The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 23, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1894
Page 9
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WWob vmHU paq forD'urty bii»lt)<»S« or m«rrlr(>n l» •attl^'S2^^^ W ^ h *^'*' aiWI «' i »^ .*» W» r vl» o sunny . luslet PO having KKvivo, uo It <*B ba carried In »e« pooket i By autt, pQ)*PiCr****' AH •»-•—•*•» A A a*. * rT^*r' wrl(t«a «.ure wr refuad .1-' ^sL * "»•*• VMWIJMW •vvp* 4man>M v |ov«i MCOIOIMI oo,, e j m»ir«., cHiwoa m •JPfiE. Sale ut Oftrroll, Iowa, l»y »T, W, ifattwn, " ' ' ' '» CURE , THA I «9T OUGH .-. WITH HILOHS CURE WASHINGTON, Nov. 23.—The Dawei commission, which has been investigating the affairs in the Indian Territory and endeavoring to secure the consent of the five civilized tribes to an agreement on some plan of territorial or state government, has submitted ita report. The report recommends the revocation of the power of self government by the United States. It is a rehearsal of the work of the committee in the conference with the Indiana, which have already been given to the public 'from time to time as they occurred. The committee appointed by the Indians were not given authority to enter upon negotiations looking to allotment or change of government, so little has been accomplished. The proposition made to them was to divide the land among the Indians except the town sites, coal and mineral lands, which were to be gold and the proceeds divided. A homestead for each citizen was to be made inalienable for 95 yean or longer. Safeguards for the interest of the tribes were included. After division a territorial government was to ,ba formed by congress and approved by the Indian government. The Indians refused to entertain them propositions and declined to sell the lands. Treaty Htlpnlatlou* Flagrantly Violated. Complications are growing np in the title to coal lands which will lead to endless litigations. The full blood* are IBM At for citizenship than thoy were 80 years ago and there is little hope they will improve. The Indians invite and induce white people to come into the territory, there being DoO.OOO white poo- pie who cannot Ve called- intrude!* and the Indian* eaanut fairly atk the United BtaU» to remove them. The treaty stipulation* for equal division of land la flagrantly and widely violated, large tracts being in tbe control of leaden, while tuu real Indian is powerless to secure any part of hi* common property. The failure of the tribal government, it *• ««id, makes it impossible to enforce the treaty provisions, A ririd picture i» given of the lawless condition of affair* in the territory, which Is reflected daily in the newapupers, Many private per- sous entitled to benefit in the payments by the government, it is stated, never receive any money, while agents urn grow Ing rich. Payment should be waded!' reotly to the people by its own ofllocw, Liquor traffic should be prohibited. Provision .«Uould be made for tion of the children, at this time of the year, are subject to exposure at sea and thoy frequently con- tiact pneumonia during the voyage. Pneumonia is not at all dangerous. Doubtless this will turnout to be a case of that sort." Talk of KcAlenter'i Removal. WASHINGTON, Nov. ais.—Attorney General Olney, Secretary Lamont and Secretary Smith held another conference relative to sending troops to suppress the Cook gang and others in the Indian Territory. They decided the matter came under the jurisdiction of the department of justice and as United States Marshal McAlester of Indian Territory has been criticised for his inaction, it is likely the attorney general will instruct the marshal of Arkansas to summon a posse and drive the lawless element out of the territory. There is -talk of removing Marshal McAlester. Cleveland Invited to Come Wett. WASHINGTON, Nov. »3. — Governor- elect Lord of Oregon, with Senator Mitchell, called on the president. Mr. Lord invited the president to visit Oregon, stating the people would be very glad to •ee him. Senator Mitchell added If the president would come at any time after Jan, J he would guarantee the governor of Oregon would meet him at the state line, It will be remembered that Governor Ponnoyer refused to meet President Harrison at the state line and stood on his gubernatorial dignity and remained at the state capital. Hew Siianlah Tariff. WABHrKOTON.Nov. 23.—Minister Mnr- agna says that one of the most important features of the new Spanish tariff will be its dealing with United States trade with Cuba, which trade was seriously affected by that feature of the new tariff low abolishing reciprocity treaties, In eluding the one with Spain. Senor Muragua says it may bo February before the meaame pastes its final stage, I*r«« OoAelt ThU Moutb, WASHmoTON, Nov. «*,—The receipts from customs thus far during the urea- i ent month are *7,4HU,«IWj internal rove. , $.5,100,040; misoollaneoua sourcas 8,880, making a total of |18,MW,079. I fhe expenditure* amount to fay.iuo.uoo making the deficit so far this month «,1 (07,098 and for the period since July 18»4, "»/• minute and a half passed from the time Franoh mounted the platform until he was pronounced dead., The military band which was in attendance then played and the executioners moved away from the platform. The body of Francb, however, with the collar of the gorrote around his neck will remain exposed until sundown. It will be viewed I by large crowds of people.for inhabitant! i of Barcelona and ita neighborhood are I flocking to the prison from all parts in order to obtain a glimpse of the boflv of the man who little more than a year --.n caused such a sensation in this citv who threw BO many families into mo u ing. MET DEATH WITH BRAVADO. BombtUrower rranoh K»eut«U fur 'the U«4M> Theater Uutraf«< BAKOKWNA, Nov. 89,—Jose Salvador Franob, one «f tbe most desperate of alt anarchist*, the wan who threw the dynamite bomb in the Lloeo theater, tbUcity, in November, 18Hh, killing 140 persons and wounding 60 others, wtu ttxecated this mornlni! by tbe garrot*. Frauch displayed the utmost bravado, •boated "Down with religion" and died almost with Tesu PeTer tbe Alleged ReMon. CopmmAQEN, Nov. S>.—The official prohibition against the landing of oattlo and fresh meet from the United States is-published here today. It gives as..the reason for this prohibition the discovery of Texas fever among cattle recently brought here from, foe tTnttgd Statea. Guarding Amartoan Iater«at«. LONDON, Nov. S5.~-A a&patoh from Shanghai reports that the Japanese an within two miles of Port .Arthur, The American cruiser Baltimore bag gone to fang Chow, faring that an attack may be made upon the American mission there. Coal oil Baroiu Indicted. WACO, Tex., Nov. 23.—Tbe grand jury Of McLeunon county, at tbe instance of Attorney General (governor-elect) Cul- bereon, baa indicted John D. Rockefeller, Henry M. Plagler, William Rooke- feller, John D. Archibald, Benjamin Urewstor, Henry H, Rogers, Wesley H. THforci, Henry Clay (Brie), Arthur M. Finley, 0. M. Adams, J. P. Oro»t, B. Wells and others for entering into a con- apiraoy to control the coal oil market. Governor Hogg bas indicated bis par- pose to issue requisitions on tbe governor of New York for tbe indicted men. PrUoaers Routed Alive, TAHLBQUAH, J. T., Nov. M.—In tbe burning of tbe city cslaboos* two men, F. M. Hallaban and William Downing, were roasted alive, The fire bad boon started by Downing who fell near the only door and all chance of escape of the two prisoners was ont off by tbe flainas. oast of Seattle, It rises fully 9,000 feet above the range. It has three craters, of which the principal and most perfect is the scene of the present violent disturbances. This crater is half a mile across, with walla of rock 5ff feet high. It is supposed that the walls of the crater have been gradually weakened at the base, have fallen, leaving apeak composed of the rock on which the snowy oono, named • Columbian Crest, had" formed and tlia£ the internal firos thus set free have burst forth in new vigor. CLAIM IT8 PUURO PNEUMONIA. ••f Itob OfllnliH. Have UUco»«r«d « Aukuun Aiu*rto»u u»ttU. WAWUNUTON, Nov. «8,-A Moelvo<l»t tb* depttrtmont - tuw from tU« «g«ut oT tUo Uopurtmaut m Condon uuuouuoed tb»t the Knglitb ofll- Ci«a* thougUt they tiu4 dJiwvwaa u o«au Of pl«uro pnetiwottla to owe of the oattle Woently ««lppe4 oo tb« Maryluna, It WM woortaiuea U»»t the (root K»»tuoky «wd m ordered to Ksntuaky to , Biw»klu« of tUe mittter, Mr, Bui, oblol ol tuo buroitn of uulmul tu- iry, suids "Wo will 1» gwmMy «nr, (iri.«a if this ia provan to l» » own of There uas l)««a no oountry for 18 urohUt «oug on uii U|». Frunoh, who •pent toe lut >i boom of bk Ufe in 1 he black dr«pad ob«pel of th« prison, aoootdjog - . . to tbe $p*ul>rii ANAUOUIBT ntAKou. oiutow, only slept •Itout »u hour duriug tha nigbt, TUs wife and little 4aufbter of tb» uondewned man, oontrnry to general e«peuttttiou, were ttdutitted to see hint in the ohupal, But tfeeir t^udevueas und »ywp»tny \im Utterly thrown uwrty ujwu tuo wi«»'oui«t, who »l»o rewaluotl obdurate to tb« «4« nilnlstrationn of the iwitwbi whu kept Him wmiiuuy in the oiuipul. Ho aootfed ut their supplication* to j)i«p«r«hiuwftlf for d«»U> ttud luuKUaa dwtoively at tkeir (9 » fatnre life. l gre,t wodit Hallo or the Wrumlng War. OHRYKKKB, Wy., Nov. ?8,— Johnson county will endeavor to have the state legislature make tin appropriation of |85,000 to roiinlmwe the county for ex. peuseo incurred in pmwcuting tb< pnrth-8 wht- took part in the cattlwueu' invasion. _____ _ _ I'u.lllrn Tlmt «uuk If Caught, Four SMITH, Ark., Nov. as,— At tin United Stwtiw in.nrft.barn ofth'u it is re gardud a» positive that Hill Cook is Wider arrant in Texas. Ho is thought to be one of the Uva men iwuturod by the Texas rangora at Mitchell's Fulls, MOUNT r\AINglT"iRUPTION3. VDiet Sound 0*untry Kioiuu O*«r BmrrtJt, Wa«b., Nov. 89. -Mount Rimer U in » state of mild eruption, the •ppearanoeof tbo sumuilt is entirely changed ami another peitk bas ap|>imrml la Its c«mor. goon after sunrise Wfdnfl* day aituruoou, (hu skiau being romm kubly clear, olouds of blnpk smoke were ourl. ing froui tlm HautUwttstoru p«rt *i tbe jiwjlf wlu-ni tH« crater ia lucutud, ooining »t iutemls of ubput 1ft sworn]*. The doma-liku top bun disappeared and bmm replaced by 4 Out top, with u lurgo orov- «M« yxU-iulmg down tbe sidu, while in the oenlur a uow pi>ak h«» appuam} on tho uurth .iau, Multodoitor fullmg Uiuw at! t'uuk, »ttlpp«a of tholr white wyuriug, iHiultjl be plainly discerned. Steam is alao seen uiingling with the auwko, \vhiuU row m f«et above tho uuat Ruuier is a ooue-«b»ped uii»B%h,Uy to the wostof ww Enrthqunka Shook* at Taoonaa. TAOOMA, Wash., Nov. 22.—Wednesday night exactly at 6:80 o'clock several slight shocks of earthquake were felt here. Windows were rattled throughout the city. Tbe first shock was most severe, being accompanied by rumbling noises, as of a.distant explosion and simultaneously a sheet of flame was observed in the eastern heavens. Inquiry developed thq fact Fhat several persons here saw smoke arising frem Mount Tacoma in the morning. Mrs. Lovefl, an Iowa iftdy visiting friends, says she saw at 7 o'clock, just before sunrise, a good siezed column of smoke arising from the mountain top. Ita color was gray. She thought it rose too rapidly to be a cloud. Professor F. O. Plaramer, a local scientist, who has made a special study of earthquake phenomena in the northwest, says: "Old Hiaton, the oldest Indian on the Puyallnp reservation, said through an interpreter before tbe Tacoma Academy of Science, on Feb. d, IW&, that he had many times seen fire and awoke coiniug out of Mount To- ooina. This WHS when be was a boy. General John C. Fremont reported that on Nov. 18, 184U, that Mount Tacomu was in eruption. A ccording to Professor Holden of ihu Lick observatory, a violent eruption of the mountain occurred Got. 10, J878, at 4 p. m. In May, 1H80, volumes of smoke were observed isauiu« from the crater. On June 17, itvt, juts of steam were observed shooting upward from the mountains at intervals of ono minute, floating eastward. "It is interesting to note," said Professor Pluuimor, "that several of tho plan- eta, including the earth, are at presunt aline, a fact which bears ont the theories of Professor Aloxis Perry and others that such conditions are favorable to earthquakes and volcanic phenomenon. Tbm-o havo beau so far 2J large wirthquukwi throughout .the world uuriug the mouths of October md November of tho praeut year," DROWNING Tfile Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST - WILL VISIT - CABJaOLL, IOWA, THURSDAY, DEC. 13, Burke's Hotel One day only every jnuutd, oonaaltnUon frse. He Cures Whoa OtliorH F»U. AIL CHRONIC DISEASES Diseases uf LU'tHjx ami HJSAKP STOMACH and LI VKK NERVOUS MS PfSEASRS of DJ8KASES of , ETC., ETC. Men I>rof«s>»or Ohnrliw A. lMga» him pub- n uow book-"Tue MenUh of tUu na at Mnujy J'owuiV, Ural HARaca or I«8«v«, VARICOOCLC ibo FrJii of " Kxoenou. CRHOHBIN YOUT8. et#., ete.. iiruUuoluu «omo uf Ibu follomiig offuou. lea Noiyuuoucw. KiuiuWui, I'lmiHu*. UluuUia. Debility. Hlu)a><««, Dt-raollvBUoioory, AbMBoa "'H" i »!»,«S*!« l «»»' y«M,.4voiitoi»5 - » "»-. , w*-M. «». ww w . .M««b« t AVUXal . •, Soxunl Kilmuuilon, Pain ID ifao Ui •10., lillKbtlug tbe uioat radiunt houa«, r«nd uotlug iufttrU»o uiitaapuy «uj builua« a ~ ur«; iw««pui( tbouiandt to MI uuUuoly Kreve, B O MATTER WHO HA* FAlLtO OoixuTt tb« ooiur. llohs. curort thouiandi who have Kivim m> lu .Impair. A i »»«»•»• Tior— PLUG TOBACCO M* • »ivr.v JL — •—-- — "*.%.--»^MARRIAGE. '1 t>o>«cuiiiauiul»iln«iBM> j:aKu tvbo aro avruru 01 piiydliuU JufuoU «i<aku«a« \vbioh waulit rvniitM ui*rrlaic« • d ap|iointiuont wunlit do wi'il to cal! unui «Uo iutl g ItOUl OUlUt )lb)'*10lMW, »JKW|»ll»U n.iiUw " (ijr i*Vu Uduii he retwi ™\5ui» towltHf well kiioxn oUI»on»; B. U, Hiwk.dtrwltord. lown- Ouruaof iiorvous di-bltttjr «ud kldew <t(«e«ia», JoliU Dv|ipo, fuUtiliuni, lowii- Oatod at oaurrli, ate. Mm D, y, Consumers of diewifjjto^cw wb rice iapdforlie;onlina5) trade tokccos, willfmd His d, Oalwtiiii. lawn Ourtd »r luiiiHtt CliM, A. Mtrtl. U«*onvlll«, limit - Ctltrxl iluii^lili-r or llr*. (). W. awlgatl. (;<tiiuurlii«, luwa - 1'urnil i>» ttfuialn wuu in. Null. U«V. U, blrydlcr, 8t i Ourwl »viu ul M>«. L. M. Oliuv., Mi»>rlnti>|. |I>\VH - Outixl «( u*|iti i u lu utiftu auil lUUUMlh I- JJIlllllUU, lluuiU'ki'Ul, ll)K"4 i urod of v..nii»r ot tongtw. H, A(jberUii\, (liu.ll uf i V. Plait, Cartull, low*— Cun«d ut u I'lirunlii ol»u!Mw «H«r ( dr«d« ut UuliuM vvliUoutwHof. * ' others t»um< utfort -»a <r Ufl «uU uiHrtlolue ««wC(«'«tUf HkiiiuiikiiAB_^ •'.,>• _ ji :. .. ,r,» i .

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