The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 12, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1959
Page 9
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ANNII <8A»t» "THt Mtf WAUK8 OUT OP COURT A ^a»«i_ _^ . ' ,f ^^^ i **s«<l*»*» • J' ......, n LOST . HIS TEMPER, 6H? •TOFINDIT9WCB AjgAN.WH.ILi AT /W INN I IteAK WB BMogr ttWN OP KHUA HOW WO rr so, JSP ) SEE'tue PEP ASGNTS IN THE STATION flZINd UP . HANKS ft* TH6\ DUTY AT THE WINTER WHItt. W PAW*, J0>A <SAM6S AT WkE SCtfUfi/ HATBTOIE/We/J COOPUNPIN6S,STEVE/ MINEKVA,fMRUN8 COU. CANYON. ..THEytL , NOW M» MUSTOWB WITH) UIVB IN 7MB RU4WAN 2ON6 1 WHY HAVB A EEC6PTION FOB M6 IP MEET «/ MMIiyy PONY YOU AKRAN8B fORTH&W MARY WORTH PERSONALLY, I THINK MRS. WORTH l$5AV«r MOT TO PUT ALL THAT GOOP ON HER FACE.! WWNOTf THEY JAY PAMPWEO VANITY » BET7£R,THAN 5TARVEO PWOC! OM.OORRir.! I JUST MAM MERRIBIC MO-BOO! i COMPUMENTEOMR4. WORTH ON »U KC WMUSH WAT MASK OF MAKEUP? PRISaiLA'S POP^By_Al Vermeer NOW I'VE GOT To'Su^H DOWN THERE AND STRAIGHTEN 'EM OLIT/ I LUNKHEADS! IDIOTS!! J CAN'T THEY DO ANY ! THING J*U3i^ AT THE PLORIDA BRANCHTr OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Keep!* WERE YOU ARE. Y YOU MR. <5RUMBLY.'r<MEAN ALL PACKED.' >* YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN? SURE! IT HAPPENS EVERY JANUARY WHEN THE COLD WEATHER SETS IN! 2»f I'VE 6ffT AN IDEA THERE'S NOTHING ftJR USlSS OLD 1 THE PAPER ABOUT IT AT IT 6AV$ HERE THElTHSY INMEB TUBES/ J AUL/THEPISCORDAWT BRAVING OF YOU 6DFFOOHS MERELY LACK OF . .. .. WHYDOM'TYOUTRY READINS A GOOD BOOK 50 VOU CM COSlNERSSlMA CNILIZBD- MAMNER? U IS CLOSED F0K REPAIRS/glG fGOlMG-ro -&6TARTT NOOM 8LIMP-512ED SKATER FELL AMD CRACKED THE ICE LIKE w nwiwr* mt* AM AW1LDROP-K TRUCKS ON SWINGTHE^THS CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams OH.GOSH-TH'PUPE/ HB BBTTER STAY HOME, WHERE HE WOM'T SIT HIS CLtfeS X PARBt> NOT HAVE MY SHIRT TAIL OUT WOR 8B IN COMPORT OTHER VWAVS, LIKE WEARIK)' FATHER'S PANTS, CUT POWM- I PIPN'T QUITE FIT IN.THO6E PAV5. ANP NOW THAT I LOVE BAG6Y KK1EE* ANP HATE ARA7.OR OKI MY CHIKJ, I FINP NO JOV IK) MEETIN' FOLKS, BECAUSE, SOMEHOW, I PON'T FIT N. ^ t MM > T M* fcrrtM. h*. TJt fcf. M, »H » TIZZY-by Kate Osann I'm hoping he winds up In government come way.j Already my husband says he it beginning to tax his patience!" Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! EPAH LEWES UI'LA6Ne PiyiTSO BEWlUM TO LIVE? HONORED, RESPECTED, INVITED EV6(WWHEREIf HE'LL HAVE A CS N0# AUSTIN (Mtnn.) HttAlD WrfV SHOULD «t HAVE HAVEAMtZlUBL TIME. 9 THI TOODliS LEAVING FOR HOME ID GET OUR DEAL STARTED YOU THINK IT MEANS iVH SEEN THE LAST] OF SALLY, YOU'RE WRON& COUU&BK-" BUT SHE YOUN& ; SEEAASTK5 WEUTHA1 TO BE / SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS. Wmp I KNOW YOU AND JANE Dl APPROVE BECAUSE OP MY AGE—AND A\AYBE YOUT2B RIGHT-- BUT WE LOVE EACH OTHER VERy ^f$ MUCH. SURE OF THAT) THAN TE*. % .YOU DO/ ARCHIE TAKB ONE OP PORTABLES „ % AND PRACTICE .- , FOB A ON YOUR A TYPING TEST?) LUNCH I OONT HAVE ^ HOUR.' A TYPEWRITER I CANT GIVE VDU PAPER! THE PWNCIPAL RATIONS IT OUT LIKE TEN-DOLLAR THEY T£LL YOU TO ^ PRACTICE, BUT YOU CANT GET PAPER/ WHAT'RB .. S...YOU SUPPOSED TO DO." JUDD SAXON-By Ktn Bald and Jerry Brondfleld ^..TO BEGIN WITH, I *W- QUIT IT, WfcLKEOOUTONTHB T you SPACE-BISCUIT PRQTBOP. I our ON RATHER ABRUPTLY, I J LAURA OA3W ADMIT, K?R WHICH I'M ASHAMER... IBT'S 60 acmewHeue A« L &0% LL7Ry "WE. 1 * VOU OKAY, 9TBYer WWUPP X30 come FROM! Bene* HCtP THE OUC5TIONS, MR. SAXON, TILL WE LEARN IP I'M IN ONE HUNK/ MORTY MEEKll ONE THING I CANT STAND 19 A VILLAIN WHO WONT FOLLOW THE-SCRIPT erANO«nu. ANOFKJHTUKt A MAN,,./' TMENHEOUGHtA BE RUNNING INTO THAT COAL MINE GUY MOST AMY TIME NOW, EH? OUR CALCULATIONS ANYWAY W1U, YES/ BUT. PIPN'T PKAfi N THEY WAY STILL RBSKVOIR WBAH,) ALWB TH* 5CHOOL.,,50 WBy CONVWCEP 'BW Ol» f WILL! BUT WBW f^HJ* IPBNT1TYJ THBVP WBARLV TWCU* 7 HB31TATB TO WUTOBR A TBRWFIC (AANHUNTl SUSPICION 9 WJRPCR KILLBP THB TWO WITWBS5E*, Wt «HOULP'V8 POUNP THEK tOPIE* 6Y NOWl BUT WOWT RISK BUGS BUNNY LEAVE YER CAR IN GEAR, fYLVffiTERl SOMETIMES TH 1 CAR 8AC< AN'FORTH \MLL LOOSEN TH' STARTER 1 GUV "NOR, WILL VOU H8LP #8 f MY fTARTER IS FRECKLES "I didn't mind when Herbie played hard to get and then hard to keep, but now h»'» playing hard to get rid of!" IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Thieves End Up Working for Peanuts CARTHAGE, Mo. (AP) Thieve* put in a hard night's work for peanuts at the L#wi$ They used tools from the firm's •hop to batter open the outer door of a safe, but were unable to open the inner door. They finally left, taking only £ vending machine full of peanuts. A BAD &R3MC.MR. STUMPUT, 6ur 1'u.sET IT AS BEST 1 TWO SPUHI1S SHOUCP HOUXT IP Leer SHORT RIBS JACOBY'S BRIDGE Br OSWALD JFACOBT Written tot NEA Benrlct The thrtt club responit to the open* ing no-trump demandi » three diamond rebld on the Jacob? transfer •yatem. It should b» m&de with one of thre* elBMe« or hands. The first class U the diamond bunt with which responder wants to play three diamonds Instead of one no-tnimp. He plans to pass when his partner responds to his transfer. The second elass Is a hand that he definitely wanU to play at a diamond gam* or slam with his partner M declarer while the third class Is a hand with which he wants to otter a choice between diamonds and no- trump as the final contract, Today's hand Is one which clearly calls for the direct raise to three no* trump. South should win East's king ot hearts with his ace and play king AICJS4 VQ1074 *A7» ' MOKTH IS 46a V«3 • AQJ80S «1094 KA8T 49872 VK962 • 107 *QJI (O) 4AQ10 4>K»I 4X80* Cut and West vulncrabte Saolk W«« Korth EM* 1N.T. Pass XN.X. Pass Pus Pass Opening and another diamond. This will draw all adrerse diamonds and South, should immediately take the spade fin ease. The finesse will lose but West will be in the lead and end played. He will be out of diamonds ana whatever suit he leads will give South his ninth trick. Happy Headliners PRINTED PATTERN 4718 sizes 6-14 Doubly dftUgbtful - «bf too* «f a drew on* d»y. separate* ti* B«t of all — uinj thirt »JM skirt are b««iaa«r-«*#y to • bright prLftt tor

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