The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 23, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1894
Page 7
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! u JWf £ i- iff _-^ i_u. jf jjt 11 r i * t * I \ nnt IT* ' 1OT. foll90vmt»tl aim won had tt not beea fur timt'-bru >tt Would hate had the honor of filling itof which he li so •ml«?ntly , Daughters desire tA\ parties fhe .......... _ my hewstthperln caV 1 hnvlfiR old tloll^i lh«r,are willlttg 1 to iw ( fo» charitfrbte gttrpotts trt leavfe idcouhtr i countjf POWBBS & COI/LO, Props, to insure, the tfieiT fHii'iwaeirouYoiiM*i iblleatton of Ml them so Ffttmv, NOVKMBEH 28, 1894. warn m tO UK ttlVIN BY THt GERMANIA S0CIETY AT THE OPERA HOUSE, Thursday Night, Nov. Tickets $1.00 And may be had from any of Jessie Talbott and they will sue that they I are distributed' where they will do the | most good, The King's Daughters are looking after I thd poor of our city and are carrying ]oy and comfort to many unfortunate homes, You can assist them In this good I work by leaving such old garments as you can spare with Misses Clara Gnam or Jessie Talbott. It is quite currently reported that Prank Sinclair of this city will be the next deputy county clerk. Mr, Mob has made a wise selection for Frank i well qualified for the position and is a man in every way worthy to nil this the Members Music by Carroll Union OreHestra. PEOPLE AMD EVENT Rubbers at Moore's. Overshoes at Moore's. Ladies' overshoes at Moore's. Children's overshoes at Moore's. Gentlemen's overshoes at Moore's. H. W. Reed has returned from his Chicago trip. • Bagster's bibles for sale cheap at the Palace drug store. A six room house for rent. J. E. GRIFFITH. You can get fine repairing done at Moore's shoo store. The pay car passed through, Carroll today and the railroad boys are happy. Sweet Chimes, the new perfume. Sample bottle free, at the Palace drug store. When you want first class fruits of any kind, call at Bchachtner & Egau's cash grocery. Chae. McAllister is able to be out again and is looking quite thin after h!s «hort illness. Why do you sutler from a bad cough, when Mann's Cough Cure will cure you at once. Pal •ace Drug Store. C. M. Mohlor is able to be around again after being laid up for a tow days •with pleurisy. Wm. Detterman, of Wall Lake, was in the city today and remembered this .of. •fice with a friendly call. Try a sack of Crosbv'a best flour, for eale by Bchachtner & Kgau'u grocery, aud be convinced of its superiority. For rent,—two dwelling -bouses, one located on north skto and the Jother ou the south sido. Quo. W. Bo won. COunty Clerk Keunebeck" Issued a marriage license yesterday to Hiss Ruby ' A. Smith and F. U. Atherton of Manning. Mann's Cough Curs »nd Uann's Allgator Liniment are guarantee 'remedies and will cure <ereri time. For sale at Palaoe Drug Store. Two cottages on north side for sale «be*p on easy payments or will rent for f 7.50 per month, Inquire of T. Hln • licbs. Judge Paine will hold an .adjourned session of court tomorrow. He has been in Greene county holding court this week. Maun't Alligator Liniment Is tbe most penetrating inedlulne la use, and will care aajr ailment where an eiternal remedy U needed. For •ale at Palaoe Drug store. Mrs. Gnam has been staying at Breda during tho week called there by the ' serious Illness of ooo of her dauohlei' children. Anthracite, Hocking Valley, and On- beit grades of-Booou hwer vein lump itod nut coals for sale by the Greeue liay Lumbar Co. The Ida county bar adopted resolutions eulogizing Judges Goldsmith and falne for their faithfulness in office, Bo|h of their terms of office eiplro Deo. 81, - Edward Powers, of DoUvaii.Wis., wue in the city veatarday tbo'guest of T. G Paine. Mr. Powers Is Ue author of a book entitled, " War and Weather." A >i«le girl baby arrived at the bom of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bh»ffl«)d the other morning. The littje miis is doing nicely and appear* to enjoy Her uew borne. Cba*. Bohrooder, of Auborn. wtw city visitor today and will read T«» SHNTJMIK. for Ihe n«jct yeir. Mr. Sobroc- der»ay*helsa Hepublloan, but, M h want* the nawi bo tblnki he will have to lake T«» BKNTINBI- In order to got It Th»* Joyful fwMIng wUU tbe eibllarat Mil fttnitt of renewed UwHU aud MreogUi and internal olBftulluejii, which follow tbe we of S) rup of' Fjgi, la unknown she few who have not nrp«r«*s«l Iwyoud Ihe old (imo medicines »«f ||i« pheaf •timtfcs flouitdl waa offered MU> never na cepted by tho wull |uform«4< Buertff Jeffrey returned Iwtnigblfrom CUrlnda, where be had t«kea I Connor. Two of tbs Iwolnors of tbe lu aiue patient aeoompauiea him i«4to My« Dauber k»d » bard time «<mtu bin to U»e aayluw. i. W< JfoM*. while not iupo«iiful I volei aUwdof bla ticket «n office. Frank's friends will be pleased to know of his good fortune. Henrv Wilson, the postmaster atWel'h- ton, FlorWa, says he cured a case of diar- rhoea .,, .ong standing in six hours, with one small bottle of Chamberlain's colic, cholera and dlatrhoea'.remedy. IThat a pleasant surprise that must have been to Lho sufferer. Such cures are not unusual with tills remedy. In many Instances only one or two doses are required toj give permanent relief. It can always be depended upon. When reduced with water it is pleasant to take. For sale by J. W. liatton, druggist. The King's Daughters and Y. M. C.A. are working hard for the success of the lecture course. The first lecture will be "Dr. Jekyland Mr. Hyde." by Dr. |Robert ,N6urse next Wednesday evening. Nov. 28, and should be well attended, as the speaker Is highly recommended and will doubtless give his audience an .entertaining and instructive lecture. W. A. McGulro, a well known citizen of McKay, Ohio, is on the opinion that there Is nothing as good for children troubled with colds os croup as Chamberlain's cough remedy. He has used In his family for several years-with the best results and ' KASt litflttttt AMD BOOK Bt», ifr. and Mrs. John Shaver have anew, boru heir. G. A. Wetter has ft deep well now, Messrs. Leonard doing the work. George Rensburg Is teaching the winter term of school at Elk Huh. Geo. (Tetter sr. returned from Carroll last week where he has been doing duty as ft juror. Fred Klgert Is teaching In Sac county and his sister, Miss Nellie, in Lincoln district, Sheridantownship. Albert and Jennie Bell.who are students at the National Normal school In Glldden, made themselves useful on the night of the first by currying goods from the burn- Ing buildings. Miss Lulu Robinson, teacher at East Liberty, has beeri* twice, bereaved during Ihe past three weeks. An uncle and aunt have died of typhoid fever. Ellis Bested and Pearl Perkins were married on,Sabbath evening at Union, Kev.A. M. Elliott performing ihe ceremony. : ' i 0. • J1M ' whfefi f att Mb gel Just KB good at home «ii<f ftt tati ! prides! Oflr hag* ate nil hMlthy «bd iu ttri* dondltton. fartn two and One-quarter miles onh 81-at (JkW, BtueMB, Olidded, Iowa. COUNTY AUDITOB'S OWICE, CABBOIA Co., IA 1 Carroll, Iowa, NoV. 12th, 1894 f Board met persuant to adjournment, mem- bets present, W, Sexton, tt. fi. Oargln, Dan Morgan, O. Von Glan and CyHausmann. Minutes v of September session were read and on motion saute was approved. On motion adjourned tol o'clock p. m. AETBBgOOSf SBSSlOtr, Members all present, , On motion proeeed- ed to canvass the votes of trie general elec- always keeps a bottle of it in the house. After having In grippe he was himself troubled with a severe cough, flensed other remedies without benefit and then concluded to try the children's medicine aud to his delight it soon effected a permanent cure. 25 and 60 cent bottles for sale by J. W. Hatton, druggist. An error was made in the footings of the election table as published in the county papers, which makes it appear that Judxe Goldsmith:ran ahead of Mr. Beach in this county. Judge Gold, smith's total vote was placed at 2843 when it should have been 2149, a difference of nearly 200 votes. Both Republican candidates for judge ran behind, their ticket in this county and both the Democratic candidates ran ahead of their ticket, but Mr. Beach received 61 more votes than the judge. $1OO Reward, $1OO. The readers of lulu paper will be pleased to iirp (lint tue;o U at-leait dreaded diieas at acienoa hiis uaen able to oute la all Its tinge QdthatlscatHrrh. Hall's catarrh cure Is the oly positive cure now kuowu to the medical aternltr. Catarrh being a constitutional disuse, requires a ooustUutlonal treatment. Hall's catarrh cure U taken Internally, acting directly pou the blood and raucous surf aoei or the wm, thereby daatcoylng the foundation of the tsea»e, and gtvlug the patient strength by ulidinguo the constitution and assisting na- ure In doing IU work. The proprietors have o much faith In It* uuratlve powers, 'that they lerouebuudroil dollar* for any ease that it IlKtocura. Seutl for lUt of teitlmoalaU. Address V. 3- OIIENEV * CO., Toledo, 0. yaoidbi aruggins, 760. BODNDABOUT. The Roundabout Reading Circle was eoently organized by the Klng'u Danghtora and Y. M. 0. A., the officers •elaoted^baiog J. E. Smith, president, mi Miee Mamie Xrate, seoreiary. The irolo will meet thia evening at 8 o'clock with Mlaa Matie Wetburill, and all u»»m- barn of tUe Kiug'e Daughters and Y. M. 0. A,, «e well ns others rledriuR to be- pom* me ub >H of the oirole ure, cordially mittd to Ou prcaaut. The following program baa been arranged, the eubjeot (or the evening be- Dg, "Oliver Wendell Holmee:" PLKA8ANT HILL. What's the blessing !n a sand storm. The water In the river Is about all ice. Miss Delia Clark Is expected back from Mills county this week. Rev. Nelson was a guest of Wm. Raybuck last Sunday evening. Election returns did not engender any bad blood in this township. All hands have an office. 11. L. Squires got three gcod cows last week in Glldden at the rate of $1 per hun- dreo> MUs 'Agnes Slebert, of Ogle county, Illinois, Is visiting her sister, Afro. Sarah Ray buck. We regret to note that "Uncle" Cyrus Rhoads does not Improve any in health. P. C. Winter talks Incessantly of hard times, but has just completed an addition to his barn. A malady similar to acute rheumatism and la grippe combined has been amongst us. Miss Verda Gllley visited her aunt, Mrs Mina Johnson, last week In Coon Rapids. We, too, extend the right hand of fellowship to the new "Cor." from 3ft. Oarmel—, shake. Abram Willey has about 120 feet of water In his new drilled well. Mr. Bailey's child that was injured last week Is still unable to use his limb. Thos, Bedford is having a well made. Mr. Herges has charge of tbe work. The matter of correct time as is kept by the school teachers is being discussed some. IFe'll talk later. A series of revival meetings was announced last Sunday to begin two weeks from that date. Rev. Nelson will have charge and will procure able ministerial assistance impossible. -• ProfessorLowery, of Glidden.lsto teach a music class at the Pleasant Valley church. There conies an odor of wedding cake and the rumor of a first class wedding from near Carrollton. And a card for the best write up. Utading . **>*<***' MUlCOttMll .... .................... MlasTiate Mr*. J. 0. iMttt iutoor at o( the Break! a*t Table Mlu Olaratiusni I)Uou«»lon. Muslo ....................................... - Cure for Be»daohe, As a reu»«dy for all form* of naailaohe Kl»o- trio Hitler* h»< proved to be the voryboM, Il«K»ots a purwaueni owe and tb« moit dreaded ktbltu«l nlpk nwdaobas yield to tilt iBduoooe. We urge all who «ro (MBIotud W nraouie a bottia, Nnd give tbis remedy a fair »|»l, ino*»*»olh»l)ltualoouiUp»»ou KleoUrlo Hitlers cure* br giving the noedud tout to th» Kwil" and low omu» long Nilsithe us* o« Ibii medl«ln«. Try toaoe. I<«rg« Uvttle* OBI" WQBBU % J. W. llottou's Jruj .toro. 9 TKUFLKIOM HEMS. 3fiss Welle and Mrs. Uoru have closed out their millinery goods and are prepared to make all kinds of dresses. Joo. Walz.of Mt. Oarmel, was visiting friends here over Sunday. Jos. Fanguian Is now working for his twice divorced wife. Jno. Schoeppner and wlto were visiting near Roselle last Monday. The man was generpus( ?)who took one third of the crop and then placed the cash rent lease In the hands of a collector. We had the pleasure of attending a pleasant surprise party given by twenty- six of tbe young friends of Miss Dora Mack. At 10:80 supper was served which was greatly enjoyed by all. After a few hours of pleasant entertainment the party returned home, MT. CA1IHKI.. The frost put an end to fall plowing. Herman Hermaeu, of Dedheiu, was In our town Sunday. Charley PiUtlok and sister, of Culhouu county, were visiting In this neighborhood last Sunday. Charley used to sell nifdiolne for a Keokuk ilrrn. Peter Olbertz has his new wind mill raised. ^ Ben Brunie threshed hia corn fodder last week. Ue*ay» it wakes good (ted wheu threshed, Geo. Dleker and wife were down from SAO county last Saturday. George will be a farmer of Kuiest township in tbe future, George Wtlt returned home last Saturday from Uanbury. Our Tewpletou correspondent appeirs to be »leai«a at the appearance of • news gatlieier from tlilt point. Well, T. we will bo "in It" as long an we can'. A/laa Llule Daniel* left for Carroll last week, Geo. Jauulug* left for Unlbur Monday aud will »t»y there far »oiiie time. TtwbMl Ml«t in tbe world for Oats, irwr ••*•*, VMMr, M4 ftslUvely «•!•• MM r*4»lr«4, It l| fnuttMt** l» |li» I • • itiDBfed. ?rlo«»|t**l» J.VT, Htlto». How to Cur* nil Skin Dle«8»«", Oftrroll Market Report M'lOluUuMit. Noiolvroa) Ouras ttiwr. eownis, IW, M lace, luudi, uo*«, tlu,, miaoitar, white amJuwkiitiy, lu ami ouravlvo iiowwn UNI WM««»«O<I VMMMljr. Ask your druijUt << tlott of 1894. On tooHon ndjoiirned as a board of canvassers to 1 o'clock p. rri. Wednesday, Nov. 14th. . NOVEMDEH13TH. . , . Board tnet, members aH present. f • ,0n motion proceeded to admit bills. On motion. Thos. Rich was appointed poor commissioner for the city of-Carroll. , On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock tomorrow. NOVEMDEK 14TH. Board met, members all present, On motion proceeded to admit bills. U being deemed by the board that the safe in th'e treasurer's office is not sufficiently secure, the following named persons were uponlmoMon anpoln'el a committee to view and examine said safe: W. L. Culbertson, J. P. Hess, C. A. Mast, C. C. Colelo, Warren Garst, H. W. Macoinber, J. S. Thomas and A. Becker. Said committee being notified of its appointment appeared at the treasurer's office and upon thoroughly, examining said safe submitted the following report: NOVEMDEK 14m, 1894. To the Honorable Board' of Supervisors', Carroll county, Iowa. GENTLEMEN :— We the undersigned, acting on your request, have made a careful investigation of the safe now in use in the county treasurer's office and we believe that it does not give the county sufficient security for the money in the treasury, and that the board would bo warranted in purchasing a new safe for that purpose, and wo would recommend that they do so at once. J. P. HESS, C. C. COLCLO, C, A. MAST, J. S. THOMAS, WABBEN GAHBT, A. BECKEU, W.L. CULBEBTSON, H. W. MACOMBEB. On motion adjourned to 1 o'clock. . AFTBBNOON SBSSTON. Members all present. On motion tho matter of completing the canvass of votes was taken up and the following persons wore declared elected, as shown by tally sheet and election record on file in auditor's office: County auditor, W. P. Hombach. Clerk of district court, W. H. Mohr Count} Recorder, Jos. Eempker County attoiney, Geo. W. Eorte. County supervisor, A. G). Steelo Justice of the Peace, Jasper townswip, A. F. Mulcn Justice of tho peace, Jasper township, H. Wetter Constable, Jasper township, G. A. Wetter Constable, Jasper tosvnship, J. W. Riedeael Justice of tho Peace, Sheridan township, L. A. 'Jennings Justice of tho peace, Shoridan township, P.F. Buchholz Constable, Sheridan township, Martin Kesler. Constable, Sheridan township. J. Bruce. Justice of tho Peace, Kniest township f. B, Wichmor. Constable, Knieat township, B. Weinpo. Constable, Knieat township, J. Sturm. Justice of the Peace, Whcatland township, C Brunlng. Justice of tho Peace, Wheatland township- W Kostor. Constable, Wheatland township, J Franzen. Constable, Wbeatlund township. F Geuzel. Justice of tho Peace, Arcadia township, J Eleesplos. Justice of the Peace, Arcadia township, G E Hooli. Constable, Arcadia township, M Mohor. CoiiBtable, Arcadia township, B H Brim- niug. Justice of the Peace, Carroll township, Win Lynch. Justice of Uio Peuco, Carroll township, Bred Caspary. > Countable, Carroll township, L Simons, Justice of tho Pouoo, Grant township, H B linseltou. .1 iwttoe of tho Peace, Grunt township, Vic Seliirk. Coustuble, Grant township, Geo Wnrnhg, C'onstablo, Grant towuHlilp, John Boyoo. Justice of the Peace, Glkldou township,* 1 G Rust. Justice of the Peace. Gllddou township, Jus Lua, Conatublo, Gllddou to\vushl|>, Win Suborn CoimUkble, Gllddon township, R 0 Kylo. Juntico of the Poaco, lllohland towueJilp, M Tumor, Justice of tho i'ouco, lUchluud township, B McDonald. Constable, Rtohhind township. J Murkloy. Jusllco of tho Ponce, Plouuuut Valley to\tu- gliip, Juhn llnokuiuu. J iiaUco of tho 1'oauo, Pleuiwut Vulloy town- olilp, F Turoohuuk. I'oiibtublo, Pluuwml Valloy township) John Unto. Coimtablo, Plouaaiit YtUluy towuuhlp, Cloo Bulk Justice of tho Pouco, Hoaollu township. I W Hoiluwn. Jnslioo of tUo Puttoo, Uosollo towimhip, B Hummaoh, C'unsUtblo, ItueoUo lowunliiu, John WUIou- bury. I'oui'tublo, itoeeHo township, Win Him- Justice of the Peace, Eden township, t 9. Overmlte. ' Justice of the Peace ( Eden township, P fiochstattefi Constable, Kclen township, S Stevens. Constable, fiden township, M 3 Hutley. Justice of the Peace. Newton township, 3 A Edgett. Justice of the Peace. Newton township, K H AgueW, • , Constable, Newton township, D B Hughes. Constable, Newton township, H Thomas Justice of the Peace, Union township, John Heater. Justice of the Peace, Union township, J I Hale. Constable, Union township, R TJ Smith Constable, Union township, J C Hampton Motion made that the board purchase a new safe for county treasurer's office. Motion allotted..;.i 200 Hefman Ltjchtet, Judge of election 6 00 c. auiiman, " " eon JohH tioetfeh, " " "'. 6W Wm. tnerenfeld, oltrk " 600 Anton Polking, " " 600 Ch»«. A. Ftichs, constable, asked f3; allowed.. 1*"° Jos. scarce*, judge ot election 6 00 J. C. Prater, " " 600 carried. On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock a. m. to morrow. KOVEMBEB 15lH, Board met, members all present. On motion proceeded to audit bills. On motion the contract with the Carroll Steam Heating Co. was renewed at same rate as before. Treasurer was on motion Instructed to transfer the following funds to the county fund: Surplus in domestic animal fund, $347.91; all of treasurer's percentage fund, of permanent school fund and interest fund. Auditor waa on motion iurtruoted to draw warrant on county fund for $20.25 to L. G. Brown for painting and repairing roof of county jail. Also to cancel all wnrranta of 1889 Issue, which have remained uncalled for. Petition for vacation and location of highway on section 27-84-33, was granted as prayed for upon condition that the crossing over rent for election .................... 6 00 0. A. Bflltenmnn, oiork of election ........ 6 CO Frank ttagen, -Totm O'Donnell, Judge John Dentllnger, " N. ft. Noble, " J. H. Papo, clerk J.. I. Maze, " loula Simon, cenatable, asked $2.75; allowed ................................. •• Chtls ornbe, Judge of election ..... ....... Ed.81gnal . " " ............. W.P. Hopkins " " ........... ,T. Brunnler, oletk " ............. C. D. Dewing,' " " ............. Fuel, light abd room rent for election, Mandlog. ......................... • ...... James Thompson, Jndgs of election ...... Wm. Trowbrldge, " " ....... ,TIIB. MoSelll, ' " - " ....... John Sohachtner, clerk " ...... C. L. Hnlley, " " ....... K. N. Merchant, judge " ........ 0. n. Coloio, " W. L. Culbertaon, clerk W. O. Bleb, judge W. Llever. " Frank Kallenberg, " N. M. Blxby. clerk Geo. A. Hodman, " John Ringer, Judge V. V. Berger, " C. H. Hoeft, P. W. Young, J. B. Kniest, clerk tho right of way of the C. & N-W. By. Co. be repaired and put in good condition, as per contract, within six months from this date. Petition for refunding of tax on nK neK of section 36-85-33 arid n 26 ncres'of s}£. ne# of section 36-85-33, was on motion laid over to January session. Petition of W. L. Culberteon for abatement of tax on lots 6,7 and 8, block 23, Carroll, on account of loss by fire, was on mo- ting laid over to January session. Official bond of John Sturm, constable, was on motion approved. Treasurer was on motion instructed to abate tax on lot 5, block 65, on account of charity. Official bonds of M: 3. Eeeler, constable, and O. Horton, soldier's relief commissioner were on motion approved. Petition of H, Biedesel to refund $3.50 road tax was on motion rejected. Hetition pf Geo. W. Pnino to abate tax of 1880 on e 18}£ acres of nw so and s 12K acres of nw,sc, 27-85-33, was on motion referred to county attorney. Petition J. H. Dniker for abatement of tax on account of erroneous assessment was on motion rejected. On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock a. m. tomorrow. MOVEMBEB IGXH. Board met, members all present. Auditor was on motion instructed to purchase two volumes of eitherBissell'sor Conk- lln's Justice. Treasurer was on motion instructed to abate tax of 1893 on homestead of Mrs. Priestly on account of charity. On motion proceeded to audit bills. On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock a. m. to morrow. NOVKUBEH 17TU. Board met, members all present. Treasurer was on motion ^instructed to refund to Mrs. J. O'Donnell $1.89 out of 1893 tax on account of wrongful assessment. Action of auditor In drawing the following warrants during vacation was on motion ratified and approved: B. T. Jeffrey, railroad faro to tho reform school, $25. / John L. Powers, postal cards, $3.50. John L.' Powers, stamped enveloped, $22.3). J. Nurro, potatoes for poor furiu, $58.U5. Iowa State Register, publishing Leg, not 85 conU. E. Q. Boyco, drilling well on poor farm, $150.25. Carroll city, water for jail, $ti. Auditor was Instructed "to transcribe part of transfer books Nos. 1,2 and 8. On motion ho was allowed tho foca of tho oftleo for 1894 for doing said work. Tho following petitions for abatement of Mulct tax, on account of others not being us- sesaed, wore on motion rejected, to-wlt: Orovonit Mouruau. Julius Rubeok. JCIIH Hanson. John Hanesou. Joo Foldnmu. Report of auditor of fees collected from Septompor 1st to November 1st, was read and sumo was ordered tiled, Amount ool- loctod, $X>,7&, Oinulitl bond of A. Krctzlugor, township olork, was on motion approved. Ou motion further notion for abatement of Mulct tax wus postponed until Tuonday, November 27. Ou motion bourdi resolved I tool f lutoa ooiumit!|p to visit poor tarin 60 525 625 626 626 625 1M 600 500 600 BOO 500 700 600 600 600 500 600 460 460 4M 450 460 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 600 600 600 600 600 ,T. M. Bojce, Judge F. O. Walteradort, " Fred Sporleder, " Oeo. Jeffries, clerk " ....... H. He»sllngh, " " Ueo. Wornlng, constable, asked ?8; •llowed • »«» James A.Ohambera, judge of election.... 6 00 D. A. Blither, " " 600 Wnllcr Bennett, " " 600 James O'Herron, clerk " 60ft- Theo. Fort, " " 600 Weo. Berrjman, Judge " „„.;. 5Q» o. Horton, " " BOO M. Elliott, " "I BOO JJ. S. Tliotn, clerk " B 0» n. F.EvortS, " " BOO Jessie Ltssman, constable, asked $6; allowel 260 Room rent (or election,' asked f 2; rejected. U. Ycnteloher, Judgo or election 450 t. Groarman, " " < BO 0. B. Crlttenden, " " * «Q F Turocheci, clerk " tfO J.R. Willfy, " " 4W> John Gute. constable, asked $4.00; allowed 3 25 600 600 600 600 4BO 460 450 4 60 4W 6 at 52» 635 6% 696 600 600 600 COO 600 B. Puttmann, clerk ol election 600 John OsUorne, " John ElBchRld. judge John Behorens. " Adam Theln, " Adain Sting, " Hnns Moller, " 3. R. Ralph, " C. H. Flcnker, cl?rk J. A. Buck, " Q-o;F. RUT, judge .1.1!. Maoka, W. Z. Scott. Frank Sclmetter, o erk, E. E. Edwnrds, J. A. Pnwvel, H. W. Bruce, Rll shlrlte, judg Ben Edwards, S. B. Harvey. Davlil B. Hughei, constable, asked $6; " allowed • 800 j. w. Stuckenhruck, Judge ot election 6 60 T. B. Ramsey, •• " .... 660. John Parker, " " .... 660 A. KreWInger, clerk " -.-• 66tt Geo. Kretstnger, " " •••• 6» B. Pullman, township clerk .778 Adam Theln, erecting booth, asked $1.50 nllow«rt "•••• • 10 ° H Bongtord, preparing place for election 3 M Mra. Peters, olennlnu school after election ;.: •••• •••••'•• 1 * J. V. Macka, returning poll book 200 Center Ind. Dirt. PI. Valley, cleaning school after election. •• 900 Ell tihirkv, trustee, s»ttle with township clerk, asked $1; rejected. KIIBblikt), returning poll book 2 W frank Turwheak, returning poll book.... 8 00 arranging for election.. 100 ChrU Urnbe, getting election lupplles.... 200 i. >< returning poll book a 00 AUBIM SUing. " " " .... 209 Eil. jUnat. raturnlng ballots 2 00 T. U. Jantsen, " poll books 200 (jco. Wotter, ' 200 T.»mb*r»," " " 8* Thou. Blob, delivering bulloU 800 F. (1. Wultermtorr, oleanlug school alter election mid repairing iatti». 4 00 V Kret'lngfr, rMurnlng poll book 400 idax Roltlur, room rout for election ft 00 A. PoUhig, letting up booth, asked II; allowed •• W U, Luohtol, vetting up booth, asked II; M or Ooolldga»u(i Martin want all accounts due the,Wjpald »t ono«. Therefore the book! »M<1 apoouuU h»vo beau loft with Marllo A.Majrtlu for collodion, ^ .lOH KltMl'KBll. Polaud Obina. I hav« aom» l»rg», thrifty I'ohad Obiu* )»««» for ea|« Ibai a Why a»nd off t/Df bi«aaii)« J unUoo of Uio Pouuu, Wushiutftoii towutltlp, i liutlijon, Juatloepf UioPeuoo, Waahluutou tuwualiiii, CMlluU, Constable, Woahlutftou to\vu«hlpi U lilut)!. C'oiutttble, WiwuluuUm luwushlp, O. 0, SKkUwaun, *ottlutf up booth, ask«d Trcuaurcr wua on motion instructed to ro- fund U) J. H. Noblo > out of ItttK! tax ou lotb, blouk 6, Wuttloa' let udd., Carroll, on uucuuut of orruuoous uiwesiimuut, On motion udjouruitd to Q o'clock u, in. TuoBduy, Novoiutwr 'J7Ui. •During tho Novumbursuasionlliofollow- lug bllU were allowud or r^uetiKl us slAtud bulow, ftiul us show n by roKiilur of ulwlm* ou Illu lu tho auditor's ullloo, knd. auditor w»s liutmoiwd toil row warrant! lu imyuiaiit of i*uine: COUMTV ruNii, Uoo, W»4«r »r., ]ud|i« of oleotton 6 00 Andtow Aarouli, " " 500 lloury WlutOf Jr., > <> « 00 Uuo. W. Autoiit, uoii»Ublo, ttdkoa $10| ulluwud aw Frank UoUoy,»lurkuf eluctlou •• . 600 Oeo. Witt, setting up booth, wtked U; allowed ........................ • ........ W K. V. Uviugstouo, room root for olcoUou 6 <0 J. U.O'liounull, rvluruliiK pollhoakt ..... 2 00 J. 0. Havens, room rent for election ..... 500 J. 0. Haven*, letting up aud tiding down voting boot li« unit storing «uw« avrar .... 60 J, L. Barger, tHUiig up booth* ........... 4 CO Htev« Klnoiau, " " asked »l; ulloweil ................................. 200 K. Hvg'ili, niuriilug (toll booki ........... 200 " totllnit up Uooth ................ ,100 •> dr«y»il<( on booUm .............. tt K»rli'ai»on«,oru)a«« on booth ........... W Jin. M. liojoc, telurnliu poll hooki ...... 2 M Pole r ilottuiftii, room rent for election. ... 6 00 j. U. rape, gutiiug UullvU aud eleolton ««uppli«* .................... • ...... -.....- VOt J. U.Vape, po»iluglvultuoUwc*Wt.,..,. 9 M " MttlnK uji bootU*. Mked M; nlloviod ..... . .......... , ............... 8 CO J. H. r»l«, t»Vliuj down booth, atked 111; allowed ................................ 2W II. U«Mllugb, pwilUK Initiuotluu o«rji. 2 00 •• miiluK up bouth* tiuJ dray. 9 W W, V. IIOKtOd, of Uio I'ouuoi \Varrou tovvuultiti, \Yui JoUunau. Juotloo of tho 1'ouoo, wurron towmdiip, U UoUr, , \Vurreu luwnslilii, U Wurfeu worth, Uobt. ChW. I,. A Juiiuluun, i'tilt, UttruhvU, Huurj Ulcke, i. U. UoeUlnv, «!«» io L, 60Q B» 51IB 000 OHO (00 6UI 000 CurUr* Uuuuj, voumitiuoili* .......... ur t'uiirt houie.... . Juhn (llM>, luterrupilon o( ichool work aud oloftlllnu ii'liuvl atlvr vliWUou, aakua »i; rfjfowi A. U. Arnold, tunui fur iltfllv«rln« Uull»t«. M, Koloy, mom Kill (ur oleottwv ••••..., j, j . Uounliuu, ltv*ry (or Uollwrlug b«l- lou ................................... . t'htl. tioruuoU, tintuo work .......... .... (or «l«otloo, B 00 400 900 S. lituoh, pr«(>«rUm tur eluotlou, on Kut !*«««•

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