The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 12, 1959 · Page 3
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 3

Austin, Minnesota
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Monday, January 12, 1959
Page 3
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Congressman Goes on Trial in Bribe Case By LEE LINDER LEWISBURO, Pa. (AP)-Democratic Congressman William J. Green Jr., accused of taking a $10,000 bribe and participating in a conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government, goes on trial today in federal district court. Green, who has denounced the two-year-old charges and described them as politically-ln- *pired lies, Is one of the most powerful political bosses in Pennsylvania. He ranks high in party circles by virtue of his chairman- Ship since 1953 of the Democratic Committee In Philadelphia, one of the nation's largest cities. Linked in Conspiracy The 48-year-old congressman, «n Insurance broker since 1937, stands trial with six other defendants who have been linked by the government in the same conspiracy, The federal charges grew out of alleged irregularities uncovered In a grand jury probe of construction of the 33-million-dollar Army Signal Corps depot at Tobyhanna, Pa. That investigation resulted in eight other Indictments. Two men already have been convicted of fraud. $10,000 In Cash Green is accused of getting $10, 000 in cash, plus lush insurance business, from five contractors working at Tobyhanna in exchange for favors and influence by the congressman while a mem' her of the House Armed Services Committee. It was this committee that handled details of the depot's construction in northeastern Pennsylvania between 1951 and 1953. Conviction would force Green to quit Congress, where he has served 12 years. Last Tuesday he began his seventh term in the House. Other Defendants Besides Green, other defendants are: Herbert J. McGlinchey, a for- Democratic Philadelphia. congressman He served in mer from the House in 1944-46. Robert W. Brown, of Consolidated Construction Co., Merchantville, N.J. John B. Kemmel, Philadelphia painting contractor. Joseph Roches, of Rochez Brothers, Inc., East Pittsburgh, Pa., construction firm. Frederick J. Raff, Hartford Conn., plumbing and heating con tractor. John P. Gilboy Jr., Scranton former partner in an architectural and engineering firm. The trial, before U.S. Dist Court Judge Frederick V. Full mer, is months. expected to last three AIR TRAGEDY IN RIO DE JANEIRO — Lufthansa airliner burns in marshy area of Guatiabara Bay near International Airport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, today after it crashed while trying to make a landing. There were 29 passengers and crew of 10 reportedly aboard. Airport officials said there were only three known survivors — co-pilot, steward and stewardess — which would make toll of dead and missing total 36. Lufthansa's announcement in Cologne, Germany, identified the pilot as Gapt. Wren McMains. 48, of Stamford, Conn., and a native or Lebanon, Ind. McMains was apparently killed, Plane came from Europe and Africa, and was slated to go on to Buenos Aires and Santiago. (AP Photofax by radio from Rio de Janerio) IN WHITE HOUSE MEETING Ike to Tell Red Envoy That West Won't Give Up Berlin WASHINGTON (AP)-President Eisenhower is expected to impress upon Soviet Deputy Premier Anastas I. Mikoyan this week that the Western allies have no intention of abandoning West Berlin or creating a neutralized Germany. Eisenhower and Premier Nikita Khrushchev's top deputy will meet at the White House late this week, following further policy discussions between Mikoyan and Secretary of State Dulles. The Soviet visitor met with both Dulles and Vice President Nixon a week ago before starting his present tour around the country. Interest Sharpened Interest in the forthcoming discussions was sharpened over the weekend by two surprise Moscow moves. 1. In notes to the United States and 26 other countries that fought Nazi forces in World War II, the Soviet government proposed a 28- nation conference to meet at Warsaw or Prague in two months to write a German peace treaty. The 12-page note was accompanied by a 25-page detailed outline for a treaty, including provision for withdrawal of Western and Soviet troops from Germany and a ban on German membership in any military alliance. West Germany is a member of NATO. 2. In a second note Saturday night, the Soviet Union called for resumption of East-West talks on ;he problem of preventing surprise attack in the nuclear missiles age. The United States responded promptly with a statement saying it favors resuming the talks — which broke down at Geneva Dec. 18 — but wants an agreement with the Soviet Union on the range of problems they should deal with. Both notes were received at. the State Department Sunday. But even before the German peace treaty plan came in, officials said on the basis of a Moscow announcement Saturday that it was clearly unacceptable. They expressed hope that detailed study might open up an opportunity for some constructive counter propos al, however, One of the provisions of the Soviet plan for Germany was thai West Berlin should be converted into an unarmed free city until East and West Germany are re united. Pending unification, the proposed peace treaty would be Advertisement Advertisement Science Shrinks Piles Kew Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain K«« Y«k, R. T. (SpMbl) _ For the first time science has found « new healing inbstance with the astonishing 1 ability to shrink hemorrhoids, itop itching, and relieve pain — without aurgrery. In ease after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazingrof all—results were to thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements like "Piles hare ceased to be B problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne* )-discoTery of a world-famous research institute. Thia substance is now available In suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation H.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. •JUs. U. S. P.t. Off. nade with both the Communist ast German regime — which the Western powers have declined to recognize — and the anti-Communist West German regime. No Policy Weakening Mikoyan in his talks in Washington and other cities has given no evidence of any weakening of Soviet policy on German questions. If Mikoyan came here with any really new propositions or concessions in his pocket, they are still there, but many U.S. officials feel that he may spring a surprise when he sees Eisenhower. The basis of this reasoning is ihat Soviet leaders, notably Khrushchev, have made no effort to hide their dislike of Secretary Dulles. It is felt, therefore, that if Khrushchev had an important card to play he'would prefer that the play be made to Eisenhower rather than Dulles. Mikoyan's visit with Nixon ap parently was cordial. Their discussion included a tentative invita tion for Nixon to visit the Sovie' Union, but the vice president re plied that would be difficult to ar range. State Budoet to Include New Tax Proposals ' ST. PAUt (AP)-Legislators to. day looked fdrward to Gov. Freeman's budget message at a joint House-Senate session Wednesday when they will have unfolded new tax proposals on how to raise about 82 million dollars in new revenue. The House of Representatives was slated to convene this after* noon while the Senate will meet tonight after a long weekend recess. 468 Million Gov. Freeman has indicated he will propose a budget of approximately 466 million dollars to operate the state government for the next two years. At first he estimated about 84 million dollars in new revenue will have to be raised but revised figures now point to the 82 million dollars required If his budget is given approval. House Speaker Ed Chilgren of Littlefork is expected to announce his assignment of committee personnel and chairmen at this afternoon's session. Armed With Material Legislators will be armed with wealth of material when they sten to Freeman's budget mes- age. Included will be drafts of he 100-page omnibus tax bill and our appropriations bills which will e introduced. The senators and epresentatives also will have a ;xt of the governor's message, so hat they may follow it as it is ead, and a series of explanatory harts and diagrams. This Girl Is Right; School Comes First LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP)-Caroyn Sue Haag likes school so much he has turned down a chance to ttend Inauguration ceremonies or Alaska's governor next Satur- 16-year-old honor student, ay. The whose father works for. an Alaskan company, received an offi- ial Invitation to attend Gov. Wiliam A. Egan's inaugural in Juneau. "I would like to go," Carolyn :aid. "But I think school is more mportant." Carolyn, a junior, has not missed a day of high school. $28,440 FOR JET PILOTS Airlines Will Resume Partial Flight Service WASHINGTON (AP) — American Airlines planned to resume half its flights today under a new contract that could earn $28,440 a year for some jet pilots. The contract, approved Sunday, ended the last in a series of national airline strikes. Since October, walkouts have disrupted flights by Eastern Air Lines, Trans World Airlines, Cap- SHOP NATE'S - SHOP NATE'S ~ SHOP NATE'S - SHOP NATE'S HUGE $60,000 WINTER OVERSTOCK NOW BLASTING AWAY WITH BIGGER THAN EVER VALUES FOR EVERY FAMILY MEMBER GREATEST MERCHANDISE CATASTROPHE EVER TO HIT AUSTIN . . STANDING BUYS LIKE THESE AND HUNDREDS MOREI . . HERE IS THE SHOP FOR OUT- Voluei to $3.98 BOYS' LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS 2 f°r $3.00 Door Buster Special LADIES' . 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American, before the strike be gan Dec. 19, had offered a pay in crease of 10 per cent, the union spokesman said. The new contract also provides a third pilot for jet crews. Cur rent piston plane crews comprisi two pilots and one flight engineer The strike cost an estimated loss of 33 million dollars to the company, its suppliers and thei; employes. American is a member of a mu tual aid pact of six airlines. Un der this agreement, the airline band a struck pact member th revenue from any extra busines they attract because of the strike PENS PENS PENS PENS All Sixes All Kinds All Mokes with Pen Point* For Every Writing Style! t STATIONERY WRITING SUPPLIES Many In »hi» area have come to depend on ui for all their writing, bookkeeping and print- Ing supplies. Nilan Printing & Stationery Co, 130 W. Maple . AuiMn WEATHER FORECAST — Rain is forecast tonight for the Pacific states and the central Plateau while snow is expected over the northern Rockies and the northern Plateau. A few snow flurries may occur in the eastern Lakes area. It may be cooler in the northwest; warmer in the central Rockies and northern Plains. (AP Wirephoto Map). SAYS MARLOW Congress to Be Interesting; Won't Seem Spectacular By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press Ncwi Analyst WASHINGTON will be a busy, (AP) - This interesting and probably productive Congress. It is unlikely to seem spectacular if only because very little ever does in the grinding legislative mill. It will be self-conscious, perhaps just a little less conservative than the previous Congress and, despite plenty of conflict, its personal relations with President Eisenhower may not curdle very much. Democrats and Republicans in this Congress can not help being self-conscious: Its two-year term will be drawing to a close at the time of the 1960 elections when voters choose a new Congress and a new president. Factor in Election Both groups know their performance these next two years will be a major factor in the election outcome — for themselves and their party — and that the next president may be chosen from this Congress. It hardly seems in the cards for this heavily Democratic Congress to get into feuding, name- calling and bitterness with Eisenhower in his last two White House years. Unusually Polite During his first six years his relations with Congress members have been unusually polite and restrained, except in political campaigns. There does not seem much reason to change. For this reason: Without resort- Ing to slam-bang, the Democrats were still able to win control of Congress in three successive elections while Eisenhower himself remained highly popular. Nevertheless, there will be broad conflicts between Eisenhower and the Democrats in Congress on the programs he wants and the kind they want. Some people thought, after last November's elections, that this would be a much more liberal Congress than last year. But in the first showdowns on strength this year conservatives showed they are still in charge. In the Senate, * coalition of lib- erals from both parties lost heav ily in their first test of strength n a fight over the rules. Liberal Republicans on opening day tried to name one of their own number their Senate leader 3ut they were defeated by a ma jority of conservative Republicans who picked Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois. House Republicans are still un der conservative leadership. They were simply replacing an older man with a younger one when they substituted Rep. Charles Hailed of Indiana for their old time lead er, Rep. Joseph Martin of Massachusetts. AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD ft Uandoy, Jan, 12, 1959 0 Hoodlum Found Murdered on Deserted Road w vonk (APMxmfo tof* 'redo, 40, Identified by jpollee fit a 3rooklyn hoodlum, was found shot to death Sunday night on a deserted dirt, road in Queens near Idlewild Airport. The body had three bullet wounds in the head. In July 1947, Loffredo'a brother, Alfredo, 34, was found slain ra a desolate Bath Beach section of Brooklyn. He had been shot several time in the back. Police said Louis, a longshoreman, had a long criminal record. He was released from prison last October after being convicted in 1947 with two others in t $14,000 Brooklyn holdup. Near the well-dressed body police found four bloodstained $10 bills. There were two $100 bills in the dead man's pocket. When Louis and two others were convicted of the Brooklyn robbery in 1947, Kings County Court Judge Samuel S. Leibowitz offered them leniency if they would tell what they knew about eight murders, including that of Loffredo's brother. Leibowitz said he had been told by Police Capt. James McNally that "if these men would open up, they would make Murder Inc., look like a game of penny ante." The reference was to the old murder-for-profit gang in Brooklyn. But the three — Loffredo, Anthony Bruno, 33, and Dominic Car- raucci, 30—kept silent. .rams / ND RHEUMATISM SUFFERS I MIMICON * Containin Soi ronlalnlns Sodium Cinfltald An uniilni, 11 « Mi product 10 t«ll«l« icbM. p-lin »r.J ptlnful itlirncit 1110- :UUd «llh Mthrltii mil irwiiniUim. No inscription nrrtuir?, Niilwiillr idnt- 'lid. t 14 it (or boltli tl 100 h '' 'gitpild.) Moniy ki;k itiirantii. refe or Money Ordtr •r (f 1 -na t;ne MERICIN CO, The state of Virginia wa« named for Queen Elizabeth I, w h o was called "The Virgin Queen." BRING YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS to WOLD'S DRUG STORE MAIN AT BRIDGE STREET P'ev.fptis" D'uqqis''," THIS CHEVY'S LOWEST PRICED SEDAN FOR '59! Nothing's new like Chevrolet's new—and here's the proof I You're looking at one of the models in Chevrolet's new Biscayne series—the lowest priced of all the superbly new Chevrolets, And you can get it with a new Hi'Thrift 6 that delivers up to 10 per cent more mileage on regular gas. ' Did you ever think you'd see looks like this, luxury like this fn a truly budget-priced automobile? But that's the wonderful bonus In engineering—and economy—that only Chevrolet's great design staff could create. Here's the beauty of Chevy's new Slimline design, the roominess of its new Body by Fisher, new engineering developments In suspension, steering and brakes—all wrapped up and tagged with Chevrolet's lowest prices. And this new Biscayne 2-Door Sedan is Just one of the wide choice of models waiting for you at your dealer's. Drop in and look them over. It's the ideal time to buy. CHEVROLET The mart twitch It to tht 'If Chtvyl The new Biscayne 2-Door S«dan— like all Chtnee—lua Safety Plate Clou all anwtkf. Chevy brings you, a roomier new Body 6y Fisher for '69. now-see the wider selection of models at your local authorized Chevrolet dealer's! USEM CHEVROLET CO. 215 EAST BRIDGE AUSTIN Dial HE 3*8877

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