The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 3
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it, W-f-" ISss, MAITCH ESS Pupil* Out Jer Vacation of Some Length freni the classic canines m liaitetn's school building »•»• l*f&y *t 4 fc », stwwnea BWttof the taeatiofl on %«M. <n» %6ti*fc»« irffl last until tftrtid*?, *a». 8, 1684. Reason fdt ihe ionf rest petted toftrt. tint tapiis and teachers Me la heed o! so many holidays bat that CWA workmen can be «Mroft«nHjr to entirety te- te the rdoftts of the school building anting that time. Bf tteans of the long vacation the frtintert *ttt tie able to tut In three ftttt 6WA »eeks, To ihetf koines la mloui fcarti of the teldwest Mattered faculty tnstabefB wnw released, »ost of them planning to spend the en* ttfe holiday fretted there. to On» «wa went Miu Gladys Riddle; .Miss Josephine Conboy to Pitts* • field, til.,' Mis* {Catherine Walk* er to Des ttotnest Miss Daley Schalkie to ftedfteld, 8. D.j Mist 'Winifred Net-rig to Humboldt, Mlra fsa Borene plans to go to Prairie City -where the *lll visit her sister, Mrs. John Van Steenbergen, Others, Including Sdpt. V. M. Davlson, Dale Dyke, Paul Herts, Miss Mae Churchill, Mrs, , Ralph Hossle, Miss Edna Herts and Mrs. Ward Roberts, will remain in MalTern. Students of M. H. 8. wish them All a merry, Christmas and a Hap* py New Tear. eat) fof coi&pelftors in clamatoty w&tk this *e»F bte iit tifttiwat result when 14 dent* etptessed a desire to tidpate. fie ftm contests »ndtii be etceftisnatty interesting fof ftome keen competition Will b« btotght Into play. Most ot toe freshmea trying out tot ft hate had in the gtadft eenteftts should be equal t« the beet of theft, The majority ordered their reading* Dee. 16 and expected to get a tittle Instruction oft gestures before the Christmas vacation. During the vacation they wilt team the words to preparation tor the preliminaries which will probably take place the lat* tef pan ot January. Miss Riddle Talks at Girl Reserve Meeting We are back into the routine of having Dirt Reserve meetings 'and it'seems Just like old times. , Margaret Shepard .toad charge of • the rery Interesting program. , The program consisted ot a pi- •ano solo by Jane Fletcher; a I'dufJ,it-Bailing," by Phyllis Wlli tuon and Katbryn Anderson, and jvery interesting and beneficial Miss - Riddle/ The • theme m *v Our Sock» • Our artist h&s toe J4e« ' al» .belt he's a trifle over-en. thuslastio. Naturally, no socltB would stand up under iucb treatment »— tboufb you C8R excuse Mr, Van Blerp on tbe grounds of anitjr Envious Glance* C*at at Senior** New Cla*a Rings The much coveted class ring* have finally arrived. When the news reached the school house one mad scramble was made for the jewelry store, some running, some walking, and otherwise. No one was hurt in the rush though. The Juniors cast many envious glances as they Observed the rings. Maybe they are Jealousf Perhaps some of the junior girls will have the opportunity ot wearing a " '84" class ring (that is if they are good little girls). Quite a number ot the seniors are taking up declamatory work this year, There are prospects for some keen competition, Basket Ball Game Prove* Exciting for Freshies This week has, been exciting! .The basket .ball game' last Friday created quite a sensation among the f resides. Although many were hoarse or bad ringing ears they were back 'in school Monday, There are still a few absent because of- mumps. , We hope to have them back soon, t algebra clftssi rejoiced heartily , when ; Walker/told _ -, , i * - 1 i>*5*-- . <«,•*« '* Search for Alumni Find* Many Are Employed Here Where, oh where, are . tbe grand old alumni? After keeping our eyes open for graduates of M. H. S, we found some scattered out in tbe different business bouses of > We found Paul Swoboga in the bakery with his hands -sunk deep in tbe dough* / v . ' < Next we found • Walter Carl Conner in the Malvern Cleaners' shop, From all appearances it must be » bet job. . " « < We" also spied 'Albert Johnson in the Paris Red and White grocery, gome ot Ptbeys were! Walter, Hedainj at .Bayere ' Herb Hall at , la the meantime we'll pe ing for other graduates of M H. S. - -. • Fir»t Grade, PupiU Uarn Their Number* Rapidly to pe "increasing rapidly this .jresjr {fl VigOKMi* PvuMaA Gtmtar Rap* Loctdiy fiettew it & m« tt* tost a bwtft*M m*«tl»g TntiWrday that was fast emiUMMi irttfi eftntf i®srttt. W««l« feal tfc« lots like to know wore abottt that dtt«, *H *«W«al *ttfe twjwi and pretty ribbons and With * trig tag, "Co not open ifttil ChHstniast" the surprise *ti«h ever w a esmmittw th« diMn»«e<J me ei«« plays. Tbe i«niots, M bright as «tef, decided to glfe two entertain* meats, one three aet play and later one evening's pleasure of two one aet t»lay* (this being thought mote advantAieetw la feeding senior mouths). Phyllis WilsOft, Dorothy Oalllher, and Charlotte Wederqnist will eoiafed* rate with Miss Kiddle on the de» tall*. This formal meeting was conducted .by Dudley Conner, the vice president, since the class president, Lee Carey, was absent from school. Poor Dudley, hit hand was .terribly injuried Just trying to xeep order, feattAJ^ *jW^A*Mt^ ILAA* ^L^^Mk __„ tfW* AJWrorB BaT0 UBVa wffWnt Iettefi Id 88ftta the fwst JlfflB SOw we» * Roy _ _ _ lHHMbf$ r ^ ttftu; *hai l&et want fdf CBtistmas. I tfce Children wrote ifceff tetter* wfcfli Wthera dictated tfrefi t« tfcitf ptfifttt. Soffit «f IB*.«*** written: Dear Santa C1s*«: P1et« bffti »tt 1 wagon. Hi** bring »e a doll. ftatt Mint »8 a bed. MWe brfnf fte i cart Hther Davis. Dear gftftda Olttis Fteai bering »e a doll and a It'll be good of bed for you thank yea, Margaret Hetttek Bear saftde «3tatjsi I woud * slede tor my chriat- »as and A wagfln tor my Christ- tsas. by. Deaf Sa&da: Bobbie Stogdlll t Wona to ho / lserede gun and * cow toy outfit and a football outfit but if t get tbe other things and not a football t will be pleaed. Bdbble Robtrds Home EC. Department Experiments with Pie* This week the home economics class has been making pies. The first day they made one crust pies, the second day two crust pies, and the third day they .experimented with graham cracker and white cracker pie crusts. Friday Miss Schalkle demonstrated the process of making yellow and white angel food cakes. Great was the joy of the lucky individuals who were called in to Judge whether the plea were a success. One particularly delicious lemon pie almost caused a battle of the Swedes, Don't they teed you enough at " hornet F. F. A. Group Discusses Plans for Project Work The P, F. A. vocational agriculture group 'a meeting on Wednesday of : last week. Among other .things : discussed was . the locking} at pictures,. -- 'M . ' -I ~£, *-& V • iT^ on 'separate! prpjeeta very con' found veniently this 'yean Tbe . advisor, Mr. Davison, explained that any special activities of tbe fathers of such individuals could be considered as their project. The main point was to furnish an accurate record of such an undertaking and gain as much' experience as possible, Anyone finding whereabouts of Tommy Wills please reporj. to Paul Herts. .For pair sea, on,d fcan4> glasses, Only , eiigbtiy used. .Would ftt- large, hefty coach, * * ? Woe Averts would like tq buy a seflond* M a car, |YQu*vi> gotta have gone kind of a vehicle to your girl friend i»K Jf » pun it seen running around loose please direct gam to Ttia.wiu be. ' Ite? Wi?: bayea't you to we since Friday. I real* 1*9 wy looks have failed but »y n' ' '• * lor* hasn't Alan, Olau»; Bt Already tfrey « i§p. , have been working te things are ift, be ^ss't f9 t wWte ,0fil? wear MS At A fcoy please, BMGQ P Y SEZ Heard In CUs* gome wl*e guy: The Hang-over line ot kings were rulers at this time. In Civics Paul Hertz was scanning the class anxiously. Presently he asked: "Is Tommy Wills thereT" The class Immediately began searching but it proved fruitless as no Tommy could be found. Seen tn Different Places A tall senior girl looking for a hole to'crawl in after a sharp reprimand from Miss Walker. Unable to find any she preceded to try to get under her desk.,However this too failed so she contented herself by going to class with a very red face, ' A senior boy" very successfully acting drunk and upon getting rather % foxy fell down two or three steps before he regained his balance. Tsk,\tsk we murmer. Too bad he didn't break his neck. , Several freshmen squabbling over magazines'in the assembly. They? all wanted to amuse tbem- ~" out, Lloyd Walker won first prize in the editorial contest. The prize was. a box ot stationery which will be used to a good advantage. We know It wMJ. '• Edith Bell won second prize Which consisted of theater tickets. Why, Ob why isn't this leap year? Seventh Grade This week in spelling the sev< entb graders have been studying rules that will help them in adding 8«fli*es to verbs. They have been studying a group of winter poems in reading. Finding subjects of sentences cause som.e of the pupils much trouble. , Six different kinds of sentences tbftt present many difficulties in English have been studied. Much to their relief they have finished tbe study of Europe in geography. Sixth Crude The class is very busy tbis week planning a Christmas program, In music class tbe different Christmas carols are sung. Virginia Banne made a depression plant for the class room. Tbe class is glad to have Joe Salyers ba?k after bis recent Illness of mumps, OPERETTA SLANT STUDY OF BIO PRESENTATION jj_j«utw-iu per»ftneBt? It was for tbe grand must have acquired $bftt twosome spirit because most bad at least one date &ft»? tbe show. More new were »44e4 io. tbe back W?a?8 w>4 some in Afferent cpw- : bjy&84tenti $0,0, Let's Bi&yt a f«n4 t» bave them cleaneg so new can be put on ne*t time. .u»t he pe wiaea b«s been 4reamiu« must JuM «fean^ tfcwa. ffca, lales* b? tUe sleeping ' tbat WITH THE DIM WITS Mrtcolln After hearing a part ot Isaac Walton's "Compleat Angler," read Wand* Shoot remarks: "there's something flsby about that bookl" Several M. H. 8. people fepoft that they are hating a "swell" time at home these days since contracting the mumps, and feel that Jttst now they are really quite "prominent." Strange facto Mice can be exterminated by placing them on a brick and patting then in the face with a ham* toer. Clarence Heddtng will chew any kind of gum including Juicy Frntt, Spearmint, Doublemtnt, Beech-Nut, and Climax. Scarcely any fimaltchess *tu dents care for spinach. Time and tide wait for no man *~- and very, few women. Almost any high school girl will accept a candy bar It urged. Blalne Dickersbach, scientist, tells us that hardly any horses care for bananas or raw oysters. Week's Wont Bayingt "O'way, big boy — y* fascinate me," —West. Babylon Brooks. JMT Jut W. H. Haddocks and family were Snttffaf Visitors in the Clarence tftnt ho*e neat Sifter City. Mr .and Mrs. Ralph Zanders aM Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wfthetm were In Shcnandoah one day fast week. Waiter Howard and Dorothy iieciure were shenandoah visitors Saturday. Beta cary has been crat of school a few days with an attack of mumps. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mayberry and ray Keith Wire Council Bluffs visitors Friday. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Nelson and Mrs. W.'H. Maddocks were in Council Bluffs Monday. Mrs. Nelson is taking x-ray treatments of a doctor there. She is visiting for a few days in the John Hanson home near Council Bluffs. H. A. McColllster and family from near Strahan spent Sunday In the frank Halnes home. Twelve children from the Pleasant Valley school put on a drill at the teachers' meeting in Qlenwood Saturday afternoon. Steve Halnes and family recently moved Into the Swanburg house. Mrs. Swanburg is staying with her daughters since the death ot her husband. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wilhetm, firs. Laura Kerney and low* were in Red Oak one afternoon fast week. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Zanders were Council Bluffs visitors fast frlday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Halnes and Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Raines wet* In Shenandoah Monday. OAKS Oak* Sunday Sellout Note* There Was an attendance of 68 Including four visitors at Oaks Sunday. Memory verses were recited by the tittle folks. Phyllis Schlpper had a birthday and dropped her pennies in the bell tor the treasury. Mrs. Will Vltier was appointed to look after the treats tor Christmas. Mr. castor was selected to look after the tree. The program Will be givett Bin* day evening, Dec. 24. Everyone welcome. Mrs. L. M. Brainmeter has been on the sick list this week. Mrs. Welstrotn spent the past week visiting her sister in Red Oak. Mrs. Gerald Vlner Is clerking In Bourgeon's store in Red Oak Octette Organized Miss Con boy is organizing an octette in junior high preparing them for special occasions next semester, Fifth Grade The fifth graders have been reading a Christmas story about a negro boy named Solomon Crow. The conclusion was that Solomon lout his pockets as a result of being dishonest. Frank Bell was very good at reading the dialect. The hygiene chapter has been about, blood. They found many new words in the chapter. They have added their drawings of hearts and interesting paragraphs about the blood circulation to their notebooks. Fourth Grade Everyone is back in school who has had the mumps and is busy making UP the work missed. Tests seemed to have ruled the week In history class. Every day this week they have had some type of written lesson, - it .helps thetn -* "" ^- ''*'* •* ', ously awaiting' Christmas' 'vacation.- and Santa Olaus, -.' • Third Grade ' Santa Claus received many letters from the third grade boys and girls. They are all being very good for some reason or other. They have been working bard on their numbers, In reading they are learning to write answers to questions. They enjoyed the story of the Qojden Pears and learned from it that it is always beat to tell the truth. They are all looking forward to and planning a happy Christmas vacation, Rest After Operetta The principals and glee club are enjoying a rest after strenuous practice on the operetta. The regular glee clubs meet each week as bqfore. BAST LIBERTY Mr. and Mrs, C, M. Nelson an4 Ethel were dinner guests in Msi- vern Sunday in the borne of her parents, Mr- a»4 MrsNs. R, Hurst, Mr, and Mrs. CJy4e larger and Mr. and Mrs. W. H- were OouncJJ Bluffs Yislt- ors Thursday, Florence, Dorothy, and Buddy. J». th f_ ttfter »°? n ? throughout the were Council Bluffs visitors 8at-' ~ ----..-. - urday. The Bast Liberty Aid Society has planned to give a program at the church Friday evening, Dec. 29. They will serve a pot luck lunch for which a smalt sum will be charged. The ladles are asking that those who care to do so bring something for the lunch. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Halnes and Walter and Mrs. Frank Halnes were Council Bluffs visitors one day last week. Mrs. 0. W. Rlmel and son, Floyd, accompanied Dr. and Mrs. Rlmel to Bedford Saturday .afternoon. The former remained for a few days visit and the latter lefc from there for his home in Chicago. The annual election ot Sunday school officers was held Sunday morning. Officers are: Superintendent, M. H. Lat chaw; assistant superintendent, Frank Du Val; secretary, Evelyn Latchaw; treasurer and librarian, Alan Du Val; pianist, I la Clay; assistant pianist, Mary Henderson, • Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Barger entertained at dinner Sunday evening in honor of their son, Lindsay, who was three years old that day; also honoring Mrs. Frank Cully whose birthday was the preceding Friday. Those were; Mr. . and Mrs. present Howard ^ near, Hastings^ Mr. and^-Mrs. Ver» Dunn of Malvern, Mr, and Mrs, Frank Cully, Mr, and Mrs, Barger, Betty and Lindsay, The Christmas program by the Sunday school will be ' given at the church Saturday evening. Everyone welcome. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nelson and Ethel and Mrs. W .H. Maddocks made a trip to Council Bluffs Friday. Mr; and Mrs. W. H. Clay gave an oyster supper at their home Friday evening. Besides the family there were also present Mr, and Mrs. Arch Clay and daughters, Mr, and Mrs. John Cary and family, Mr, and Mrs. Fred Sell and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt and family, and Amos Meets. There were 29 in all to enjoy the occasion. Those from a distance attending the funeral services of Q. W. Rlmel held in the East Liberty church Saturday were; Mr, and Mrs, Will Miller of Indlanola, Floyd Rlnjel of Chicago, pr, and Mrs, Warden Rimel of Bedford, Frank Rimel of Houston, Texas, John Rimel of Wayne, Nebr., Mrs. Huff, Elsie and Marian of Clarlnda, Mrs, Winnie Moore, Mr. and Mrs. S, P, gtrangthan, Mrs. Bya Prindeil, Miss Irene Buffing' ton, Mr. and Mrs, Q, W. Brower and Er«est. Mr, and Mrs. Oeo, Buffiugton, all of near Qlenwood, several from Malvern, Christmas shopping season. Evelyn Harman who has been quite sick with scarlet fever is getting along line and we hope she will soon be well again. Rev. and Mrs. A. A. Wright ot Henderson were Sunday supper guests in the Marlon Mahan home, Among those visiting In Red Oak Friday and Saturday were! Mr, and Mrs. Orlo Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Castor, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Achenbaugh and children, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schilling and daughter, Ruth Ellen, Mrs. Laura Hall, and Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hicks. Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Mahan and daughters spent Saturday afternoon In Malvern. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Hall of Hastings spent Sunday afternoon in the Henry Schilling home. Jewell Mahan visited the Wales school Friday. , Mrs. Earl Zundall and children are spending this week with Mrs. Henry Schilling. The P. T. A. will be held at Pickerel! school Friday, Dec. 3J. Everyone la bring a ten cent gift for the grab bag. Several from here attended the Lee Roland sale Friday, L. E. Brammeier bad business in Bbenandoah Saturday, SANTA REMEMBERED ME iii with ft year's Subscription to The MALVERN LEADER There seems to be a COPE foy evsrythjng ejse, sp why not have one for Christmas giv* ing? Why not do away entirely with giving " waeleaa gadgets" whish merely clutter UB th@ house ? The Christmas Code for 1933 is Don't Give listless Gagets Obey the Code by Giving Practical Gifts We Sug Fur the HOUSE A RADIO m both new and used radio* in electric unite *» give -

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