The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on July 20, 1974 · Page 2
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 2

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Saturday, July 20, 1974
Page 2
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Gas ration coupons stored in warehouses By JAY PERKINS Associated Press Writer . WASHINGTON (AP) Emergency gasoline rationing coupons printed during the recent energy crisis are stored in secret warehouses in case of future shortages, the Federal Energy Administration said today. The 4.8 billion coupons have been a source of embarrassment for the FEA since Rep. Bill Gunter, D-Fla., disclosed in May that they could be used to trigger dollar change making machines. The coupons contain an image of George Washington. The identical image appears on dollar bills. An FEA spokesman said the coupons, which cost $12.5 million to print, have been stored in several government-owned warehouses across the nation. He declined to specify the locations, but said all were in "secure locations guarded by such government agencies as the Defense Supply Agency, the Federal Reserve and the Bureau of the Mint." The spokesman claimed little or no money was involved in the storage since all of the facilities are government-owned. He said the coupons were transported to their storage facilities "in armored vehicles and treated with the same care as currency." The spokesman said FEA felt the chances of anyone breaking into the government-guarded facilities and stealing the coupons were minimal. Gunter had claimed the FEA would have to destroy the coupons to keep them from being used in the change machines, but the spokesman said there are no present plans to destroy or alter them. He noted that the coupons would be worth more than a dollar on the open market if rationing ever should occur. As a result, it would not be advantageous for persons to use them in dollar changers during rationing, he said. Gunter has been a persistent critic of the coupons, which were printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing as part of a contingency rationing plan. Monday, Gunter announced his first "Bumbling Bureaucrat of the Month" award was going to James A. Conlon, adminis- trator of the Bureau of Engraving. The congressman said Conlon was awarded the trophy—a crumpled piece of waste paper—for completing production of the 4.8 billion coupons even after it became clear they were not needed. Arizona has flash floods By The Associated Press Three persons were swept to their deaths late Friday when flash floods spawned by heavy thunderstorms struck their car at Lake Hayasu City, Ariz. The flooding, caused by an BOWING TO THE SUN — People aren't the only thing drooping during the present Minnesota heat wave. A Rochester family recently found their dining room candles had succumbed to the sweltering heat and melted over the rest on the table. (AP Wirephoto) Arab wealth scares Israel By R. GREGORY NOKES Associated Press Writer JERUSALEM (AP) - Israeli government officials say they believe the vast accumulation of wealth in Arab oil-producing countries poses a new threat to Israel's future. The threat is two-fold, as they see it. First, the wealth makes possible virtually unlimited defense expenditures by the Arabs. Second, it could buy influence in the United States at Israel's expense. Haim Bar-Lev, Israel's minister of commerce and former army chief of staff, points to the recent U.S. decision to sell a nuclear reactor to Egypt as an example of how new Arab influence could hurt Israel. Public Meetings The Employee Relations Committee will meet at 7:30 a.m. Monday in the City Hall lunchroom to discuss the city employee relations policy. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN MARKET (July 19) MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — Wheat receipts 165 year ago 20; Spring wheat cash trading basis unchanged to up 5 cents; prices 7 higher. No. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein 4.89-5.79. Test weight premiums: one cent each pound 58 to 61 Ibs; one cent discount each '2 Ib under 58 Ibs. Protein prices; 11 per cent 4.89-4.99; 12, 4.91-5.01; 13, 5.255.33; 14, 5.44; 15, 5.65; 16, 5.77; 17, 5.79. No. 1 hard Montana winter 4.55-5.33 Minn-S.D. No. 1 hard winter 4.55-5.22. No. 1 hard amber durum, 7.25-7.50; discounts, amber 5075; durum 75-1.35. Corn No. 2 yellow 3.26 3 i- 3.29=4. Oats No. 2 extra heavy white 1.66. Barley, cars 236, year ago 252; Larker 2.33-3.30; Blue Malting 2.33-3.25; Dickson 2.33-3.30; Feed 2.00-2.32; Rye No. 1 and 2 2.88-2.92; Flax No. 1 9.25; Soybeans No. 1 Yellow 7.16; NEWYORK POULTRY MARKET (July 19) NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) — Dressed poultry. North Atlantic carlot and trucklot turkey markets, U.S. grade A, ready-to-cook, frozen, f.o.b. or equivalent: Demand fair on 414 Ibs, light to fair 16-22 Ibs, and light on sizes over 22 Ibs. Offerings on 8-14 Ibs light and generally held for sharply higher prices. Interest for commodity type hens at 39-394 cents was left unsatisfied. Some increased sales of 4-14 Ibs netted and basted birds notwd where retailers were starting to seasonally build up storage stocks. 10 Ibs and up breasts in good movement. Demand for bulk cooked items was showing good improvement. Sales of U.S. grade A, frozen: fryerroaslers 4-9 Ibs 42 cents; young toms 1422 Ibs 38,22-26 Ibs 37. Bar-Lev said the decision wasn't necessary and creates "a very high risk and danger to the world, not only Israel." The accumulation of wealth in the Arab world comes at a time when Israel is losing money. It faces a $13.3 billion deficit in its balance of payments this year, government economists say. There is a steady and enormous drain on Israel's resources for defense expenditures, estimated by Barley at 40 per cent of its gross national product. Total reserves of oil-producing nations, on the other hand, including non-Arab countries, are expected to exceed $70 billion by the end of this year and double next year, according to the Chase Manhattan Bank of New York. Saudi Arabia alone is expected to have a $15 to $20 billion in 1974, according to U.S. government estimates. He said Israel wants U.S. assurances that it will be guaranteed a supply of oil if existing sources are denied the Israelis. Israel receives about half of its oil from the captured Egyptian wells in the Sinai peninsula. The source of the remainder, which is imported, is a government secret although Iran has been named in foreign reports to be one source. The U.S. view, as expressed by Treasury Secretary William E. Simon during his tour of Middle East countries, is that the key to peace in the Middle East may well be rapid economic development in the Arab countries. To this end, the United States is offering development assistance to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as Israel. Israel also is promoting economic cooperation as a step toward peace. Yigal Alton, the Israeli deputy prime minister, said during Simon's visit here that Israel is prepared to participate in joint development projects with the Arab countries prior to a formal peace. Motive is questioned STILLWATER.Okla. (AP) A Stillwater woman says she does not know why a close friend of the family has been charged with mailing a bomb to her. "She used to be a close friend of the family when we were in Aberdeen, S.D.," Mrs. Ronald Oines said of Marie Haala. "I don't know what her motive might be. We haven't seen her in five years." Mrs. Oines was slightly injured by burning powder June 25 when she opened a package containing a bomb. Candidate is facing allegations ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - A Ramsey County Grand Jury probably will hear evidence next month alleging that Robert Bester, now a candidate for Congress, received kickbacks from contracts issued to friends while he was employed by the State of Minnesota. Ramsey County Atty. William Randall said Thursday that review by his office of evidence contained in a legislative audit report will result in grand jury consideration of the Bester case in August. The legislative audit report criticized Bester for matters which allegedly occurred when he was director of the state Occupational Safety and Health program. He held that post until last June, when he became deputy commissioner of labor and industry. Bester has since resigned and filed as an independent candidate for Congress in the 8th District. The report issued July 3 by Legislative Auditor Robert Whitaker said at least five contracts were negotiated by Bester and issued on his recommendation to personal friends. In a number of instances, state checks sent to holders of the contracts wound up in Bester's hands, the report added. Bester has said he did nothing illegal and that the report is a smear tactic. Exxon notes net profits NEW YORK (AP) - Exxon, the world's largest energy company, has reported surging profits that were up 67 per cent in the second quarter of 1974 over the comparable period last year. Compared with the first quarter of this year, they were up 20 per cent. For the first six months of this year, the company reported profits of $1.56 billion, a 52.8 per cent increase over the $1.02 billion of a year ago. In the three months ended June 30, Exxon said, after-tax earnings were $850 million, or $3.80 a share, compared with $510 million or $2.27 a share in the same period of 1973 and $705 million or $3.15 a share in the first quarter of 1974. J.K. Jamieson, Exxon chairman, said the earnings gains could be attributed to chemical sales, higher prices for crude oil and natural gas, the sale of inventories abroad and currency fluctuations. —THE WEATHER July Weather 1973-74 Max 90 82 86 86 90 92 91 90 86 85 89 85 83 75 79 94 89 84 78 Win 56 58 64 55 57 69 76 55 64 G2 63 63 51 50 50 57 64 59 55 PCP 0 1.32 0 0 0 0 0 0 .69 0 .03 0 0 0 0 0 0 .36 0 July 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Max 91 90 77 83 93 95 97 89 93 90 83 91 94 84 84 88 93 90 95 Mid 55 66 59 55 61 65 70 75 68 68 64 68 63 60 57 66 69 69 63 Pep .01 .03 1.00 0 0 .07 0 .03 0 0 0 .24 1.01 0 0 0 T 0 0 Jos. Felix Sub-station observer National Weather Service NORTHWEST FORECAST Minnesota: Fair to partly cloudy through Sunday with chance of showers and thunderstorms beginning southwest today. High today mid 80s to upper 90s west and south, low 70s to mid 80s northeast. Low tonight upper 50s northeast, low 70s southwest. High Sunday 80s extreme north, upper 80s to mid 90s south. North Dakota: Mostly fair today. Fair to partly cloudy tonight and Sunday. Chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms tonight and east Sunday. High today mid 90s to 100. Low tonight upper 50s west, upper 60s east. High Sunday mid 80s to 90. South Dakota: Partly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms today and tonight and south and east Sunday. High today 93 to 105. Low tonight mid 60s to low 70s. High Sunday 90s. Extended forecast Minnesota: Occasional cloudiness Monday and Tuesday with chance of showers or thundershowers northeast early Monday. Fair to partly cloudy Wednesday. A little cooler Monday through Wednesday. High Monday 85 to 92. High Tuesday and Wednesday near 80 northeast to near 90 southwest, laws 60s. South Dakota: Mostly fair and hot during the period but turning a little cooler northwest by Wednesday. Ixnvs upper 60s and low 70s. Highs mostly 90s except upper 80s west Wednesday. North Dakota: Mostly fair and cooler over the state Monday through Wednesday. Highs upper 80s and lower 90s. Ixws upper 50s and lower 60s. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Since You Asked Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? •:•:•:•:•:-:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• A column answering questions •:•:•:•:•:.:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• :•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•>; submitted by Journal readers :•:*:*:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•: QUESTION: Who was the first President to record his conversations on tape? According to the article "Who Planted the First Bug?" in Newsweek, July 30,1973, John F. Kennedy was the first President to record his conversations on tape. Other Presidents beginning with Franklin Roosevelt used less sophisticated methods of secretly recording conversations. QUESTION: Who invented electricity — Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison? Since electricity is a natural form of energy it was discovered rather than invented. The World Book Encyclopedia states that man began learning about electricity hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. Benjamin Franklin was one of many scientists who studied electricity. In 1752 he performed his famous experiment in which he flew a kite during a storm to show that lightning is electricity. Thomas Edison patented numerous inventions which use electricity, among them the electric light bulb and the phonograph. QUESTION: Who knows the address of the Iron Fireman Company that used to manufacture furnaces? It might be an Ohio address. The Thomas Register lists the following company. Iron Fireman— Dunham-Bush Inc. 1101 W. Adams Chicago, 111. 60607 Fergus Falls Public Library ........... (Address your questions to: "Since You Asked...," •:•:•:•:•:••.•:•: & : x*: : Box 506, Fergus Falls, Minn. 5S537) *:*:*:* hour-long cloudburst, exposed underground utility lines and left areas of the city without gas, water or electrical power, authorities said. Many residents were rescued by firemen after being stranded in their cars by rampaging water. Winds gusted to 80 miles per hour, one resident said. Elsewhere, generally fair weather and mild temperatures prevailed, with thunderstorms scattered across the Rocky Mountains, northwest Plains and southern Plateau. Two inches of rain, resulting in localized flooding, was reported at Needles, Calif. Temperatures ranged from 87 at Blythe, Calif., to 46 at Marquette County, Mich. Some other reports: Anchorage 58 light rain, Atlanta 77 cloudy, Boston 64 clear, Buffalo 59 clear, Chicago 70 clear, Cincinnati 68 clear, Cleveland 70 clear, Dallas 80 clear, Denver 67 clear, Detroit 65 clear, Honolulu 77 partly cloudy, Indianapolis 75 clear, Kansas City 79, clear, las Angeles 71 partly cloudy, I-ouisville 72 clear, Miami 82 clear, Minneapolis-St. Paul 72 clear, Nashville 74 cloudy, New York 67 clear, Philadelphia 69 clear, Phoenix 82 clear, Pittsburgh 67 clear, St. Ixjuis 78 clear, San Francisco 56 clear, Seattle 53 clear, Washington 75 partly cloudy. Fer^s Falls (Mi.) Jiinal Sat.. July 20,1974 3 ******* MEN IN SERVICE JAMES E. SHEARER, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Shearer, Underwood, recently was promoted to hospital corpsman second class. He is currently assigned to the U.S. Marine Base at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Shearer, 21, graduated from Fergus Falls High School in 1971 and received boot training at San Diego. ARMY PRIVATE FIRST CUSS BRUCE I.. EVJEN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Evjen, Wadena Route 1, received a parachutist badge upon completion of the three-week airborne course at the U.S. Army Infantry School, Ft. Bcnning, Ga. PRIVATE MARK C. RUTHER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Ruther, Perham Route 1, completed nine weeks of advanced infantry training at the U.S. Army Infantry Training Center, Ft. Polk, I>a. PRIVATE RANDY L. HAMMER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer M. Hammer, Ashby Route 1, has completed nine weeks of advanced individual training at the Army Infantry Training Center at Ft. Polk, La. Area [happenings Youth is arrested PARK RAPIDS, Minn. (AP) — A 14-year-old youth has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of a 13-year-old Richfield girl in Park Rapids. Hubbard County Atty. Jay Mondry said the youth appeared in juvenile court Thursday and was charged with responsibility in the death of Dawn Reigert, daughter of Carolyn Reigert of Richfield. Mondry said Dawn's body was found Tuesday night by two sons of Dr. Roland Kotowski, a Park Rapids dentist who formerly was married to Mrs. Reigert and with whom the girl had been staying. The youth was being held in a detention center at Moorhead, Minn., Mondry said, adding that he did not know yet whether he will be tried as an adult. PRIVATE ROGER D. McCOLLOUGH, son of Mr. and Mrs. George McCollough, Henning Route 2, has completed nine weeks of advanced infantry training at the U.S. Army Infantry Training Center at Ft. Polk, La. ******* Fireproof Safety Chest Some Models as Low as $18.95 VICTOR LUNDEEN'S Office Furniture SUNDAY SPECIAL! Quarter Chicken 2 Pieces of Quik Chik Chicken, Cole Slaw and Golden French Fries — Absolutely delicious! ALL FOR 419 WEST LINCOLN FERGUS FALLS JUSTDIAL 736 3520 Drey withdraws as candidate Kelly Drey, Fergus Falls Route 1, withdrew Friday as a candidate for 2nd District County Commissioner. Drey said this morning that his regular responsibilities already take enough of his time and energy. Candidates who file for county office are granted a six-day grace period to withdraw from a campaign following the filing closing date. The filing closing date was July 16. The grace period ends Monday. This advertisement is neither an offer to sell nor solicitation of offers to buy any of these Bonds. The offering is made only by the offering circular. ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL OF DETROIT LAKES Detroit Lakes, Minnesota '1,300,000 GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS 9% Interest May 1, 1984 Maturity 8 1 /2% Interest May 1, 1978, 1979, 1980 8 3 /4% Interest May 1, 1981, 1982 Copies of the offering circular may be obtained from the Undersigned. Bats are the only mammals able to fly. ATTENTION ELKS Wednesday, July 24 MEN'S NIGHT AT CITY CLUB ROOMS Serving Off Menu 6p.m. to 8 Keenan & Clarey Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota Joseph D.Thomas, Mary M.Thomas Registered Representatives S592ndS1.S.W. Perham, Minn. 56573 Send me information regarding St. Mary's Hospital of Detroit Lakes. I expect to have about S— to invest. Name- -Social Security- Address - —Phone- City- -Zip WINNERS OF '25.00 GIFT CERTIFICATES Norma Warden 626 West Beech Ave Kristi Erickson 1226 Foothill Ct., Fergus Falls Quinfm Nelson Rt. 3, Woodland Heights, Fergus Falls Oilman Haugen Rt. 2, Fergus Falls The number ol "Rocks" in our Rock Garden Fountain in our booth at the Otter Tail County Fair was "261 ROCKS" . . . BERGEN'S FLOWER CENTER PHONE 736-6996 622 East Vernon — Fergus Falls

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