman of tne way* and means oomumt«« the probabilities are strong that th* east would demand the chairmanship of tbe next important— appropriation. In that contingency General Cogswell's chances for being promoted to the bead of the committee would be excellent. If Mr. R«ed noaemei speaker o( the home th* Republican utwuner- ship of the committee on rule* will pro* bubly be composed of himself and the ohairman of the appropriation and th* way* and mean* coiuwltlew. He pur. sued tbl* plan in the Fifty-first oongrew and there Is reason to believe lUat ha would revive it ruihur thwi Imitate Mr. Crisp'* policy of distributing the honor*. ItofMMt* MM atria* Cumu»iMio»«r*. W461UNQTON, NuV. \«. ~" J 1 1* UUp«g- uttblo and the ocmoliwlowi reuohua by th* «tr)k« coinwUsiauw* were bwvd unon good, solU evidence," This utterance referred to ths repent report of tun United SUtas strike oomuUtfeo aud wtw made % Lttbor Couuuviwiouer Curral D. Wrighti The ttUtemout wu« uulleJ fovth by u »k«*ch of an urUolo wbiuh it was ntnted we* to app«ur in the Hallway Ago in reply to tno report of th« strike oom- luittee, Mr, WriyUt said tUo»u who w«r« hurl hf tbe .import ana full iU I or»»- f«I petifrfrAtioB would, to tW sfforts to thci-V it* ihnilettcft, u«e th" WMnoni!! nf abuse. Hesaidt "fhe strike commissioners did set out to deal with or Invest' Igate Mr. Debt, Mr, Pullman or Mr. St. J6hn, tt was not dealing with individual* but systems. There was no pur- {MM« to vlndtoato any one, bnt to investigate conditions and Systems impartially and report the) nndtn*i I- t '--' •"--— meut. ^_ Q6NERAL CONDITIONS OF ALASKA. Ou*«rnor Mheiklejr Utn .iut»u^.v<.~ ^-u Au- nn»l AcpoH to MercUrf Smith. WASMWOtON, Nov. !».—,'uiuc- .b^-jik- ley» governor of Alaska, has submitted his annual report to the secretary of the interior of the general conditions of the territory. He says that notwithstanding th* unfavorable climatic, conditions of the spring and early summer months, niauy new enterprises were entered upon and others completed. The fisheries have been successful, the miB*t N.-M,< yi.-'u-i : profitable returns, the population has been largely augmented by immigration and the people have enjoyed a season of unusual progress and prosperity. The impress of the missionary is visible in all parts of southeastern Alaska and they deserve the commendation for the good they have accomplished. He estimates the population at a Lout K3,- 000. Good progress is ttuJa ia ouuuu- tion. Considerable trouble has been experienced in preventing the salo of intoxicating liquors. H* says that Alaska has 4,000 miles of seaooast and 20,000 miles of shore line, and th* reveune officers have serious difficulty in^reventiug smuggling. The patrol of Bering s*a ha* not prevented poaching. The governor says: "Lieutenant Commander Drake, in comand of the crni*er Albatross, who came into the port of Sitka Sept. 37,10 days from th* seal Islands, report* that 40 vessels were in Bering sea hunting fur seal during the months of August and September and that they had taken on an average oC 1,000 skins each, 73 per cent of which were females. He stated also that bat 18 per cent of these vowels were American, the others being mostly British. It is obvious if this destructive marauding ia allowed to continue it Will be but a few year* until the seal rookeries of Alaska will be entirely deserted and the business of fur sealing will have passed into history." Mining is developing In Alsska and promises to be an important industry. Some veins of rich gold bearing quartz have been discovered within two years past, bnt most of th* mines which were first worked to successful development in Alaska were mainly of low grade ore*, which are found in )odt» ef extensive dimensions. The Alaska Treadwall Gold Mining company in on* year made not profits of $441,000. This is th« largest 4uartz mill in America, it having MO stamps. Draiooratle SJmaton BrrnM tn T«1k. WASHINGTON, Nov. IV.—Democratic nenators who are at present in th" city decline almost without exception to discus* the probable plan* of the Democratic leaders in th* e*uat* with reference to the rapplemeatal tariff bill* at the forthcoming *hert *a**ion of eou- gross. Th* major part cont*at tham- •elvea with saying th*y have bad no opportunity for party conference, and th*y do uot wiih to at this time express personal opinions. B!m«UIII»ta Call» Coahrcncw. WASHINGTON, Nov. 19.—The executive committee of the American Bimetallic leagn* has called a conference at St. Louis for Nov. S7, at which the pre«- ent utuatioa will be fully discussed and thj policy to bo hereafter pursuod by tiie friends of free coinage of silver ba decided upon. KOLB'S BOLD OPPRESS Declares His Intention to fie ; Inaugurated Governor. A8K8 AID FROM 818 FOLLOWERS, WHAT THE WEST NEEDS Transmississlppi Congress to Discuss Western Interests, LAROE ATTENDANCE 18 EXPECTED Mot improbable Thkt B* Will B« Arrvnteu i Kur trflnunn—B«l(av«ri Tli«re \\Cl T,. tl^flnm t'rniible lit Montitanivrr «»< *«•-' . *ntaf«tio* t»)—Oovarnor 4anm tayl Ontnt Wilt tt« IniUllcd. I ST. Loma, Nov. 20.—A special from Birmingham, Ala., says Reuben F. Kolb, the defeated candidate of the Populist party for governor of Alabama, publishes a lengthy address to the people of Alabama in The People's Daily Tn-bune, of this state, the state organ of the Kolbites, hi which he declares his intention to be inaugurated goverour of thi state Dec. 1 and calls upon his followers everywhere to gather at Montgomery on thnt day and aid him in taking his sent. In closing his address Kolb says: "You. fellow citiwns, have twice elected me governor of this state, and this time, by the grace of Gtad and the help of the good people of Alabama, I will be gov-1 eruor." The arrest of Kolb for treason is not 1 Improbable and if his followers undertake to seat him, which, judging from the sentiments expressed at their meeting at Montgomery last week they will undoubtedly do, it is believed there will be •eriou* trouble. JonM H*yi OM** Will B« laitalUd. MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov. 8u.—Gov- ernor Jones was about to take a train for Mobile to take part in the ceremonies attending the reception of the cruiser Montgomery when he wa* shown a telegram from Birmingham hi regard to the Kolb manifesto. He declined to be interviewed, hut when shown the dispatch •bout the Kolb manifesto wherein Kolb says that by the grace of Ghod he will take his seat on Dec. 1, quietly remarked: "William C. Gates has been elected governor by the fairly expressed will of a majority of the people of Alabama and has been so declared by the general assembly, the only tribunal which ha* tbe right or authority under the constitution to declare the result. It is my duty to see that ha is duly installed and by the grace of God be will be. I do not anticipate that any number of men will be foolish enough to heed Kolb's advice, but if they do the consequences will be on, their own head*." Vhlrtoen StMei B«»» Appointed Many at Ttielr Moit Prominent Men M O«l«C»les. Mo*t Important Qnettlan* lh»t Will IU- Attention Ac« 8ltv«p, C»B»I and Mlnlnc tMWt. Ar* •»bor«lMe» «r arjr Ofloitta. WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.— The attorney general has rendered an opinion defining th« position of ths board of general customs appraism at New tork, in which he holds in elf ect that they are subordinate ofitoers of the treasury department. , Nov. It*.— The poatomoe AtNacora, Dakota county, Nebraska, own discontinued. Mall will go to Emerson. r»moiu InTcntor Dto*. KANSAS Cm, Nov. kO.— Joseph Lewis, inventor, died at the home of his nephew, Charles L. Cookson, manager of the Cooksou Iron works. At the shops of Lewis & Sous in Manchester, England, of which firm the deceased was a junior member, the famous locomotive engine George Stephensoa was built in 1S39. This engine was built to compete in a test of speed with many others for a prize of MOO offered by the managers of the Stockton and Darlington railway and It won the price by breaking all . records 1 several hours. Iu Mr. Lewis' shops at i Manchester tbe machinery for John Criooaon's monitor was made. Ia 1808 Mr. Lewis came to America and settled at Chicago. <He invented a new principal of valve motion for locomotives and other engines shortly after his arrival in this oountry which to now generally in use. '_ _ Wclktac AroMd Uu World. PmsBCBO, Nov. ao.— Footsore and weary there arrived at the Continental hotel here Qua Koeget and Fred Thoe- mor, two young men who set out June i 10 from Sao Francisco to walk around ! the world. The trip is being made to win a wager, several San Francisco sporting men putting up 1 10,«KK» agaiu»tfft,000 wagered by the pedestrians. The trip is to be made within two yean and the pair believe they can do it in W months. They have the signatures of the governors and the prominent officials of the statee through which they have passed. ECottget walked last year across the con- «nt in 107 days. The pair have worn ont three suite and five pain of shoe* each. ST. LouM, Nov. IV, — Arrangetnente have been practically completed for the transmississippi congress whidh will meet here on the Irttth inst. to discaia, at the call states, all questions which tnay affect the interests of the people in the territory lying west of the Mississippi river and which may, be the subject ot legislation by congress and to express to it, through resolutions and otherwise, the sentiment of the western people. It will also endeavor to take such Steps foi the presentation of these resolutions tor that body aa will command its attention and action. While any such questions may; properly be brought forward for discussion, among those most prominent are: The retnouetization of silver; Irrigation of arid and other lands; the dia- position of Indian and public lands; th* Nicaragua canal; a national bankruptcy- law; the improvement of western riven and harbors; antioption legislation; mining laws; admission of territories to statehood. *> ' . . ....... Delegates have already been appointed from Minnesota, Iowa, Nabraaka, Arkansas, Texas, Idaho, Montana, Wash* ington, Oregon, California, ' New Mexico, Oklahoma and South Dakota, at*. tbe attendance will probably be tb* largest tbe congress has ever had, and will include the moat prominent men of the territory named. Three evening wsaions have already been arranged for. and the subjects and speaker* will be: Monday— Irrigation, Hon. Elwood Mead, president National Irrigation congress and state engineer of Wyoming; Hon. William B. Smyth*, chairman executive committee Kationnl Irrigation congress and editor Irrigation Age; Hon. J. B. Emery of Lawrence, Kan., and P. H. Newell of the United States geological survey. _ Tuesday.— -^Nicaragua canal. Prof. Courtney De Kalb of the school of mines, university of Missouri, and Captain W. W. ACorry of Sau Francisco. Reciprocity in trade, ex-Governor Stanuard of Missouri. Onr relations with Hawaii, Hugh Crais; of San Francisco. Wednesday — RemonRtisation of silver,. ex-Grorernor Prince of Naw Mixieo, Colonel George E. Leyton, Hon. Thomas M. Patterson, ex-congressman from Colorado and editor of the Rocky Mountain Nuwt), and ex-Governor George T. Anthony of Kansas. MARTHA WASHINGTON COOK-BOOK FREE! 320 PAGES. ILLUSTRATED. One of the belt Cook. Bonks published. It coa- tulns recipes lor all kinda of cooking. Also departments on Medicine. EU- quutie, and Toilet reclpM. Indexed for bandy rel«r- race. MAILED FREE, !• • Ckuroh. Brnuiarau), O., Nev. l».— -A sensation was created at St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal church by Rev. Paul 0. Curnick vigorously attacking Rev. George D. Herron, profeisor in the Iowa state college at Qrinuell, fa., who hat been delivering lectures here on the social problout, Rev. Guruick said Dr. Herrou's ideas were directly oppoied to all creeds of ill cburobes, and that lie ia a dangerous man to teach theology. Utrn <Prte4 UK* CMI<lr«*. Nov. l».-Mea cri«d like ohildivn at the utfetiug of Armenians at Beyer ball when the story of atrocities of the Turks wat retold. Borne were there who may have lost sister*, broth- en aud parents tn the recent slaughter by the Kurd*. Pitiful appeals were sent up for the Christian people of the world to take opgutiance of the dreadful persecution of the Armouiun*. f*t MM v«m» *r HUT* eitim. Nov. 10,— After a careful oauvaw « ogmmtttea has reported that Dia f«mUies of A. B. (7. won are ou tho vurge-of starvation «u(| 400 uuiimrHwl uiwi destitute .in CXJUWKJU^UC* of tb» blnuk ll«t enforced by Ihu railway* agttiuit U»D mm whostrnokliwtiuuuusr, LONDON, Nov. Id.— A Berlin snya that M. Krlvoauheiue, Runaluu n»iu Utor of r»U\vays, Uiu rwlguv^l owing to (ho defective arraujioumntu iu uouuevtlon with the lunurul truUw which coavttyed tliu imperiiU family «ud thu ruiuaiut o( C*«r AlMKttder from Subustupol. far* ArtU«r, , Nov. 10.— A. dmpatoh from Tiuu-T*iu iuy« thut 1 1 Jm«u»eso niuu of- vvur, eight torpadu buuU uuJ lour truus- tiui'ta Uuvo liuau lying «ltu>.' Krii) ty oft Wi-Mul-Wel, whicb ia on tlw Mrnii^ prowoutory, ii)»mt 100 uillw soutli- f Port ArlUur, M«»Mlio DMth tWOFiELD, Nov. 90.— A romantic death bed marriage occurred at River. ton, near here, Colonel George R. R'ehardnon, a rich bachelor, finding that He was about to die, a»d desiring that its bouMketipar, Miss Marion B. Mb- Nealy, a maiden of M yean, be left all bis property, sent to the city and secured a llo«njM aud theoouple were married by Justice Kuott at the sick man's bedside. Richardson owns about 1,000 acres of land in this county and 8,000 aorea hi Kansas. Mm. DMttoit Otolu* tM*e,000. DKNVKK, Nov. 80.— Power ot attorney liven by Lillian D. Daniels, formerly Donna Madixxa, to Edward H, Murphy of New York was filed with the county clerk. In this power of attorney Mr*. DuuiuU claims that *h« i* entitled to g*,000,UOO from tbe estetf of W. B. Danie)i, h»r luto huibaud. She also nlee uu astigitment to Mr. Murphy in which it I* »«t forth that no oonipromlse »hall be *<\o without her content for less than 1480,0110. __ Oo 0 *lot«<l Mlawe •«»t««e*a. PKKIN, Ills., Nov. 8U,— • John Gehr, Charles Jouei, Daniel Oaddul and John Houthoote, who wore oouviotud of ui«u» kiuugu^ut iu couuocUou with the rnur- dur» at tlio tittle Mine lost unuiuiur, w«r« twuteuoed to the |wnlt*itti«ry by Ju!tc UVAUU, the nwt two for nv« y«w» and thu oiliors for three ytuum. In Xxchaaffa for 20 LABOB ZJOW HEADS out from Lloii Ooffoo wrappera* and •> 3-c«nt Stunp. _ Write for lUt of our other Fine Premiums. W* h»re many Taluablo I'lcturw. ntoo • Kntte, OUM» do., to Kire away. A buuuUful Piutura Cud 1* i» ererrp«cliimoof LION OoririK, • uinni cnu oninr on Hur ^ n * WOOuUN SPICE COi mio7 KANNE & ZERWA8, MEAT MARKET AUL OUDBHd AUK VHOMITL UKLIVUHI Corner otu and Aduu* *tn«u, OatroU, I*. ELECTRIC TEilPKONE Tr«lu U<nwi •(hrou*-|i • ilridg*. Pm^uuuu, Nov. W>.--Bi*uiou out of ooal broke through tha brldgo over Uuitth urtM>){, ut Larimer station, and aix ut Davou miutre are auppo»«4 tobaburlwd wreck, Ourrur l>e/«au Vlvluumu. C1U04UO, Nov. »o — Dr. Oarvw de- feuu\l Uouty^i Kluluutau uf OUlougo iu a liv> t<iia niiuut (or flUU a w •cor- il »1, JiiuWlMUU b7, out uiu \W. WIIII-«: OUK STOCK LAATt — w» wiw. »»MJ—• ft tt. Aah E»Uud)4 Tapl** an " »• " Uurd vood Chamber ifcl* , )».M 4 Hpiudle wood Chaira, per «*J,, „ M$ JJ^W* must rtuluoe out ftook a»4 lUew prloM »ur»ly onghl to do U, .•i'i

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