Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 2, 1955 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1955
Page 20
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TWENTY EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Ttktf Card •» Thonki W« wish to thank our friends «nd also tJw Fruternal Order of E«lcs for th kindneu shown us in our bereavement the death of our beloved son, John YakMtich. Joseph and Jennie YakscUch. In Memoriam In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary E. Brelghner. who passed away 17 years »«o, December 2nd, 1038. Loving memories never die, Ai years roll on and days pass by, In our hearts a memory is kept, Of a loving mother we will never for . Sadly missed by her Daughters. Mrs. Grace Wagner Mrs. George Koontz. and 1 —Announcements STRAND LIQUOR STORE N Centre at Baltimore Sts: OUR PRICES ARE LESS 2—Automotive I owing Moore's 24 Hour Service PA-4-644 Attention! Week End Specials Pickup trucks from $150 to $65 DINGLE USED CARS PA 4 08-1 Near A'.P Supermarket Nu Treaded Wlntei Head I'trci S8.9J up Town A- Country. Suburbanite 2 In 1, Knobby. Saw Dust Treads etc DUNLOP TirtE A BATTERY SERV1C 6 Wllllami St Dial PA 2-319 INCOME PROTECTION UFE INSURANCE TAMILY HOSPITAUZAT10N Non Cancellable fc Guaranteed Renewable Francis Mottingly PA-4-0313 SAVE $ $ S i3 Chev. "210" 4 Dr. RH 12 Chcv 4 Dr. H. i] Mercury Clb. Cpe. R. H 10 Chev. 2 Dr. R H. 50 Ford Cust 2 Dr. R. !! 50 Dodge Panel, Heater 49 Ford Cust. Clb. Cpc. R. H 49 Chev. Del. 2 Dr. R. H 48 Chevrolet Aero J99 M $64 144 $49 '134 $34 $39 s: Over 30 Cars The gilt that will cheer every day through the year like a letter from home. Send the Evening Times, Sunday Times, or the Cumberland News as a Christmas Gift. The first issue will arrive in a colorful holiday wrapper. Christmas Gift Card bearing your name will be sent with each rift subscription. Out-of-Town Mail Subscriptions only. Call Circulation Dept. Dial PA 2-4600. PROTECTION if linoleum perfection Glaxo transparent coating. Ends waxing, lasts months. Rosenbaum's House- wares. 2—Automotive REEVES STUDEBAKER W« also nav* • complete , UM of Died parti for all make cart I 1951 Stude. Champ. »edan with automatic 1595 1948 Ford 5 pass, cpe S350 1948 Ford 5 past, cpe. *295 Westernport, Md. Phone 5481 No Down Payment or Bank Terms Cumberland Motor Sale; 14 Wineow St. Phone PA-4-0790 Opp A&P Mkt OPEN TIL 9:3 1953 FORD F-250 Heavy Duty Express in A-l Condition ! Dial PA 2-3456. St. George Motor Co .1950 RAMBLER Convertible, Pan American red finish with new top. Will make you a nice second car that will cost you less to own and operate than any other 6-passenger car. See this on« today! TheM-G-K MOTOR CO. 21 GLENN St. DIAL PA 2-2300 Values Are Larger In.The .Fall! . -Buy With Warranted Confidence "OK" Used Cars 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Spt., R.H. No. 329 ^ $1595 1954 Chevrolet S'line Dlx. 4-Dr. : R.H.D. No. 304 $1595 1954 Chevrolet S'line Dlx. 2-Dr. , H.H.D. No. 310 .'. $1495 1953 Chevrolet S'line Dlx. 4-Dr. ' R.H.D. No. 330 $1195 1953 Chevrolet S'line Dlx. Clb. Cpe. ; R.H.D. No. 307 $1195 1953 Chevrolet S'line Dlx. 2-Dr. * R.H.D. No. 276 $10951 1952 Chevrolet S'line Dlx. 2-Dr. - R.H.D. No. 197-A $ 825 1951 Ford Custom 2-Dr. R.H.D. AT. ] No. 308 $ 395 1950 Ford Custom J-Dr. R.H.D. ,'No. 253-A $ 295 1950, Ford Delta* J-Dr. R.H.D. • No. 213-A $245 1956 Plymouth Dlx. 2-Dr. H.D. •No. 113 $ 395 1949 Ford Dlx. 2-Dr. H.D. ° No. 180-A J 95 1948 DeSoto Custom 4-Dr. R.H.D. t No. 225-A $ 95 194? Olds '76' 4-Dr. R.H.D. • No. 321-A $145 MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM EflerChevrolet,lnc. 219 N. Mechanic Street Phone PA 4-4400 Open Evenings LOWEST Prices & Terms 56 Ford '3' Country Sedan. 4 Dr S. Wagon. R. H. New. 56 Ford '8' Customline 2 Dr. Sdn R.'H. New. 55 Cad. Sdn. R. H. Elcc. Wind. 55 Ford Cust. "8" Sdn. R. H. 54 Merc. Cust 2 Dr. R H. 54 Plym. Belvedere Sdn. R. H. 54 Chcv. Bel. Sd. RiH 53 Pont "8" Sdn. RH Hyd. L. New 53 Plym. Sdn. RJ H. 52 Buick Sdn, R, H, Dyn. 52 Pont. 4 Dr. R. H. Hyd. L. New 52 Pont. 8 Chieftain 2 dr. R. H. 51 Buick Sdn. R. H. 51 Nash Station Wgn. RH, 51 Ford Cust. 2 dr Sdh. R. H. 51 Fontiac Sdn. R. H. Kyd. 50 Pont 8 Chieftain Sdn. R. H Hyd 50 Hudson "6" Clb. Cpe. R H. Nice 50 Olds "88" 4 Dr. R. H. Hyd. 50 Ford "8" Sdn. R. H 49 Chev. Sport Cpe. R. H. 49 Plym. 4 Dr. Sdn. R. H- 49 Plym. Clb. Cpe. R. H. 49 Ford "8" Sdn. R H. 49 Chev. Conv. R. H. Nice 49 Chev. Dlx., 2 Dr., Sdn, R&H 49 Olds "88" Sdn. R. H. Hyd. 48 Willys Panel Delivery R. EL 47 Olds Sdnt. R. H. & Hyd. 47 Pont Sdn. R. H. 47 Nash "600" Sdn. R. H. 47 Packard Sdn. RH, OD 46 Plym. Sdn. R. II. 41 Plym. Sdn. R. H. Taylor Motor Co. 218 N. Mechanic St. ' PA-2-7979 MIDTOWN MOTORS H FORD VS CUSTOM R. & H Opposite Post Office Dial PA 4-3230 SEE: PAUL SHUCK or RED GILES COLLINS STUDEBAKER ALWAYS BUYS CERTIFIED 1955 Studebaker President 4-dr. Auto- mxtic transmission, radio, heater, whitewall tires, turn signals (demonstrator) 1955 Studebaker Regal Champion 4-dr. Overdrive, heater, turn signals (demonstrator) 1953 Studebaker Champion 4-dr. Overdrive, radio, heater 1952 Studebaker Commander 4-dr. Overdrive, heater. 1952 Studebaker Commander hardtop. Overdrive, heater 1951 Studebaker Land Cruiser 4-dr. Automatic transmission, heater 1951 Studebaker Champion 2-dr. Overdrive, heater 1950 Buick Super 2-dr. Radio, heater 1950 Studebaker Champion 4-dr. Automatic transmission, heater 1949 Plymouth 4-dr., radio, heater 1946 Pontiac 2-dr. 194S Plymouth -4-dr. 1952 Dodge IVi ton coal truck 1953 Studebaker 2-ton, chassis k cab 2 NEW '55 REGAL COMMANDER .4-DOOR STUDEBAKERS While they last special deal COLLINS GARAGE Four Studebaker Dealer Cumberland, Md PA 4-1542 Used Car Lot Bedford Rd. it Nave'i Crossroad TOWING Taylor PA 2-7979 51 FORD STATION WAGON S-Door. 8-Pa.iscn(icr. 43.000 nctual mllea. Radio, heater, Rood tires. BRUCE MOTOR CO. JIOMNEY, W. VA. Phone 197 G.M.C. Trucks Case Tractors & Machinery New Holland Farm Eqw.pmen COMPLETE nEPAIR SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES Aiter We Sell—We Serve! Collins G.M.C. Truck Co. RT. 40 EAST PHONE PA-2-3922 2—Automotive 1953 PACKARD DLX CLIPPER Power ttecrlni, power brakei, ttat co ers, automatic transmUtlon, whit* tlrr 2 tone paint, tinted xlast, low mlleai one owner. $139 Ft. Cumberland Motors, Inc Packard Sales 4 Service 403 Frederick St. PA 2-^66 Bank Financing AT OUR OFFICE 30-Month 5% Interest ON ALL '56 MODELS 56 Plym. Clb. Sdn. V-8. Pus 'Bictton Trans. New 56 Chev. Bel. Spt. Cp. Loade 55 Chev. Sdn. R&H 55 Merc. Monidair Sp. Cpe 55 Ford Cust. Sdn. R&H. 55 Cadillac sd., R, H, PS, PB 55 Buick Sp. Conv., RH. Dyn 54 Olds Sup. S8. Sdn. RH 54 Ford Sdn. R & H. Nice 54 Mercury Sdn. R & H Merc 54 Chev. Belair Sdn, R&H. 53 Cadillac Sdn.. RH, PS 53 Studebaker Sdn. R.H. OD 52 Olds. Conv. RH. Shar , 52 Olds. Sup. 88 Sdn., Rti 52 Pontiac Sdn., RH, Hyd. 52 Studebaker Sdn., RH 52 Buick Sp. Sdn St.-Sh. 52 Chev. Sdn. RH 52 Willys Panel 52 Ford Cust. RH Fordamati 51 Ford 4 Door, R&H 51 Mercury Sdn., R&H 51 "Ii/m. hardtop, R&H 51 Dodge Sdn., R&H 5i Plym. Sdn. R&H 51 Ford Custom "8" 2 dr. 51 Stude. V-8, 2-dr., OD 51 Buick Sedan, RH and Dyn 51 Nasli S. Wag. RH. OD 51 Hudson Sdn. II. OD 50 Buick Sup. Riv. R. H. Dyn 50 Packard Sdn., R&l' 50 Olds Sdn., R. H. & Hyd. 5C Ford Sdn., RH 49 Olds Sdnt. R&H 49 Pontiac Sdn. R & H, Hyd. 49 Plym. Sdn., R&H 49 Mercury Sedan, R&H 49 Ford Sdn., R. & H. 49 Chev. Sdn., R. & H. 49 Buick Sdn., R&H 49 Chevrolet Conv. 48 Olds. Clb. Cpe., very clean 48 Pontiac Sdn. R&H. 47 Willys S. Wag. OD 39 Dodge 4D. Nice new tires 39 Cadillac Sedan, very nice Red's Used '22 GREENE ST. Cars PA 2-815 Ahlburn's Chevrolet Co. 3 STUDE. LAND CRUISER SD .. JI07 2 CHEV. S. L. DLX. 4 DR. $92 STYLELINE Dlx. Hdtp. $87 1 CHEV. F. L. DLX. 2 DR. $725 1 CHEV. S. L. DLX. 4 DH.- - . 177. n BUlfK SPEC1A1 HLX -J. DR. $65 0 CHEV. STYLELINE Spec. 2-dr. $47 0 OLDS "88" 2-DR. CPE $59 9 MERCMY 4-DR. SDN $37 7 OLDS. 2 DOOR $19 TRUCK 1 CHEV. 1 TON. 2 SPEED 1651 AHLBURN'S HONE 26 CHEVROLET CO. HYNDMAN. PA International Harvester Authorized Dealer Motor Trucki Farm Tractors * Machinery THE LIGHT A DECKER CO. 315 S. Centre St. Phone PA-2-560 Nelson Auto Sale: CLEAN USED CARS Buy! Trade! Sell! 10 Potomno St. Riducley RE-8-S29 SEE US! i 52 Merc. H. T. $995 .; I DON I AUTO SALES Loie Sts Befon A Cuxtpmer 148 .N MF.CHANIC PHONE PA-2-7480 FERGUSON ITtACTORi FARM MACHINERY Ktfhfi Garagr Ralto Plkr PA-4-417H Jt IK. 1952 BUICK SUPER HARDTOP CONV. a Beautiful 2 tone paint, radio, geater, Dynaflo transmission. In much better than average gbndition. You'll love this car t«e minute you see it and you'll giy it the minute you drive it. GURLEY'S Inc. Dodge-Plymouth Liberty PA 2-0200 or 2-0202 For The Best Deal In Town OVER 150 CARS & TRUCKS 55 Ford 8. 2-dr., Cusl. Loaded .... S1S9 55 Cadillac 62. 4-dr. PS. PB. .. SlOOo of 34 Buick 2-dr. Spec. V-8 S179 54 Mercury 2-dr. *169 54 Chevrolet Bclalr 2 dr S139 53 Plym. 2 Dr. Cranbrook t 89 53 Hudson Jet 4 dr SB! 53 DodRe'V-8 S. Was. Beauty .... J119 53 Chev. Sta. Wajt. 4-dr. S129 53 DodEe Coronet 2-dr. FISH «ll)3 .13 Buick 2-dr. Spec. RH »U9 53 Chev. 4-dr. 210. a bcnuty «109 53 Chcv. 2-dr. "210" J100 53 Ford. 4 dr., R H S 99 52 Ford 2 Dr.. A Beauty J 89 52 Hudson 4 dr. J 59 52 Kaiser Manhattan Dlx. OD. R H S 49 52 Pontiac Catalina, loaded $ 99 52 Chcv.- 2-dr. RH. J 69 51 Buick Sup. Riv. 4-dr. RH. Dyn. S 795 79! J 69 J 39. % 59. 1 69. J 595 J 795 J 595 I 595 * 695 50 Chev 2 A- 4 drs. S 495 50 Chev 2 i 4 drs PG $ 49: 50 Stude. 4 dr., R H s 295 50 Buick IIM 4 dr. R H S 595 50 Mere 2 dr H H t 595 50 Ford Station Wagon S MS 51 Merrury 2 clr R, H 5! Pontiac Club Coupe 51 Kaiser Sedan. Loaded 51 Stude. V-8 4 dr. OD 51 Ford "8" 4 dr 'Fordomatlc 51 Chcv. 4 dr. H A D. 51 Chcv. 4 dr. Station Wagon 51 Ford 2-dr. V-8 51 Willys Sta. Was. 6 cyl 50 Pontiac Catalina 49 Ford Clh. Cpe. R H. 49 Nash 2 Dr. 48 Olds Conv. 47 Plym. 4 dr Dodge Cl. Cpe 4« Ford 4fi Dodge 2-dr 46 Chcv < dr 3 Model A Fords S75 each 50 CARS FROM S50 TO »195 » 295 J 175 S 175 * 19! J 145 S 145 * 91 S 9! TRUCKS 54 Ford "6" ',i T. pkup $ W. 53 GMC Carryall J 99; 53 Ford Panel. Like New S "93 51 Tord V-8 3 i T. 29,000 miles .... $ 79 5! Wlllyj Delivery .... J 395 30 Chev. '/d T. pkup J 595 50 Stude '.4 T. pkup $395 50 Chcv. i-i T. Panel S 345 49 Kord ',i ton panel S 195 49 Ford H4 T. Flat bed S 395 48 Ford »i ton pkup. 1245 47 Chi-v Hi ton. flat bed » 295 Bank Tc-">ns: $5 Down on cars up to $700. 'HAROLD'S McMulIen Hwy at 9 A. M. to 9 P M. Custard Stand Dial PA 4-0670 47 INT. % T. Pkup. Cattle Racks. Nice! Rpnsnnablc! BABB MOTOR SALES 152 Wineow St. ' PA 2-4370 954 CHEVROLET Bel Air Spt. Cpe. Radio, Heater, Defroster. Low mileage. 2-Tone Paint ONLY $1545 / EilerChevroletJnc 219 N. Mechanic Street Open Evenings Phone PA 4-4400 SMITH'S Triangle Motors 53 OLDSMOBILE "98" Holiday. R.H. WW 2-Tone Green ... $1,595 2 LOCATIONS 322 S. Centre PA 4-6464-4-6465 6 Mile House LaVale PA-4-2041 CHRYSLER 50 Buick Super 4-Dr. The former local owner of this beautiful Krecn sedftn was a Kelly Tire plan executive that kept the car in a jcara^ by day and at night. The oriRinal miles arr 37.000. The contrasting interior is spotless. Kas new Kelly tires, radio, heater, signal lights, back lights and Dynaflow transmission. The motor and all mechanical parts are in A-l working condition. This will make a trouble-free car and the price is only $695 55 Chrys. N.Y. St. Regis $3195 54 Dodge Sta. Wagon .. S1595 53 Stude. SL. H'top .... S1495 52 DeSoto Sportsman ... S 895 51 Chrys. Wind. 4 Dr. ... S 645 50 Chevrolet 4 dr $ 595 48 De Soto 4-dr $ 395 47 Windsor C1L Cpe S 175 PA 4-3840 Potomac Motors Open Evenings 6:30 to 8:30 LOT and GARAGE PLYMOUTH lor. S. George and Harrison Sts. 2—Automotive s p 0 E R L S New Car Trades! WHOLESALE 51 PLYM. 2 Dr. Heater PRICES $368 2—Automotive BUY A BETTER USED CAR FROM THOMPSON BUICK 55 Pontiac Nearly new. 4-D. 870 V-8. RfcH. matlc. 2-Tone. Chief. Hydra 54 Buick 4-D. Sed. R&H. Power atccrin flow. One owner. Low mileage. Special Dyna- 54 Ford 51 PONT. $4Q? 2 Dr. Streamliner 1 I / £— 51 MERC. $486 2 Dr. H. fc O.D. 53 CHEV. $865 « **.. iixtnit ** *r ^-^ ^™*^ — * 2 Dr. "210". n.H. 53 PONT. $QQ5 • Dr. R.H. Hyd. ' All Cars Inside! S p 0 E R L S Pontiac-Cadillac 205 N. MECHANIC ST. A 2-8300 Open 7 to 9 STEIN LA'S Chedpie Sale BEATS WALKING Desperate for space, all these old models must go! All Prices Reduced $10 PER DAY UNTIL SOLD! GET THAT GO TO WORK OR HUNTING JAR FAST AT THESE CRAZY PRICES 1948-Kaiser " $85 4 Dr. An odd color Rrrcn but a running fool. A real steal! — 1946 Chevrolet $155 .Sedanct. Loaded with extras and ready to roll. 4-D Sed. Kord-0-Matic. Rt-H. Black 4: White. One owner. Crestline 2-Tone 53 Pontiac Chief. DeLuxe 8 2-D. Rt H. Hydramitic. tires. Clean. ww 53 Ford Mainline One owner. A 2-D. 6 cyl. Sed. HiD. real bargain. S395. 52 Packard Mayfair Top Beauty. 2-Tone. WW RiH. tires. One owner. Hard Ultramatic trans. Power brakes. 52 Buick Special 4-D. Sed. R&H. Dynaflow trans. 2-Tone. One owner. Nice. 52 Plymouth Cranbrook 4-D. Sed. HiH. O.D. Paint and interior very clean. Only $695. 51 Mercury 4-Door RtH. 2-Tone. Covers. Clean. PA 2-3400 Cor. Lot PA 2-1424 5—Auto Repairs, Service McFARLAND AUTO SHOP Phone Prt-4-1216 507 PINE AVE. BLAMBLE BODY SHOP * Bedford Road Phone PA 4-41W 7 —Business Opportunities LOCAL no competition business that will net at least $200 monthly for part- lime work for owner of Pickup Truck or Station Wagon who has some storage (.pace available. Write: Box 827-A, c/o Times-News. 3 UNFURNISHED rooms, first fl~ private entrance, private bath. Adult 317 Race St., second floor. ATTENTION If you are interested in going into your own business to secure your and vour family's future call Mr. Madison PA 2-3300. 14—Unfurnished Apartments PRIVATE 3 roomn, bath, first (lot Call: Mr. Uhl, PA 2-3456. Apply: 7 Columbia Avc., evenings. 3 ROOMS, second floor: gas heat, ele trie furnished; private; 10 Fourth S Phone PA 4-6523. 4 Room Modern Apartment Centrally Located. Apply Happy Hills Farm Restaurant 228 Baltimore Ave. 4 LIGHT sunny rooms, bath, porch, pri ate entrance. All newly finished. Ne Celanesc and Ballistic plants. Di PA 2-2850. 4 Rooms, modern Bowling Green, second floor. Adults. Phone PA 2-1844. 8—Coal For Sale BERLIN $6 Ton, PA 2-5070 Pea L Beaverdale Oil-Treated Pea BERLIN COAI S6.50 ton. Cheaper by load. We give Weigh Billi J C. Smith, PA-4-4429 Somerset big vein coal, pea stoker. Any amount • Phone PA 3-0396 A. Lepley. BIG VEIN 75% LUMP S6.50 PROMPT DELIVERY PHONE P^ 4-0108: PA 4-0217 EVENINGS 1952 HUDSON Wasp 2 door sedan, radio, heater, turn signals. Also winterized. 5575. George L. Bowers, Corriganville. 1950 CHEVROLET Bel Air. 1950 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe 2 door. Both fully equipped. No reasonable offer refused. PA 2-0455, PA 4-0848. CUMBERLAND LINCOLN-MERCURY SAFE BUY USED CARS 1954 Mercury Mont 4 Dr. Here is one to be proud of, priced to meet youi; pocketbook. Fully equipped including automatic transmission. 1954 Buick Super Riv Hardtop A very nice car equipped with radio, heater and automatic transmission. 1954 Lincoln Capri 4 Dr. Fully equipped and in wonderful condition. Must b« seen to be appreciated. 1953 Studebaker Here is a . beautiful little 2 door Champ that has outstanding features. No. 1 ... Very high gas mileage. No. 2 ... Very low price. 1953 Ford Customline 2 Door Equipped with Radio and Heater. It was its former owner's pride 1942 DeSoto $90 4 Door. Looks fair but sure runs like A late model. 1941 Plymouth SOLD 4 Door. The home mechanic can get a Rood one here. 1940 Oldsmobile $85 4 Door. Good mechanically. Loaded with extras. 1940 Dodge $85 Good reliable X Door. Green, transportation. 1940 Plymouth S55 4 Door. Hurry to sec this family special. 1940 Dodge SOLD but 4 Door. Blue. Little rough cnn't lose on this one. 1940 DeSoto $50 4 Door. A dependable runabout. 1936 Plymouth $50 2 Door. Black. The best "Oldie" 1936 PLYM. SOLD 4 Door. Green. A solid car. and joj . . think of It? let's se« what you 1952 Chev. 2 Dr. Dlx. This car is a Crcampulf. It has all new tires, runs perfect and has very good looks. Stop and see it! 1952 Mercury Hardtop A very nice car with 23,000 miles and fully equipped. Be «ur« to see tills one! 1952 Mercury 4 Door A very clean local one owner car. Must be seen to be appreciated. 1952 Dodge 4 Door Coronet fully equipped and in very fine condition. 1950 Ford % Ton Panel Very sood condition. 1950 Ford Radio and heater $445 1949 Lincoln 4 dr. Radio, heater, automatic transmls' SOMERSET County's best Big Vein, J6.50 ton. Full dump loads $5.75. Phone 4-0594. evenings 4-5635 BERLIN Big Vein—Clean and lumpy: also Pea Stoker. Prompt delivery. Phone PA 2-2046 (Formerly 552-W) GUARANTEED. PROMPT DELIVERY BERLIN BIG VEIN COAL. $6 TON PHONE PA 2-2717 Somerset Big Vein, PA 2-7710 ALL KINDS OF STOKER COAL GUARANTEED. PROMPT DELIVERY BERLIN BIG VEIN COAJ_ 56 TON CHARLES LEYDIG HYNDMAN 115-R-3 BERLIN BIG VEIN $6.00 STOKER S8.50. GUARANTEED. GEO. LEYDIG DIAL PA 2-9715 9—Electrical Work. Fixture! ELECTRIC WORK Motoz Repairing, wiring ana Flxlurei QUEEN CITY ELECTRIC CO. Wcsttnghousc Apparatus Agent 158-160 Frederick St Phone PA-2-1133 ELECTRIC WORK FREE ESTIMATES ON WIRING Sterling Electric Co., Inc. 100 N CENTRE ST PA-2-4800 327 RACE ST., second floor, priva three large rooms, bath, porch, Ver nice. $25 month. Glenn Watso PA 2-4040. IS—Furnished Rooms NICELY furnished sleeping rooms, da or week, double or single, twin bed showers or tub. 410 Decatur St. MODERN SLEEPING ROOM CENTRALLY LOCATED PHONE PA 2-7313. DOWNTOWN — Large bedroom next bath, tub 1- shower. Gentlemen pre ferred. 123 Hanover, Phone PA 2-199 17—Room and Board FAYETTE REST HOME—Comfortable Ideal for retired, nervous, aged pel sons. Nursing care. PA 2-2140. 76 Fayette. 18—Houses For Rent MODERN 4 rooms and bath, garage, ga furnace. Adults preferred. Corrigan ville. S45. Phone PA 2-0972. SEVEN room house, 304 Grand Ave. Ga furnace, bath. Attic and small cella: Adults preferred. 545. PA 2-5756. 19—Wanted ro Rent WILL LEASE PRIVATE OWNED GAS STATION PHONE PA 4-0789 20—For Sale Miscellaneous WE BRONZE BABY SHOES, PA 2-461 Make Beautiful, Practical Gifts A. R. SAMSON • 815 CALVIN ST Save 15% On -Bottled Gas BENNETT'S Phone PA-2-7900 lO-Financing, Money to Loan LXJANS VOUR SIGNATURE ONL* UP TO *1500 riNANCE CORPORATION 40 North Mechanic St««t ' Phone PA-4-3600 - THRIFT PLAN Finance Corporation or Cumberland 108 Frederick St. Phone PA-4-0344 AUTO LOANS in 5 minutes National Loan, 201 S George Finance Plumbing & Heating —McKAIG'S— . 11— For Rent Hospital Bed». Wneelchair», Walkers Pil« Bros EU. i>. McMulIen Highway PHONE PA-2-8484 MODERN office room for rent. 2nd floor, First Federal Bldg. Elevator. Air conditioning. PA 4-1314. 8:30-5. f.—Apartments fiion 1949 Mercury 1495 2 Door In very fine low price. condition at a very 1949 Oldsmobile 2 Door Radio, heater, automatic thlft $395 The finest cars at the lowest prices No Down Payment or No Payment until 1956! 828 N. MECHANIC ST. PA 4-0460 Open 'Till 9 P. M. Weekdays Saturdays 'Till 5 P. M. FURNISHED or Unfurnished - Newly decorated living-dining combination, bedroom, kitchen and bath. Laundry facilities. Suitable 2 adults. 646 Washington St. 3—Furnished Apartments NEAR Court House — Bedroom and kitchenette, automatic heat. Adults. Also extra bedroom. 20 N. Smallwood St. 2. 3, 4 ROOM apartments. $9 week up. Monthly rates. Sleeping rooms, private baths if desired. Resident managers. Mr. & Mrs. James Porter. Blvd Apts. PA 2-8100. 1 LOVELY furnished apartments i bedrooms with kitchen privileges in new home. Adults, 755 Fayetle. MODERN. West Side 2-room apartment. Utilities. Automatic laundry privileges Ideal for one. Phone PArkview 2-0640 Deer rifle. 8 mm, perfect condition Like new. $65. 526 Virginia Ave. Sales! McCULLOVGti Service CHAIN SAWS Cosgrove, 252 N. Centre PA-2-304t SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT! On All Spouting and Spouting Fixtures Liberty Hardware Co. ST N. Liberty St. Phone PA 2-714 CIGARETTE VENDING MAOHINE (Placerl on cOniT7i(sj(on ba«rf) ENTERPRISE AMUSKMENl CO 170 N. Centre St. Phone PA-2-005G HOOVER Sales & Service L. Bernstein PA-2-0366. 4-5724 -Sewing machine adjusted in your home, J1.50. Also electrify and buy Machines. PA-2-8430 or PA-2-4794 HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS Sales and Service Davis Garnjre, Flintstone, Md. Phone GR-8-4282 For Rent- Stager electric portables $10 per month Phone PA 2-3060 for delivery. FARMALL C TRACTOR w/2 Bottom Mtd. Plow 5890.00 H. G. Bender—Ph. 200—Meyersdale, Pa Baby Parakeets For Sale 439 N. Mechanic Phone PA-2-7011 Holland Bulbs Trees — Shrubs Smith Gardens 1120 Shades Lane PA 4-1458 Used TV Sets BARGAIN PRICES Paramount 101 Va. Av c PA-2-2230 to 4 Rooms. 218 Columbia St. Also Store for Rent Phone -PA 4-3874 LADY — will share my larse furnished apartment, 2 bedrooms, private PA 4-3795 after 5:30 or PA 2-1080.. ROOMS, nicely furnished. 1-rigidaire, hot air heat. Children allowed. 323 Bedford St. Phone PA 2-0138. LIGHT Housekeeping Rooms. All utilities furnished. Sleeping rooms if desired. 119 S. Allegany St. Steinla 18 S. Mechanic DeSoto Plymouth Sales Service PA 4-2600 WE MUST Clean House! NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED Save $1200 .... 1953 Jeep Station Wagon. 4 wheel drive, only 17000 miles. One careful on-ncr. has Go Anywhere ability not found In nny other car. Only S530 down and about $40 per month. PENN-MAR MOTOR CO., Narrows Park and Corrlffunville. Dial PA 2-63-10. JEEPS New and Used Surplus Stock. Lowest Prices in Three States. BANK TERMS Six) 1956 New Jeeps, 4 W.D Three) 1956 New Jrcp Trucks Three) 1S56 New Jeep Station . $2187 955 -I W.D. Jeep Sla. Was., 6 cyl. 95J 4 W.D. Jeep Station Was 0534 W.!). Jeep Sta. Wag S2J63 S2195 $1850 S1590 Vc're never knowingly under- old. Any type trade-in ac- epted. Penn-Mar Motor Co. cep Sales and Service for Allegany Co. Narrows Park and Corrlganvllle Dial PA 2-6340 53 Dodge 2 Dr. $945 n«t V-8 GyromMlc. 2 Tone. RH. Thrifty Auto Sales 05 S. CENTRE DIAL PA 4-2201 Coronet rp IMS! SELI 1948 Packard Convertible. Power windows, radio, heater. Very food top. Dial PA V2477. Chcv. DclRay V-8. Loaded $1795 Cad. Cpe. Loaded S2750 Chev. BcIAir Cpe. Loaded S1095 Chev. BelAir 4-dr. 1-owner S1095 Chcv. "210" 2-dr. Loaded S995 53 Chev. Clb. Cpe. 1-owncr .. S850 53 Willys Sta. Wag. Real nice S695 52 Nash Ramb. HT. Loaded . $695 52 Chev. 2-dr. 1-owner S745 52 Ford V-8 Cust 4-dr. Loaded S750 51 Chev. BelAir Cpe. Loaded ?695 51 Olds "98" 4-dr. Loaded .. S795 57. Nash Ramb. Conv. Loaded $395 51 Chev. Clb. Cpe. Very clean $595 51 Merc. Clb. Cpe. Loaded .. $595 51 Pont. 2-dr. Real nice $595 51 Ford 2-dr. F'matic. Loaded $545 51. Ford "6" 4-dr. A Puff ... $545 51 Henry .1. Tip Top Condition $250 50 Buick 4-dr. Sup. Loaded .. $575 SO Buick Spec. Sdnt. Loaded . $445 50 Chev. BelAir Cpe. Loaded $695 50 Chev. Clb. Cpe. Loaded .. $595 50 Chev. 4-dr. Sdn. H&D $595 50 Pont. Sdnt. Neat as a pin. . $495 49 Chcv. 2-dr. A beauty $395 49 Dodge 4-dr. Loaded. Nice $395 49 Buick Sup. Sdnt. New tires $295 49 Ford 2-dr. l-owner $395 49 Dodge l-ton Stake. Motor overhauled. New Tires, Runs Like New $495 North East West South We have the Buys! 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Conv. Std. Trans. R. H. Like New Condition. 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Dlx. 4 Dr. R. H. Hyd. 1-Owner. Low mileage. 1951 Ford Cust. 2 Dr. R H D Clean 1950 Hudson 4 Dr. Sdn. R..H. D. • Ready to go! 1950 Pontiac Club Coupe. R. H. D. Nice Shape 1948 Pontiac 4 Dr R. H. Hyd. Clean Ready to Roll. 1948 Kaiser Dlx. Sdn. Clean and Ready. RAUPACH'S 443 N. Mechanic Dial PA 2-4224 JUST BELOW VALLEY STREET THREE rooms, private bath, porch, refrigerator. Two rooms, semi-private bath. Utilities. 4(M Walnut. PA 2-5230. 2 FURNISHED rooms, frigidaire and utilities furnished. Side porch. 107 Decatur St. Phone PA-4-1682. COMFORTABLY heated, livinj; room, two bedrooms, kitchen and bath, sar- ace. Children welcome. LaVale. Phone PA 4-2928. TWO or three rooms, private bath and entrance. Automatic heat. Phone PA 2-1570 or PA 2-2823. 3 NICE, clean rooms, bath, Frigidaire ; private, 2 large closets. Venetian blinds. Cresaptown. Phone PA 4-6503, 5 MINUTES from Baltimore St. 3 rooms, private bath and entrance, 708 Elm St. PA 2-6039. 14-Unfurnished Apartments LAVALE-6 ROOMS AND BATH Heat and Water Furnished Phone PA 2-7188 COMFORTABLE 2nd floor 4 room apartment, private bnth. porch. Good residential area. Heat furnished. Apply 520 Beall St., 9-12 a.m. or after 5. SMITH Street. 3 Large rooms, bath Completely private. Utilities and fuel furnished, p'irst floor. PA 2-3305, eve- nines. USED HOOVER upright vacuum cleaner rebuilt. 520. Used aluminum tub Maytac ^washer, sood condition $75 Other washers in good condition as low as $25. Used Montgomery Ward refrigerator $50. Terms available. Green Hartman Appliances,, 198 N. Centre St. Phono PA 4-0730. Photographic • Greetings Bring Snapshots for FREE SAMPLE! Prices low as 8V4 Envelope included. Q OAMKHrt oHOP ij . ?o N CKNTRF ST Bicycles Are Our Business We sell the best and repair the rest. 75 new Schwinn and Rollfast bikes at new low prices. Lay yours away for Christmas now First National Charge Accounts honored or easy terms. VETS BICYCLF: SHOP 30 QUEEN CIT V PAVEMENT PHONE PA 2-6683 KITZM1LLER MEMORIALS MONUMENTS and MARKERS All the beift marble ana granite tn eluding "Rock of Ages" granlta and "Barra Guild Memorials". Frederick & George Sts. PA 2-0766—4-3984 "SIX WHAT TOO BUY" HOUSE PLANS: Whether you get them from a magazine or have an architec we'll reproduce them. Everyone neec copies of valuable papers. Photostat o Blueprint. CUMBERLAND ENGRAV ERS. 118 S. Mechanic St. PA-4-1622. 20—For Sol* Miscellaneous GIVE A CAMERA KIT (or CHRISTMAS. Priced Low an 17.95 or * TAPE RECORDER MOVIE CAMERA fc PROJECTOR . Pi A VTC Motion Plctur* S«ryic« Ut\ V 1C 160 N st KENNEL REDUCTION SALE Cocker Spaniel Puppies, reilitowd. Mrs. Harold Meek Vale Summit, Md. Gas conversion burner for furnace. Phone PA 2-4783. USED LUMBER ALSO USED GAS HEATER APPLY: 19 LAING AVE. WOOD Prompt Delivery STOVE t FURNACE. FIREPLACE LOGS Dial PA 2-6031 Mike your election it. home Expert paperhanftnf, low co»t. PA-2-U224 for samples Hartley Wigfield. T & W Washer Service & Parts Phone PA-4-2541 24-Hr Service Blackstone SKELLEY'S 536 Pine Ave. . PA 2-511S CROSSTOWN. BARGAINS DECORATED CARD TABLE Mounted on Steel Frame. and Steel Braced Special At KLINE FURNITURE CO. 405-413 Virginia Ave PA 2-4820 $7.95 New Crystal Clear FLEX-0-GLASS Window Material. Extra Heavy Plastic. :heet entirely transparent. .Very tough. Liberty Hardware Co. 57 N Liberty St. . Phone PA-2-7H9 HOLIDAY DRESSES Jrocades. pastel colors S22.95 'affeta Dresses — $18.95 •ure Silk, all shades $22.95 Velvet Dresses and Skirts from .. I 7.95 SYKES STYLE SHOP Md. Ave. Daily 11 A. M.—S P. M. Phone PA 2-1570 "Remington 30.06 Rifle. , Apply Ray Mellott, Corriganville, Md. 16 Foot Marble Top Lunch Counter with 10. Steel Porcelain Stools. Neon Restaurant Sign. Phone PA_ 4-3355. Upright Piano. Very Cheap. Excellent Condition. Phone PA 2-2032. RIGINAL Oil Paintings. Framed, ready to hang, $10. Ideal Christmas Giftl. Will deliver. Dial PA 4-2493. lAN'S overcoat; child's coat and legging set, size 6; child's station wagon and tricycle; 4 storm windows. PA 2-0746. Two high powered rifles. Apply: 216 Park St. BABY'S CRIB AND HIGH CHAIR PHONE PA 2-0217. IRON FIREMAN STOKER PHONE PA 2-7840 OR PA 2-6470. 9 Piece walnut dining room suitt Excellent condition, $65. Phone PA 2-2031. TTPPTTTQ REGISTERED urrinio COCKER SPANIELS Iso grown dogs. Mrs. Mehle. PA 2-1691 INCREDIBLE BARGAINS ON KROEHLER LIVING ROOM SUITES loor Samples at terrific discounts. Only 6 suites, to sell. Smart Buyers will Snatch Them Up! MILLENSON'S 317 Virginia Ave. PA 2-3930 Spinet Piano, $395 Phone PA 4-1084 rifle. Brand new. Will sell cheap to 0-30 Savage nredeemed. uick buyer. Southern Jewelers 131 N. MECHANIC ST. Coron's Quality Candy Special Christmas Assortments Milk and Dark Chocolate 2, 3 and 5 Ib. boxes. Order now. Stop in and set our low prices Candy made FRESH Daily 138 BEDFORD ST. 8 FOOT MEAT DISPLAY CASE Complete with new compressor Dial PA 2-2030 HARDWICK GAS RANGE. S50. Excellent Condition. Will Deliver Dial PA 4-0791 Rooms, Modern, 101 Washington St. Second Floor. Adults. Phone PA 2-0212 Modern Apartment—Lee St. RENT REASONABLE PA 2-7195 FIRST FLOOR—3 Room Private Apartment. Bath. Heat. Apply: 218 N. Mechanic St. EIGHT Rooms, bath. Double garage. Yard. Porch. S48 month. 745 Kelly Boulevard. Apply: 306 Washington. FIRST FLOOR APARTMENT 4 ROOMS. MODERN. ADULTS PHONE PA 2-2860. GLEN-ROY OLDSMOBILE USED CAR LOT - HENDERSON AVE, k FREDERICK ST, PA 4-6685. OPEN EVENINGS 7 TO 9 P. M. EXC. SAT. NEW CAR SHOW ROOM lfil-63 Bedford St. PA 4-6790 Open Mon.—Wed.—Fri. Eve. 7 to 9 p. 40 More To Choose From NO DOWN PAYMENTS Ferms —Trades — Bank Rates Hare Motor Sales 19 S. MECHANIC PA 2-3:12 2 Lots To Serve You! ST. CLOUD MOTORS 1953 Bute* Riviera R. H. Dyn. 1952 Buick Riviera R. H. 1953 Chevrolet Tudor R. H. 1952 Chevrolet Fordor R.' H. 1951 Chevrolet Tudor H. 1916 Chevrolet Fordor. H. PHONE 441 FROSTBURG. MD. ROOM APARTMENT WITH BATH, PRIVATE ENTRANCE. APPLY 700 N. -IECHANIC ST. KLINE'S MARKET. TWIN BEDS; GAS REFRIGERATOR Mrs. Lulu Hughes Braddock Farms, LaVale LIONEL O gauge trains, transformers switches, track and all types of ac ccssories. PA 2-0075 after 6. RIVAL DOG FOOD—Redeem your coup ons here in town -Select your premium from oar big stock—Carry it home will you—no postage—no delay.s Visit ou Premium Department. E. V. Coyli Furniture Co., 45 Baltimore Street. HUNTING SUPPLIES Fishing Tackle, Archery Equipment V I M.^'C TACKLE SHOP MINtO J 243 VA. AVE. 112 FOURTH ST. Second floor. 2 large rooms, semi-private bath. Gas, Electric, Heat furnished. Glenn Watson. PA 2-4040. 5 ROOMS, modern, garage. Large screen ed front porch. Immediate possession. Columbia Ave. Phone PA 2-5000. Rooms. Bath, Heat, Garage Phone PA 2-7437 WILSON APARTMENTS - 3, 4 and 8 rooms xvlth bath." new, the very best. Apply after 3 P. M. 105 Washington St. 4—Auto Gloss GLASS INSTALLED (WHILE YOU WAIT) BEERMAN AUTO PARTS 519-521 N. Mechanic PA 4-0250 S—Auto Repairs, Service NORTH END GARAGE 507 Henderson Ave. PA-2-3590 144 THOMAS ST., 2nd floor, private, 3 eNtra large rooms, bath, porch. »25 month. Glenn Watson. Phone PA 2-4040. USED Building Material Doors, win dows, framing, flooring, sheathing. Th Cumberland Salvage. Vallej Road Phone PA-4-0683. TAKE NOTICE We have a large assortment of slightly used coal heating t- cooking stoves. Bar gain prices. Apply 120 Federal St. Phont PA 2-6147. KOOL-VENT ALUMINUM AWNINGS Welch Insulation. Free Estimates! rt. Ashby 2110 Frostburf S4(j Man's new top coat, zipper lined. $125 Value, $40. 805 Md. Avc. FREE TURKEY during December with every purchase New Power Saw. Davis Garage, Flintstone, Md. GR 8-4282. ONE of the nicest 2nd floor apartments in clly. 5 Rooms, porches. West Side, new gas furnace, ample heat: gas fum Ished (or nil purposes. Adults. 180. Dial PA 2-3828. 4 LARGE rooms, private batlv Venetian blinds, first floor, kitchen equipment If desired. Newly decorated. PA 2-1914. 217 WASHINGTON ST.-5 Room apartment, (hint floor, private entrance. Available January 1st. Phone PA 2-5160, FOUR ROOM PRIVATE DUPLEX APARTMKNT Adults Only. Phone PA 2-2773 Skilled Radiator Service Sclude's Mech. & Valle> 5 ROOM dmvnstnlrs apartment, base- Bedford Road. Phone men! PA 4-4.W.. PRIVATE first floor, 4 rooms with bath. Gas furnace. 217 •bove address. Carroll St. Apply FARM AND SAWMILLING EQUIPMENT Complete repair parts and service on 1 Allla Chalmers and Oliver Clctrac. Complete diesel service on CM and American Bosch Injectors. Full line of wheel and crawler tractors, stationary power units—gas It diesel. COCHRAN FARM EQUIPMENT CO. Phone 4348 Somerset, Penna. AUTOMOBILE Insurance to cover Stitr L»w (29.88 Also.Workmen'." Comnen«» Uon. Fire. Glenn Watson PA-2-4040. PARAKEETS 13 Lyons St •3.oo ana up Aim Suppllet Phone RE-S-9119 The gift that will cheer every day through the year like a letter from home Send the Evening Times, Sunday Times, or the Cumberland News as a Christmas Gift, The first I; ue will arrive in « color- 'ul holiday wrapper Christmas Gift Card bearing your .lame will bo sent with ench «lft subscription. Out-of-Town Mall Subscriptions only. Call Circulation Dept. Dial PA 2-4600. WALLPAPER Discontinued Patterns Including Plain Papers Up to 50% OFF PURUCKER'S 15S , N. • Ccntr* PA 2-7887 21—Wanted to Buy BRASS, COPPER, batteries, radiators, lead. aluminum, etc. Top price* ' paid. Cumberland Metal, Ford Ave. PA 2-3619. WANTED—2 or 3 room gas heater with verit pipe, thermostatically controlled. Dial PA 4-2908. ROUND AND SAWN" LOCUST ALSO HARDWOOD LUMBER P.O. Box 1323, Cumberland, Md. 23—Florists, Flowen, Plants Funeral BOPP'S "lowers 19 N. Liberty St. Phone PA-2-4330 24—Furnaces, Heating, Stoves RAYMOND Ji GRABENSTEIN Contractor Phone PA-4-«97 825 Va. AT*. Sheet Metal Welttino Heatlno Plumbing & Heating E Woodyard Phone PA-2-6950 .ENNOX COAL. GAS. OH FURNACES Winter ARGE Knapp-Monarch Electric Heater, heats one room, used one month. Half price. Dial PA 4-2908. HAND-MADE Doll Furniture. Cradlef. Cribs, High Chairs, Tables, Benchel. Pens. 509 Shriver Ave. PA 4-5840. iano, upright, in good musical condition, 54 inches high. Phone PA 4-3212. GOLD SEAL Congoleum, 6 ft.- wide, 9 ft. wide, 1? ft. wide at closing, out •»!* prices. Shonter's, 128 N. Centre St. DEER Rifle (257 Roberts). New Photo Enlarger (2'/<x3'/4). Grand Piano. Phone Fort Ashby 2601. / , .. CHRISTMAS TREES — Cut or Balled,' prices right. Come see. B. C. Hobin- ette. Route 2,.Flintstone, Md. Kllnnlei Heating, 196 N. Centre PA-4-M30 HOLLAND FURNACE CO. Olt — Coal — Gat Heating Unitt Cleaning. Repairing. 449 N. Centr*. PA 4-5522. Do you need a New Heating Plant? — Complete Installation — Replacements — Hot Water-Warm Air — Coal - Oil - Gas Call PA 4-2414 for Free Estimst* Sun Heating Co. P.O. Box 447 SIGN of iucce»i U » "Sold" ilfn on your house or lot. L«t us help you succeed. Place a real estate for tale «d or contact one of lh« realtors whs use the w*nt ads dally. H* will fe4 pleased to accept yotjr listlni.

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