Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 4, 1965 · Page 16
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 16

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 4, 1965
Page 16
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SIXTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Ornarr Thursday. August 5 "The wise man control.* his destiny . . . Astrology point? ;r,e way." ARIES '.Mar. _l-Apr. 19 >: Some pressure nuv- no\v be exert rd by one in authority. Take U in stride. Adhere to principles. Realize o\v.i \vonn ...the n others \vi!l respeci \o>.;. bay features subtle injlucnce.s. Be alcil! TAURUS .Apr. 20-Mary !JG.: Don't hesitate to ask queM.ion.s. Better to be sure than sorry. Legal and financial deal ings spotlighted. Be aware of public's attitude, review advertising possibilitis. Promote your; product! GEMINI i May 21-June -J0>: i Realize funds set aside for fam- : ily needs or educational project should be protected. Keep eye on budget, fulfill obligations. Key is concern for others. ; CANCER (June 21-July 22i:i Highlight imagination, original approach. You can now attract; attention of important peo pie. But if too conventional, you may be by-passed. Stress versatile approach. LEO (July 23-Aug. 221: Guard assets. Be aware of secur i t y requirements. Family memh e V must be told facts. Trying to bolster ego through deception is mistake. Evening fine for attend- i ing theater, dining out. j VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 221: Important you be aware of limitations. Check details. Highlight thorough approach. Find the reasons why . . . then apply knowledge. You can piece; together bits of information. Do so! ! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):. Communicate thoughts, id e a s. Reunion with relatives favored. Apply light touch. Avoid stubborn attitude. Gain indicated if you are flexible. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21 >; Your personality in spotlight— and so are your finances. You can now go ahead if you stress personal touch. Let others see and hear you. Fine for speaking engagements. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-D e C . 21): Do your tvst ... let the chips fall where they may. Emphasis now on personal effort, amibition. You are able to perceive true meanings. Have faith in your judgment. Move ahead! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-J a n . 19): Obtain hint from Saggit- tarius message. Be aware of behind-the-scenes activity. A 11 not what it appears on surface. Check sources. You could make important discovery! AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Significant relationship in a y seem to be nearing a critical BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH (0) 4 A None V K J 109 «AK87642 #J3 WEST KAST <k K J 9 6 2 4 A Q 10 7 V A Q ¥8632 * Q J 109 • 5 3 *87 4. 1092 SOUTH * 8 S 4 3 ¥7S4 ^ None + A K Q 6 5 4 Bolh vulnerable North East Sonth 1 * Pas.s :>N.T. 3V Pass 3 N.T. 4 $ Pass Pass Pass 4 ¥ Pass 5 * 5 » Dole 6 A Pass Pass Pass West Pass Dblc Dblc Dble Dblc Dble Opening lead — • Q i briliunt is quite the right word but you did stagger into an unbeatable contract." Q—The bidding has been: East South SVcst North 1 * 1 * 14 1 N.T. 2 A 34 Oble Pass Pass You. South, hold: 4 None 4> None VAK9765 •AQJ10T64 What do you do? A — Bid four clubs. Yonr partner will know this is a second ene bid. TODAY'S QUESTION You do bid four clubs. West doubles this also and North and East pass. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Quick Quiz FOR BABY: — Crocheted in ; the popular afghan-stitch. this 1 lovely three-piece set is embroi- i clerecl with a cross-stitch design! ' i Make another without embroidery i. Pattern No. 5134-N has full; crochet directions for set in in-; fant's size. I To order, send 35c in coins to: j Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, j 407 S. Wacker Drive i Chicago, 111. 60607 • For 'Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. < and size. | Send 50c now for your new '65 i Faii and Winter Album! Regular i features; custom collection; '• items to crochet, knit, stitch! i phase. Evaluate hopes, wishes. '' One you respect may make cer-i tain demands. Be sympatheti c. ! Try to see various points of view. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20i:; Fine for cooperating with neigh-i bors. joining group which em-' phasizes civic improveme n t . i Means now others seek y our! aid. If you are amiable.' you' can make valuable contacts.' j **j A <• f U today is your birthday . . . \ you are a good showman, able : to dramatize and illustrate your: personal interests. Would make fine actor, writer, producer. j General tendecnies: Cyclej high for Scorpio. Sagittari us, 1 Capricorn. Special word to Gem-1 ini: Do plenty of listening. One close to you is trying to impart special message. By JACOBY & SON ! In line with this week's discussion of misunderstand! n g s Jim asks his father about his; lucky hand. Oswald: "It was shortly be-! fore you were born. I was play-! ing with your mother who was just learning contract. Hencej my two no-trump response to her opening diamond bid." Jim "'I assume that it was' her custom to never take you ; out of no-trump contracts." Oswald: "It still is but there . are exceptions. This time she! ran to four diamonds when I j was doubled at three no-trump."! Jim: "I don't blame her.! What's more she would navel made four diamonds doubled if you had let her stay there." j Oswald: "So she 'would but l| tried four hearts. After all she had bid hearts. Then after hearts pot the treatment I fi-' nally showed my club suit at | the five level." i Jim; "I see mother went back to five diamonds and you continued on to six clubs where-' upon she gave up the struggle and decided to let you work out your own problems." j Oswald: "It didn't turn out; to be much of a problem. I i played a low diamond from 1 dummy at trick one and ruffed 1 in my own hand. Then I led a heart West played the q u e e ni and I was in dummy with the • .king. A ruff of a second 1 o w diamond cleared up that s u i t '. and I led a second heart t o; West's ace Eventually, I pulled trumps and made my brilliantly i bid slam." j Jim: "I am not sure that Q—What building in Philadelphia is famous as an example of Greek architecture? A—Girard College is claimed to be "the most perfect Greek Temple in existence." Q—Did Dickens' character, Mr. Micawber, really exist? A—Mr. Wilkms Micawber is said to be a portrayal of Dickens' father and Mrs. Micawbcr to represent his mother. Q—How many of our presidents were lawyers? A—Twenty-four of the 35 presidents were admitted to the bar as attorneys, having fulfilled the legal requirements. However, they were not all graduates of law schools. BEN CASE* By Neal Ad Building of Grade Crossing Approved LANSING (AP) — The State i Public Service Commission has j approved highway department; construction of a grade crossing! with the New York Central! Railroad over an extension of Franklin Street in Jackson. The commission also ordered modernization of flashing signals at the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad crossing with Milford Road in Rose Township, Oakland Count v. County Wants Civilian Planes to Use AF Base MOUNT CLEMENS (API — Selfridge Air Force Base near Mount Clemens would be opened to commercial and civilian as well as military aircraft! under a proposal of the airport | committee of the Macombi County Board of Supervisors.! The committee asked the Defense Department Tuesday to open Selfridge to such use. SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox BUGS BUNNY 1 FINALLY ( P1GGERED 'PE TWO PAYMENTS / UOW T GET ACCORDION, SYLVESTER; ' RiOO 7-,'AT I'\\ TAKiM' IT 8AC<; ' BUTS!R=: CAN I CONTINUE G WITHOUT MY INSTRUMENT? TMA'S YER PROBLEMl CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner ' * !io', f.. MJ*. !„( T "When did you first notice that your friends were avoiding you?" Building a Home Answer to Previous Puzzl* "But, Dad. when I do set a J-OH! and persist until i n-ach it uu complain that J m bankrupting you! • ACROSS 7 window 4 Rude house !l loan (ab.) 12 Peleg's son (Bib.i 13 Sacred 'comb, form) .14 Kagle i comb. form i 15 (K building 18 Cubed 1!) Mediterranean island '-^) Sct'nic views 2U Unit of conduclancr 2.'! Counsel (dial.) 2r)l'illar :;9 Ku|>crviscs 33 Greek theaters 34 Its capital is Lima 35 Deteriorated 37 Pierce with a knife 38 Type of cheese 39 Annex 4! Passed away 46 Ebb 49 Smirch 50'Early American home plan (2 words; M Cholor 55 Roman official ivar.i 56 By meant of 57 Roman goddess 58 Poets 59 Abstract being DOWN 1 Nails 2 Aerial 3 Stale flower of New Mexico 4 Scolders 5 Kiver islet 6 Insect 7 Infantry , reserve group* Ub.) 8 V-shaped nick 9 Transportation lee 10 Warmth 1! Tamarisk salt tree 16 Wise (slang) 17 lobster's abdominal appendage 21 Planted 'J2 Small cactus 24 Ho trie ownership document 2fi Poem 27 Oriental coin 2K Make lace edging 20 Italian harvest goddess 30 Animal doctor I COll ! 31 Age 32 Fluctuating imusici ri6 Collects 4 0 Star 42 Thrust 4.3 Cathedra! passage larcb.) 44 feminine appellation 45 Colorers 46 Tart 47 Tunnel 4fl Athena 51 Woman's appellation 52 A/fccted manner 53 Law degree, lab.) AJW&i'AJ'EK EMTEKPRISK ASSN, 01NA, VDU'RE WASTING VOURT/ME. I QAN'T GIVE YOU ANY REASONS FOR MV ACTIONS. I KNOW, RAMON. I FOUND THAT OUT WHEN YOU BROKE OUR ENGAGEMENT WITHOUT GIVING ME A REASON!... fi BUT CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS? usr i SWALLOW My PRIDE JUST ' TO TALK TO XXJT1 SENSE... ^r-, rr RAMON? RAMON, RAMOH, WHAT/S IT"?* "-^^ A/?V\ s, 1W5 VT NtA, In. T.M. Iff. U.». M. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Bhnscr YEAH, BUT TMIS GUT OFFERED . . ME A PRICE I MUCH? J[ COULDMT TURM DOWN / TKISCILLA'S POP By AI Vcnnecr Some people tjet a golden tan From basking in the sun It never works that way for me I only <!jet well don©.! ••» MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Cavxlii LCWMAN0N ATOTBvt. CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner I /OKAY. PAL. VOU'KE TAKING U& TO A FIWK. DEMANP ( WE AIM TO TBACH SOM& MANNERS'. THEN TO KNOW V. WE'LL LET VOU G01 YOU WAS SEEN WITH " KAT JELW E WHISHT!, & i \ NO? THEM yam. KB.? i* SAW TH 1 6UM \FINP H* HOUSE IM TH 1 OVf TcmiGHT... [SKIRTS! . WE www w BUT PUNNO JBV IT'5OK1'. WHERE HE LIVE*! YIHV I MIGHT RECOGNIZE \}5\ KIP 1 . VOU CAN'T V WE'R& VWNTEP l« W&J&OT NO voo po ^Vw—r TOWN; ,—-1 owice: VOUROWH IM^MRIN' THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansam • ms kr NO. Uc. ff-4- ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hwnlla ABOUT THIS ICE AGE YOU ( THAT'S NO SURPRISE,. WAS TALKIN'ABOUT? I I THERE'S LOTS OF ( YEAhP ASKEP MVSRAWP WIZER\ THINGS HE POM'T AKJ 1 HE SAID HE POESN'T \^ KNOW" EVEN KNOW WHAT ICE IS' OUT OUR WAY—By' J. R. WiHiams / SAY, 1 THOUGHT S , I VOU WERE (SOMWA \ > TREAT HER TO AW \ { ICE CEEAM COME ' / ^k. WHAT'S SHE 50 1 1aV " AH--1 FOUWP ODTSHE'5 A aOLt? Pl&<3£K: VVHEM SHE DROPPEP THE ICE CREAM OUT OF HER COME, I PICKEP IT UP, CLEAWEC? IT OFF, AW PUT IT BACK FOR HER, BUT SHE WOULPM'T EAT IT-SO 1 PIPS ^M' I WASN'T ABOUT TO LET HEK MAKE A SPEWD7HRIFT OUT OF ME BY BUV/KJ' HER AMOTHER Zi THF WAPRY v^AKT 8-4 '• OUR BOARDING HOUSE— with Major Hoople WHATEVER H 14 OUT^>OE, S\<5{ I'LL PET THE TEETH LOOK LIKE THE KEYBOARD ON A OF6RlSTLc^ THAT IT'6 A GORILLA OUTSIDE .' Voo CLAIM 1 OME ESCAPED YOU CAM POT FASk5&/) WHILE BEING TO FLISHTWITH PEDTOAZOO/RINS a THE DINNED SELL CLVDE'»-/WAYS'e WE ~

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