The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUTA" 7, 1948 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Dewey Will Seek 35-Cent Mice Aid in Search \ii • c IL For Cure for Dread Cancer Votes in South She's a Tall Texan But Can Show Easterners How to Play a Piano PAGE THKEK 'Ey, Halberr, See the Baby Homnibus Republican Candidate For President Makes Dates Down in Dixie PAWLING, N. Y., July 6. —(UP) —Gov. Thomas E. Dewey. Republican standard bearer, will Invade the traditionally Democratic south during ihe presidential campaigns, It was disclosed yesterday. The governor will niake at least one major campaign speech in North Carolina, where tn 1944 lie received approximately 40 per cent of the vote when he ran against the late Franklin D. Roosevelt. lie will jJJ*lso speak In Maryland. ' While the campaign is only tentative at present, Dewey Is committed to make the No'rlli Carolina and Maryland speeches. He has also agreed to attend a Republican picnic in Indiana nnrt visit Plat Head Like in Montana. The Indiana and Montana appearances, may not necessarily be during the campaign. Dewey met newspaper reporters on the big porch of his Quaker Hill farm. He said he had been rest- Ing and readinc current events— especially developments abroad. "I have been reading and resting and have no politics to discuss with you," he. told reporters !»)• Robrrl Musrt [some ye.trs ago nnd now 1« tesll (United l*rru Staff forrrtpondrnt) her voice to see If It has oiiem NEW YORK <U!»—Lorene Me- possibilities she die\v the • Cllntock, who Is tall and Tcxim. held up the thumb mid forefinger (hat helped her conquer New York. "That's what I showed by publisher." she drawled. "I said anyone who could learn to hold his (iiiRcrs this far apart (about two illustrations for her piano txwk " Apparently," she snlil. "I thought of something no one ,etse ever did You've looked at notes on a sheet of musk, haven't you? Well. 1 worked out the Intervals between notes and made Hide paper model* of piano keys so that players cnu A trio of pampered mice at Sloan-Keltering Institute is weighed on - . ------ - -- — — 1> — ..^. ft ..^4 ~.. . fttid about the kids I was teaching. laboratory scales lo check their health. As "guinea-pigs" in cancer re- : ' lolrt , 1:lm '° *' vc m y 'interval search with chemicals, they are probably the best eared-tor mice any-! ^{'^ l ,° ""it""* 11 '" Wa '- tcd '° where in the world - --i -- *- •— ~i ,...».... n^j.T a., null, imiyers ctiu Inches! could learn lo play the j gauge the distance between not« I' 1 " 1 ' 0 - wilh Ihcli eyes nnd link them with Hie publisher was skeptics!. He ' the spread of the tinners said genlly that dozens of people j "Like tills thump and foreltiiKer Ihlnk they liave new ways of learn- | Once a pupil nets the spare on Ilia Ins lo play the piano but It was j music linked with the space he's a sad avid historical truth that- H used on the key models tie mri took n lot of study and a lot of j play bj sight- tt's easy and I've P rn « icc '. ! tnught It (o dozens of veterans in 'Thais when I got mnd." said I hospitals up here In less than three toronc, a sturdy, competent look- I weeks." ing brunette. "I told him about ! Miss McCllntock made a gesture the boys In my UJ3.O- club In Slay- I which seemed to dismiss the •('! ton. Texas, durlnp, Ihe war, I told states and territories him about the wounded veterans "Down In Texas" she said "we I'ictures and Text By Arthur Kickerby Xl'A Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (NBA) — Sixteen thousand mice squeak contentedly in their air-conditioned tower high over Manhattan — invited hou-:e guests in one of the big city's nc\v- while allowing normal cells to llv. These have proved Ineffectiv outside the test tube, but knowledge, of their existence . spurred scientists to look for othe - Anrt <)),) nc ? "Sure," said ix>rene, imklug It sound like slio'. "I was bigger than him anyway and I think he figured the I I really had something or I would ' not be so confident. Well, he sent ' out about 50 copies of 'Teach piano' and | . think of tlicse things." Psychosomatic Medicine Advised tor Mental Ills ren of California, by telephone rtur- I specially prepared vitamin-iiik-d lug the weekend. He has also talked t diet, they enjoy hospitality at ,<s with Sen. Arthur H. Vandenbmg,' best a.-, white-clad technicians mov- COLUMBUS. O. (UP)— Psychosomatic medicine Is suggested ns the treatment for those two-thirds of man's Ills which include mind which" «ill"cmHrol ^an- yo'm-sclT'to Hay "'the Pl'ano"and | nnt » e'ii"ll""al disturbances, cer in the human body | pretty soon there he was pantum I ,. , I '-' 1WI> ™ Weiss, professor of Experiments with chemical com- I ^ J>-' ,^- ,««,!>: \ ve^ty! 'e^^ed " tlT"* ycT ' ' somatic medicine Is Ihe "slmul- is Mccliniock is « Southern [ancous application of pscholou- | leal mid physiological analysis in -•• .•--• - ,-jrtcrs. j guests in one of tlie big city's new-I rxiicrimenis uiiii ,.i,«,,,i,...i ,.„,., I »l mv door, with n cumiiici >-•* Dewey disclosed he talked with .skyscrapers. I J^f s ""J' ,^ J ,,^" >t i e .?' ^ "ilWod to be the fastest selling h,s ru U n,n« mate, Gov. Earl War- | Munching sunllower seeds and a ' ^"ihe ^™ k , £*, s , ce^tu "re ! taok ot "« ^ »' cr '" I t HliM : Irian n .. i.,,,... r „..<.„..,, ..... ,,.'._.,^' Miss Mccliniock is « Southern ] J University product who artist, had a pioflt.- of her works here Marriage Licenses The following couple* -frt«in«<1 marriage license* y«t«rdM IB th* office of Mis* ni»beth Myth*, county clerk: Perry Houchena of C»ln>, IB., in* Mrs. Helen Jullen of Alton, W. ' Vits Joseph Colandro Jr. and Ul« tame Faroes ol St. I/nib, Mo. WOOD'S DRUG STORE More than a polish H., Mich., and John Foster Dulles.' authorities on international relations. Dewey said he had "no comment" on Gen. Dwight D. Eiscn- . hower's statement. He likewise de- | dined to discuss the fight in the i lins D"'"ocrat!c ranks. . I cer "As 1 said before, I offer no un- rjsolidted advice to the opiwsition," ?Phe added. Dewey said he had "no plans" to go overseas priod to the opening o! the campaign uul that he keeping in close touch with developments abroad. softly about catering to their comforts, Any one ol iG,003 i;;:ce, worth 35 cents apiece, may hold t!u lo ' , a cl " e Ior dreMlcrt j Cancerous mice aie injected with chemicals designed to destroy diseased cells. Liter their tissues are transplanted to healthy mire. [ II the healthy animals fail to con: tact the disease, the compound lin- staited as able exhibit FCC Approves Pipeline for Carrying Gas WASHINGTON, July 7. (UP)-The Federal Power Commission yes- j terday authorized the Alabama- : Tenncfsce Natural Gas Co. to buiUl ' a S2.9EO.COfl pipeline to serve North- ! ern Alabama and Mississippi. The commission's order, which approved that ihe presiding exarn- ^iner in the, requires ihe company lo bcrin construction within a year and to submit a satisfactory rate -schedule at least six monthe before the pipeline starts operating. The company will build a line from, a connection with the Tennessee Gas Transmission Co. near Se!- nier, Tcnn., to Tuscumbia, Ala. and on two Hur.Uville, Ala. laterals wiil be constructed to serve Mississippi and other Alabama communities. Tlicy are the key to vital experiments in the search for a chemical cure for cancer at the new H-stor' Sloan-KcLierin^ Institute for Car.- ccr Research. In the spotless iabor- es of the modernistic:. 84,500,033 building, more than 500 mice eac!i week undergo Chemotherapy — an attempt to destroy cancer ceiis through injection of chemical compounds. In Chemotherapy, scientists hop? to lind the weapon to combat soni^ ol the forms of cancer which cannot be controlled permanently by Ii i i? h ' y controlled environment. Their weight is checked daily, their Quarters arc air-conditioned; tbeir L.SV.L imr u:.->ua.^-, L:JU toinijcuntl uii- i miartcis arc air-cotuuiionecl; tneu dersoe.s fur'her exhaustive tests ill' diet is sunflower seeds, grain seed-. traditional methods of surgery and j constantly radiation, such UK leukemia, wliicl is cancer of the blood-forming tissue. the hope that it may be the on which will destroy rrmcer cells as I completely as penicillin destroys '. bacteria. In between these two steps, live tissue from both normal and cancerous mice is grown in glass tubes in a fluid that simulates ihe imturr.l blood environment of the tissue. Then one of the' 15.GCO compounds awaiting \rial at the Institute is added to the tissue. After 21 hours, the cancer tissue is removed from the lube and phuu- td in susceptible mice, which, are checked for 5ubse<iuetH noa-devclofmxe'.lt . , , tl a .special laboratory pellet mad» ol grain and fais and. loaded with vitamins. The mice themselves arc of pedigreed stock, 'a special variety." explains Dr. Charles B. Stock, chlel ol Chemotherapy research at the Institute, "Inbred for many Renera- tions and particularly .susceptible to leukemia." Imported at the rate of 2503 l week frcm specialized breeding farms in New York sliite, their llf'J span nt the laboratory i s about two three weeks. Their inbreeding the search for the cause of Illnesses." The treatments arc designed tor those patients presenting no organic basis to explain their symptoms n»(l for the eiumlly larije patient Rroup that presents symp- | loins out <if all proportions lo the, organic causes. It's n bus, nil riijlit, but hn.xlly (lie llili, K to calcli to go down town. Krnest Johnslone, of llnuhtuii, ICiifslnnd. drives his crcnlion, the fh!lilb model bus be has (mill, The vrhiolo. two feel hii;h niut ciaht feet loiij;, utilises n motorcycle cniiinc llinl rnn hit up to 20 miles an hour mid do 100 miles on ,n gallon of Has. OF lakes them as sensitive to changes development or non-devclopme'.lt of environment as it does to cancer of the disease. itself. I S:uiryiilR about in their metal 1 In the fight against cancer one Research lias shown that, there ar? i cages stacked ceilins-hish on the of these 35-cent mice munching a certain chemical compounds which, Institute's 12th floor, these mice sunflower seed may turn out to be in the test tube, kill cancer celU ! live out their short life-span in a man's best friend. NOTICE OF GRANTING 1.KWOK PERMIT Notice is hereby given 'hat the Commission of nevcimes ot tho State of Arkansas has Issued n permit, No. 200 to Hush Cherry Llfj- uor Store to sell and dispense vinous or sphiUinus liquors for beverage :it retail on the premises described nx 418 West A.-:h St.. niythevlllc. Ark. This permit Issued on the 1st day of July, 19-18 and expires on the 30:h day of June, 19-19. 11UOH CHEHRY Permittee V/ith the Courts Chancery Elizabeth Marshall vs. Robert R. Marshal], suit for divorce. Read Courier News Want Ads. There arc several reasons why we sell Frigidaire refrigerators exclusively. One of these is, frankly, more people want to buy Frrgrdaire refrigerators . . they're easiest to sefl. Anolher is we v/ant lo give the best service possible. And lo do this we must sell fine products. Another reason is, when you select a new Frigidaire refrigerator, you are getting c member of Ihe distinguished "family" of Frfgid- cir* applfances/So when you odd other equipment for your kitchen, if can be all "Fngidafre." 8ul aside from afl this,mare than 8 million Frfgidaires have been built and so'd, which is o pretty good indication of just how good they arc . . . and another reason why we sell J Friqidaire and only Friqidairc ADAMS APPLIANCE C0. f Inc. A Complete Service Dcpt. in Connection J. W. 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