The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 4
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THt MALVEfr* ULAOtft, MALVtRE, IOWA, PECEMfefeft It, lij| LOCAL NEWS OF IN M\LVERN tern irteadft *rttl appredat* having tfcttr ttatt etitomaa, Pnot* 1M. mtnttontd it Mr. and Mr*. Louis Wedemnist and son. Donnte, of Randolph and Mr. and Mr*. Harry AIl*lj-. 3t. •were guests to the Robert Campbell bom* Bandar. Henry Kims of Stranaa Was to toirn Saturday. /T\r. flow long has it been since you took your wife out to dinner? Our three * course Sunday dinners for forty cents are exceptional values! Reservations for our Christmas dinner must be made before Sat Dec. 23. Malvern Tea Room Phone A Philco That's one present the entire family will en- Joy. See this world's largest selling radio before you decide. Priced within reach of all. $22.50 and up. Battery sets too. $49.50 and up. White Rpse= ^Service Station Malvern, la. W. E. WARNER, Prop, Mrs. O. 8. Eaerett leaves today for Hastings, f?ebr. to visit over the holidays with her daughter, Mrs. Paat Gates, and family. Mr. Eacrett will go o«t Sunday to visit over Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Ltoyd Mathoti&nd drove to Council Bluffs Monday evening to visit ate mother. Mrs. Bess MnlboUand. at the Edmundson hospital. Mrs. E. C. Kayton, Mrs. Nelle Woods, and Miss Alice Bently drove to Council Blnffs Monday afternoon to visit Mrs. Walter Malholland in the Jennie Edmundson hospital. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Summers and daughters, Mrs. Harry Sbep- ard and lean, with Galen Boles as driver autoed to Fremont, Nebr. Thursday to attend the funeral of their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Cleon Summers, who passed away at the Covenant hospital Tuesday morning after an operation Monday morning. fiance at the Glenwood Armory Christmas night sponsored by the American Legion. Frank Hodek and Billle Myer's radio broadcasting orchestra will play. adv. Mrs. Waiter Mulholland entered the Jennie Edmnndson hospital Friday and on Saturday submitted to an operation. She is getting along as well as could be expected. Miss Laurene Fagan ot Dawson came Friday for a visit with her cousin, Elinor Farquhar. They and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farquhar spent Saturday In Omaha. Here's your chancel A trial offer ot THE OMAHA BEE-NEWS, 70 days Daily and Sunday by mall, on rural routes or in non- carrier boy towns, for only fl.OO. 13tf. Oeorge Dobney from near Emerson was In town Tuesday afternoon and called to have The Leader sent to him again. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hall are moving to Yankton, So. Dak. the first of next week where Mr. Hall has charge of a shoe store and Is already at work there. Wm. Warner, U. R. Graves. R.J W. Salvers, W, P. Wortman, C. R. Brewer, Oscar Finkle, Lloyd Landis, and W. D. McCausland drove to Emerson Monday evening to attend the meeting of the Mills Masonic Circle. from DEARDORFFS Grocery Your Richelieu Store The store where you can buy quality goods at reasonable prices every day in the week. SPECIAL FOB SATURDAY Sugar, 10 Jbs 51c Advo Mince Meat, 1 Ib. jar . 15c Heinz Catsup, large size , , 21c Jelly, mint flavored, » »«• «!•«. 15e Miss O«*c»«a QWtey Friday from Ltndwrood in St, Coathw, Mo. to *pead tb* it«»d*yt wit* **r parents and trteftd*. Jota Fratfwr has been transferred from Red Oak to Malvern by his company, tn« Standard Oil and WiB have caarg« fit tb* Malvern station a* soon aft arraftte- wents can b« made tor checking him in. Mr. Frailer is a Malvern boy and we are pleased to bav* him return to a*. Mrs. i. F. Wearin and Mr*. I V. Parsons drove to Red Oak Tuesday afternoon to attend the Christmas party given by the P E. O. Mrs. Amelda Hass and daughters, Elsie and Marian, eaute up from Clarinda Saturday morning to attend the funeral ot George Rimel and were dinner guests of the former's aunt, Mrs. M. fi. Boston. Mr. and Mrs. Reael Harms* and Dickie, Mrs. A. 3. Marshal! and Miss Helen Marshall spent Wednesday In Council Blnffs and Omaha. Frank Rimel ot Houston, Texas and John Rimel of Wayne, Nebr. were dinner guests Bnaday of their aunt, Mrs. M. E. Boston, and G. C. Boston. Henry Wearin came In the first of the week from Carlton, Nebf. to be with bis brother, Joe. during bis operation at the Edmundson hospital John R. Clark of Henderson was in town Tuesday and called at our office to order a couple of Leader subscriptions for Christmas presents. Leader subscriptions make welcome and lasting Christmas gifts. Our good friend, T. M. Als- trope, of Tabor Is reported very sick again. On Monday his condition became worse and he sank into a state of coma from which he bad not rallied at our latest report. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farquhar drove to Guthrie county Tuesday where Mrs. Farquhar will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Lisle, over the holidays. Elinor goes up today and they will all be there for Christmas. Mr. Farquhar is working up in that vicinity now, appraising farms for the Farm Loan corporation. Dr. and Mrs. D. M. Kline and Mr. and Mrs. Andy J. Berkhtmer drove to Emerson Tuesday evening to attend the chicken pie supper given by the W. R. C. Miss Dorothy Durbin, student in the State University in Iowa City, came in yesterday morning and will spend her holiday vacation at home. . Gene Herts and. .Marjorte Donner, who are* students in the Nebraska State Teachers' college at Peru, are expected home today to spend their holiday vacation. Mr. and Mrs. 8. 8. Boord, Catherine and Lee and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, were shopping in Omaha Saturday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. Lester Saar and the children have been confined to their home by illness the past week or BO but all are now improving nicely. Miss Dorothy Boehner came in from Lincoln to spend the Christmas holidays at home. She 1* attending the Nebraska University, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hall and W, W. Aistrope made a trip fo Des Moines Tuesday and visited the state banking department. They also visited in Winterset enroute, Oscar Hall left last week for Yankton, So. Dak. where be has bought a shoe repairing and accessories shop and has already taken possession, Mrs, Hall is packing up their household goods and will move there soon Mr*, i. f. fcttBftfd cftfire ta Tttwsday tttgM from Albany, N. *. to ttett ettr t** fcoHd»y» wftft fc«r t*t»*r. M. T. B*vf», aad etntr Mrs. a a Summer* ot Straban and Mrs. C, T 1 . twvis tw* ««th of Marttra ttsftsd Friday afternoon wit* t*«tr «stw, Mrs. Eta Durbin. Firemen Reflect Old Officer* at Ballotthig Chantry A«hi OiW «f cAl y0ftNite«r Fh* Nearly always w*n MtWtfod with tb«tr official ctatt at* members 6t tfeft Malrsrn Ve&aftteer Fire Department. At their aa««ai elections h*id t*c. It, to* Bremen roted to retain their old group of ottt*rs and the attty change was In the board ot tfa*- We will have everything the "old boy" would want to send out, Suggest; A Radio, Electric Sweeper, Toilet Accessories, Gaudies, Books, Cigars and Pipes, and lots of other things we can show you, Come in and look around. Beautiful Pyralm Toilet Sets at $6.50 down. Razor Seta aud Toilet Sets for men only, Sox Candy for that girl of mine? Cigars for father, Cigarettes for brother, Mother will certainly Uke any of our wonderful gjfta ^ of wbich we h*ve plenty. Sheftflfer'a Pen Set* »t 80 per cent off. KADETTE Junior Radio DISTANCil 3UPEB* « spoto, Juet toy oaet No, ML 5 tuUei, only J88.6Q, long and abort wiv«u to and -W^ff ^^^^^ • The officers: F. R. Chantry, chief. 3. K. Belt, assistant chief. W. F, Austin, secretary. Dr. D. M. Kline, treasurer. Frank Herts, captain. Glen Dairymplft, first assistant J. R. McFall, second assistant. Trustees. F. 8. Hlggfns, Albert Kelson, and R. W. Mansfield. No other action was taken at the meeting. A Hearty "Thaak You" I Wish tn this way to thank these men who donated their work hauling gravel on the Wes- lep Chapel project: Marion Wise. John Walter, Alfred elites, Jack Hudson. Ralph Wilson, Walter Sowers, Berts Sowers, Parker Bros., and Ray Oranteer. I also appreciate the good work done by the shovel men. E, P. Plumb, foreman. Legion Meeting Regular meeting ot Harry Hammons Post American Legion will be held next Tuesday evening. Dec. 21, in the Legion rooms in the Community build- Ing. I* ft. BtfbWtt, Pastor t*t'» l*v* * t**1 tfcrlrtsMM «- t*»d*s« at the Bible school tltt last Saflday before Cnflftma*. town* ot Cnrtttina* wrnwn In the tftorBlBlf, "ChtfcHWai Whit- Ing* 4 ot "Wtettng ?«**.« In the *venteg at 1:4* t&fc jwrafer children ot tfc» Sunday tefcoel Will gtve a «tert ptosrafflf foltowinf It tfc* older frofcag p*6- pi* win rendet a ChrUtmas pag- tttat. Aft BteHng win %« Uken. W* wtth re* * Cartttmas wit* teach Joy and oae where the eter- iastiaf gifts may be teany. Jtttfaetttt Methodist Men Cut and Haul Wood for Church on Friday Twenty -eight Respond Call and Put in Wintor's Supply Last, Friday was "Wood Chop-, piag*« for the men, of the e^e^d^ ft?c^ dA^r^or'kr In response to the call issued the' first of the week z& men responded with well-whetted axes and sharpened-saw* and went to the woods down on the J. B. Fickel farm. Here they worked with such excellent results that before night time they had cut five big truck loads of good wood and hauled them and a load of dry wood they bad left over from last winter to the church and parsonage and safely put away.,part of the men worked at the church splitting and putting away a big pile of chunks that had'been loft over from last spring and piling and putting away the loads when they arrived from the timber,' W, A. Bower brought bis power saw to the timber and quickly sawed the wood in proper lengths as the trees were cut down, B, J, Lookabll) was foreman of the crew working in the timber and F. R, Chantry of the job at the church and R. W, gajyera looked after thf» hauling which was done and donated by- Marion Wise and John" Waller, . After ailing the church baa* meat fuel room another huge pile was ricked up Outside and tbe« 2H loads were takes to the par* eonage for use there, At noon the ladies gf the chujffib, served a big djaae* to the ba*e* meat of the clmreh, enjoyed by the Wwn the work,> : ,«V. •' The lug o,»j|ttu. .„ church is now flUJJeJ.toir Roy A Ottfetef. Pastor We art grateful to vvefyone who helped make tin thurch wood chopping bee ft stieceae fast Friday, la o«r appterfatioa w* would mention especially the Messrs. John Wallet and Marlon H. Wise who haal*d all the wood la their tracks. The choir will practice In the parsonage Friday at ?:IO p. m. Services sett Sunday Witt be as follows; Sunday school at 10 a, m., worship at ii a. m., and the Batiday school Christmas service at 6 p. at. The tension subject in the morning wilt be "The Birthday of a King." Than will be no Epworth League tot* Sunday. We bellere the "White Gifts for the Ring*' Christmas semw, which the Sunday school is hat- Ing Sunday at £ p. m,, holds pos- j sibliities ot great blessing for those who enter wholeheartedly; into it We suggest that all who hare the detailed instructions of; how to enter Into this service, which came with the pastor's Christmas letter, study these carefully again, The gifts of Service and Self will need thought and prayer. Forward steps into a fuller Christian life will make this Christmas really worthwhile for you. One gift of service that we hope all members and friends of our church will not fail to give la an hour of their time in being present at this service. Whether or not you enter into any phase of the program as it is explained in the instructions we want your freseatfr. «*#* win to * trwt to* tl» €fc«df«m «*8 **» the ertdlB roll, t*gte*Brl, te»fy, atfi fttnlof 4«ptrt»intt. Agnes Bottim, Zfttta and JJf* title Oolns, Veim* and Left tsf, and C*t1 Toms Omaha last Saturday beneld ninf at i tfBtlftg treats for C . . THEATER s FRIDHY.HT8BHY f«tt Tmcy, May Ol*A in "TURN BACK THE CLOCK" Suggestions for Last Minute Buyers 50c Pocket Knives 29c Mixing Bowl Seta —$1 $1.50 Watches .,$1,25 Coaster Wagons M to $9,49 DoWs ,-^.aSc and. 50« 500 Shot Air . Rifles $1,60, X984 Eleetric and - Battery • * v Radios ,- ^$39,95 Bicycles, $89.50; v«li|B, , a Real No Eating at Home Today Cried Olaf Twlrppeabfink when he heard ot the Big Free Barbecue in Malvern Saturday, join Olaf in sink* ing your pet store teeth In the delicious sandwiches of barbecued beet. And, too, tt you're the least bit fortunate yon may hate a big free bird for the Christmas dinner. Incidentally, Mr. Twlrppen- brink is wearing one ot our swank overcoats and a nob- by Hart Scbaffner A Man suit which make the ladies practically cry for him. More where they came from and these tine suits and overcoats are genuine bar-, gains at the prices we're asking. J. E. RANDERSON Don't Miss the Big Wee BARBECUE SATURDAY. HKsr in co — a tHHrt from start to An* lufa. ttmey at his bm*i««. AIM Oftw. CtuM wmedy, "Hie Kid from Adnn 106.88* SUNDAY • iOMPl Dee. JM-aft 8L1M SUMMSttmUS. ^ ZAKt? WOTS in "HER FIRST MITE" tost One Big Lftttgh all tha war through; ISro Be«l« of Pnn. WEDNESDAY ONLY ~ , Dec. ftT' BIO BARGAIN NIOHT Bdmttnd lowe, Wyne Gibeon in "HER BODY OUIRD" Also Selected Short,, ' Adro. 50-lOc. \'« , STARTS BUN., DEO.,80 — OREATEST SHOW EVER JMADE — "FOOTUOHT Speed up your last rusK of Chrfetmas shopping by buying here: ; . , ^ dreds x df suggestions fp| e ." •- ' ~ s*T "- x.3 1 „ on out c,o^nt0r|..:, ^_ { , rr , TW77 ,,. youmn§W&j|br \v4haye:a piunbert f * - • •" -"^ili$• " ;< "'<" :: "•'-' -•""•' -' "i - i-'/Ai- :u:;<*-.;ii of iuitafcl§ ones :»,-, JV:Ag^4ftctpnce<^ - - • ' -X>^* f -VA^;:l * -, -. «&&wWg$, KM? i j -,. ^, —*j..uwji Art.i.y^ foj»-theMg;fre^ ,-;$ iicious;BiahSwi(?He8 for,111 v: f > v"7 '^^^j^l^^'r'^"! ,'-'4l-.'' v '.'^'- : "'- *•'. ''.''-'•'-? &*£.' ;ife'j£l^€^L^j^^^i^S^A^-l&^^^ -*!• . County Attend !*»«. JBM)|ff&>j$lui$ nBif&iA "' •C-c-^C^ f //€ m ii. &,

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