The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 10, 1933 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Friday, February 10, 1933
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LAST EDITION LAST EDITION COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIIIE. THE GREAT NEWSPAPER OF THE SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY FULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT •VOL. XLII 16 PAGES BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1933 TWO SECTIONS No. 167 18 MUTINEERS SLAIN, 25 WOUNDED .-. _ „. IY, «Y. M in J&L All ^^ jSi itn «Xt £Ct >X» <Jh POST OFFICE ROBBED OF $200. Ill L SECURITIES If ICE CLAIM Miss Luella P. Hammer, W. P. Howard Were to Have Married COLLAPSE FOLLOWS LONG QUESTIONING Admit Also Attempt to Abduct Daughter of Clergyman LATE BULLETIN LOS ANGELES, Feb. 10. (U. P.) Luetla Pearl Hammer, 28, former muiic student at the University of Southern California, was charged In a Grand Jury indictment late today with the abduction of Mrs. • Mary B. Skeele, 96, wife of the ' dean of music at U. B. C. Named with, her was W. P. Howard, art ex-convict, described as caretaker of her properties. The state charges that they kept Mrs. Skeele captive 24 hours and then returned her to her home when they failed to collect 910,000 that they demanded. (United Press Leased Wire) T OS ANGELES, Feb. 10.—A young •*-* woman music teacher and an ex- convict who "wanted to get mar- Sled," confessed today, according to police, that they plotted the abduction of two women prominently identified with local musical circles. Breaking after a long and exhaustive siege .of questioning. Miss Ijuella Pearl Hammer and W. P Howard, were quoted as admitting they engineered the kidnaping of Mrs Mary B. Skeele, after falling In their attempts to lure a minister's daughter into a trap. Mrs. Skee)e, the 65-year-old wife o Dean Walter P. Skeele of the University of Southern California college o: music, was set free last Monday nigh' after her captors had failed in a 24- hour endeavor to collect $10,000 ran- Bom money. Two Collapse The pair collapsed before a. growing mass of evidence, Including tho "ran 8om note" typewriter, detectives claimed they had unearthed In their investigation. The two were questioned separately through the long ordea that lasted through two nights and a day. Howard "broke" first, the vie t^m of an old police ruse, questioner? said. The 28-year-old music teache was then, confronted by her fiance's COMMENT BY WILL ROGERS BEVERLY HILLS, Feb. 10.—To the Editor of The Bakersfleld Callfornlan: England had no idea they would kl«k up such a fuss just by suggesting that they settle in cash. The Senate howled, how dare you offer us cash? So I guess England will Just have to keep on owing us. Here Is one for the book, Holly, wood is having Its first divorce forced on It. That old rich Oklahoma Indian who lives out here, the government wants him to divorce his wife. Well, they are happy and don't want to be divorced. The government claims they could pick him out a cheaper wife. He says he don't want a cheap wife. I imagine the Indian agents .would like to marry him themselves. So poor old Hollywood they won't let you live happy if you want to. Yours, WILL ROGERS. COUNSEL BATTLE AT TRIfU OF GUY Slate Storms Objections as Defense Prepares to Present Case Hoover Joins Those Who Oppose Wider Powers for Roosevelt PRESIDENT ALTERS VIEWS, DECLARED '(Associated Press Leased Wire) LONG BEACH, Feb. 10.—Amid a storm of state objections, the defense opened Its case In the murder trial of William J. Guy today with an attempt to break down the prosecution's identification of Guy us the man who appeared on the schooner Carma shortly before Its captain, Walter Wanderwell, was slain on the night of December 5. The conflct between counsel broke out after the defense had called several reporters as witnesses. ISugone McGann. chief defense counsel, In summoning the reporters, changed his original plan of opening his case with Mrs. Aloha Wander- well, widow of the adventurer, as his first witness. Mrs. Wanderwell, he explained, was unable to reach court Immediately. State Objects (Continued on Page Two) » Recall Movement Is Dead, Says Moulton (United Press Leased Wire) • SACRAMENTO, Feb. 10.—Dudley | to December S The stale argued vigorously against placing the reporters on tho witness stand, claiming they had not been excluded from the courtroom as had other witnesses, but, on u showing that their livelihood depended upon their presence there, Ihe defense overcame the objection. Three v reporters, Agness Underwood, Vincent Mahoney and Marian Rhea, all testmed they heard the state's principal witness, Cuthbert Wills, engineer of the Carma, remark three duys after the sluylng that "he could not be sure" that Guy was the mysterious vlsllor lo Ihe Curma. Girl on Stand "Were you on the Carma on December TI" McGann asked Miss Underwood. "Yes," she replied. "Did you have a conversation with Wills ut which Guy and olhers were | present?" "Yes." "Did Wills say he couldn't Identify Guy?" > "He said ho wasn't sure he was tho inun." i Ijuter tho witness changed the date Friends of Proposal for Large Investiture of Authority Firm By WILLIAM F. KERBY (United Pre.ts Leased Wire) TI7ASH1NGTON, Feb. 10.—Preal*• dent Hoover was represented today by Republican congressional leaders as unalterably opposed to Democratic plans to invest President-elect Roosevelt with so-called i "dictatorial" powers. Mr. Hoover i conferred at length with House Republican Floor Leader Snell and Representative Wood, Republican Indiana, ranking party member on tho appropriations committee, on tho drastic proposals to give Mr. rioosevult a free hand to reduce government expenditures. The President Wednesday expressed his support of the plan approved by the Senate to Invest the Incoming administration with complete authority to reorganize the federal departments. Democrats Firm However, House Democrats led by Speaker Garner, now propose even more drastic powers. They would give Mr. Roosevelt authority to reduce expenditures on a wide front without requiring congressional sanction. This latter proposal was the one to which Mr. Hoover was represented as being deflnllely opposed. "I stated my opposition . to this Moulton, state director of agriculture, today said tho slate grange's recall movement against Governor Ilolph was "definitely dead." , Returning here following u mec-t- Ing of Ihe state board of iigriculturo at San Francisco, Moulton said lift bn- lleved the recall movement hud fulled because the "rank und file" had not favored I he proposal. Moulton vigorously denied he hud any Intention of resigning from his post as director of agriculture. THE WEATHER San Francisco, bay region: Katr but becoming overcast and unsettled late tonight und Saturday; cool; frost tonight; moderate southeast wind. Northern California: V'alr tonight iwid Suuurduy but becoming unsettled with rain or nriow extreme north portion Hnturdiiy; frosr or freezing temperature tonight; moderate east to south wind offshore. Sierra Nevada: Fair and continued cold with snow northern ranges late tonight or Saturday; moderate changeable wind. Sacramento valley: Cloudy tonight nnd Saturday; rain or snow extreme north portion Saturday; freezing temperature or frost tonight; moderate southeusl and south wind. Santa Clara and Sun Joaciuln valleys: Fair tonight und Hut unlay but- with some cloudiness; freezing temperature und front tonight; gentle changeable wind. Southern CullfornlH: l l% ulr tonight and Saturday; freezing teniporu- ture or frost tonight; freali and strong northeast wind offshore. "Were you in tho Long Beach city hall on December 8?" "Was thorn present \YlllB, his wifo, u reporter, Hughes and several others?" . i "V..H." ; "Ud you hour Hiighpfi ask Wills, j •Aro you going to identify Guy? 1 und Wills wild ho WUH not uure?" "Yes." i Was Sober On croBs-exumlnutlon, tho state asked: "Whut was Huglu-B' condition as lo sobrlely?" "He wns sober." "Isn't It u fact when Hughes asked the question Wills suld ho wouldn't Identify anyone he wasn't sure of?" "No." plan," Representatve Wood said afler the White House conference, "and so did Snell. 1 think he (the President) Is in agreement. He ut no time up proved abrogation of congresslona powers." Snell voiced similar opinions. H declared that "It was a fundatnenta principle of democracy that the Icgla latlve branch control the purse strings." Visions New "Mussolini" He repledged his stern opposillon t< n plan which he said would establish Mr. Roosevelt us "un absolute dicta tor, second In power only to Musso llnl." Meanwhile, Democrats, unperturbed by the, storm their revolutionary pro posals have raised In Congress am at the White House, continued will plans to force a showdown on th Issue. Senator Byrnes, Democrat, Soutl Carolina, generally, regarded us Pres (dent-elect Iloospvell's spokesman In Congress, conferred at length today with Speaker Garner. Byrnes said the treasury-post office appropriations hill, which carries tho reorganization rldor, would be sent to a conference committee of the House und Senate loduy. There, he udded, un attempt would bo madu to write In the Gnrner program. Thaler. Garner said he still "wanted to go tho limit" in giving Mr. Roosevelt unprecedented power. CONlRACIOFslENl f 1 | WOULD TAKE | i PORTER POSTI (United Press Leaned Wire) LOS ANQELES, Feb. 10.—Frank L. Shaw, chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, today announced his candidacy to succeed John C. Porter as mayor of Los Angeles. Shaw's announcement, not unexpected, attacked Mayor Porter for his asserted failure to provide the people with leadership. "I intend to succeed where the present mayoralty Incumbent has failed," Supervisor Shaw «ald. . "Mayor Porter has embarrassed our citizenry and our long-cherished international reputation as a metropolitan center," Shaw continued, "and through interference with public servants of long and enviable service has intensified the effects of universal depression upon our natural progress." "The present Incumbent has ut. terly failed the unfortunate unemployment and property owners who have looked to the chief ex. ecutive of our city for leadership and found in him only mental chaos and disillusionment." BANDITS EET Three Outlaws Leave No Clue, Not Even Motor License Number ROOSEVELT FOR WORK WITH SPEED, DARING, EFFICIENCY 50 Killed, 700 Hurt by Gas-Tank Explosion SAARBRIJECKEN, Germany, Feb. 10. (A. P.)—Reports for Neunkirchen tonight said that 50 persons had been killed, 250 seriously injured and 450 slightly injured in two gas tank explosions there. Dual-Taxation Issue Is Facing Roosevelt President-Elect Preparing Inaugural Address on Yachting Cruise (Associated Press Lf.ated Wire) MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 10.—President- elect Roosevelt Is preparing his Inaugural address while at freedom on a yachting cruise in the southern seas. He. will propose a sweeping change of of government. His plans call for an extra session of the new Congress, If one is necessary and it appeurs that one Is; an adjustment of the tangled International situation, and a program for closer state and federal relations. In the new Congress, Mr. Roosevelt wants legislations to balance tho budget, for farm relief and for a reorganization of the government. On Monday after he enters the White House, Mr. Roosevelt will meet at the conference table the governors of the 48 states, with a view to . making taxation lighter and unemployment relief more widespread. About the same time, ho will sit down Individually with representatives of Great Britain—probably Ramsay MacDonald, the British prime minister—to talk over an adjustment of the War debts owed to this country. Jfl hearing the plea of Great Britain, and other European debtors later, for a war debt relief, Mr. Roosevelt intends to receive assurance of co-operation for adjustment of world economic conditions which he believes will lead the way to a new prosperity. GOLD ALONE INT DO IN BELIEF OF EXPERT (Associated Press Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Feb. 10.—Belief tho world soon will need something bu- sidcs gold us a money busls was expressed toduy before tho House coln- ugo commitlee by Francis II. llrowii- Haul Includes Negotiable but Registered Bonds and Currency LATE BULLETIN SACRAMENTO, Feb. 10. (U. P.) Only $200 or $300 in cash was obtained by the three masked bandits who held up and robbed the Sacramento post office last night, It was estimated late today by George Rolfe, United States post office inspector. The amount of bonds taken wqs estimated at $200,000, IjifttHe final figure was still awaiting a checkup. At first it was thought the cash loss would be ever $100,000, Rolfe said. (United Press Leased Wire) OACRAMENTO, Feb. 10.—Every k -' highway in California was guarded today as federal and state authorities combined forces in a statewide search for three daring bandits who escaped with registered mail containing approximately $:tOO,000 in bonds and currency after a split-second raid on Sacramento's main post office. The rest of the contents included approximately. 200 pieces of mall, most of which was believed to contain currency. An accurate check was Impossible, postal authorities said, but it was estimated the amount might run as high us $50,000 or more. Driving n big black sedan down u nurrow one-way street behind the post office, the bandits arrived precisely us the registered mull bug wan curried out of the post office. Work With Speed, Daring While one nuin remained In tho car, his companion!) first overpowered Claus Swnnt-on, post, office truck driver. As W. 13. Williams, registered mull clerk, stepped out on the loud- Ing platform, one of .tho holdup men grabbed his gun, then Ihe mull suck, und sturled for Ihe sedan, Ihe motor of which wns still running. As the man who hud been guarding Swanson starled for Ihe machine, hu accidentally fired Ihe heavy, nickel- plated pistol he was currying. He wus By RAYMOND CLAPPER <*> (C»»yrl|ht, 1933, by United Preti) ASHINCiTON, Feb. 10. — Ono of the first questions to come up In the new Roosevelt administration will be whether It IB n sporting thing lo hit tho staggering taxpayer twice In tho sumo pluce. Reports to the United Press from Us bureaus Indicate this doubling up process, with the federal nnd utiiln governments both taxing thu Kiime Hems, Is Increasing. In Indiana, for In- slunce, hills providing for sules, Income nnd tobacco tuxes are pending. The Oregon legislature also Is considering u sales tux. rreKldent-elecl Roosc.vnll has In- vlled all stute governors to meet with him on tho first working day after his Inauguration. This double tuxu- tlon problem will be one of thu foremost on the agenda. Double taxation results from tho dcratnble of the state and federal governments to get at the few remaining dollars which are left In Iho pockols of tho taxpayers. 326 Duplications A special investigation for tho House ways und tneuns commllloe hus disclosed 326 ilupllciitlons between federul und stalo luxes. Mr. RooHcvell as a member of Ihe governors' conference during his two terms as governor of New York hus heurd much discussion of tho consequences of these duplications. It. Is urgupd that they nro nol only Irrl- tutlng, but that they result sometimes In overloading convenient sources of revenue. Gas Tax Obnoxious Complaint Is being made on thin score about the gusulljiu lax. Sluto Death Summons Former Official of Notre Dame Southwest Sumatra Area Scene of Uncommon Human Drama ! SHIP WAS PURSUED FOR SEVERAL DAYS Press Leafed Wire I TUCSON, Ariz., Feb. 10.—Cllf- ford M. Collins, former controller of Notre Dame University at South Bend. Ind.. died in a sanatorium here today. He wns 34 years old. The body will be taken to Belmont, Masa., Saturday morning. Collins had been a member of the faculty of the Harvard Business School, where he taught until three years ago. when he went to Notre Dame as controller, a post he occupied until his health failed and he came t» Tucson more than a year ago. Rebels, Defiant lo End, Refuse to .Unfurl White Flag ETHICS OF UNCLE companions, one of trying to do, kill cursed by his whom asked: "What are you somebody?" > No Clue Left The car then sped siway from tho post office und was soon lost in traffic, leaving no tangible clue as to tho identity of the bandits, not even the realized anything hud happened." Description of Plunder A definite cheek uf tho contents of the mull bug today showed II eon- tu In I'd }111,000 In bonds and bund coupons mulled by tho Hunk of A mer- leu hero to cllenl bunks; $31,000 In bonds from the Capllul N'ullonul Bunk, bonds un COLO WEATHER FOR STATENPROSPECT (United PrfHH Leaned Wire) LOS ANOELiKS, Feb. 10.— Continued cold weather Is In prospect for southern California tomorrow, the United States Weather Bureau announced, although today's minimum temperatures were one to two degrees above yesterday's low murks. There Is no Indication of rain to dlHslputc the cold wave, tho weather bureau suld. Today's lowest mark was "" degrees at San Bernardino, with lit) de| greo lows reported at Imperial, and 2S i at llcUlaudb and Pomona. •LOS ANf.EI.ES. Feb. 10. — Allan Mue.ponald, Sun FrunclNco contractor whose firm did part of the work upon the abandoned Snn Guhrlel duin, was • reported today to have refused to i testify before the County Grand Jury i as a witness In un investigation of : the abandonment. The conn-actor, subpoenaed In San Francisco, was understood to have been culled In connection with the Grand Jury's announced Intention of Inquiring Into possible civil suits to recover part of the large sums expended on the project. Sidney T. Graves, former chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, Is under indictment on u charge of accepting un $80,000 bribe to approve settlement of a ilamage claim contractors* pressed against the county. CITY FIRE PROTECTION MODESTO, Feb. 10. (U. IVi— Municipal fire protection will bo extended to seven meat packing plnnts south of tho city llinlts, the city council agreed today. Owners of tlio plants agreed | to pay thti city fur Uie uorvico. WOMAN ACQUITTED GRKIBNVIH.E, Mo., Feb. 10. (A. P.) A Circuit Court jury lust night acquitted Mrs. 1'OOna Williamson of the murder of her husband, li!url D. WIH- iumson, rot trod niiviil petty officer, who waf shot and fatuity wounded September 10 nl their little O/.urk home near here. Thu Jury UellburuleU I only tlux-tj hours (Continued on Page Two) ROLPHlVETSOUGHT UNDUE FAVOR, CLAIM ell of New York, rhulrniun of thu American Smelling and Refining Com^Advocating tho TlUman bill to lot j "ndJW.OOO in stale the Irt-iimiry purchase silver producoi] t in American mines and Issue currency ugiilnst It, he termed himself u "gold utandurd nuin," und said: "In splto of my advocacy of silver, I think nothing should be dona to Imperil gold. Therefore, 1 am against liny llxed ratio. "I believe the world is going to need silver as a prime monetary metul. "The gold production Is bound lo dec.reuse, and If the world population continues Us normal Increase and Ihe business transactions grow, thu gold will not be sufficient to meet Ihe world's monetary needs. "During Ihe nexl threu or four yean*, while the rest of tho world Is stabilizing Us currency, the United Slates should lend Its aid to the stabilization of sliver In Ihls crucial period. "No luirin would be done, certainly. "I think it would be followed at Ihe end of that period by a general re- monetlzatlon of silver by the rest of the world." officials have objected to thu recent invasion of this field by thu federal government. Some arguo that duplication results In serious vurliitloiiH from stale to state which have dislocating effect on business and causes Injustice. In •Woblle, Ala., for Instance, when tho automobile, owner pills u gallon of gasoline In his tank ho pays the following taxes: Federal, I cent; Hlule, 6 cents; county, I'/i cents; city, 1 cent; total, 9% cents. Figuring ordinary gasoline ut 10 cents a gallon, that Is almost a 100 p<5r cent tax. Duplications Numerous Thirteen ntute.s add their own tuxes to those of the federul government In cigarettes. Whether cigurettes are a necessity or a luxury Is presumably a matter of individual taste. On an ordinary Ki-eent package of cigarettes Urn federal tax Is ti cents. One stutc tux runs us high as 5 cents. Thut makes a total tux of 11 cents on a IB-cent article. Tho smoker who consumes one pack of ID-cent cigarettes dally pays J40.10 a year cigarette taxes In Arkansas and JL'9.110 u year In KUIISUH, Ohio und Utah. license number. i Hope! for Division Both Williams und Swanson told] Thf . ,. llk . f |, opr , (M ,,,„, by co . 0 por- pollco it was "over almost, before wo | , U | riK t | K ,, v ,. un | )e ., K ,, m . n ,| division of tuxes. In plainer language, it l.s thought Hint tin, taxpayer might not mind so much if the federal government Searched one piM'kel, While, tlio state, tux colh'i'torn went through the other porliel, Instead of the two fight- Ing now to get Into both pockets at tho same time. When the taxpayers in UH states finish mailing out their federal income lux returns, they ran then heuvu a large sigh anil turn to filling out their HtutH Income tax hlunks. Boxing tickets carry federal taxes plus state taxes In 21 states. The federul government and a varying number of stutes double up In taxing general admissions, automobiles, bond and stock IHSUU transfers, candy, deeds, firearms, foreign Insurance premiums, mechanical refrigerators, oleomargarine, playing (United Prens Lrnned Wire) SACRAMldNTO, Feb. 10.— A. F. Hockenbeamor, Hun h'runclsco, president of tho Pacific Gas and ISIectrlc Co., told the Senate Investigating committee today that Governor Rolph had expressed u desire that ho "get acquainted" with Ihe governor's son, James Kolph III. "Tho governor, however, never asked me to place any Insurance with his son," said Hockenboamer. "I told him I would ho glad to meet the young man, nnd shortly afterward James Holph III called on me ut thu office and gave me the usual salesman's talk." "As a result of the governor's conversation, did you later give his son some business?" asked Sheridan Downey, attorney for Ihe commit ten. HocUeiibeaniKr replied that he reorganized the 1*. U. .V i;.'« fidelity bond business "uboul that time," und that the firm of Uolph, I-uliUlb ,& Ullib uliurud In tlio Marriage of White Womun, Rich Indian Reveals Odd Charges (United Prens Leaned Wire) LOS ANG10LES, Feb. 10.—An ttl- tcmpt to Impugn the motives of tho government In Its uctlon to annul tho niaiTluga of Ixiura Anna Burnett to Jucksun Barnott, ueulthy Creek Indian, WHS mudu by Mrs. Burnett's attorneys toduy. They drew un admission from Alvln L. Moorhead, Tulsn, Okla., attorney, that he had threatened lo "keep after Anna Laura Hurnett until his death" becuuso of his failure to "cut him In" on Burnett's wealth, estimated at closo to J4,000,00n. Financed Marriage Moorhead "financed" tho inarrlagu, ho testified, which followed an elopement to Coffeyvlllc, Kan. Tho government, UM giuirdan of tho 91-year-old Indian, alleges Mrs. Barnott married • Barnell through fraud and coercion. "Mrs. Burnett suld sho would pay I (Anso<!tated Press Leaned Wire) !T>ATAVIA, Java, Feb. 10.—Eigh- ! -*-* teen men. were killed and 25 in| jured aboard the rebellious Dutch i cruiser L)o Zeven, Provinclen when la naval fighting plane dropped a | bomb on the ship's deck today, forcing the mutinous native crew to surrender. Tho dead comprise throe Europeans and 1C Javanese natives. One Dutch officer and one I young Dutchmnn were, sllghlly wounded. The dramatic end to thu mutineers' career came ut dawn off thu southwest Sumatra coast when a concentration of Dutch naval and ulr forces bore down on the fleeing quarry and ordered her to surrender within 10 minutes. Defiant to End The rebels, defiant to the last, flushed a reply: "Don't hinder us." They failed to show u white cloth on the deck awning, us directed, In token of uncondltlonul capitulation. Tho attackers' reaction was decisive. As Mjon us the brief period of grace expired, a warning bomb WUH dropped ulong.sido the De Zeven. AN there was no further sign from the mutineers, down Went a 100-pound bomb from one of a half dozen planes in an attacking t'leot. It exploded with u roar on the deck of tho rebel craft, bringing duath to 18 members of tho crew und wound- Ing UG others. Baron Among Wounded The wounded Included Huron de Voa van St'enwijit, a young naval officer who was one of the few officers ahuanl when the ship wan seized, und who was taken prisoner by the mutineers. Thut was enough for the mutineers who had been running wild for five days on tho Indian ocean with eighr. of their Uutcli officers held prl.suners. The natives signalled their .surrender mo handsomely If I would advance her | und then took to bouts as a fire broko money for expenses for u trip to Kansas where tho ceremony was performed, but she Ignored me ufter thu ceremony was performed and did not answer my letterx," Moorhead suld. Woman "Broken" ".Sho said: 'I'm flat brukc and I'm finished if I'm not successful In marrying Liurnelt.' "1 let her hnvc the use of my automobile and also advanced her fund.s tu pay her cxpuiifes to Coffervllle," he added. I<etlHrn introduced during the trial today, addressed by Moorhead to Mr.-. Darnell In l,os Angela, extending over u period of years, p/lated thai government counsel hail .sought to gel Moorhnud to testify as u. prosecution witness In various legal actions ugulnM. the woman. Among them are suits to force, her to return u .f.'.OO.uOO trust fund, anil to reKuIn jr.Oli.OOii Burnett vus said to have given the American Baptist Homo Missionary Society. out ubourd the cruiser from tho ef- fi-cts of the explosion. The attacltL-rs were prepared to BO much further If the first onslaught failed, a.s several larger bombs, up to •100-pounders, were held in reserve. cards, IranHporlutlon of oil by pipeline und malt. Other Instances The combined federul und state tu:: on a $1 admission tlckel In Mississippi und South Carolina Is L'O cenls. 1'Vderal und stute duplications ure foupd also on cameras und lenses, cheese, fur, flour, jewelry, mutches^ nurcotlcs. radios und phonographs, sporting goods, toilet preparations and tires. IN MOVES FOR BEER (Aitnoniattd 1'renn t.faned Wire) J1SKFKRSON riTY. Mo., Feb. 10.— The state .Senate ha.- ordered perfected and printed—regarded as tantamount to putisugo—the liriigan-ltoberts bill to legalize the manufacture and sale "f 3.2 per cent beer by weight. Tliej House passed the bill yesterday. < BOISE, Iduho, Feb. 10. (A. P.)—Tho Idaho House of Kepre.sentative.s has pussed the second beer bill of the session, authorizing thu sule of 3." per cent beer. Corbett's Condition Is Growing Worse BAY.SIDE, N. Y., Feb. 10.—Tho condition of James J. Corbett, one-time heavyweight champion, remained un- i f.'hurlcM Worley, L'O. Wlnlon. and Fred cliunged todu.v. lln \\us> reported Gold, i'a, Atwuter, wore unriur arrest "vury low," weaker thun ut any tlmo j hcru today on clmrgus they held up wince he became critically 111 of a and robbed u ."erUeo station uf f^u ie heart uilmunt. 'Ucilta-ciduy night. TWO HELD AS BANDITS TIJRL.OCK, Feb. 10. H . P.I- ADVERTISERS'INDEX Put ALTA VISTA PRACTICE COUHSt ti AUSTON BEAUTY SCHOOL II BAIUN'S SHOP II BAKERSHtLD HAHOWARE COMPANY .11 BAKFKSriELD MEMORIAL PARK 2 BROCK. MALCOLM. COMPANY 3 CHICAGO COLLEGE OF BEAUTY 10 CHICKEN SHOP 5 COFEEE. HARRY 2 COFFEE. HARRY 8 EASTERN DRUG COMPANY 3 EL TEJON DRUU ! 7 FOX CALIFORNIA 6 FOX THEATER l> (1ALATAS BROS 3 (iOODNIUHT, OR 2 GLOBE DHUli II (iUNOLACH SHOE COMPANY Ill HABERFELOE. GEORGE. INC 13 HOTEL EL TEION 10 HUGHES DRUG STORE II KIMBALL & STONE 10 KLOPP *. KLOPP. ORS 2 LA GRANADA DANCE 8 LE ROY GORDON BEAUTY SALON 10 MARKET SPOT 3 MONTGOMERY WARD I COMPANY 4 MONTGOMERY WARD & COMPANY 13 NATIONAL DOLLAR STORE 7 NATIONAL SHOE STORE II NILE THEATER 6 PET PARADE 6 PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY 6 FLETCHER, OR 10 R. & B. DRUG COMPANY 0 READER'S JEWELRY COMPANY II REDLICK'8 t HEX THEATER 6 RIALTO THEATER 6 SAFEWAY AND PIUGLY WKiULY I SERVICE DRUG COMPANY 4 SHOLAR'8 MARKET 3 STINSON'S MARKET 3 TRIBBLE GLA88 WORKS 7 VETERANS' FOREIGN WARS 0 VIRGINIA T HEATH! « WEILL. A., INC 5 WICKERSHAM IEWELRY COMPANY...10 WIL-BAV-U MARKtT 4 WI1HAM t BOOTH U

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