Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 20, 1933 · Page 11
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 11

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1933
Page 11
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IOWA TODAY, OCTOm », IMS. 3 Potatoes - Apples Clean, sound No. 2 Cobblers, bat 65c Good commercial Cobblers, bag .$1.95 or 4 tap, jut tte aftn|« tawttt for U avtrtfe toairjr'i wtakr mppljr for ..... •*l*ct«d U. S. to. 1 Idaho Ivuttt-ttM £* HA hifbwt ojuttty potato frown, 100 Ib bag 9£«UU APPLES— Fine e*tinf applet. m m Brine your own baakot. .Badcet ........... l9C ED COE SEED STORE CHICKENS Drafted on order. TURKEYS, dressed GEESE, dressed . ISc DUCKS, dressed . .140 Mac's Dairy Poultry Mkt at fit Dose 09 Fifth & Burnett The place .where yon can get that sure fire gasoline. The best for car or stoves. Whisk* Pool to Skyrocket Alky Stdckt R«v«al«d WASHINGTON. ««> — All*f«4 oMntlM •( a "wfciikty i*rt" to •kyroefctt tlcokel pMcct OB th« New T«rk iUKfc •xchtkfe w*» it- r«*l«<l frM*r to to «M*r l»T«rtl- th* Mttt* stock cwo- «ItUw. Ferdinand Pecorn, committee covniel, AM been furnished a report on cumiattUm of tb* alcohol •harl Mcovtttf \t at lm»t ft mtm- tar* of the stock exchange by Richard Whitney, president of the exchange. Whether chaw* of pol actlTities were borne owt was aot disclosed. The whisky boom began last sprint and continued until July of tbfe year. MILO RENO SETI FARMERS' STRIKE (Continued From Par* One) said, -were tb« "failure of the Roosevelt-administration to respond with enthusiasm" to the proposals for a farmers' NRA code and the crowing cohriction the administration does not intend to embark on any Inflation, program auch a* they want. The farm atrlke proclamation declared "after months of patient waiting . . . w« have arrived at a point where fe are fast losing confidence in the administration." It added "we still stand ready to support the administration in any program that will recognize the farmers' fundamental right to ask for and receiTe the cost of production," It set, forth five reasons for "declaring a national farmers' strike to become effective at 12 o'clock noon on Oct. 21, 1933, which will remain in operation until our farm products bring the cost of production and until we are refinanced under term* of the Frailer bill." ' "First, we ask for reflation of the currency, that is, to increase the amount of money in circulation to our normal standards. "Second, at the last session of congress we asked for cost of production on that portion of farm products consumed in the United States. This plea was rejected. "Third, we asked for a .code lor agriculture. Instead we received a ,wheat reduction plan, a torn reduction plan 'and a cotton reduction plan. Food and the necessities of life are being destroyed- in the midst of starvation and human need. "Fourth, we have asked to be re- Iwt Ik* suehiJMry •tin to to tft* few** ef era as4 tttw racketeers wk* «stijr see prosUs wkkh tMy c*» secure fvr their ow» interests an* Ifnwe tke ieery u4 suleriag tt the pee»le whom they are to help. -Wttfc, we asked for a ii«tl«ul •toratorlusi to prevent foreclosures aad dis»os*essiwB*v . . . bttt sw •wch moratoriuoi SM been proclaimed. It is MOW apparent that If our homes are t» be saved, we. sball have to do it ourselves, and-we intend to do so." Fate of Wheat - * Embargo in Doubt BISMARCK, N. D. <UJt>—The fato of GOT. William Langer's state embargo on wheat was in doubt Friday as railroads continued to move the grain across the borders without interference; Gor. Langer had issued the order impounding the «0,000,000 buMwls of wheat within the state as a gesture to force federal, relief to Impoverished wheat farisers. National guardsmen ordered by the governor to enforce his -order had not appeared at any ot the state's grain shipping centers. Goy. Langer gave no indication of what his next move would be. In a' statement of policy-telegraphed to the governor, the executives of the four principal grain-carrying railroads of the state said that, while sympathetic with the attempt to raise grain prices, they are compelled by interstate commerce regulations to accept and move shipments consigned to them. Will Postpone Home Foreclosures CHICAGO -OlE)—•Immediate steps to postpone foreclosure proceedings •on all defaulted home properties for which federal assistance has been requested, was announced Friday by William G. Bonne, Hlinoi* manager Of the Home Owners' Loan corporation. . • When a foreclosure case comes up for motion it is planned to submit a formal petition to the court request- AD MILO RENO ing sufficient time to enable the corporation to refund the indebtedness, If the case is approved, Donne said. RINSO Ige ISc P. 40. SOAP 10 bars 27c GOOD FOODS MAKE API SCHOLARS SAVING on ijourfood/rilt uaf eafu at A' B' C' 7 BEANS, Great Northern Michigan Navy ,1..., FLOUR Golden Dawn 49 pound (fr <fl CQ bag' 9 I "99 Bananas selected yellow fruit, dozen .; •. 19c Oranges Sunkist 2 d r«s3i c Apples Missouri Pippin basket ......... fancy Tokays Grapes 3"-20c Head Lettuce 15c Extra large heads Onions 10 Ibs 19c Celery, Ige stalks ...lOc Carrots bunch 5c Peaches ..... basket 25c Cabbage .......Mb 2y 2 c Turnips 3 Ibs lOc Peppers 2 for 5c Egg Plants ..........lOc Tomatoes 4 Ibs lOc Potatoes ' pk29c Sweet Potatoes 3c Blue Grapes bskt 15c Cranberries Eatmore brand 4 *| _ pound I U C • Potatoes Early Ohios, Cobblers 100,;: $1.49 Sorghum Homemade 39c Popcorn Sure to pop, Japanese or Giant Yellow ^pound bag 25c FREE, ONE BISCUIT PAN with Swans Down Biicuit Mix •>, 32c Free Package-Post Whole Bran with 1 Grape Nuts, 2 packages Post Toasties PUMPKIN IGA Custard N°- 2 ' S for ^8 for MINCE MEAT IGA Condensed IG.A. UATES Cellophane FuU 8 Ibs ; RICE Blue Rose: 19C 356 Free. IQc box Bakers Chocolate with Caiumet Baking Powder, 1 Ib can .... 25c Free. 2 piece Green Glass Cereal Set with Minute Tapioca, 2 packages : ,. 25c Free. lOc Package Tints with Swans Down Cake Flour 29c Free. 10c Can So. Style Bakers Coconut with % Ib bar Walter Bakers Chocolate 23c Favors Price Fixing DETROIT (HE) —r The national farm strike called by the Farmers' Holiday association was described by Gov. Floyd B. Olson of Minnesota Friday as the "inevitable rebellion" of farmers against lagging adjustment of farm prices. Gfov. Olson, here. for. a.speaking engagement, expressed himself in favor of price fixing on farm commodities and a reduction of agricultural acreage. "With lagging of agricultural adjustment under the NRA behind i Gen. Johnson's Industrial drive, the action in SL Paul was inevitable," Gov. Olson said. "It vas the farmers' expression of rebellion. "The farmer needs a .comparative acreage reduction and price fixing. He needs a licensing system under the secretary of agriculture whereby no one could sell below a .specified figure." Always OVEN-FRESH Free. 1 Package Post Whole Bran and Kiddies Balloon with grapenut Flakes. 3 regular packages ....... ._._. Free. 1 Round Baking Pan with Crisco. Larre 3 pound can ,...-.. 55c I.G.A. Oats Quick or Regular Candy Bars 3 tor 10c Royal Gelatine Win a New Car 2 pk "13c All Flavors Sugar 10 clbtHlr 51 C cloth, tag Butter * Armours Cloverbloom Swift Brookfield pound 21 c Bread Bates light or dark ... IN THE MARKET PURE LARD 2 lbs 15cl PORK CHOPS pound Neck Bones Pork Liver Beef Liver Small link Sausage .. .12i/ 2 c Beek Chuck Roast 10c-12y 2 c Rolled Prime Rib Roast 15c Pork Cutlets 15c Sh'ced Bacon .... 1 lb 15c Bulk Sourkraut . qt 15c IOC Pork Loin Roast. Pork Steak Hamburger Pork Sausage ... Veal Hearts — Fresh Side Meat. Swiss Steak, cut from the round lb 17c- Lage White Fish ea. 5o Mince Meat, home made .18c Lamb Shoulder Rst, lb 12y 2 c **When you're offered a substitute for the original corn flakes, remember it i» seldom in the spirit of '•ervice.'" BATTLJS CttEEV RIMIKG FOOD MARKET Phone 329 We Deliver Sit I ill Because White King Granulated Soap produces rich creamy suds in water almost cool to the touch it does not fade or effect any washable fabric. Just squeeze the creamy bubbles gently through the fabric and then rinse ia water of the tune temperature. White King rinses out quickly and completely, leaving no gummy residue to discolor ~ when ironed. H«vt you >«y sptctei Wed l( you k»v». juit write to K«y White. c«r« ol TlM Whit* King &»p Co, Lot A»«*M«,C*1I- l&rnli, «nd youi Inquiry will b* «!T« prompt p«r>oMl •llcnlton. iMlmcliT* hockltt o* ''23 W«y« ol W»-:hiBO, tnH»t tr.A Do«»r, in GUI H«!( lh» Ttr.M with Wtill* King U»nu- ht»A flo*p" 1 Canned Milk NorthfleM pve* tail can, 8 CUM. Carnation S tall ouu ... 20c LOWEST ATE1A0E PRICE ORIOWATORS Baking Powder lib.. ^... 2$€ lOe Baker'* ChocoUt* FRKB RAISINS California Seedless ttc SOAP White King* granulated box CARNE Libbys No. 1 can 19c ' MAZOLA on, (Jttart DATES * Arab Boy Full a-Lb mf* celle. pkg Mlj* RAISINS Sun Maid Puffed or Nectars pkgs ... *9c KREMEL DK88ERT All flavors 4*_ » ptg, 1ZC TOMATOES Iowa King hand packed No. 2 en mm **. • tor 25C 25c Tomato 5 cans 2Zc Meteor icy pink 1 ib tall can Del Monte fancy No.. 2% can WfWU^^JU^WKfc^MEM Lux Toilet Soap, 3 bn 20c Lux Flakes, Lje pkf 22c Lifabuo7 Soap, 3 for 19e Rimo, Ife pkg —...20c PANCAKE FLOUR Virginia Sweet sr Red Bird regular 6c box CATSUP Old Grimes fancy hot He Heinz Ketchup bottle 19e CAKE JLOUB awans Down of Iowa for every baking PurpoBt *nd 0. Naptha PUFFED WHEAT pkgs . , . CREAM OF WHEAT Urf * VANILLA. Hoaey Moon 8 **•' bottle .. ROTAL GELATINE All flavors ASARAQUS Del Mqnte fey. tlcnlc tin 1 for 3lc PRUNES large a Ibu . 40-50 size Me PEAS Silver Bar tender sweets No. a can • for .. Sic BONNIE OATS Quick or Regular large pkg. SELECT FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT LOWEST PRICES Tokay Grapes Finest Fruit Ib. 6c CANDY Peanut Clusters i lb cello. .. large selection Fresh Candies JfAVY BEANS jChoice hand pfcked Michigan Sunkist Oranges THin Sinn, The Beit Value* 2Dox 2 Doa I Dox 35c 45c 66c TREE TEA fey green *-_ y z ib .. Z4C One 9c pkg tea Free fey black ** n Yz Ib .. JjC One 9c pkg tea Free Fresh Green.Spinach, 2 Ibs .. Caulifliower, large, 17c to 26c Onions, Red or Yellow, 4 Ibs .. lOc Avacados, for salad, each . 25c Sunkist Lemons, 4 for ., lOc Cucumberi, green, each .. lOc Bnissell Sprouts, quart ...... 29c Grapefruit, large, 4 for ... 26c Persian Melons, each ........ 60c Peaches-Pears, basket 26c POWDERED SUQAR pure cane 2 IBs l$c Fresh Shipment 2»*25c CEIJBBY, crisp, tender, large stalks, 2 for ... . 2SC Newaycp OUT GREEN BEANS No. 2 can •«_ 3 for . . 33C SAVEET POTATOES, Red Star Virginlag, 8 Ibs ISc BUSSETT POTATOES, baking, 100-lb bag $2.48; 16-lb cloth. 42C GREEN BEAKS, fresh stringless, 5 Ibs ...... 25c CHOP SUET Oriental Show.- You No. 2 can V One can Chow Mein Noodles Free • MC JTONATHON APPLES, the best Iowa grown, 5 Ibs . ......... 25C CRANBERRIES, the season's sauce, 2 Ibs ........... . . . , 2SC Head lettuce STRAINED HONEY pure fresh 5 Ib pail Fresh Crisp Solid 2hdsllc Philadelphia CREAM CHEESE POTATOES Genuine Red River Valley, Early Ohios, 15-Lb Peck &* XXX ******X*»^^ 29c CRACKERS Oven Fr^esk Sodas l lb box ... .-. PECAN CARMEL BUNS Doe 18c TEA BISCUITS White or graham 3 doz I4c Corn Del Monte Golden Bantam vacuum pack L Quality Meats at Low Cost—229 Main St. LARSON'S CAMPUS MARKET U. S. Choice Beef Roast Ib. ISc Pure Rendered Lard BULK OR CARTON 3 Ibs. 25c Sliced Bacon SWIFT'S PREMIUM MORRELL'S PRIDE lb,23c Beef Tenderloin CUBED OR WHOLE H».28c SAR. DINES Perfection Imported Norwegian in oil % size tin 3 for 20c 6 for 38c Bulk Kraut qt. ISc Veal Hearts Ih.lOc Veal Liver lb. 2Sc Tongues IP. ISc Oysters, Pint 35c Veal Roast lb. ISc Young DucksIb.ISc NUT SNAILS dozen 18c DEms FOOD CAKE TOILET TISSUE Northern Tissue rolls 2lC Silk Tissue 17c Fat Hens lb. 16c Swiss Steak lb. 16c Flank Steak lb. 18c DRIED APRICOTS Blenheims lb 16c ncy iheims 20C fancy Blenheims Ib Pure Veal Loaf FRISH GROUND lb. ISc Morrell's Pride Hams FINEST |1^ 4 *~ SUGAR CURED lUt IOC POP CORN Japanese Hulless Fey South American Ibs zlc Fresh Spare Ribs TO BAKX OR BARBECUE lb. 9c SWEET BRlADt, BRAIN3, PORK TENOSiLOINS, SPRING LAMB, COTTAGI BUTTS, CUBE STEAKS, COTTAGE CHEESE, ETC.

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