The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 12, 1959 · Page 6
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 6

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1959
Page 6
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AUSWM (Minn.) HEftAt.0 Jon, IS, 1959 6 Soviet Rocket in Sun Orbit, Says Pravda MOSCOW (AP)-Tht Soviet Union's new cosmic rocket has steered itself past 4tre moon and into orbit around the sun, Pravda reported today. The Communist party newspaper, in a two-page article on interplanetary flight, said the missile launched Jan. 2 utilized an automatic guidance system which kept it on a predetermined trajectory and regulated its final speed. The Soviet rocket was launched vertically from a point in the Soviet Union, said Pravda, then entered its assigned trajectory urider its own selfcontained guidance system. With the lengthy scientific article — which disclosed on additional details of the rocket itself or the site of its blast-off — Pravda published a series of photographs and charts on its latest space entry. These showed the rocket's instruments and battery containers prior to installation in the missile, and charts of the rocket's flight and its final orbit around the sun. As viewed from earth, the Soviet rocket flashed above and to 'lie right of the moon in its flight into space, Pravda said. As it passed the moon, that planet's gravitational pull changed its course somewhat. But the automatic controls corrected its flight path. Pravda's long study included data on the 34-hour flight to pass the moon, a description of the final stage of the rocket with its instrument chamber, a detailed description of the instruments aboard and details of research problems connected with the flight. It described the new Soviet planet as it entered orbit around the sun as "the rocket's final stage with its instruments linked with the preceding stage." SLIGHT OF HAND — Just a drop in the bucket himself, this sleepy Chihuahua puppy is simply too tired to take his bottle in Lake City, Fla. Though he weighed but two ounces at birth, the two-week-old has a mighty name — Pablo Romando Chihuahua VanZile Peacock. SPURNS DOCTORS' ADVICE Graham to Skip Mayo; Plans World Crusade TBy CLAYTON HtCKERSON DALLAS, Tex. (AP) - Evangelist Billy Graham went ahead with his plans for a world crusade today in the face of advice by physicians to curtail his activities because of an ey« ailment, Graham told reporters that h« intend* to go to Australia, Indonesia, Malaya, Cairo, Jerusalem and Berlin this year. He was interviewed after making a zealous talk before the second Combined Texas Baptist World Missions and State Evangelistic Conference in the packed 11,500-seat Memorial Auditorium. Graham's illness earlier caused him to cancel a scheduled appear ance at the Dallas First Baptist Church. 'Plan to Go' "The program may be cut some- JUDGES DEAL BLOWS Segregation Supporters Handed Serious Setbacks in Georgia Clayton F. Mcyct K«. Dial HE 3-2204 Homeowner's Policy Does Work of Four Modern fire insurance—one Homeowner's Policy doe* the job of 4 separate policies, y*t eort« Jess! Ask about it •OOtt. Clayton F. Meyer INSURANCE NEXT TO STERLING THEATRE Dial HE 3-3489 STATE FARM FIRE & CASUALTY CO. Home Office, Bloominglon, III, ATLANTA, Ga. (AP)—Georgia segregation practices reeled today in the wake of two sharp blows by federal district judges. Judge Boyd Sloan ruled Saturday that Negroes can not be denied admission to the Georgia State College of Business Administration in Atlanta on the basis of race and color alone. His ruling came one day after Dist. Judge Frank. Hooper outlawed segregated seating on At- Deer, Trapped on Ice, Sayed in Hour Effort POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. fAP)- Afloat on a floe was a doe. She vas trapped, with no place to go. A coast guard Insso brought her n tow And that was the end of her voe. That is the saga of a deer floating down the Hudson River on a cold Sunday afternoon. • The Coast Guard cutter Mariposa, out on ice patrol, spotted the deer and set out on a rescue mission. Alarmed by the 180-foot ehip, (he doe kept skipping from floe to floe, like Eliza fleeing the hounds. It was more than an hour before the lasso found its mark. A seaman scrambled onto the floe and tied the deer's legs so she wouldn't hurt herself when she was hauled aboard. And then back to the woods she did go. lanta buse* and trolley*. Gov.-elect Ernest Vandiver suggested that the university system temporarily stop accepting new applications for admission to the 19 state colleges and universities, and Regents Chairman Robert Arnold said this would be done. Shut Colleges Vandiver, who becomes governor Tuesday, reportedly is planning to ask the legislature to pass laws closing state Negro colleges if any white units shut as the result of being ordered to integrate. Vandiver also said he will ask the lawmakers, who convene today, to approve bills designed to close individual schools rather than entire school systems if integration is ordered. Present laws call for closing entire school districts if one school in the district is integrated. Strikes System Appearing on an Atlanta television program, Vandiver added that the proposal would give the governor power to shut any *chool from which Negroes transfer. Advertisement HI If worried br "Bladder Weakness" (aet- ilnt Up Nlthts or Bed Wetting, too ire- went, burning or itching uHnntlont, Secondary Baekache and Nervousness or Strong Smelling, Cloudy Urine, due to common Kidney »nd Bladder Irritations, trjr CYSTEX for quick help. 8»Je for young and old. Art druwlst for CYSTEX see how f»s{ you Improve. While applying only to the Atlanta College, Sloan's order struck down as discriminatory a key university system rule for maintaining segregation — that applicants be endorsed by alumni of the school they wish to enter. The state probably will appeal Sloan's broad order, although the judge did not actually order the plaintiffs — three Negro women — admitted to the college. He said they were qualified to apply and have their applications considered. Cutting Funds Thus it will be some time yet before a Negro may actually be admitted to a previously all-white state college. Under state law that would close the institution by cutting off its funds. There also has been no sign of a break in the custom of Negroes using rear seats on Atlanta buses and trolleys. After segregated seating was outlawed Negro leaders indicated it will be at least two weeks before any organized move is launched toward desegregated seating. SKULL AND CROSSBONES "Poison Label Asked for Fag Packs in S. D. PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — A proposal that cigarette pack ages carry the symbol of poison — The skull and crosbones — i* to be considered tonight by the South Dakota Senate. Both houses of the Legislature will open the second week of the 00-day session with night meetings and the first floor action this year. A total ( of 12 bills, including the cigarette label, are up for one- house passage. Other signs that the Legislature intends to get started fast this year is the scheduling Tuesday of a meeting of the senate assess- KMMT . KMMT. KMMT CHANNEL CHANNEL CHANNEL \\ PLAY Sixes Secret Search . am i: M _ A j_.-.-.- -ii-r __ 1st PRIZE A Beautiful Viking Automatic Sewing Machine 2nd PRIZE Weekend Trip to Minneapolis for Two • Stay at the Beautiful Fair Oaks Hotel • See the Minneapolis Laker* • See South Pacific • See Cinerama Windjammers • Go to the Ice Capades 20 OTHER PRIZES • Dinner for Two at the Exclusive Kings Wood • Subscriptions to TV Guide Magazine • Cigarette Lighter • Beautiful String of Pearls t Subscription to Disneyland Magazine RULES 1. View KMMT ** much «s possible from 11 t.m. to sign off. 3. Write down the "Clues" given throughout the day. 3. Send in y«vr UiT rf "CJu**" by Midnight, Tuesday/angary 2Qth to be eligible for the pme*. ment and taxation committee to tackle a couple controversial bills. These include the bill that would create a citizen's tax committee for an overall study of the tax picture and a bill that would tax out- of-state cattle brought in for grazing. The cigarette label measure, which won fast approval from the Senate Public Health Committee, was introduced by Sen. Don Stransky (D), Chamberlain. It would require that the state revenue stamp or imprint bear a skull and crossbones and an admonition that use of cigarettes may cause death from cancer or heart disease. Drive Around on Victim's Credit Card KUTTAWA, Ky. M - Two men who robbed O. B. Herring Jr.. are driving around the country at his expense. They stol« his service station credit can. So far he's received bills totaling $475. They took $500 in cash from him at the time of the robbery. what by doctor'! orders," Graham said of bit projected tour, "but right now 1 plan to go." He had announced previously h* would go to Rochester Tuesday for check-up at a Mayo clinic instead of leaving for the West Coast en route to Australia. Graham insisted he felt all right but "there'« something wrong with one of my eyes," ' "But I don't know what it Is," he continued, "The doctor told me what it is •- a long technical name —but I think he's as con fused as the Republicans are these days." 'Don't Have Cancer* "I spent two days in doctors' offices and about midnight last night I got orders not to preach," he said of his cancelled church appearance. "I don't have cancer, I've had no heart attack; I haven't had • stroke and I'm not blind.' Graham said he will speak today at a luncheon to about 1,100 business men and tonight before the church group. An associate evangelist, Dr. Grady Wilson, reported that the vision in Graham's left eye was impaired. Rare Condition Graham's father-in-law, Dr. L. Nelson Bell of 3tfontreat, N.C., cabled Australia that the eye ailment is a "rare and serious condition brought on by excessive work, strain and stress." "His future ministry depends on more rest and relaxation, otherwise the eye condition is only a foregunner of graver complications," Dr. Bell cabled from Graham's home town. Dr. Bell said Graham's eye was examined at Louisville, Ky., Friday, where he addressed the Baptist Theological Seminary. Solve Problems Quickly The evangelist told his Dallas audience that the "world must solve its problems quickly," noting that Oak Kidge scientists had told him the hydrogen bomb now is obsolete and that we have much deadlier weapons. "We are living in a world stricken with conflict, frustration and confusion. We're living in a time of revolution* and they are getting closer and closer to us all the time," Graham continued. Scientists have told him, Graham said, that it ix an even bet today's horrible weapons will be used "in our lifetime" and that th« human race will have a hard time surviving., Accepts Apologies After Selling Tickets CROWN POINT, Ind. Ufi - Charles Swisher was selling tickets to a Kiwanis Club Pancake Day when two sheriff's deputies mistook him for a fugitive and fired several shots at him. Swisher accepted the embarrassed officers' apologies — but only after he sold them two tickets. Florida Given Rail Car of 2 Presidents BALtlMORf!, Md. (AP) -the atest White House-on-wheels is oing to roll Into forma! retirement thii week. Chance* arc It 'on't have a successor. The sumptuous railroad car Ma- Geese migrate formation. in a V-shaped People 50 to 80 Tear Out This Ad . . and mail it today to find out how you can still apply for a $1,000 life insurance policy to help take care of final expenses without burdening your family. You handle the entire transaction by mail with OLD AMERICAN of KANSAS CITY. No obligation. No one will call on you! Write today, simply giving your name, address and year of birth. Mail to Old American Insurance Co., 3 West 9th, Dept. L2522B, Kansas City, Mo. CAPRICORN Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 If This Is Your Sign Make The Most Of It! Persons born under thi» sign are pleasing to meet and present a neat and attractive appearance. They are reserved, thoughtful, honest, reliable, somewhat generous, proud, loyal, sympathetic and sen- »itive. When aroused, they can be exceedingly critical. Here's A Sign You Can Depend On S*llm« «a*elin« •*«• «i| if • part of our pucinet*, of •o«ir*», but w* «rt more conc«rn«d about the wivic* •I four car — tha prop«r iraailna. and maintenance and Hi« «ar«ful ini*««tion of your far for w.ak or falling pert. »r connfction*. Her* you act twice you con depend ei. Sawyer's D-X Serv. Sta. FIRESTONE TIRES 310 N. St. Foul AUSTIN gellan, which for 10 years was the home awav from home lot presidents franklin D. Roosevelt and Hftrfy ffuffiah, has been declared surplus material, tt has been donated to the frlordia Development Commission, which will enshrine it at the University, of Miami at Coral Oahles. Ttie car, a gift by the Assn. of Railroads, came into being in the swift-moving days of World War II. But President Eisenhowet pre- fers a sleek airliner to th« Magellan. He used the railroad car only twice, once for a New York trip and once on a state visit to Canada in 1953. Mrs. Eisenhower was the last of the official family to use St, when she traveled to Groton, Conn., in 19S4 to christen the first atomic submarine, the Nautilus. The panda is a member of the raccoon family. One Awning Away Not For Enough! EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) — A merchant warned Mrs. Stanley Fisher to move out from under hit store awntag, fearing a heavy cor- ering of snow might make it fall. Mrs. fisher moved under tht awning next door — which promptly collapsed and engulfed her in snow. NO NO MOKE . . . fortunately, Wolf's suffered no smoke or water damage during the recent GRAND HOTEL fire, even though our store is located in the same block. At Wolf's you can buy fresh, undamaged carpeting, furniture and appliances at prices as low or lower than damaged goods! WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! BROADLOOM CARPET SPECIALS FOR OFFER! Cotton Broadloom Hard twist loop pile for long wear ... in your choice of grey, cinnamon, and champaign. Truly a fin* value that will give you year) of service. Regular $6.95 Value Plus Free Padding & Installation FREE INSTALLATION FREE PADDING QUALITY CARPETING 4 1 88 Yd. All Wool Treebark Broadloom Your choice of tweed or solid colors or All Wool Looped Carved Wilton Broadloom or 100% Nylon Regular $11.95 and $13.95 Value Plus Free Padding & Installation $ 9 88 Sq. Yd. Viscose Broadloom Vat tweed 100% viscose broadloom . . . tweed loop yarns closely woven for maximum service. Your choice of mint green, mint brown, black and white. Your choice of tweeds or solid colors . . . Regular $9.95 Value Plus Free Padding & Installation 6 88 Yd. Wilton Broadloom All wool, heavy 4-ply yarn In this loop carved Wilton Broadloom . . . three levels of beautiful carpet wools forming a leaf and scroll pattern. Regular $15.95 Value Plus Free Padding & Installation $1188 11 Sq. Yd. CARPET REMNANTS DESCRIPTION REG. Qroy and pink Wilton, $194.50 SALE SIZE 14 XO " XI 4 Walnut Wundo Weave, $144.50 12X109 Beie Dlx Auminstr 1. $119iOU $38l50 Beige Dlx Auminster, $199.50 12X9 II Beig« Wilton ........ $179.50 Qroy Wilton ...... $169.50 Brown Tweed ... $169.50 Green $129.50 SIZE DESCRIPTION REG. 12'iBW 14 Alf/i Beige Tweed ......... $129.50 6Tx8'4" 9'x5' 12'x4V4' 12'x8'4" 9'x12' 12'xlS' 12'xlQT Beige Wilton $89.50 Beige Axminitcr $59.50 Gray Ruq $69.50 Green Tweed $129.50 100% Nylon $129.50 Cotton Loop $139.50 Beige Rug SALE $89,50 $49.50 $29.50 $39.50 $79.50 $89,50 $89.50 $169.50 $109.50 3 ROOMS CARPETED WALL-TO-WALL With 100% Viscose • weed Broadloom 30 sq. yd. Average $299'» VALUE 169 50

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