The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 10, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1933
Page 3
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THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIAN, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1933 I I I I I I I I I I I I mmammBHOLWSi^m^mi^5HOLWSm^ammm^SHOLAR>&^mmmi^$HOLAR>smBm^mmm$HO\.AR'Sm****r4 Where Every Day Is Sales Dav--Fri.,Sat.,Mon.Tues. 9 Wed.,Thur8. I t&afSSSESS&S!** _- -irmsf .. , Oitt** v^....^..^ ^ Fully 50% of Baking Failures Ars Due to Inferior Flour— . {c^sSl5Z§Sl3» ag'^tW Ib. '^2WsV -*»S£ •• Asaurad of Perfect Baking— Use rsfJ^^-^—ffsf^r <9/7T e*isl*BT^»» ,K» •*•»••-••*•-•% fE»sVI4%mfI« offee Cltasa A Sanborn' Maxwell House Ib 9lf% Ben Hur, Drip Wlv or Regular..Ib. 2Te Folger's, 91«» Regular Ib. C IV Schilling, Reg. Oft* I M. J. B., Safety or Drip Ib. fcWV I Sealed Ib. New Pack No. 2 Tin No Limit No Limit Large . Pkg. 8 & W Baby Kernel CORN, No. 2 Tin 1Hc I5c SAW Telephone or Medium Sugar peas, No. 2 tin SAW Extra Fancy Large | ^ Prunes, 2-lb. box I I" SAW Fruit Cocktail, tall tin SAW Tomato Juice, nice *| I « hot or cold, picnic tin '2* SAW Spinach, picnic tin, 9c; No. 2 tin, 12i/ a cj No. 21/j tin SAW Large Hominy, ftli» No. 2 squat tin V);9V SAW Extra Large Ripe 10 I Olives, tall tin IO*C SAW Shrimp, medium III* size, picnic tin I I 7V S A W Sauerkraut, a*.. No. 2 tin IUC S A W Tuna Light Meat, |1 | • 3/ 2 oz., 12'/ a c; 7 oz I IjC SAW Minced Razor Clams, No. V, tin SAW Pimentos or Green f)_ Chill, No. '/ 4 s tin >V SAW Walnuts, MJxed or |T I Almonds Ib. II^V Supreme Cherries, sour U I A pitted. No. 2 tin I *5 V SAW Sun-Maid Raisins, seeded or seedless, 15-oz. pkg SAW Bird Seed, cuttlestone and sand, Ib. pkg SAW Crushed Breakfast Flflo, picnic tin SAW Red Kidney Beans, No. Z tin I I AM llfv I A. IWS f 9 | _ Is. $C Strongheart DOG 'FOOD tin (48-Can Case $2.47) • I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Mlaalon Bell Chandu White King Toilet Soap No Limits Cocoa- Almond Cocoa- Lemon Cake WHY Risk a Substitute When Bisquick Has Never Failed Large Package 29c Fredh Ranch EGGS, <fl V 1 _ U. S. Extra, Large. I j ~K Dozen (Med., 15c)... Z Mleelon Light Meat Tuna, 7-oz, tin Monarch Strawberries, new pack, No. 2 tin Welcome Colonial Olives, big ones, V/ T -oz, tin Namco Baby Clams, picnic tin ; Quaker Oats, Regular or Quick, large pkg Fancy Chocolate Cookies, Assorted Kellogg's All Bran, small, 121/jci large pkg.... Mountain Honey, 5-lb. tin C. P. C. or Armour's I 9 Lit Peanut Butter Ib. 1*2* White Eagle Soap Chips, 9Qj» 5-lb. box mW9 I2}c .11*0 I9c lOc I5c 23c I9c 33c Fully 50% of Baking Failures Ars Due to Inferior Flour— Be Assured of Perfect Baking—Use DRIFTED SNOW "HOME PERFECTEC • 1-lb.Sack $1.23 24»£ 64e Large 1000-Sheet Roll Glacier SARDINES, Pure Olive Oil. 3-ox. Tin , 5c Poppy Popcorn, 10-oz. tin Lighthouse Cleanser tin Heinz or Del Monte Tomato Juice tin Welcome Ripe Olives, medium size, tall tin Sea Island Purt Cane Sugar, i(| cloth bag IV Coast Club Ale or Rickey i bottle Clarion Sugar Corn, No. 2 tin Loveland Sweet Peas, No. 2 tin Dixie Queen Strlftglcss Bean*, No, 2 tin Old Mill Corn Meal, B lOc Ibs. lOc 44c lOc 10 Ibs., 2»c. Ibs. Sic I5c Grocery and Meat Prices Effective All Week FRL, SAT., MON., TUBS., WED., THURS. Where You Will Eventually Trade Quality Merchandise—Honest Advertising—No Limits 18TH AT H STREET! BAKERSFIELD Heinz Tomato Catsup, I large bottle I Our Choice Tomatoes, No. 2V, tin Tea Garden Syrup, quart, 29c; pint jug Campbell's or Heinz Assorted Soup tin Kokoheart Margarine, pound pkg Warsaw Cove Oysters, picnic tin Heinz Cider Vinegar, I 14 oz., 9c quart I Armour's Deviled Meat, 31/z-oz. tin Purex, largs 32-oz. botlle Rose Carnival Marshmallows, pound box 9c I7c !0c lOc I5c N. B. C. FIG M NEWTOWN, New /3C Pack 2-lb. pkg. * ww Happy Isles B. S. Pine. apple, No. 2l/ 2 tin ! Century Sugar Peas, No. 2 tin Le Sevlllana Qreen Olives, 9Af» quart Jar C9v Armour's Sliced Beef, 191* 21/z-oz. glass I *2V Del Monte Tomatoes, solid pack tall, 10c; No. 2V, tin. Del Monte Spinach, No. 2 tin. 12'/,c; No. 2i/ z tin Del Monte Prunes, medium size, 2-lb. box Del Monte Asparagus Tips, I 9 I « small size, picnic tin I S.'jV Del Monte Tiny Kernel Corn, I A* No. 2 tin.' IUC Del Monte Tomato Sauce. tin I Bj» I «* v I B n I OB Peet's Granulated 4^1 SOAP, I fiC 2J/ 2 -lb. Pkg.... w CREAM of TARTAR Ask any teacher . of cooking which kind she uses 2i± 89c 2 tin -oz. tin TREE TEA GREEN BLACK Mm Lb. Pkg. Pkg. Pkg.43c No Limit—Bar Scotch Granulated SOAP, 2'/2-lb. pkg. Makes a Wonderful Drink for the Children. Hot or Cold. Lb. Tin 37ic No Limits Cloverbloom BUTTER, . Cubes .Ib. 19e Sic I2*c 25c I5c Del Monte Bartlett Pears, No. 2'/ a tin Del Monte Beets, medium whole. No. 2 tin , Del Mont* Catsup, large bottle Del Monte Red Salmon, tall tin '.. Warsaw Shrimps, medium size, picnic tin Vltamont or Dr. Ross Dog Food tin Century Solid Pack Tomatoes, No. 2 1 /-. tin Bishop'* Sierra Chocolate, 3-lb. tin. 69c; Ib. tin Wellman Strawberries, new pack. No. 2 tin Powdered or Brown Sugar, pound pkg Tru-Jel Gelatin Dessert, Assorted pkg. Avondale Molasses, I91f» No. 5 tin. 30c; No. 2 tin.. • *.'?* Icicle Boneless Codfish, 94f* pound pkq fcwv White Eagle Laundry Soap bar Semolina Macaroni, Spaghetti JQrf* or Salad, 8-lb. box at»v Van Camp's Pork and B*ans, medium tin Armour's Verlbest Corned Beef, 12-oz. tin Prlscllla Butter Cookies, 48 cookies per box Milk, All Brands, tall tin '4*0 lie 5ic Rlnso or Lux Flakes (Redeem Coupons) (Lux, Bar 6|/ 2 c) large 19c White Brown Packed in Quarters. Golden State BUTTER Packed in 011* Solid. .Ib. SHOLAR'S ::,^ Quality Meats, Low Prices No Substitutes No Misrepresentation PRICES ALL WEEK "Brice's" Original SWEET PICKLED PORK Recipes Furnished for Cooking Picnic aft I* Legs, .4 ,f»fc_ Center Special Sampling Demonstration HAMS 5 to 8-lb. Average L'b 6 i 2 Cut, Shoulders Lb 8 Swett Pickled Beef Tongues I Baby Beef Hamburger, Fresh Ground Ib, Fancy Rhode Island Red Frying Chickens, 9 ft A Sholar Style Ib. **Pl3 . lOc Genuine Baby Beef Brisket For Boiling, Ib, 6c Puritan Little Pig Sausage, I Aft None Better Ib. • •* Sliced Armour's Star Ham, Fancy Center Frying fk | . Cuts each W'3V Sliced Swift's Premium Bacon, |/ 2 .lb. cellophane I 9 11» pkg each • •"2*' Half Spring Chicken, Ready to Fry each half Pork Loin Roast Choice Center Cut, Ib... 16c Baby Beef Ground Round Steak, Fresh Every Hour .................... Ib. Fancy Rib Lamb Chops From Prime Spring Lamb ..... Ib. Veal Roast, Shoulder Cut, Fancy Mllk-Fed IE* • 99 Genuine Baby Beef Roast Best Chuck Cut, Ib.. 12ic Corned Baby Beef, Cured, I J«t to Perfection-, No Bone, Ib. • ** Cudahy's Rex Bacon, medium weight, half or whole I slab Ib. I Sholar's Pork Sausage, Pure Pork, Correctly | §»• Seasoned Ib. I 9w Fancy Small Rib Pork 11 l_j» Chops |b, I l"2w Fryer Rabbits Large Size Fresh Dressed, each.. 39c Leg o' Lamb Prime Top Spring Qrad* Freih Mint, Ib.. 19c Shoulder Spring Lamb, Trimmed Roast Ib. Genuine Baby Btef Porterhouse Steaks, Any Thickness Desired Ib. Cudahy's Sliced Bacon !/i-lb. cellophane, Ib. Baby Beef Sirloin SUak, Cut Any Thickness Ib. Sirloin Vi Milk-Fed Veal Ib. 25c jnulne 29c Genuine Baby Beef Roast Shoulder Cut, Ib. lOc Fat Young Hens, Freih Dreised, Sholar Style..Ib. Leg of Young Pork, I If half or whol Ib. • •* Pork Steaks, Lean, lft> Shoulder Cuts Ib. • «"» Pure Lard' Snow White, In Bulk. No Limit, Ib 6c Genuine Baby Beef Rump 9fs> Roast, Any Cut Ib. *»J* Baby Beef Short Ribs, Lean and Meaty .Ib. 9c "America's Finest" HAMS AND BACON Specially Selected Hickory Smoked Kern County's Exclusive Distributers SHOLAR'S Extra Fancy Large Newtown Pippin Apples by the box Extra Large Oranges Large Arizona Grapefruit, Sweet and Juicy....... Fresh String Beans , Fresh Brussels ••Sprouts Snowball Cauliflower, Large Heads SHOLAR'S I P. BELLAS, Post Oifice and Security Market Vegetable Department $1.25 5 2 3 2 ,r 25c 25c ,us 25c fo , I5c Fresh Sweet Green Peas Large Artichokes, Free From Frost...,.....', Fresh Green Broccoli San Diego Celery, Sweet and Crisp, Large Stalks Hothouse Strawberry Rhubarb All Bunch Vegetables ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'SI Ibs. for Ibs. ,Z for ,2 Ibs. for 36e 26e 25e I6c 25e lOc 2 35c Large Ripe Avocados U. S. No. 1 Klamath Falls Potatoes 25-lb. cloth bag Golden Ripe Bananas 5 „, 26e Edison Sweet A| *» Grapefruit by the box «}le»JQ Or 2 Dozen for 39c WE CARRY ONLY FIRST CLASS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ISHOLAR'SI ISHOLAR'S SIX DOGS ADRIFT ON CAKE OF ICE Escape for Husky Mulamules From Bering Sea Held Impossible (United frets Lca»ed ll'fre) ANCHOnAOE, Alaska, Feb. .10—Six of the 31 dogs that faithfully aided Mlscha Charles carry mull over thu barren and frlRld Alaskan trails to Isolated towns In tho north were helplessly adrift In tho Bering Sea today on a 30-foot cake of Ice. .Escape for tho husky malamutns was Impossible. They were harnessed to their sled, on which was loaded 400 pounds of mall. Charles was attempting to deliver tho inall to Nome when the loe pack split up and carried htm out to sea, Charles got ashore, but hla faithful dogs and sled wore carried out to sea. They were reported today to be drifting toward the open soa near Bosboro Island, What happened to the oilier five dogs of the team remained n mystery. Jerry Jones, pilot for the Alaska Airways, flew over the shifting Ico pack yesterday and reported that only 0 of tho 11 dogs were with the sled. He said the dogs sat In their traces, turning their heads upward to howl disconsolately at tho ulrpluno as It roared over them. Jones expressed belief tho missing dogs had torn themselves from harness and attempted to . swim ashore. He said ho saw traces of blood on tho ice cake, Indicating they may have fought each other when they ^became hungry. SEEKS HELP (United Preis Leaned Wire) MANILA, Feb. 10.—Manuel Quezon, president of tho Philippine Senate, urged today that a delegation of farmers, business men ami newspaper men bo chosen to accompany him to tho United States In the Interests of Independence for the Islands. The political leader mado known his views during a speech at a mooting of provincial governors and treasurers. "Above all, Kmlllo Agulmildo should accompany the delegation to Washington," Quezon said. Agulnaldo, who ulded the United States In the Spanish-American War, long has advocated Philippine Independence. Tho Senate leader said ho would go to Washington alone In tho Interests of a more suitable Independence bill than that recently enacted by Congress If a delegation of representative Filipino leaders could nol be formed. Physician Assists at Births of 6750 (Aisocintcd Press Leaned Wire) CORNWALL, Ont., Feb. 10.—In 55 yeurs of practice In this district. Doctor C. J. Hamilton has officiated at moro than 8760 births. Ho Is 77 years old and medical officer of health for Cornwall. A Kansas doctor was reported recently to have brought 4500 children Into the world. Then Doctor C. B. Oliver of Chatham looked Into his records and found 5300 Infants on his list. In 1029 Doctor Hamilton celebrated the golden anniversary of hl« graduation and since then he has brought 1150 more children Into the world, an average of one a day. -*Man Hanged for Assault on Girl CARTHAGE, Mo., Feb. 10.—Harry Warden, 27, was hanged In tho Jasper county jail for the criminal assault of a Carthage high school girl. His execution came 49 weeks to tho day after that of his brother, Law AVorden, for a similar offense. Peto Stevenson, who participated with (ho Wordens In a series of holdups and assaults tho night of November 16, 1931, Is serving a llfo sentence In the Missouri state prison. THE ALERT LAW1 CHICAGO, Feb. 10.— Thomas J. Ilyaii, prohibition agent, wont home to get some sleep. He undressed, put his clotljps on a chair by a window and went to sleep. When ho awoke his trousers were where he put them, but $7, his wallet and his badge were missing. The theft Is thought to have occurred through tho window near his trousers. KINDNESS REWARDED KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 10.—Willlam Moser, assistant extension economist at the University of Tennessee farm, has found that some people do not forget a holplng hand. Last summer Moser gave two youths a rlda after buying them food. One of tho boys took Mosor's address. Tho boy later landed a job on a fruit farm In Florida, and to show his appreciation sent fltoser a crate of oranges. Scours the Corners, too S. O.S. pads are auch a handy shape that they reach into corners and crevices which ordinary cleaner* miff. MAGIC SCOURING PADS Nothing Else Like these magic tcouring pads —tpecialcleantingioap imbedded in each one. To •ave time and work, uie SPRINGTIME Sale of Rose Bushes Continues Tomorrow... 4 for $1 AT Brock's Presenting Tomorrow the New Season's Newest Fashion Features—See Windows P INCH-PUNCH SLOUCH The Hat everybody is talking about—with swagger brim and creased crown. A jaunty, look— wearable ease—new 1933 tilt. A "perfect" Hat. White, Beige, Grey, Brown. Brock's—Downstairs Store Advance Showing New Spring Draperies Colorful and cheery Cretonnes and Terry Cloths that will make you enjoy that Spring cleaning job you have alwuj r s loathed. 36 inches wide, beautiful patterns. Brock's—Downstairs Store 39 Avocado Beauty Product Demonstration DEPARTMENT STORE- s AVE ON NOTIONS Beautce-Fit Girdles, lace and glove silk. Special Hickory Sew-on Sup- ^ p» porters. pair J.OC Malbro Dresa Shields, cotton and *JK/i silk pair «£OC Modess Q doz. >1Qx» »J f for T:«/C CortecelH Darning Silk, twelve LO-yard OQ/» spools •£«/!/ Brock's—Main Floor B AKERY SPECIALS Something new and tasty Goldoii Creum Cukes — Chiffon Pies, Lemon Nougat and Chocolate, made with Grulmm Cracker Crust and Whip Cream Top Custard Pilled Jenny OC^ Llnd Coffee Cukc...< All 20c Doughnuts doz. 1918 Chester Avenue and P. O. Market B OYS Let's Hurry! Boys' \Vhilc Sweat Shirts, with the ever- popular Mickey Mouse decorating the front. Sizes ti to 12 years— Boys' Shop—Main Floor EASnRN DRUG CO. 1326 Nineteenth $1.20 SMA BABY FOODS 79c SATURDAY SPECIALS We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities Phone 1732 50c Chamberlain Hand LOTION 27 c 75c DEXTRI MALTOSE 49c $1.00 Value Fountain Syringes.. 49o 25c 40c CASTORIA 24c White King Soap ICbar With Thli Ad Only 35c Kotex lOc With This Ad Only Cigarettes W Talcum . . . 9c 25c Milk of Magnesia Tooth Paste . . . . 9c 50o Yeast Foam Tabs . . . . 29c 2Sc Mercurochrome lOo 60c 20s lie Pkg. Syrup off Figs 29c 50c Size Pluto Water... 29c $1.00 Super D Cod Liver Oil 57c $1.00 Zonite Antiseptic. 59c 75o Full Pint Turpentine Spirits... 33o 75c Fitch's SHAMPOO 39c 50c Full Pint Peroxide 19c 35o Witch Hazel.... I9c SOc Size Camphorated Oil 23c $1.50 Imported Russian Mineral Oil, 32 ounces 25c Size Woodbury Soap I5c Limit 2 $1.00 Thlno Hand Cream.... 59c It Will Pay You to Trade With Us— We Save You More Money $1.00 Pacquln's Hand Cream 50c Kolynos Tooth Paste 10c Vlcks Cough Dropa 35c POND'S COLD CREAM 21c 10c Lux Soap 2 bars for With This Ad Only 35c Palmolive Shav. Cream 17c With This Ad Only • 35c Gom or Eveready Blades 19c 20c Aspirin Tablets Free Tickets for Speed-o-Blkes| Ask for Them UAUIC SCOURING PADS

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