The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 23, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1894
Page 8
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l^W'W^^i^ Continued from Seventh Page. B. Bruch, trustee work 6 OC " getting sample ballots and In struetlon cards nnd posting same 1 ( L. Meyer*, trustee work 2 0 John Bwoheld, " " 200 John Behrens, •' " 20 B. Putttnan, towoshlp clerk 10 ( A. Kretzlnger, " " 9( A. C, Steels, trustee 2 T B HnmseS', " 20 John Parker, " 20 FJMackn, " 801 frank Turechek, township clotk 24 01 Andrew Aaron*, trustee Ueo F Guy, too 800 60 401 201 20 20C EllSMrkle, " JAOhambera, " JosSobrocr, " Henry Sclirad, " John Lnmberty, " Frank Hagen, township clerk 90 WK Bested, " " HOC JMO'Donnell, trustee 4 0 GeoWetter, " 60C Kred Sporleder" aeked86; allowed..., 4 OC H Armstrong, " 12 OC JWHnselton, " 2 OC H winter, " 400 Janios O Havens" 3201 Steve tflnnesan, township clerk 4 01 Chas. Stoolman, trustee 4 OC Jan M Boyce, " asked ?3; allowed 2 00 J H Pape, township clerk 12 00 HHesslliig, " n asked |11; allowed 1000 Fred Neiimeyer, trustee, asked 88, allowed 6 00 F J Beers, assessing saloons, asked $28; allowed 900 Chas Lillian, assessing saloons 4 01 Hwllhelmy, " " 400 EdDale, " " 200 Wm Johnston, J. P. cost, state vs. Rich mond and Lavelett, asked $6.75; allowed 3 75 B T Jeffrey, sheriff fees,state VB Richmond & Lavelett, asked $11.25; allowed 8 00 Fred Miller, witness state vs. Richmond ALavelett 60 (red Blair, witness state vs. Richmond & Lavelett 60 i ttruther, witness state vs. Richmond & Lavelett, 60 B Todd, witness state vs. Richmond & Lavelett GO J Elmer, witness state vs. Richmond 4 Lavelett 60 J P Sliepard, witness state vs. Richmond • Lavelett 60 B Breckenrldge, witness state vs. Richmond & Lavelett 60 C Bennett, witness state vs. Richmond He Lavelett 60 H Hwonlman, wltnesi state vs. Richmond ft Lavelett 60 JL Lacy, witness state vs. Richmond ft Lavelett 140 Chas Breckenrldge, witness state vs. Richmond ft Lavelett 60 w H Lacy, witness- state vs. Richmond ft Lavelett 140 F Nojseaux, witness state vs.' Richmond fttavelett : *" 60 P Inglosn, witness state vs. Richmond & Lavelett 60 G w Latter; board for Richmond ft Lavelett 6 00 G w Latter, guarding prisoners 400 " taking prisoners to jail 285 John Selzer, witness state vs Miller 60 Patrick Manning, " " " 60 CH Clausen, constable fees state vs. J H Brown, asked 113,50; rejected John Heater, J. P. state vs. Langdon 2 IB J o Hampton, constable state vs. Langdon asked .85; allowed 75 John Heater, J. P. state vs. MoEvoy 2 75 B L Smith, constable state vs. HoEvoy, asked $2,26; allowed ....• 135 H Young, witness state TS. McEvoy 60 JModoy, " •! " 60 KwTlterlngton" " " •• T.. 60 wPwllllam§ " " " 60 John Heater, J P state vi Bennett 9 25 JO Hampton, constable state vs Bennett aiked$7.40; allowed 670 B Sweet, witness state TS Bennett 60 A Chess, " ". " 60 KdZavltz, " " " 80 Wm Lynch, J. P.. State vs Good 8 80 0 F Hamilton, marshal, state vi Good Wm Lynch, J. P., State vs Swender .. BT Jeffrey, sheriff, State vs Wm Lynch, J. P,, J A Harris, mayor, B C Kyle, constable, Wm Johnston, J. P., B T Jeffrey, sheriff, Guegel i. Gates.. 1 85 6 BO 210 210 2M 488 Dllllngham 6 (5 " aiked 1112V; allowed 987 R B wltcher, witness, state v§ Dllllngham 1 20 .0 Banter, " " " 70 «rm Bailer, 70 AMIlli, '• " " 60 Fred Butter, " • " " 60 CnDemlng, " " " 60 H W Funk, witness State vs Dllllognsm 60 J Veach " " '• i BO TCMeKenne " ' " 60 BTodd «. i. go AOBrlggi " ' " 60 WoodBarne* " > " 00 LBaroei " ' " 60 L A Jennings, J P ' Hlokejr.... 6 00 M Keeler, conttable " " 1175 E Dennlson, witness " " 90 H Maun " " " 100 ABcblelimun " " " 90 JSobleUman " " " 90 B T Jeffrey, Bummonlng Juror* 15 20 " board and washing tot prisoner!... -. 171 60 It T Jeffrey, •herin fees 250 " care of Jail 2 months |10; rejected " taking Orltteiidvn to hospital atOlarlnda 6592 B T Jeffrey, arresting 4 prisoners B 40 '_>) taking &ojbrB to reform aohpol 8509 tt A'Jnood, witness be fora district court.. 1 36 BI Salinger, prosucutliiB Stuhlmlller 80 00 J&Bsriter, bailiff 2200 0DMUU,bailiff 2200 rrltei bailiff 2100 Ludwlg Jlro*., goods tot pauper FrloBiluy, a«k«d 121,80; rejected. Lmiwlg Bros,,« owls for pauper Mlltulman 20 16 A C Arnold, livery , 1 GO P Wllfung, milk lor pauper Jurgent (110 , shoe* for pauper Bl«k, 4 60 y, uuouBlurpmuHtrGiiivlii i oo Bajjsf& Holland, goods fur pauper Calvin 20 01 " " " Conley 2000 . Johntiulld , J « GrUUUi, root Armstrong Itioi Molt E Tanner Kokert Kcken wilvot Puluiur Witters 10 00 2 00 COO coou 10 DO 107tt 80 UO 0M> H*UMb, goods for pauper llluk, tttked 116.03: (illoweu , ............. . ........... ID DO W * 15 tiftnt, good* for pauper pitvMnou 8 2U 4t» II Wston, eoflin for pauper iwrawr ........ 10 W) V4 f«J»y, lupttl* for puuper Truuiohmt. . , 1 25 Oulb*rt*ou 4 r«u«ti, UVPUH fp» peupw 470 ftM» BowuiuD, board ami can* for pauper SUM?, atkod tU.OOi Uild over to Jautiwy N f ink, UiUk for pauper Jurjcrus ........ (uneriil e\iH'iiK('» for puupor )0 f odd ft McAllister, meal for pauper .'..... C AV Henry, medical attendance to pnupor Witt, asked $34.60; laid over to January meeting. B 0 Keller, medical attendance to pauper Sullivan 5000 B C Keller, medical attendance to pan per Eckert 2400 B C Kelley. medical attendance to pauper Mlttelmnn , « B 0 Kelley. medical attendance to pauper E Tanner.. 13 or Lmlwlg Bros, goods for poor firm 15 07 Martin ft Olovls " " ". 485 Sehachtner & Egari, goods for poor farm. 6 & Wm Sexton, committee work, 35 30 C Bailsman, " " fi 80 P.EDargln " " 2318 GvGlnn " " :. 414. Dan Morgan " " 4204 Fitzgerald ft Itungertord, blank books and election supplies 225 28 Glldden Graphic, publishing notice 1 30 J B Knlest, blanks ordered by sheriff 16 80 " " " auditor... i 610 J B KnlCBt, bar docket ordered by clerk .. 32 00 J B Knlest, letterheads ordered by clerk. 2 25 J B Hunger/ore!, publishing boatd proceedings 57 DO J B Hungerford, publishing sheriff's proclamation... , 59 50 r B llutigertord, publishing offlcml ballot 87 80 Powers ft Colclo, publishing board proceedings 5790 Powers cc Cololo, publishing highway notices 1875 Powers ft Colclo, publishing official ballot 3760 Powers St. Colclo, printing 17,410 official ballots 6960 Powers ft Colclo, printing 600 sample bal- • lots 6 00 Powers & Colclo, publishing notice ol change of polling place 1 70 Powers & Colclo, printing argument, Futik vs. County....'. 2200 'overs ft Colclo, letter heads for recorder 8 50 " printing 250 postal cards 1 25 " printing blanks ordered by sheriff 4000 C Purlngton, goods for court house 9 15 ohn Lanarck, chalnman for surveyor.... 75 Uch & Todd, sprinkling street, asked {25; allowed 15 oo H H Loeser, repairing chairs i oo 'etherlll & Gnam, goods for -court house andjall 924 'alley ft Holland, goods for court hou.s, .. r,r arney Reynolds, work on court house square, asked $7.60; allowed 6 no IJ Helres, indexing records IB 00 H wahl, examining clerk's records 43 00 heflleld & Patterson, pump for poor farm 2200 beffield ft Patterson, repairing steam trap 276 Martin ft Clovls, goods for court house... 8 50 . J. McMahon, livery, ?2; rejected, eo. W. Korte, livery h ire and expenses.. 33 24 enter Ind. District, Sheridan, damage to school house election day, asked |5; allowed 3 oo . H. Brown, repairing well on poor farm 6 50 W: P. Hombach, railroad fare for paupers and expreseage 5 68 os. Wall, night watch for court bouse... 82 00 W. B. Pratt, dehorning cattle on poos farm '. i oo . H. Lang,assessing saloons 500 Wm. Hamilton, board and care for pauper, Clearwater, $136 00; rejected. oosft-Laughlln.goodstorpoorfarm.... 140 eo. W. Korte, examining clerk's records EO DO errine ft Nestle, mecls for jurors S 26 . H. Boughman, assessing saloons 5 00 has. Stoolman, setting up booths 200 reen Bay Lumber Co., coal for pauper, Oonley ; 700 ireen Bay Lumber Co., coal for pauper, Bick 700 reen Bay Lumber Co., coal for pauper, Hlttelman 525 reen Bay Lumber Co,, coal for pauper, Elker* 8U reen Bay Lumber Co., coal for pauper, Wllley 880 reen Bay Lumber Co., ;coal for pauper, Mott 350 reen Bay Lumber Co., coal for pauper, Sears afo reen Bay Lumber Co., coal for pauper, reen Bar Lumber Co., coal for poor farm reen Bay Lumber Co., coal for court house . Bulngton, witness before grand jury . Orris, scar Mavlty, [enryScbnlz, nen Simon, ary Obuii, '. T. Gray, . Greene, L. Wright^' ary Hart. , Btnblmlller, . Wllmeri, . F. Thorp, Hamilton, L. Bailey, obn Unain, L. Wattles, 8. Laoy, hrli. Hauiman K Dargln, Vin Sexton, vGlan, B Wliley, ' Llewer, G Fliuer, tillleiple, rank Tannfer, BUIBQH rvtiu. G Waltersdorf, repairing bridges reen Bay Lumber Company, lumber for bridges ,$. r m Sexton, committee work llauiiman, " " , KDargln, » » VCNftO, •' " Jan Morgan, " " 1) Oorbio,repairing bridges WJBarti, '< '< |!810;rjetd V Borlne, lumber for brldpen ndrew Aaroui, repairing bridges obn flute, uaullng tile, |8 75; rejegted. A Baroei, repairing bridge*, asked |21; allowed Joyce, lumber for bridge*,aiked$l48 05 allowed, eo Welter, repalrlug bridge*.... A—. ft W 0 Bcltull, lumber for bride**., „ • • • JeuulngB, repairing bridge* ohn Watt, repotting brklgoi olm iiuU*i repairluy bridge* eo J Kllun Lumber Company, luutbur for bridge* C 8cott, palut for bridge* Mporbouie, lumber for bridge* .... Wetherlll ft Qnuni, utlls fortirld»e«.. uguit Wlluiori, (epalrlngbrldget,,. o» Frleiliuan, " " 21 28 10 » 205 196 806 205 106 85 35 85 35 as 85 60 35 35 35 85 876 225 275 245 11 CO 7278 21 OH 8080 2400 am 2642 4 oo IS GO 8 00 — KreOlaud, painting bridge* > ............ w Uavln, ropaltlug bridge* ............. *oUgJbU»,p»l»tU)g bilOgei,, ............ WMuu, burUwarefurbrlOgw ............ UorgMI, r«p»lrlug brlOgi* .............. t'lper, « o ....... ....... V powMTio AMIMAJI< ru» v, BerunoU, a»ui«g« doue by d«g«, a*k«a 145 ui ttoo is so 6 ou 6 as win 4493 0 78 100 u 5 65 700 SOU 2000 ^ou 18 10 20 00 400 A CLOSE FINISH. ui 11 t . he g 1 *! 8 wef e crazy over that foreign count, bnt he toll in tore with Ada the minute he saw her in a decollete gown. Tom—Yes, I understand she says she won by a neck.—Truth. M H Tltterlngton, damage done by dogs, $45 80; laid over. John Bronimert, damage done by dogs .. 7 50 i H wllley, damage done by dogs, asked 41800; allowed 1500 Joe Zerwas, damage done by aogp, asked $20 25; laid over. rs. J O'Donnell, damage done by dogs.. 8 00 JFSmoiiBc, '• " "... 1200 A E Slbble, damage done by dogs, $10 00; laid over for evidence. INSANE FUND. St. Bernard's Hospital, board and care forHSchultze ;-. 30 60 St. Bernard's Hospital, board and care forGalvin 2518 St. Bernard's Hospital, board and care for Schumacher • 382 W. P. HOMBAOd, County Auditor. EXPLOSION IN A Caused By the Inexperience of An Italian Miner. SEVERAL MINERS WERE KILLED. Force of the Explosion Drove Two of the Victim* Nearly 1OO Yardi Out of the Month of the Mine — Many Heartrending Scene! Enacted— Second Aoc(<lent of the Same Kind. • WHEELING, W. Va., Nov. 21.— The most. appalling mine disaster that ever occurred in this ruction of the state occurred Tuesday shortly after noon, at ;he Blanch coal mine on the Panhandle railroad at Collier's Station. A new miner, an Italian, put off an overcharge which ignited the coal dust ita .the mine md a fearful explosion occurred, carry- ng death and destruction in its path. There were 44 men in the mine at the :ime and the following are known to be dead: MICHAEL ROONET. THOMAS JORDAN. THOMAS TUCKER, married. DAVID ROWLAND, married. JOHN DONNELLY, married, leaves 10 children. ANTONIA SATTIE, married. MAZZLE GASBIEDO, married. IhOM Badly Injured. Sose Refel, married. Raffle Hecki, will die. Jasper Lawrence. Thomas Morris, colored. •' After the explosion there was a terrific whirlwind in the mine, carrying everything before it. Donnelly and Booney were in the mine some distance away and going toward the month. The force of the explosion drove them nearly 100 ards out of the month of the inine and anded Booney on the car track, killing lim instantly. While Donnelly landed n a gully, striking his bead against a wet. His brains were dashed out and mattered for yards around. His wife was the first (o find him. She is pros- rated by the shook. There is little hope bat she will recover. The news of the disaster quickly spread and in a few moments hundreds of people were crowded about the mouth of the mine. Many beartrendering scenes were enacted. The wives and children of the miners were frantic. In a short time a rescuing party was organized and went into the mines after the bodiou. When the bodies wete brought to the surface many women nwooued at the sight. • Second Accident at tho Kind, Prosecuting Attorney Colton and Coroner Watkina of Wilksburg were soon on the ground and took charge of the bodies and will conduct a rigid investigation. This is the second accident of the kind which has occurred at this mine. Just two years ago a simitar explosion occurred, in which three were killed and several injured. The state mine inspector will be here to take part in the investigation. There were miraculous weapon wbou the explosion occurred. Williuin Davis was in the entry 1W> feet from the entrance and when be heard tho explosion bo lay down near the rib of the rntue aud tlio whirlwind carrying rook», firo and doutli passed over him, Au empty «o«l oar standing at the eutrunoa of tue mine was blown 9b yards, Tho mjue to owuod by W. ID. Smith of WollsviUe »ud L. O. Smith of Cumberland. Tb« n»lu- en charge tbut the accident waj djie to inexperience of the Italian miners, and declare they will not work with ttww more. WIU iUBV THE "PATHFINptfl." Hodjr of O«M*«! *«hi» 0. »*r«w<Mtt It 1* Interred I» *«w Vwk. NKW YOKE, Nov. t)l.-Tbe bo4y of General John Q. Fremont, tli» '*Pilh' finder" aud ttr»t candidate for denoy on the Bepubliottu tlokfl, never been interred, but bus of Eockland cemetery. Recently Mrs. Fremont, who lives in Los Angeles, Cal., requested that the interment take place at once and aa privately as possible. Aa a reenlt the body will be buried in Rockland cemetery on the Hudson Thursday afternoon under the direction of the Associated Pioneers of the Territorial Days of California. Among the invited guests are: Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, Rev. Morgan Diz, Chauncey M. Depew, C. R. Huntmgton, General Miles, Rear Admiral Meade, General Horace Porter and other distinguished naval and military officers. Eastern Creditor* Allow • Continuance. ST. JOSEPH, Nov. .Si.—The eastern creditors of Steele & Walker, the wholesale grocers who failed for nearly $],000,000 in June, have consented, to a continuance of their application for a distribution of the funds realized from the assets for UO days, pending negotiations for a settlement on a basis better than that already offered—50 cents on tb« dollar. Kanswt Treasurer •• Defaulter. ELLSWORTH, Kan., Nov. 21.—For some days past rumors have been rife of a large defalcation in the Ellsworth county treasurer's office. Investigation by the county commissioners shows that James T. Dick, the retiring treasurer, is short in his accounts $11,820. He is supposed to be in Kansas City and warrants and requisition papers have been drawn for his arrest. KMIIMU City CoinpiutUi Combine. KANSAS CITY, Nov. 21.—Robert Fleming who is the chief financial backer of the Kansas City Cable railway baa recently purchased a large interest in the West Side Electric road in Kansas City, Kan., W. N. Coler, the New York banker and capitalists, is buying stock in the Kansas City Cable railway. This places the two roads under one control. General MeUlermuMt Uuiiferonily 111. ' SPBiNQFiELDt Ills., Nov. 21.—General John T. McClernand, a well known soldier of the Civil war and for several terms between 1849 and 1SB3 was a member of congress from Illinois, is lying dangerously ill at hia residence ben. Mill Stone Explode*. ELLENBOZ, W.Va.,Nov. IV.— At Johnson Brothers' grist mill at Wick, Tyler county, the mill stone exploded, instantly killing Charles Wilkins, injuring another man named Hall so seriously that he died, dangerously cutting another named Nash and the senior Johnson and •lightly injuring half a doien ethers. The building was totally wrecked, Banquet For M»Jor-a»ner»l MaCook, DENVER, Nov. 19.— General McOook was the guest of the Denver club at a complimentary banquet. The new major-general appeared for the first time in the uniform of his rank. Major-General McCook left for Fort Lea von worth, where ho will act as president of the board appointed to revise the military prison rulea. Demonitratloni of. Confldeuoe In MorMe. Rio IMS JANEIIIO, Nov. UK—Demonstrations of confidence in President Moraes continues throughout Brazil. The chiefs of all ttie military and civil administrations have paid their respects to him and assured him of their assistance in hia endeavors to maintain peace und consolidate thoir republic. Honored I'loneer Die*. GRANU RAPJDS, Mich,, Nov. 10.— Thoinaw D. Gilbert, an honored pioneer and one of the most prominent men of the city died, aged ?tt yean, He was born in Maosaouustttfl and come west iu J«85. _ _____ UeuiUw of » ItttilroiMt Mt»n. BAI.TIUOHB. Nov. 10,— William T, Timlin, uuditoi of tue Baltimore and Ohio railroad, died ut di* residence 4 tew Hiilu*from Baltimore. 8PARK8 FRON) THE WIRES, Tho steamer George Wutttrx WM launched at Lyous, lu. She will tin nted for tbe excursion and towing Uunluuw at Molluu. Nov. 111.— C. D. ttou sayt (hat tliu report that be uud contruotod with Colonel W. 0, P. BrocMuridge for • louturo tour wa» true uud tUat the oolouol would htigin at once. Hie firii subjeot will be "Ton Y»«r« AuiougTurltf B»forui«»." mm, 19.—Wilaou Rivera, who haj been wlectod to vkit the United UBU»lf of tba Kuglisb holdew ot Spring Curry Comb Clock Sitting Blade. Soft M a Brush. Pits ever? Cum, the 'Only Perfect Comb. Used by V. 8. Army and by Barnum and forepaugh Circuses, and Leading Horsemen of the World. Ask your Dealer for' It. Sample. mailed post paid 25 cento. Be« oat name on the handle. SPBIRB CDBBt COM CO., mtarveUeBt.,goitaBM4,Ia41ala. LISTEN EVERYBODY! I am now prepared to do all kinds of blacksmlthing, horte shbeing, plow work and general repairing. Wf\GON Mf\KER A first class workman in wood ie employed in the same build ing, and we are prepared to do all styles of wagon and carriage work and repairing. I^-GIVE US A CALL. JERRY LUCY, Proprietor. Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. Bf\R LOCK The Modern Writing Machine Is the invention ot, genius, nnfaltered by old-school traditions. It has been brought to perfection in its mechanical details by four years of experience, backed by ample capital, helped by practical men determined , to spare no endeavor to manufacture a high gradr machine which shall prodnoa the best work with thb least effort and in the shortest time. Its price may by a littlo '• ; gher than that of others, bat the Bar-Look ia r the class who want he Best Typewriter Possible, And the only doable key-board machine tbat writes EVERY LETTER IN SIGHT. BNDOR8ED by those who use it: R. G. Dun & Co., 8t. Paul. Minn. Pinkerton National Detective Agency. (8) New York Central & Hudson River R. R. (10) Michigan Central R. R. Co. (10) Daenport Daily Democrat. Davenport Daily Times. Superior Evening Telegram. Kational Wall Paper Co. (7) And thousands of others. ON TRIAL in your office, and nnless you like it yon ™"^"~"™" 11 ' pay nothing. Old machines exchanged Our Argument:- , Bant on trial the Bar-Look has a chance to speak for itself and to stand on its own merits, which, is jnat where we want the Bar-Lock to aland. We take oil the risk ot its not pleasing yon. Whatever typewriter yon bay, there are typewriter eeerete yon ihonld know. Oar catalogue contains them. Bead a postal for it. The Columbia Typewriter Mfg, Co., liatb «., Lenox and Firth ave., H«W TOBK. St. Paul Branch, 98 Eaat 4th Street. SENTINEL Haa the Largeet and Moat Thoroughly Equipped JOB PRINTING OUTFIT IN WESTERN IOWA. Letter Heads Note Heads Bill Heads Statements Envelope^ Business Cards Wedding Stationery Ball Programs Circulars Brief Work Sale BU10 Everything Remember the place and call on us when in need of-anything in the line of printing. THE SENTINEL Adams Street OARROLLh

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