Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 30, 1974 · Page 90
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 90

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 90
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•WhaliiHlie\t<>rM! MARILYN MONROE "Find that girl" QUOTE: "Though Marilyn [Monroe] never met him, Howard Hughes was reported to be directly responsible for giving Marilyn her first break in films, in 1946. He was lying in his hospital bed, recuperating from injuries he'd suffered in a plane crash, when he spotted [Marilyn's] shapely figure in a The story goes that Howard Hughaa men's magazine. Hughes, who had discovered Jean Harlow and then Jane Russell, ordered one of his aides to 'find that girl.' Marilyn was always grateful to Hughes, and she told me that if she ever met him, she'd like to thank him for 'starting it all/" This is the gospel according to a new biography about the late star written by Robert F. Slatzer-who incidentally reveals that he was once married to Marilyn. From "The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn Monroe" (Pinnacle House, $8.95). UNQUOTE. What affacta marriagaa to the extent that couples move to separate beds, separate rooms, separation and divorce? Snoring. It is a problem for 25 million Americans — men, women and their families—according to the Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Bureau in New York City. In some cases, where people have blocked noses, minor surgery is a cure. If snoring is caused by nasal congestion due to a cold, sinus trouble or hay fever, antihistamines can bring relief. Other factors that lead to snoring? Fatigue, obesity, general poor health and too much smoking. People who snore only when they sleep on their backs need to learn to sleep on their sides. If all else fails, the AMA prescribes earplugs for the entire family. THE FOOLPROOF CHECK Can 1984 b* far bahind? Tha day la naar when you won't be able to get a check cashed without first being fingerprinted. A new system of fingerprint endorsement is being used in several parts of the country to identify people and track down the millions of dollars worth of bad checks passed every year. When a person wants to cash a check he must first get his fingerprint permanently affixed on the back, making it easy to check' his identity against FBI, police and immigration records. The Indicator, the machine that photographs, the print, was designed by a former chief of detectives in Los Angeles, Hugh MacDonak}. A check writer's print is affixed to the check (next to the endorsement signature) . Then the check is fed into a machine that develops the print, permanently recording it on the back of the check. The machine is good at identifying you. The one thing it can't do is put money in your bank account. DATES: Thursday is Independence Day. BIRTHDAYS (all Cancer): Sunday- Lena Home 57; Susan Hayward 55. Monday -Leslie Caron 43; Olivia de Havilland 58. Tuaaday -Dan Rowan 52; Luci Johnson Nugent 27. Thursday -Mitch Miller 63; Gina LoUobrigida 45; George Murphy 72. Friday -Milburn Stone 70; Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., 72; Julie Nixon Eisenhower 25. Saturday -Merv Griffin 49; Janet Leigh 47; Delia Reese 42; Andrei Gromyko 65.- BIRTHDAY PEOPLE: Mitch Millar and Gina LoUobrigida Quips & Quotes ARMOUR'S ARMOURY By Richard Armour INS AND OUTS There's one thing, I am certain, that's The same regarding dogs and cats: When they are in, without a doubt, They signal to you, "1 want out." When they are out, as sure as sin, They let you know that they want in. Oh, dogs and cats may differ much: They're not the same to. sight or touch. One scratches, purrs. One barks and bites. Oft each one with the other fights. One climbs a tree. One stays beneath With upward look and scary teeth. In common, though, one thing they've got: They both would be where they are not. Chief of Detectives: "Can you give a description of your missing cashier?" Banker: "He's about five feet six incites taU and ten thousand dollars short." —Conrad Fiorello SURE SIGN I'm certain middle age is approaching By one sure sign that I know is right: I wake up feeling like the morning after When I didn't do anything last night. -Georgie Starbuck Galbraith Truth in advertising is really catching on. Yesterday I was watching a New York City TV show and the announcer said, "If you want better health, sounder sleep and longer life, why not do what four out of five doctors recommend—MOVE!" —Robert Orben. By Frank Baginski LITTLE EMILY THROUGH A CHILD'S EYES Kids saa life differently. Send original contributions to "Child," Family Weekly, 641 Lexington Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10022. $10 if used-none returned. I was entertaining a group of friends and my four-year-old daughter was playing in the adjoining room, but listening to our conversation. At one point we began discussing the plight of a certain widow we all knew. Immediately Jeannie burst into the room, saying with great excitement, "Mommy, I know what a widow is!" "All right, dear," I asked, "what is a widow?" She answered, in a most serious tone: "A lady had a man, and it died." —Mrs. John R. Martin Florence, Ala. "Tha lemonade km wasn't moving... t 22 • FAMILY WEEKLY, June 30,1974

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