The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 7
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x& Eivttlln* £ra sfflnfCHl Mffftafy Ae*«eiBf *t to tfre irate! MI the streets It itkrti ttre »tti jptbject have A fine , ty«em of isrtaeed street*. The gtatel, fftrhished by the state, is tetfii hatted trett near coiratg aid tft tfct yettow travel, same as that spread cm, Highway No. last spring. The itfeets 16 tra surfaced are all north of Highway 34 with the etceptloh of oiie which extends from the Presbnetian church south to the Burlington Railroad tracks. Beginning at the east end of town they gravel • Wilson street from • the paving north three blocks to Lowell avenue and east one block; Bartlett street north from 34 two blocks; Broland street tiorth one block past the . Methodist church,' Manchester street north from Baptist church one block to Lowell avenue; Church street north from 34 three block* to the graveled road leading ta the cemetery; Lowell avenue west from Wilson street to Edwards street, six blocks. Other streets are to be added aa thli project is completed until all our streets are graveled, This is the project as outlined and when completed will put Emerson In mighty good shape as to streets. About fifteen men are being employed on the project, Emeraon Bank Release* Another 20 Per Cent The Emerson State bank will again release 20 per cent of the time certificates retained by the bank. Release will be effective Deo. 21, 1933 and may be obtained, by presenting the certificates to said bank. i Mr. and Mr». Cs D. Greenwood went toVJmogene Saturday to help'their uoni ,Roscoe, and wife celebrate th#r. first wedding an' adversary,; v- ;E ~- * •.•- j; Vlr> and ;Mrii, Prank' Cardiff of. I Oakland v spent; Friday with her totter, v ,Miji^Barbara Ballaln. *" m "- r "" 'came in from tofyjslt In ,the -"--* Bert Amid appropriate Stage settings and frea&tlftrt lighting* eteeta *ttl be portrayed the Annntoefatloti lif the angels, the Shepherd's discovery, and the three Wise Men led by the guiding star to,the manger where Maty and Joseph lovingly watching the Holy Ct the children, dressed in cos- tames representing all the nations of the world afe led by the candle bearers to the altar where they otter their gifts to their Sat* lour. The primary and junior depart' ments of the church school will present this pageant. Mrs. M. if. Latfg will direct, assisted by the Officers and teachers ot those departments. Lawrence Smith will have charge of the lighting. Cast ot characters: The Angel, Clyda Warren. Mary, Shirley Rice. Joseph, Eugene Lang. The Shepherds: George -Ba«s, Dallas Huntsman, and Marion Edie. The Wise Men: Jack Taylor, John Barnes, and Jack Coppage. The Candle Bearers: Mary Lou* !se Taylor, Anna Nelson, Yvonne Huntsman, Evelyn Lambert*, Carol Johnson, Anna Jean Fields, Shirley elites, and Mary Baas, Music: Mrs, J, A, Thorson, director, Mrs. Robert Honeyman, organ* 1st. Soprano, Mrs, Robert Nelson and Mrs. J. A. Thorson. Alto, Jessie Kellenbarger and Mrs. Albert Edle. Tenor, A. F. Smith and Billy Ripley, Bass, Robert Honeyman. The public is invited. Misses Jeanette Carson and Jeanette Stewart were Omaha visitors Saturday. ' Born —to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vestal, Dec. 16, a little daughter; We extend -congratulations. -...* hit* Msletbatl fc«t* Friday Tae lft$BT$ tn lire firfett St-it It fatot ot Mafveflk and ttte second team if-§ ift tirof «t Emerson's se<coi)d teain h*s won an game* §0 faf. thefe was * good attendant!*, Mrs. Rltaafd Croftou waa a Council Bluffs visitor isatttrday. Mrs. ttttid SfinlftoiMi aird two sons of Beater Ctty, »ebf. itfe tlsiting In the feotne of net father, R«r. L. E. ftlpley. Mrs. Mary BHI1 and Mrs. E. V. MoBeyman Wet e In Red Oak Saturday. Mrs. Caroline Rhoads and daughter, Minnie, accompanied Elmer Lafson ta Oaiaha Friday. Ortiile Cole and father, & Cole, were Qleflwe«d ttettofa Pf i^ day. Mr. and Mrs. ft C. Coppage Were In Othiha Monday. Mr, and Mrs. Lyle ttlxson re> tttrned Monday front Excelsior Springs, Mo. where they spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Salmons. M. E. Shannon and family Were Bhenandoah visitors Battus day. Mrs, Susan Barton has been seriously 111 the past week. Her granddaughter, Mrs. Jennie Pog» arty, R» N.> of Council Bluffs, has been earing for her, The Kishna Masonic Circle met at the Masonic hall here Monday evening with a good attendance. Refreshments were served by ft committee from the Order of the Eastern Star, Mrs. V, 0. Ward, Mrs. Scott Edle. and Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Kellenbarger were in Red Oak Saturday, Mr, and Mrs. E. W. Bikini were in Red Oak Tuesday morning. Miss Betty Rix of Oakland, Calif, came Monday evening to spend Christmas here with her mother, Mrs. Qall Rix, and grand parents, Mr. an'd Mrs, R. M., Shipman, Betty has been attending college at Eugene, Ore, and, accompanied , friendi . driving to ' **» »4 **d we .VAA— %f>-^ JL.J. VOSBTOH on- «f the titus IHtB ITirni Carrie it irtW**ln* offfosr. Oat e. S. tfttet tto leftdertnlp of Waftda KcfcfcefiBjiwrrer, assisted »et slstef, lem on t&e topic, Mrs, R. B. Dunn, WM^ In- Oak Thursday afternoon,' sI 1 mmH AN • .•"•*"-' . ,,. iVv;»-if; -flTitep* •;*,'.-*» ^ -uf. •\Marlt Eaton and orrington, Wyo, came to visit, in the home, North Grove Cemetery as* tspciatlon will hold their annual Dec, 23 at the R. B). „, I? ^ store, They will have ressed chickens, .cakes, and pies, *" " leave special orders 'F>j|jfc/Qaii'.o r Jft) - Stokes were mrs Tuesday .mother. „ • ., Pavls and M *»» Juanltft - Bdle »y, t WJjlle Jn ,*|»mwe4 by drfver l but. not seriously - •"' PWta BJ»* . Bod Bdwln Paris bare '' sedan. tbelr up at Mace- Strayed, *»n4 Mturday. •w Brt8,*^ot; TiPoy\l»Sd'i"hal5ia!|^|» , fine birthday cak'e and?with oysters and celery and othw good things they celebrated together. Mr. and Mrs. Gipe are at present at the home of tb'elr daughter, Mrs. Woodfill, who is/being assisted in their* care by Mrs. Will Wolfe. May i>o add our congratulations to others, sent and Visa Mr, Qlpe more bsppy birthdays. Mrs. Gipe Is still able to be up and about the bouse, • , saw Chan, Kayton.was operated Oft last Thursday for nasal and Blnus trouble at tbe' Council BluSs clinic, He was able to return borne Sunday, .'' * ' - ~" -' A number of Strahan people Attended tbe "Messiah" at Malvern-Sunday evening. - kast Tuesday , afternoon the flni&b of the corn. busHteg on tbe Oscar BelHtnap farm end-J» celebration, pf tbe event Mr, and Mrs. Bellknap ga?e a fine supper, Tbe evening was a very eujpyable one ts all present Tbe supper consisted of oyster eoup, celeryi pickles, b ? w sandwiches, {pH saladi *a k e, and cptfee, Tftoae Smith JM$ tw« *obJ!flrj|8. tojis BeGase and fanjily, Mr. fc a»d Mrs, Merfill TbftW&8 ssd fxs.' SW14WJ9* Qsgar Qrayesi .§ftwt? _ , Mr» and Mrs, Plalre Joees and a&d Mi9» Friutk iobjaoft, ftad sad.,. My* .6«sw . guests departed after singing the birthday "song for Walter wishing him many more happy ones. Those attending, were; Mr, and Mrs. Hugo Selpold. Albert Mr, and Mrs, Dale -Marjorie, Helen, Jua» lor, and Donald, Raymond Laugh- Un and son, Dallas, Mr, and Mrs, Herbert Jphnson and Sheila, and Mr, and Mrs. Frank Johnson, Mrs, left for ber b9»e iwt d»y, Her brother, sad jj|,ster,.Ar» tbvr and Ines, 'Bradley, tpok'her to Oleswood to meet the train, Mo»«»F; they rssejvea wort tb»t she had Brrlrea home safely utter daughter, IBQ», fl t BUUnge, Mont, , Mr, and Mw, Jpe PuUroRB ana twte sans, iwaftara »»a' Robert, of 8i4»ey were SuMfty-fiye visitors in the bone of tbejr tsr, «JlrK frsafc JpbnisB,; > ', Arthur and Jnes Brsciiey were JB CpunqJl " g, r Her at tae te»e eats, Mr, , a»4 ; Mrs, ; ' TM. oar4» sad 9R4 Betty were, |a:jB9»fteJV Btaffs, il*iwrd»y. , -Mr, 4sjr IP, YWI Mm, to .to tte Riile ftrttty'e ifee World Were Without Ch«st," 1rat hftlptnl and shotld letd m aB id appreciate the ChH«la*8 U«* AM stress the CMtst mere tWitt the material things. Mr; and lira. 6. C. Coates and BOA of Essei Were visitors in the Alfred tJrlfttn hotee Snnday. HtadJey and Marion Parker eatled oft foe Allen Saturday at the Red Oak hospital, other visitors were Clarence Bishop and children, tfeati McLain, Wanda a&d lean ftochersperger, and loe 1 * father. Several others from this community called on him during the week. We are glad to report him as getting along nicely. Mr, and Mr*. Louie Bntltngton and sons, Wayne and Max, Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Webb, and Oladlne Bnllington were Shenandoah Visitors Saturday. The Pltu Ultra Sunday school class met With Velma McLain Saturday evening to plan their worship tervlce for Sunday morning and to practice Christmas Carols. Mrs. Berta Orlffin called on Mm. Ida Steen in Emerson one day last week. John James was a Olenwood visitor Saturday, Mrs. Nels Larson has been sick but we are glad to report her better at this writing. Mrs. Carrie McLain attended a birthday tapper in the home of her Bister, Mm, M, Schick, Thursday evening, Mary Hatfleld and daughters, Georgia, Florence, and Viola Berriman, and her -granddaughter, Norma Lee Berriman, visited Bonnie Anderson Saturday afternoon, genre* at the comity fn Malrsrn Wedne*«ay. BttfteTd bad a pttrt ta the program a»d we Were wen »tea««d with his effort, ft being his first exp*rfe»ee. ' Tfce "ttAfWerg" s«*dtay school class met Friday nignt with Jean K6tt»et*pwrg6r to praetice Chrtst- ftas Carol*. Sunday afternoon this class and the P!«s Ultras met and praetteed the carol* tefethet. Joe and Velma McLain, Carrie and Marforfe James attended the revival meeting in flattings Wednesday night. Madge and Mary Mae Parker visited Madge's mother and sister, Mrs. R. L. Kellenbarger and Jessie, in Emerson Friday where they enjoyed dinner. Mr. and Mrs, Clarence Bishop and family have been attending the revival meetings in Climax. Mary, Georgia, and Florence Hatfleld, Benlah and Mable Bishop attended an alt day Farm Bureau meeting at the home of Bertha Kellenbarger Thursday. Miss fna K. Wood of Glenwood spent the week end with the bean McLains. Earnest James arrived at the home of his parents Thursday for a visit during the holidays. Joyful anticipation was turned to dire disappointment Tuesday morning when the infant son ot Mr, and Mrs. Sherman Allen was spared to them for only a few minutes, Although the pulmotor was brought from Red Oak and everything possible done to save the life It was of no avail. After a short service in the home a few near friends took the little body to the Mascall cemetery where it was laid to rest. 1 Mr, and Mrs. Dean McLain, Miss Wood and Jean Kochersperger spent Saturday night with Joe McLains. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Liddell from south of Shenandoah called on the former's niece, Mrs, Sherman Allen. They were accompanied by their children, Elvin, Fern, and Dale. Leader Want Ads pay and pay. tlfe f*Mf**-a* tea* ttrtfl Few promotional plans used by The Leader have met strch immediate and definite response as did oar big green paper Christmas edition of last week. Readers were almost ot one mind In their reaction and this department engaged Corporal Heezalyre to record a few of these, -f-t-1- "My land ye*, Mid t hop* they don't do it again," en* ttnuwd ft. M. 8hlpman of fen- cram whpn Ray Klchelbei-ger of Grienwood told him the green WM « tittle too powwfnl, "fell Will never to do that again," Mrs. Eva Durbin told the editor's wife after she had struggled through the ver&ant pages. "Are yon trying to rain my eyes," suggested T, C, McCotd who might have raftpccted a plot involving The Leader and the Eyc-glnm Trust. "1'ott've killed the old RAW, 'Pot it down in black and white,'" mnsptl Dr, I. V. Par. sons who wan glad there weren't Id pages to read in* KtCMd Of jURt 12. "Seldom have 1 read so lachrymal an issue," sobbed Charles Elliott Eaerett, Malvern philosopher, as tho eyestrain brought tears to his eyes after he struggled through this department. -f-M- Altogcther ono gathered from the reiiponse that paper of n color causing a wave length of about BOO mlcroraiUt. meters, usually found Intermediate between the blue and the yellow in the solar upectnun, is not entirely cmltnhlo for tho public prints— even if they are Christinas edition*. So The Leader promises not to repent , * Wan Outwardly he may seem Just college boy seeking An ednca* tfon. He goes a boot hi* way ea» obtrasfvely, staying in his ctreUt of friends, keeping the right eott- pany and doing his bit In tW» best ot all possible Worlds, fiat no ordinary feller is this Ma*. Ireland. For he holds two Jobs in Omaha in addition to hi» school work (and he managed to head his class acholasticalty last term); and an additional two- here in Malvern. Outside activities include a rigorous social life, playing assistant superintendent at his Snnday school and cotnmnt* ing back and forth from Oman* with regular frequency. -f-t-1- And no vatttftbtp an employ* Is he that But unlay, when ChHstittflu htmlnww WM WHWn- ing along here in ttatvern, two employer* demanded his scrv- ices at the name time. Having tio dual physique he Was forced: to compromise and divide hin time), _ -M-l- Try It at Itome Terribly, terribly embarrassed were young Vernon Dobbttt and the alleged conductor of this department Sunday evening when, after spending moat of the afternoon placing lamps and lights at seemly and difficult places In the Baptist church for the Christmas sing, they discovered that they had allowed for no Illumination for Accompanist Zelma Fletcher at her piano. -f-t-1- Wltli tho flickering glow from the candles making weird shadows' on her mu*lo Accompanist Fletcher swung smooth* ly through the difficult Intricacies which Composer Handel built as the accompaniment for Ills "Mcwioh." Should anyone. question the feat, try turning out the homo light*, placing n candle or no a half dozen yorda from the keyboard and placing the fingers in the required places at the required speed. f •y BHrtfa^Ctkbirat^ .Bupper^tbeyevening, was.?spent in ttk* *Ar(Sje» s,8 m?j SNEW FORD vs for 1934 THEUNIVBRSALCAR TkeNewFordV-Bforl934is now on display at the showrooms of Ford dealers* Surpassing mn the great Ford of 1933 in economy, beauty and comfort, it is truly the car of this mod* emage—the culmination of thirty years Ford progress. It combines tbe proved performance 4 tftfa V*& cylinder engine with two important new features—Dual Carburetion and perfected Ckawhion Ventilation See this car today and drive it at the first opportunity, IMPROVIMINTS IN THI NBW FORD Y.8 ^a^NiRf k*»i • |f|\ rii-^ * mjm fai™^mvmmiS II'-,-.

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