The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 5
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V/EDNKSDAY, JULY T, 1948 BLYTHEVI1.LB (ARK.) COURIER NMW Nelson Installed Lions' President Committee Named To Head Civic Club's Activitiet for Year Blueprint for Beauty: A Hitch In Time for Strapless Duds R. A Nelson was Installed as president of Ihe Lions Club yesterday at the club's noon meeting in ihe Hotel Noble, other officers elected May 18 were Installed, ami committees were appointed for the coming year. Joe Bcaslcy was Installed as lirst vice president: C. M. Smart,, 2nd vice president: Worth n. HoKI- ed.^ecieUry-treasuiei; E. M. "Buda'.v" Terry, Lion Tamer; Harmon fraylor. tail twister; and Gene Still And L. H. Autry were elected as new members to serve (or t'.vii years on the board ol directors, Mr. Still and Mr. Autry will work with members completing a two- year term. Max Logan ami Byron Wiley, the Immediate past president, W. L. llortier, new president and the new-secretary. W. J. Pollard. Chester CaMwell and Paul Proyor were elected to serve as trustees. 'I'he installation ceremonies were conducted by L. H. Autry. si.lte representative from Mississippi County. Eighteen committees were appointed and 7,7 membership cards were distributed. Jesse Taylor was appointed to head the Boys and Girls Committee. Commitlecmcn include W. J. Pollard and Chester Cai- riwell. Farmer England will act as chairman o! the Program committee and Marcus Ervard will head the committee on the construction and by-laws. The altendence committee will be headed by J. L. Gimn, and Frank Neison will work with him. R. Newcomb, chairman. Voe Evans, and Ray Wonhinslon r ill compose the finance committee; »nd L. H. An try will be ill charge of I.ions Information. L. E. Old, | Jr.. will act as chairman for the T L. _.. I/--II j membership committee composed of ' wo INoyy fliers rvf/led C. F. Tompkins and E. R. Mason.' Sam Norris and E. M. -Buddy" Terry will direct publicity; Frank Whitworth, chairman. Authur Olsen. Tolei- Buchanan and R. H. Farr will compose the Rreetcrs committee: Jack Finlcy R-binson will head the committee on citizenship and patroitism; and Max B. Reid will head the education committee. Wrong Answers on Quiz Show Add Up to $17,000 in Prizes By »»vW r. WMlnrr NEW YOfiK. July 7. (UPl— A 32- yeiu old bride proved today what everyone has .snsprcted all 'along— yon don'l necessarily have to know the right answers to win, « r»dlo qul?, contest. Mrs. Margaret llohl Shelley, of Gibson, N. V. won »n.OOO In by appearing on n pioRram byuits- ake and KlvhiB th« wrong answers o two key questions. She was attending thr "HU tin Jackpot" program rCBSi last night when DIP master of ceremonies •ri, "Is there anyone here from the , West pun nl lonf, Island, ralwci :\or hand. The M. C. called her to the microphone. Everyone agreed she could pass as « westerner l><>- rnuse she had visited Oakland. CiUif., nine years RRO. So she became » I [SU Hi..- 'liiulims links ihit other smart Y RiHs us(|. if UIL stuplc^ duds in vour closet have brcmni ,i to \oni- peace "I mind iind suu.u MCIIIIU The bat hii, « MI i to, sun dit-s « hicli won't stay up will if yuii ,; K up a halter strip <l,»vrr left, U , hl ,, sl ;, Uv ' M Rnls ,'o Port 1,1,1 they've Mnped-<.,,ou(;i, n ,.' -• l .u ,-«,«• Mrap-, 0 *,-«• or bun ,rc-lo|,poil «;irmrni — fium I mh you t; ,n 'buv . U, r,,,,,,,,.,,,, lh in ,o (Iri.vs j;e..|uii's whiL'l, can IXJIMJ and spoil your fun. , -ALICIA IIAKT, M:A .Staff Writer icck West?" Mr*. Shelley, who lives. on the "Twenty-three ikidoo," Mrs. Shelley. "Correct." yelled Ihe PAGE FIV» HOW YOU WILL BENEFIT BY READING fltt (KftftTUM SCIENCE HOWTWL Security Bond Sales Lag in Some Counties Hot Springs County has exceeded Us quota in the Security Ixtan Campaign lor sale of U.S. Savings llonds. »nd Yell County Is within one-hnH of one percent reaching n.v i?oal: however. Mississippi Coiintv with a total snip of iwads amount- Ing only to »I3«.8D1 of It, »5<iO.OW quota has suhscrlbed lexs than *T> I iier cent of Its goal. | Six counties have reiwrlcd more '[ than 80 per cent on U. S. Snvliu'i i As a wnrm-iip question, announcer . Bonds Security Loan, other Hum Bill Cullcn a.sknl her how long shr Yell and Hot Springs counties, they • had been mnrrled. are: r^ulkncr 91,1 per cent; Jackson, gj« per cent; LaPiiyclie, 81.1 per cent; Montgomery, 8H pev cent; and White, M.9 per cent. ! There nrc nboul 10 days left !< i the Security Loan Campaign, thr , Mrs! ol It.s kind since the war. aiH ! only n little more Ilian half ol th<- ' »U.COO.OOO quota for Arkansas ha-i i been reached. During Ihe 'tliiv> ] months the cnmp;ilRn has been i'i j liroercss sales were heavier In May than In April or June. you »u r** ***** «» Wi» beit-inform«d p*rfon« In yoor community on world offoift M* you nod fill i *ond-wid« daily rv«w*pap*f r*gu<<xl/. You wrH QOi fieih, new vicwpoinlt, o fuller, richer und*ntorx*«ng of'toda/» V t — PLUS h«1p f/om ilk «xckj>iv* f«olur#i on horrnrmklna, « lion, buunm, ]h«ot<r. ad 10, Cluiition Science Publishing Society Onu. Norooy 5lr««l. Boiltm 15. Man.. U.S. A. tmloic.l H il. lor v.hich pltOM Mcxl m» Th« >cionc0 Monitor tot on« monlh Mustarrf Gos Burns Basis ' Osceo/o News As Plane Falls Into Sea Of $750,000 Lawsuit KORTOLK. V... July 7. ,UP, Two NtlV> ' " icts wcre fciltc<1 S '« ICC - 'UP '-A ^ W " C111 lhCir "S? 1 " ".' ane ""'" «**» td " lto thc sca off ' v "'8"" a - "• »'" ?- nno "" CCtl , l ° da - v - I'™* , vere su ' '''""^ al lhf rx 3 mm . <; " tal dcveloo- InCm s<1U " (lron ' UtlOn al Chh,- - LITTLE ROCK, Ark. July 7. Jefferson County taYm,:- cd lh ^ '^cral government 5150.COO damases (or injunes he and his illf!lnl - so " allc " ctll - v rc «»-ed i-. the exnlosicn of mustard sas bombs ne ? r the Pine Bluff Arsenal la,l Osie Chester Brixie ol Route I, Sherrill, said he and his son su:- committee. Raleigh Sylvester chair-i I/, 3 ' A " lu "'. L -. Pll ; c ' °' Rockford, .„,„.,„,, 01>m , lv nm , ,,,. s . son man. Earl Buckley, and Russell Hays' i' 1 'U. ll . nd . *': la "9 n .. M2 ="?'! 1 . <: 2 ? J ' > < ercd Permanent bur,,., when to ihe community betterment committee. Drs. F. E utley and H C Sims will be in charge of health ' Illclr !>""«. contained comrois . cial s failed to warn residents i and welfare, with Chairman Lynn "L.f'.u -f^™" 0 "!?', J SCF drone | area of Ihe danger of the gas. Bob Van \Vey of Washington, D C. spent the holidays here as the suest rf his parents, Mr. and Mrs. "Six years." she replied. She sr C lev she meant six months. Her first question was whether the Ahlcan continent extended further South than .South America. "Africa." Mrs. Shelley answered. She was WI-OIIR. But according to the rules ot the contest Ihe other contestants had lo dispute her nn.s- wer if she was to lose out. They didn't. So she won a wrist watch. The next question she answered correctly—thai a Zebra's slrlpos run in move than one direction. So shr \u»n a bifRcr prlre. For the third question Mrs. Shcll- cy nas asked, "Is the planet Mercury, or Venus, closer lo the sun?" she was wroi>5. Again she w enl un- chnlknn>ed nnd won a prize. On the fourth question and gateway to the sn.000 jackpot, Mrn. Shelley answered correctly that the motto. -In God \Ve Trust." was on Ihe head side of the new 25-cenl piece. The Jackpot tnrluclcd » 194fl [>e- soto sedan, R plane trip for two lo Bermuda, a trailer. » complete living room set, a completely outfitted kitchen, t diamond ring. * home decker, a sail bont nnd « silver fox coat. II was awarded Mrs. ict.v of clues. — — ......—,-. ., -.u -. ^ ..-.m I*L. nt uiuii.i \\ncji Liin ' fin/;. \i.- ->iH \<<-t, r~, TI..II .ri ---J .^., ... R. Pierce, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. bomb fell near where he was plow- " ' , f,,V, "ii,l* Mr »nrl M ri^ b " €k """ a g ° Cd Pierce of Alma, Ga. ing. H c charged thai arsenal offi- ' ' \,Vn , m vf ,H^M lhp sklds: " Rllcl •Iheir plane contained comrois ' rial, h-ilcd to warn residents in the I;" 0111 """ 1 ' in<! Ml - Blltl Mls ' w - N - . mm-lnR. "Ooh." and welfare, with Chairman Lynn '",', .,„"'! u ' .', , ;~ ^•Jrown, Joe Trieschman and. EM. pla:lc ' lh l Navy '•"'ta'cd. "ilolt working on safety; and James i . . Terry and W. L. Whittakcr on si«hl Mother bwalloWS PoiSOtl conservation and work with S.e ,„ p resen ce of Officials Fred Becker, who was recently made head of music and education theville, was a guest of the Lions for the Installation. - ,^ t « www .i . LITTLE r^OCK. Ark.. July 7. nf tlie First Baptlst^Church in°Bly-' f VP'—A 41-ye,\r-old mother of SIK - •- enilaren was in critical" cojidilion jn a Litile Rc/k hospital today after j nllcoctily dvin'cvin? ol ?bottle of poison yesterday. ' Mrs. Wi]ma Merrill was said LO ; fiavp (akcn Lho poi.son v iiile talt;- • ing with olficials of the Little Rock ' juvcnilfi rourL Thev had called hrr \o>, ihe \vellnrc ol her ciiil- dicn. Officials at r. Little Rock hosni- ia! srave her little chance for rc- Nort/i Carolina Youths, Lost in Snowstorm on Mountain Peak, Rescued RED BLUFF, Calif.. July 7. <UP> —Two North Carolina youths \vno had been mi&smg for more than 21 hours were resting today after their rescue by a searching party, 9.000 feet up ML.. Lassen. f Just adricd to new-product Hsls The youth.s. John Lovry. 18, ami i s a small electronic air purifier. Norman CriHis, 19, of Greensboro, ' designed to kill germs and odors N.C., were reported in "good concii- : in a room in a few minute5. iion" when they were found la'e ] ye.stei'day. With two other Greensboro boys, Changing Barksdale. 19, and William Hogshead. 18, they had .slav.- eri (tp tlie mouniain Monday moip- inp. Barksdale and Hogshead .said thev were .^cpHrated from thfrjr companions in a sudden suow.stovin ij^iilp [raveling down the Western slope. A search party loitntl some footprints Monday night, but ciould no-say whether they belonged to the mUsiiiR youths. "Pavk Svipciinic 1 .'.- rient Daniel Tobin said the snowfall here is the in the nation. \Miner and Wife Drown | SNEEDVILLK. Tcmv, July T. j 'UP)—Buria! arrangcmcnis were i beinf? marie today for a K?ntuckv ' miner and his wife who drowned night on a fishing trip oir.tlic j Clinch River. The victim. 1 ; were Mr. and Mr-.-. | John Maddin of Bt^.ck Mountairi. ! Ky. They were retried mining by their Il-year-nlrt 5011 after they hat! We the Women A couple of psjrhlntrlstj nt the Unlvcrstly of California huve uuirte a sturty ot \isycllosmnnlir. Moiiblca Riirf chronic tUties.ics 'Hipy clnlin Ilinl. air.onf pnllcnls wllli chronic rttsenscs tn Rcncrnl, lliorc are an uumual number or ".stjcla] climbers mid strainers—Hint l.v IMrsoiu who want lo Improve lliclr social stnlits." Tliere [t b Mies. Keening up with the Joneses Is bad medicine. If you want lo be tinppy and henltliy. stop struggling to jet In with the rlRht people. Enjoy what you have, and Ihe friends you make, without any spcchl effort. Don't Hltrnyj strain for a position on Hie snclnl ladder a few rungs above yon. Not So Simple Sounds simple, doesn't It? But It isn't «n easy thing for WMIICII to tlo. Women seem lo slip Into the habit of compclhiR with their, women friends In such mutters as | houses, furniture, labor-savins de- i vices, clothes and ciitertaliiiiut.! They s ccm to feel Inside that there | are certain "right people" they I must keep up with. I And II lakes so much strength . of character for a woman In live nnd govern her wants by hrr own needs, rather than by what oilier women do and have. Yel the "cosy" way of competition Ls the hard way In the end, because the woman who has to -••• " '"•! ......».;,n,... v .<•.... t jt>,>-,.>-•, i keep up with the Joneses becomes come to Hmicock County on a 10- .Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Dowcn. and Miss a climber. And « cllmbcr'can never rinv vfration. Beltv Gwnjtney and Boyd WIHte. relax and enjoy herself. Miss Jim; Wclboru led Saturday lclv OI C11|CJ r^^'or'^ri^^ Cav'e^l j J 1 " ?™™*£< ° f "° •*"» .Iii^ri., nnrf T( n li. n » n >t n -L^^ ITOICS, R fclllS VOlCC Mrxico. for a Beach. Mo., in- saying, "rcni- cni»cr always there are 68 keys 01 R standard pin no; "a man whining "IJcy. mister, how about & half te^::-^^^^ Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Am>lcbauin will [ attend, tlie ball games in St. lxiu'5 r next u'CCkenti. f MIT.S Betty Jean Coletnan U k spending this week in Little Ron;, i os the iiousc^ucst of Mr .atiri Mrs. [ Walter Daniels sr. ! i.yi Hft=y Co\-ington left SaUir- « f ? y Covnslon left Salur- dav for Atlanta. Gi.anrt points ii, ' J emp ^ 5 Mr5 ' ilttle girl nuir- "What's the answer?" asked the Konc a month. Mr. and Mis. Ben Ulltlcr Jr.. and lained Saturday nlijhl with a din- Mr. and . . Soutli Carolina, she rxpcits to be Mrs. Gc' 1 who att Mrs. Milton ^' ,°* t Included, Mr. and -_ ._.. Jones ol Baltimore, fisi'ing. Tlie Mnddins haJ Md., hoi:5cguest of their parent--:. Limited Supply of Electric FA Good fans are harcl-fo-jfct items. Hut if you hurry, the fan you waul \\ill he here a( Ulythcville Sales Co. We have Hunter fans with 5 year guarantees, Wcsfinghousc, Haiulyhreczc, and Eskimo fans in 8. HI and 1 2 inch models, oscillating and stationary —and 1R inch. 2 si>ced Seco Window Kans. Get the dependable fan at Sales Co. Felix Carney, Mgr. 138 E. Main Phone 3616 People - - - To I -!€'el an Emergency in Dress! A short notice of a trip ... a luncheon . . . company earning for dinner . . . anil your favorite dress, or suit, the one that fits (he occasion, is not fresh and clean! Of course, you automatically think of HUDSON. He'll return H fresh and clean in only a few hours, and your problem is solved. Hudson's 8-hour service assures the availabilily of your favorite suit or dress on (he spur of the moment. \\ e ate here to serve you, he yon a new or old customer. The research (hat has j,'" nc i"' 0 our cleaning formulas guarantees you UKTTKR Cf,KANING «ilh Hie HUDSON FINISH in only S hours! HUDSON CLEANER Blytheville, Ark. TAILOR CLOTHIER Stccl«, Mo. 61 CLUB Highway 61 North . gi • I lours 9 til? Return Engagement — by Popular Demand: FRANCIS BARRON and Hii Orchestra CALL 944 "FOR"RYS"^VAT"IONS" ..... Admission c«*' ! 1.50 Band Every Thursday Odell Campbell, Owner, Operator WATCH BRACEIE1S (OSTUME JEWELRY ••••••••^^^•••^^^^•••I^^HH^HiBi^HiMH^H i" : .ZT 'T3" "i «5\,.* '6~W* i*vf '*,Wttn 4 -S6T ' .ZIPPER KIT Typical Fitzpatrick Values F«JJ FRIDAY : SATURDAY I S Every one of the items pictured here is so | | very special. They ate icpresentative of the t \ hundreds of real jewelry buy: you will find here. 1 Fitzpatrick Jewelers ! Phone 2728 Blythevitle Stores in Memphis, Osceola, Paragould, Sikeston

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