Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 19, 1965 · Page 29
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 29

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Page 29
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10 - Wed., May 19, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts PHIKinii TIPS from the EXPERIS Not counting the real estate he picks up running the bases and covering the diamond on defense, the average major league baseball player logs some 37,000 miles every season according to the Samsonite Travel Bureau. Just follow the eight steps listed below which evolved from the baseball teams' experience and your next trip will be "big league" all the way. Make a list of things you're planning to do and pock, clothes you'll need for these activities. Leave the rest behind. Pack heavy items — shoes, toiletries, etc. -- on the bottom. Take clothes that.can be worn appropriately for several occasions.' Place rolled-up sets (one each undershirt, shorts, pair of socks) in free spoces as cushions. Place shirts, sweaters, pajamas, similar items on top. - ."TTf-'sr Put each buttoned jacket on hanger and slide on hanger rod with lapel side of jacket down. Fold sleeves over each jacket and lower packing bar. To pack suits, slide out hangers. Place first pair of trousers in bottom of hanger side of cose and let legs extend over end. Place second pair in alternote direction. Fold sleeves and bottom of jacket over packing bar. Fold trouser legs alternately into case. Pull down pad and fasten catches. Highway Hypnosis is dangerous "Highway hypnosis" draws a big share of blame for freeway accidents, according to Commissioner Bradford M. Crittenden of the California Highway Patrol. Drivers out of heavy traffic can become mesmerized by the monotony of endless ribbons of concrete and fall victim to a false sense of security, says Crittenden. The condition leads to drowsiness and dulled reflexes, with possibly disastrous results. There are ways to break the spell, Crittenden suggests: Change your speed and body position frequerttly. This prevents your reflexes and judgment from being impared by the monotony. At the first sign of blurred vision or heavy eyelids, atop your car and rest. Try to avoid sun glare, which causes eyestrain, which in turn causes fatigue. • It's a good habit to look near, far and to both sides and to move the head and eyes constantly. Since the danger of "hypnosis" increases at night, try not to drive long distances. Instrument panel lights should be kept low to reduce glare. It's a good habit to look near, stop at regular intervals whether you feel tired or not. Instead of eating a big meal just before or during a long trip, stop fre- ijuently and eat small amounts. If your right foot goes to sleep, stop and remove your shoe. Vibrations front the accelerator will stimulate your foot. By keeping fresh air circulating through the car and playing the radio, the motorist avoids the drowsiness that comes with all long trips. The commissioner has offered good advice. It should be borne in mind by motorists planning long trips during the vacation season. Even barbecue bunglers win with burgers, franks Things to do before you leave on a vacation trip Concern over whether things at the old homestead are alright can take a great deal of the pleasure out of an otherwise happy vacation. In an attempt to eliminate this concern the Automobile Club of Southern California has prepared the following list of things a vacationer should do before leaving on his trip. 1. Notify the circulation department of your newspaper to have the paper sent to your vacation address, or tell them to stop delivery while you're away. Also, tell the milkman and others who make scheduled deliveries to your home that you'll be away. 2. Turn off your refrigerator and other utilities. 3. Provide for care of your garden. 4. Provide tor your pets. 5. Arrange for some one to pick up your mail; if necessary, have it forwarded. 6. Be sure all exterior doors and windows are locked. 7. Notify neighbors and local police that you are taking a trip and that you have asked no one to move anything from your home or apartment. 8. Leave window shades only part way down. 9. Don't leave a note for prospective guests in the mail box announcing that you're gone and to make themselves at home. 10. Plan your trip in advance, including your itinerary, places to visit, accommodations, points of interest, route information and maps. 11. Make sure you have a car registration certificate and a valid driver license, with the correct address on them. 12. Remember to take along such essential items as a thermos bottle, camera and film, personal effects, sun glasses, first-aid kit, travelers checks, check book, flashlight and motor club and insurance credentials. Gem show to open May 28 Gem craft and lapidary work — and rockhounds — will, of course, dominate Gem Trails of the west, gem and mineral show set for May 28 through 31 at the Los Angeles County Fair grounds. But other diversified exhibits will entertain an expected 25,000 visitors during the four-day show. Pottery making, one of t h e oldest arts in using the earth's treasures, will be demonstrated daily by Jasmin Taylor of La Mirada, a master of the ancient' Raku technique. Organ recitals, featuring such well known organists of the area as R. Lloyd Adams and Mrs. Virginia Noll, will be daily features. For those preferring travel talks, mixed with rockology, the Desert Nomads (Verl and Donna Martin) will show films and color slides of the great southwest. By GAYNOR MADDOX Charcoal-grilled hamburgers and franks are as American as baseball. They all flourish in the good old summertime. Give the summer chef some ground beef or good quality frankfurters, turn him outdoors and tell him a few facts of life about starting the fire. Before using the barbecue grill, most experts suggest that a permanent layer of gravel % to 1-inch deep be put in the bottom of the fire bowl. This permits the fire to breathe. The gravel should be removed, washed and dried after four to six barbecues. Build up 25-40 briquets or an equivalent amount of loose charcoal into a pyramid shape. Pour % cup of starter fluid (any fluid sold specially for same) over the charcoal. Let stand 2 to 3 minutes. Throw a lighted match on the charcoal. The fire should be ready in about 30 minutes by this method. At our house, we claim to grill the most juicy, tender and flavorful hamburgers in the outdoor world. We use only lean top round or top sirloin. The meat is ground only once. This prevents "packing". We allow Vi pound of beef for each hamburger and none of our friends ever seems to object. In fact, quite the opposite. Shape into 1- inch thick cakes, handling meat as lightly and quickly as possible. Season only on outside when shaped, sprinkling with garlic or onion salt and freshly ground black pepper. Grill quickly until charred lightly on outside and pink on inside. Here's another grilled hamburger recipe, different from ours, from the Home Economics Department of the National Live Stock and Meat Board. Grilled Hamburgers 11 /2 pounds ground beef 1V4 teaspoons salt Vs teaspoon pepper Combine'meat and seasonings. Mix well, Shape into 4 to 6 patties. Allow charcoal to burn until a fine gray ash appears. Place the patties on the grill about 3 inches from the coals. When one side is browned, turn and finish cooking on the other side. One-inch thick patties require about 10 to 12 minutes total cooking time. Serve with chopped chives and cheese topping, chili sauce and finely chopped celery, barbecue or other favorite topping. Besides the usual catsup and mustard, try a sweet-sour sauce. Sweet-Sour Sauce for Frankfurters 1 cup water 1 beef bouillon cube Grilled hamburgs—as American as baseball. ened. Chill. Serve frankfurters. Yield-. IVi cups. Baked beans go well withj grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. For a very special "gather around the fire, boys" party, try this recipe which won a top prize at a Kaiser Foil All-Male Cookout Championship in Hawaii. It has an Aloha taste which means "come back for more". Cranberry Dogs pounds frankfurters (8 per pound) 1 pound can jellied cranberry sauce Vi cup sugar IVi teaspoons curry powder 1 teaspoon ground cardamon Vi teaspoon ground ginger teaspoon salt V2 cup cider vinegar 2 tablespoons molasses IVi teaspoon Worchestershire sauce In 2V2-quart saucepan, combine all ingredients except frankfurters. Heat to boiling and simmer 5 minutes. Remove from heat and beat with rotary beater until thoroughly blended. Line firebox with broiler foiL When coals are red hot, place Savory Baked Beans on grill. Make 3 diagonal cuts in frankfurters. Just before beans are ready to serve, place "dogs" on grill. Cook for about 7 minutes, frequently turning and sauce over fouristS HOt chief litterers NEW YORK (UPI) — Litterbugs for the most part do their dirty work near home. Ever since the advent of the automobile, tourists have been popularly blamed for the litter along the nation's highways. Now Keep America Beautiful, the national anti-litter organization, has conducted a survey that seems to exonerate the tourists. KAB questioned professional and voluntary litter fighters in the 50 states to obtain their views on litterbug behavior. More than three quarters of those participating in the survey said local residents produce more litter than tourists. basting with sauce. Serve hot. Serves sbt. Savory Baked Beans 2 1-pound cans baked beans 1 medium onion, corsely chopped 2 tablespoons salad oil Vi cup molasses % cup catsup % teaspoon garlic salt Saute onions in oil until tender and golden. In 1-quart bean- pot or casserole, combine all ingredients. Bake uncovered for about 1 hour on grill. (Or, bake in oven at 350 degrees F. for 30 minutes.) Fire Extinguisher for Boat If you'll be using a boat on your vacation, the Auto Club of Southern California suggests that you carry an approved fire extinguisher along. the DIFFEREHT PATIO COVER Sun Boss engineers your patio cover for solid one-piece strength. Gone are the unsightly slats and cross braces. Gone are the leaks, squeaks and rattles. Sun Boss gives you a simple uncluttered design that blends beautifully with any style of home. CAUTION! Don't be confused by misleading advertising claims and guarantees. See Sun Boss "The Different" patio cover before you buy! Sun Boss secures a building permit, then builds your patio cover to meet of exceed code requirements. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE SUN BOSS SCREENED PATIO COVER UK-aii:iiiT. SUN BOSSGUSSENaOSURE LET US SHOW YOU WHY SUK BOSS IS THE DIFFERENT PATIO COVER THE DIFFERENT PATIO COVER .. SINCE 1947 SUN BOSS HORIZONTAL AWNINGS 792-1441 REDLANDS THE SUN BOSS COMPANY 1155 STACY CT, RIVERSIDE, CALIF. tablespoons cornstarch 2 tablespoons chopped pimiento 1 tablespoon chopped dill pickle Vs cup vinegar. 3 tablespoons brown sugar V* teaspoon salt Heat Vi cup water to boil ing, add bouillon cube and stir until dissolved. Mix cornstarch and remaining Vi cup water. Combine all ingredients. Cook, stirring constantly, until thick- OLDSMOBILE '65 OFFERS YOU 37 DIFFERENT MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM. FROM THE ECONOMICAL FB5 TO THE ELEGANT 98 LUXURY SEDAN. THERE'S AN OLDSMOBILE TO FIT ANY BUDGET ... ANY PURPOSE, The Savings Count-Down Has Started for 1965 Rocket Action Vacations. Now is the time to receive BIG DISCOUNTS on certain models at . . • HARRY UIOYD. Inl mPLAWDt •LVD. HARRY AVLOYD, OLDS ——• W. STATB 200 W. STATE R W. STATl EDLANDS 793-2371 FREE Absolutely Ho Qbllgatm - Limited Time Otter 1000 Wise Owl Stamps For iust having our represenfativ* give you an estimate on your pitio. Take Your Vacation Chevrolet Style We have a model to fit any vacation need and poclcetbook. SPORTVAN.. .Chevrolet's Newest Look in Versatility '65 Chetnlet Tmpala Sport Cwpt A Vacation Cabin on wheels The powerful nev/ front engined Sportvan is ideal for vacation fun for you and your family. Available v^hh special camper kit. 'es Chmlle miibu i-Door Stalioii Wagon Nota Sport Coupe •'65 Corvair Corsa Sport Coupe LANGE & RUNKEL INC REDLANDS CHEVROLET Alabama and Redlands Freeway Phone 793-2681 HIGH TIME TO TRADE

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